Outdoor air pollution is responsible for 3.4 million early deaths each year

What is more deadly? The air we breathe or the virus we catch?

By VF/ET - 07.March 2020

In China every year around 10% of the untimely deaths are caused by outdoor air pollution - the official figure for 2017 in China is 1.03 million deaths due to outside pollution.

To maintain the coronavirus-hype, however, officials try now desperately to up the numbers for this flu event and today around 107,490 cases worldwide with 60,914 patients having recovered and around 3,652 death are reported as total since 31. December 2019, when the Orwellian exercise was started. This despite the fact that proper test-kits are lacking everywhere and even where they are available notallasesare tested properly.

The Chinese coronavirus outbreak must also be seen as far less deadly than e.g. 'normal' influenza, where e.g. in the United States a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report states that 19 million people were infected and at least 10,000 died of the common flu virus in the USA in 2019 and the first part of 2020. 

COVID-19 distribution - RightClick/View to enlarge

UPDATE 11. March 2020: WHO officially designates coronavirus a global pandemic. During a media briefing Wednesday, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the WHO, said there are now more than 118,000 cases of COVID-19 in 114 countries, with 4,291 deaths. "All countries can still change the course of this pandemic," Tedros said. "If countries detect, test, treat, isolate, trace and mobilize their people in the response." Dr. Mike Ryan, WHO’s executive director of emergency operations, warned that inaction could cause health systems to become overwhelmed. COVID-19 is the first coronavirus to be labeled a pandemic, Tedros said, but added that the health agency believes that it will also be the first to be contained based on the success seen in several countries. The Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust medical charity are each contributing up to US$50 million, and the Mastercard Impact Fund has committed up to US$25 million for initial projects on COVID-19 treatments.

Coronavirus: Remember the “Fake” 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide Public Health Emergency

Love in the times of COVID

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky - 06. March 2020 (with references to 25 August 2009)

Author’s Introduction

On January 30th 202o, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) in relation to China’s novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) categorized as viral pneumonia. According to reports, the virus outbreak was centered in the city of Wuhan, a city in Eastern China with a population in excess of 11 million.

In the week prior to the January 30th decision, the WHO Emergency Committee “expressed divergent views”. There were visible divisions within the Committee. On January 30th, a far-reaching decision was taken in an irresponsible fashion without the support of expert opinion at a time when the coronavirus outbreak was limited to Mainland China.

At its first meeting, the Committee expressed divergent views on whether this event constitutes a PHEIC or not

Coronavirus and Climate Change

Coronavirus precautions in Iran

Coronavirus has cut emissions faster than years of climate negotiations. Does the outbreak reveal what life might be like if we were to act seriously on climate change? Or what it might be like if we don't?

Coronavirus has cut emissions faster than years of climate negotiations. Does the outbreak reveal what life might be like if we were to act seriously on climate change? Or what it might be like if we don't?

China, the world's biggest greenhouse gas polluter, has no plans to cut its emissions anytime soon. Under its Paris Agreement pledges, Beijing has promised to hit peak emissions  by 2030. So for the next decade, they're only going to go up.

UPDATE 14. March 2020: China Sustains Official Statement of US Involvement Re COVID-19 Outbreak

Was It the U.S.A., Israel or China Itself?

Corona Virus Graphic © Photo: Pixabay

By Philip Giraldi - 05. March 2020

The most commonly reported mainstream media account of the creation of the Coronavirus suggests that it was derived from an animal borne microorganism found in a wild bat that was consumed by an ethnic Chinese resident of Wuhan.

But there appears to be some evidence to dispute that in that adjacent provinces in China, where wild bats are more numerous, have not experienced major outbreaks of the disease.

Because of that and other factors, there has also been considerable speculation that the Coronavirus did not occur naturally through mutation but rather was produced in a laboratory, possibly as a biological warfare agent.

CALIFORNIA, USA Migratory snow geese from above in California. Aerial image photographed from a plane. © Jassen Todorov /TNC Photo Contest 2019

By TNC - 05. March 2020

Earth is vast—but it is also finite. As human development has expanded to meet the needs of a growing population, far too much of nature has been lost or degraded. This degradation is a major driver of climate change as well as species loss—and both crises pose serious threats to people.

Scientists are talking of deadly tipping points, and recent images of blazing fires, wounded wildlife and urgent evacuations in Australia hammer home that the delicate balance of nature can be tipped out of control within a relatively short time frame. We urgently need to reset and reverse these trends—but doing so will require broad collaboration and investment. This job is too big for environmentalists alone.

Tropical Forests Are Losing Their Ability to Absorb Carbon, Study Finds

Aerial view of treetops in the Amazon rainforest. Ricardo Lima / Moment / Getty Images

By Jordan Davidson - 05. March 2020

The world's tropical forests are rapidly losing their ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere, worrying scientists that a major carbon dump will transform them into a carbon source, according to research published Wednesday.

The study, which was published in the journal Nature, found that in 15 years the Amazon could turn into a carbon source, due to wildfires, deforestation, and the excess greenhouse gasses pumped into the atmosphere, as The Guardian reported.

An international consortium of European and African scientists led by researchers from the University of Leeds studied more than 300,000 trees over the course of 30 years in the Amazon and the African tropics.

Venezuela Responds with Principled Conviction to the USA’s Desperate Attempts at Regime Change

By Nino Pagliccia - 04. March 2020

The continued effort to overthrow President Maduro does not seem to produce the intended results for the perpetrators, but rather sends signals of desperation. The regime change plotters may be wishing to achieve what they did in Bolivia. But that is not likely to happen anytime soon. That must cause some political frustration in Washington and of course more resistance in Caracas.

We can summarise the main tenets of U.S. foreign policy for regime change as to reject any progressive sovereign and independent government that challenges the capitalist and imperialist ideology of the US, by simply labelling it as a threat to its national security, in order to secure, gain control and exploit the rich natural resources of that country on behalf of U.S. corporations no matter where they are.

UPDATE 05. March 2020: - See latest figures underneath.

China, 5G, And The Wuhan Coronavirus

COVID-19 is a key to Medical Martial Law and Orwellian Games worldwide.


Could there be a link between the Coronavirus and 5G?

Researcher and building biologist Paul Doyon has just spent the last 18 months in China. He’s written a brilliant article laying out the evidence. And how you can protect yourself—an EMF based protection strategy.

Warning: this is a heavy science based article with nearly 100 references to studies—neither Paul or we ourselves want to be accused of fear-mongering:

Our hearts go out to China and to all its people who have suffered so much due to this new “novel” Wuhan coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

IT’S OFFICIAL: Chinese Scientists Find Genetic Explanation for Coronavirus Discriminating By Genotype

The design of the COVID-19 virus was basically targeting Far-Eastern genotypes, but now there are already different strains.

By  - 04. March 2020

Sir Humphrey Appleby, the Machiavellian senior civil servant in the hit 1980s British sitcom Yes, Minister once famously commented that one should “never believe anything until it’s been officially denied.”

Which meant we could be fairly confident that racial and ethnic differences in susceptibility to Coronavirus exist, because our race-denying Ruling Class so dogmatical refused to consider the evidence.

Now that’s over: a study by a Chinese research group has emerged that offers concrete proof of race differences in susceptibility to Corona virus are very real.

Helmeted hornbill driven to extinction due to the Chinese demand for ‘red ivory’

Helmeted Hornbill Rhinoplax vigil

By Amanda Coetzee - 04. March 2020

The demand for ‘red ivory’, which sells for three to five times the price of elephant ivory, will see the extinction of the helmeted hornbill of Southeast Asia, unless the trade networks between its rainforest habitat and the end market in China can be disrupted and dismantled.

Items made from the beak or casque of the helmeted hornbill, a tropical bird native to Southeast Asia, have become the latest must-have thing in the world of illegal wildlife trading.

With an increasing demand for its enlarged beak and headpiece, poaching of the species has shot up in the past five years.

The helmet or casque is a solid lump fused along the top of its dark yellow bill and up onto its skull.

Coronavirus vs. the Mass Surveillance State: Which Poses the Greater Threat?

Medical Martial Law is the latest tool in the Orwellian police-state control and total surveillance apparatus of fascist states.

By John W. Whitehead - 03. March 2020

“If, as it seems, we are in the process of becoming a totalitarian society in which the state apparatus is all-powerful, the ethics most important for the survival of the true, free, human individual would be: cheat, lie, evade, fake it, be elsewhere, forge documents, build improved electronic gadgets in your garage that’ll outwit the gadgets used by the authorities.”—Philip K. Dick

Emboldened by the citizenry’s inattention and willingness to tolerate its abuses, the government has weaponized one national crisis after another in order to expands its powers.

For nine years, multinationals like Shell and Bayer funded a prominent climate denier

Expose the corrupt deniers as well as corrupt alarmists who are still alive.

By Bas van Beek, Alexander Beunder, Jilles Mast and Merel de Buck - 03. March 2020

The personal archives of prominent Dutch climate denier Frits Böttcher (who died in 2008) reveal that he received over a million guilders – close to half a million in Euros – from Shell and other Dutch multinationals during the 1990s. The explicit objective: to question human responsibility for global warming.




Turn your fear of the future into action: Protect wildlife and nature every day!

By Taegen Yardley - 03. March 2020

Today is World Wildlife Day - a day to remind us of the great importance to preserve our natural world. 

Around 1/4 of all species in the world are endangered.

The rapid growth of the human population, increasing urbanisation and the extensive use of natural resources make habitats shrink and drive species to the brink of extinction.

Mother Nature created a perfect balance in which each species can only live and thrive through the existence of another species - including us humans.

Guide: how to protect human rights in content governance

Internet censorship harms humanity. 
Collage ©: VF/ET

By Javier Pallero & Eliska Pirkova - 03. March 2020

Governments and companies are under increasing pressure to address illegal or undesirable content and expression online, but hasty or poorly crafted solutions can threaten human rights.

Laws, policies, and content moderation practices that hurt free expression have a disparate impact on those most at risk of human rights violations, including journalists, activists, human rights defenders, and members of oppressed or marginalized groups, such as women, religious or ethnic minority groups, people of color, and the LGBTQ community.

Companies make decisions about whether content is removed or amplified on their platforms, and follow their own rules, often in ways that are not transparent. Their actions — or lack of action — regarding content can cause or contribute to societal harm. Their role in spreading hate speech, disinformation, and illegal content, as well as facilitating discrimination, under a profit motive, is concerning.

At the same time, governments seeking to control the flow of information online have cited these very issues as a rationale for inherently blunt and disproportionate measures such as internet shutdowns. In some cases, state actors have also sought to deputize private companies to police expression using methods that are automated, opaque, lack remedy, and otherwise fail to align with international human rights principles. These “solutions” can be leveraged to silence entire communities, and can lead to or hide atrocities.

Baby Bee Brain Development Impaired by Pesticides – “Permanent and Irreversible”

Bumblebee foraging on a flower. Credit: Tara Cox / Imperial College London

By Imperial College London - 03. March 2020

Pesticides can impair brain growth in baby bumblebees, affecting their ability to perform a simple learning task as adults, according to a new study.

Imperial College London researchers used micro-CT scanning technology to reveal how specific parts of bumblebee brains grew abnormally when exposed to pesticides during their larval phase.

“These findings reveal how colonies can be impacted by pesticides weeks after exposure, as their young grow into adults that may not be able to forage for food properly.” — Dr. Richard Gill

Most previous studies have tested the effects of pesticide exposure on adult bees because these individuals directly collect pesticide-contaminated nectar and pollen.

UPDATE 08. March 2020: Enhanced with: Bioweapons Expert Speaks Out About Novel Coronavirus

Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

Citizens of Wuhan lining up outside of a drug store to buy masks during the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky - 01. March 2020

The media hype and disinformation campaign regarding the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus have created a Worldwide atmosphere of fear and uncertainty following the launching of  a global public health emergency by the WHO on January 30th. 

The fear campaign is ongoing.  Panic and uncertainty. National governments and the WHO are misleading  the public.

“About 84,000 people in at least 56 countries have been infected, and about 2,900 have died” says the New York Times. What they fail to mention is that 98% of those cases of infection are in Mainland China. There are less than 5000 confirmed cases outside China. (WHO, February 28, 2020)