Russell Means’ Wife, Pearl Means, Calls for Boycott of Banks Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline

Pearl Means

Ya’at’eeh My Relatives, I am Pearl Daniel-Means, born into the Ashiihi (Salt) Clan of the Navajo Nation.  It is an honor to be a daughter of White Shell Woman.  My Lakota name is Iyoyanbya Izanzan Win (loose translation: Bright Light). I am blessed to have been born into an ancient culture that begins before time.  My Dineh mandate is to “Walk in Beauty”.  The Indigenous world view that I come from as a woman, mother and grandmother who feels the rhythms of our Grandmother the Earth, has a responsibility to speak at this late hour.

As Women we have been given the honor and responsibility of giving birth, co-creating life.  That life emerges through our being with the umbilical cord always connected always present.  Our Grandmother the Earth is in her last throes of rebirthing, recalibrating to a higher frequency, an amplified vibration that resonates with unconditional love, compassion and nurturing.  All of life, the four legged, the water, the winged and those that crawl within our Grandmother continue to abide by the instructions set forth by our Creator, with the exception of the two legged, we human beings with the ability to reason and free will, have forgotten our original instructions.

Our first responsibility always begins with ourselves, then our Family, our Clans, our Nations and reverberates out into the world and beyond. This teaching must also be applied to the corporations, governments, organizations we are affiliated with.  We must first clean up our own back yard.  Acknowledge the policies and actions of those entities that we are endorsing, if they are not of the highest moral and ethical values we espouse, we have the responsibility to make the necessary changes.  Only then can we expect humanity to move into a place of balance, peace and harmony not only with one another but all of life, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and the mineral kingdom.  It is very humbling to realize our human existence compared to a rock is simply a drop in the bucket. Therefore, we must walk lightly, in reverence with respect so that at the very least the next seven generations might live.

In the words of my late husband, Russell Means “Never underestimate the Power of the People.”

I Invite you to join us in Boycotting the corporations below who continue to  disrespect our Grandmother the Earth and all of her Children.  Wopila (thank you)

Financial Companies Behind the Bakken Dakota Access Pipeline
Financial Companies Behind the Bakken Dakota Access Pipeline