The Bayer-Monsanto Merger Is Bad News for the Planet
APR 03, 2018 - TruthDig


Two new studies from Europe show that the number of birds in agricultural areas of France has crashed by a third in just 15 years, with some species being almost eradicated. The collapse in the bird population mirrors the discovery last October that more than three quarters of all flying insects in Germany have vanished in just three decades. Insects are the staple food source of birds, the pollinators of fruits and the aerators of the soil.

UNHCR, AU and Zambia fail to uphold the Refugee Conventions

Zambia denies Zimbabwe politician Tendai Biti political asylum.

Zambian Foreign Minister Joe Malanji told the BBC that Mr Biti's grounds for asylum were weak and that Mr. Biti was being kept in "safe custody" until he returned to Zimbabwe.

Not even a murmur from UNHCR.

Correspondents say there is a climate of fear in Zimbabwe, with some members of the opposition arrested and others going into hiding - while the people of Zimbabwe are in uproar over the botched election.

Returning Mr. Biti to Zimbabwe would amount to internationally outlawed REFOULEMENT. At least safe passage to a country, which would grant asylum, must be safeguarded.

Did “The Crocodile” Steal Zimbabwe’s Election?

By Thomas Mountain (*) - 08. August 2018

Exclusive Interview with
Leader of Indigenous Political Party in Nicaragua on Current Student-Led Protests

By (*) - IC - August 6, 2018


Brooklyn Rivera

The famed Miskito Indigenous leader, Brooklyn Rivera, has been dealing with various manifestations of the FLSN (Sandinista) Party for decades.

He famously fought alongside AIM (American Indian Movement) founder and activist, Russell Means in the 1980’s. Means, who was injured by a Sandinista bomb while fighting alongside the Miskito, deemed their fight to defend an ancient indigenous territory from Sandinista nationalization and occupation as the ‘foremost struggle for Indigenous sovereignty in the world’.

It was dubbed by some U.S. media as ‘the last Indian war’; and Means would eventually go on to petition assistance from the U.S. government to support the Miskito as they had been supporting the Contras. He implied it would finally give them (the U.S.) a chance to be on the right side of an Indigenous cause.

“Seven Capital Vices” of China in Africa:
How Capital Are They Really?

By Andrey Kortunov  August 04 ,2018

PICTURE: President of China Xi Jinping arrives for the second day of the Summit at the Sandton International Convention Centre. Image credit: GovernmentZA/ flickr)

The recent tenth BRICS Summit in Johannesburg and the forthcoming China-Africa Cooperation Summit in Beijing bring the Chinese-African relations to the center of political and academic discussions.  The Chinese advance in Africa since the turn of the century have been spectacular: from a relatively low key player, Beijing has grown into the largest trading partner and into one of the main sources of FDI for African countries, by far surpassing highly volatile US investments.  This trend is hardly surprising – the booming Chinese economy needs more and more energy and raw materials, it is aggressively cultivating foreign markets to sustain its export-led industries. With significant excess capacities, Chinese financial institutions are relentlessly exploring new opportunities to park their huge currency reserves. So, why not Africa? However, the Chinese role in the continent – like any Chinese step beyond its borders – is subject to a scrutiny by foreign politicians and experts, who are not always unbiased and fair to Beijing. Let us go through a standard list of “seven capital vices” or “seven deadly sins”, which they in the West routinely attribute to the Chinese posture in Africa.

U2’s Bono and the CIA;
The Dangers of Celebrity Activists

By Thomas Mountain (*) - 03. August 2018

U2’s Bono picked a Capo Grande from the US intelligence community to run his “One” NGO, choosing Gayle Smith, who as Senior Director of the US National Security Council and Special Advisor to President Barack Obama used to tell the CIA what to do, especially when it came to Africa.

Ms. Smith, also known as “Obama’s Quiet Consigliere”, is infamous for her heart felt eulogy based on over 30 years of friendship at the funeral for Meles Zenawi, today Ethiopia’s “No.1 Most Hated Person”.

Previously head of USAID, known in Cuba as USCIA, Ms. Smith got her start putting time in on the front lines for the agency fresh out of college spending years as a “journalist” (clergy and journalists are two of the CIA’s favorite covers) in the Horn of Africa of all places.

After years of paying her dues “where diarrhea is a way of life” she became a favorite of Madeline Albright and was awarded the Chief of Staff position at USAID in 1994 only three years after ending her journalism career. Think about it, “Award Winning Journalist” to day to day control of some 10,000 employees and Billion$ to spend in only 3 years? USAID or USCIA?

By Finian CUNNINGHAM | StrategicCulture | 02.08.2018

The apparent assassination of a highly regarded public figure has rocked Ethiopia to its core. Simegnew Bekele, the architect overseeing a prestigious hydroelectric project in Ethiopia, was shot dead last week in the capital Addis Ababa by an unknown attacker. Many people in the Horn of Africa country are now suspecting a foreign hand behind his brutal slaying.


Bekele (53) was a much-loved public figure. He was seen as embodying a vision for Ethiopia’s political independence and economic development. The hydroelectric dam he oversaw was his life’s work and he was revered by the wider population for his dedication.

Now what appears to be his cold-blooded murder has shocked the nation.

PICTURE: Funeral

Bantu Migrations

Will South Africa Pass New Law to "Legally" Confiscate White Farmer's Land ?

Ramaphosa vowed to return farmland owned by the white farmers since 1600s
By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle - 1st August 2018

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has ruled that African National Congress must now initiate a parliamentary process to reserve the right of legalized land grabs of white farmer's land without compensation.

Ramaphosa, who previously vowed to return farmland owned by the white farmers since the 1600s to the country's black population, said on Tuesday that ANC would introduce a constitutional amendment in parliament.

Ramaphosa, who is a millionaire ex-businessman, said "it has become pertinently clear that our people want the constitution to be more explicit" in his proposal.


July 29, 2018




The citizens of the world present this document to the CITES Committee with documentation outlining their failures committed against the endangered species of this planet and declare a ‘Vote Of No Confidence’ against the organisation and demand CITES to be replaced immediately by a Protection of Endangered Species Committee headed by various NGO’s who have a vested interest in the welfare and the survival of not only endangered species, but all animals and plants on the planet.

The arrogance and non accountability displayed by CITES, their lack of communication with the public, the endless emails sent by countless citizens that go unanswered is unacceptable as is the unanswered questions asked on their Facebook page just goes to show their guilt in the part they have played in the various atrocities against the wildlife which is detailed as follows.

Someone Finally Traced Al-Qaeda Weapons
in Syria Back to Their Original Sellers

Written by  Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - July 29, 2018

(ZHE— Finally, a journalist for a mainstream UK media outlet is methodically tracking weapons shipment serial numbers and English-language paperwork recovered from al-Qaeda groups in Syria, and he’s literally showing up at arms factories and questioning arms dealers, including officials at the Saudi Embassy in London, asking: why are your weapons in the hands of terrorists?

Veteran Middle East war correspondent Robert Fisk recently published a bombshell report entitled, I traced missile casings in Syria back to their original sellers, so it’s time for the west to reveal who they sell arms toIn it Fisk recalls a bit of detective sleuthing he’s lately been engaged in after stumbling upon a batch of missile casings and shipment paperwork last year hidden in what he describes as “the basement of a bombed-out Islamist base in eastern Aleppo” with the words “Hughes Aircraft Co/Guided Missile Surface Attack” emblazoned on the side of the spent tubes.

In Refusing To Defend Assange,
MainStream Media Expose Their True Nature

By Caitlin Johnstone (*) - 28. July 2018

Last Tuesday a top lawyer for the New York Times named David McCraw warned a room full of judges that the prosecution of Julian Assange for WikiLeaks publications would set a very dangerous precedent which would end up hurting mainstream news media outlets like NYT, the Washington Post, and other outlets which publish secret government documents.

“I think the prosecution of him would be a very, very bad precedent for publishers,” McCraw said. “From that incident, from everything I know, he’s sort of in a classic publisher’s position and I think the law would have a very hard time drawing a distinction between The New York Times and WikiLeaks.”

Do you know where I read about this? Not in the New York Times.

- A Strange Convergence

By Janet Phelan (*) - July 27, 2018

The peculiar convergence of technologies which seem on the surface to stand in opposition to each other may, in fact, be working towards a common goal of reinventing life as we know it.

What we are referring to here are technologies which seem to be in the service of creating life and those which are directly implicated in exterminating life.

On the one hand, we see, as in the recent reports of successful artificial manufacture of a rodent embryo, where science is increasingly leveraging towards breaking the God Barrier, in its attempts to create life from non- life. This subtrend, (or is it a primary impetus?) in the life sciences took a major stride forward when the human genome was sequenced back around the turn of the new millennium.

Articles now proliferate on genetic sequencing of diseases as well as on the emerging technologies of gene editing. With the advent of genetic editing tools, such as CRISPR Cas9, the ability of science to reconfigure life, to alter its basic code, became a reality. Even in the face of recent publications stating that CRISPR Cas9 is not the precise tool it was first thought to be, and is in fact more like an axe or shredder than a scalpel, science’s infatuation with gene editing marches on.