Update 24. 06. 2019: Ethiopian forces kill suspected mastermind of attempted coup
The Associated Press reports that prime minster Abiy Ahmed’s spokesman Nigussu Tilahun said on Monday that Brig. Gen. Asamnew Tsige was killed on the outskirts of Bahir Dar, capital of the restive northern Amhara region.
He also indicated that other plotters had been arrested.
Asamnew had been on the run since Saturday, when soldiers loyal to him attacked a meeting of the Amhara government, killing the regional governor and his adviser.
The government had deployed a heavy contingent of pro-government forces in Bahir Dar and the capital, Addis Ababa.
That attack was followed hours later by the assassination in Addis Ababa of the Ethiopian army chief and a retired army general by a bodyguard.
Speaking on state television on Saturday, Abiy said the general had been trying to prevent plotters carrying out a coup in Amhara state, one of Ethiopia’s nine federal states.

Update 23. 06. 2019: Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the former spy-chief of the country who was installed by an US-led soft coup, says country's armed forces chief of staff, General Seare Mekonnen, has been shot following unrest in the northern Amhara region. READ

Update 22. 06. 2019: Breaking: An attack against officials in Bahir Dar / Amhara started at 16:00 local time and the news had already reached Finfinnee 20 minutes later. The attack against the Chief of Staff of the Army was then conducted at 21:00 local time.

Confirmed 4 senior officials killed in an attempted coup

• General Seare Mekonnen - Army Chief

• General Gezai Abera - Senior Military General

• Ambachew Mekonnen(PhD) - President, Amhara Regional State

• Ezez Wasie - Senior adviser of the president

High time that peaceful Oromiya kicks out all these warmongers and establishes it own state independently.

Update 22. 06.2019: Despite all the horrors for the Oromo people, Ethiopia has been named as the world's most welcoming country. While it is true that especially the Oromo are very hospitable and friendly people, the governance makes sure that tourists don't venture into Oromiya or the Ogaden. Tourism under total surveillance. WATCH OUT 

The horrors just got worse for the Oromo people, who struggle for their independence but do not even receive their constitutionally guaranteed autonomy.

Oromia includes the capital Finfinne (Addis Ababa) and that poses a specific problem to the freedom struggle of the Oromo people.

By OSG - 1. July 2019

When Abiy Ahmed was brought to power in an US-led soft-coup, the trained and actively operating spy-chief sold himself to the international community and their mainstream media as an ethnic Oromo, making many believe the previous dictatorship and the crisis for the century-long oppressed Oromo people would have come with his selection finally to an end. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The extra-judicial killing and arbitrary arrest of alleged Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) supporters since December 2018 has created a situation in Oromia very similar to that in 1991-2 when thousands of  OLF supporters were killed and  scores of thousands detained and tortured. 

The good will and support for Ethiopia from the international community helped to maintain the abusive regime of previous prime minister Meles Zenawi, then in power. The current silence about the killings and widespread imprisonment is eerily reminiscent of that time.

Many reports have been sent to the Oromia Support Group Australia (OSG) since December 2018 and this report is a summary of the information received by OSG, the Oromo organization that recently received UN special consultative status and is able to separate propaganda from facts.

This report includes information on about 163 extra-judicial killings and the arbitrary detention of at least 933 persons - all due to their alleged  support for the Oromo Liberation Front, which officially returned to Ethiopia in September 2018.


Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia July 2019

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