King Leopold's ghost still haunts the Congo

Genocide and ecocide still persist in Congo since 150 years.

By CaspianReport (video) - 18. Sptember 2019

In the heart of Africa lies a country called today the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

It is a vast country with lush forests, vigorous rivers, and incredible riches such as gold, timber, uranium, cobalt, diamond, and other riches.

These natural resources have inspired a most unnatural history of greed and violence.

While other African nations have somehow come to terms with a history of exploitation and colonisation, the Congo continues to relive the unshakable legacy of one man - King Leopold II of Belgium, whose ventures cost the lives of some 10 million people in the heart of Africa.

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King Leopold II funded his exploits of the Congo by stripping former Empress Charlotte of Mexico of her massive wealth when she went "crazy" after her husband Maximilian was killed in Querétaro during the Mexico-French war. Empress Charlotte and Leopold were actually blood-related.

Leopold II of Belgium: The Biggest Coverup In European History:

For over a century, the Congo has been haunted by the memories of its past and the numbers of refugees arriving with horrific experiences from Congo in Kenya, show that the ghosts of the colonial past are still very much present today.

What is not shown in the video below is that Congo did not become irrelevant after its independence. It's decolonialization was a disaster due to various actors trying to gain control of as many resources as possible. So much that again western countries were fighting each other through proxies over these resources.

Liberator and visionary Patrice Lumumba never stood a chance against the greed of the western world and was murdered at the hands of the Belgians. The Congo did not improve much when the CIA stooge Joseph-Désiré Mobutu (aka Mobutu Sese Seko) was the CIA and Kabila installed.

Unfortunately at present there is still no silver lining beause the merchenaries from different countries under the United Nations - the so called peacekeepers - are involved in the pillage.

What is not mentioned here is on what conditions the Belgians held a kind of referendum before independence. They gave the Congolese two options: Either they could remain with Belgium until 2000, or they could receive independence immediately.

Obviously 97%+ of votes cast were for immediate independence. Belgian officials were so upset with the result that during the brief time of transition they dismantled any large infrastructure project they had constructed.

This included the destruction of critical structures such as power lines, power plants, and even roads and bridges. In some cases Belgian commandos would even rip up entire electrical wirings surrounding cities and towns while also smashing millions of light bulbs.

Meet The Forgotten "Hitler" Who Killed 15 Million Africans...

One of the people responsible for exposing Leopold's genocide, Sir Roger Casement, was later executed by the British for trying to land guns in Ireland to use against them in the 1916 uprising.

On the day of its independence the Zaire (today DRC) had already lost the one and only benefit it received for its occupation and resulting horrific violence... and instead was only left with a land and people that had been pillaged for half a century non-stop.

Whats worse is that between 1994-1999, due to the Rwandan invasion and then the cellphone boom with its demand for Cobalt etc., the largest loss of human life since WWII occurred and nobody even seemed to know.

5 million lives lost so your cellphone could have a competitive price.... and still today the world looks on with indifference.

The forest fires rage also in the DRC like in Brazil, while western corporations count their stolen wealth.

"Object of Plunder: The Congo through the Centuries" by Adam Hochschild: 

Lecture by Adam Hochschild, University of California, Berkeley March 16, 2014 - Getty Center Journalist, historian, and author of "King Leopold's Ghost" Adam Hochschild (UC Berkeley) traces the history of the Congo as it emerges from photographs, cartoons, posters, and documents. He details the 19th-century colonial exploration and exploitation of the Congo under the infamous King Leopold II of Belgium and discusses the repercussions of his regime.

Inside the world's 'last colonial museum' in Belgium:

How should Europe’s painful colonial past be told, and who gets to tell it?  

That’s what they’re struggling with at Belgium’s Africa Museum, home of the world’s largest collection of African art. Built on the site of what was once a human zoo, which showcased Africans as if they were animals, it’s now undergoing a massive renovation. But instead of removing controversial artefacts, they’re relabeling them.

Human zoos, Dunking booths, African dodger, Hit the trigger

And the "MAGA" USA only made it bigger and grander and more horrible:

Human Zoos: America's Forgotten History of Scientific Racism


Understand the background above, when you read latest news from the MSM like:

Congo’s Army Kills Top Rwandan Rebel Suspected of War Crimes

By  - bloomberg - 18. 

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s army said it killed the military commander of a Rwandan rebel group whom the International Criminal Court suspected of war crimes.

Sylvestre Mudacumura of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda was killed around 5 a.m. when his camp was attacked by government forces in eastern Congo, regional army spokesman Richard Kasonga said by phone Wednesday.

The ICC issued an arrest warrant for Mudacumura in 2012 for crimes including murder, mutilation and torture, which he allegedly committed between 2009 and 2010 in the Congo’s Kivu provinces. He also served in the presidential guard of Rwanda’s army during the 1994 genocide, and had been at large for years.

Rwanda welcomed the news, saying it will help bring peace in the region. Mudacumura’s death confirms “the commitment of the new Congolese leadership to neutralize negative forces” in the eastern Congo, Olivier Nduhungire, state minister for foreign affairs, said by phone from Rwanda’s capital, Kigali.


Apart from the hard fact that they killed Sylvestre Mudacumura, the MSM report above doesn't tell you the real story.