President Uhuru swore to uphold the truth

- please feel encouraged to distribute wide and far

PLEASE NOTE: Kenyans are right now being mislead by confusing statements, saying that "the SGR would connect towns" and making Kenyans in Ngong, Bulbul, Ongata Rongai and Kiserian believe, they could reach Nairobi CBD in future by SGR easier and less endangering than via the congested roads and deadly Matatus. Deliberately these citizens are left in the wrong believe that the SGR would help them in their daily travels from the outskirts to work in Nairobi.

Nothing could be further from the truth than that.

Timothy "Tim" Bell

To counter the Govt/Media propaganda is not so difficult:

First - Do not believe anything the Govt/Media say, until it's officially denied!

Second - Reverse psychology! Believe the opposite the Govt/media say!

Third - Cure yourself from cognitive dissonance!

... and ask yourself why a bit of the truth was only revealed now.

Brit Timothy Bell exposed YOU to Lies, Fake News, Fake Videos and

* Ran $540m covert PR ops in Iraq for Pentagon

Martin Wells worked for Bell Pottinger in Iraq during 2006-8 and called his experience working for these global liars: 

CITES is the wrong tool to really protect life on Earth

Johannesburg - efc - 02.10.2016 - The conference of the parties to the United-Nations (UN) Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES) once again did only proof that the CITES treaty is a toothless instrument when it comes to really enforce protection of endangered species worldwide.

Today's CITES resolution to urge member states to close down domestic ivory markets is nothing but the erected moral finger shown by the self-celebrating delegates and their paid observers from the NGO-world to each other. The resolution has neither legal standing nor is it enforceable - with countries like Japan immediately rebutting it.

Last week the delegates could just avert that the CITES secretariat would once again be allowed to get an ivory marketing office. The "Decision Making Mechanism" (DMM) of CITES, was intended to work out a way for legitimate ivory sales to resume at some point of time in future.

                 Not much left of the once free internet

That You Never Heard About

Transition to ICANN goes ahead despite fear-mongering crusade led by Ted Cruz and other Republican lawmakers

By Lauren McCauley - October 01, 2016

Transition to international multi-stakeholder nonprofit is said to be "the best way to assure that the internet of tomorrow remains as free, open and accessible as the internet of today."

Though Republican lawmakers have painted this moment in Internet history as 'doomsday,' and rallied a last ditch-effort to block it, at midnight on Saturday the U.S. government cede control of the web's core naming directory to a multi-stakeholder nonprofit. 

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a California-based group of international stakeholders will now control the functions of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which includes the database that translates website names into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

— but there is more to this merger than what meets the eye !

BAYER+Monsanto merger created toxic ChemGiant
By Janet Phelan - SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
The chemical giant BAYER has just purchased the agricultural biotechnology company Monsanto for $66 billion. This union is redolent of marriages between members of medieval royalty, accomplished not out of love but out of a desire to keep the goodies in the family while expanding the reach and control of the royals.
And in this case, the real nature of the goodies requires special scrutiny.
Monsanto is hardly an unknown quantity. The global company specializes in herbicides and genetically engineered seeds, most notably Roundup herbicide and the genetically modified Roundup Ready seed. The impact of Roundup has raised levels of alarm, as it is thought to contribute to the worldwide spike in autism, heart disease and other illnesses. Genetically engineered seeds have also engendered concerns and have been connected with an increased risk of certain types of cancer.

- Also Applies to "Remoras"

 - above the law?
By Janet Phelan  - September 30, 2016
“Basic economics would tell us that it is much cheaper to purchase the votes of 5 or 6 justices every six years than it would be to procure the votes of the majority of the 132 members of the Ohio General Assembly every two to four years.” — David Palmer, author of Judicial Misfits: A Factual Expose of an Industry Answerable Only to Itself.
“If experience demands a presumption that a judge will seize every opportunity presented to him in the course of his official conduct to line his pockets, no canon of ethics or statute regarding disqualification can save our judicial system.” — Justice William H. Rehnquist, Sense and Nonsense about Judicial Ethics, 28 Record/Assn. of the Bar of the City of New York p. 694, 699-700 (1973).

and it will develop into the "Disaster Express" or the "Mad Haraka Express"
- if phase II plans are not changed or shelved.

Exitement or Anger - or both?

-vf-  29/09/2016 - The realistic scenario of a speedy train with passengers or explosive goods plunging from an up to 41m high and over 6 km long viaduct to the ground, or getting stuck and burn out in an 5.3 km single pipe tunnel into the rift valley, while generations of Kenyans will suffer under the burden of a horrific construction-debt to be paid back to China for a project that is not feasible according to the WorldBank (*), could become fact. That is, if the ill-advised KRC-SGR phase two is not stopped from implementing its present plans.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) under its then newly appointed board did the first mistake in 2015 by agreeing for phase one that the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) track could be laid along and inside the north-eastern part of Nairobi National Park (NNP) and reach Syokimau's commuter station - instead of routing the commuter-train to Athi River or Konza.


U.S. bombed the wrong troops in Somalia


September 29, 2016 – In the early hours of Wednesday, the U.S. forces, together with Puntland ground troops, attacked military units of Galmudug State of Somalia, using aerial bombardment in an operation dubbed as “counter terrorism against Al Shabaab” at Jeehdin village in Mudug region.

This unprovoked and reckless attack has massacred scores of Galmudug soldiers, including civilian villagers, which represent the first act of war of its kind against the Galmudug State of Somalia, its people and the sovereignty of Somalia under the international law.  

Galmudug administration strongly condemns the cowardly attack against its forces, which also destroyed a water point facility and armed vehicles of the State carrying routing operations to protect the people against the threat Al Qaeda and its affiliates in Somalia.

Governor of Mudug, Mr. Abdirashid Hashi Artan urged security agencies of Galmudug to adopt measures to respond to the blatant aggression staged by Puntland militia who misled U.S. forces with clan-motivated intelligence and logistical support.

Illegal Ivory Trade

CITES species body rejects process for ivory sales

Delegates at the Cites meeting here in Johannesburg have defeated an attempt to set up a process to resume sales of ivory.

Under discussion for eight years, the so-called Decision Making Mechanism was supported by a number of southern African states.

It was intended to work out a way for legitimate ivory sales to resume at some point in the future.

But the Conference of the Parties (COP) heavily rejected the proposal.

Double Dutch

The idea had its origins in a bitterly divided meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) in The Hague in 2007.

Another Bill Gates Hoax

The UCCSN-AL thinks we should be aware of the true aims of companies like Bayer, Monsanto, Syngenta, and Dow Agrochemical, and others, even with glowing reviews from signatories who make GM-promoting claims without data to back them up.

Whether the public at large will take any anti-GM advice based simply on the Nobel pedigree remains to be seen, especially considering that email trails recently revealed that many high-level professors at universities and scientific journals were either bribed or funded by Dow, Syngenta, Monsanto, Bayer AG, and other chemical-ag champions.

Anti SGR Demonstration

- Kenyans say NO to any SGR route crossing the National Park and demand respect for the law.

-vf- Kenyans were alerted last week about public consultations, hastily called for by Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) in connection with the environmental and social impact assessment (EIA) for phase two of the ill-conceived Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

Within just one day notice the stakeholders were forced to be ready and to swallow what the notorious EIA consultant in the case - paid for by the Chinese construction company China Roads and Bridge Corporation/Company (CRBC) - had prepared and wanted to shove down the throats of stakeholders and concerned citizens alike, in order to get the way free for the proponent to proceed with the construction of the ill-planned SGR, though two significant and important court cases against the project being routed through Nairobi National Park are pending and the National Environmental; Tribunal (NET) had already issued a stop order against SGR phase two.

But Kenyans - and here not only the often misquoted "conservationists" but all affected residents - have woken up and immediately spoke out publicly against the planned machinations, threatened further legal action and were prepared to boycott the meetings, thereby achieving that the consultations were called off until further notice, though an official cancellation notice wasn't issued.

Starving Somalis at feeding station

By Thomas C. Mountain (*) 26. September 2016

The UN just announced that due to drought and famine over 300,000 Somali children are suffering from severe malnutrition. This means that over 100 children are already dying everyday from starvation.

Soon the number will reach many hundreds a day, bringing back memories of the most recent Great Horn of Africa drought in 2011-12 when the UN admitted that 250,000, almost entirely children, died from starvation.

And this drought and famine is worse.

The reason so many Somali children are starving to death is triggered by the latest climate disaster in the form of the El Nino drought. But the fact that Somalia itself, this meaning from the former capital Mogadishu south to the Kenyan border, is in a state of foreign occupation and war is exacerbating the situation.

The ongoing war in Somalia was started by the UN back in 2006 when the UN and AU, and ultimately the USA, sanctioned Ethiopian army invaded Somalia and overthrew the existing government headed by the Union of Islamic Courts.

Russell Means’ Wife, Pearl Means, Calls for Boycott of Banks Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline

Pearl Means

Ya’at’eeh My Relatives, I am Pearl Daniel-Means, born into the Ashiihi (Salt) Clan of the Navajo Nation.  It is an honor to be a daughter of White Shell Woman.  My Lakota name is Iyoyanbya Izanzan Win (loose translation: Bright Light). I am blessed to have been born into an ancient culture that begins before time.  My Dineh mandate is to “Walk in Beauty”.  The Indigenous world view that I come from as a woman, mother and grandmother who feels the rhythms of our Grandmother the Earth, has a responsibility to speak at this late hour.

As Women we have been given the honor and responsibility of giving birth, co-creating life.  That life emerges through our being with the umbilical cord always connected always present.  Our Grandmother the Earth is in her last throes of rebirthing, recalibrating to a higher frequency, an amplified vibration that resonates with unconditional love, compassion and nurturing.  All of life, the four legged, the water, the winged and those that crawl within our Grandmother continue to abide by the instructions set forth by our Creator, with the exception of the two legged, we human beings with the ability to reason and free will, have forgotten our original instructions.

America’s mendacious, serial invader,  war criminal, climate criminal and human rights-violating  President Barack Obama made his last speech to the UN General Assembly on 20 September 2016, a speech characterized by massive lying by omission that is far, far worse than lying by commission because the latter can at least be  refuted and subject to public debate. As revealed by Edward Snowden, America spies on everyone in America and the world, but Obama managed to comprehensively ignore a veritable Herd of Elephants in the Room as detailed in the following analysis of his last UN speech. As Dr Paul Craig Roberts has stated: “Washington lies about everything”.

The transcript of President Obama’s final speech to the UN [1] is reproduced  below with key matters he has ignored set out succinctly in square brackets, together with appropriate detailed documentation.

ICJ Decision: The International Court of Justice will begin its deliberations concerning the delimitation of the maritime boundary between Somalia and Kenya

Somali maritime boundary attacked by Kenya

-vf- 23. 09. 2016 - Though Kenya had hoped that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) would throw out Somalia's application in it's first hearing, the court concluded to hold deliberations.

That is the first step in a hopefully speedy process to settle this long pending international dispute.

Though Kenya itself is a signatory to UNCLOS, the United Nations Common Law of the Sea, and thereby bound by the rules and regulations set by this international legislation, Kenya had for many years ignored that part of the law, which clearly determines the delineation of an international boundary between two coastal states on the sea. UNCLOS unmistakably determines it as running 90 degrees to the coastal tangent at the border and not - as Kenya tries to insist - along a latitude.

While ignoring the international law, Kenya had for many years tried not only to change the boundary with Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), drawn up in back-rooms - in part with international help (i.a. Norway) - and signed by unauthorized officials from both sides, but already had cashed in on the maritime resources of that vast triangle of the Indian Ocean by selling concessions for oil-explorations to the known set of "explorers", who run their businesses like Ponzi-schemes, juggling and earning from risk-investment capital (RIC). Thereby RIC is usually nothing else than what the West only calls money laundering when it comes to investments by investors, who are not in line with the western governmental-economic establishments.

Discussion U.S. style

By Thomas C. Mountain (*)

UNICEF oversaw the starvation deaths of at least 250,000 Somalis, mainly children, during the last “Great Horn of Africa Drought”  and famine of 2010-2012 (at the time the worst in 60 years) all the while being led by Anthony “Tony” Lake, former National Security Advisor to President Bill Clinton and failed nominee to head the CIA (nomination withdrawn following corruption reports).

That’s right, Tony Lake was supposed to be the Director of the CIA and instead is Executive Director of the largest aid agency for children and women on the  Planet, UNICEF.

Is it any wonder that the use of mass starvation killing off hundreds of thousands of Somali children at a time, should happen on his watch?

What better way to “reduce the Somali refugee problem” than to only budget 10 cents a day to feed a million internally displaced persons ensuring this would happen, for under Tony Lake’s direction, UNICEF only budgeted $35 million for 2011 to feed a million Somali refugees.

Ten cents a day is not enough to feed anyone anywhere on this planet and Tony Lake knows this better than most, and deliberately and knowing full well what the result would be, failed to provide food for those most vulnerable, children, entrusted to his care,  and mass murder by starvation took place, genocide really.

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