UPDATE 27 September 2021: Violent arrest of land defender

UPDATE 12. August 2020: Questions in Parliament: Why do the rules not apply to criminal Justin Trudeau? 

UPDATE 19. June 2019: Trudeau Approves Expansion of Trans Mountain Pipeline Despite Indigenous Protests

UPDATE 02. April 2019: Members of B.C. First Nation plan new camp to block natural gas pipeline path

Justin Trudeau does not keep promises.

UPDATE 28. February 2019: Canada's Justin Trudeau is done - He's irreparably damaged, people say on Twitter. Trudeau, however, has dismissed calls to resign amid explosive allegations from Canada’s ex-attorney general, who testified that the prime minister tried to pressure her to drop a bribery probe into a Quebec-based firm. Former minister of justice and attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould told parliament’s justice committee on 27. February 2019 that senior officials “barraged” her with requests to drop criminal charges against SNC Lavalin, a Canadian engineering company accused of using bribes to secure government contracts in Libya. Wilson-Raybould testified that the intense political pressure included “veiled threats” and even attempts by Trudeau to persuade her to shut down the proceedings in favor of a wrist-slap fine.

“I experienced a consistent and sustained effort by many people within the government to seek to politically interfere in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in my role as the attorney general of Canada in an inappropriate effort,” she said in her opening statement.

The prime minister, Wilson-Raybould claimed, had expressed concern that the probe could endanger jobs in Quebec and asked her to “help out” with the case. In total, the former attorney general recounted 10 meetings and 10 phone calls she had with Trudeau and top government officials urging leniency for the firm.

Wilson-Raybould, and Indigenous Native of Canada, told the committee that she believed her refusal to abandon the prosecution was the reason she was abruptly demoted to the position of veteran affairs minister.

Her testimony has led to calls from Canada’s conservative opposition for Trudeau to step down.

“I was sickened and appalled by [Wilson-Raybould's] story of inappropriate and, frankly, borderline illegal pressure brought to bear on her by the highest levels of Justin Trudeau's government,” Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said.

Trudeau has dismissed demands for his resignation, insisting that he has “always acted appropriately and professionally.”

The alleged attempt to pressure Wilson-Raybould to drop the case against SNC Lavalin was first reported by the Globe and Mail in early February, creating a major headache for Trudeau’s Liberal Party ahead of federal elections in October.

SNC-Lavalin was accused of issuing $48 million in bribes to Libyan officials in the decade leading up to the NATO-led overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi's government in 2011. The company was also charged with defrauding Libyan companies of about $130 million.

The scandal has shaken Trudeau’s image as a poster boy for progressive government. His support for a controversial pipeline in British Columbia has also left some Canadians questioning Trudeau’s ‘eco-friendly’ credentials.

UPDATE: February 14, 2019: Significant Archaeological Finding Pauses CGL Work on Unist’ot’en Territory (see below)

Unist'to'ten Matriarchs steadfast against aggression of "Royal" Canadian "Mounted" Police - RCMP. pics: MT

UPDATE: 10. 02. 2019 - RCMP Silver Command John Brewer and Gold Command Dave Attfield, who oversaw the raid on Gidumt'en, walked into today to demand a key to Unist'ot'en's gate and the removal of their guard shed to increase access for man-camp trailers. The Unist'ot'en matriarchs said NO!.

Shame on these colonial officers JOHN BREWER AND DAVE ATTFIELD - "ROYAL" AGGRESSORS GO HOME !!!

As continues to resist , is seeking to sell part of the pipeline to indigenous groups to divide resistance.


Trudeau Government in Contempt of Canada Supreme Court

Canada settler government still uses old colonial tricks and hates Indigenous Peoples

Canada is still Crown-Land under the British Queen - and this is where it all comes from. No peace is possible until the still imperialist Anglo-Saxons and Commonwealth affiliated stake- and stickholders of state or provincial governments as well as their allies stop and end their neo-colonial agenda or are defeated and restrained.

The following alert and media release from the embattled Unist'ot'en People shows clearly that the heinous ways of the colonialists just persist:

(Unist'ot'en Camp) We acknowledge that there has been a misleading statement released by the Office of the Wet’suwet’en and the Province (* see below) that references prior plans for negotiations on Wet’suwet’en rights and title with Wet’suwet’en Dinï ze’ and Ts'akë ze’ (Hereditary Chiefs). In accordance with Wet’suwet’en Law, these initial plans were to be shared with, and supported by, Wet’suwet’en members at a feast before formal negotiations would commence. We respect and recognize the autonomy and authority of our neighbouring Wet’suwet’en Dinï ze’ and Ts'akë ze’ to make decisions and release information on behalf of their respective Clans and yin’tah (traditional territories); however, the O.W. release does not represent the interests or position of the Unist’ot’en.

Presently, the Unist’ot’en are not actively engaged in any rights and title discussions with the Province. The talks have advanced under the optic of “reconciliation,” though we have witnessed John Horgan’s government openly ignore the Canadian legal precedents which affirm our Hereditary Chiefs’ authority over Wet’suwet’en territories, opting instead to authorize CGL’s violent invasion of our territory by militarized RCMP.

We do not believe reconciliation is possible when our Wet’suwet’en people face the barrel of a gun. The Unist’ot’en continue to abstain from these discussions, as meaningful negotiation cannot occur under duress. Throughout ongoing “reconciliation” discussions, the Province has acted in bad faith by authorizing violence against our people and openly violating our asserted sovereignty. Authentic negotiation would require that all unauthorized work on Wet’suwet’en yin’tah cease immediately. This has not yet occurred.

We have always prioritized the health and sustainability of our yin’tah, and the health and safety of our Wet’suwet’en people. This remains true today. The Unist’ot’en have seen, through the flawed B.C treaty process, that the Province will delay, frustrate, and stonewall any attempt to have our rights and title recognized at a boardroom table.

  STOP - No Trespass on Unceded Lands - STOP

By attacking unarmed Wet’suwet’en people on January 7th, 2019, the province has blatantly violated Wet’suwet’en rights and ’Anuc niwh’it’en (Wet'suwet'en Law). The RCMP has openly violated the agreement they reached with our Dinï ze’ and Ts'akë ze’ by threatening our trappers and healing center clients with arrest, while establishing new “exclusion zones” after we complied with the temporary injunction. The RCMP has stood by while CGL has freely violated both Wet’suwet’en and Canadian laws, destroying our registered trapline and bulldozing our yin’tah without adhering to due process that prevents disruption of ancestral remains and artifacts. The province continues their occupation of Wet’suwet’en territories while our people face daily harassment from police and CGL private security.

We ensure our supporters, allies, and community members that the Office of Wet'suwet'en negotiations do not represent Unist’ot’en interests. Further, the negotiations do not impact our resistance to pipelines currently underway or resistance efforts to come.

As a sovereign nation illegally and violently occupied by Canada, with negotiations occurring under duress, we will continue to pursue all avenues available to uphold Wet’suwet’en Law and protect our unceded territories.

Unist’ot’en Dinï ze’ and Ts'akë ze’ DO NOT consent to pipelines on Unist’ot’en territory and reaffirm our sovereignty -- from time immemorial, and forever, these lands are Unist’ot’en.


Comment on the misleading statement from EAGLEWATCH:

"Mr. Rankin, a lawyer and mediator, has an understanding of the Supreme
Court’s historic Delgamuukw Gisday’ Wa decision and an abiding commitment
to better understand the history and current reality of the Wet’suwet’en

More slick shit, sleight of hand and razzle dazzle.

It was/is an army of lawyers beginning with John A. himself and
landgrabbers like Alexander Morris, Zebulun Lash, etc. who have robbed and
cheated Indigenous people since "Confederation".  Rankin will be no

#Wetsuwetenstrong #Unistoten #Wedzinkwa #Nopipelines #Notrespass

Canada Hates Indigenous People

Unist'ot'en supporter toolkit: http://unistoten.camp/supportertoolkithttp://unistoten.camp/supportertoolkit

The camp has been a beacon of resistance for nearly 10 years. It is a healing space, for indigenous people and settlers alike, an active example of decolonization, steadfast in its refusal to let fossil fuel infrastructure be built across the land.
If you have witnessed the power of the land, if you have been inspired from afar, if you care about the future of this planet, please donate to this legal fund.

Oil and gas corporations use legal pressure and intimidation to do their dirty work. We must come together and let it be known that those putting their personal and financial futures on the line to defend the land will be supported.

Please donate, organize fundraisers, and activate your community to support those on the frontlines.

For support contact:

Unist'ot'en legal defense fund: https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/unistoten-camp-legal-fund

Unist’ot’en Demand Stop-Work Order for Coastal GasLink Pipeline

Unist'ot'en forest destroyed by CGL - Photo Credit: Michael Toledano

January 27, 2019 – The Unist’ot’en House Group of the Gilseyhu Clan is demanding that Coastal GasLink Ltd. cease work immediately due to non-compliance with BCOGC and BCEAO permits and ongoing violations of Canadian and Wet’suwet’en Law.

RCMP and the Conservation Officers’ Service have refused to intervene in the destruction of active Wet’suwet’en traplines by Coastal GasLink bulldozers in blatant violation of Section 46 of the Wildlife Act. Unist’ot’en was told by the Conservation Officers’ Service this weekend that investigating this ongoing crime is not a priority for their office. CGL contractors have now completely bulldozed the section of trapline at Camp 9A, with many traps unaccounted for.

Under the conditions of Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) and BC Oil and Gas Commission (BCOGC) permits, Coastal Gaslink (CGL) is required to have completed a site-specific archaeological survey before undertaking any clearing work on the proposed man-camp site in Unist’ot’en Territory known as Camp 9A. CGL acknowledged in their injunction application that these archaeological surveys have not been completed. The Office of Wet’suwet’en and Unist’ot’en House Group have not received evidence of these completed site-specific surveys, as is required by the EAO and BCOGC. Due to the Unist’ot’en House Group’s prolific use of their territory since time immemorial, it is critical that proposed work sites are properly assessed to prevent destruction of historical encampments and artifacts or gravesites.

The provincial Environmental Assessment Office, FLNRO, the BC Archaeological Branch and the BC Oil and Gas Commission have not taken substantive action in response to Unist’ot’en and Office of Wet’suwet’en requests for an immediate stop-work order to address and investigate potential ongoing violations of the conditions of their Environmental Assessment Certificate and their BCOGC permits.

The Coastal Gaslink Environmental Assessment Certificate also requires CGL to notify all tenure holders in the area affected by pipeline construction a full six months before undertaking any construction activity that could impact their tenure. Chief Knedebeas holds trapline tenure for Unist’ot’en territory, and was notified by CGL that site clearing and construction on Camp 9A would not begin until 2020.

Peaceful resisters stand up to injust corporate and government aggression

Earlier this month, under the threat of police violence, Unist’ot’en Chiefs reached an agreement with the RCMP to comply with CGL’s temporary injunction. That agreement states that “there will not be any RCMP interference with our members regarding access to the territory for the purposes of trapping and/or other traditional practices.” In violation of this agreement, RCMP have threatened Wet’suwet’en trappers with arrest for attempting to access their traplines, and warned healing centre patients that they could be arrested for participating in ceremony. RCMP escorted CGL into active work zones, while refusing to allow or facilitate access of Unist’ot’en members to attend the ceremony and check on the safety of participants who were beyond the active workzone. CGL workers have been citing breach of the injunction and demanding healing centre clients remove small branches and minor debris from the road way while they were collecting firewood, without causing any obstruction to CGL work. Clients have identified feeling unsafe as a result of continual RCMP presence outside the healing centre and the unwarranted, confrontational conduct of CGL work crews.

CGL has been bulldozing #unistoten territory for a multi-use site / man camp without ever conducting an on the ground archaeological impact assessment. A supporter combing through the disturbed earth at the CGL man-camp site just found several arrowheads.

Quotes from Freda Huson, Unist’ot’en House Group Spokesperson:

“We honored the terms of the injunction, even though we weren’t given enough time to mount a proper defence at the injunction hearing. We honored all the terms of the agreements we’ve made with the RCMP since the enforcement order came down.

We are witnessing police break all of the agreements they have made with our chiefs, watching them actively protecting CGL and its contractors as they violate the Wildlife Act and the conditions of their permits, and watching the agencies responsible for enforcing these conditions do nothing. We opened our gates assuming that everyone would be treated equally under the law. We see that the RCMP, the EAO, the BCOGC, and the NDP-Green coalition government have no intentions of enforcing any part of the Canadian law that causes any inconvenience to this rich, powerful corporation.

Coastal Gaslink is breaking all their own Canadian laws while we are upholding Wet’suwet’en laws and responsibilities to the land.”

See attached supporting documents, including permit conditions and photos of Camp 9A site and destroyed trapline. Traplines are culturally significant markers of continued use, and are a source of furs and sustenance. The location of this photograph documents the destruction of the trapline by Coastal GasLink LTD on Unist’ot’en Territory. The Unist’ot’en House Group of the Gilseyhu Clan holds title to a large area in Northwestern British Columbia. The company, Coastal GasLink is attempting to build wet'en a fracked gas pi

Supporting Documents and photo



Indigenous Nations at War


Model Injunction to Defend First Nation's and Indigenous Peoples' Territories, Peace and Integrity 

By VF - 07. February 2022

Year after year the onlaught against Indigenous Peoples, their homeland territories and its natural environment continues unabated and worldwide - even on unceded lands and totally illegal in terms of national and international law.

The criminal aggessors are governmnts in cohorts with corporations. The public-private partnerships of organized crime are unbearable.

Still the Indigenous Wet'suwet'en People of Kanata in the West of what is called Canada made a last peaceful submission to the United Nations toay.


It is an excellent, scholarly compilation of everything that needs to be said and can serve as a blueprint also for other First Nations and Indigenous Peoples to make their voices heard at the level where it needs to be heard.

However, and as one can see from the date when the submission could be heard [only in September 2022] the exercise will hold the victims in an inactive state of hope for a peaceful solutin, be at the end futile an only serve to delay to do the necessary.

Especially in Kanata, where the Canadian Settler Governance under Queen Elizabeth II and her local interest-holder Justin Trudeau has officially invoked the state of emergency, the situation can and will not be rectified by a submission to the very body that is part and parcel of the war of agression against the Wet'suwet'en Nation.

Indigenous Nations the world over have to make it crystal clear to themselves: YOU ARE AT WAR! - and the war aggressor is an organized crime syndicate consisting of your state governance in cohorts with the United Nations, its WorldBank/IMF banksters and highly criminal transnational corporations linked via the World Economic Forum (WEF) and mastered by the British Crown as means to secure hidden British Imperial World Dominance globally and even in space.

For them you are only a little dot that will be erased as soon as possible, if you do not engage now in serious counteraction.


READ MORE about the struggle of the Wet'suwet'en Nation






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Violent arrest of land defender


On September 27th, a land defender blocking a fracked gas pipeline was tortured by police.

This is the second arrest at the drill pad site access road, where Coastal Gaslink (CGL) plans to drill under Wedzin Kwa (Morice River), the sacred headwaters on Wet’suwet’en yintah. The arrest was brutal. The RCMP officers used “pain compliance” for an hour on the person locked under the bus in a hard lock, insisting the person just let go, which very clearly they were not able to do. 

The RCMP then had CGL contractors, instead of an extraction team, come in to extract the person. The injunction very clearly states that RCMP are the only ones to enforce the injunction. This is in violation of that.

We’re not going anywhere

The newest addition of homes in Lhudis Bin yintah is now set up at the drill pad site near Wedzin Kwa. This site is where they wanted to do drilling, and build a tailings pond. It is near Woos’ smokehouse and our ceremonial pithouse. This project is not a done deal! We will always uphold our laws. Investors in this dead project need to pull their money now. “We’re not going anywhere. We’re digging in … We don’t give up.” - Sleydo’ Join us and come to the yintah. Organize. Take action where you stand. The time is now for all Indigenous people to rise and protect sovereignty!

This comes on the heels of the RCMP being at fault for the injunction renewal denial for the Fairy Creek defence based on their tactics against peaceful people.

Tomorrow is the “National Day of Truth and Reconciliation” in Canada, and here we clearly see that violence and forced removal from Indigenous lands are on full display.  

This is about our yintah (land). It always has been. They have been trying to steal our lands and resources since contact and they will bulldoze and torture their way through to get it, because all they care about is money.

The Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs represent a governance system that predates colonization and the Indian Act which was created in an attempt to outlaw Indigenous peoples from their lands. 

The Wet'suwet'en have continued to exercise their unbroken, unextinguished, and unceded right to govern and occupy their lands by continuing and empowering the clan-based governance system to this day.  Under Wet'suwet'en law, clans have a responsibility and right to control access to their territories. 

The validity of the Wet'suwet'en house and clan system was verified in the Delgamuukw and Red Top Decisions that uphold the authority of the hereditary system on Wet'suwet'en traditional territories.

At this very moment a standoff is unfolding, the outcome of which will determine the future of Northern “BC” for generations to come. Will the entire region be overtaken by the fracking industry, or will Indigenous people asserting their sovereignty be successful in repelling the assault on their homelands?

The future is unwritten. What comes next will be greatly influenced by actions taken in the coming days and weeks. This is a long-term struggle, but it is at a critical moment. That is why we say: The Time is Now. If you are a person of conscience and you understand the magnitude of what is at stake, ask yourself how you might best support the grassroots Wet’suwet’en.


We will never give up. Join us.







Rocco Galati @roccogalatilaw

Heads up Canada. The Nazi agenda has now lock-stepped up to concentration camps. Only four purported deaths in NZ.

Psychopaths' brains show differences in structure and function


UPDATE: February 14, 2019


Significant Archaeological Finding Pauses CGL Work on Unist’ot’en Territory

On February 13th, 2019, two stone tools were recovered from the construction site of Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.’s (CGL) proposed mancamp, Site 9A, marking a significant archaeological discovery that indicates a longstanding and continued tie between Wet’suwet’en people and their ancestral territories. Coastal GasLink is legally obligated to stop work in order for a full archaeological assessment to be conducted.

Presently, Coastal GasLink has paused work on this archaeological site, but has not indicated to the Unist’ot’en if they intend to cease work until they are compliant with existing Canadian laws.

In the absence of an adequate Archaeological Impact Assessment (AIA), and continued breaches of the conditions of Coastal GasLink’s permits, the Unist’ot’en clan has been combing Site 9A for evidence of cultural use. This is made possible by the heavy machinery turning up the forest floor and exposing potential archaeological features and artifacts.

Two Unist’ot’en supporters with limited archaeological knowledge conducted a pedestrian survey comprising about a quarter of the worksite. A complete biface stone tool was recovered alongside a partial base fragment of a stem point. Archaeologists from the Smithsonian Institution, Dr. Chelsey G. Armstrong and her colleagues as well as Dr. Chris Springer estimate that the stem point is likely associated with the Shuswap Horizon dating between 3500-2400 years before present.

Additional stone tools at the site were observed and recorded, but the scale and scope of the necessary archaeological work requires the assistance of professional archaeologists. Other archaeological features and artifacts associated with the production and/or usage of stone tools (e.g., flake debitage) are most likely located in the vicinity site but are unidentifiable without the proper training, equipment, time and opportunity to shovel test and/or excavate.

The discovery of these stone tools reaffirms Unist’ot’en knowledge and oral history, which indicate this site as being one of prior significant occupancy. Further testing and research must be done to determine the density of artifacts and features in proximity of the proposed CGL development. Such research could reveal the temporality of occupancy, size of potential settlements and/or hunting camps, types of activities associated with the site, possibility of being a burial site containing human remains as well as numerous other potential findings.

Wet’suwet’en culture and ‘Anuc niwh’it’ën (Wet’suwet’en Law) is inextricably derived from our relationship to our yintah (traditional territories), and our historic and continued use of our territories. These cultural sites and artifacts must be preserved and could provide material evidence to oral history, furthering our understanding of how ‘Anuc niwh’it’ën was lived on our yintah by our ancestors. These artifacts could demonstrate how the Wet’suwet’en controlled access to our yintah and enforced trespass, and provide evidence of continued use and occupation through many generations.

Coastal GasLink has shown that their desktop study (termed “Archaeological Overview Assessment”) has been completed remotely and does not involve the gathering of any archaeological information on the ground. This is not synonymous with a Archaeological Impact Assessment, and CGL has relied on the lack of clear definitions around AIA requirements to sidestep responsible archaeological practices. Their injunction application affidavits indicate that no site investigation or fieldwork was completed at the site prior to construction, as required under the terms of their BCOGC and EAO permits. The area was bulldozed and excavated without an archaeologist ever having set foot on site. Surveys conducted by CGL contractors and employees have proven inadequate, given that the company bulldozed multiple traps before realizing there was a trapline on their proposed construction site.

Under section 13(2) of the Heritage Conservation Act, administered by the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations, Coastal GasLink must not “damage, excavate, dig in or alter, or remove any heritage object from, a site that contains artifacts, features, materials or other physical evidence of human habitation or use before 1846” OR from “a site that contains artifacts, features, materials or other physical evidence of unknown origin.” The Heritage Conservation Act is binding on the government, and overrides any other conflicting Act. It protects heritage sites pre-dating 1846 AD, and requires Coastal GasLink, as the BCOGC and EAO permit holder, to cease all work immediately.

The Heritage Conservation Act falls under the jurisdiction of the Archaeology Branch of the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations. Should Coastal GasLink fail to comply with the Act as detailed in their Environmental Assessment Certificate and BCOGC permits, we call on the Minister, Hon. Doug Donaldson, to issue a stop work order under Section 16. If work continues in this area, it will continue to cause irreparable harm to Wet’suwet’en cultural heritage and our longstanding land-based traditions. Responsibility for this damage lies with Coastal GasLink, complicit RCMP observers, and the Provincial government.

The Unist’ot’en have made it clear that this area has been occupied and used continuously by Wet’suwet’en since time immemorial, up until Coastal GasLink bulldozed our trapline in the first stages of clearing the site. This oral tradition has now been reaffirmed with material evidence.

We call upon all relevant authorities to immediately stop all work in this area. Permitting any further industrial activity would constitute a clear violation of both Wet’suwet’en and Canadian law.

Media Contact:

Freda Huson, Spokesperson

Dark House – Unist’ot’en

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Canadian National Days Of Shame

January 7, 2019 -

October 17, 2013 -

September 21, 2004 -

October 4, 2003 -

September 11, 1995 -

August 24, 1990 -

July 11, 1990 -   Oka Standoff

This timeline chronicles some of the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada.



Canada: Investigators Review Case of Forced Sterilization of Indigenous Women

Surprise! ‘Progressive hero’ Justin Trudeau is a fraud and a hypocrite

Andrew Scheer: Justin Trudeau has betrayed Canadians

Trudeau in ethics probe over handling of Libyan contract fraud


ALERT: Canadian First Nation under Assault by Armed Forces

Broken Promises: CGL, RCMP Block Unist’ot’en Matriarch from Accessing Land, Violate Wildlife Act


‘Thank you for your donation’

Pam Palmater: Tearful apologies and flowery speeches about reconciliation won’t cut it if Trudeau wants the support of Indigenous peoples in the next election. He needs to come clean and take real action.

Trudeau Surrenders To Native Protest - did he?

Corporate Canada Behind Coup Attempt in Venezuela



Canadian Judiciary Is One of the Most Corrupt in the World

Justice Is Coming

That the Canadian Justice System is corrupt through and through has been manifested to the world profusely with the arrest of Mark Marek and the subsequent denial of justice at all levels of judiciary. But did you know that it’s also an official fact that Canadian judiciary is one of the most corrupt in the world?

Global Integrity is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which assesses anti-corruption and good governance mechanisms in several countries around the world. The last time they did a whole world report on corruption was in 2010. Since then, their annual reports only including a couple of countries previously not assessed.

2010 was when Canada was last assessed and unsurprisingly, the Global Integrity Report found that the Canadian Justice System is one of the most corrupt in the entire world.

Global Integrity assigns each area of public sector points based on particular criteria, and once all considerations have been taken into account, the area is given a total score between 0 (absolute corruption) and 100 (no corruption). The higher the score, the less corrupt the tested area of this particular country is.

Canada’s rating for whether “judges are appointed fairly” is measly 17 – one of the lowest in the entire world. For comparison, Angola – which is a country most wouldn’t even be able to point out on a map – got 25. In other words, Angola is way less corrupt than Canada when it comes to appointing fair judges. In the same category, Ethiopia got 75, Bangladesh got 83. Even Somalia has less corrupt judiciary and scored 42 in the same category.

When assessing whether there’s “a transparent procedure for selecting national-level judges” in Canada, the answer was a straight NO. Somalia, for comparison, received a YES because in Somalia, the appointment of judges follows a public process and is based on legal qualification and competence.

In Canada, Judges Are Politically Appointed

In the USA, judges are elected at the state level. There are many recorded cases of corrupt judges who were prosecuted and thrown in jail for fixing cases or taking bribes in the USA. In Canada however, there are absolutely no recorded cases of a judge being prosecuted for corruption. Many have been exposed by their victims, but in Canada, they enjoy absolute impunity.

Likewise, in the USA, a candidate’s fitness for judicial appointment is scrutinized and assessed in an open hearing not only by their lawyer friends, but also by the general public.

In Canada, there are no elected judges. All Canadian judges are appointed to their position by the State. And you can rest assured the state ensures only the “right” people are appointed as judges.

Pierre Trudeau

It started to go fast down hill with former Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau, who re-created the Privy Council, which allowed for a supreme control of Canada by non elected persons, while greatly diminishing the role of the elected representatives of the people.

To greatly confuse the Canadian public, Pierre Trudeau also established the Canadian Judicial Council – a smoke screen body with an apparent role as a judicial watchdog. This created an illusion of an institution watching over judges, ensuring they remain fair and impartial, but the fact is that the council is an autonomous, unaccountable body that is responsible for policing itself. It’s the same idea as assigning the investigation of alleged police misconduct to the buddies of the abuser.

The Council is made up of judges who are appointed to the role by the government, and are as such selected from the pool of most “government friendly” candidates. Thus, instead of working to secure the inherited rights of a free and independent people, they work to ensure the agendas of the government are met.

Pierre Trudeau also created another great illusion in form of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Charter creates an illusion of protecting civil rights, but unlike before the Charter, it gave judges unprecedented powers. Thus, Pierre Trudeau opened doors for a judicial oligarchy that would continue to grow in power regardless of public’s opinion or their votes.

Role of Chief Justice

In 1998, a British Columbia judge John Bouck published a series of articles in which he explained to the public the mechanism of how the judiciary in Canada operates. Some speculate that this was his attempt at redeeming himself after his false judgment against Sun Belt Water Inc in 1997. He was assigned to hear that case by the Chief Justice who made it understood what ruling is expected of him. And so he followed orders of his superior. But it ate into his conscience.

Judge John Bouck explained that because some lawyers actually become judges out of sheer willingness to safeguard justice and the rule of law, the judicial corruption is secured by the role of Chief Justice. The Chief Justice is handed the absolute power to decide which judge will hear which particular case.

When the Chief Justice wants a corrupt result, he or she will select a judge to hear the case, who can be relied upon to produce the corrupt result.

Is It Possible for Inconvenient Journalists to Receive Justice in Canada

The short answer is NO. As a country with one of the world’s most corrupt judiciary systems, one that’s more corrupt than almost any judiciary in Africa, Middle East or Asia, there is simply no way for an inconvenient journalist to receive justice in Canada. Absolutely no way.

Judges are appointed to their roles by the government which is in turn controlled by the Privy Council, aka the secret government that holds the real strings of power. There is no standards Canadian judges are held to, their term in the office is not limited in any way, they never face consequence for their abuses and misuses of power, even if they intentionally and knowingly ruin an innocent life by sentencing the person to harsh penalties, including jail, and the only body that oversees their activity is composed of their carefully selected buddies who are appointed to these roles by the same government who appoints judges according to how fitting they are for the purpose of achieving the government’s goals in the first place.

No Canadian lawyer who defended freedom of speech when the Canadian regime attempted to crush it has ever been appointed a judge!

As I’ve explained in the post about the Second Generation of Tyrants, the Canadians, while vastly nice people, are also a nation of perfectly complacent sheeple. No other people on Earth have been so pussifies that they unconditionally accept the absolute power their government has over them and unconditionally surrender to it.

Most Canadians are not even aware of the fact that political participation is intentionally made impossible to them and that the politics is too a “buddy business” in their country. Most would surely get offended if you implied to them that their judiciary is one of the most corrupt in the world, and that it reflects on the entire government which keeps it that way, and which in turn make their government one of the most corrupt and tyrannical in the world. Just because Canada does it the Tyrannism v2.0 way, it doesn’t make it any less dictatorial.

That being said, even though by legal means, there is no chance for a persecuted inconvenient journalist (or for anyone the regime takes interest in) to receive justice in Canada, the only way for Tyrannism v2.0 to fuel the corruption, is if the public remains blind to it. As such, the greatest threat to Canadian corruption is that which they so vigorously strive to silence – independent journalism. That’s because independent journalism has the power to influence, or even to enforce justice, even if they want to crush it.


Tyrannism v2.0


Tyrannism v2.0 – Dictatorship with Baloons

The reason why Canada doesn’t strike most people as a tyranny is because its leaders adopted Modern Tyrranism, a name derived from what Mark called “Tyrannism v2.0“.

Traditional tyrants and dictators were easy to spot because they attracted attention to themselves by annihilating opposition. Second generation tyrants have outgrown this obsolete and unsustainable model by establishing a cunning and insidious means to sustain a dictatorship.

Instead of acting like despots, they would instead invest in maintenance of their picture as democratic leaders. They would create an illusion of choice by giving their slaves a semblance of democratic election.

With only carefully trained and groomed members of controlled opposition participating, the head trip of democratically choosing their master gave the herd of slaves the collusion of freedom, liberty, justice and equality.

Should a usurper arise and form the uncontrolled opposition by telling the herd of slaves the truth, instead of making themselves look like authoritarian tyrants by annihilating him, modern tyrants would cripple him, flouting the rule of law while maintaining a veneer of order, legitimacy, and prosperity, thereby retaining the image of democracy.

Modern tyrants do not destroy, but prevent existence. They don’t tyrannize, but extinguish the spirit until the nation is reduced to nothing but a flock of timid and industrious sheep in need of a shepherd – the role assumed by the tyrant.

Maintaining the Illusion of Democracy

The illusion of democracy is maintained through systematic indoctrination of the masses utilizing TV programming, music industry, movie industry, the education system and mainstream media. The box would feature shows advertising law enforcement as true protectors of law and order, dedicating their lives to the service and protection of the public.

Feature presentations would be based on scripts in which good always wins over evil, in which honest public servants always prevail and raise above corruption and abuse of power, in which people live the American (or Canadian, or whichever) dream.

Pictures we are fed through the box portray the global war between freedom and repression, with people from OUR countries always portrayed as tech-savvy, globalized democrats who care so much for freedom, they want to give it to everyone. Whereas people from THEIR countries are always portrayed as those out-of-touch, dim-witted dictators.

After seeing a hundred and one movies like that, intermitted by shows featuring cops throwing themselves in the line of fire to save the life of that defenseless, fear stricken little child, who in their right mind would think otherwise than conclude with utmost certainty that we are lucky to live in a democracy?

I would consider it natural if most Canadians felt offended by me suggesting that Canada was one of the most undemocratic countries in the world. It’s natural because modern tyrants employ 21st century tricks to protect their 21st century status quo. It’s natural, because after millennia of polishing their methods to keep the masses enslaved in order to maintain their hold on power, something would be amiss if they still haven’t found a technique that worked better than traditional autocracies.

Technological advancements have made it difficult for tyrants to cover up their abuses and violations so in order not to awaken the fattening masses to the fact that they are ruled by tyrants despite what they see on TV, the tyrants adopted savvier techniques and no longer rely on oppression through physical aggression.

In his (acclaimed, though pro western oppression) book “The Dictator’s Learning Curve: Inside the Global Battle for Democracy” (ISBN 030747755X, 978-0307477552), author William Dobson suggested that the most successful tactics of Modern Tyrants (Tyrannism v2.0) are maintaining control over the state-run media and the country’s judiciary, allowing elections, but passing electoral legislation that would all but guarantee fragmented parliaments and keeping any violence out of sight and out of the media.

Did you pick up on “keeping any violence out of sight and out of the media“?

Why Modern Tyrants Don’t Need Open Violence to Enforce Dictatorships

The world is so fast paced these days, and so dog eat dog, mere day to day survival will eat into much of one’s existence. You may find the time each day to sit down and unwind watching TV, you may find spare change to afford to go out to a bar and socialize with friends once a week, you may save up enough to go on nice vacation once a year, but most of the time in between, you’ll spend fighting your ass off just to get by.

The whole idea of Tyrannism v2.0 is based on this fundamental realization – people have their hands full just to get by in today’s fast paced world. Throwing on a person a major burden in form of a law suit is gonna bring them down.

It doesn’t matter if they’re capable, educated or well off – if they become an inconvenience, all it takes to destroy them is to press a charge. Any charge. It will automatically hand the inconvenient person the shorter end of the stick and is pretty much guaranteed to cripple them for a long time.

State sponsored charges purposed to silence dissent destroy the person without annihilating them. It’s akin to slowly torturing a victim, instead of granting them merciful death. It’s akin to forcing upon the victim the torment to watch their own agony as it deepens with each passing day.

And with the opposition effectively crippled, the modern tyrant can focus on maintaining their image of a democratic leader. Because they’re not seen as dictators who annihilate their opposers, but rather as fair individuals who grant their opposers the right to a trial, the benefits are multifold – they get to enjoy watching you suffer as your life disintegrates before your very eyes, and will still be cheered as democratic leaders running a just and fair society.

Denis Rancourt

A good example of how Tyrannism v2.0 functions can be observed by taking a look at the attacks on Canadian Professor Denis Rancourt – a former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa.

Mr. Rancourt’s “crime” was to voice his support for the oppressed people of Palestine and publicly criticize Israel for their disproportionate use of deadly force against the defenseless people. He was one of the most popular professors at the university and at one point invited Palestinian speakers into his classrooms to talk about Gaza. He also invited geopolitical analysts who were critical of Israel into his classroom.

As despots who exercise absolute political power, the Canadian government does not tolerate dissent, so Prof. Rancourt had to be destroyed. But since they needed to maintain the illusion of democracy so the flock does not rebel against them, they destroyed him the Tyrannism v2.0 way – Mr. Rancourt was fired and removed from all teaching duties, removed from his academic position at the University of Ottawa, the pro establishment mainstream media smeared him as a wrongdoer, and then they pursued him with a defamation suit which drags on to this day, forcing him into a de-facto bankruptcy.

To remove him from his teaching duties the Tyrannism v2.0 way, the pretext that he had granted A+ grades to 23 students in one course during the winter 2008 semester was used. A student spy was hired to monitor his every spoken and written word, as well as his every activity on campus, in order to find a pretext for dismissal that could be used without causing much public outcry.

Because Prof. Rancourt is an internationally recognized researcher, who has published more than 100 academic papers and was highly respected by his students, the public opinion started to side with him. So to counter it, a high-profile Zionist columnist at the New York Times wrote two character assassinating articles to discredit him, and was featured on a popular Canadian TV talk show (whose producers are Zionists) to defame him and his teaching methods.

Other mainstream media outlets played along and added to the character assassination with their own articles. The fact that in Canada this happens to all outspoken critics of Israeli terrorism whose audiences extend beyond close friends and family members was, expectedly, never brought up.

As part of his character assassination, Prof. Rancourt was paraded through campus in handcuffs by police allegedly for “trespassing“, even though at the time he was still a tenured professor.

The University then used its unlimited funding using public money and launched a large defamation lawsuit against Prof. Rancourt. During the trial, more reminiscent of Show Trials by Bolsheviks in Stalin’s Russia, than of anything resembling a democratic society with the rule of law, the judge, also paid by unlimited public funds, ordered Mr. Rancourt to pay a total of legal costs and damages in excess of one million dollars – a sum he could never possibly repay.

As I said earlier, modern tyrants do not destroy – they prevent existence. By stripping Prof. Rancourt of his academic employment, assassinating his character and forcing him into bankruptcy, the Canadian despots sent a chilling ripple effect through all of Canada’s academia never to question their authority or they would follow suit.


Similarities with Mark Marek

As you can tell from the case of Professor Denis Rancourt, there is little difference between attacks on his life and those on Best Gore founder Mark Marek. What Mark is currently going through is very much a carbon copy of what they did (and are still doing) to Prof. Rancourt.

It’s the same sequence of events:

  • A Canadian exercises his human right to freedom of speech by expressing his opinions on matters relevant to democratic principles
  • Gets burdened with lawsuit
  • Gets stripped of the means to earn a living
  • Gets prevented from seeking employment
  • Gets character smeared by the pro establishment mainstream media
  • Gets forced into bankruptcy
  • Gets publicly humiliated by being promenaded in handcuffs and/or orange jumpsuit
  • Every court date is a Kangaroo Court presided by judges who have long decided about the ruling regardless of arguments
  • Judges constantly and repeatedly interrupt the defense in court, disallowing them to present arguments, cutting them off in the middle of the speech and countering with diatribe of monologue picturing the accused as the worst criminal in the world, ending the session before any counter arguments could be presented

Mark’s next Kangaroo Court is on October 17, 2014.

I brought up Tyrannism v2.0 in my post published on the first anniversary of human rights abuses against Mark. This post clarifies more clearly what exactly Tyrannism v2.0 is.