UPDATE 02. May 2020: COVID-19 Is a Vascular Disease: Coronavirus’ Spike Protein Attacks Vascular System on a Cellular Level

PROLOGUE: As assumed earlier, the contagion dubbed SARS-CoV-2 is rather a self-replicating neurotoxic bio-chemical agent than just a 'virus' and can be used as weapon. Any government, which does not immediately engage in tracing the origin of this lab-fabricated pathogen and enables a still not yet founded but urgently required Independent International Trial to find the real truth of the pandemic and those responsible, must be seen as what it then is: An accomplice and partner in crimes against humanity.

Severe brain damage possible even with mild coronavirus symptoms

MRI scan of brainAccording to British neurologists, COVID-19 can cause serious damage to the brain and central nervous system. Such damage can lead to psychosis, paralysis and strokes, which are often detected in their late stages.

By DW - 09. July 2020

There are numerous signs that the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 not only attacks the lungs and respiratory tract, but also other organs on a massive scale.It can severely affect the heart, vessels, nerves, kidneys, and skin. 

British neurologists have now published shocking details in the journal "Brain," which suggests SARS-CoV-2 can cause severe brain damage — even in patients with mild symptoms or those in recovery. Often this damage is detected very late or not at all.

UPDATE 02. May 2021: Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Lays out Plan to Control the Global Internet: Leaked Documents

UPDATE 29. April 2021: Bill Gates, China, 23andMe, and Your DNA

UPDATE 23. Nov. 2019: Officials speaking for CCP China are stating that Wang Liqiang had been accused of economic crimes and actually would be a fugitive - a rather lame counter-claim issued by the surprised Chinese. A man claiming to have worked as a secret Chinese operative for five years says Beijing has directed overseas assassinations, including in HongKong, Taiwan and on Australian soil.

  • Wang Liqiang has provided new information about the kidnapping of five booksellers from Hong Kong and their rendition to mainland China, according to Nine Newspapers

  • He has also reportedly revealed information about spies from Beijing infiltrating the Hong Kong democracy movement, Taiwan's elections and involvement in Australian affairs

ICYMI: China’s gold-backed crypto looming as ‘Pearl Harbor type event’ for US dollar in 2020 – Keiser Report

Defecting Chinese spy offers information trove to Australian government

A Chinese spy has risked his life to defect to Australia and is now offering a trove of unprecedented inside intelligence on how China conducts its interference operations abroad.

Wang “William” Liqiang is the first Chinese operative to ever blow his cover. He has revealed the identities of China’s senior military intelligence officers in Hong Kong, as well as providing details of how they fund and conduct political interference operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

Mr Wang has taken his material to Australia's counter-espionage agency, ASIO, and is seeking political asylum – potentially opening another front in Australia’s challenging bilateral relationship with China.

Blood donations are important and save lives, but the mass use of COVID-19 vaccines all of which are in the early clinical research stage raises questions. 

Is it safe to receive a vaccine from a person who received the experimental medical treatment? 

Can we request blood from non-vaccinated people as a safety precaution?

I decided to check what the blood donation websites of several countries say about it. What I found isn’t something you may want to hear.

You can get blood from the vaccinated by COVID-19 and you have no choice! 

The Nuremberg Doctors Trial and Modern Medicine’s Panic Promotion of the FDA’s Experimental and Unapproved COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

By Dr. Gary G. Kohls and Prof Michel Chossudovsky - 30 April 2021

Introduction and Summary by Dr. Gary Kohls

Should Medically-degreed physicians in the NIH, the CDC, the NIAID and the FDA (all of whom presumably pledged the hippocratic oath at the beginning of their medical careers) who then vigorously promoted the untested (long-term), experimental emergency use authorized (EEUA) Covid-19 Vaccines, be subject to the Nuremberg Code of Ethics?

And should they be prosecuted if found guilty, given the fact that the vaccine recipients have not been fully informed about the unknown long-term risks of the experimental vaccines?

PROLOGUE: UNfortunately the author, though he made a considerable effort to look at the question he investigated from all sides, failed to dig just a little bit deeper – especially into the findings of the WHO/UN report. But then, such would have made it impossible for him to write this rather diplomatic piece, though he comes to the same conclusion as others, who were more hard hitting in bringing out the truth. However, also this publication dismisses any possibility of a natural origin and with this that cheap escape route for those responsible should be closed now for good.

Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan?

The spike proteins on the coronavirus’s surface determine which animal it can infect. CDC.gov

By Nicholas Wade - 30. April 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted lives the world over for more than a year. Its death toll will soon reach three million people. Yet the origin of pandemic remains uncertain: the political agendas of governments and scientists have generated thick clouds of obfuscation, which the mainstream press seems helpless to dispel.

In what follows I will sort through the available scientific facts, which hold many clues as to what happened, and provide readers with the evidence to make their own judgments. I will then try to assess the complex issue of blame, which starts with, but extends far beyond, the government of China.

By the end of this article, you may have learned a lot about the molecular biology of viruses. I will try to keep this process as painless as possible. But the science cannot be avoided because for now, and probably for a long time hence, it offers the only sure thread through the maze.

UPDATE 29. April 2021: DO NOT Get Tested - Close Up Of Swabs (video)

UPDATE 25. April 2021: New microscopy photos of covid swabs, covid masks and mysterious red and blue fibers

PCR-test swab-stick particles can act like asbestos in the body

PCR-test swabs contain silver, aluminium, titanium, glass fibres etc.

The experimental physicist and biomaterials researcher Prof. Antonietta Gatti has examined various PCR test sticks under the microscope and analysed their contents. The irritating result: they are made of hard materials and contain a large number of (nano-)particles of silver, aluminium, titanium, glass fibres, etc. - some of which are not declared in the package insert.

If these get into the mucous membrane, they can cause wounds and inflammations, according to the scientist. ENT doctors have told 2020News that they are noticing more hardened mucous membranes in people who are frequently tested for SARS-CoV-2. Mucous membranes that are no longer intact can no longer do their job of fighting off viruses, bacteria and fungi before they reach the respiratory tract, as paediatrician Eugen Janzen also reports. The germs thus penetrate the respiratory tract without any immune filter. Particularly problematic in this context: the warm breathing moisture under the masks is the ideal breeding ground for germs of all kinds.

UPDATE 29. April 2021: Dr. Vernon Coleman - A Syringe Full Of Death

UPDATE 28. April 2021: DOCTORS WORLDWIDE ARE EXPOSING THE CORONA 'VACCINE' SIDE EFFECTS + CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: Two Year Old Baby Died Within Six Days Of Taking Second Shot Of Pfizer Vaccine In Clinical Trials On Children

Two Year Old Baby Died Within Six Days Of Taking Second Shot Of Pfizer Vaccine In Clinical TrialsUPDATE 26. April 2021: World Doctors Alliance Update Video

UPDATE 24. April 2021: ALERT ALERT ALERT - French drug evaluation center concludes: ‘All 4 COVID 'vaccines' should be discontinued’ + Nurse Warns: Stay Away From 'Vaccinated' People

UPDATE 22. April 2021: Dr. Michael Yeadon on Vaccine Passports: We Will be Standing at the “Gates of Hell” if Implemented, and They Will Push Us In

UPDATE 20. April 2021: The Doctors Speak - The 'Vaccinated' Will Be A Danger To The 'Unvaccinated' - and it is NOT a 'vaccine'.

UPDATE 15.-17. April 2021: Indian celeb actor Vivekh passes away 2 days after bragging while receiving COVID shot.

UPDATE 16. April 2021: Beware of Covid PCR Testing and the Relentless “Vaccinate Vaccinate Vaccinate” Campaign

UPDATE 14. April 2021 - Experimental J&J Covid-19 vaccine halted in U.S. due to deadly blood clots… yet no one is allowed to mention vaccine injuries or deaths

ICYMI: And the benefits of getting the COVID -19 vaccines are… (totally FREE e-BOOK)

Denmark permanently bans Covid-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca over deadly blood clots

Denmark permanently bans Covid-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca over deadly blood clotsBy Ethan Huff - 14. April 2021

Following an in-depth safety review, Denmark has decided to permanently ban the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection from AstraZeneca due to the risk of deadly blood clots.

The first European nation to do so, Denmark determined that continuing to administer AstraZeneca’s China Virus jab to Danes puts them at undue risk of suffering serious adverse events.

While some recipients suffered deadly blood clots, others experienced low blood platelet counts. Both phenomena render the injection dangerous, officials determined.

UPDATE 29. April 2021: Video: The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis - Webinar

COVID-19: Closing Down the Economy Is Not the Solution

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky - 21. April 2020 (video)

Millions of people have lost their jobs, and their lifelong savings. In developing countries, poverty and despair prevail. 

While the lockdown is presented to public opinion as  the sole means to resolving a global public health crisis,  its devastating economic and social impacts are casually ignored.  

The unspoken truth is that the novel coronavirus provides a pretext to powerful financial interests and corrupt politicians to precipitate the entire World into a spiral of  mass unemployment, bankruptcy and extreme poverty. 

This is the true picture of what is happening.

How is it implemented?

UPDATE 28. April 2021: Bill Gates Is LYING TO YOU On Vaccine Patent Protection

Part 1: Philanthropic Narrative Shaping

Bill GatesBy Derrick Broze - 23. - 29. May 2020

Part 2+3 below and Links to the versions in FRENCH see at the end.

In the first few months of 2020, business tycoon and billionaire Bill Gates saw his popularity soar through the roof. According to YouGov, 58 percent of Americans polled about Gates had a positive opinion of him, he is equally liked by men and women, and both Boomers and Millennials adore him. Gates’ popularity might have increased due to a viral Netflix documentary about his life being released in late 2019. Combine that positive press with a wave of media interviews seeking the guidance of the man who “predicted” the next major pandemic, and voila – Bill Gates is a superhero here to save the planet from impending doom.

UPDATE 28. April 2021: BE AWARE: Radiation threat to all life on planet Earth

UPDATE 03. April 2021: First success of the resistance: Sweden rejects Bill Gates-funded sunlight attenuation experiment

UPDATE 11. March 2021: MUST URGENTLY WATCH: The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary - GLOBAL ALERT

ICYMI: Crosswalk -- The sun thief


Bill Gates' Controversial Plan To 'Dim The Sun' Quietly Moves Forward

opponents of the plan fear a  slippery slope toward engineering the climate
Opponents of the crazy plans by Bill Gates fear a 'slippery slope toward engineering the climate'  © press

Billionaire wants to revitalise the environment by blocking Sun - Stop this crazy old white man and his supporters!

By: Jack Murphy - 28. December 2020

Billionaire Bill Gates is quietly moving forward with a controversial plan to dim the sun's rays, according to reports.

The plan is reportedly an effort to save the human race by helping to revitalize the environment...by dimming the sun?

The Western Journal's Douglas Golden wrote:

"While you may have been paying attention to [Gates'] efforts on vaccination and lockdowns, you may not have noticed that one of Gates' most controversial causes just got a go-ahead: A project that would help block out the sun."

The Harvard geoengineering project, largely funded by Gates, "plans to test out a controversial theory that global warming can be stopped by spraying particles into the atmosphere that would reflect the sun's rays."


- and start the Independent International Trial on the Corona Crisis (IITCC) based on a new collaboration between those UN states that are not implicated and the First Nations of this world.

https://marcodewit.fi/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/truth-commission-300x300.jpgBy Venatrix Fulmen - 26. April 2021

Send the video below to all your so called political "representatives" and put them on notice that since they have now been clearly informed in a way even the dumbest can understand, they will be put on trial in a Nuremberg-style trial, if they continue to impose on their electorate directly or indirectly enforced measures like so-called vaccines that in reality are nothing but illegal gene experiments and thereby – based on the Nuremberg Codex - warcrimes, as well as violations of your fundamental human rights like lockdowns that damage the economies and livelihoods of people or devices like facemasks that make them sick from oxygen deprivation as well as collected and accumulated real pathogens and toxins.

And immediately start your own local Truth Commission to investigate these criminals and their crimes in order to provide evidence for the state-wide trials (in state or people's courts) of your country as well as the Independent International Trial on the Corona Crisis (IITCC). Send the notice and video also to all officials and civil servants, including law enforcement, as well as medical doctors and other professionals with duties to protect and help people, in order to tell them that they likewise will be put on trial and punished, if they continue to enforce harmful orders they receive "from above".

UPDATE 28. April 2021: NT stolen generation sues federal govt

PROLOGUE: Already the fact that it is the government of Australia , which is sitting in the driver’s seat, does determine the fate of this commission and though some issues might be highlighted its present constitution does not serve the purpose. In order not to be just a stage-play of historical story-telling, the Aboriginal caucus must demand and achieve the following:

  1. This Truth Commission must be absolutely independent, have a self-cleansing mechanism to rule out that members are placed into the commission with a hidden agenda, and given full access to all governmental archives. It must be chaired by the First Peoples’ Assembly.

  2. The commission must be bestowed with the legal powers to call governmental and non-governmental entities (including multinational corporations) as well as individuals into the stand and ensure that everybody, who wants to present evidence, is heard.

  3. The commission must have the right and capabilities to provide for witness protection.

  4. The scope of the commission must be all-encompassing and include also all the cases of injustices and crimes of governmental actions until today

Victoria launches truth commission into ongoing effect of violent colonisation on Aboriginal people

The first inquiry of its kind in Australia has been compared to South Africa’s truth and reconciliation commission

A Black Lives Matter rally in Melbourne, Victoria
Victoria has announced a truth commission to investigate past and ongoing injustices against Aboriginal Australians. Photograph: Speed Media/Icon SMI/Zuma Press/Rex/Shutterstock

By  - 09. March 2021

The Victorian government in Australia is holding an inquiry into the ongoing effects of the violent dispossession and genocide of Aboriginal people during colonisation by the British empire and racist policies by Australian governments.

The Yoo-rrook justice commission, named for the Wemba Wemba/Wamba Wamba word for ‘truth’, was announced on Tuesday as part of a long-running treaty process.

It will be given a remit to investigate both historical and ongoing injustices against Aboriginal Australians and has been compared to South Africa’s truth and reconciliation commission.

It’s the first commission of its kind in Australia and will be given the powers of a royal commission, meaning it will be able to compel evidence under oath.

UPDATE 26. April 2021: German Police Ransack the Home of Judge After He Agrees with Evidence In Court that Children Are “Endangered in Their Mental, Physical and Spiritual Well-being by the Obligation to Wear Face Masks” + Search & Requisitions at Home of Judge Who Delivered the Sensational Weimar Mask-Judgment

UPDATE 16. February 2021: Edwin A Deagle Has Died, Owner Of Deagel.com, That Says 200 M Of Us Will Die Soon

UPDATE 14. February 2021: German parliament ratifies Agenda ID2020 and Bill Gates’ “vaccination package” for global depopulation

ICYMI: DEAGEL.COM - Military-aviation website forecasts economic collapse & massive depopulation by 2025

Implanted “Vaccine Package” ID: Germany’s Parliament Has Ratified GAVI’s Digital “Agenda ID2020”

By Peter Koenig -03. February 2021

Alarming News. In Germany the Parliament (Bundestag) ratified on 29 January 2021, the implementation of Agenda ID2020.

This is a centralized general electronic data collection of every citizen to which every government agency, police – and possibly also the private sector would have access.

It covers all that is known about an individual citizen, now up to 200 points of in formation and possibly more as time goes on, from your bank account to your shopping habits, health records (vaccination records, of course), your political inclinations, and probably even your dating habits and other entries into your private sphere. 

Ethnic Engineering: Denmark’s Ghetto Policy

Ethnic Engineering: Denmark’s Ghetto PolicyBy Dr. Binoy Kampmark.- 25. April 2021

The very word is chilling, but has become normalised political currency in Denmark.  Since 2010, the Danish government has resorted to generating “ghetto lists” marking out areas as socially problematic for the state. In 2018, the country’s parliament passed “ghetto” laws to further regulate the lives of individuals inhabiting various city areas focusing on their racial and ethnic origins.  The legislation constitutes the spear tip of the “One Denmark without Parallel Societies – No Ghettos in 2030” initiative; its target: “non-Western” residents who overbalance the social ledger by concentrating in various city environs.

The “ghetto package”, comprising over 20 different statutes, grants the government power to designate various neighbourhoods as “ghettos” or “tough ghettos”.  That nasty formulation is intended to have consequences for urban planning, taking into account the percentage of immigrants and descendants present in that area of “non-Western background”.  One Danish media outlet, assiduously avoiding the creepier elements of the policy, saw it as the “greatest social experiment of the century.”

UPDATE 23. April 2021: The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis

UPDATE 21. April 2021: Reiner Fuellmich Interview 21 April 2021 (ss titres francais)

UPDATE 09. April 2021: French Nat’l Academy of Medicine: COVID nasal swabs associated with increased meningitis risk

UPDATE: 21. January 2021: WHO Admits High-Cycle PCR Tests Produce Massive COVID False Positives - Right on Cue for Biden

Rt Pcr Test Is Useless For Detecting VirusesPROLOGUE: After the World Health Organization (WHO) already admitted that Masks don't work, it's head - the war-criminal Tedros Ghebreyesus Adhanom - now also rows back on the PCR test. But without the placet given by the WHO for the fake Drosten-Test, the pandemie could never have been postulated. The damage is done and for this the UN must and will have to be held fully responsible - to the full extent. This time the UN can not wiggle itself out of its responsibility like in the cholera-death cases of Haiti.

WHO (finally) admits PCR tests create false positives - Warnings concerning high CT value of tests are months too late…so why are they appearing now? The potential explanation is shockingly cynical.

By Kit Knightly - 18. December 2020

The World Health Organization released a guidance memo on December 14th, warning that high cycle thresholds on PCR tests will result in false positives.

While this information is accurate, it has also been available for months, so we must ask: why are they reporting it now? Is it to make it appear the vaccine works?

ICYMI: From the Horses Mouth (already in March 2015): The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and CureVac Collaborate to Accelerate the Development of Transformative Vaccine Technology

The Case Against Gates

By  Mallet - 23. April 2021


For the world at large, normalcy only returns
when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire global population.
—Bill Gates speaking to The Financial Times
April 8, 2020; 1:27 mark: youtube.com

The greatest deceptions are founded in a grain of truth.
Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain.
Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale,
and it is harmful to public health.

—Dr. Kamran Abbasi; November 13th, 2020; bmj.com
Executive Editor of The BMJ and
editor of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization 

BILL GATES, the famed founder of Microsoft turned-“philanthropist,” made it clear in the beginning stages of the “pandemic” that the world will not get its life back — until we are all vaccinated.

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