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“At First I Thought it Was a Joke”: Academic Media Censorship Conference Censored by YouTube

The entire video record of the conference — estimated at around 24 hours of material — was mysteriously disappeared from YouTube say conference organizers. Alan Macleod - 01. February 2021

An academic critical media literacy conference warning of the dangers of media censorship has, ironically, been censored by YouTube. The Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas 2020 took place without incident online over two days in October and featured a number of esteemed speakers and panels discussing issues concerning modern media studies.

Weeks later, however, the entire video record of the conference — estimated at around 24 hours of material — disappeared from YouTube. Organizer Nolan Higdon of California State University East Bay, began receiving worried messages from other academics, some of which were shared with MintPress, who had been using the material in their classrooms, noting that it had all mysteriously disappeared.

The Greater Reset Activation! 

Our World. Our Way.

We are powerful. We are beautiful. We are free.






The Greater Reset Activation is proud to announce a bonus day of speakers presenting on a wide range of solutions based talks.


Reports are streaming in, declaring a Dark Winter for the world due to COVID19. The media rushes to tell the public that case numbers are on the rise again. In response, case numbers are used to support calls for lockdowns, travel and dining restrictions, and the push for compulsory vaccines.

However, in recent months an abundance of evidence has shown that the “gold standard” procedure for detecting COVID-19 is unreliable and could be producing untold numbers of false positives. If this is the case, why are health officials around the world calling for more tests?

Prologue: The more important question among all the masterminded hype is: Why was the German military bio-warfare lab reportedly able to establish tiniest residues of the nerve agent dubbed "Novichok" as the cause for the alleged poisoning of Alexey Navalny, but is so far not able to provide a clear statement on the nano-bio-chemical contagion dubbed "SARS-CoV-2" and keeps the population in the dark of the "Dark Winter" games? All the first cases in France, Germany, and Italy etc. and even in specific outbreak areas of the USA, like Washington D.C., were brought in by Chinese people, who flew in from China. These cases were all established, traced and tracked beyond any reasonable doubt, but the independent scientists on these trails. who released their findings, were mostly discredited publicly, threatened and silenced. Even those, who bounced back from the slander and the choreographed disinformation, fail to ask the final questions and get to the concluding answers, which are necessary to know in order to really win that war against the contagious agent - or is that not even wanted by the "The-Powers-That-Never-Should-Be"? To wait for the outcome of the UN mission to China - intentionally delayed for more than a year - and its smokescreen findings camouflaging the truth is just plain stupid, or in case of those, who took the oath of public office swearing to protect their people, outright criminal and treasonous.

Navalny Scam Sells Empty Concrete Shell As 'Putin's Luxurious Palace' MoA - 30. January 2021

Already in 2010 some minor Russian businessman, Sergei Kolesnikov, who had pissed off people above his pay grade, resettled from Russia to Estonia. To make himself interesting, and likely to get financial support, he made up a story. David Ignatius, the CIA's resident writer at the Washington Post, picked it up:

You can see the sprawling, Italian-style palace on the Black Sea in satellite photos. There's a fitness spa, a hideaway "tea house," a concert amphitheater and a pad for three helicopters. It's still under construction, but already the cost is said to total more than $1 billion.

And most amazing of all, according to a Russian whistleblower named Sergey Kolesnikov, it was predominantly paid for with money donated by Russian businessmen for the use of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The funds have come "mainly through a combination of corruption, bribery and theft," charges Kolesnikov, a businessman who until November 2009 worked for one of the companies he alleges was investing money for Putin.

UPDATE 29. January 2021: 75+ Internet Statistics & Facts For 2021

Prologue and WARNING: Don't believe that such so-called open intelligence gathering by the UN (formerly it was called spying on foreign nations) is just targeting forests, wildlife, lakes etc. - it is also targeting YOU as part of the Global Governance initiative of the UN's camouflaged Agenda 2021/30. Do you want to be governed by "Digital Governance"?

The promise and peril of a digital ecosystem for the planet

Is Stewardship for Earth or are totalitarian regime ambitions the driver and the agenda of this UN initiative?

Key decisions are needed in the next 12 months to set in motion a robust architecture and governance framework (N.B.: ... says the UN)

By David Jensen - 11. September 2019

A range of frontier and digital technologies have dramatically boosted the ways in which we can monitor the health of our planet. And sustain our future on it (Figure 1).

If we can leverage this technology effectively, we will be able to assess and predict risks, increase transparency and accountability in the management of natural resources and inform markets as well as consumer choice. These actions are all required if we are to stand a better chance of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Naked mole-rats 'chirp' in colony-specific, culturally transmitted dialects

Naked mole-ratBy AAS - 28. January 2021

Akin to a regional accent or dialect in human language, highly social naked mole-rats form distinctive and unique colony-specific chirps, which convey information about an individual's social membership, according to a new study.

What's more, these dialects are culturally transmitted across generations, supporting the idea that social complexity evolved concurrently with vocal complexity.

Naked mole-rats (Heterocephalus glaber) form some of the most cooperative and social groups known in the animal kingdom, living in multigenerational, maze-like subterranean colonies dominated by a single breeding matriarch or "queen."

They are also highly xenophobic and are known to attack and kill those from other colonies.

UPDATE 28. January 2021: Mass surveillance of the Uyghurs: Swiss NCP approves arbitration proceedings against UBS in an unprecedented move

UPDATE 21. January 2020: Twitter locks account of Chinese embassy in Washington + China sanctions Pompeo, Trump officials over Xinjiang statements + Pompeo says China’s treatment of Muslims and ethnic minorities is “genocide”

ICYMI: Investigation: The Factories In The Camps

Explosive Report Alleges Extensive Use Of Forced Labor At Apple Suppliers In China

By Tyler Durden - 29. December 2020

As Apple continues to lobby against the Uygher Forced Labor Prevention Act, a bill intended to punish Chinese companies that utilize forced labor from the persecuted Muslim minority group, the Washington Post has just rolled out a lengthy investigation, conducted in partnership with a human-rights group, exposing Apple suppliers' links to forced labor.

Breaking news that threatens to revive the outrage over the fraught ethical status of Apple's supply chain. 10 years ago, when stories about Foxconn's labor abuses first emerged, coverage seemed to focus on macabre stories of long shifts, low pay and suicide nets strung up around manufacturing facilities to stop workers from leaping to their deaths.

ICYMI: Journalist Filed Charges in 2009 against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder + COVID, Identity Politics, and the Global Ruling Elite + MUST WATCH: Silenced, Censored & Ridiculed

In 2009, W.H.O. was Accused of Planning Genocide

tsa-dees.jpegBy Henry Makow - 28. January 2021

In 1995, Canadian doctor Ghilslaine Lanctôt warned that the elite and their minions will introduce a compulsory vaccination that will contain a deadly virus and this will be used specifically as a eugenics weapon for "massive and targeted reduction of the world population."


Kurt Nimmo wrote this in 2009 -- "Considering the track record of the global elite, the government-mandated vaccination program now in the works -- as Ghislaine Lanctôt and Jane Bürgermeister warn -- will serve the eugenicist plan to depopulate the planet. A contrived pandemic will also set the final stage for the implementation of martial law and a high-tech surveillance and police state grid." 

Kurt Nimmo uses Ghislaine Lanctot's 1995 book, "The Medical Mafia" to introduce Jane Burgermeister's 2009 lawsuit.

UPDATE 30. January 2021: Avoid the ‘Great Reset’ in Three Easy Steps. Sure, it may look rational, with all those numbers, charts and ratios, but the financial system is insane

UPDATE 28. January 2021: THE GREAT REOPENING: There’s No Stopping It! --->>> 30. January 2021 + The Great Reopening (Video)

UPDATE 28. January 2021: Putin Gets It: Tech Giants Are Becoming Competitors To Nation-States

UPDATE 27. January 2021: Putin tells Davos that divided modern world facing ‘real breakdown’, with demographic struggles & echoes of 1930s pre-WW2 tensions & Russian President Putin Delivers Speech at Virtual World Economic Forum + all the UN buzzwords by its displacement Zsar.

UPDATE 26. January 2021: THE GREATER RESET with Dolores Cahill: Brave New World of Freedom: Solutions in the areas of Health and Travel

UPDATE 25. January 2021: THE GREATER RESET with Rosa Koire: UN Agenda 21 and The Great Reset – Dropping The Mask #TheGreaterReset

UPDATE 24. January 2021: The rise of the techno-fascist beast system is now ‘in your face’: It’s called the Great Reset

UPDATE 22. January 2021: The 4IR is pushed wirh FEAR by Klaus Schwab and his cohorts - WE WILL OVERCOME THAT!Virtual Davos aims to heal pandemic wounds + Davos 2021: to achieve a ‘great reset’, we can’t count on the same old globalists to lead the way

UPDATE 19. January 2021: After the already earlier announced cancellation of the WEF Davos event and scheduled postponement now also the gathering in Birkenstock / Switzerland seems to be off, while the cowards and gamers are hiding and only playing their sick games via the internet - to then dine and wine in police-city Singapore: World leaders to address virtual forum after Davos gathering postponed

UPDATE 16. December 2020: Great Reset: 61% Of Nations Have Decimated Liberty With COVID Restrictions - Human rights group warns that majority of world’s countries have implemented “disproportionate, illegal, indefinite or unnecessary” restrictions

UPDATE 09. December 2020:  APOCALYPSE & ARMAGEDDON - “Guardians” of governments and people: World elite have found a way to rule nations

UPDATE 08. December 2020: No Privacy, No Property: The World in 2030 According to the WEF

UPDATE 08. December 2020: Naomi Klein: The Great Reset Conspiracy Smoothie

UPDATE 06. December 2020: Your Guide To The Great Monetary Reset - The Corbett Report

UPDATE 05. December 2020: The Great Reset and Klaus Schwab

UPDATE 02. December 2020: The Great Reject Of The Great Reset - We Are the Power

UPDATE 29. November 2020: A Rebuttal to Klaus Schwab’s Article on the Covid-19 Crisis

UPDATE 23. November 2020: The "Great Reset" And The Risk Of Greater Interventionism & The Great Reset Is Not A Conspiracy Theory! (And no one likes you, Klaus)

UPDATE 21. November 2020: Prince Charles is now selling his 'eco-fascist fantasy of the Great Reset' (to the Germans)

UPDATE 18. November 2020: The United Nations and the Origins of "The Great Reset"

UPDATE 03. November 2920: The Connection Between World War C & Psychological Processes Is Seriously Concerning

UPDATE 24. October 2020: Verified RFKjr message to worldwide rallies in 15 countries: The Global Resistance today will stage coordinated mass protests.

UPDATE 22. October 2020: The Great Reset EXPOSED (1 h Documentary)

See the source image

UPDATE 19. October 2020: World leaders are planning new lock downs to introduce “The World Debt Reset Program” which includes universal basic income and vaccination requirements

UPDATE 14. October 2020: Viral! World Lockdown Plan Leaked & Economic Hell on Earth Is Coming, Warns Gerald Celente & Atomic Bombshell: We Have Proof That Rothschilds Patented Covid-19 Biometric Tests in 2015

UPDATE 10. October 2020: The WEF/UN/China GREAT RESET forum set for January 2021 in Davos is DEAD ! - MUST WATCH: Now the "World Economic Forum" event planned from 21. of March in Birkenstock / near Luzern / Switzerland needs to be tackled.

UPDATE 02. October 2020: The Great Reset explained, in eloquent simple language.

UPDATE 13. September 2020: LIVE: Unauthorised anti-government protests take place in Minsk

UPDATE 12. September 2020: THE GREAT RESET (Explained!)

UPDATE 12. September 2020: Paris erupts in violence - Brutal police aggression against Yellow Vests and Corona protesters. & Munich Demo stopped by police & LIVE: Demo hits Leipzig despite EU-China summit cancellation & Anti-govt protesters gather in Madrid to demand Sanchez's resignation


PROLOGUE: Shun, boycott and send all the heinous players from the "Great Reset" off to where they belong and join "THE GREATER RESET" ! 

ICYMI: WE DO NOT CONSENT & Corona and the Triumph of the Oligarchs - A new class of overlords are making their bid for world domination. & Something remarkable happened this August: How the pandemic sped up the passage to postcapitalism

IMPORTANT HISTORY: Dumbing Down of the World (HD) - Propagandizing for Global Elitist Takeover (2008)

UPDATE 26. January 2021: Venezuela reportedly found drug against Covid-19

UPDATE 28. June 2020: Ivermectin Study Reveals Fantastic Results: 100% of 60 COVID-19 Patients Better in an Average of Just Under 6 Days. Ivermectin-Doxycycline combination therapy (Ivermectin 200 µgm/kg single dose and Doxycycline 100 mg BID for 10 days)

UPDATE June 2020: Deep analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic: A complex interaction of scientific, political, economic and psychological facts and fakes


UPDATE 06. April 2020: Ivermectin for COVID-19 (Corona virus) Treatment: Mechanism of action/ Ivermectin mechanism in corona virus treatment. Ivermectin kills SARS-CoV-2 within 48-72h.

UPDATE: 25. March 2020: Why France is hiding the cheap and tested virus cure Hydroxy-Chloroqine

PROLOGUE: The chicken come home to roost. USA set to become the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic and the “Real Sick Man”.

One Gigantic Western Pharma Rip-Off

The medical-pharmaceutical complex is geared up to massively cash in on the new coronavirus.

By Peter Koenig - 24. March 2020

A few days ago, Dr. Tedros, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) repeated what he said already a few weeks ago, that there are about 20 pharmaceutical laboratories throughout the world that are developing a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, named COVID-19, also called 2019-nCOV, or SARS-CoV-2.

For the layman, it is just a stronger mutation of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus, that broke out in 2002 / 2003, also in China. To be sure, a mutation made in a laboratory. In a US high-security biological warfare laboratory. In other words, both SARS and COVID-19 – among many other bio-war agents – were made in the USA.

Scientists Lay out 10 Golden Rules for Restoring Forests

imageBy BGCI - 26. January 2021

Scientists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (RBG Kew) and Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) have set out ten ‘golden rules’ for reforestation, published today in an open-access article in the leading journal Global Change Biology. These rules have been set by the experts in response to the damage some large-scale tree planting schemes are seen to be inflicting on the environment and to provide nature-based solutions to protect and restore global forests. The list highlights how forests can be restored with the simultaneous triple benefit of maximising carbon capture to mitigate global warming, recovering ecosystems, and helping people’s livelihoods.

UPDATE 26. January 2021: Kenyan Mansur Mohamed Surur charged in USA over '$7m rhino & ivory smuggling ring'

UPDATE 20. September 2020: Mansur Surur wanted in the USA for illegal Rhino horn, Ivory trade remanded till October 7

Wanted Kenyan Fugitive Mansur Surur Arrested at Mombasa Airport After Landing From Yemen


Wanted Kenyan fugitive Mansur Surur, alias Mansour, has been arrested at Mombasa Airport after landing from Yemen.

Surur is wanted in the US over links to illegal rhino horn and elephant ivory trade and is also a member of a gang known as African Criminal Enterprise which deals with large-scale trafficking of rhinoceros horns and elephant ivory and heroin distribution.

Surur was charged alongside his Kenyan counterpart Abdi Hussein Ahmed, Moazu Kromah alias Ayoub alias Kampala Man from Liberia and Amara Cherif alias Bamba Issiaka from Guinea.

UPDATE 26. January 2021: The deal is sealed, Indigenous Mi’kmaq coalition now runs seafood giant Clearwater

'We won': Indigenous group in Canada scoops up billion dollar seafood firm

A warrior flag of the Sipekne’katik First Nation
Members of the Sipekne’katik First Nation gathered in Saulnierville, Nova Scotia, to bless the fleet of a self-regulated fishery in September. Photograph: Canadian Press/REX/Shutterstock

By  - 12. November 2020

Clearwater Seafoods deal gives Mi’kmaq control of lucrative ocean stretch, as tensions remain high over First Nation fishing rights.

For generations, Indigenous peoples in Canada have watched, often in frustration, as commercial industries profit from the land and waters their ancestors once harvested. This week, however, excitement replaced irritation as a group of First Nations announced plans to scoop up one of the largest seafood companies in North America.

Early this week, leaders of the Membertou and Miawpukek First Nations, both of which are Mi’kmaq communities, reached an agreement to buy Nova Scotia-based Clearwater Seafoods in a deal worth C$1bn (£580m). Heralded as the “single largest investment in the seafood industry by any Indigenous group in Canada”, the landmark deal comes at a critical moment for Indigenous communities in the region, as tensions remain high over their treatied fishing rights.

BUT FOR MOST HYDROXICHLOROQUIN WORKS !!! (- if you don't suffer from Favism and it is not overdosed like in the Oxford trial, whose murders must be investigated.) Prevention: One 100mg tablet  Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) every three weeks (HCQ has haf-life of 21 days in the human body) plus daily Zinc intake. Cure of COVID-19: One 200mg tablet per day for 3 days. The 'Studies' (Oxford, Brazil) where doses of 800-1000mg HCQ per day were administered for 8 days, killed the patients - a clear medical malpractice. (Source: Immunologist and Virologist Prof. Dr. Dolores Cahill as well as the U.S. Frontline Doctors)

UPDATE 25. January 2021: LANCET: "OOPS, SORRY:" Hydroxychloroquine works GREAT against Coronavirus! right on cue!!!

UPDATE 22. December 2020: World’s Second Largest Hydroxychloroquine Plant in Taiwan Blows Up

UPDATE 21. December 2020: Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine increase suicide risk - the warning is official

UPDATE 18. September 2020: Aussie Bureaucrats Deny that HCQ Reduces Death by 73 percent

UPDATE 12. September 2020: The jury is in on Hydroxychloroquine – ‘it saves lives’: Rowan Dean

UPDATE 13. August 2020: Why won’t these medical journals tell the truth about hydroxychloroquine?

UPDATE 10. August 2020: 'It saved my life': Democratic councilman says hydroxychloroquine was key to recovering from COVID

UPDATE 05. August 2020: US ‘frontline’ doctors’ website exposes ‘criminal’ campaign by tech giants, govt agencies to block COVID medicine

UPDATE 28. July 2020: American Frontline Doctors Address treatment for COVID-19 #Hydroxychloroquine & #Zithromax & #Zinc

UPDATE 22. July 2020: Hydroxychloroquine could save up to 100,000 lives if used for COVID-19: Yale epidemiology professor

UPDATE 23. June 2020: Reportedly a major scandal is brewing concerning the HCQ trials in England: Allegedly 1000 dead due to overdose during study at Oxford University.

UPDATE 20. June 2020: Covid-19 Has Turned Public Health Into a Lethal, Patient-Killing Experimental Endeavor

UPDATE 04.June 2020: The study stating "Hydroxychloroquine ineffective" published by the LANCET is fraudulent and was now retracted

UPDATE 24. January 2021: Vehicles burned, shops looted in Dutch curfew protests + latest international updates

UPDATE 23. January 2021: How to Travel Freely, no tests, no Quarantining - Prof. Dolores Cahill

UPDATE 16. January 2021: 30,000 Italian Restaurants Defy Lockdown Rules

UPDATE 15. January 2021: “I Am Open”: 50,000 Italian Restaurant Owners Plan to Ignore Lockdown Huge act of civil disobedience plans to conduct business as usual inspite of “anti-Covid” measures

UPDATE 05. January 2021: Lockdown 3.0 – If at First You Don’t Succeed…

UPDATE 03. January 2021: It is now, right now, the time to decide!


The Fascists in government, their police and partly the military, their fake-news mainstream-media and the dark suites in finance behind it all must be brought to trial for their crimes against humanity. And it must be a trial so that the full truth can be exposed and can come out in order to prevent any future event. Hanging them in the streets - like Mussolini - or shooting them at dawn - like the Ceaușescus - would only cover up the real truth and not prevent rising tyranny.

ICYMI: German Government Uses Lockdown to Sneak Deadly Pesticide + Quarter of known bee species have not been recorded since 1990

Bee-killing pesticides threaten the global food supply

Image: Bee-killing pesticides threaten the global food supplyBy  - 24. January 2021

Neonicotinoids, better known as neonics, are a class of insecticides with a chemical structure that resembles nicotine – a nitrogen-containing compound present in tobacco plants.

Farmers across the United States use pesticides with neonics to protect their crops from pests. But experts find that the use of neonics has disastrous consequences for food production for humans. Daniel Raichel of the environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) said as much in his recent article.

Raichel pointed out that neonics are pervasive contaminants that harm insects, wild animals and even humans. Although research on neonics’ harmful effects is not lacking, farmers often have no choice but to purchase neonics-treated seeds because the companies that own conventional seeds also make neonics.