Indignous Women Rise Up!

Ta'Kaiya Blaney singing Women's Warrior Song
on Indignous Women Day - May 5, 2019

Celebrating Mother Earth and all Indigenous Women on the front-lines.

Sovereign Love

When I look upon the beloved, the real beloved, not the beloved of memoirs, made up in revenge, but the active generator of love, the love maker. When I                      when

When I look upon you.

Beloved, I might avert my gaze, let it stray only to your hands and then up to your throat. It is only in holding your eyes away from mine that I can stay sovereign in my love. It is only for you. Not from you. It is more than state or nation. This love is itself unto itself. The only name it needs it speaks within me. Call it what you will. It will answer.

Author: Heid E. Erdrich is Ojibwe enrolled at Turtle Mountain.

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In this episode of Warrior Life, I get to talk to warrior woman Kanahus Freedom Manuel, daughter of the late Arthur Manuel - a well-known warrior all over Canada. Kanahus shares with us her background, why her work is important, the Warrior Society and how she is raising her children to be the next generation of warriors.

Below is a link to some articles on Kanahus and some of her land defence work and arrests, by Warrior Publications:…-manuel/

Indigenous Women Rise!