UPDATE 19. June 2021: Banks Are Being Weaponized - BOYCOTT those banks that go China-stye

UPDATE 13. May 2021: ALERT - THEY DON'T STOP - WEF, Denmark Partner In San Francisco To Embrace Great Reset

UPDATE 10. May 2021: Dr Vernon Coleman: 'Why and how they plan to kill seven billion' + POPE FAILS - Vatican health conference, asks what it is to be human

UPDATE 07. May 2021: DEFUND THE UN, ABOLISH THE WEF - The Great Reset is ‘one of the greatest threats’ to democracy and freedom

UPDATE 22. April 2021: Counter Vatican Conference Will Expose Marxist Great Reset Agenda

UPDATE 20. April 2020: The War of Global Corporate Wealth against Life and Humanity

UPDATE 07. April 2021: Monopoly - Follow The Money (documentary overview of the Great Reset. )

UPDATE 27. March 2021: “The Great Reset” Is Here: Follow the Money. “Insane Lockdown” of the Global Economy, “The Green Agenda”

UPDATE 02. February 2021: Nobody's Talking About This "Prepare Yourself, Something Big is Coming"

UPDATE 28. January 2021: They Can't Hide It Anymore "Prepare Yourself for What is Happening"

UPDATE 18. January 2021: The New Normal - Documentary (Banned On Youtube)

UPDATE 12. October 2020: Australian Media Finally Calls Out Davos ‘Great Reset’ Agenda

UPDATE 07. October 2020: As Boris Johnson announces Britain’s ‘Great Reset’, were the Covid ‘conspiracy theorists’ right all along?

UPDATE 01. October 2020: The History Of Socialism And Capitalism

UPDATE 12. August 2020: Soros-Backed Bioethics ‘Expert’ Says COVID-19 Vaccine Refusers Could Lose Jobs and Face Fines or Jail Time

UPDATE 22. July 2020: The Secret Society You've (Probably) Never Heard Of (video)

UPDATE: 30. June 2020: Discussing The Great Reset With James Corbett (videopresentation)

UPDATE 26. June 2020: The Purge Is Coming And So is the "GREAT RESET" - THE GLOBAL RESET STARTED, IT IS OFFICIAL

ICYMI: PROBLEM - REACTION - SOLUTION: How COVID-19 Leads to Global Governance and Complete Control + The Rockefeller LOCKSTEP Script + UN Agenda 21 and Modern Monetary Theory + Full Documentary The Money Masters (... until today)

PROLOGUE: Since SARS-CoV-2, like HIV of which a certain sequence was found also in the contagion causing COVID-19, can be transmitted also by other body fluids and not just by droplets from the mouth and lung, equal COVID measures and corona restrictions should also be applied to those living with HIV - NO? Think twice! and realize that the way forward is to end the crazy and draconian Corona hype, that was launched with alterior motives, and deal with the corona contagions - the past, the present and the coming - in the same way as we have dealt with HIV and survived it as and with humanity - trusting only our immune system and common sense.

The Lancet’s Richard Horton calls for international pandemic inquiry

Richard Horton is editor-in-chief of The Lancet  - Douglas Fry for Piranah Photography

By Clare Wilson - 15. June 2020

How do you rate the UK’s coronavirus response?

We were too late with everything. In The Lancet, we published five papers in the last week of January that told the entire story: a new virus, rapidly killing people, human-to-human transmission. We could have mobilised more quickly.

Didn’t you also underestimate the risks? You tweeted on 24 January that the virus had low pathogenicity?

On 24 January, there were newspaper headlines that were in danger of fostering a panic: things like “Killer virus”. Panic isn’t a very good public health response.

Interview with Ai Weiwei: "Switzerland is the most hypocritical state in the world!

The world-renowned artist is currently living in exile in Portugal. He messes with authorities and puts his finger where it hurts. Also in our interview.

Ai Weiwei  (63) im Zoom-Interview mit 20 Minuten. 
Ai Weiwei (63) in the Zoom interview with 20 Minuten. Screenshot Zoom

By Ann Guenter - 18 June 2021 - auf Deutsch -

Mr Ai, you warn that China is becoming a threat to "the soft and increasingly nervous" West.

The West needs China's labour market - because there is no protection of human rights, no protection of labour rights or an independent judicial system in this authoritarian system.

The USA and Europe are not interested in China developing in this respect, they are interested in profit.

But now that China has a successful state capitalism, the West is no longer up to the challenge because an authoritarian system is more efficient, more ruthless and more strategic. Accordingly, the West is becoming more and more nervous and fearful.

UPDATE 18. June 2021: LIVESTREAM #Session 57 - "Under Pressure" 11.00h CET

Corona Committee hears the experts: Dr. Peter Kuit (Founder and Chairman of the BPOC [NL] - Extra-Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry in Holland) and Jade Kuit (BPOC - NL), Attorney and insolvency administrator Municipal Council Mag. Gottfried Forsthuber (Forsthuber & Partner law firm - Austria), Specialist in general medicine Ralf Tillenburg (Corona focus practice), Paediatrician Dr Martin Hirte (book author, Dorctor's Association for Individual Vaccination Decisions), Dr. Simone Gold (American Frontline Doctors). (German / English) - with public participation | https://corona-ausschuss.de (Get involved with your good questions !) 

UPDATE 11. June 2021: LIVESTREAM #Session 56 - "With Hellish Remedies" 15.30h CET

Corona Committee hears the experts: Senior physician Dr Michael Dykta (general, visceral and thoracic surgery, Prof. Dr Arne Burkhardt (pathologist), cardiologist Prof. Dr Peter A. McCullouch (deputy chief physician, Baylor Campus - Texas A.&M. University Medical Centre, Dallas/Texas - USA), and Dr. Roger Hodkinson [Pathologist / recorded hearing], as well as lung specialist and internist Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (pneumologist and social physician, former member of parliament) as medical-scientific advisor. (German / English) - with public participation | https://corona-ausschuss.de (Get involved with your good questions !) (German / English)

UPDATE 04. June 2021: LIVESTREAM #Session 55 - "Investigations" 12h CET

Corona Committee hears the experts: Book author Dr. Cristina Martín Jiménez (Communication Scientist - Spain), author Dr. Jacob Nordangård (expert on technology and social change - Sweden), lawyer Elmar Becker (Lawyers for Enlightenment, former industry consultant - Germany), Prof. Dr. Arne Burkardt (stream cut), Prof. Dr. Knut Wittkowski (former head for 20 years of the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Research Design at the Rockefeller University New York - recorded stream), as well as lung specialist and internist Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (pneumologist and social physician, former member of parliament) as medical-scientific advisor. (German / English)- with public participation | https://corona-ausschuss.de (Get involved with your good questions !) - in German, Spanish and English


The Corona Committee was founded in June 2020 on the initiative of four lawyers experienced in litigation. Since then, weekly hearings have been held to document and process the scientific, political as well as economic contexts surrounding the Corona events.

We summarize the main findings of these hearings of now almost 200 experts from science and practice as follows:

1. PCR tests, as a sole diagnostic tool, are not capable of reliably detecting infections or diseases. They also do not produce sufficient reason for this assumption as long as the CT value and the tested nucleic acids are not strictly defined and sensibly adjusted.

2. The lethality of COVID-19 has been shown (demonstrated in meta-studies by Prof. John P. Ioannidis and others) to be in the range of annual influenza, which can also be fatal for certain age groups and people with pre-existing conditions.

3. The usefulness of lockdowns has not been sufficiently proven scientifically. This urgently needs to be given a neutral weighting by experts. On the other hand, there are numerous studies on the collateral damage caused by lockdowns.

4. The vaccines currently available against COVID-19 are only subject to conditional approval due to the assumed emergency situation, which also means that under "normal" circumstances they would never have been approved in their present form . However, the emergency situation required for such an accelerated approach does not exist worldwide, as can be easily understood from the data in the official databases (RKI, ECC, CC, etc.). This prohibits the widespread use of this experimental treatment, as currently propagated by politicians, especially in children and adolescents.





By Coco Tache - 10. June 2021

Our world as it was is over, and will not come back in this form. It is an illusion to believe that we can resurrect the former ‘normality’. And all the better: because without noticing it, with a very egoistic behavior, we were on the way with giant karacho into an abyss, from which there was no escape.

So that this does not happen, a divine plan provides for it. This plan has its origin in every human soul, and certainly also in every living creature. Here everything works together without us being aware of it. Here solutions are searched for, here contracts are concluded and here we work collaborate. Here also every man and every woman with their individual decisions fulfills exactly the right tasks tailored to themselves.

In this plan we are now, and there everyone works diligently also concretely together. But this is beyond our understanding. For many, the outside seems brutal and hopeless.

But behind every despair, there is great hope. Behind every soul a plan, and on the way into the abyss a decision opens up for every man and for every woman: How do I decide NOW? Do I let myself fall, or do I open my wings? Do I connect with my soul, with my spirit, or do I surrender to the ‘seemingly’ inevitable?

How serious is the nuclear power plant radiation leak in China?

New Scientist Default Image
The Taishan Nuclear Power Station outside the city of Taishan in Guangdong, China, in 2013 PETER PARKS/AFP via Getty Images

By Adam Vaughan - 15. June 2021

One of the companies involved in a new nuclear reactor at Taishan in Guangdong, China, has written to the US government warning of an “imminent radiological threat” at the plant. The memo from French firm Framatome to the US Department of Energy, first reported by CNN, said Chinese authorities were raising acceptable radiation limits around the power station, to avoid shutting the reactor down. How serious is the issue, and should you be worried?

Do we know what’s causing the problem?

Framatome parent firm EDF, which has a 30 per cent stake in the company that owns the plant, said yesterday that the problem appears to be an issue with one or more of the fuel rods. It appears there is a potential hole in the casing of the fuel rods, which contain the uranium used to create a fission reaction. In a statement, EDF said there had been an “increase in the concentration of certain noble gases in the primary circuit” in reactor number one at the power station. The primary circuit is the part of the plant that transfers heat from the reactor to water, generating steam and producing electricity. The noble gases include krypton and xenon.

UPDATE 16. June 2021: STUDY: Covid vaccines cause Alzheimer’s, brain changes

UPDATE 02. May 2021: COVID-19 Is a Vascular Disease: Coronavirus’ Spike Protein Attacks Vascular System on a Cellular Level

UPDATE 01./30. August 2020: Cerebral Micro-Structural Changes in COVID-19 Patients – An MRI-based 3-month Follow-up Study

ICYMI: Delirium, rare brain inflammation and stroke linked to Covid-19

PROLOGUE: As assumed earlier, the contagion dubbed SARS-CoV-2 is rather a self-replicating neurotoxic bio-chemical agent than just a 'virus' and can be used as weapon. Any government, which does not immediately engage in tracing the origin of this lab-fabricated pathogen and enables a still not yet founded but urgently required Independent International Trial to find the real truth of the pandemic and those responsible, must be seen as what it then is: An accomplice and partner in crimes against humanity.

Severe brain damage possible even with mild coronavirus symptoms

MRI scan of brainAccording to British neurologists, COVID-19 can cause serious damage to the brain and central nervous system. Such damage can lead to psychosis, paralysis and strokes, which are often detected in their late stages.

By DW - 09. July 2020

There are numerous signs that the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 not only attacks the lungs and respiratory tract, but also other organs on a massive scale.It can severely affect the heart, vessels, nerves, kidneys, and skin. 

British neurologists have now published shocking details in the journal "Brain," which suggests SARS-CoV-2 can cause severe brain damage — even in patients with mild symptoms or those in recovery. Often this damage is detected very late or not at all.

UPDATE 16. June 2021: COVID, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century + IVERMECTIN PROTOCOL

UPDATE 09. June 2021: Breakthrough: Ivermectin inhibits the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein from binding to ACE2 receptors in human tissue

UPDATE 03. June 2021: Ivermectin: WHO’s Chief Scientist Served with Legal Notice for Disinformation and Suppression of Evidence - ALL GOVERNMENTS MUST DO THE SAME ! W.H.O. LIED - PEOPLE DIED!

UPDATE 29. May 2021: The Story of the Decade — Is This Mass Murder by Media and Government?

UPDATE 17. May 2021: Elites Worried: COVID Cases in India Plummet After Government Promotes Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Use

UPDATE 09. May 2021: LATEST PEER-REVIEWED RESEARCH: IMMEDIATE GLOBAL IVERMECTIN USE WILL END COVID-19 PANDEMIC - genetic experiments with injections of mRNA have become obsolete.

UPDATE 06. April 2021: South-Africa: Ivermectin settlement frees up more access for Covid-19 patients

UPDATE 05. April 2021: AFP-Faktcheckers Out on Paid Disinformation Campaigns

UPDATE 01. April 2021: No April's Fool Joke: WHO data say Ivermectin reduces COVID mortality by 81%. Also WHO: We still don’t recommend it.

UPDATE 31. March 2021: SCANDAL: UN triggers price hike for COVID medicine in Africa. People in all African countries, like in Kenya and South-Africa, suffer under the Medical Mafia

UPDATE 18. February 2021: Virologists Report Poor Man’s Amino Acid Cure for Covid-19 Would Abolish Need for Vaccines

UPDATE 01. February 2021: Zimbabwe government approves Ivermectin

UPDATE 28. January 2021: South Africa approves controlled use of Ivermectin to treat Covid-19

UPDATE 19. January 2021: ‘Miraculous’ ivermectin approved for use in the USA for the treatment of COVID-19

UPDATE: 14. January 2021: Ivermectin is Now a Treatment Option for Health Care Providers!

UPDATE 09. January 2021: South Africa Authorities are wiggling around while people die: Data on Ivermectin 'will soon be available': SAHPRA

UPDATE 07. January 2021: “Stop Covid-19 deaths, give us ivermectin Now!” – BLF


UPDATE 04. January 2020: Ivermectin: Tests show cheap drug may reduce Covid-19 death toll

ICYMI: IMPORTANT: Ivermectin And COVID-19: How Is It Proposed To Work? Review Of All Theorized Mechanisms Of Action + Antiviral Research Volume 178, June 2020: The FDA-approved drug Ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro

Cheap hair lice drug may cut risk of COVID-19 death by 80 percent: study

By Hannah Sparks - 04. January 2021

A simple treatment for COVID-19 could be cheaper than 20 bucks — and familiar to most grade school nurses.

Head lice drug ivermectin is being explored as a potential treatment for the coronavirus following a promising new study that showed an 80% reduction in hospitalized COVID-19 patient deaths.

Just 8 out of 573 patients who received ivermectin passed away, compared to the 44 individuals out of 510 who died after being given a placebo.

An earlier study of the antiparasitic prescription drug, which costs between $17 and $43 for a course of treatment, according to GoodRx, revealed promising results in April — by removing all viral RNA within 48 hours of a single dose.

UPDATE 16. June 2021: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warns that Fauci, Gates are committing mass genocide against humanity


UPDATE 09. June 2021: Dr Anthony Fauci has been ‘found out on a million fronts’ + Is this not PROOF enough that COVID was studied in China & Fauci LIED under oath? + Rand Paul: "More Children Have Died From Suicide Than From COVID" 

UPDARE 06. June 2021: LOCK'em UP NOW! Dr Anthony Fauci Threatened Indian Scientists To Withdraw Study Linking COVID-19 To AIDS Virus (Does Faux Chi hold more compromising evidence against top officials in his dossiers than Eppstein? Or why is Dr. DeathnDoom not yet locked up???)

UPDATE 05. June 2021: ‘Scientists were threatened: Anthony Fauci and his gang will destroy careers and reputation’: Indian experts make explosive claims after emails become public + Trump wanted to publicly grill Fauci on Wuhan lab funding — and bill China for pandemic

UPDATE 03. June 2021: Dr. Fauci and the strange odyssey of America’s Doctor Death + THE FRAUD CHI EMAILS OF DR  FAUXI dump location

UPDATE 02. June 2020: HUGE! NEW EMAIL Shows Dr. Fauci Was Told in Jan. 2020 the Coronavirus “Looked Engineered” #FauciEmails + The Dokkktor Fraud Chi scandal is a decoy, a distraction ... much worse to come! + Email Shows Dr. Fauci KNEW in March 2020 that 99% of Italian Covid Fatalities Had Other Illnesses — Ignored This During His Hundreds of Interviews #FauciEmails + In February 2020 Email, Fauci Wrote Face Masks “Not Effective in Keeping Out Virus”

UPDATE 31. May 2021: Sen. Tom Cotton slams Fauci for covering his track on his links to Chinese virology laboratory + FAUCI-GATE: EMAIL DUMP EXPOSES FAUCI AS A MASS MURDERER

UPDATE 28. May 2021: Revealed: Dr. Fauci Previously Argued For Risky Viral Experiments – Even if The Work Could Lead to a Deadly Pandemic + Stop Trusting The Experts!

UPDATE 19. May 2021: House Intel Republicans: “Under the Leadership of Dr. Anthony Fauci” US Likely Engaged in Dangerous Research in China, Covid-19 Escaped Wuhan Lab

PROLOGUE: There is a story making the rounds now, saying that Doccctor Faux Chi would retire within the coming three months. We say NO WAY! He must be indicted, removed from office and put on trial for crimes against humanity and actually for war crimes, not just for lying to the U.S. congress. The evidence that he is the king-pin in the illegal, outlawed and unlawful U.S. R&D of gain-of-function in very dangerous pathogens is there.


Dr. Fauci is Finally Unmasked

By Peter Barry Chowka - 17. May 2021

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the leader of the federal government’s politically based responses to Covid-19 since day one of the pandemic.  The director since 1984 of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, he now serves as President Biden’s leading advisor on the issue. Last year, Fauci repeatedly undercut President Trump when he was working for the 45th president. And now he’s all in for Joe Biden.

In recent years, people on the left who lie and break the law – from the streets to the suites – have rarely been held accountable. One of them, in the opinion of many, is Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Fauci is more responsible than anyone else for promoting lockdowns, mask mandates, and experimental vaccines rather than inexpensive, effective treatments for Covid-19.


UPDATE 09. June 2021: Smoking gun: Wuhan collaborator Peter Daszak admits to developing “killer” coronaviruses with communist Chinese

UPDATE 08. June 2021: WATCH: Explosive, Unearthed Video Shows Peter Daszak Describing ‘Chinese Colleagues’ Developing ‘Killer’ Coronaviruses.

UPDATE 04. June 2021: Dr. Fauci Attacked Trump for Lab Leak Theory Despite Not Having Access to the Intelligence

UPDATE 31. May 2021: Smoking gun: Communist China plans to fight WWIII with bioweapons

UPDATE 22. Mai 2021: China virus ‘smoking gun’ found

UPDATE 16. May 2021: U.S. Dem Committee Chair Calls For COVID Origins Investigation Considering ‘Every Hypothesis Available.’

UPDATE 15. May 2021: "The Canadian Connection" with Special Guest, David Hawkins, and host, Jason Goodman

PROLOGUE: UNfortunately the author, though he made a considerable effort to look at the question he investigated from all sides, failed to dig just a little bit deeper – especially into the findings of the WHO/UN report. But then, such would have made it impossible for him to write this rather diplomatic piece, though he comes to the same conclusion as others, who were more hard hitting in bringing out the truth. However, also this publication dismisses any possibility of a natural origin and with this that cheap escape route for those responsible should be closed now for good. The trap-doors must close now to nab the culprits of this bioterror.

Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan?

The spike proteins on the coronavirus’s surface determine which animal it can infect. CDC.gov

By Nicholas Wade - 30. April 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted lives the world over for more than a year. Its death toll will soon reach three million people. Yet the origin of pandemic remains uncertain: the political agendas of governments and scientists have generated thick clouds of obfuscation, which the mainstream press seems helpless to dispel.

In what follows I will sort through the available scientific facts, which hold many clues as to what happened, and provide readers with the evidence to make their own judgments. I will then try to assess the complex issue of blame, which starts with, but extends far beyond, the government of China.

By the end of this article, you may have learned a lot about the molecular biology of viruses. I will try to keep this process as painless as possible. But the science cannot be avoided because for now, and probably for a long time hence, it offers the only sure thread through the maze.

UPDATE 15. June 2021: Countries scrap mandatory mask-wearing

UPDATE 31. May 2021: California Cafe Charging Extra $5 for Wearing Masks: ‘Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes’

ICYMI:  BOMBSHELL: Disposable Blue Face Masks Found To Contain Toxic, Asbestos-Like Substance That Destroys Lungs + Study: Chemical That Decreases Fertility And Causes Penises To Shrink, Found In Face Masks + Twenty Reasons Mandatory Face Masks Are Unsafe, Ineffective, and Immoral + Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

Stanford study quietly published at NIH.gov proves face masks are absolutely worthless against Covid

The diapers most of us are wearing on our face most of the time apparently have no effect at stopping Covid-19. This explains a lot.

Stanford study quietly published at NIH.gov proves face masks are absolutely worthless against CovidBy JD Rucker - 17. April 2021

Did you hear about the peer-reviewed study done by Stanford University that demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt that face masks have absolutely zero chance of preventing the spread of Covid-19? No?

It was posted on the the National Center for Biological Information government website.

The NCBI is a branch of the National Institute for Health, so one would think such a study would be widely reported by mainstream media and embraced by the “science-loving” folks in Big Tech.