UPDATE 17. August 2021: Singapore Teen Who Suffered Heart Attack Following 1st Pfizer Jab Awarded $166,000


UPDATE 15. August 2021: Emergency Broadcast! Opposition To COVID Measures Defined As Terrorism By Biden DHS + Self-Assembling Graphene Oxide Nanotech Now Found Also in Pfizer-BioNTech COMIRNATY Vaccine: German Video Reveals Self-Assembling Specks and Crystalline Networks Forming

UPDATE 13. August 2021: RED ALERT EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Top Scientists Around The World Confirm Covid-19 Vaccines Are Sophisticated Bioweapons

UPDATE 12. August 2021: COVID-19 natural immunity vs vaccine-induced immunity guide

Prime-boost Ebola vaccine yields immune response at one ...UPDATE 11. August 2021: The most vaccine-hesitant group of all? PhDs - A new study found that the most highly educated are the least likely to get jabbed ... followed by the least brainwashed, who still have common sense.

UPDATE 06. August 2021: COVID VACCINE - 1ST SHOT CHANGES YOUR DNA & KILLS THE ELDERLY - 2ND SHOT KILLS 50% WHO GET IT + Moderna adverse event reports - Leaked Internal Reports Show Moderna Appears To Be Be Hiding 300,000 Reports Of Vaccine Adverse Events From VAERS… + This Is Nuts, Moderna And Pfizer Intentionally Lost The Clinical Trial Control Group Testing Vaccine Efficacy And Safety


UPDATE 03. August 2021: German chief pathologist sounds alarm on fatal vaccine injuries

UPDATE 31. July 2021: COVID Criminals WILL Be Held Accountable, Says Atty. Dr. Fleming in Warning Against Novavax

UPDATE 29. July 2021: Pfizer Engineered Agreements With Governments Stating They Had to Pay for Covid Vaccines Whether They Worked or Not – NO Recourse for Injuries

UPDATE 23. July 2021: Covid-19 Vaccinated Patients May Develop Fatal Heart Damage, says Prestigious Doctor

UPDATE 22. July 2021: VIDEO: Covid-19 Vaccine Program Director Admits Injection Destroys Immune System +  AAPS ASKS THE RIGHT QUESTIONS - ALL UNANSWERED SO FAR !

How Do We Know the Effects of the Genetic Technology behind COVID Vaccines?

UPDATE 21. Juli 2021: mRNA Therapy Inventor Says Vaccines are 72% More Likely to Kill Female Children Than 'Coronavirus'


UPDATE 19. July 2021: VAERS Whistleblower: “45,000 Dead From Covid-19 Vaccines Within 3 Days”, Sparks Lawsuit Against U.S. Federal Government

UPDATE 18. July 2021: 5,522 people have died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in Scotland according to Public Health Scotland

UPDATE 17. July 2021: The New VAERS Numbers Are Out Today, BUT ...


It Has Begun! Door-To-Door Vaccine Pushers Hit The Streets

Vax-Squad in action Image Credit: wcnc.com

BKelen McBreen 13. July 2021

This will soon become commonplace

Footage out of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina shows volunteers and county health department workers going door-to-door to try and get citizens vaccinated.

The program, dubbed “doses to doors,” kicked off on Monday.

Volunteers with Action North Carolina have been going to homes to provide information promoting COVID-19 vaccine safety since May, but this is the first time they’ve had county health officials there to administer vaccines on the spot.

The Pandemic Within a Pandemic

By Bill Sardi - 16. August 2021

 Modern Medicine Isn’t Going To Tell You What Is Really Causing All The Deaths.

When The Public Realizes Vaccination Is Futile, The Public May Confront Themselves With The Real Cause Of The Pandemic.

It is heartbreaking to hear of people all over the world dying needlessly.  But not because the masses chose to vaccinate or not vaccinate themselves against a mutated coronavirus with RNA/DNA vaccines, but because of a hidden epidemic that co-exists in the background of the worldwide pandemic that is now in progress.  It is the failure of modern medicine to recognize this epidemic-within-an-epidemic that is causing more premature deaths than any mutated coronavirus.


Scientists Want People Fitted With Euthanasia Chip That Kills You at First Sign of Dementia

By RtLUK - 12. August 2021

London, England - A recent article published by leading bioethics journal “The Hastings Center Report”, has proposed an implant that would automatically trigger a lethal drug at the onset of dementia.

In the report, co-authors Margaret Battin and Brent M. Kious, proposed the introduction of an “advance directive implant” (ADI) in an article titled “Ending One’s Life in Advance”. There is even a precedent for this proposed implant: Norplant, a controversial contraceptive implant that was withdrawn from the UK in 1999. Like Norplant, the ADI would be reversible and programmable, but the drugs it would release would cause death instantaneously. It would likely be implanted at the onset of dementia and programmed to activate according to the patient’s prognosis.

UPDATE 10. August 2021: DENMARK - SUE THEM FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER! Chairman of political party JFK21 won landmark court case: PCR-TEST NOT REQUIRED!


The Nuremberg Doctors Trial and Modern Medicine’s Panic Promotion of the FDA’s Experimental and Unapproved COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

By Dr. Gary G. Kohls and Prof Michel Chossudovsky - 30 April 2021

Introduction and Summary by Dr. Gary Kohls

Should Medically-degreed physicians in the NIH, the CDC, the NIAID and the FDA (all of whom presumably pledged the hippocratic oath at the beginning of their medical careers) who then vigorously promoted the untested (long-term), experimental emergency use authorized (EEUA) Covid-19 Vaccines, be subject to the Nuremberg Code of Ethics?

And should they be prosecuted if found guilty, given the fact that the vaccine recipients have not been fully informed about the unknown long-term risks of the experimental vaccines?

UPDATE 09. August 2021: John McAfee's Widow Is Still Extremely Skeptical of Her Husband’s Alleged Suicide

UPDATE 18. July 2021: WACKD II - Second Batch released

UPDATE 14. July 2021: Has McAfee’s Dead Man's Switch Been Flipped? + John McAfee’s widow releases suicide note she believes is fake

UPDATE 12. July 2021: WACKD I + A mysterious countdown relating to John McAfee’s possible deadman switch has reappeared after being taken down

UPDATE 26. June 2021: What Does McAfee Know? Hacker Connects the Dots PART I + John is always good for a mysterious story. Did we just see John McAfee get wacked?

UPDATE 25. June 2021: John McAfee’s skeptical widow: his final words to me were ‘not words of somebody who is suicidal’ + The Final Hours of John McAfee - ‘CRUEL SYSTEM’

UPDATE 24. June 2021: JUSTICE FOR JOHN McAFEE !!! + JOHN MCAFEE FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE: I DID NOT KILL MYSELF + McAfee’s Deadman Switch Has Apparently Been Flipped…

John McAfee got WACKED

Prologue: JUSTICE FOR JOHN McAFEE !!! Software Pioneer John McAfee invented the first anti-virus programme  (and then he was the first to give such valuable software out for free) to clean especially computers running under Microsoft Windows. Thus he became the lifelong arch enemy of Bill Gates, whose early attempts to control all computers under the Windows operating system with malware, were thereby forestalled. After having to flee the USA twice as well as Canada and several escapades in the tropics, he first thought to have found a safe retreat in a Baltic country, but got wind that something was brewing there too and then decided to follow a most likely staged and false invitation to Spain, where he got arrested. RIP John - well, we know you will never rest - and our hearts go out to Janice, the children, families and friends.

John McAfee and Janice, who is 37 years his junior, decided to rekindle their relationship and they married in 201

23. June 2021

On June 20, Janice McAfee tweeted a Happy Father's Day message to John McAfee while he was in jail in Spain. In the message, she said that McAfee was loved and appreciated. She said in her message that John was a polarising individual but he was always honest about himself.

She also added, “Now the US authorities are determined to have John die in prison to make an example of him speaking out against the corruption within their government agencies. The media continues to vilify him, per their narrative, and there is no hope of him ever having a fair trial in America because there is no longer any justice in America.'' 

On June 23, the Spanish authorities approved the US government's request to extradie McAfee to the USA. A few hours later, McAfee was found dead in the Spanish prison where he was being held.

“Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine,” McAffee had earlier warned.

UPDATE 06. August 2021: Corona vaccine researcher on TV: "We made a mistake


UPDATE 30. June 2021: While the constantly lying CDC denies that shedding exists, the FDA has even a guideline for the design and analysis of shedding studies.

UPDATE 31. May 2021: mRNA technology pioneer says Covid-19 vaccinated people can shed spike protein, Twitter says delete this


UPDATE 04. May 2021: Pfizer Confirms COVID-Vaccinated People Can ‘Shed’ Spike Proteins And Harm The Unvaccinated

America’s Frontline Doctors: COVID-vaccinated can ‘shed’ spike protein, harming unvaccinated

By Patrick Delaney - 03 May 2021

In their latest issue brief, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) warned how spike proteins resulting from experimental COVID-19 gene therapy vaccines have the capacity to

1.) pass through the “blood-brain barrier” causing neurological damage,

2.) be “shed” by the vaccinated, bringing about sickness in unvaccinated children and adults, and

3.) cause irregular vaginal bleeding in women.

Released last week and titled “Identifying Post-vaccination Complications & Their Causes: an Analysis of Covid-19 Patient Data,” the stated purpose of the document is “to provide additional information for concerned citizens, health experts, and policymakers about adverse events and other post-vaccination issues resulting from the three experimental COVID-19 vaccines currently administered under EUA (emergency use authorization)” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

UPDATE 05. August 2021: SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE - IT LOOKS LIKE SOMEBODY ISSUED A THREAT + Kuwait Air Pollution From Largest Tire Dump in the World + U.S. Oil Politics guilty of Ecocide

Should killing nature be a crime? (the Answer is YES!)

Should environmental disasters such as oil spills be considered a crime against nature? (Credit: Getty Images)By Sophie Yeo - 06. November 2020

From the Pope to Greta Thunberg, there are growing calls for the crime of “ecocide” to be recognised in international criminal law – but could such a law ever work?

In December 2019, at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, Vanuatu’s ambassador to the European Union made a radical suggestion: make the destruction of the environment a crime.

Vanuatu is a small island state in the South Pacific, a nation severely threatened by rising sea levels. Climate change is an imminent and existential crisis in the country, yet the actions that have caused rising temperatures – such as burning fossil fuels – have almost entirely taken place elsewhere, to serve other nations, with the blessing of state governments. 

HUGE Canadian Court Victory on PATH to PROVE Covid-19 Is A Hoax - All Restrictions Have Been Dropped

03. August 2021

NOTE, Explosive Topics has UPDATED the original TITLE from "⁣HUGE Canadian Court Victory PROVES Covid is a Hoax to" to ⁣"⁣HUGE Canadian Court Victory on PATH to PROVE Covid-19 Is A Hoax". This Court Case by Patrick King did NOT prove in a Court of Law that Covid does NOT exist, but it is a HUGH STEP on the PATH toward proving in a Court of Law that the COVID Virus doesn't EXIST and these Covid MANDATES are therefore UNJUSTIFIED and the whole SCAM-DEMIC is from the PIT OF HELL! 

The key here is Patrick King, already having received a fine for "endangering public health" for refusing to comply with measures, CHALLENGED Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw to produce evidence of the Covid virus to justify the charge and fine imposed on him. 

PROLOGUE: While modern intelligence gathering and coercion still uses the old honey traps, of which Mata Hari or Josephine Baker were famous examples, the majority of vulnerable people - like members of First Nations or other Indigenous groups targeted by genocidal actions, persecuted refugees, religious minorities, human rights and environmental defenders or political dissidents - are nowadays extremely endangered by those adversaries, who abuse modern technology. The smartphone in your pocket or your laptop can quickly become your biggest enemy and threat, if you do not use the tech wisely. Stay away from Facebook, twitter, telegram or whatsapp groups, if you do not really know how to be there securely - and there is hardly any way left. CHECK OUT OUR ADVISE! PLEASE BE AWARE that the on-going Corona Crimes entail the world's largest spying and surveillance operation in human history: With the help of compromised state-governments - and almost all states wordwide have been coerced and are corrupted by corporate plans and actions - your personal identifiable data [PII - like ID with biometrics, location, movement, finances, affiliations, activities etc.) and of all of humanity are targeted via COVID-testing as an entry point and worse: the often already enforced inoculations are earmarking specific strata and individuals to be killed. The overkill using first a lab-made chimera and psychological operations to install fear, wrong medical procedures and protocols, as well as totalitarian measures and then a gene-weapon camouflaged as 'vaccine' is on-going. This combination of corrupted governance, medical martial laws, BigTech, blackmailed medics and eugenics is the biggest threat for humanity by now, while the bribed mainstream media with criminal media people are covering up this worldwide Holocaust.

How social media became a deadly trap for a minority group in Pakistan

A photo of Tahir Ahmad Naseem.By  - 0

Last fall, in a corporate office in Lahore, 25-year-old Siraj, a fintech professional just two months into his new job, listened in as his colleagues discussed a murder over lunch. Two months earlier, a teenage boy had walked into a judicial complex in Peshawar and shot 57-year-old Tahir Ahmad Naseem several times as Naseem stood trial for alleged blasphemy. Naseem, a U.S. citizen, died on the spot, his blood spattering upon onlookers. 

Naseem had been born into the Ahmadiyya religious community, which emerged in the late 19th century in the Indian subcontinent, and currently counts upwards of four million members in Pakistan. Although Ahmadis identify as Muslim, the state of Pakistan has essentially labeled them heretics, and prejudice against the community is exceedingly common: A 2011 Pew survey found only 7% of Pakistanis considered Ahmadis to be Muslims. (Among those surveyed, 26% had never heard of the group or had no interest in commenting.) 

Canadian scientists to all the unvaccinated: "Don't be intimidated - you are in the right"

By OCLA - 02. August 2021

OCLA researcher Dr. Denis Rancourt and several fellow Canadian academics penned an open letter to support those who have decided not to accept the COVID-19 vaccine.

The group emphasizes the voluntary nature of this medical treatment as well as the need for informed consent and individual risk-benefit assessment. They reject the pressure exerted by public health officials, the news and social media, and fellow citizens.

Control over our bodily integrity may well be the ultimate frontier of the fight to protect civil liberties. Read the letter below or as a PDF here.

Open Letter to the Unvaccinated

You are not alone! As of 28 July 2021, 29% of Canadians have not received a COVID-19 vaccine, and an additional 14% have received one shot. In the US and in the European Union, less than half the population is fully vaccinated, and even in Israel, the “world’s lab” according to Pfizer, one third of people remain completely unvaccinated. Politicians and the media have taken a uniform view, scapegoating the unvaccinated for the troubles that have ensued after eighteen months of fearmongering and lockdowns. It’s time to set the record straight.

UPDATE 01. August 2021: Whistleblowers on Remote Neural Monitoring Neuro Weapons Directed Energy Weapons Mind Control



UPDATE 26. July 2021: Graphene Reacting To EM Field From A Cell Phone



UPDATE 20. July 2021: GRAPHENE OXIDE: A WAY TO KILL AND CONTROL? - incl. MPO (Myeloperoxidase -- an enzyme naturally found in our lungs) can successfully biodegrade graphene oxide and remove it from the human body.




Graphene Oxide - MatmatchUPDATE 12. June 2021: They are injecting graphene oxide as an adjuvant in vaccines

UPDATE 07. June 2021: Magnetofection EXPOSED! Magnetism INTENTIONALLY Added to 'Vaccine' to Force mRNA Through Entire Body -  ARREST ALL PFIZER, BIONTECH AND MODERNA EXECS NOW! Crimes against humanity!

UPDATE 25. May 2021: Superparamagnetic nanoparticles delivered via vaccines



UPDATE 17. May 2021: #covidMagnetChallenge solved + Jim Stone reports: The two shots proven to magnetize people are Pfizer and Moderna

UPDATE 11. May 2021: Why Are Magnets Sticking To Where People Got Covid Vaccines Injected?! 4 Videos!

ICYMI: Wondering why magnets stick to your vaccine injection site?? The technology was already present in 1995. Dr Pierre Gilbert on Magnetic Vaccines (from 1995) + Neuroscientist Dr. James Giordano. Neuro-Weapons. Directed Energy Weapons. Brain Implants. + Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities – and Risks – of Neuroweapons | CGSR Seminar + ALAN WATT ~ PAINLESS CONCENTRATION CAMP ~ BRAIN MAPPING ~ MAGNETOELECTRIC NANOPARTICLES + ALAN WATT ~ BRAIN RECASTER TO NEUROMASTER ~ GRAPHENE NEURAL CHIP INTERFACE BRAIN MAP JUNE 4-5, 2013 + PATENT FILED BY CHINA (29.Sept.2020): Nano coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking graphene oxide as carrier + Life-like cells are made of metal

Genetically engineered 'Magneto' protein remotely controls brain and behaviour

“Badass” new method uses a magnetised protein to activate brain cells rapidly, reversibly, and non-invasively

The toroidal magnetic chamber (Tokamak) of the Joint European Torus (JET) at the Culham Science Centre. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images
The toroidal magnetic chamber (Tokamak) of the Joint European Torus (JET) at the Culham Science Centre. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

By  - 24. March 2016

Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic engineering to create a magnetised protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance.

Understanding how the brain generates behaviour is one of the ultimate goals of neuroscience – and one of its most difficult questions. In recent years, researchers have developed a number of methods that enable them to remotely control specified groups of neurons and to probe the workings of neuronal circuits.

The most powerful of these is a method called optogenetics, which enables researchers to switch populations of related neurons on or off on a millisecond-by-millisecond timescale with pulses of laser light. Another recently developed method, called chemogenetics, uses engineered proteins that are activated by designer drugs and can be targeted to specific cell types.

PROLOGUE: (vf)There is still too much confusion out there, so better see clearly: a) The term 'Virus' derives from the Latin language and means POISON b) The so-called 'virus' SARS-CoV-2 as such does not exist per se, has NEVER been isolated and therefore never been proven to exist. c) BUT what does exist and has been proven are numerous and different sequences of genetic material - derived originally from a SARS virus, that initially could not attack human cells, but were further changed and mixed in the lab with other gene sequences into chimeras, which have been patented in their different expressions since at least 2002 and are actually nano-bio-chemical gene-weapons that are contagious and poisonous to the human body - i.e. can make you sick! d) Against these infectious pathogens the so-called 'vaccines' were developed as antigen, which actually are mRNA or vector DNA gene-therapies. e) Apart from releases of newly synthesized models of the pathogen with added nano-technology, this disease vectors always also had the capability to modify their own construct to overcome natural immune system responses of the human body and now more severely the flawed 'vaccines', whereby new variants of the respective pathogen and its spike proteins are created that still can (be) spread via aero sols or fluids. This is what we are dealing with right now. f) In addition, also most influenza and even the HIV, Zika or Ebola infections of the past were and are caused by synthetic genetic sequences that can play interactive roles with each other, with other genetic sequences and with other toxins in your environment, water or food. g) A strong or strengthened natural immune system has over all times been the best defence against all these threats to natural health in humans - just like the sunlight of truth and transparency are the best remedy against the COVID lies peddled worldwide. h) Under the agendas of human depopulation, the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Great Reset and Agenda 21/30, which are masterminded by a cruel elite of around 3,000 individuals and their banksters operating with their corporations in LOCKSTEP with most of the already coerced governments worldwide, that want to hold a "RESCALED AND UPSCALED HUMANITY" (quoted Klaus Schwab / WEF) hostage for enslaved exploitation. Rescaling is the ongoing genocide and upscaling means the already rolled out plans to turn you into a BigTech dependent slave and later cyborg i) There are real crimes against humanity committed within and via the COVID-Hoax. You find all the evidence on this site. Deal with it and the evil masterminds or give in and very likely die. j) Since the 3K top-crooks hold already the keys to almost all resources and powers, only a humanity united in the will to fight this evil will stand a chance in this epic battle. k) In self-defence you have inalienable rights and jointly you and yours have all rights and duties to avert harm affecting you or others. As a true human being you know what is right and what is wrong and can make your own decision. So, you now know what to do, but you must do it, since nobody is going to do it for you. (vf) - Translate the above - using the EcoTranslate tool on this site - into your best understood language. Print this out, carry it with you and discuss it with selected 15 people whom you trust most. Form your clan to take back what is rightfully yours.

The top paid global vaccine pushers and pandemic fear-mongers on TV: CNN, BBC, AlJazeera, ABC, CBS, ARD - just switch them off - you'll miss nothing important, but avert being lied to.

ICYMI: THE EMPEROR HAS NO CORONA + A Message For All Of Humanity - Charlie Chaplin

How Ineffective Vaccines Can Lead to Deadlier Variants

By Daily Veracity - 31. July 2021

According to the latest data, there has been a surge in cases, deaths, and hospitalizations among fully vaccinated individuals.

Many countries that vaccinated a higher percentage of their populations and far quicker than the US are now noticing that over fifty percent of new cases, deaths, and hospitalizations are among the vaccinated population.

According to the latest data out of Israel, Israelis are currently seven timesmore likely to be infected with COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated than those who have obtained natural immunity.

In the US, the same trend seen in countries with higher vaccinations is beginning to occur. Cases, deaths, and hospitalizations are surging among the vaccinated population.

Craig Murray’s jailing in the UK is the latest move in a battle to snuff out independent journalism

Journalist Craig Murray inhaftiert – "Schwerer Angriff auf die Demokratie"
Craig Murray came to a protest on 01. July 2021 in London, England, to support the call for the immediate release of journalist and publisher Julian Assange - © Guy Smallman / Kontributor Archivbild – Source: Gettyimages.ru 

By Jonathan Cook - 30. July 2021

Craig Murray, a former ambassador to Uzbekistan, the father of a newborn child, a man in very poor health and one who has no prior convictions, will have to hand himself over to the Scottish police on Sunday morning. He becomes the first person ever to be imprisoned on the obscure and vaguely defined charge of “jigsaw identification”.

Murray is also the first person to be jailed in Britain for contempt of court for their journalism in half a century – a period when such different legal and moral values prevailed that the British establishment had only just ended the prosecution of “homosexuals” and the jailing of women for having abortions.

Murray’s imprisonment for eight months by Lady Dorrian, Scotland’s second most senior judge, is of course based entirely on a keen reading of Scottish law rather than evidence of the Scottish and London political establishments seeking revenge on the former diplomat. And the UK supreme court’s refusal on Thursday to hear Murray’s appeal despite many glaring legal anomalies in the case, thereby paving his path to jail, is equally rooted in a strict application of the law, and not influenced in any way by political considerations.

PROLOGUE: Since over 75 years the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) has been combining the experiences from the world's first concentration camps, implemented by the British Empire in India, their South-African concentrations camps, which were more like extermination centres as later those of Hitler-Germany and Russia's GULAGs. Since over 40 years this organization refined their refugee camp management systems with the models of ethnic detention going back to the days of the still persistent "Indian"-Reservations set up by the North American settlers in Canada and the USA as well as those enforced by the colonial Brits in Africa and the "re-education" centres developed by China - targeting first Tibetans, then Uighurs as well as other minorities and spiritual Falun-Gong followers. The UNHCR 'Camp management systems' inspired the infamous FEMA camps of the USA and their ICE migrant detention centres and interactively near-perfect systems evolved to corral larger numbers of humans as fully dependent chattel. By resettling from the genuine refugee communities specifically selected members of ethnic minorities to the USA, where the compulsory taking of their blood-samples completed first the so-called 'human genome project' and still contributes to what is hidden under the title of 'precision medicine', which is nothing but genetic profiling that can be abused in any biological warfare or based on the DNA databases for any surveillance and oppression move, the abuse was perfected. In addition resettlement as carried out by the UNHCR follows since long the wishes of the so-called third countries of asylum for selected workforce, like physically strong people from Africa for the U.S. slaughterhouses (see the documentaries by Howard Hughes) or the beautiful ... it would be called human trafficking or slave-trade, if done outside the UN.

Dark clouds hang over the future of the refugee camps in Kenya with no durrable solution in sight.

Since the onset of the Corona crime, however, the UN is abandoning their 7,8 million strong chattel of genuine refugees and internally displaced people registered with that entity more and more. The camps in Kenya will be closed and UNHCR increasingly neglects the still half a million destitute refugees in that country alone, which was left by most of its international staff at the onset of the crisis. While spending millions of dollar for fake PCR tests and imposing obey-masks for the refugees worldwide, the agency cuts their food rations. Uganda and Turkey have resorted since long to just exploiting the refugee workforce, as does Ethiopia. Resettlement attempts to countries of origin have regularly failed, because the international community is not really interested to allow war-torn countries to re-emerge from the ashes without handing over resources or to develop again into strong and independent nations. The Syrian, Libyan, Yemeni, Afghan and Myanmar / Bangladesh refugee crisis situations are a total disaster under UNHCR management and corrupt migrant scams allowed for e.g. by Germany are a farce that turns now even good-hearted Germans, who still remember the German refugee situation after WWII, away from compassion for real refugees. The strategic settlement of asylants as means to win elections in areas of Canada that are standing traditionally against the settler governance has split formerly united communities and caused distrust among the local population - all means of totalitarian governance. Due to all this mess, calls to withdraw the exclusive mandate given to UNHCR under the refugee conventions grow louder and louder.

Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings

Bangladesh begins Covid-19 vaccinations for Rohingya ...
Forced mask wearing and 'vaccinations' without fully informed consent in the refugee camps.

By CDC - Updated July 26, 2020 and revisited July 30th, 2021

This document presents considerations from the perspective of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for implementing the shielding approach in humanitarian settings as outlined in guidance documents focused on camps, displaced populations and low-resource settings.1,2  This approach has never been documented and has raised questions and concerns among humanitarian partners who support response activities in these settings. The purpose of this document is to highlight potential implementation challenges of the shielding approach from CDC’s perspective and guide thinking around implementation in the absence of empirical data. Considerations are based on current evidence known about the transmission and severity of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and may need to be revised as more information becomes available. Please check the CDC website periodically for updates.

UPDATE 30. July 2021: Simple mouthwash test for COVID just as (in)accurate as nasal swabs

UPDATE 29. April 2021: DO NOT Get Tested - Close Up Of Swabs (video)

UPDATE 25. April 2021: New microscopy photos of covid swabs, covid masks and mysterious red and blue fibers

PCR-test swab-stick particles can act like asbestos in the body

PCR-test swabs contain silver, aluminium, titanium, glass fibres etc.

The experimental physicist and biomaterials researcher Prof. Antonietta Gatti has examined various PCR test sticks under the microscope and analysed their contents. The irritating result: they are made of hard materials and contain a large number of (nano-)particles of silver, aluminium, titanium, glass fibres, etc. - some of which are not declared in the package insert.

If these get into the mucous membrane, they can cause wounds and inflammations, according to the scientist. ENT doctors have told 2020News that they are noticing more hardened mucous membranes in people who are frequently tested for SARS-CoV-2. Mucous membranes that are no longer intact can no longer do their job of fighting off viruses, bacteria and fungi before they reach the respiratory tract, as paediatrician Eugen Janzen also reports. The germs thus penetrate the respiratory tract without any immune filter. Particularly problematic in this context: the warm breathing moisture under the masks is the ideal breeding ground for germs of all kinds.


Reports are streaming in, declaring a Dark Winter for the world due to COVID19. The media rushes to tell the public that case numbers are on the rise again. In response, case numbers are used to support calls for lockdowns, travel and dining restrictions, and the push for compulsory vaccines.

However, in recent months an abundance of evidence has shown that the “gold standard” procedure for detecting COVID-19 is unreliable and could be producing untold numbers of false positives. If this is the case, why are health officials around the world calling for more tests?

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