Mexico: Indigenous Radio Founder, Educator-Journalist Murdered

Telesforo Santiago Enriquez RIP

ECOTERRA demands the immediate arrest of the killers together with their backers and much more protection for journalists in Mexico.

By vf/tS/PEN - 2. May 2019

The founder of southern Mexico Indigenous community radio station Estéreo Cafetal in San Agustín Loxicha, OAX, Mr. Telesforo Santiago Enriquez, was murdered Thursday, Mexican authorities have reported.

According to authorities from the state of Oaxaca, Enriquez, who was an educator and journalist, was ambushed and killed while driving his car in the city of Juchitan in the afternoon of May 2, 2019. He received multiple shots which led to him dying on the spot. A clear assassination.

"From the government, we have committed all resources to finding the perpetrators who attacked Mexican journalism," presidential spokesperson Jesus Ramirez announced on his Twitter account.

Several human rights organizations and journalists have also condemned Enriquez’ murder, on social networks, and demand that "this heinous crime does not go unpunished."

The journalist was a recognized professor of Indigenous studies and a promoter and defender of Indigenous culture.

The radio station is located in and broadcasts from the municipality of San Agustin Loxicha.

According to EFE, Enriquez is the eighth journalist killed since Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who was inaugurated on December 1, 2018, took office.

The list of murdered journalist includes: Jesus Alejandro Marquez, who was murdered in Mexico City last December; Rafael Murua, who was killed in the state of Baja California Sur in January; Reylando Lopez and Jesus Ramos Rodriguez, murdered in the states of Sonora and Tabasco, respectively, in February; and Santiago Barroso and Omar Ivan Camacho, murdered in the states of Sonora and Sinaloa, respectively, in March.

In the six years of immediate ex-President Enrique Peña Nieto’s tenure, 47 journalists were murdered in Mexico.

Nine murders took place in 2018 out of a total of 2,347 attacks against media practitioners.


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Officials in Mexico are finally charing the four men of kidnapping and torturing journalist Lydia Cacho after she revealed a pedophile pornography network in 2005.


A federal court issued an arrest warrant against four men, including a former governor of the Mexican state of Puebla, for the kidnap and torture of journalist Lydia Cacho after she exposed a human trafficking network all over Mexico.

Federal government sources confirmed that on April 11, 2019 judge Maria Elena Suarez Prestamo, head of the First Circuit Court of Quintana Roo, revoked a previous ruling by a Second District state judge who had refused to issue an arrest warrant against Mario Plutarco Marin Torres, former governor of Puebla; Hugo Adolfo Karam Beltran, former head of the state police; Juan Sanchez Moreno, former director of the now-defunct Judicial Order group, and businessman Jose Kamel Nacif Borge, for the crime of torture of  journalist Lydia Cacho.

"The appeal has been revoked ...  arrest warrants has been issued against Juan Sanchez Moreno, Hugo Adolfo Karam Beltran, Mario Plutarco Marin Torres and Jose Kamel Nacif Borge, for being suspected of acts of torture," read the resolution.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office has been ordered to arrest the accused while ordering the judge to carry out all necessary procedures to comply with the resolution.

Mexican journalist and human rights defender Lydia Cacho was harrassed after the publication of 'The Demons of Eden,' an investigative report into a human trafficking and child exploitation ring in the state of Quintana Roo. Her book targeted different officials who were part of the network.

| The journalist was a recognized professor of studies and a promoter and defender of Indigenous culture.