State Sponsors of Surveillance:
The Governments Helping Others Spy

See how powerful governments are financing, training and equipping countries — including authoritarian regimes — with surveillance capabilities.

’Teach ‘em to Phish’ warns that rather than increasing security, state ‘security assistance’ programmes are entrenching authoritarianism, further facilitating human rights abuses against people, and diverting resources from long-term development programmes.

The report explores a range of examples of 'security assistance' programmes:

  • The report provides examples of how US Departments of State, Defense, and Justice all facilitate foreign countries’ surveillance capabilities, as well as an overview of how large arms companies have embedded themselves into such programmes, including at surveillance training bases in the US.
  • The EU and individual European countries are sponsoring surveillance globally. The EU is already spending billions developing border control and surveillance capabilities in foreign countries to deter migration to Europe.
  • Surveillance capabilities are also being supported by China’s government under the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ and other efforts to expand into international markets.

Roundup (Glyphosate) Cancer Case Key Documents & Analysis

Multi District Litigation: More than 450 lawsuits are pending against Monsanto Co. in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, filed by people alleging that exposure to Roundup herbicide caused them or their loved ones to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and that Monsanto covered up the risks. The cases have been combined for handling as multidistrict litigation (MDL) under Judge Vince Chhabria. The lead case is 3:16-md-02741-VC. 

Monsanto sought to have its internal records and communications sealed from public view but the judge has allowed many to be made part of the public record, and these “Monsanto Papers” are contained within the records >>>>> READ MORE

Monsanto's 'cancer-causing' weedkiller
destroyed my life, dying man tells court

Testifying in landmark trial, former school groundskeeper describes suffering allegedly caused by company’s chemicals


The Attackers, and in addition Rwanda President Paul Kagame, The European Union, The WorldBank Group.
"First they stole their forests, now they want to eradicate them!"

Ongoing Genocide Alert:
Armed villagers attack neighbouring Twa community in southern Rwanda

By - July 13, 2018 - InternationalCry

During the night of June 27, 2018, a Twa [often called Batwa] community in the southern province of Rwanda was ambushed from a neighbouring town, leaving one dead and fifteen injured. A group of armed attackers, who are reported to be ethnically in majority Hutu, attacked the largely impoverished Twa households, injuring elders and sending seven to hospital. Only three attackers have been arrested, and the local authorities have blocked journalistic efforts to cover the story.

The attack is a shock to a country that has received international praise for its inter-ethnic reconciliation efforts carried out in response to the genocide in 1994, which saw the majority Hutu population kill approximately 800,000 of the minority Tutsi. The Twa, who are the smallest ethnic group in Rwanda, are an Indigenous and historically forest-dwelling people in the Great Lakes region of Africa, and remain one of the most marginalized groups in the East African region.

Mass Migration Portends Fascism and Biosphere Collapse Unless We Share


There is nowhere to run, Earth is full

Decades of ignoring the converging crises of climate change, ecosystem loss, nationalism, and inequity are reaching their logical conclusion as Europe and America are threatened with inundation by desperate peoples. Not all who wish to come will be able to be housed, and certainly not those arriving illegally, without pulling down host societies. Yet we must hold onto our humanity and work for global justice and ecological sustainability. It is the rich nation’s responsibility to stop ravaging developing nations’ environments, and learn to share including providing massive development aid in place. Or the biosphere collapses and we all die after enduring a dark era of unbearable authoritarian fascism.

- see also Epilogue below

The City of London and Grand Theft Ethiopia

By Thomas C. Mountain - 11. July 2018

For decades now, going back to circa 1983-4 when Bob Geldoff handed over millions in cash to Meles Zenawi during “We Are the World” supposedly for food aid for the victims of what was then the Great Ethiopian Famine, The City of London has been at the heart of Grand Theft Ethiopia - grand theft Africa really. [Also weapons were purchased with aid money.]

Without a place to stash your loot, why steal in the first place? If you can't hide your dirty money where no one can take it from you - why bother?

And this is just what The City of London has been doing, laundering Billion$, some say Tens of Billion$, of stolen “aid” money for the late Ethiopian Gangster Government  lead by Meles Zenawi. War, drought, famine followed by more war, drought and famine, The Horn of Africa maybe better called the Horn of Hunger and thanks to The City of London what was supposed to be used to feed the starving, house the homeless, nurture the sick and educate the illiterate was instead deposited in the financial cesspool calling itself a “City”, population seven thousand.

German Parliament Report: U.S. Presence in Syria Is Illegal

By Moon Of Alabama - July 10, 2018

The Scientific Services of the German Bundestag are the equivalent to the Congressional Research Service in the United States. Members of Parliament can ask the services to give their neutral expert opinions on legal questions and other issues. Opinions by the Scientific Services are held in high regard.

Alexander Neu, a Member of Parliament for the Left Party in Germany, requested an opinion on the legality of the military presence and operations by Russia, the United States and Israel in Syria.

The result (pdf, in German) is quite clear-cut: USA is Illegally in Syria.

- Russia was asked by the recognized government of Syria to help. Its presence in Syria is without doubt legal under International Law.

- U.S. activities in Syria can be seen as two phases:

Above photo: From YouTube.


In addition to the official petition (please see below and sign up) addressed to the United Nations and the international community, ECOTERRA Intl. and friends of Peoples close to Nature (fPcN-intercultural) together with their affiliates and supporters worldwide, call for:

BOYCOTT INDONESIA !!!– until the rights of the aboriginal peoples of West Papua are respected and their independence is restored.

West Papua (made up of the two provinces of Papua and West Papua also known as Western New Guinea – formerly Irian Jaya) is the western half of the island of New Guinea and is distinct from the independent country of the nation of Papua New Guinea. It is known by the Jakarta administration simply as Papua.

The United States generates most of the wars and does most of the fighting, but Europe gets the majority of the terrorist blowback. What kind of a deal is that for Europe? War endangers us all; it does not protect us.   

Remarks Delivered by Pat Elder for World BEYOND War at the No to War, No to NATO Summit, Brussels, July 8, 2018   

By Pat Elder (*) World Beyond War  - July 8, 2018

Aren’t there any American flags flying here? Are we going to salute the troops? Pledge allegiance to the flag? No? What kind of empire is this?

A largely ignorant American public is the propane that fires the stove of Trump’s brand of fascism.

An overwhelming majority of the American public is convinced that Trump is a liar who does not “share their values” or “care about people like them.” At the same time, many believe that he can “get things done.”

The neo-liberal order we loathe involves dumbing down the American public to accept 18th century notions of unbridled capitalism. The high school textbooks glorify war and empire. God and the flag and the church and the military and Jesus and America and mom and apple pie are mixed in a kind of patriotic pablum that is fed daily to the masses.

Volunteers at Radiation Free Lakeland (nuclear safety campaign group based in Cumbria) have been sending soil and sand samples from West Cumbria’s coastline to the US for testing.  The resulting report doesn’t tell the whole story as funding meant only two isotopes were tested for …even so fully one third of ALL samples tested contain levels of americium and cesium which are dangerous to health.
This has been sent to local and national press and Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, It has not been published in the press.
Arnie Gundersen former US nuclear regulator has said:

I met Marianne back in 2014 when her group hosted me for a series of speeches in the Cumbria region. Some of the samples I took back then were as radioactive as Fukushima. The UK samples contain largely Americium, a manmade transuranic element associated with bomb making. We still need funding to analyze the remainder of the UK samples. Where there is Americium there is likely Plutonium but we have not look for it yet. As usual, the governments have the money as Fairewinds searches for the truth!


It is important to note that this beach radiation was NOT found by prospecting with a geiger counter looking for hot spots. Rather, citizen scientists just took dirt/sand samples randomly between the low and high tide marks and then mailed the samples with a GPS location to be analyzed here in the US. The UK government has been covering up the severity of the radiation in the Irish Sea and on Cumbria’s beaches.

Is the world running out of sand?
The truth behind stolen beaches and dredged islands

The insatiable demand of the global building boom has unleashed an illegal market in sand. Gangs are now stealing pristine beaches to order and paradise islands are being dredged and sold to the construction industry

Paradise is a beach, we are told. Pristine white or coral pink. We leaf through brochures in search of perfect sand. There is a Paradise Beach on Barbados, and in Croatia, and Thailand, and South Africa, too. In every tourist-hungry part of the globe, in fact. The naturalist Desmond Morris believes that, as descendants of water-loving apes, we are hard-wired to seek out these places, lulled by the rhythmic advance and retreat of the ocean as we soak up the sun, sand grains trickling through our workless fingers.

And so much to go around. Man has always used sand as an analogy for the infinite, a limitless resource, ordinary and yet magical, incapable of exhaustion. When astronomers seek to impress upon us the size of the universe, they speak of stars being more numerous than grains of sand. There are quite a few grains, as it happens – 7.5 x 10 to the 18th power, according to researchers at the University of Hawaii. That’s 7 quintillion, 500 quadrillion – give or take the odd trillion.

Indigenous Peoples Reject Mexican Elections With Blockades, Protests

Published 30 June 2018
Indigenous peoples across Mexico will refrain from voting in Sunday's national elections and some have banned the electoral process in their territories.  

While millions of Mexicans will vote Sunday, in the country’s largest national and local elections, some Indigenous communities have vowed to boycott voting in their territories as a way to protest a political system that excludes them and threatens their interest.

“The politicians haven’t done anything besides enriching themselves, and they’ve left us behind,” said Antonio Arriola, a member of the Indigenous Governing Council.

The Council, self-defined as “the collective word from below and to the left,” was created in December 2016 and consist of over 43 Indigenous Nationalities.

Mexico's Indigenous Council Continues Campaign Despite Violence

Residents in Michoacan have destroyed campaign signs and set up roadblocks to prevent government officials from delivering ballot boxes. According to electoral authorities, 16 towns in the state of Michoacan are “unviable.”