By Thomas C. Mountain (*) - edited: 28. September 2018

When US National Security Advisor John “The Walrus” Bolton threatened the International Criminal Court with USAmerican sanctions many of us here in Africa cheered, long having given up hope that the ICC would ever be held to even the slightest account, least of all for its crimes against our continent.

The Peoples' Indictment against the ICC is a long one - running from its failures to indict to the criminal indictments it issued.

Lets start with the Horn of Africa, where the ICC never indicted anyone for the genocidal blockade of food and medicine against the people of the occupied Ogaden in today's Ethiopia by the former TPLF regime from 2007 until this year - during a series of famines unprecedented in the regions history. The Ogaden’s Somali children in their hundreds of thousands starved to death while international food aid was used to pay the salaries of the LIYU Police death squads aka “the wheat police”.

Yet the ICC indicted Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir for “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” in Dafur during an all too obviously attempted coup d’eta. Saddam Hussein, Muhamar Gaddafi…Omar Al Bashir, all aboard when it comes to demonizing the latest ‘“Islamic/Arab Terrorist Threat”- better yet a black Islamic terrorist.