China Gains Farming Rights Over Five African Countries

Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia are target countries for outsourcing Chinese farming interests and grabbing land rights in Africa. Kagame - Rwanda (left), with China's foreign minister and Uhuru Kenyatta - Kenya, Museveni - Uganda, with Abiye - Ethiopia - missing in this picture. Others which are already under the Chinese spell are Malawi and Zambia.

While massive Chinese overfishing is already a serious threat to food security in Africa, the Chinese government seduced five African countries to take another huge loan. In trade for that, China will gain its farming rights. All in the name of food security.

To increase food security in Africa a 500 million dollar loan (not a grant) will be given to the African nations. In trade for that, China's EXIM Bank gains all farming rights.

This is another debt trap and this loan, which African countries need to develop, will not benefit the development of countries' own farming sectors or to protect African food security.

Tough anti-corruption conditions of Western lenders have angered and driven African nations into the choking arms of the Chinese.

Cicil society groups in East Africa have now stood up and demand that their "leaders" who take such shark-loans must secure them personally and not using the people's agricultural land - often held by the government only in "trust" - as collateral.