West Papua Leader Denied Entry to Papua New Guinea

Octovianus Mote refused entry to Papua New Guinea, where the slavemasters of the NWO and Anglo-American interests govern.

Octovianus Mote, Secretary-General of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, forbidden entry to Papua New Guinea, amid illegal arrests of West Papuan Freedom supporters in Indonesia and the region

ULMWP Media release - May 30, 2016

On the 28th of May 2016 Octovianus Mote, Secretary General of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua was refused entry to Papua New Guinea.

"No reason was given why I was refused permission to enter the country. I was not presented with any written explanation, I was just told it was an 'order from the top'. Although I am seeking clarification about why I was denied entry I accept this decision of the sovereign nation of Papua New Guinea."

"I was treated very respectfully as a wantok by Immigration and I want to emphasise that I was not deported" said Mr Mote.

This is the second time a leader from the United Liberation Movement for West Papua has been refused entry to Papua New Guinea. Benny Wenda was also refused entry in 2015 when he attempted to lobby the Papua New Guinea government.

Mr Mote was travelling to Papua New Guinea as a guest of the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu government. "I was invited to assist both delegations with various resolutions they planned to table at the African Caribbean Pacific meeting of the European Union which is being held in Port Morseby."

"I would like to express my thanks to the MSG countries for their ongoing support of West Papua. I look forward to the forthcoming MSG Leaders' Summit to clarify all matters relating to ULMWP's application for full membership."

"I wish to extend my gratitude to the people of Papua New Guinea for their ongoing support. I look forward to a clearer and better understanding of Papua New Guinea's position on West Papua."

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Indonesian police begin another crackdown on KNPB activists ahead of May 31 mobilisations

High spirited KNPB members being held at Police Headquaters in Jayapura

by West Papua Media - May 30, 2016

Indonesian police have arrested scores of West Papua National Committee (Komite Nasional Papua Barat) members around Papua on May 30, as Papuan civil society is gearing up for a day a mass mobilizations to sustain pressure brought on by the massive May 3 rallies, where Indonesian security forces beat hundreds of people and arrested close to 2300 people.

KNPB members across Papua were handing out pamphlets calling on West Papuan society to rally on May 31 for international mediation to allow West Papuans to exercise their universal human rights of Self-Determination, long denied by Indonesia.

The May 31 rally will also be demonstrating Papuan support for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) bid for full membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, which was due to meet in Port Moresby this week, but the meeting has been postponed.

Back in West Papua the gecoide against the Indigenous populations just continues.
Those who carry witness photos like this to the outsid and those who bear witness are murdered too.

In Jayapura, 24 KNPB members were arrested at 1250pm outside the office of Papua Province Governor Lukas Enembe, at Dock 2 Jayapura whilst handing out flyers. Together with the Chairman KNPB (Numbay Area), Mr. Calvin Wenda &
the Chief Diplomatic Commissioner from KNPB's Central Committee, Mr. Cobabe Waninbo, they were taken and held at Jayapura Police headquarters. 

At time of writing, no response had occurred to WPM attempts to contact Jayapura police regarding charges or time of release.

According to KNPB sources, Police have alleged that the leaflets contain subversive material, and all gatherings of KNPB members are illegal as the organisation is forbidden from registration as a legal by a Jakarta mandate, despite the rights allegedly afforded to Papuan people under the long since abandoned "Special Autonomy" provisions, and guaranteed to all other Indonesian citizens.

Riot Police belonging to the Dalmas public order unit at 1420 swooped on the Yapis bus stop outside Abepura, and arrested all 34 KNPB Members handing out the allegedly subversive leaflets, confiscating them as well as personal possessions.

In Wamena, several KNPB activist were chased, arrested and beaten by Indonesian police for handing out the flyers outside the KNPB Baliem office, activists had just begun leafletting for the May 31 mobilisation when Brimob police swooped and captured 21 of the KNPB activists. 

Their names are as follows:

    Warpo Sampari Wetipo
    Hasan Kogoya
    Marta Haluk
    Mardi Heluka
    Hery Kosay
    Firdaus Hilapok
    Paska Iyaba
    Marsel Marian,
    Melianus Kosay
    Hiron Hiluka
    Yufry Kogoya
    Pilemon Meaga
    Domy Meaga
    Manu Wuka
    Martinus Wamu
    Deminus Qantik
    Ardis Wilil
    Nuber Surabut
    Mely Wantik
    Asa Asso
    Yulius Towolom.

Earlier, Three KNPB activists -  Darpinus Bayage, Ison Bahabol and Amiter Bahabol - were arrested for leafletting the same flyers at 10h25am in  Dekai town, Yahukimo, outside the local Bupati (Regent's) office.

According to witnesses of the arrest, interviewed by a WPM stringer, the three KNPB activists were beaten as they were taken to the paddy wagon, and the witnesses reported that they believed the detainees were being "even more severely beaten once the got taken away in the vehicle.

At time of writing, the three were still being detained at the Yakuhimo police station.

A KNPB source in Yahukimo, Marten Suhun, said "despite intimidation and torture happening in Yahukimo, but we KNPB will stay out on the streets (on May 31) according to the (KNPB) national agenda."


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