Crowded and dangerous: Eastleigh, Nairobi. Home to Nairobi’s refugees. photo-credit: Charlie Ensor/IRIN

By Charlie Ensor (*) - IRIN - NAIROBI, 12 January 2018

Ethiopian Oromo refugees fleeing to Kenya to escape persecution say they are finding life on the streets of Nairobi no better than the insecurity they left behind, as they are targeted by bribes and harassment and forced into vast camps with few prospects or protections.

The Oromo are Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group but have long complained of political and economic marginalisation at the hands of the country’s ruling party, which is dominated by a minority ethnic group, the Tigrayans.

Following 2016 protests demanding political reform, which resulted in a state of emergency and the deaths of more than 600 in the security crackdown, thousands of Oromo made their way to neighbouring Kenya seeking asylum and refuge.

By Jon Rappoport (*) - 08. Jan. 2018
The press is playing up two angles this winter: the seasonal flu vaccine may only be 10% effective; and there is an outbreak of flu across 37 states, at last count.
Underneath these claims, something far different is going on.
Dr. Peter Doshi, writing in the online BMJ (British Medical Journal), revealed the monstrosity.
As Doshi states, every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory samples are taken from flu patients in the US and tested in labs. Here is the kicker: only a small percentage of these samples show the presence of a flu virus.
This means: most of the people in America who are diagnosed by doctors with the flu have no flu virus in their bodies.
So they don't have the flu.

07. January 2018

vf - While the global mainstream had only eyes for new year's fireworks, another atrocity has been committed by the Israeli forces in the Negev Desert against indigenous people and that apart from the long standing injustice against Palestine and the Palestinians.

When it comes to human rights, Israel has become a rogue state like North Korea. Or is it the other way around? Has North Korea become as much a human rights violator as Israel, because North Korea saw that the Israelis get away with it?

The numerous bold-worded but toothless UN mechanisms are just useless to stop that, especially because the UN itself is deeply permeated by Israeli operatives, who even manage to block sender addresses and domains of human rights organizations, who did nothing but disseminate the UN security council resolution against Israel - another piece of a useless UNpaper. UNON and UNEP in Nairobi, Kenya, are the hub for Israeli cyber operations at least for Africa and Israeli cyber-warfare tools have been sold to the worlds most cruel regimes like so-called Ethiopia.

By Said Mohamud (*) - 04. January 2018

Controversial British politician Boris Johnson and Ugandan military discuss inside Somalia at AMISOM HQ what to do next.

Somalia has significant challenges that may foretell its death, and in fulling this dire prediction, foreign entities are aggressively digging Somalia’s grave.

Today, there are many authoritative foreign entities who direct Somalia’s leadership decisions, and actually dictate policy. These foreign entities generate controversial analysis to overturn Somalia’s self-rule.

To correct its course, Somalia needs to immediately address its addiction to toxic foreign interference. Here are few harmful burdens associated with foreign entities’ interventions:

Boris Johnson for example throws support behind someone like the Saudi prince Mohamed Salman, who stands accused of Yemen human rights abuses, the abhorrent killing of a journalist in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul and who admitted that he played along in the spread of Wahabism on behest of the USA.

But Somalis seem to not know this and the Somali governance lets Boris Johnson meddle in their most sensitive internal affairs with external power promises.

Oromo Prisoners of Conscious

hjd - ECOTERRA Intl. welcomes the long asked for closing of the torture chambers in Ethiopia - especially Mae'kelawi - and that all political prisoners shall be set free, but cautions that as long as the corrupt and TPLF mastered judiciary is in place, activists, freedom fighters and politicians still can be tagged and held as criminals and criminals be released as political prisoners.

"The sudden move will be praised if true, but we shall see how the implementation works out," said Hiyessa Galdessa, human rights activist with ECOTERRA Africa Node, who presses for the full implementation of the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Peoples Rights and the long demanded right of the Oromo people to be independent from the forced conglomerate called today Ethiopia.

ECOTERRA Intl. also demands the immediate withdrawal of all Ethiopian agents from neighbouring Kenya and Egypt who have been hunting dissident refugees since years. Ethiopian refugees and asylum seekers are regularly disappeared or illegally snatched in several African countries to where they flee. If apprehended they are by force brought back into these very torture prisons in Ethiopia.

Trump wants it all - and he wants it his way.

Unobserved by many, Donald Trump's Christmas gift is this executive order, by which the US-American President declares a national emergency and goes after the scoundrels at home and worldwide.


"I therefore determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat."

If you are:

The Big Mac and the Crocodile; South Africa and Zimbabwe’s New Presidents

The 'Crocodil' (left) gets a tied grip on Ramaphosa.

By Thomas C. Mountain (*) - 27. December 2017

Cyril Ramaphosa, the next President of South Africa, was the man behind the entry of international fast food behemoth McDonalds into the country, earning him the sobriquet “The Big Mac”.

Zimbabwe’s new President Mnangagwa bears the nickname “The Crocodile” from his days as head of Robert Mugabe’s secret police for, like his namesake, coming out of nowhere to suddenly snatch his victims, never to be seen again.

“The Big Mac” Ramaphosa’s career is quite extraordinary, even by South African standards, rising from one of the founders of the miners union and Capo in the ANC to one of the richest men in the country in a little more than a decade, marking him as a master of the under the table payoff in a country infamous for its levels of corruption.

To prove his loyalty to his international bankster masters, ”The Big Mac” Ramaphosa, urged the police to do their best to wipe out the rebels in the Marakana platinum mine strike, at the very least making a none to subtle “recommendation” to kill the bastards if need be without fear of retribution.

Update 29. April 2019: Five of the Catalans elected during the General election 2019 to represent their constituents in the Spanish parliament still languish in jail for their demand for the independence of Catalunya.

Catalunya Independence Movement Wins Majority in Parliament.

The Catalans still suffer under Spanish colonialism. The UN is mum, though it is the body's duty to foster, assist and guard any move towards Decolonization.

Free the Catalan Freedom Fighters from Spanish Jails and Forced Exile!

Dec 21, 2017 - Solstice 2017

vf/Barcelona - Catalunya’s independence movement celebrates victory in the region’s election with those political parties seeking secession having gained an overall majority in parliament - a dramatic but just result that will have a huge impact not only on Spain, but the European Union.

The outcome is a shattering blow to the Prime Minister of the Spanish Regime in Madrid, Mariano Rajoy, who himself had called for this election with the expectation of reaffirming with an emphatic victory Madrid’s fascist control over Catalunya. But despite having thrown tons of money to the Unionist Party, having thrown Catalan politicians and freedom fighters into jail and having forced others including the Catalan President into exile, even the many bus-loads with fake voters didn't help to maintain the grip of the fascists on the Catalans and their breakaway region.

Rajoy, the governmental stake- and stick-holder of the Spanish Kingdom Spain's King Felipe VI, instead now faces the probability of ongoing confrontations with a separatist coalition, which will again be in power in Barcelona.

Mapping Indigenous languages in Canada

See where 60 languages belonging to 12 language families are being used right now [NB: It is sincerely hoped that the exellent work on which this publication is based and the publication itself may not be abused for proselytising screeds of any kind.]
Where Indigenous languages are being spoken now in Canada. [ rightClick/View to enlarge or scroll down for a closer look of the full map infographic and the country’s 12 Indigenous language families. (Map: Chris Brackley/Can Geo)
By December 15, 2017

These are the languages of the land beneath our feet in Canada.

The most recent Statistics Canada census data reveals the country’s Indigenous linguistic landscape, the places where 60 languages belonging to 12 overarching families — Inuit, 10 First Nations and Michif (Métis) — are being used now. Most of these have been spoken, and have been evolving, for thousands of years — far longer than English or French.

The data used for this map* illustrates “Aboriginal language spoken at home,” either as a first or secondary language. In Canada, nearly 229,000 people rely on one or more of these languages, including those who have retained their mother tongue, who have become fluent in their ancestral language later in life, or who have learned the languages of the Indigenous community or region they eventually settled in.

The precarious state of many of Canada’s original languages is well documented. The UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger project reports that three-quarters of the nation’s Indigenous languages are “definitely,” “severely” or “critically” endangered. The rest are classified as “vulnerable/unsafe.” Today, only Cree, Inuktitut and Ojibwa are thought to have enough speakers to be sustained indefinitely.

Residential schools severed languages across generations, while the reserve system and other colonial policies divided communities from others with shared languages and traditions. The aftermath includes ongoing, widespread language loss and injury to culture, personal identity and community health. Of Canada’s approximately 1.5 million Indigenous people, just 15 per cent speak their heritage languages at home.

There is Nature

Nothing really seems to matter much when your Planet is needlessly collapsing and dying. Big important ideas to base your life upon are in short supply. Pretty much god myths, stuff, and clans are all we got. There is nature. And she needs us.

“The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is…42!” – Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1979


“Lady Presenter: Well, that’s the end of the film. Now, here’s the meaning of life… M-hmm. Well, it’s nothing very special. Uh, try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations. And, finally, here are some completely gratuitous pictures of penises to annoy the censors and to hopefully spark some sort of controversy…” – The Meaning of Life, Monty Python (1983)


“The meaning of life is nature, and universal embrace of an ecology ethic before the biosphere collapses is all that really matters anymore. Bathe in the forest. Grow plants. No more burning. Stop bulldozers. Howl at the moon. Know how much is enough. Be one with nature or die.” – Dr. Glen Barry


CIA, Bill Oxley- finally spoke truth – I killed Bob Marley
CIA, Bill Oxley- finally spoke truth – I killed Bob Marley

By ZambianObserver - December 3, 2017

A 79-year-old retired officer of the CIA, Bill Oxley, has made a series of stunning confessions since he was admitted to the Mercy Hospital in Maine on Monday and told he has weeks to live. He claims he committed 17 assassinations for the American government between 1974 and 1985, including the music icon Bob Marley.

Mr. Oxley, who worked for the CIA for 29 years as an operative with top-level security clearances, claims he was often used as a hitman by the organization, to assassinate individuals who could represent a threat to the goals of the agency.Trained as a sniper and marksman, Mr. Oxley also has significant experience with more unconventional methods of inflicting harm upon others, like poisons, explosives, induced heart attacks and cancer.

“Even if they want to kill us, let them kill us here. We must continue to stay.” Sengwer women cry for help in the Embobut Forest, Kenya

The Sengwer are Indigenous people who live in the Embobut forest in the Cherangani Hills in Kenya. They have lived there for time immemorial. But since British colonial rule, the Sengwer have been evicted from their homes. From 2007 to 2013, the World Bank funded the Kenya Forest Service but did nothing to support the rights of the Sengwer, in breach of World Bank safeguards.

These violent evictions are taking place in the name of conservation, to protect the forests, and to address climate change.

The European Union is funding a new six year project: the Water Towers Protection and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Programme. The project is aimed at preserving ecosystem services in Mount Elgon and the Cherangany Hills. A year ago, the Sengwer appealed to the EU to respect their rights to live in the forest.

Earlier this week, the Forest Peoples Programme posted two videos on YouTube, featuring the Sengwer speaking about the evictions and their lives in the forest, and where they are now forced to live:

One of the Sengwer women says, “Even if they want to kill us, let them kill us here. We must continue to stay.”

A Sengwer man says, “My first experience with eviction was in 1988. Now it’s more than 27 years, I am still being evicted. This kind of life is so hard, and no where we can go.”

And Milka Chepkorir, a Sengwer community member, has written the following “call for help”, posted on Forest Peoples Programme’s website:

Sengwer Women of Embobut forest call for help

By Milka Chepkorir, Sengwer community member, Forest Peoples Programme, 29 November 2017

More than 22 times now, our community has been forcefully evicted from our ancestral land in Embobut forest, Cherangany Hills, by the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), a government agency that is supposed to be responsible for the protection of forests in the country.

Despite the Scientific evidence that forests are better protected when in the hands of indigenous communities, the government of Kenya through its agency KFS still carry out evictions of the Sengwer community. These evictions are worsened by the funds acquired by the Kenyan Government from development and conservation partners like the World Bank and the EU.

In 2007-2013 the World Bank funded the Natural Resource and Management Project (NRMP) in Embobut forest, a project that exposed the community to evictions by their own government. The effects of these evictions to the women and children are so adverse since they are exposed to lots of cold and suffering, through the destruction of their homes, their clothing and their food.

The EU is in the process of funding the Kenyan Government (KFS) to carry out a Water Tower project (WaTER) in this same high area where the community have been evicted constantly since 2013 as well as in the Mt Elgon area. A group of Sengwer woman just like other members of the community are concerned that these funds will be empowering the KFS to evict them even more. There is a rapid loss of culture, peace and harmony, and instead severe poverty is brought about by these evictions.

The suffering experienced by the women includes the loss (through burning) of the traditional medicines they used to treat their children, the loss of household property, loss of children books and other reading materials, as well as loss of family ties as family members are scattered and scared, sexual abuse and harassment and psychological torture associated to the horrible acts of evictions.

Despite all these, the women have come out so strongly to speak against the evictions to government officials. The women have also used songs to tell others of their concerns, their sufferings and the attachment they have to their ancestral land.

The Sengwer women of Embobut will enjoy life just like any other woman in the world when:



  • The funding community i.e. World Bank, EU and other conservations funding agencies will recognize the ancestral land rights of the Sengwer to live in, manage and conserve their land.
  • These funding organizations hold their funds until the Government of Kenya listens to and address the concerns of the Sengwer indigenous community.
  • The government of Kenya stops evictions to enable Sengwer children to go to school peacefully like other children in the county.

NB: Behind every person in uniform lies a human being / a human heart / a human soul, a common humanity that unifies us all. Stop evictions. Stop harassing women. Stop burning books and ruining the future of our children.


Uwinam sits with her children under a bridge along Waiyaki way to shield from rain yesterday. photo/PATRICK VIDIJA
Uwinam sits with her children under a bridge along Waiyaki way to shield from rain yesterday. photo/PATRICK VIDIJA

Refugee awaits aid from under highway bridge

By PATRICK VIDIJA @vidijapatrick - TS -

A family of nine has been camping outside the UN headquarters for weeks trying to seek help.

The family, which has been in Kakuma Refugee Camp since 2011, arrived in Nairobi two weeks ago amid efforts to find help at the UN headquarters. In an interview with the Star, Uwinam, a mother of seven, said they arrived at Kakuma after undergoing hardship in their home country of Burundi.

A document from the Kenya National Police Service Directorate of Criminal Investigations shows Uwinam, her husband Habiyambere Hakizamana and nine children arrived at Kakuma in 2011. The letter says the family escaped the fighting which broke out after the 2010 General Election. Uwinam said Hakizamana, who was not with the family at the time of the interview, had received threatening messages when he stopped working for one of the political parties in which he served as a secretary general.

She said life at the camp is hard. Women are raped and men are beaten.

By Maria MachariaCAJ News - 17. November 2017

Nairobi — MINORITY groups are living in fear of eviction from their ancestral lands in Kenya. This follows the government constituting a task force on the implementation of the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights judgment regarding the case of the indigenous Ogiek people. The newly-formed government of President Uhuru Kenyatta has failed to consult the community while its task force lacks any Ogiek representatives.


BONN, Germany –  10.Nov.2017 - The 4th session of the International Rights of Nature Tribunal, held concurrently with the 23rd United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP23), exposed the significant role which legal systems play in enabling climate change and global environmental degradation. The Tribunal heard seven cases from around the world which collectively demonstrated that global and national climate change commitments cannot be met without fundamental changes to the legal systems which legalise the activities that cause climate change and the destruction of the ecological systems on which life depends. This is a global problem - one of the cases concerned a massive lignite mine approximately 50 kms from the COP 23 negotiations.

The Bonn Tribunal consisted of 9 judges from 7 countries, and was presided over by the prominent indigenous climate and environmental justice leader, Tom Mato Awanyankapi Goldtooth.

Over the course of two days, 53 people from 19 countries speaking over 7 languages presented cases regarding violations of the rights of Nature. A range of experts who testified before the Tribunal explained that whatever is agreed at the COP 23 and subsequent meetings, action to combat climate change will be ineffective while governments continue to authorise coal mines, oil wells and hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), and the mining of groundwater, and allow corporations to use investor state dispute settlement mechanisms in trade agreements to prevent the taking of effective measures to protect life.

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