" The only enemy that humankind has ever had, is the devotion to ignorance ..."

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UNIQUE_PEOPLES - Defending natural rights of First and traditional Peoples - especially minorities).
Also various lists for specific First Nation Peoples e.g: https://www.batwa.org, https://www.ogiek.org , https://www.yiaku.org, https://www.madhibaan.org or https://www.khoisanpeoples.org
DIVERSE_LIFE - Protection of all species of wild fauna and flora
CLEAN_SKYnSPACE - Protection of the fragile atmosphere of Earth
NATURAL_FORESTS - Protection of the old-growth or other natural forests and it's peoples
DIVERSE_LANDS - Protection of terrestrial ecosystems
NATURAL_SEAS - Protection of the marine biosphere
NATURAL_WATERS - Protection of the aquatic ecosystems
NATURAL_GENES - Protection against genetically engineered organisms
NATURAL_HEALTH - Protection of human health
NATURAL_ENERGY - Protection of natural energy flows and wise production
NATURAL_DEFENCE - Protection of our values, our and our children's
heritage and future)
Though all our lists remain strictly confidential it can not be ruled
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party. We therefore go the extra mile and maintain the NATURAL_DEFENCE
and NATURAL_FREEDOM lists off the grid.
NATURAL_FREEDOM (Secondment to the uprisings of the real people around
the globe)
The lists of subscribers to the [NATURAL_DEFENCE] and [NATURAL_FREEDOM]
lists will for obvious reasons always be maintained off our or any other
server and are kept safely off any cloud.
NATURAL_SOLUTIONS - Best practices by out-of-the-box thinking problem solvers
BRIGHT_FUTURE - Visions and rack-maps for our common future
TRAVELnCARE - Protection of free voyage, safe travel and caring visit
SMCM - Somali Marine & Coastal Monitor (All on Piracy, illegal fishing
and dumping off the Horn of Africa- internal only - non-public list)
CPSU - COUNTER-PIRACY STATUS UPDATES (public part of the SMCM list -
fighting fish- and ship-piracy)
FSM - FULL_SCOPE_MEDIA (Free thinking, non-conforming investigative
reporting and media releases (hot news, investigative reporting,
features & press releases you hardly ever get from the mainstream media)
- English, German or French ListServ

FREE_MEDIA - Press Releases
WTN - WILD_TIMES_NEWS (- the hard-copy for people without internet
access - in English and in vernacular languages (postal address required)


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