The Dangers of Amhara Chauvinism in Today’s Ethiopia;

The End of the Abyssinian Empire

By Thomas Mountain (*) - 04 October 2018

The Amhara people of Ethiopia built the Abyssinian Empire with firearms from Italy in the late 19th century, and in doing so adopted a uniquely African brand of ethnic chauvinism. Anyone familiar with the myth of Haile Sellasie - the supposed “anti-colonialist” of modern African legend - can find Amhara chauvinism front, left, right and center.

The major feat of the Amhara was conquering their traditional enemies the Oromo, whose legendary cavalry routed all Abyssinian invasions until the last one, which saw the brutal subjugation of Africa’s largest nationality and the sort of ethnic hatred towards the vanquished rarely seen so virulent.

Amhara’s call the Oromo “Galla”, or named them slaves, and viewed them as little more than subhuman. So today for Ethiopia to have an Oromo P.M. and leading Ethiopia’s largest political party and seemingly inevitable electoral sweep in the next election in 2020 the Amhara chauvinists have started to strike back.

Hands Off Mother Earth!

- Manifesto Against Geo-engineering -

What is geo-engineering?

Geo-engineering refers to a set of proposed technologies to deliberately intervene in and alter Earth systems on a large – i.e. planetary - scale.

There are two basic directions such interventions can take:
The first is a suite of technologies that aim to reduce the amount of incoming sunlight to artificially cool the climate. These are so-called Solar Radiation Management (SRM) approaches that could consist of shooting aerosols into the stratosphere to mimic the effect of a volcanic eruption or brighten clouds and/or ocean surfaces to make them more reflective.

The second category of Earth system interventions falls under the umbrella of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) or greenhouse gas removal (GGR) and aims to suck CO2 from the atmosphere at a large-scale and store it underground, in the oceans, or in monoculture tree plantations. Overall, geo-engineering may comprise interventions on land, oceans, or in the atmosphere that come with large-scale risk and adverse impacts for human communities, ecosystems and natural processes, and international peace and security.

By Eric London - WSWS - 2 October 2018

Across the United States, under cover of darkness, the government is rounding up immigrant children and sending them to a desert concentration camp in Tornillo, Texas, near the US-Mexico border. In recent weeks, hundreds have been transferred from foster shelters to Tornillo, where they live in tents, 20 to a room.

The New York Times spoke with employees at shelters who described scenes that recall the most shameful episodes in American history, including the capture of fugitive slaves, the forced removal of Native Americans from their land, and the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War Two.

According to the Times, “In order to avoid escape attempts, the moves are carried out late at night because children will be less likely to try to run away. For the same reason, children are generally given little advance warning that they will be moved.”

Tortured Solutions


The pulse of negotiations, a flurry of communications, and the person central to this is one who threatens to go nowhere – for the moment.  But go somewhere these parties would wish Julian Assange to do.  For six years, cramped within a space in London a stone’s throw away from Harrods, one he has made his tenuous home, a citadel of sporadic publishing and exposes; for six years, an unruly, disobedient tenant whose celebrity shine has lost its gloss for certain followers and those who did, at one point, tolerate him.

The landlords have lost patience, and Lenín Moreno is willing to call in the arrears.  He has made it clear that, whilst Assange has been subjected to an unacceptable state of affairs (“Being five or six years in an embassy already violates his human rights”), he should also be moved on in some form with the British authorities.  How that moving takes place is producing a host of large, ballooning questions.

By Thomas C. Mountain (*) - edited: 28. September 2018

When US National Security Advisor John “The Walrus” Bolton threatened the International Criminal Court with USAmerican sanctions many of us here in Africa cheered, long having given up hope that the ICC would ever be held to even the slightest account, least of all for its crimes against our continent.

“Historic Judgment” As India’s Nationwide Biometric ID Database Ruled Constitutional

As the march toward a cashless (and privacy-less) society accelerates forward, a new high watermark has been reached.


The so-called “New World Order” of American-led unipolar globalism is dead after “The Kraken” delivered a scathing attack against all aspects of the Liberal-Globalist system that America itself previously pioneered, which he’s proudly seeking to replace with a nationalist-oriented model of International Relations that cleverly attempts to co-opt multipolar processes in order to most effectively thwart China’s Silk Road-assisted rise. 

[The kraken (/ˈkrɑːkən/) is a legendary cephalopod-like sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland.]


Ongoing war-crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide are committed by the Indonesian military, while the United Nations and former colonial power The Netherlands are just looking on. Will they let Indonesia get away with it like the Burmese Military in Myanmar?

THIS MUST STOP - Return West-Papua to the people of West Papua !!! - BOYCOTT INDONESIA !!!

The ongoing UN General Assembly (UNGA) is the most critical forum, since the UN holds the power to return West Papua to the Decolonisation Committee and support an internationally supervised vote on self-determination.

Anniversary of the New York Agreement & the Broken Promise

On August 15th 1962, The Netherlands and Indonesia signed the colonial New York Agreement. The Agreement was brokered by the USA and not a single West Papuan was consulted. Under the New York Agreement, the administration of the West Papuan people and their land was given by the Netherlands to Indonesia with the clause that West Papuan's had the right to self-determination.

The people of West Papua rejected the New York agreement and Indonesian colonialism in 1962 and continue to reject it today. The promise of a fair and independent vote on self-determination was eventually broken in 1969.

On the 56th anniversary of the signing of this agreement, demonstrations took place worldwide with people calling for the broken promise of the 1962 New York Agreement to be fulfilled through an internationally supervised, transparent, and fair referendum.

What Are the “Zombie Apocalypse” Movies Actually Telling Us?

Op-Ed by Janet Phelan - ActivistPost - SEPTEMBER 22, 2018

The “Zombie Apocalypse” movies present a scenario in which part of the human race has morphed into flesh-consuming predators. It falls upon the unaltered, those still ostensibly human and non-predator, to restore the world and its people back to “normality,” back to a situation wherein predatory and altered humans are either extinguished or changed back to humans.


Often the genesis of alteration from human to flesh-eating zombie is ascribed to an act of science-gone-wrong, as in the case of the film, I Am Legend. At the outset of this 2007 film, we see a clip of an interview with a well-intentioned scientist, whose efforts at genetic manipulation, intending to cure cancer, end up causing the zombie outbreak.

Besides providing fast-paced entertainment and an adrenaline rush, what do the Zombie Apocalypse movies actually reveal?  They present us with a world where the human population has been divided in two—predator and prey—and prey must find a way both to survive and to return the world back to a semblance of normality.

Subtly, the situations presented in these movies more and more resemble contemporary Western society. No, we don’t experience hordes of fanged and grunting zombies, blood dripping from their mouths, eating our neighbors and friends as we flee for our lives. Not exactly, anyway. The predation is not so apparent.

Witness the witch-hunts against refugees and immigrants, the wilful abandonment by the “MeToo” zealots of our oldest freedom, presumption of innocence, the anti-Russia racism and anti-Brexit hysteria, the growing anti-China campaign and the suppression of a warning of world war.   

By John Pilger - September 20, 2018

The death of Robert Parry earlier this year felt like a farewell to the age of the reporter. Parry was “a trailblazer for independent journalism”, wrote Seymour Hersh, with whom he shared much in common.

Hersh revealed the My Lai massacre in Vietnam and the secret bombing of Cambodia, Parry exposed Iran-Contra, a drugs and gun-running conspiracy that led to the White House. In 2016, they separately produced compelling evidence that the Assad government in Syria had not used chemical weapons. They were not forgiven.

Driven from the “mainstream”, Hersh must publish his work outside the United States. Parry set up his own independent news website Consortium News, where, in a final piece following a stroke, he referred to journalism’s veneration of “approved opinions” while “unapproved evidence is brushed aside or disparaged regardless of its quality.”

Andrew Kenny writes on the long history of colonisation and conquest in South Africa

Pledge your support to the San/Bushmen People of Southern Africa by writing to:


Returning the land to the people

By Andrew Kenny (*) - 19 September 2018

If only the original owners of South Africa should be allowed to own land here, F W de Klerk and Julius Malema have no such right. Both are descended from colonial conquerors. If they should “go back to where they came from”, de Klerk should go back to Europe where his forebears came from over three centuries ago and Malema should go back to West Africa where his came from fifteen centuries ago.

Are we allowed to say this? Are we allowed to tell the truth about the history of land ownership in what is now South Africa? The debate about the “rightful ownership” of land in South Africa is so angry, ignorant and confused that the truth is buried under myths. Often indeed the truth is banned. “Expropriation Without Compensation” (EWC) has made the truth even more difficult to tell. I shall try to tell it now. Everything I say is backed by a massive store of data going back hundreds of thousands of years, consisting of artefacts, fossils, DNA, linguistics, and written and oral history.

Modern humans, Homo sapiens, evolved in East Africa, probably about 200 thousand years ago. In this sense every human on Earth is an “African”. When Sterkfontein describes itself as “The Cradle of Mankind”, this is only true in the wider meaning of “Mankind” as any hominid (a hominid is a man-like ape). Sterkfontein might have been the origin of some hominids far older than Homo sapiens but it is not the Cradle of Homo sapiens. (The history of the earlier hominids is very complicated and not well understood.)