George Monbiot: How to Really Take Back Control


The Story of Restoration

George Monbiot speaking at Falmouth University 23. March 2018

Our most significant truth-teller in 2018. Along with George Lakoff and Douglas Rushkoff, our only public speakers on healing our mythological level, the level of Story. Currently we are back to the story of Oligarchy and Monarchy.

One of his points is the characterization of life as only two-fold, government and the marketplace. Monbiot says life is four-fold: government, marketplace, household and Commons.

How Neoliberalism in the USA, Canada and UK are responsible or most of our problems. Read 'Out of the Wreckage' by George Monbiot and 'Democracy in Chains' by Nancy MacLean.


Neoliberalism should be called Dog eat Dog Economics. By luck, family or inheritance great accumulations of wealth are creating a lopsided economy in much of the world.

The land and the oceans are being raped. Many young people are in debt for half of their life paying for an education. Many young people and often the family does not own and will never own their own home. There is huge alcoholism, drug dependency and unhealthy lifestyles.

... take back and rebuild your community!

The entire planet is in trouble with a climate crisis and millions deny this reality. There are huge and continuing movements of population always from some parts of the world to other parts. ''Yes, the world is going to hell'' is what we often hear. There is only one real question: Homo Sapiens means wise man. Are we wise enough to save our planet, our communities and ourselves?

In many countries the taxation system are geared to the wealthy and the corporations and a blind eye is turned to much tax cheating.

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