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Freedom requires knowledge

By VF adapted from FT - 14. July 2016

In the last 100 years most people the world over have lost many of their freedoms, and have been lulled into submission and compliance gradually by propaganda and coercion. The right to travel has been declared a "privilege" granted in return for various automobile fees, drivers licenses and airport molestations.

Slavery has been instituted by direct taxes on labor and wages. Public debt and obligation has been imposed upon Americans when they had no part of

creating that debt. The State no longer protects the rights of individuals, it now protects mainly government itself at the expense of private individuals' money and freedoms. Police forces have become militarized.

Many of the benefits and principles of the French and American Revolutions of the late 1700's have been lost and are no longer truthfully or adequately taught in our public schools. Children are taught not to value freedom, but to accept State control and become dependent on institutional patronage, so the coming generations will have little capacity to maintain a free State without major educational efforts from the private sector.

Several generations of Americans have traded rights and freedoms for perceived "benefits" from government. The results have been massive public debt, wars that make no sense and never end, state sponsored assassination and torture, millions of Americans dependent upon redistribution of public largesse, crippling taxes of all kinds that, when totaled, exceed 70% of personal earnings, massive and ongoing expansion in the size, wealth, authority and secrecy of government, major government intrusions into personal privacy, and major perversions and violations of America's founding principles by deed and statute.

FREEDOMTAKER.COM endeavors to be one of the ways that Americans recover their rights, self-sufficiency and prosperity, not to mention our integrity and global reputation.


He who fails to assert his rights has none. (This is not how it should be, but that is how the courts treat people, so we all must know, and be prepared to assert our rights at all times.)

If you must apply or petition for freedom from another, you are not free. The only freedom you have is the freedom you imagine for yourself and actively REQUIRE others to observe.

It is a duty to take freedom for yourself, and it is a crime to take the freedom of another.

Freedom does not come to you from the Constitution, the government, the Bible, God, your parents, a company, politician or bureaucrat. Freedom exists at the instant you claim it, and it usually vanishes when you fail to defend it.

FREEDOM IS FREE unless someone is trying to take it from you, which is nearly always the case. That means it is useless to generally favor freedom as a concept. We must be vocal and active. We must deal directly and firmly with the person who would take our money or property, or who would penalize us when we have harmed no one.

America is not made great by people pledging as servants, but defending their rights and property as sovereigns.

There are those who believe that freedom is granted by God. While everyone has a perfect right to their religious beliefs, and we grant that many of the principles of freedom originate from the moral teachings of religions, this site does not attempt to affirm or expound religious principles. It may be said that God gave us the power to claim our freedom, but God did not give us the freedom itself as can be seen by the billions of people on earth of all religions who are currently suffering from various deprivations of freedom. We can't give them freedom because we don't own their freedom. We can only help them know that they do have the right to freedom and the power to take it for themselves. This is a website for people, regardless of religion, to find information, assistance and inspiration in the exercise and defense of their freedoms. Freedom must be seen and protected for its own value, not as a means to affirm religious principles. Freedom and religion may be mutually supportive, but they are not mutually dependent. You may need freedom to exercise religion but you should not need religion to exercise freedom.

FREEDOMTAKER does not use the American flag, the eagle or the star to identify the FreedomTaker concept. The concept of freedom is larger than any country, race, civil or social system. Even animals require freedom to have a certain quality of life. While efforts like FreedomTaker may be identified by some symbol or logo, freedom itself has no logo, symbol, members, leaders or oath. To be human is to have the right of freedom. And freedom takes different forms as it is imagined and claimed by different people. Just as freedom cannot be prescribed or granted, only claimed and taken, the look and feel of freedom is only what the individual makes of it for himself or herself. There are as many different kinds of freedom as there are individuals who see themselves as entitled to freedom. Freedom is not what you may do, it is what you do. Freedom does not exist when it is defined or codified, freedom only exists when and how it is exercised.

Freedom, as any endeavor, is best achieved through non-violence, however, because freedom is a natural and essential right, when freedom, life and property are assaulted they sometimes must be defended in kind.

The concepts of "safety", "security" "order" and "necessity" are the most common excuses used to deny freedom. Almost invariably when those things are promised, all that is delivered is a reduction in freedom and an increase in institutional control and exploitation of private individuals without any particular benefit to society. Government causes and promotes fear to empower itself as the "solution" to the "problem".

We are easily made afraid by disorder. We forget our need for freedom but we never forget our need for "order". That is human nature. Tyrants may therefore easily enslave us by causing chaos and fear, then offering us some kind of contract promising order at the expense of our freedom. That way they do not have to force our compliance, we simply volunteer for slavery. Our willingness to trade freedom for order is a low-level primal impulse easily exploited by narcissists, psychopaths and agressive personalities. This is well understood by power hoarders. They know, to maintain power and control, they must continually create fear and chaos and they must continually offer themselves and their programs as offering hope of a solution to the chaos they create, although solutions rarely materialize. This pattern and tactic of social manipulation, sometimes referred to as the "Hegelian Dialectic", is common and consistent throughout recorded human history.

Failure to protect your own freedom is to weaken and threaten the freedom of others. Those who assault our freedoms point to the compliant as normal and the non-compliant as deviant. It is just the opposite. The highest condition of power and consciousness for any individual is to be master of all that affects him or her. Attainment of freedom is only the beginning of self realization. Learning and creativity are suppressed at times and places where freedom is denied.

Taking the wealth, earnings and property from someone by force with the feeble excuse that it must be given to someone else is not compassion, it is tyranny. Charity, to be moral and just, must be voluntary.

Freedom is not possible in a system of "majority rule", or any other system of "rule" by a central authority. Freedom is only possible in a republic where those who wish may live as self-avowed sovereign individuals protecting their own rights, actions and property unmolested and without impediment unless they commit harm to others, and then the obligation is to the harmed party, not the government.

Taxes on personal labor and earnings is slavery and unpaid servitude. It is criminal theft and denial of human dignity and right.

Corporations are fictitious fabrications and they have no rights or entitlements and cannot be harmed. Only human beings have rights. Animals have rights but have little capacity to defend those rights, so that defense may sometimes become our mission.

Taxes, fees, licenses, permits, penalties or other encumbrances on harmless behavior is oppression and is morally not permissible. Those who enforce such menace against free innocent people are deeply obligated to the subjects and victims of their enforcements.

Seek no benefit and pay no tribute to distant entities. Maintain your individual sovereign authority against all threat and temptation.

He who stands for freedom at the expense of his own life has bought freedom for millions of others. He who trades freedom for comfort or convenience has cost freedom for all those in his community.

Taxes on, or revenue from harmful behaviour (profit from destruction) constitutes a moral hazard for the taxing agency because it will promote violations for profit. The more difficult the compliance, the more profit for the state. Taxes and fees on harmless or beneficial activity is detrimental to the public interest because good deeds are thereby discouraged. Therefore all taxes are punishment, damage and harm to society. Those who earn must demand and claim the right and power to determine the appropriation of their earnings.

Social equity is better served by private voluntary charity and personal compassion than by collectivist bureaucratic static dogma by threat of law and force.

Whether done by an individual or an institution, for "good" or evil, the taking by force of other people's wealth is theft, extortion, looting, plunder and organized crime. It is generally forgotten that Robin Hood stole from the tax collector, not the rich. The evil is not in being rich, but how one becomes rich.

Government may never presume any right or entitlement to take private wealth and property. Wealth and property must be offered, conditionally offered or not by the rightful owner.

No government may rightfully adopt the posture or character of anything but servant. All government derives all authority from the governed even if it is taken by force. An individual may, at any time, reclaim his authority from government. He may refuse, revoke and breach any contract imposed by force or coercion or without disclosure or consent.

Excess power and wealth, if an offense, is better defeated by individually empowered organized social opposition (boycott, non-compliance) than by creating and empowering even more wealthy enforcement institutions to "fight against" the power and wealth of other institutions and individuals. While an unpopular tycoon cannot force us to support his enterprise, an unpopular government can and does force our unwilling support by way of law, weapons and prisons. The choice of government is the abandonment of all further choice.

Any collected wealth may be diverted to corrupt or unintended application, and history shows that it always is. Therefore the collection and management of of wealth should not be allowed to any public entity, agency or officer. Wealth and property must never be seized or forcibly diverted from the individual who has earned it by his labor.

Centralized power and wealth are always corrupt, self-serving, secret, unaccountable, diverted, wasteful and impossible to contain in size, wealth and greed. Any authority and power collected centrally is authority and power that is lost individually.

We have been told by our media, schools and politicians that to debate gender differences is discimination. That is nonsense. To deny gender differences is do deny reality. Women in general may be prone to misappropriate power by thinking "I will disempower the bullying men around me by supporting a central authority that will enforce equality." By that thinking, power that was lost temporarily is given up permanently. The woman has more chance to ovecome the bullying man than she does against the bullying government, yet the woman is always tempted to empower government or some central authority against the man.

This tendency is fatal to the freedom and prosperity of everyone in society. Women should never be bullied by men or governments, however women who achieve true equality and equity generally do so with their own wits, resolve, strength, and personal alliances, not by any institutional intervention or legal advantage. A woman is never more powerless than when commanded, controlled and taxed by the government she has empowered. We are conditioned to think that men who seek freedom are "scary" and women who seek more laws and rules are making themselves "secure". It is quite the opposite. Centralized and concentrated power is the scariest thing the planet has ever, and will ever see.

The tiniest allowance of central authority is a cancer that will never stop growing. Centralized power must be agressively and continually reduced and maintained at the minimum level for strictly defined and specific purposes and never considered to be a device of general social or economic solution.

If there were no law or government most people would be peaceful and harmless to each other and would, untaxed, have the resources to defeat and banish the bad actors. America now has more citizens imprisoned per capita than any other nation on earth because a way has been found to profit from that.. There is no need or net benefit for centralized control or exploitation and abuse of human beings for "the greater good" if people are trained and encouraged from birth to assert and defend their rights and act in righteous honor toward others.

The illusion of central control causes individuals to fail in responsibility and personal excellence. When responsibility is centralized, individuals no longer see themselves responsible for their own actions.

An individual's true power lies in himself, his family and his immediate voluntary community and nowhere else.

There is no such thing as a global leader or a global citizen. Citizneship and corporation are fictional and false constructs useful only for maintaining social control matrices. While we are all connected, governments and regimes are not what connects us.

Those who see a tyrranny growing and try to warn others can feel some resentment as the tyranny grows and others disparage or ridicule the warnings. If someone warns you of lost freedoms, you had best heed the warning or, when the revolution starts, you will find yourself under the bus.

The most trodden by tyranny will be those who, because they failed to heed warning of tyranny, will find themselves trodden by both the tyrants and the champions of freedom.

Just as it is not moral to take the freedom or rights of another, it is not possible to give freedom or rights to another. If something is given, loaned or sold, it is a benefit or privilege, but it is not freedom or rights. You must concieve and secure your own liberty and you must defeat those who obstruct you from doing that.

All contracts must be intentional, voluntary, informed, subject to recission and recorded to be enforceable. Presumed "obligations" to government are seldom any of those things.

An individual may not be obligated by his silence or by presumption or implication of any law, policy or custom.

Fiat (unbacked) currency is worthless and subject to abuse by its issuers against its users. Debt-based fiat (unbacked) currency is fraud and theft because it may be created by one party to the obligation of another without consent. Any currency issued with debt in excess of its own worth is fraud and is unsustainable racketeering.

The use of interest-bearing debt is unsustainable, unnatural and unwise. We have been conditioned to accept the use of credit. The use of credit is not healthy. For instance, the only reason we need to buy homes on credit is because we cannot pass homes to our heirs without taxes. Everyone alive should inherit security of their parent's holdings without infringement, registration or interference.

Charity is done by people, "redistribution" is done by theft. Institutions that are morally flawed enough to steal wealth for "redistribution" have no moral capacity to distribute it justly or honorably.

The above statements are simply declarations of individual freedom. If you feel empowered by them you may benefit from participating in this web site. If you feel threatened or disturbed by them then you may be wrongly taking the freedom of others for your own benefit. This site is dedicated to non-violent and race-blind restoration of freedom to individuals who seek it while recognizing the social and economic damage done by those who take the freedom of others.

Government: A system of rule by a central authority. Most forms of government such as Democracy (majority rule), Communism, Facsism, Dictatorship, Monarchy, etc. are oppressive in one way or the other, whereby individual freedom and determination is subordinated to a centralized authority outside the individual's control. A government imposes any number of obligations, behavioral expectations and/or promises benefits to various classes, or it levies and redistributes benefits from a slave class to a privileged class. Virtually all forms of government, large employers and imembership organizations that impose or expect conforming ideological views among their members, oppress individual thought and authority is given over to a general set of policies which may be rigid or controlled buy an elite cadre. To promote any such form as "for freedom", propaganda may employ terms such as "Freedom Organization", "Freedom Club", "freedom membership" etc. Those terms are oxymorons. Freedom is manifest by individuals for themselves, not by organizations upon individuals. If an organization provides it, it is not freedom, it is a benefit of that organization. Preservation of freedom for individuals can only be done by preventing and limiting the power and authority of governance.

Many people are attracted to collectivist systems for a sense of personal security.

They wish taxpayers, the state or some large institution to take responsibility for their personal security and well-being.

They assume that forced redistribution of wealth will work in their favor.

They believe that if they are, or appear to be needy or poor they will experience the up side of the redistribution. Since when do the poor not have to pay taxes? When we encourage redistribution we are simply agreeing to be taxed to feed a monstrous bureaucracy and corrupt political machine.

Of course, most of the redistribution winds up in the hands of the governing elites and insiders, and "the poor" often contribute more than "the rich". Then, of course, the promised benefits are often denied or fail , or even worse, the recipient becomes dependent on the assistance permanently when he otherwise may have attained self-sufficiency, independence and self reliance.

The distributed benefits, if they materialize at all, do not cause individual prosperity or security, only dependency, control and a crippling drag on enterprise, innovation and prosperity for all of society.

Even if equitable redistribution were possible, the illusion of individual security under governmental patronage has one very obvious flaw. To gain that illusion of personal security we must each, in the case of national collectivism, volunteer to personally guarantee the security of 300 million other Americans including millions of bureaucrats, non-contributing  immigrants, political insiders, war makers, corrupt government contractors, foreign dictators, failed bankers, pork barrel squandering and of course greed, skimming and corruption at all levels by all sorts of players.

In the welfare state, each individual is held personally responsible to fund and support ALL members of society, a ridiculous impossibility. You can never earn enough to pay that obligation.

So the simple question is this: Are you better off taking responsibility for yourself, your family and your community, or being forcibly held responsible for millions of greedy, corrupt and uinproductive strangers who will never get enough of your money and property? And when you are held to such extreme and limitless debt, what happens to you, your family and your community as your resources are drained for distant programs and the enrichment of the administrators?

When the welfare recipients and administrators don't know you, they don't care how much they take from you or how much that damages you. They take more and more as long as the force of law can extract more. It is unlimited. Government would be perfectly happy to have six bureaucrats for every welfare recipient. There is no end to the waste, greed, misappropriation and injustice.

Even if a welfare system were "effective" at reducing poverty, any system of redistribution loses most of it's resources to waste, corruption and mismanagement. Forced redistribution is the most expensive way there is to accomplish anything.

Incentives and propserity for individuals is far higher in a "You keep and manage what you earn" system. It has been shown that those systems are far more effective at dispensing charity for those who are needy and uinder duress becuase the resources needed for charity are kept in the community and not depleted by central hoarding authorities.

The poverty level in America has grown to four times its size per captia since the creation of the welfare state under Lyndon Banes Johnson in the 1960's. Trillions have been spent and the results are exactly the opposite of what was intended and promised.

When "benefits" were offered to "the poor", creating for the first time an actual reason to be poor, there were eventually four times as many "poor" and the number will grow indefinitely. 50 years of that has already put us all in impossible debt to our taxing agencies. 

So, at the very best, and by any measure, our welfare and social "safety net" systems are a total failure. At worst, they have destroyed incentive, opportunity and basic freedom by creating a huge ball and chain around the necks of every enterprising, productive and ambitious citizen and putting the  poor in an inescapable prison of dependency.

Welfare and subsidies, both personal and corporate have been the second most expensive, disastrous and counterproductive experiments in America's history, second only to war. 

The escalating nature of welfare is now making the cost to society spin out of control. We are now, as they say, running out of other people's money. It is clearly unsustainable and with so many people now dependent it will end very badly as their "benefits" eventually must disappear throught the floor.

As our economic and monetary system reaches end times the people who will be most seriously damaged, literally in a contest of life and death, will be those who are in debt and those who are dependent on external support.

This is the time to become self sufficient, and to develop support systems within our communities, but self sufficiency cannot be attained without first claiming the freedom necessary to make decisions for ourselves, to keep what we earn and to command our own destinies.


"It is never wrong to take freedom for yourself... It is never right to take the freedom of another."


That term comes from the idea that freedom is never given, but inherent and resident in the individual if the individual is willing to protect his/her rights, powers and freedoms against constant attacks, denials and temptations.

The idea that freedom can be granted or that it is a "benefit of citizenship" is based on defective logic. Anything that must be granted to you cannot be your freedom because someone apart from you is controlling the granting of it.

The only true freedom is that which you imagine, take and protect for yourself. If you look to someone else for your freedom you are demonstrating that you do not understand what freedom is. Freedom is taken.

This does not mean freedom should be taken rudely or selfishly. Of course we must have the wisdom to know the boundaries of our freedoms and have respect for the freedoms and rights of others.

When to Compromise?
We compromise with the most valuable and important people in our lives, our family members and our trusted friends. There should be no compromise with strangers and institutions that make claim on our rights and property.

"No compromise" means all parties who wish to have any relationship or transaction with us must act in absolute transparency and accessibility, with high integrity, full accountability, never presuming contracts with us, honoring our rescissions of contract without question or hesitation, getting fully informed and voluntary consent from us for everything they do that affects us or that costs us, upholding EVERY provision of our Constitution and disregarding any and every unconstitutional statute, code, regulation and policy. This level of freedom does not currently exist in America or any other country, but it is the ideal, and it can easily achieved when a large enough fraction of the population demand it ... without compromise.

Not everyone understands or agrees with these positions. To some, the taking of power and rights is considered a natural function of government and a corporate entitlement. They believe we must forfeit rights and freedoms to have a "civil and orderly" society. We at FREEDOM TAKER believe otherwise. Honor and accountability is only found in individuals, not in institutions.

To see if you agree with the purposes of this site visit the above link to "FreedomTaker Philosophy" and see the paragraphs below...


Our "protectors" have created an endless and growing series of crises, disasters and wars and dangers as a means to cause fear and to hold power. As governments, globalists, banks, courts, corporate oligarchs, bureaucracies and wealthy elites watch their frauds come unraveled, their debt obligation charts turn vertical and their currencies fail, as the public begins to recognize that not just politics, but even terrorism, wars and disasters are calculated mechanisms of public manipulation and control by the same small cabal of moneyed elite, as those power players demonstrate ever more desperation to control, tax, exploit, "suspect" and penalize everyone and everything in sight, basic freedoms and rights have been disappearing faster than we have been defending them, and that trend is now accelerating rapidly.

It is impossible to please the countless policies and false masters who seek to control and exploit us. Their hope is that we fail to comply and thereby be classified as "wrongdoers" and be subject to even more control and economic exploitation.

We get psychotic and contradfictory messages from our institutions and media. They entice us to "consume" to preserve the economy and pay more taxes while they penalize us for "causing too much release of carbon".

They zone our jobs far from our homes, then condemn us for commuting and polluting.

They say we must have "economic growth" while taxing economic growth at punishing levels.

As we are bombarded with technology we are blamed for our use of it causing "global warming".

Rather than bringing standard criminal justice against real terrorists they strip-search every American who passes through an airport and kill villages full of innocent Afghanies with unmanned drones.

We are being squeezed into impossible traps of control and penalization by irrational collectivist agendas and ideologies.

By declaring a contrived crisis of "man-caused global warming", elites empower themselves to criminalize us for merely breathing. At the same time, each one of those elites who lecture us and claim authority over us consume hundreds of times the resources of the average person for maintenance of their personal lifestyles.

Centralized control and policies that serve only the policymakers must be put away. Stale assumptions about "authority" must be seriously questioned for their failures, incompetence and corruption. Our "authorities" have created a public debt so massive that it can never be settled. In spite of the fact they did that without our consent and knowledge. they have the control mechanisms in place to drain our assets and earnings to service that debt without even asking if we approved of the debt or if we consented to be debtors. No person alive should be allowed to create debt upon another without written consent and fair exchange.

Society's "planners" and "leaders" have caused millions of people to die in senseless and counterproductive wars, they have enslaved three-quarters of the world to the service of fraudulent fiat currency-based debt while they use schools and media to condition us to believe they are "competent leaders" against all evidence.

Many homeowners stand to lose the roofs over their heads due to bank fraud and government corruption, failures and defective policies and official enforcement and protection of corporate agendas.

Police are becoming militarized and committing atrocities unheard of just a few years ago. Unmanned drone aircraft are being deployed within our borders in surveillance of a supposedly free population.

In the name of "security" our "authorities" are putting global peace and stability at greater and greater risk every day with utterly sensless military actions while causing country after country to fear, hate and swear vengeance upon America and Americans. Our "authorities" have now shown themselves to be total failures, if not our most determined enemies.

We do not need centralized control and institutional seizures of our power, wealth, rights, property and future.

Search for and offer REAL SOLUTIONS to the major challenges and assaults upon the individual's rights, wealth, property and self-determination by the governance, the institutional and political puppets and their puppetmasters behind the curtain.

If you have a solution that RETURNS power and rights to individuals, make sure to share it.

Disseminate your proven ideas and methods of fighting the beasts otherwise known as corporate-controlled government, globalists, statists, police states, monopolies, unconstitutional statutes, and all forms of institutional force and control. Support of government must be voluntary, earned and deserved by a just and efficient government working in the public interest. Any government agency, program or action not demanded by the vast majority of people is illegitimate agency, program or action.

Let us minimize theory and speculation and maximize real answers and solutions. The times have changed. People need help and they need results. People need remedies against predatory lenders, excess taxation, property seizures, militarized police, personal control and manipulation by government, currency-controlling banks and globalist agendas.

Like millions of other people and organizations, be part of the solution, a resource and benefit to anyone who values freedom, individual sovereignty and self-sufficiency. We are losing these things at this point in history, but those losses are waking a lot of people up, and many of us are waking up angry.

Sadly, fighting for freedom is not generally done by only those who are materially comfortable or who cannot see the dangers ahead of them. Those who are blind and compalcent are the first to be defeated and destroyed at the crest of the collapse. Those who are hungry and desparate are more likely to drive and welcome a revolution. Hunger and desperation is currently a growth industry nearly everywhere. Every act of official corruption, waste and injustice creates a new group of disenfranchied revolutionaries. In fact, considering the litanny of crises created by our corporate and governmental institutions, disenfranchised revolutionaries may be our nation's fatsest growing demographic segment.


Disclaimer: The contents and downloads on this web site are not legal advice or legal services. This content is exclusively the opinion of the content contributors of https://www.freedomtaker.com. Possible ways to defend yourself refer here to areas within the jurisdictions of the USA. Please discuss with your own legal advocates and adapt for your own areas of jurisdiction.

Free Download Documents
(MS Word Format)

The best way to claim and protect your rights is IN WRITING. The free download documents here have value and utility for anyone who wishes to secure their lives and protect themselves and their families from a rigged and hostile civic and corporate infrastructure.

These documents provide answers, claims and notice to many of the bad actors and wrongdoers in government and corporations who think it is their privilege to violate your rights, seize your wealth and property, invade your privacy and assault your health and safety.

When you are silent, when you fail to clearly state your position on the record, you are presumed to agree with whatever is being done to you! You are presumed to be a servant, slave and ATM card to the system. These documents help you correct that problem.

Here also three of the documents below in pdf format:

Refusal of Vaccination

Vaccination Notice, Conditional Acceptance

Refusal of Medical Testing




This document "accepts" vaccination on the condition that ALL administrators of that vaccine accept that there are risks and accept personal liability for all harm they cause with their vaccine. They will not sign it because they know vaccines are hazardous. When they refuse to sign, that is their admission of risk, and, with that admission, you may rightfully refuse the vaccine. A more complete explanation of this vaccination notice is below.





We may soon be facing "mandated" vaccines. Those who have studied vaccines know that vaccines come with severe hazards and we must resist and oppose unlawful forced medical treatments. If you do not state your position you can be poresumed to agree with any offer made to you.! This document is a formal refusal of medical testing. This document should be given to anyone who threatens to force medical treatment on us.





If you are concerned that medical testing may be forced on you, and that results of that test may be used as an excuse to violate your rights, at the very least have a statement printed and ready which states your position. If you do not state your position you may be presumed to agree with any offer or demand made of you. You may download and print the REFUSAL OF MEDICAL TESTING at the link above and you may edit that as you wish to suit your own views.


Emergency rooms, clinics and even physicians usually have the terrible habit of NOT telling you what they plan to charge you until after they have provided the services! Then that bill is truly a shocker, packed with all kinds of overcharges, false charges, and services you would not have accepted if you knew how much they would cost.

Never accept any medical service without knowing and approving the charges IN ADVANCE. Simply by giving this form to the receptionist you will obligate the medical facility to disclose all fees in advance and get your approval before providing the service! This form has saved a patient over $2,500.00 on one visit to the ER!


The VACCINATION NOTICE And Acceptance of Liability by the vaccination providers


Vaccinations have been proven to be extremely hazardous, unsafe, contaminated and often completely ineffective. They have even been used to fraudulently deliver sterility drugs under guise of "Malaria" vaccines!

Tens of thousands of people are killed every year by vaccines, millions are injured permanently worldwide. Correlation to autism is now scientifically confirmed, yet the same vaccine regimens are still prescribed!

Even after decades of tragedies and atrocities caused by vaccinations, pharmaceutical interests have been allowed to buy corrupt legislation to try and force literally every American to accept this invasive and dangerous treatment.

Vaccines have been scientifically proven to have caused a wordlwide Autism epidemic, Gardasil has been found to cause disability and death, and many other vaccines are known to cause host of crippling and life-threatening injuries, illnesses and unexpected consequences.

Pharmaceutical companies have even obtained legislation making themselves IMMUNE FROM LIABILTY for the harm they know vaccines cause! People only seek immunity when they KNOW THEY ARE GUILTY.

If you are being pressured to accept a vaccine for yourself or your children, DO NOT do so until you REQUIRE THE VACCINE PROVIDERS AND REGULATION ENFORCERS ACCEPT LIABILITY FOR THE DAMAGE THEY CAUSE with the free download contract form above titled "Vaccination Notice".

THIS IS NOT A FORM YOU SIGN. This is a form you present to your healthcare providers and REQUIRE THEM TO SIGN to insure the safety of their vaccinations, or at least accept personal responsibility to pay for any damages caused by their vaccinations.

Before accepting vaccinations for you or your child it is critical to get the providers of those vaccines to sign this form accepting liability and admitting the hazards so that you will have recourse against the many serious injuries and illnesses which vaccines are known to cause.

Of course, the healthcare providers may resist taking responsibility for what they are doing, but if they refuse to sign this form, you have legal grounds to refuse the vaccination.

You are welcome to modify the form or have an attorney do so, it is a free template.

Vaccine providers and regulators may refuse to sign this form because they know they are peddling poison, but refusal to sign the form is ADMISSION that harm may result from the vaccination. If vaccinations were truly harmless, they would gladly sign the form and accept liability.

If the vaccination providers do not sign the form, and thereby infer that vaccinations are hazardous, they have no right to demand that you accept their dangerous and ineffective medical treatments.

Resist where people may be forced to accept risky medical treatments such as vaccines and join the debate with medical researchers and scientists on the health effects and safety records of vaccines.

Don't support the idea of mass forced vaccinations by non-physician politicians, expose flawed and faulty science and oppose anything you feel is not right !



Dance Once More - HK by Ellie McCall (World Freedom Alliance)

•May 10, 2021


Ellie McCall

Hi! So this is a little video I've done for the World Freedom Alliance it's a cover of the song Danser Encore by HK as you can probably guess it was a French song but was translated by Nigel Utton.

I hope you can enjoy this song, and understand the message behind it, I feel it is a very important one.

Thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful week!

If you have the time, I would really appreciate it if you could check our the World Freedom Alliance, thank you so much :)) https://worldfreedomalliance.org/

#WorldFreedomAlliance #DanserEncore #HK


lockdown protest london

Hyde Park, London, 20 March 2021



Since the Hippocratic Oath of the medical profession seemed no longer appropriate for the modern maschine-medicine, The World Medical Association with the Declaration of Geneva (1948) came up with the Physician's Oath:

Adopted by the General Assembly of the World Medical Association, Geneva, Switzerland, September 1948 and amended by the 22nd World Medical Assembly, Sydney, Australia, August 1968.

Physician's Oath

At the time of being admitted as a member of the medical profession:

  • I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life to the service of humanity;
  • I will give to my teachers the respect and gratitude which is their due;
  • I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity; the health of my patient will be my first consideration;
  • I will maintain by all the means in my power, the honor and the noble traditions of the medical profession; my colleagues will be my brothers;
  • I will not permit considerations of religion, nationality, race, party politics or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient;
  • I will maintain the utmost respect for human life from the time of conception, even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity;
  • I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honor.

Since 1968 the World Medical Association has then tried to come up with a new oath, but so far failed to globally agree. The declaration is continuously discussed, but mostly on paywalled scientific sites.

The text is continuously debated, mostly behind closed doors.

All what has been put together today is the present (2002) version of  The Declaration of Geneva (without any liability). 

The Declaration of Geneva, as currently published by the World Medical Association reads:


  • I SOLEMNLY PLEDGE to dedicate my life to the service of humanity;
  • THE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF MY PATIENT will be my first consideration;
  • I WILL RESPECT the autonomy and dignity of my patient;
  • I WILL MAINTAIN the utmost respect for human life;
  • I WILL NOT PERMIT considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing or any other factor to intervene between my duty and my patient;
  • I WILL RESPECT the secrets that are confided in me, even after the patient has died;
  • I WILL PRACTICE my profession with conscience and dignity and in accordance with good medical practice;
  • I WILL FOSTER the honour and noble traditions of the medical profession;
  • I WILL GIVE to my teachers, colleagues, and students the respect and gratitude that is their due;
  • I WILL SHARE my medical knowledge for the benefit of the patient and the advancement of healthcare;
  • I WILL ATTEND TO my own health, well-being, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard;
  • I WILL NOT USE my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat;
  • I MAKE THESE PROMISES solemnly, freely and upon my honour.

Unfortunately even such minimum is no longer being implemented in most countries, where the protection of the medical professionals is superior to the ligitimate rights and interests of the patients.

In clear text: You will not be able on the basis of the Genva Declaration to hold any medical professional accountable for medical malpractice.

Practitioners therefore came up with their own real Pledges, like you can find them on CARVONIA


Our Pledge




Due to my vocation as Healer for people and animals, I hereby promise to the best of my ability and judgement to fulfil this pledge:

  • I will maintain the utmost respect for all life on Earth.
  • The health and well-being of all my patients and clients is my primary concern.
  • I will never knowingly harm my patients, but always offer help and care.I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.
  • I will obtain prior informed consent for all treatment from all my patients or their guardians.
  • I will fulfil my duties to my patients regardless of their age,disease or disability, gender, ethnic origin, family, nationality, political affiliation, creed, faith, social position, sexual orientation or other, not strictly professional factors.
  • I will never give or provide a deadly poison or other deadly means to anybody, even if I am asked for it, and likewise I will within this context not give advise or counsel to anyone.
  • I will never, even under threat or duress, apply my knowledge and skills to violate human rights and civil liberties.
  • In treating sick people, whose illness may affect their family and economic stability, I will not disregard my responsibility concerning these problems.
  • Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick or deprived and of those concerned for the well-being of my patients and clients, keeping myself free of all bias, intentional injustice and any bad intention.
  • I will respect the strict privacy of all my patients. Whatever detail I get to know in the course of my practice, I shall never disclose it to any third party without the specific consent of the patient. I will keep the confidentiality of the secrets disclosed to me by my patients - also beyond their and my own death.
  • I will not be ashamed to say "I know not," or else fail or avoid to call in other helpers, healers or medical specialist in time, if their skills are required for the recovery of my patients.
  • I will maintain my own life and my practise pure and keep strict professional conduct, but also know that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug. 
  • I will practise my profession to the best of my conscience, knowledge, dignity and compassion.
  • I will uphold the honour of my vocation by all means in my power.
  • I shall give due respect and gratitude to all who taught me and and those who continuously teach me.
  • I will observe and fulfil this oath to the best of my ability and insight at all times and under all circumstances.

I vow this willingly and on my honour.

08. July 2015


Carvonia Team

N.B.: All our patients receive this vow personally signed by the respective healer. It also applies to our co-workers.(Cc.logo.circle.svg origin PJB 2015 / CC BY-ND 4.0 licence)

You can even print out the above oath and try to have it signed by any other doctor or medical staff.

It is interesting to then observe how many will not sign it. Please let us know any feedback to 


... and in German language:

Unser Gelöbnis



Aufgrund meiner Berufung als Heiler für Menschen und Tiere, verspreche ich hiermit dieses Gelübde nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen zu erfüllen:

  • Ich werde stets alles Leben auf Erden in höchstem Maße achten.
  • Die Gesundheit und das Wohlergehen meiner Patienten und Klienten ist mein Hauptanliegen.
  • Ich werde meinen Patienten niemals wissentlich Schaden zufügen, sondern stets Hilfe und Fürsorge bieten.
  • Ich werde Krankheit verhindern, wann immer ich kann, da Vorbeugen immer besser ist als behandeln zu müssen.
  • Ich werde vor allen Behandlungen die vollständig informierte Zustimmung aller Patienten oder deren Fürsorgereinholen.
  • Ich verpflichte mich meine Patienten unabhängig von Alter, Krankheit oder Behinderung, Geschlecht, ethnischer Herkunft, Familie, Staatsangehörigkeit, politischer Zugehörigkeit, Glaubensbekenntnis, Glauben, gesellschaftlicher Stellung, sexueller Orientierung oder anderen, nicht rein professionell bedingten Faktoren zu behandeln.
  • Ich werde niemandem und niemals ein tödliches Gift oder andere tödliche Mittel verabreichen oder zur Verfügung stellen, auch wenn ich darum gebeten werde, und in diesem Kontext werde ich ebenso niemandem Beratung oder Beihilfe geben.
  • Ich werde nie, selbst unter Drohung oder Zwang nicht, meine Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten anwenden, wenn damit Menschenrechte und bürgerliche Freiheiten verletzt werden.
  • Bei der Behandlung kranker Menschen, deren Krankheit die Familie und die wirtschaftlicheLage der Person beeinflussen kann, werde ich meine Verantwortung für diese Probleme nicht außerachtlassen.
  • Beim Eintritt in alle Häuser, die ich besuche, komme ich zum Wohle der Kranken und Belasteten sowie der für das Wohlergehen meiner Patienten und Klienten Sorgenden, wobei ich selbst mich von Vorurteilen, vorsätzlichen Ungerechtigkeiten und allen bösen Absichten frei halten werde.
  • Ich respektiere die Privatsphäre aller meiner Patienten in vollem Umfang. Was ich bei meiner Taetigkeit an Details erfahre, werde ich ich niemals an Dritte ohne die ausdrückliche Zustimmung der Betroffenen weitergeben. Ich werde die Vertraulichkeit der mir von meinen Patienten mitgeteilten Geheimnisse - auch über deren und meinen Tod hinaus - stets bewahren.
  • Ich werde nicht beschämt sein zu sagen "Ich weiß nicht", und es nicht vermeiden oder versäumen rechtzeitig andere Helfer, Heiler oder Fachärzte zu rufen, wenn deren Fähigkeiten für das Gesunden meiner Patienten erforderlichwerden sollte.
  • Ich werde mein eigenes Leben und meine Praxis rein halten und die strengen beruflichen Verhaltensregeln beachten, aber auch wissen, dass Wärme, Sympathie und Verständnis wichtiger sein können als das Messer des Chirurgen oder das Medikament des Apothekers.
  • Ich werden meinen Beruf nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen und mit Würde und Mitgefühl ausüben.
  • Ich werde die Ehre meiner Berufung mit allen mir zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln verteidigen.
  • Ich bewahre Respekt und Dankbarkeit für alle, die mich unterrichteten und die mich weiterhin lehren.
  • Ich werde diesen Eid stets beachten und nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen unter allen Umständen erfüllen.

Ich gelobe dies aus freiem Willen und bei meiner Ehre.

08. Juli 2015


Carvonia Team

N.B.: Dieses Gelöbnis erhalten alle unsere Patienten von vom jeweiligen Heiler persönlich unterzeichnet. Es gilt auch für unsere Mitarbeiter. (Cc.logo.circle.svg origin PJB 2015 / CC BY-ND 4.0 licence)
Sie können sich das oben stehende Gelöbnis auch selbst ausdrucken und von anderen Ärzten oder medizinischem Personal unterzeichnen lassen. Interessant ist dann zu beobachten wie viele ihre Unterschrift nicht leisten werden. Bitte um entsprechende Rückmeldungen an 


During the Corona Crisis the organization ÄRZTE-FÜR-AUFKLÄRUNG developed their own pledge:

Unsere Motivation:

Der Ärzteeid

Ich gelobe, während der Ausübung meiner ärztlichen Tätigkeit folgende Berufspflichten nach meiner Kraft und Fähigkeit zu respektieren und ihnen gemäß zu handeln:
- ich übe meinen Beruf stets nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen aus und nehme Verantwortung wahr;
- ich stelle die Sorge um die Behandlung meiner Patienten und deren Interessen immer voran, wende jeden vermeidbaren Schaden von ihnen ab und füge ihnen auch keinen solchen zu;
- ich betrachte das Wohl meiner Patienten als vorrangig, respektiere ihre Rechte und helfe ihnen, informierte Entscheidungen zu treffen;
- ich behandle meine Patienten ohne Ansehen der Person, d. h. ohne Diskriminierung wegen allfälliger Behinderung, Religion, Parteizugehörigkeit, Rasse, Herkunft, Sozial- oder Versicherungsstatus, gemäß den aktuellen Standards der ärztlichen Tätigkeit und den Möglichkeiten meines beruflichen Könnens;
- ich betreibe eine Medizin nach Augenmaß und empfehle oder ergreife keine Maßnahmen, die nicht medizinisch indiziert sind;
- ich instrumentalisiere meine Patienten weder zu Karriere- noch zu anderen Zwecken und sehe von allen Maßnahmen ab, die nicht in einem direkten Zusammenhang mit der Linderung ihrer Beschwerden, der Heilung ihrer Krankheit oder der Verhütung einer Erkrankung stehen;
- ich mute meinen Patienten nichts zu, was ich auch meinen liebsten Nächsten oder mir selbst nicht zumuten würde;
- ich begegne meinen Patienten ebenso wie meinen Kolleginnen und Kollegen immer mit Freundlichkeit und Respekt. Ich bin zu ihnen ehrlich und wahrhaftig;
- ich respektiere die Entscheidungen und Handlungen meiner Kolleginnen und Kollegen, insofern sie mit den Regeln der ärztlichen Kunst und den ethischen Standards des Berufs vereinbar sind;
- ich teile meine fachlichen Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen mit meinen Kollegen und Kolleginnen mit und beteilige mich an deren Aus-, Weiter- und Fortbildung;
- ich fördere die Gesundheitskompetenz meiner Patientinnen und Patienten;
- ich nehme mir für das Gespräch und für die menschliche Begegnung mit den Patienten und ihren Angehörigen die erforderliche Zeit und spreche mit ihnen auf eine verständliche und angemessene Weise;
- ich respektiere und wahre grundsätzlich die Willensäußerungen meiner Patienten;
- ich halte mich an das Arztgeheimnis;
- ich setze die mir zur Verfügung stehenden Ressourcen wirtschaftlich, transparent und gerecht ein;
- ich nehme für die Zuweisung und Überweisung von Patienten keine geldwerten Leistungen entgegen;
- ich gehe keinen Vertrag ein, der mich zu Leistungsmengen, zu nicht indizierten Leistungen oder zu Leistungsunterlassungen nötigt.


Whatever you prefer, please have any of the above pledges or your own version SIGNED by the doctor in charge of your case. If s/he refuses, you will know what you are up against and what to do.


Take Back Your Power 2017 (Official) - smart meter documentary

•Aug 23, 2018

Josh del Sol

"...I wanted to find out for myself if this was really happening. So, I grabbed a camera and traveled around the world. What I found was mind-blowing.

smart meter.
Looks harmless, right? I thought so too...

"I found a threat that starts at the highest levels of government, involves billions of taxpayer dollars, and benefits no one except the world’s largest energy companies.

"A threat that involves…
Your privacy
Your financial future
Your health
Your freedom
… and so much more…."

SYNOPSIS: The award-winning documentary TAKE BACK YOUR POWER 2017 uncovers the shocking story behind why hundreds of local governments and millions of ratepayers are standing against the multi-billion dollar rollout of 'smart’ utility meters. Take a journey of revelation, examining evidence of in-home surveillance, hundreds of home fires and several fatalities, systemic over-billing, health risks, unprecedented hacking vulnerability, and even extortion. The insightful and often astounding new material in this 2017 final cut exposes the agenda behind smart meters with even more clarity. And the way to solution is also opened, as the forthcoming sequel – the InPower Movement – is introduced. With compelling insight from whistleblowers, government agents, lawyers, doctors, researchers and environmentalists, Josh del Sol’s TAKE BACK YOUR POWER investigates the claimed benefits and emerging risks of a profit-based global initiative that seeks to change the way we live. What you’ll discover will surprise, unsettle and ultimately empower you. WINNER: Leo Award, Best Feature Documentary Program in British Columbia WINNER: AwareGuide Transformational Film of the Year WINNER: IndieFest Annual Humanitarian Award WINNER: NaturalHealth365 Film Of The Year IMDB - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2644196/ Amazon (2014 version) - https://www.amazon.com/Take-Back-Powe...

This award-winning film documents the real story on smart meters. + Subscribe for free EMF guide & help stop 'smart' meters and 5G: https://TakeBackYourPower.net/subscribe + Buy this film on DVD & digital: https://TakeBackYourPower.net/shop + InPower Movement liability action: https://InPowerMovement.com [ Watch German version: https://y2u.be/M9rCpZGHhXE ] [ Watch Dutch version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haRoT... ]

Exposing the dangers and secret agendas behind Smart Meters:




There are many reasons to oppose and refuse electronic utility meters. If you do not want to risk having your electricity turned off, but still want to protect yourself legally against the damage the meter may cause, fill out and send the Notice of Liability to your power company CEO or top executive by certified mail.

This document causes that person to be personally responsible to pay all costs of harm and damages caused by the unlawful invasive radiation-emitting fire hazard surveillance device they have put on the side of your home after you show them evidence of damage and submit your claim.

We have found that utility companies usually do not properly or lawfully respond to a customer's refusal of the hazardous and harmful electronic utility meters. Rather than simply provide a standard, safe and lawful electromechanical meter as the law requires, the utility company usually proceeds to unlawfully bully, harass, mislead and penalize the customer, and in some cases terminate the customer's electric service unjustly.

Our courts, justice system and law enforcement consistently fail to protect utility customers from this abuse and these criminal violations perpetrated by utility company officers and employees.

Those utility customers who cannot install OFF-GRID energy production of their own and cancel their utility accounts must take other measures to protect themselves as we outline on EMFhelpcenter.com. The NOTICE OF LIABILITY is a first step in protecting ourselves.

There are more complete instructions explaining how to send the notices at EMFhelpcenter.com under the center column on the home page titled "SOLUTIONS".

(Utility Meter)

To serve a legal instrument properly and effectively, (this is called "Administrative Process") in a way that will be recognized by courts and judges, repeat your notice at least once, allowing less time for response on the second notice, and then you must send the Notice a THIRD TIME with a NOTICE OF DEFAULT.

Your utility company MUST REBUT your allegations! Any failure to rebut your allegations with fact, law and evidence is ADMISSION OF GUILT! Mere threats, bullying and failed response are DEFAULTS to your allegations!

After you send your notices, if your power company fails to replace your meter at no charge with a safe and lawful electromagnetic meter with NO ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS within the reasonable amount of time allowed in your notices, edit and send the Notice of Default to finalize your prevailing legal position.


Notice of Fire Hazard

Every electronic utility meter is a severe fire hazard due to lack of surge protection. When they put their surveillance devices into utility meters it was no longer possible to protect the meters from explosion and fire!

They know they are causing severe fire hazard so there is no reason you should not collect a million dollars plus if your utility meter and property is damaged by any grid line surge.

Simply put them on notice with this document. High voltage surges are very common on electric grid systems. Thousands of explosions and fires are caused every year nationwide by electronic utility meters.

By sending this notice, you are making your utility CEO personally liable to pay you a major settlement in the case of any property or meter damage from a grid line surge. After sending this notice, if your electronic meter burns up, just send a claim t the CEO of your utility company. If they don't pay your claim, any number of tort attorneys will be happy to collect for you for a percent of the settlement.

Notice to Police and Sheriff


While law enforcement has no jurisdiction to enforce the policies of corporations such as utility companies ("civil matters"), we have found that law enforcement officers often do not abide by the limitations of their authority these days.

Refusing unsafe and unlawful utility metering is not a crime. If you are not threatening, hostile or belligerent to your utility company employees or the police, the police have no business entering your property for any reason unless they have a court-issued warrant.

Some law enforcement officers have made the mistake of "accompanying" the utility company field personnel as they perform utility company tasks, thuggishly ordering the property owner to "comply" with the utility company's wishes. That is unlawful, and it is very intimidating to property owners and occupants who are trying to protect their rights, safety and privacy against utility company violations.

It is bad enough that law enforcement generally fails to protect us from the violations utility companies commit against their customers, but for them to lend their services to the violating and trespassing corporation is inexcusable.

If law enforcement does make that mistake, or if you think they are going to make that mistake, it may be wise to hand them this "NOTICE TO POLICE AND SHERIFF" to warn them that inappropriate use of force and intimidation will not be permitted.

We do not recommend presenting this to law enforcement unless you anticipate their unlawful entry of your property. If law enforcement is wise enough to leave you alone when they should, you should leave them alone as well.





Posted Notice
These files are for printing, laminating and attaching to your utility meter and your perimeter gate. It puts all utility personel on notice that, by installing an electronic utility meter, they may face serious consequences. They also warn passers by of the safety hazards.

We strongly recommend posting both of these notices. This protects the property owner and occupants by establishing the terms under which metering may be installed and who is to be sued if the utility meter causes damage. Office supply stores usually offer affordable lamination services while you wait. If you take pictures of these notices posted by your utility meter those pictures may protect you legally if the utility meter causes damage.



How to start planning an OFF-GRID SOLAR/WIND POWER SYSTEM.
Utility companies are being abusive and unreasonable in their insistence of unsafe and unlawful metering.

If you would like to end the frustration once and for all, this document gives you a comprehensive introduction and essential tips on how to go about planning and starting your own OFF-GRID solar/wind power system.


Copy / paste and print out the notice document below for presentation to any Census Worker:


As a census worker, you may be executing the Constitutional directive to count people under a decennial census. That is all you are authorized to do.

There are no Constitutionally vetted codes, statutes or laws which require public cooperation with the census or which authorize you to conduct personal surveys.

U.S. Code Title 13 is not Constitutionally vetted and, in fact, is in violation of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Code Title 18 Section 242.

You are not authorized to conduct annual surveys of any kind.

Under the Law, Census Workers may only count people in the decennial survey.

Under Census Law the term "survey" means counting people, not the collection of personal data.

You may not threaten force.

You may not use force.

You may not threaten prosecution or penalty for non-cooperation.

You may not collect personal information from me without my consent.

You may not require or demand compliance.

You may not nuisance by repeating questions which have been denied.

You may not linger on private property.

If you do any of those things you will be violating United States Constitution BOR Am 1,4,5, and/or 13.

If you commit those violations you will be subject to monetary claims, civil actions, criminal prosecution and imprisonment for violating U.S. Code Title 18 Section 242.

If you commit those violations you are agreeing to pay claims and penalties to me and all those adversely effected by your actions.

You may count and only count.

In accordance with Constitutional provision, I will gladly disclose the number of people living at this address, and then you will please leave.

I will not answer questions.

I will not fill out forms.

I will not sign anything.

I will not offer any personal information.

You may not collect GPS data.

If you do not leave when requested, you will be treated and handled as a criminal intruder and/or trespasser.

If you fail to heed this notice I will not be responsible for your safety.


David Icke on LondonReal: How COVID-19 will seize your rights and destroy our economy

Josh del Sol

Despite it being censored by YouTube, more than 2 million have watched this interview just in these first 2 days. Below are links to how you can watch and participate in this moment.

Personally speaking, this is probably most compelling video I have ever seen, and it could be watershed moment. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it. The last 25 minutes are next-level.

I recommend you watch it on LondonReal.tv here.

Here’s the Bitchute embed:

And it’s also on Facebook, and Brighteon.

Some thoughts about this moment

I personally had a cathartic experience while listening to this on a forest walk yesterday, having downloaded & converted it to MP3 (available in 2 parts here and here.) EDIT: The audio is also on the LondonReal podcast here.

One can sense that this is a possible watershed moment. After you watch it, you’ll see what I mean. I feel it’s possible that the censoring may backfire, and the interview may go on to have an even greater impact.

EMF Engineer Rob State's comprehensive 30-minute video "The Dark Side of Smart Meters":Microwave weapons expert Barrie Trower explains the horrors awaiting society if wireless technologies are not curtailed. Scroll down on the ZenGardener page to play video "Part 1" and "Part 2"

Direct YoutTube links to the same videos:




EMF Expert Curtis Bennet's extensive web site packed with hard data:


Exposing the dangers and secret agendas behind Smart Meters:


It is estimated that 35% of the population is electromagnetic sensitive and that percent is quickly rising as wireless exposures are multiplying. If you are sick and you DON'T KNOW WHY, you may be sensitive to EMF.
Very helpful info and resources are here:

Research, studies and solutions galore on harmful electrical pollution. Don't ask "where are the facts?" They are right here:

Magda Havas

Hard science, research and resources on electromagnetic pollution, hazards and effects, plus links to media articles at: https://www.magdahavas.com/

Feng Shui Expert Suzee Miller has studied how the growing urban cloud of electromagnetic radiation effects our Chi - HEALTH, and it's not good! Suzee's practical EMF solutions are worthwhile and important to know about.