UPDATES 01. March 2020: 

  • Thailand has reported its first death from the virus - a 35-year-old retail worker who was also diagnosed with dengue fever.
  • Japan reported its second death on Sunday - a man in his 70s on the island of Hokkaido.
  • Australia recorded its first Covid-19 death on Sunday – a 78-year-old man who had been a passenger on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. He died in Perth and his wife is infected with the virus.
  • The US has recorded its first death from Covid-19. A man in his 50s in Washington state, who had underlying health issues but with no travel history to affected areas.
  • Two more doctors have died in China and the country’s death tally has risen by 35 to 2,870. Infections have risen 573 to 79,824 (of which 41,825, or 52%, are listed as recovered).
  • A second person in Australia has tested positive to the virus after returning from Iran. The government imposed travel restrictions on passengers coming from Iran.
  • South Korea has recorded 376 more Covid-19 cases, taking the country’s total to 3,526. Seventeen people have died.
  • France and Italy have imposed strict bans on public gatherings.
  • Ireland reported its first case of the virus, as did Ecuador, Luxembourg and Armenia.
  • China has reported 573 new confirmed cases and 35 deaths.
  • World stock markets are expected to fall further next week, after reports indicated China’s factory output had plunged and the country’s service sectors have contracted.
  • ECOTERRA Intl. has declared all Chinese officials and their vassals or affiliates persona non-grata on all their entity or member premises and entity or project territories until all the journalists and witnesses - disappeared by forces at the hands of 'authorities' - are freed. We have stopped purchasing any Chinese goods. - see: CCP China Disappears Reporters, Witnesses by Force

WHO Elevates Coronavirus Threat to Highest Level

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus attends a daily press briefing on COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, at the WHO headquarters on Feb. 28 in Geneva. FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP / Getty Images

By Jessica Corbett - 29. February 2020

The World Health Organization on Friday raised the global risk of the new coronavirus to its highest level and reiterated the necessity of worldwide containment efforts as U.S. President Donald Trump continued to face widespread criticism over how his administration has handled the public health crisis so far.

Since the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak began in Wuhan, China late last year, it has infected more than 83,000 people globally, killing over 2,800, according to the Associated Press. A large majority of the cases have been in mainland China; however, the virus has reached more than 50 countries, with hundreds of confirmed cases in South Korea, Japan, Italy and Iran.

"Our epidemiologists have been monitoring these developments continuously, and we have now increased our assessment of the risk of spread and the risk of impact of COVID-19 to very high at a global level," WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus explained Friday during a press conference in Geneva with other officials from the United Nations agency.

The Threat of a Nuclear War Between the US and Russia Is Now at Its Greatest Since 1983

Humanity can not win with a nuclear war - it would end most life on Earth.

The military commander of entire NATO doesn't mind lobbing nukes first

By Scott Ritter - 29. February 2020

When the Commander of NATO says he is a fan of flexible first strike at the same time that NATO is flexing its military muscle on Russia’s border, the risk of inadvertent nuclear war is real.

US Air Force Gen. Tod D Wolters told the Senate this week he “is a fan of flexible first strike” regarding NATO’s nuclear weapons, thereby exposing the fatal fallacy of the alliance’s embrace of American nuclear deterrence policy.

New sense discovered in dog noses: the ability to detect heat

An infrared photo of a golden retriever in a functional magnetic resonance imaging scanner reveals the cold temperature of a dog’s nose versus its glowing, warm body. Credit: Anna Bálint

By Virginia Morell - 28. 

Dogs’ noses just got a bit more amazing. Not only are they up to 100 million times more sensitive than ours, they can sense weak thermal radiation—the body heat of mammalian prey, a new study reveals. The find helps explain how canines with impaired sight, hearing, or smell can still hunt successfully.

“It’s a fascinating discovery,” says Marc Bekoff, an ethologist, expert on canine sniffing, and professor emeritus at the University of Colorado, Boulder, who was not involved in the study. “[It] provides yet another window into the sensory worlds of dogs’ highly evolved cold noses.”

The ability to sense weak, radiating heat is known in only a handful of animals: black fire beetles, certain snakes, and one species of mammal, the common vampire bat, all of which use it to hunt prey.

The abusive life cycle of Canned hunting and farmed Lions in South Africa

Seven mentally seriously sick men and a dead lion with four paid local helpers in the back.

Gabo Wildlife Founder, Carly Gamrasni Åhlén highlights the abusive life cycle of Canned hunting and farmed Lions in South Africa.

By VH - 28. February 2020

The still-growing lion cub petting industry masks a sinister legal industry in South Africa. Playing with cute little lion cubs is the tip of the iceberg – it’s what you don’t see that defines this abusive industry and we must all work to change that.

Having spent time myself in South Africa , I witnessed tourists and volunteers visiting numerous ‘lion parks’ in South Africa and enter the play pens of young orphan cubs, their instinct was to question the situation.Why are so many lion cubs being orphaned? And, almost without exception, are all told a lie, “That the cubs mothers died or abandoned them.” This lie is repeated time after time – So good is the lie that even good, caring people repeat the mantra and become party to the lie, and the scam in South Africa. You see, most of these lion cubs are forcibly removed from their mothers – to feed what has become a lucrative the lion cub petting machine.

Africa Risks Virus Outbreak From Wildlife Trade

Africam Pangolins are targeted by the illegal Chinese wildlife smuggling.

By Wildaid - 28. February 2020

With the first case of the novel coronavirus confirmed in Nigeria and significant concerns about the impact of the virus spreading through Sub Saharan Africa, international conservation organization WildAid urges African nations, especially in West and Central Africa, to heed the warnings of both the new coronavirus and SARS by joining China in closing down live wildlife markets and cracking down on risky bushmeat trade to prevent another disease outbreak. 

“The coronavirus outbreak highlights the massive risk of wildlife markets and consumption,” said WildAid Africa Program Director Lindlyn Moma. “While some communities in Africa might consume wildlife as part of their diet, commercializing the trade, mixing species together and bringing live animals into densely populated urban areas greatly increases the risk of a pandemic.

Release Julian Assange before it's too late.

PROLOGUE: “There’s no such thing as a political offense in ordinary English law,” the prosecution said - oh no, what about these purely political offenses “treason, sedition and espionage” all still on the statute books, some under the Official secrets Act, The last treason trial was that of William Joyce, “Lord Haw-Haw”, who was executed by hanging in 1946. The prosecution are offering up some thin gruel, unless they get their act together they will be laughed out of court. Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser isn’t applying the law correctly, and wilfully ignoring procedural precedent, to the extent that Julian Assange and his defence team are unable to conduct their defence as a team, while even the chief prosecutor is disagreeing with her on the matter. There could not be a more gross abuse of process.

Journalist and Publisher Julian Assange is kept in a bulletproof box with no access to his lawyers and treated like a terrorist by British kangaroo court.

The Assange Hearing Day 4

By  - 

Please try this experiment for me:

Try asking this question out loud, in a tone of intellectual interest and engagement: “Are you suggesting that the two have the same effect?”.

Now try asking this question out loud, in a tone of hostility and incredulity bordering on sarcasm: “Are you suggesting that the two have the same effect?”.

Firstly, congratulations on your acting skills; you take direction very well. Secondly, is it not fascinating how precisely the same words can convey the opposite meaning dependent on modulation of stress, pitch, and volume?

Yesterday the prosecution continued its argument that the provision in the 2007 UK/US Extradition Treaty that bars extradition for political offences is a dead letter, and that Julian Assange’s objectives are not political in any event.

James Lewis QC for the prosecution spoke for about an hour, and Edward Fitzgerald QC replied for the defence for about the same time. During Lewis’s presentation, he was interrupted by Judge Baraitser precisely once.

During Fitzgerald’s reply, Baraitser interjected seventeen times.

Defra challenged over 'unlawful' release of 57million game birds in UK

Pheasants killed by a recreational shoot in Lancashire. Biologists fear that the oversupply of game birds in Britain provides carrion that supports animals which predate vulnerable species. Photograph: Christopher Thomond

Wild Justice takes legal action, citing ‘ecological assault’ and harm to rare wildlife from mass release of birds for shooting


Environmental campaigners have issued a legal case against the government to try to halt the release of more than 50million non-native game birds this summer, saying the birds could damage Britain’s most important wildlife sites.

Wild Justice, a campaign group led by the environmentalists Chris Packham, Mark Avery and Ruth Tingay, said the annual release of 47million pheasants and 10million red-legged partridges was “unlawful” without a proper assessment of the ecological impacts the animals have on protected areas.

At their peak, these birds, mainly imported from France, Belgium, Spain and Poland, represent half of the UK’s total bird biomass.

Should elephants be considered refugees?

Elephant herd in northern Nigeria moving out after having been followed by a military drone.

By Brandon KeimAnthropocene

A refugee is by definition a human—but should elephants and other animals qualify, too?

Consider what life is like for so many African elephants: family and friends killed, communities broken, ancestral homelands transformed by construction and climate change, seeking new homes in an often-unfriendly world. A human being in that predicament would be considered a refugee. Should an elephant?

Indeed they should, argue Tristan Derham, an ecologist at the University of Tasmania, and Freya Mathews, and environmental philosopher at La Trobe University, in the journal People and Nature.

Delhi rocked by deadly protests during Donald Trump's India visit

Protesters throw stones at police in eastern Delhi on Monday. More than five people died in violence across the capital. Photograph: EPA

Protesters clash before US president’s visit, with further conflict over controversial citizenship laws

By  -

Donald Trump’s visit to Delhi has been overshadowed by deadly protests that have continued to engulf India’s capital, as Muslim and Hindu groups clashed violently and the death toll rose to 13.

The bloody violence, which has left the streets of north-east Delhi in flames and continued to escalate on Tuesday, has so far left one policeman and 12 civilians dead, and over 150 injured.

Speaking at a press conference in Delhi on Tuesday evening before he left India, Trump said he had not brought up the violence with prime minister Narendra Modi, saying he would not comment on “individual cases”.

PROLOGUE: But Kenyans still need to be vigilant, since - despite the now imposed 'total' ban on trade and consumption of wildlife in China - the CCP regime still allows meat and products of pigs, chicken, cattle, rabbit, lamb, donkey, ducks, geese, pigeons, dogs and cats as well as fish and seafood.

Kenya bans commercial slaughter of donkeys

Up to 1,000 donkeys were slaughtered in Kenya each day for the Chinese market.
Image copyright Getty Images

By VF/BBC - 25 February 2020

Abattoirs in Kenya will be banned from slaughtering donkeys from next month, the agriculture minister has said.

The East African nation legalised trade in donkey meat and hide in 2012 to meet growing demand in China.

Minister Peter Munya said that decision back then had been a mistake as it has caused the donkey population to fall.

Many people in rural areas use donkeys to fetch water and firewood, raising fears that their dwindling numbers will increase the workload of women and children.

Kenya has todday only about 1.2 million donkeys left compared to 1.8 million a decade ago, according to government data published last week.

Massive police action to arrest land defenders in Tyendinaga today

ALERT UPDATE 24. February 2020: OPP brought in mass numbers of police to arrest land defenders at Tyendinaga this morning. Solidarity actions are happening and being organized.
Kahnawake Mohawks have stopped traffic on the Mercier bridge as they did in 1990 when the Canadian Military put the community of Kanehsatake under siege, and people are mobilizing to a second blockade in Tyendinaga territory. Real People's Media is posting live feeds of the ongoing police action in Mohawk territory. Please watch and share them, and take action in this moment of gross injustice!
Freda Huson speaking out about the raid in Tyendinaga:  "Our hearts are heavy as they were when we were arrested and removed off our lands. This message to Canada: what will you do at this moment when violence continues against our people for trying to protect our lands from the violent attack on our waters, our animals, our trees? Canada is illegally removing us off our lands in the name of profits. They continue to break they're own Canadian laws and international laws. These lands are unceded. We've never given them over to anybody. We thank our neighbors for standing up with us. It's heartbreaking to watch people sit idle. People need to speak up. People have power. You have the power to speak up. Your voice is important. Your voice needs to be heard. You are the voice for your children, your grandchildren, and those yet unborn. We are doing this for the future. We are starting to see the impacts of climate change now. Our children and our grandchildren are going to be the ones to suffer the consequences of us standing by and being silent. Anytime we make our voice heard, RCMP is used to remove us off our lands. It's time for people to speak up, it's time for people to stand up and do what is right. Canada this is for you. It's for your children, your grandchildren and those yet to be born."

Canada at 'tipping point' over Wet'suwet'en land dispute

Trudeau and Settler-Governance stand no chance in the historic context and in actual rights. RESPECT FIRST NATIONS!!!

Tensions mount as solidarity protests and blockades grow in support of Wet'suwe'ten land defenders.

by  - 21. February 2020

Alberta, Canada - Protests, blockades and other actions by Indigenous people and their allies in Canada have brought the country to a "tipping point".

That is according to Chief Wilton Littlechild, the former head of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada.

"This is a tipping point for Canada and it illustrates a real need for reconciliation to begin where it hasn't and to continue where it has," Littlechild told Al Jazeera via phone.

For weeks, protesters have taken to the streets, railways and ports, paralysing parts of the country's transportation sector, to stand in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en land defenders, who are fighting to stop the construction of a pipeline on their traditional territories in northern British Columbia (BC).

Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs, who hold authority over their land, say they were not properly consulted on the 670km (416-mile) Coastal GasLink pipeline.

A Historical Perspective on Coercion as a Colonial Strategy

Full-dress mounted parade by members of the North-West Mounted Police near Calgary, September 1901.

By Sean Carleton - 21. February 2020

I, like many Canadians, watched in horror as the RCMP’s invasion of unceded Wet’suwet’en territory in early February was livestreamed over the internet.

In real time, we saw heavily-armed RCMP officers, accompanied by snipers and attack dogs, arrest unarmed Wet’suwet’en matriarchs on their Yintah (homeland) and dismantle the Unist’ot’en bridge blockade that had “reconciliation” written on it.

It was difficult to watch.

Sadly, though, the Wet’suwet’en raid is all too familiar for those who understand the history of Indigenous-settler relations in what is currently Canada.

New Protections for Jaguar and Asian Elephant

A Jaguar pictured at a zoo in Guyana

By Helen Briggs - 20. January 2020

New measures to protect the jaguar have been agreed at a wildlife summit held in India.

Six countries put forward plans to strengthen protection for the spotted big cat as it roams across the borders of different countries.

The species has lost about 40% of its habitat over the last 100 years.

While laws exist to protect jaguars in virtually all the countries where it lives, threats persist, including deforestation and poaching.

Facebook blocks Wet'suwet'en supporters, as San Francisco Indigenous Youths Lock Down

Indigenous youths locked down in San Francisco in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs on Wednesday.

By Brenda Norrell - Censored News - 20. February 2020

Indigenous youths locked down said, "Come join us! Indigenous youth have locked down to the Chase Operations HQ on Mission St, in SF, Ohlone territories, in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en. Come down and chant with us and support our comrades!!!!

The youths were still locked down Wednesday night after 8 hours at the Chase Headquarters at 560 Mission Street.

The youths were still locked down Wednesday night after 8 hours at the Chase Headquarters at 560 Mission Street.

At the same time, posts in support of Wet'suwet'en were locked on numerous Facebook accounts, preventing others from viewing.

Meanwhile, in Canada, a new rail blockade was established near Edmonton, as Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs reaffirmed that RCMP and Coastal GasLink must leave their territories in B.C.

On the eastern side of the country, Mohawks at Tyendinaga and Kahnawake continued their railway blockades.

Uncertainties arise for Spring 2020, as the Polar Vortex starts to behave unusually. It turns bizarrely symmetrical and also cold enough to start the rare Ozone destruction process over the North Pole!

Ozone almost gone over the geographic North Pole and extremely cold.

By  |  Global weather |  20 February 2020

We have talked a lot about the polar vortex this season, and its powerful run, which is far from over.

Recently, the lower part of the stratospheric polar vortex is gaining attention, as it turns record cold for this time of year, starting the ozone depletion process, as the Sun rays start to hit the polar regions.

On January 3rd, a radiosonde has made measurements of the mid-stratospheric layers.

Measuring over Reykjavik, Iceland, it has recorded the lowest temperature in the stratosphere in the past 40 years, at -96°C (-141°F).

The image and data below from the University of Wyoming show the direct measurements made, where we can see the temperature line disappearing below -90°C near the 20mb level.

The raw data shows the temperature and altitude, where we can see the -96°C being reached at 17.2mb level, which was around 25.6 km altitude.

This was a true statement to just how big and bad the stratospheric polar vortex is this season.

The Political Economy of Covid-19 and Africa

By Dr. Bischara Ali Egal - 20. February 2020

“It seems, the more there is written about the causes of the Coronavirus – the more the written analyses are overshadowed by a propaganda and fear-mongering hype.

Questions for the truth and arguments for where to look for the origins and how the virus may have spread and how to combat it, are lost in the noise of wanton chaos.

But isn’t that what the “Black Men” behind this intended pandemic want – chaos, panic, hopelessness, leading to human vulnerability – a people becoming easy prey for manipulation?” Peter Koenig (Former IMF Economist + consultant)