By Finian CUNNINGHAM | StrategicCulture | 02.08.2018

The apparent assassination of a highly regarded public figure has rocked Ethiopia to its core. Simegnew Bekele, the architect overseeing a prestigious hydroelectric project in Ethiopia, was shot dead last week in the capital Addis Ababa by an unknown attacker. Many people in the Horn of Africa country are now suspecting a foreign hand behind his brutal slaying.


Bekele (53) was a much-loved public figure. He was seen as embodying a vision for Ethiopia’s political independence and economic development. The hydroelectric dam he oversaw was his life’s work and he was revered by the wider population for his dedication.

Now what appears to be his cold-blooded murder has shocked the nation.

PICTURE: Funeral

Bantu Migrations

Will South Africa Pass New Law to "Legally" Confiscate White Farmer's Land ?

Ramaphosa vowed to return farmland owned by the white farmers since 1600s
By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle - 1st August 2018

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has ruled that African National Congress must now initiate a parliamentary process to reserve the right of legalized land grabs of white farmer's land without compensation.

Ramaphosa, who previously vowed to return farmland owned by the white farmers since the 1600s to the country's black population, said on Tuesday that ANC would introduce a constitutional amendment in parliament.

Ramaphosa, who is a millionaire ex-businessman, said "it has become pertinently clear that our people want the constitution to be more explicit" in his proposal.


July 29, 2018




The citizens of the world present this document to the CITES Committee with documentation outlining their failures committed against the endangered species of this planet and declare a ‘Vote Of No Confidence’ against the organisation and demand CITES to be replaced immediately by a Protection of Endangered Species Committee headed by various NGO’s who have a vested interest in the welfare and the survival of not only endangered species, but all animals and plants on the planet.

The arrogance and non accountability displayed by CITES, their lack of communication with the public, the endless emails sent by countless citizens that go unanswered is unacceptable as is the unanswered questions asked on their Facebook page just goes to show their guilt in the part they have played in the various atrocities against the wildlife which is detailed as follows.

Someone Finally Traced Al-Qaeda Weapons
in Syria Back to Their Original Sellers

Written by  Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - July 29, 2018

(ZHE— Finally, a journalist for a mainstream UK media outlet is methodically tracking weapons shipment serial numbers and English-language paperwork recovered from al-Qaeda groups in Syria, and he’s literally showing up at arms factories and questioning arms dealers, including officials at the Saudi Embassy in London, asking: why are your weapons in the hands of terrorists?

Veteran Middle East war correspondent Robert Fisk recently published a bombshell report entitled, I traced missile casings in Syria back to their original sellers, so it’s time for the west to reveal who they sell arms toIn it Fisk recalls a bit of detective sleuthing he’s lately been engaged in after stumbling upon a batch of missile casings and shipment paperwork last year hidden in what he describes as “the basement of a bombed-out Islamist base in eastern Aleppo” with the words “Hughes Aircraft Co/Guided Missile Surface Attack” emblazoned on the side of the spent tubes.

In Refusing To Defend Assange,
MainStream Media Expose Their True Nature

By Caitlin Johnstone (*) - 28. July 2018

Last Tuesday a top lawyer for the New York Times named David McCraw warned a room full of judges that the prosecution of Julian Assange for WikiLeaks publications would set a very dangerous precedent which would end up hurting mainstream news media outlets like NYT, the Washington Post, and other outlets which publish secret government documents.

“I think the prosecution of him would be a very, very bad precedent for publishers,” McCraw said. “From that incident, from everything I know, he’s sort of in a classic publisher’s position and I think the law would have a very hard time drawing a distinction between The New York Times and WikiLeaks.”

Do you know where I read about this? Not in the New York Times.

- A Strange Convergence

By Janet Phelan (*) - July 27, 2018

The peculiar convergence of technologies which seem on the surface to stand in opposition to each other may, in fact, be working towards a common goal of reinventing life as we know it.

What we are referring to here are technologies which seem to be in the service of creating life and those which are directly implicated in exterminating life.

On the one hand, we see, as in the recent reports of successful artificial manufacture of a rodent embryo, where science is increasingly leveraging towards breaking the God Barrier, in its attempts to create life from non- life. This subtrend, (or is it a primary impetus?) in the life sciences took a major stride forward when the human genome was sequenced back around the turn of the new millennium.

Articles now proliferate on genetic sequencing of diseases as well as on the emerging technologies of gene editing. With the advent of genetic editing tools, such as CRISPR Cas9, the ability of science to reconfigure life, to alter its basic code, became a reality. Even in the face of recent publications stating that CRISPR Cas9 is not the precise tool it was first thought to be, and is in fact more like an axe or shredder than a scalpel, science’s infatuation with gene editing marches on.

As a Dam Rises in Ethiopia, Its Manager Is Found Dead

Death of Dam Official Fuels Unease in Ethiopia.

By Declan Walsh, Somini Sengupta and Hadra Ahmed - NYT - July 26, 2018
The manager of a $4 billion dam under construction on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia was found shot dead on Thursday, drawing an anguished reaction from Ethiopia’s leaders and setting on edge one of Africa’s most contentious development projects.
The project manager, Semegnew Bekele, who was overseeing the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, was found slumped behind the wheel of his Toyota Land Cruiser in Meskel Square in the capital, Addis Ababa, at 8:30 a.m. He had a gunshot wound to his head, the federal police commissioner, Zeinu Jamal, told reporters.

The police also found a pistol inside the car and were trying to identify its owner, Mr. Jamal said. The police commissioner did not say whether he suspected foul play, fueling speculation that the death was linked to Mr. Semegnew’s work.

Gene-Edited Products Now Classified as GMOs in European Union

By   - CC0 Public Domain

The European Court of Justice ruled Wednesday that organisms obtained by mutagenesis, or gene editing, are considered genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which mean they fall under the same strict EU rules that govern GMOs.

The decision is a victory for organic farming associations and environmentalists wary of "GMO 2.0" techniques such as CRISPR gene editing that alter an organism's DNA.

"These new 'GMO 2.0' genetic engineering techniques must be fully tested before they are let out in the countryside and into our food," Mute Schimpf, food and farming campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe said in a press release. "We welcome this landmark ruling which defeats the biotech industry's latest attempt to push unwanted genetically-modified products onto our fields and plates."

The biotech industry and other gene editing proponents believe the novel technique can revolutionize food production, medicine and other areas. Compared to older GMO technology, which typically involves inserting genetic material from one species to another, gene editing uses "molecular scissors" to edit DNA of live organisms. For instance, scientists have created a mushroom that resists browning by using the genome-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9.

The German chemical industry association VCL, which represents companies such as Bayer, BASF and Merck KGaA, was disappointed by the court's ruling, calling it "backward looking and hostile to progress," Reuters reported.

Imminent threat to Julian Assange
underscores need for global defence movement

By Mike Head - WSW - 23 July 2018

Credible reports indicate that Ecuador’s government is about to renege on the political asylum it granted to WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange and hand him over to British police, possibly within days.

The reports also indicate that Assange would be subjected to lengthy imprisonment by the British authorities, perhaps for two years or more, pending extradition to the US, where he could face the death penalty on espionage and conspiracy charges.

These developments underscore the necessity to deepen the fight for a powerful international working-class movement for his freedom and for the defence of all basic democratic rights.

Urgent protests are being organised in many countries to respond when Assange is evicted from Ecuador’s London embassy. Click here for details. The WSWS endorses such demonstrations and urges its readers to participate. Such action, however, will be the beginning of a protracted campaign to defend Assange and oppose the increasing attack and censorship on critical voices and independent media on the Internet.

"Thanks to WikiLeaks, it has been possible to reveal the true face of the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq, the identities of Guantanamo detainees , the scandals and embarrassing diplomatic deals contained in 251,287 U.S. diplomacy cables, such as pressure from the U.S. to neutralize Italian prosecutors investigating the extraordinary rendition of the Milan cleric, Abu Omar," writes Stefania Maurizi.

Inside WikiLeaks:
Working With the Publisher That Changed the World

Like its work or not, WikiLeaks is an independent media organization that doesn't have to rely on traditional media to publish its scoops.

by Consortium News

Silenced and cut off from the outside world, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been confined to the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the last six years with no access to sunlight, fresh air, or proper medical treatment. Furthermore, last March President Lenin Moreno’s Ecuadorian government cut his access to the internet, phone calls and even visitors and journalists. For a man who has already been confined to the embassy for so long, these restrictions are particularly harsh.
"Like its work or not, WikiLeaks is an independent media organization that doesn’t have to rely on traditional media to publish its scoops. Indeed it was founded to bypass the legal qualms traditional media may have about publishing classified information."

Really ??? - If Lenín Boltaire Moreno Garcés (aka Lenin Moreno), the current president of Ecuador, would actually go so far to deliver Julian Assange to the Anglo-American butcher-blocks, then he must realize that it would badly backfire to himself - not just for bad Karma - as well as to his regime.
He surely would also disqualify and isolate Ecuador in the eyes of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, which just ruled on 13th July 2018 that
governments are obliged to provide safe passage out of the country to those granted asylum. The ruling did not name Assange, who is also a citizen of Ecuador, but it was a powerful rebuke to the British government, which has refused to allow the WikiLeaks co-founder safe passage to the airport.

Ecuador Will Imminently Withdraw Asylum for Julian Assange
and Hand Him Over to the UK
What Comes Next?

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno traveled to London on Friday for the ostensible purpose of speaking at the 2018 Global Disabilities Summit (Moreno has been using a wheelchair since being shot in a 1998 robbery attempt). The concealed, actual purpose of the President’s trip is to meet with British officials to finalize an agreement under which Ecuador will withdraw its asylum protection of Julian Assange, in place since 2012, eject him from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and then hand over the WikiLeaks founder to British authorities.

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