The Deadly Threat Of Global Environmental Crime Is Finally Recognised

The Deadly Threat Of Global Environmental Crime Is Finally Recognised
Top criminals destroyed this pristine old-growth forest - totally. And Bruno Manser, who faught together with the Penan against it, is still missing and was probably killed.

By Sarawak Report - 4 June 2016

A few greedy individuals are behind global criminal Mafias, that are tearing up the human habitat and destroying the animal and plant life on which we all depend at a terrifying rate.

These Mafias have developed extensive control over countries and ocean areas, where there is weak governance – or in places like Sarawak they are the government, in the person of Taib Mahmud.

Likewise,  Musa Aman in Sabah.  Both these local leaders are propping up the kleptocratic federal government of Najib Razak, which in return allows them free play to personally exploit the Borneo Jungle and export timber corruption worldwide.

Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada

"Canada must put an end to its perennial pattern of violence against and oppression of Indigenous peoples."

Courts in Canada and if failing the ICC must get onto this.

The genocide against Indignous people in Canada has been found to exist and it was enabled by colonial structures and policies maintained over centuries until the present day and it constitutes a root cause of the violence currently being perpetrated against Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA (*) people in Canada.

Thousands of Indigenous women and girls were murdered or disappeared across the country in recent decades are victims of a “Canadian genocide,” says the final report of the CDN$92M national inquiry created to probe the ongoing tragedy.

Reclaiming Power and Place

The National Inquiry’s Final Report reveals that persistent and deliberate human and Indigenous rights violations and abuses are the root cause behind Canada’s staggering rates of violence against Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people. The two volume report calls for transformative legal and social changes to resolve the crisis that has devastated Indigenous communities across the country.

The Final Report is comprised of the truths of more than 2,380 family members, survivors of violence, experts and Knowledge Keepers shared over two years of cross-country public hearings and evidence gathering. It delivers 231 individual Calls for Justice directed at governments, institutions, social service providers, industries and all Canadians.

The Murdering of Julian Assange

Julian Assange is being slowly murdered by “Her Majesty’s Prison Service” at Belmarsh prison in the south-east of London. The prison is notorious for holding people who have never been charged with a crime indefinitely. It is also called the British version of Guantanamo, and, typically used to detain so-called terrorists, thus called by the British police and secret service and aped by the British MSM and establishment. Terrorists that become terrorists by continuous and repeated accusations, by media propaganda, but not necessarily by fact.

Remember, if a lie is repeated often enough it becomes the truth in the minds of the braindead listeners. Its indoctrination of the public to demonize somebody or a group of people, or a country, who could become dangerous for the empire’s vicious and criminal endeavors. That’s what they are doing with Julian Assange. Exactly the same principle is applied, though on a different scale, against President Putin and against Russia and China. And it seems to work in a brainwashed-to-the-core, western society, ran by their spineless European US-vassalic leadership.

“Manufacturing Dissent”: The Anti-globalization Movement is Funded by the Corporate Elites

The People's Movement has been Hijacked

With the "controlled opposition" strategies of the montary elite many civil society organizations have been infiltrated, permeated and corrupted.

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky - Global Research, June 01, 2019 - Global Research 20 September 2010

The author’s introductory quote was first formulated in 2001 in the context of the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City which was held a few months before 9/11

“Everything the [Ford] Foundation did could be regarded as “making the World safe for capitalism”, reducing social tensions by helping to comfort the afflicted, provide safety valves for the angry, and improve the functioning of government (McGeorge Bundy, National Security Advisor to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson (1961-1966), President of the Ford Foundation, (1966-1979))

“By providing the funding and the policy framework to many concerned and dedicated people working within the non-profit sector, the ruling class is able to co-opt leadership from grassroots communities, … and is able to make the funding, accounting, and evaluation components of the work so time consuming and onerous that social justice work is virtually impossible under these conditions” (Paul Kivel, You Call this Democracy, Who Benefits, Who Pays and Who Really Decides, 2004, p. 122 )

UPDATE (18.07.2019): One Twitter account was revived:

UPDATE ( After intervention UNHCR Greece attended now to the case.

UPDATE (24.06.2019): Latest Twitter account for Mrs. Ghada was - now suspended by TWITTER for the 3rd time. TWITTER MUST STOP TO ABUSE VICTIMS.

UPDATE (22.06.2019): The new Twitter account of Mr. Ghada was again suspended by Twitter. We are now collecting case-files for a class action directed at Twitter. If you are a persecuted person / refugee and your Twitter account was your lifeline, but got suspended by Twitter without a valid reason, please report to . All cases will be handled in total confidentiality.

UPDATE (20.06.2019): Mrs. Ghada has a new twitter account for her supporters:   UK ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE STOPS UK WEAPONS SALES TO SAUDI ARABIA


UPDATE (17.06.2019): Two more victims of Saudi violence against women are stuck in Turkey and need assistance to go to a safe country: The relatives of the two young sisters, Ms. Doaa and Ms. Dalal Khalid al Showaiki are hot on their heels to take them back to Saudi Arabia and their Twitter accounts were then blocked by Twitter but have been restored in the meantime after an outcry by human rights organizations.

UPDATE (15.06.2019:) For now Mrs. Ghada and her young family are in a location on the mainland in Greece waiting that the promises coming from one potential third country of asylum materialize. But they are still very vulnerable and endangered.

N.B.: Saudi Arabia is tracking down women who flee the country using mobile phones' IMEI numbers, women's activist reveals and In Arabic

How Twitter Plays a Role in the Downfall of Saudi Activists and Victims of Oppression.

A few months later in the year and it still seems that the crackdown on Saudi Activists remains a challenge within the Arab world and global sphere.

From the death of popular Human Rights Defender, Jamal Khashoggi to the torture and abuse of activists such as Loujain Hathloul, Saudi Arabia is not going down without a fight and proving to the world that they refuse to let anybody or anything decide on how to run the affairs of their country - let alone their own citizen.

Most of what we know and how we know it is influenced by the world of Social Media. Without platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or even Instagram, we would still be under the delusion that countries such as Saudi Arabia are rich and refined countries that are controlled by men and women who are not half-devils behind the scenes.


A People United will Never be Defeated !
and “Without struggle there is no progress.”

Constantly updated and amended - (Refresh your Browser! - or click READ MORE). No time to read and study? - in order to understand or to find an answer to the question: Why does the USA want to impose their kind of "democrazy" on Venezuela and enforce regime-change? - JUST WATCH 2:40 Minute CLIP, read this most important new STUDY as well as the heinous MASTERPLAN and stand by the Venezuelan people in solidarity and friendship.


In situations of war, collective violence or atrocity there is no such thing as a neutral stance. Passive by-standing is aiding and abetting evil. Don’t be complicit. "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor!" - Desmond Tutu

We received many requests from students and scholars, who want to use our Venezuela Files compilation for their project and also e.g. compare the events per timeline with the happenings in their own countries and to strategize. All are permitted and encouraged to do so. If you feel an important piece in the puzzle of this timeline is missing, please send it to info[AT]ecoterra[DOT]info or send your comments to the editor of this segment: Venatrix Fulmen <>

International Law stipulates as early as from 1974: Resolution 3314 of the UNGA prohibited all states from aggression and "any military occupation, however temporary". DON'T LET IT HAPPEN  !

LISTEN WHILE READING: They Don't Care About Us !

It takes wisdom and character to know when an approach has failed ... and stop in order to not jeopardize the people who believed. Guaido unfortunately doesn't have either.

Update FRI 31. May 2019 (vf): New Setback for Guaido: Bolsonaro will Not Receive his “Ambassador” in Brazil
According to information disseminated by the Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, the president of that nation, Jair Bolsonaro, will not receive the credentials of the representative of the deputy Juan Guaidó in that nation, María Teresa Balandria.
This was recorded in a diplomatic note to which the mentioned media had access. It also says that the decision was taken “by military pressure of the Government”.
The note indicates that by next June 4 it is expected that the president of that nation, will receive in the Planalto Palace the credentials of the ambassadors of Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Guinea and Indonesia.
Belandria was initially summoned to this event and later was excluded.

“The Military High Command evaluated that the participation of the Venezuelan opposition would be an unnecessary provocation for the Government of Nicolás Maduro, after that it was possible to reduce the tension between the two countries,” says Folha.
Likewise, the military took into account what happened after the failed coup attempt on 30 April. “The military evaluates that the uprising led by Guaidó on April 30 was not successful and weakened its position,” the note added. (La IguanaTV  - Translated by JRE/EF-OT)

EXCELLENT READING: Naval Blockade of Venezuela in 1902: A Historical Approach to Present Events

​​The Report by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture is Finally Out

The collective persecution and torture of Julian Assange by state- and non-state actors must end now - Nils Melzer, Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment WATCH

12 minutes ago

Clear Verdict By :

has been deliberately exposed, for a period of several years, to progressively severe forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the cumulative effects of which can only be described as psychological ”.

Q: What exactly is “Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment”?
A: In essence, ANY violation of physical, mental or emotional integrity that is incompatible with human dignity. > It is not complicated & it can never be justified... ever!

UN expert says "collective persecution" of Julian Assange must end now

By Science - Vol. 364, Issue 6443, pp. 881-886 - 31 May 2019: PDF
Natural land and water are under threat

Not all that protected, after all

The intention of creating protected natural areas is to protect them in the long term from destructive human activities. Governments do not always follow these intentions, however, and often legally remove protections and reduce the extent of protected areas. Golden Kroner et al. looked across the United States and Amazonia over the past 200 years and found more than 700 such changes, two-thirds of which have occurred since the year 2000 (see the Perspective by Naughton-Treves and Holland). The majority of these were to permit destructive practices, such as resource extraction. Thus, these changes do not just alter status but lead to irreparable environmental harm.

Climate Strike in China: Howey Ou in front of the Great Guilin Regional Government Complex - picture: private

By Lars Wienand/vf - May 28, 2019

The evergreen, fragrant Osmanthus-bushes with lingering scent have given the Chinese megacity Guilin its name: "Forest City of Scented Flowers". Now, that gives a feeling for the problem too. Howey Ou, 16, declared she is on climate strike at the new six-lane road in front of the huge building of the regional government.

Howey announced that she would protest until the government of the world's largest CO2 emitter makes quick and effective climate promises. has reached out to of 16 year young teen. "Every country has to take action NOW," she writes in English. She is not so profocient in that language; sometimes the questions need repetitions until she understands what they mean.


Who has a scythe sharp enough to fell the stalks of capitalism today? It’s not Marx, Lenin or Mao

‘Indigenous people are on the frontlines of movements fighting for a just relationship between humanity and the land.’ Photograph: Helen H Richardson/Denver Post via Getty Images

The western idea of private property is flawed. Indigenous peoples have it right

We live in a world dominated by the principle of private property.

Once indigenous people were dispossessed of their lands, the land was surveyed, subdivided and sold to the highest bidder. From high above, continents now appear as an endless property patchwork of green and yellow farms, beige suburban homes and metallic gray city blocks stretching from sea to shining sea.

The central logic of this regime is productivity, and indeed it has been monstrously productive. In tandem with the industrial revolution, the fruits of billions of acres of dispossessed and parceled indigenous land across the Americas, Africa, Asia, Ireland and Australia enabled two English-speaking empires – first the British and then the American – to rise to global dominance. The latter remains the most productive economy in the world.

UN Officials Concerned Radioactive “Coffin” Is Leaking Into The Pacific Ocean

Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test (rightClick/View)
The "Baker" explosion, part of Operation Crossroads, a nuclear weapon test by the United States military at Bikini Atoll, Micronesia, on 25 July 1946. WikiMediaCommons
By Madison Dapcevich - 27 May 2019

Earlier this month, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres cited concerns that a decades-old nuclear “kind of coffin” could be leaking radioactive fallout into the Pacific Ocean but was still heavily ignored by the rest of the world.

Between 1946 and 1958, the US government tested 67 nuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands, including the 1954 Bravo hydrogen bomb measuring 1,000 times bigger than the atomic bomb on Hiroshima – the biggest and most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated by the US. Testing occurred on the surface of atoll lagoons, many of the islands, and underwater, resulting in it what is known as a “close in” fallout. This contaminated sediment from local islands that eventually flow into the North Pacific Ocean.

The concerns must be taken serious since also Fukushima is still leaking and the Pacific Ocean is now the most nuclear contaminated sea in the world.

NASA's Global Temperature Measurements Are Now Accurate To A Staggering Degree

Global warming is fact. (rightClick/View)
This color-coded map shows global surface temperature anomalies. Higher than normal temperatures are shown in red and lower than normal temperatures are shown in blue. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
By Alfredo Carpineti - 24 May 2019

Researchers have improved the uncertain temperature measurements conducted by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) to incredible precision. As reported in Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, the GISS Surface Temperature (GISTEMP) measurements’ uncertainty has shrunk to just 0.05°C (0.09°F) for data collected in recent decades and to 0.15°C (0.27°F) for measurements taken 140 years ago, when the records began.

The analysis, once again, shows the increase in global temperatures from 1880 to today of about 1.1°C (2°F). It also reestablished 2016 as the hottest year on record, followed by 2017, 2015, and 2018. The 10 hottest years since 1880 have been in the last two decades.

“We’ve made the uncertainty quantification more rigorous, and the conclusion to come out of the study was that we can have confidence in the accuracy of our global temperature series,” lead author Nathan Lenssen, a doctoral student at Columbia University, said in a statement. “We don’t have to restate any conclusions based on this analysis.”

Human warfare is the single most catastrophic event with serious impact for any ecosystem.
Drawing by Nathaniel St. Clair

By (*) - 24. May 2019

“In order to achieve the massive systemic and cultural transformations required for mitigating climate change…we’re going to have to deal with the socially sanctioned, institutionalized violence perpetrated by U.S. foreign policy that is pouring fuel on the fire of global warming.” Stacy Bannerman

Climate Change Causes War ... and vice a versa

There is the close relationship between war and climate change that can be seen in a cycle of feedback loops creating the interlocking crisis. 

Tall and old or dense and young: Which kind of forest is better for the climate?

Redwoods in California
  • Scientists say reforestation and better forest management can provide 18 percent of climate change mitigation through 2030. But studies appear to be divided about whether it’s better to prioritize the conservation of old forests or the replanting of young ones.
  • A closer look, however, reconciles these two viewpoints. While young forests tend to absorb more carbon overall because trees can be crowded together when they’re small, a tree’s carbon absorption rate accelerates as it ages. This means that forests comprised of tall, old trees – like the temperate rainforests of North America’s Pacific coast – are some of the planet’s biggest carbon storehouses.
  • But when forests are logged, their immense stores of carbon are quickly released. A study found the logging of forests in the U.S. state of Oregon emitted 33 million tons of CO2 – almost as much as the world’s dirtiest coal plant.
  • Researchers are calling on industry to help buffer climate change by doubling tree harvest rotations to 80 years, and urge government agencies managing forests to impose their own harvest restrictions.

Regenerate: Formed or created again; spiritually reborn or converted; restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state.Webster

Regenerating soil is key

“Regenerative agriculture provides answers to the soil crisis, the food crisis, the climate crisis and the crisis of democracy.” – Vandana Shiva, Regeneration International Co-Founder

Five years ago, at the massive People’s Climate March in New York City, a small but determined band of food, farm, natural health and climate activists held a press conference at the Rodale Institute in Manhattan, where we announced the formation of a new global network: Regeneration International (RI).

BAYER, DOW, L’OREAL using potentially harmful chemicals illegally – investigation

FILE PHOTO: A Bayer plant in Leverkusen, Germany © Reuters / Ina Fassbender
More than 650 companies are breaking European chemical safety laws, according to an investigation from German environmental group BUND. As a result, potentially harmful chemicals can be found in food, cosmetics, and toys.

“Chemical companies have been disregarding the law for years and getting away with it, selling substances that might cause hormonal cancers, brain disorders and other severe health problems,” said BUND’s chemical policy officer Manuel Fernandez. “EU and national authorities need to raise their game in a big way.”

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) acknowledged that companies have been known to flout chemical safety laws last November, investigating 700 widely used chemicals and finding that two thirds of them broke REACH, the agency’s key safety regulation.