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French people are standing up for their rights and speaking out for many others around the world who are sick at the injustice of capitalism. None more so than people of Western states who have had to endure decades of economic austerity while a tiny elite become ever more obscenely wealthy.

In addition to the irrational malign distribution of wealth that capitalism bestows, Western states — that is, the oligarch-serving politicians — spend and waste inordinate financial resources on militarism and waging criminal wars.

For the fourth weekend in a row, the French public have taken to the streets of Paris and other major cities to demand economic justice.
They also want President Emmanuel Macron to resign. Macron has so far kept his usual aloof silence on the protests, leaving it up to his prime minister Edouard Philippe to placate the angry nation.

Bringing the country to almost a standstill by blocking transport links and fuel supply, the French have demonstrated "people power" and what can be achieved when we organize for our rights.

Macron's government has caved in to scrap plans for tax hikes on the transport fuel. Those proposed price hikes is what triggered ordinary people's fury, donning the now symbolic "yellow vests" that all drivers in France are obliged to carry in vehicles for safety reasons.

The French public say the new taxes would hit their livelihoods.

Yellow Vests rallies sweep across France and abroad (PHOTO,VIDEO)

Color of outrage: Yellow Vests rallies sweep across France and abroad (PHOTO,VIDEO)
France has been gripped by rallies as Yellow Vests demand new concessions from the government. Hundreds of protesters, including the movement’s leader, were detained during the demonstrations.

Yellow Vest protests have hit the country for the 4th consecutive weekend. Protests in the capital this Saturday resulted in clashes between demonstrators and police, with officers resorting to tear gas. Hundreds were detained and taken into custody in the capital.


MUST WATCH: Assange appeals court-ordered 'house rules (it is truly the one and only!)

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"The suggestion that as long as the death penalty is off the table, Mr. Assange need not fear persecution is obviously wrong," Assange's lawyer, Barry Pollack, told the Telegraph while commenting on the deal with the UK announced by the Ecuador President Lenin Moreno on Thursday.

The agreement envisages certain safeguards for Assange that he won't face the death penalty if he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy in London, which has sheltered the famous fugitive since 2012.

Moreno said that Ecuador had received written assurances from the UK that Assange will not be extradited to any country where he might be put to death. Moreno, who has repeatedly indicated that he would like to get rid of Assange, whom he called "more than a nuisance," said the deal struck with the UK is "a path" for Assange to "exit into near freedom."

Moreno however, did not elaborate on how "near" that freedom would be, considering Assange is still sought in the UK on bail violation charges dating back to 2012. The UK authorities reportedly told Ecuador that the maximum sentence for the minor offence will not exceed six months.

Being spared from capital punishment does not mean that Assange is safe from getting extradited and going on trial in the US for releasing troves of US diplomatic cables – something Pollack is not OK with.

"No one should have to face criminal charges for publishing truthful information," the lawyer told the Telegraph.

Ambazonia opted for independence

“I am not Cameroonian, I am an Ambazonian,” these were the words of separatist leaders who appeared before a military tribunal in Cameroon on Thursday.

When asked of their nationalities, Julius Sisuku Ayuk Tabe along with nine others said they belonged to the so-called Ambazonia republic and not Cameroon.

They are standing trial on charges of terrorism, secession, civil war etc. The case has since been adjourned to January 10, 2019 after the defense team argued that the state had submitted a list of witnesses too late to the hearing.

Ayuk Tabe and over forty others were arrested in Nigeria and handed over to the Cameroonian government since January 2018. Their lawyer confirmed last week that the charges could carry the death sentence if they are found guilty.

They had been kept incommunicado for months before they were finally arraigned before a military tribunal. Minister of Information, Issa Tchiroma Bakary is on record to have said they were being well catered for whiles in detention.

MbS - Mohamed bin Salman / Insert: Jamal Khashoggi

(vf) 'Crazy' crown prince is 'complicit' in Jamal Khashoggi killing, said Republican US senator Lindsey Graham after the director of the CIA Gina Haspel updated senators about the case behind closed doors, where Mohamed bin Salman was portrayed as a criminal and liar as crazy, dangerous, a wrecking ball, and "complicit in the murder to the highest level possible" of journalist Jamal Khashoggi after he entered Saudi Arabia's consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul on 2nd October to process marriage papers.

Senator Bob Menendez, the top Democrat on the senate foreign relations committee who had already earlier called for a strong US reaction to Mr Khashoggi's death and supports legislation to end all US support for the Saudi coalition embroiled in the Yemen war, said: "The views that I had before have only solidified."

The spy agency has evidence he exchanged messages with Saud al-Qahtani, who allegedly oversaw the Saudi reporter's murder.

At a news conference in Riyadh on Thursday, Deputy Public Prosecutor Shalaan bin Rajih Shalaan said Khashoggi was given a lethal injection and his body was dismembered inside the consulate after his death.

The body parts were then handed over to a local "collaborator" outside the grounds, he added.

Italy Fires Pro-Vaccine Health Board; Paves Way To Ban ‘Dangerous Vaccines’

Health Minister Julia Grillo

Italy’s new health minister has sacked the entire board of the Higher Health Council, the country’s most important committee of medical-scientific experts who advise the government on health policy, in order to lay the groundwork to ban “dangerous vaccines”.

In a move on Monday night that shocked Italian scientists, Giulia Grillo, from the Five Star Movement – a vaccine-sceptic party that has received widespread support from Italians fed up with the previous government’s brutal mandatory vaccination schedule – said it was “time to give space to the new”.

Tropical forest conservation in the Bolsonaro era

Why is this important to know for Nature and Human Rights Defenders

             Wildlife protection abused for Global Governance

(vf) Well funded USA-based groups involved in so-called 'conservation' have since long been on the forefront of forest or wildlife area management - especially in Africa, Asia and South America. Question was always: Where do their funds come from?

At least since the days of the late gorilla-researcher Dian Fossey, who reportedly worked for the CIA in Rwanda but fell apart and was consequently 'murdered' among 'her' gorillas, it has become clear that also this sector had been and is infiltrated by planted 'experts' with different motifs and an ulterior agenda.

While the cover-up story for Dian was financed boldly to produce books and Hollywood films, earlier a German genuine Gorilla protector died in the Magahinga forest reserve in Uganda. Klaus Sucker had likewise vowed to protect the near extinct mountain gorillas of the Virunga Range on the Ugandan side, but unfortunately became witness to the US-backed arms transports across the mountains into Rwanda before the Genocide. The almost 2m tall man was found hanging from a low window handle. The assassination case has not been brought to a close until today.

by Thierry Meyssan

For Thierry Meyssan, by taking to the streets, the French have become the first Western population to take personal risks to oppose financial globalisation. Although they do not realise it, and still imagine that their problems are exclusively national, their enemy is the same force that crushed the region of the African Great Lakes and a part of the Greater Middle East. In order to understand the project which inextricably unites these apparently disparate events, we have to take a step back.

The cause of Western recession

International relations experienced a profound change with the paralysis of the Soviet Union in 1986, when the State was unable to control the civilian nuclear incident in Tchernobyl [1], then with the revocation of the Warsaw Pact in 1989, when the East German Communist Party [2] destroyed the Berlin Wall, and finally, with the dissolution of the USSR in 1991.

At that time, the President of the United States, George Bush Sr., decided to demobilise one million soldiers and devote the efforts of his country to its own prosperity. He wanted to transform US hegemony within its zone of influence, and expand it into that of the leader of the world, the guarantor of world stability. With that, he laid the foundations for a « New World Order », first of all in the speech he gave side by side with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, at the Aspen Institute (2 August 1990), then during his speech to Congress (11 September 1990), announcing operation « Desert Storm » [3].

The world of the après-Soviet Union is one of free circulation, not only of merchandise, but also world capital, under the unique control of the United States. In other words, the passage from capitalism to financialisation – not the triumphant culmination of free exchange, but an exacerbated form of colonial exploitation of the whole world, including the West. Within the space of a quarter of a century, the major US fortunes have multiplied many times, and the global wealth of the world has increased considerably.

‘They are undesirable & they must feel it’

Lindholm Island - Denmark - © Google Maps
Denmark will send rejected asylum seekers to live on a remote island. Located in the freezing Baltic Sea, the island is currently home to animal research laboratories and crematoria.

"If you are unwanted in Danish society, you should not be a nuisance to ordinary Danes,” immigration minister Inger Støjberg wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. “They are undesirable in Denmark and they must feel it!”

The island, Lindholm, sits in an inlet of the Baltic Sea, about two miles from the nearest shore. Around 100 rejected asylum seekers and criminal immigrants will be sent to live there, and will be required to check in daily with authorities there, or face jail. Ferry service to the island is infrequent, and one of the boats serving the island is reportedly named the ‘Virus’, a reference to the contagious animal disease research center currently occupying the island.

The plan was agreed upon by Denmark’s ruling centrist Venstre party, and the more right-wing Danish People’s Party, as part of annual budget negotiations.

While Venstre may have been looking for votes to secure its budget plan, the People’s Party is looking to take the hardest line on immigration.



CIA - licence to kill ?

Given that we have all [in the USA] been born and raised under a regime that has the CIA, hardly anyone questions the power of the CIA to assassinate people. The CIA’s power of assassination has become a deeply established part of American life.

Yet, the Constitution, which called the federal government into existence and established its powers, does not authorize the federal government to assassinate people.

If the proponents of the Constitution had told the American people that the Constitution was bringing into existence a government that wielded the power to assassinate people, there is no way that Americans would have approved the deal, in which case they would have continued operating under the Articles of Confederation.

Under the Articles, the powers of the federal government were so weak, it didn’t even have the power to tax, much less the power to assassinate people. That’s because our American ancestors wanted it that way. The last thing they wanted was a federal government with vast powers.

In fact, the purpose of the Constitutional Convention was simply to amend the Articles of Confederation. During the 13 years of operating under the Articles, problems had arisen, such as trade wars between the states. The convention was intended to fix those problems with amendments to the Articles.

UPDATE: The Chinese scientist vanished after announcing his success editing human genes to create a child immune to HIV. Reports have emerged now that he is held under guard.

Chinese scientist He Jiankui
The genetically-modified Chinese twins born resistant to HIV last year may also have mental ‘superpowers’ their creator has kept quiet – a cognitive superiority that could kick off a genetic arms race, according to new research.

Lulu and Nana, the genetically-modified Chinese twins reportedly born HIV-resistant courtesy of the CRISPR gene editing tool, may also have been born with markedly superior mental abilities linked to the same gene edit. New research has confirmed that deleting the CCR5 gene – the same modification performed on the girls’ DNA – significantly improves cognition, learning, and memory in mice and men.

N.B.: What the media call the 'first gene edited babies' might only be news for the wider public and a renewed attempt to gain wider acceptance of the vice.

In reality genetic experiments on humans reaches far back and in modern times was started by the British Empire and the Anglo-Saxon "Social-Darwinists" around Darwin's nephew Francis Galton, who created the origin of "scientific racism" pushed then by 'Darwin's bulldog' Thomas Henry Huxley and later his grandson Sir Julian Huxley, the first director of UNESCO. Briton Henry Laing Gordon formed the core of the colonial eugenic movement.

The British eugenicists then founded also the core of the eugenicists in California. The USAmerican eugenicists under Samuel Morton in turn then hooked Austrian Adolf Hitler née Schicklgruber, who allegedly carried genes from the Rothschild family, and he - after rising to power in Nazi-Germany - gave free hand to infamous Dr. Mengele.

After WWII these "scientists" - many were evacuated by Operation Paperclip to the USA - just continued and especially many blond and blue-eyed twins are living testimony ranging from over 60 years olds to those born in 2018. While the "improved" human procreation experiments had spread to almost all countries worldwide, with all the side-businesses like artificial insemination, surrogate mothers etc., the wide availability of computer-aided trials (already Microsoft founder Bill Gates' father was a a strong eugenicists) and gene-editing methodology with tools like CISPR led to a new hype, even in backdoor and undercover experiments, whose results can be found well guarded and further studied in elitist schools especially in Commonwealth countries and the U.S.A.

Reports of the world's first genetically modified babies being born in China have been branded "monstrous" and "shocking" in typical hypocrite fashion by British scientists.

Designer baby steps: World’s first ‘gene-edited’ children born in China

Inventor of the Web Prepares to Launch Web 3.0, Predicts Privacy Revolution

By  25 November 2018

Sir Tim-Berners-Lee

The inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee (shown), believes that “the web has evolved into an engine of inequity and division; swayed by powerful forces who use it for their own agendas.” To correct that and “restore the power and agency of individuals on the web,” Berners-Lee is preparing to re-invent the web.

Due to the growing prevalence of the twin evils of data-mining and data-manipulation, the web — created to be a free and open platform — has instead become a place where users find themselves robbed of both their privacy and easy access to reliable information on which they could base sound decisions. Take as just one example, the Cambridge Analytica breach of Facebook last year. By the time the dust settled and the smoke cleared, at least 50 million (and possibly as many as 87 million) users had their data harvested and used to manipulate their (and their friends’) votes in the 2016 presidential election.

By Janet Phelan

    Human suffering worldwide / Image credit: A. Freda Art

A proliferation of human rights agencies now litter the political landscape. While these organizations and agencies profess to honor and protect human rights at large, a scrutiny of the activity of these international organizations indicates that they are highly tilted towards protecting and buttressing the agenda of the US, both at home and abroad.

I was recently asked to address a human rights conference in Atlanta, Georgia on the topic of what obstacles are encountered when one attempts to engage international human rights organizations. The idea of an American doing so is strange to many. Does not the US have its own mechanisms for dealing with human rights abuses?


On paper, indeed this is so. However, in practice we have found ourselves in a human rights crisis in the US that is of a considerable magnitude. The fact that the mainstream media veers away from reporting on this US human rights crisis does not in any way diminish its reality. As a result of this crisis, US citizens are having their most fundamental rights violated, and in many cases, losing not only their freedom, not only their property, but in many cases, losing their lives. Our press remains largely silent, averting its collective gaze.

Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange speaks from the Ecuador Embassy after Sweden's director of public prosecutions. Vianney Le Caer/REX Shutterstock
By - Contributing Editor -

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has been inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London since the summer of 2012, is back in the news. Last week, word of a sealed federal indictment involving him leaked out.

The news came out in a strange way, via an unrelated case in Virginia. In arguing to seal a federal child endangerment charge (against someone with no connection to Wikileaks), the government, ironically, mentioned Assange as an example of why sealing is the only surefire way to keep an indictment under wraps.

“Due to the sophistication of the defendant and the publicity surrounding the case,” prosecutors wrote, “no other procedure is likely to keep confidential the fact that Assange has been charged.”

Assange’s lawyer Barry Pollack told Rolling Stone he had “not been informed that Mr. Assange has been charged, or the nature of any charges.”

Trump Signs Bill to Further Protect Critical Infrastructure,

Including Pandemic Delivery System

Where "Protection" and "Security" means Oppression and Tyranny

It’s a sad day when protection equals assault, and when events such as the President signing H.R. 3359, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act of 2017, is heralded as protecting the nation when in fact this legislation further protects a system which will devastate the nation.

It has been a long standing modus operandi of the United States to disguise its most dangerous projects as protection. Following the events of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent anthrax attacks, the US Congress rushed to pass a massive piece of legislation which ended up putting us in exquisite danger. Embedded in the USA Patriot Act was Section 817, the Expansion of the Biological Weapons Statute, which gave the US government immunity from violating its own biological weapons laws.