Reports of airstrike in West Oromia

OLF/A commander Wstern Oromiya Jaal Marro a.k.a. Kumsa Diriba.

By Lammii Beenyaa (*) - 16. January 16, 2019

Sources told me that Jaal Marroo, the Western Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) commander was targeted in the weekends by airstrike around Gidaami town of Qellem Wollega zone, Oromia.

Prior to the airstrike, on Sunday morning, a general from Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) called Jaal Marro (a.k.a Kumsa Diriba) via his cell phone and gave him two options: either to surrender peacefully or being killed.

Marro rejected the General’s demand. While they exchanged words, Marro’s area was tracked through GPS electronic tracker on the phone with a system implemented in Ethiopia by the current president during his former times working in the Ethiopian intelligence service. Sinc its implementation the system led to death or detention of thousands of Oromo freedom fighters.

Jal Marro and his aide de camp

Five minutes later, two helicopters flying above the forest started dropping bombs on the mountain. The bombings were the first ever seen in the area since the Dergue, probably after 28 years.

Hours after the attack, Addis Standard reported the airstrike citing its confidential source within the ENDF. General Mohammed Tessema of ENDF declined to comment about the strike when Addis Standard asked him.

Jawar Mohammed wrote on his facebook page about the airstrike saying that youths who were in the camps were become the victims. I later confirmed there was no camp hit by the bombings and even there was no training camps in that area.

VOA Afaan Oromoo interviewed local people from the affected area about the attack, on Monday. Addisu Qalbeessa from Gidami confirmed about the airstrike and he further told Naakor that infrastructure was damaged by the bombing.

Bloomberg reported, on Tuesday, about the airstrike interviewing the local peoples from Gidami. The locals confirmed about the bombings and told Bloomberg that people fleeing to the forest. But the spokesperson to Oromia government dismissed the claims as “propaganda.”

My assessment: The airstrike in Qellem Wollega, near Gidami town, was more than true. Military generals were reluctant to speak to the media and the local administrators didn’t proved or dismissed with adequate arguments or evidences. I recommend our mainstream medias to send journalists to prove or disprove the claims. Otherwise the politics of denial and propaganda will continue confusing our people.

As for me, let alone sending military helicopter to conduct airstrike, firing a single bullet at this time do not help. It will not benefit both our people and our struggle. Only political dialogue between OLF and the government will help insure sustainable peace and stability.

* edited for clarity and typo correction



Carla Ortiz: We Have Been Lied To About Syria

Carla Ortiz Oporto in Zamalka, Syria. Image credit: Carla Ortiz

Interview by Ahmad Noroozi - AHT - January 16 ,2019

Ahmad Noroozi: Why do you regard Syrians as your family?

Carla Ortiz: When you see a person for the first time in your life, and that person is willing to risk their lives to protect yours, it is how you get to discover what real love means. A family is built in trust and unconditional love! And I have experienced this love from a land worker, a soldier, a businessman, a child and every mother I have crossed paths with!

After spending that last three years on and off on the ground and living the war on my skin with them, it made them my family. I LOVE THEM with all my heart. 

Are you planning to make another documentary on Syria other than "The voice of Syria"?

Yes, there are a lot of projects. I would love to make many more things, including fiction films.

You’ve been to Aleppo during the war; what can you tell us about the disinformation campaign against the Assad government during those days?

Why does information privacy matter, again?

Information privacy matters - also for your personal safety.

By Larry Sanger - 14. January 2019

It’s not just because you are a criminal and the coppers might catch you. Or because you really, really hate big corporations who just want to sell you stuff more easily. Or because you’re paranoid.

If that’s as far as your thinking goes, when people start talking about “privacy” on the Internet, you really need to bone up on the subject.

You probably already knew that you don’t have to be criminal, paranoid, or anti-capitalist to be very jealous of your Internet privacy rights. After all, plenty of law-abiding, merely sensibly cautious, capitalism-loving people are freaking out about the way FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) companies, and many more, are creepily tracking their every move. Then those same corporations are selling the information and making it available to governments (or, at least, not going out of their way to stop governments from getting it).

Are people right to freak out about these privacy violations?

[We are] a young species growing up

Humanitas turns Green - finally

By Daniel Christian Wahl - 13. January 2018

A new cultural narrative is emerging — one that unites humanity in our interdependence with the wider community of life. This new and ancient story of interbeing with life and as life is driving people and communities around the world to create diverse, locally adapted, thriving cultures in global collaboration. Regenerative cultural patterns are beginning to emerge as an “expression of life in the process of transforming itself”. Václav Havel saw the need for such a societal transformation when he wrote in The Power of the Powerless:

Oil, climate change, and Patricia Espinosa’s short memory

From left to right: Erna Solberg, Norway’s prime minister; Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC; and Eldar Sætre, CEO of Equinor at Equinor’s Autumn Conference in Oslo - Norway
By Chris Lang - REDDMonitor - 11. January 2018

Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, was in Wiemar, Germany this week. In her first speech since COP 24, she said that the UN climate meeting in Katowice reached an “extremely successful outcome”. Of course Espinosa doesn’t mean that the meeting was successful in addressing climate change. She just means that it was successful in continuing the never-ending farce of the UN climate negotiations.

Fossil fuels are not mentioned in the Paris Agreement. Keeping fossil fuels in the ground was not on the agenda in Katowice. As a result, any chance of the talks reaching any meaningful decisions about addressing climate change was close to zero.

Espinosa was invited to Weimar as guest lecturer to speak on the topic, “Diplomacy and Participation: Towards Sustainable Solutions in Climate Policy”.

Sardinella loot for Chinese fish-meal factory in The Gambia

These picture was taken yesterday 10th of February 2019 in Tanji, The Gambia. Mountains of Bonga fish (Sardinella) are waiting next to the road to be transported and processed by the Chinese owned Golden Lead Factory in Gunjur.

Since three years, this is happening on a huge scale while the average Gambian goes to bed hungry every night.

It’s the sad truth of the ‘New Gambia’. The Minister of Fisheries and the fishmeal factories claim they are creating jobs and this should be seen as development.

The hard truth however is that none of these factories are offering a lot of jobs. The working conditions for Gambians are below any standards.

No protective clothing is offered to the Gambian workers while the Chinese employers that are working in the same workfloor are wearing protective clothing.

Fertilizer Runoff is a Boon to Mosquito Growth

A new study shows that fertilizer present in water where mosquitoes such as Anopheles gambiae breed can boost growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi, which mosquito larvae feed on, resulting in accelerated larval development and greater survival rates to adulthood. (Photo credit: James Gathany, CDC Public Health Image Library)

- 10. 

As mosquitoes seek standing water to lay their eggs, many are attracted to water rife with plant matter, which serves as a food source for larvae as they develop. Examples of such locations range from backyard flowerpots to flooded rice paddies. But what happens when humans apply a fertilizer that runs off into the mosquitoes’ breeding sites?

A new study published in December in the Journal of Medical Entomology shows the mosquitoes of at least two species develop both faster and in greater numbers when plant matter and fertilizer are combined in the water where the mosquito larvae grow.

Frédéric Darriet, a researcher at France’s Institute of Research for Development (MIVEGEC), tested the larval growth rate and adult emergence of Aedes aegypti and Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes in laboratory breeding settings containing varying levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium fertilizer and plant matter. Across the tests, 1.7 to 3 times as many mosquito larvae developed to adulthood in settings with both plant matter and fertilizer compared to those in water with plant matter alone, and the mosquitoes’ development rate was two to four times as fast on the combo, as well.

Indigenous Anti-Pipeline Protest - Image Credit: Toronto Star

- from covering indigenous pipeline protest

“The provincial and federal governments must revoke the permits for this pipeline project until the standards of free, prior and informed consent are met."

By Andrew Emett - NationofChange

While arresting indigenous pipeline protesters in northern British Columbia, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) recently began prohibiting reporters from covering the demonstrations. In response, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) released a statement demanding that Canadian law enforcement cease restricting access to reporters covering the pipeline protest.

On Sunday, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs issued a statement saying all five Wet’suwet’en clans, including the Gidimt’en, oppose the construction of oil and gas pipelines in their territory.

“The provincial and federal governments must revoke the permits for this project until the standards of free, prior and informed consent are met,” Phillip said in the news release.

‘Officials' worst nightmare’: Yellow Vests trigger bank run with financial protest

Yellow Vest protesters are hoping to trigger a bank run with a nationwide coordinated cash withdrawal. By threatening the French financial system, protesters say, they want to peacefully force the government to pass their reforms.

If the banks weaken, the state weakens immediately,” said Yellow Vest “sympathizer” Tahz San on Facebook. “It’s elected officials' worst nightmare.”

Protesters plan to empty their bank accounts on Saturday, withdrawing as much money as possible in a bid to undermine the French banks – if not the euro itself. The plan is to “scare the state legally and without violence,” forcing the government to adopt the movement’s Citizens’ Referendum Initiative, which would allow citizens to propose and vote on new laws.  

China Gains Farming Rights Over Five African Countries

Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia are target countries for outsourcing Chinese farming interests and grabbing land rights in Africa. Kagame - Rwanda (left), with China's foreign minister and Uhuru Kenyatta - Kenya, Museveni - Uganda, with Abiye - Ethiopia - missing in this picture. Others which are already under the Chinese spell are Malawi and Zambia.

While massive Chinese overfishing is already a serious threat to food security in Africa, the Chinese government seduced five African countries to take another huge loan. In trade for that, China will gain its farming rights. All in the name of food security.

To increase food security in Africa a 500 million dollar loan (not a grant) will be given to the African nations. In trade for that, China's EXIM Bank gains all farming rights.

This is another debt trap and this loan, which African countries need to develop, will not benefit the development of countries' own farming sectors or to protect African food security.

Tough anti-corruption conditions of Western lenders have angered and driven African nations into the choking arms of the Chinese.

Cicil society groups in East Africa have now stood up and demand that their "leaders" who take such shark-loans must secure them personally and not using the people's agricultural land - often held by the government only in "trust" - as collateral.


Updated: 17. January 2019 - Unist’ot’en: Unceded. Undefeated. FORCE IS NOT CONSENT.

14. January 2019 - also see below : THIS IS NOT OVER (click Read more ...)

Gidimt’en Checkpoint Breached by Armed RCMP and Canadian Military, Communications Cut, Invaders Moving Illegally into Unist’ot’en Territory - WORLD ALERT

N.B.: Meanwhile the Immigration Minister of Canada Ahmed Hussen, an immigrant from Somalia, announced on 11. January 2018 that Canada will take in 1 million new migrants over the next three years. The province of Quebec already resisted against further migrant influx, and the hidden agenda to flood provinces, that have strong First Nations and a large Indigenous population of traditional Native People, with new "Canadians" for political gains appears to be now obvious. Every time Native Nations in North America succeed to resist the ongoing genocide and ecocide, new ways are found to continue the onslaught. Remember what the great Lakota Leader Russel Means stated (click for video testimony) and know that what he testified to the U.S. Senate Special Commitee on Investigations is still the agenda of the Takers all over Turtle Island and especially in Kanata (Iroquoi language), where TPTB of the British Corwn's 'Canada' as the occupiers of Native Kanata lands still insist on "Assimilation Programmes", though officially the Native American Boarding School Horror had to finally be abandoned in 1968 due to international pressure. Strategic Incapacitation of Indigenous Dissent, however, is still rampant - though Premier Trudeau promised otherwise. Broken promises are - with very rare exemptions - the standard approach of people hailing from the colonial states of Europe and are the sad experience and conclusion throughout the history of the genocide against Native Americans.

Heavily armed assault on Unist'ot'en sovereignty - in violation of UNDRIP, Canadian state and provincial laws and most importantly the laws of the Unist'ot'en People


January 8, 2019, 2:51am UTC (late afternoon on 07th local time): There are confirmed reports that RCMP have breached the checkpoint at Gidumt’en, Wet’suwet’en Access Point on Gidumt’en Territory. The RCMP are armed and moving in. Military also present. Gidumt’en cell service, wifi, and communication has been jammed and cut off by police.

January 8, 2019, at approximately 2:51am UTC: RCMP and military forcefully breached a peaceful checkpoint on unceded Wet’suwet’en territory. Indigenous people were ripped from their homes by militarized police. There were at least 12 confirmed arrests, including an elder, and Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs were blocked from their own territories.  Gidumt’en Clan spokesperson Molly Wickham was arrested on her land. She, along with other arrestees, will not be released. They are being brought to Prince George to stand before a Justice of the Peace. 

Arrest-count according to eye witnesses stands at 14 people.

A weekend is not a good time to seek help from the UN, should have been known to #RahafAlQanun

Ms. Rahaf Mohammed Mutlaq al-Qunun

- updated 12. January 2018

vf - 07. January 2019 - The hashtag #SaveRahaf triggered a twitter-storm and subsequently made world headlines

Luckily and thanks to international support the adventure will end well for Ms. Rahaf. However, a second look at the whole story is warranted to see the roles of the different players and their actions more clearly - in order to grasp the full picture of the case, which then might make it also easier for others to escape and to avoid the numerous traps set up by governments and agencies in a globalizing world..

The Escape

Ms. Rahaf Mohammed Mutlaq Alqunun (she and UNHCR write her family name as al-Qunun), an 18 year-old teenager from the town of Hail in northwestern Saudi Arabia, had at first traveled with her family to Kuwait on a holiday trip and therefore had her passport with her.


Canada's PM Justin Trudeau has been found out to be just a clever political pretender, who speaks softly while the boots of his colonial toops and corporate greed just march on over the Indigenous People. THIS MUST STOP


DATE: Jan. 7, 2019


THIS CEASE AND DESIST NOTICE IS SERVED ON: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; David Eby, Attorney General of BC; Michelle Mungall, BC Minister of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources; George Heyman, BC Minister of Environment & Climate Change; Scott Fraser, Minister of Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation; Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada; Royal Canadian Mounted Police, BC [E Division]; Carolyn Bennett, Minister Aboriginal Affairs Canada; Queen Elizabeth; Governor General, Coastal GasLink Pipeline, TransCanada Pipeline; Northern Gateway Pipeline; Fatou Bensouda,chief prosecutor International Criminal Court The Hague. 


What Does the Future Hold for a Growing Mixed-Blood Native Population?

Bloodquantum Register - Image Courtesy of Ryan Young (Ojibwe)

We can’t erase the lasting effects of federal policy, but we can make a conscious choice to redefine our identity as Native People.

Native scholars have asserted that as “American Indian” people, we occupy a liminal status in the United States, neither fully part of the status quo or apart from it, due to our 'tribal' “sovereignty” or government-to-government relationship with the feds. Additionally, as “American Indians” we are held to a system of federal enumeration, often on the basis of blood quantum for membership into a "tribe".  If we meet the respective benchmarks of our "tribe"’s enrollment criteria, we are granted the “esteemed” Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) or "tribal" enrollment card along with a census number. We are the only segment of the American population that requires proof that we are ethnically who we say we are. 

London, Washington & Paris on brink of collapse

The FUKUS are failing - © Global Look Press / Christoph Meyer/Dpa; © Reuters/Kevin Lamarque; © Reuters/Christian Hartmann

By George Galloway (*) -  6. January 2019

Despite the thrashing around of the NATO disinformation apparat, the imperial heartland has entered 2019 in a state of complete chaos.

Washington, London, and Paris – the three capitals of the Empire – are today effectively ungoverned, shutdown, tottering on the brink of collapse or under siege by their own people.

Their self-chosen Nemeses – Moscow and Beijing – meanwhile toast the New Year in a state of considerable optimism and self-confidence. These are the facts, this is the news.

We should start at the top of the Empire. The United States government has closed down amid stasis and a barrage of inter-governmental howitzers.

The defense secretary, 'Mad Dog' Mattis, has resigned as have other uniformed subalterns angry at the president's re-found determination to withdraw from costly and losing foreign wars. The actual "mad dog" – John Bolton – openly defies President Trump over Syria, Mueller closes in, and the new Democratic majority in the House gears up to "impeach the mother***er."

UN Staff Member says 5G Is War on Humanity

Massive EMR bombardment

The first eight months of WWII with no fighting was called The Phoney War. Using millimetre waves as a fifth-generation or 5G wireless communications technology is a phoney war of another kind.

This phoney war is also silent, but this time shots are being fired – in the form of laser-like beams of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from banks of thousands of tiny antennas[1] – and almost no one in the firing line knows that they are being silently, seriously and irreparably injured.

In the first instance, 5G is likely to make people electro-hypersensitive (EHS).[2]Perhaps it was sitting in front of two big computer screens for many of the 18 years I worked at the UN that made me EHS. When the UN Office at Vienna installed powerful WiFi and cellphone access points – designed to serve large, public areas – in narrow, metal-walled corridors throughout the Vienna International Centre in December 2015, I was ill continuously for seven months.

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