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LISTEN WHILE READING: They Don't Care About Us

Guaido greeting his relatively small crowd of supremacist right-wing followers with a Nazi salute.

Update 09. March 2019: (vf) Agitator Guaido's rally today looked more like a school-yard gathering with him blasting through a megaphone like an auctioneer. But he didn't elaborate to his crowd that he already has promised to foreign corporations to auction state-run entities and enterprises.

The political crisis in Venezuela has come to an impasse, with Nicolas Maduro refusing to budge and opposition leader Juan Guaido, backed by a string of Western and South American countries, so far failing to mobilise enough compatriots to oust the president. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has pledged to respond to acts of "imperial aggression" as the county braces for pro and anti-government protests scheduled on the same day.

"The US empire, once again, underestimates the conscience and determination of the Venezuelan people. I assure you that every attempt [to express] imperial aggression will be met with a forceful response from the patriots that we love and defend, with courage, our Homeland," Maduro said on Saturday.

Although the embattled Venezuelan leader did not specify any names, his comments were apparently referring to the United States, which endorsed his political arch-foe Juan Guaido.

"We have overcome so many challenges, we'll overcome this one," Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told the crowd on Saturday and added: 'Stay True to Chavismo'.

The people standing strong with President Maduro had prepared a countrywide demonstration of unity in the spirit of the Chavista movement, standing strong against foreign aggression and against internal agitation, seggreation or sabotage. The march started at 09:00 a.m. local time from the headquarters of Venezuela's TV Channel 8 and it mobilized down Av. Libertador de Caracas to the Presidential Palace of Miraflores, where President Nicolas Maduro and the countries political leaders received the gathering crowd. “Today, as the U.S empire, in its desperate attempt to take our natural resources intensified their brutal aggression against the Homeland, we firmly stand up to defend our land and scream with force: Yankee Go Home! We are anti-imperialist!,” tweeted President Maduro. "We have overcome so many challenges, we'll overcome this one," Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told the crowd Saturday. During his speech in Caracas, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro encouraged citizens to stay true to Chavismo and the sovereignty of Venezuela as some areas still face power outages. "We will liberate the electrical company of infiltrators and saboteurs... We have overcome so many challenges, we'll overcome this one. We'll do it with love, resistance and revolutionary courage," Maduro said. Thousands listened attentively as Maduro denounced the interventionist attempts executed by the United States. “The technology used in the attack on our electrical system is held only by the US, no other country in the world has the resource," said the president. The cyber attack allegedly perpetrated by anti-Maduro forces Thursday against the El Guri hydroelectric plant control system left the Venezuelan population without electricity for almost 24 hour.

President Mauro filled central Caracas with the carriers of the Bolivarian revolution called Chavistas.

The Venezuelan Anti-imperialist Day is held every March 9 to commemmorate the same date in 2015 when former U.S. President Barack Obama announced the first decree against Venezuela, by considering it a threat to the North American nation. As crowds carrying messages of support gathered in plaza beneath Palace of Miraflores, high ranking authorities received them, such as Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, who congratulated the people for their resistance in the hours of the power blackout.

"This is a country that resists and that is why we are going to get out of all difficulties!" assured Arreaza, while calling for unity and support for President Maduro. Another participant was the president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello, who assured that the unity of the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) is "getting stronger every day."  Cabello demanded respect for the sovereignty of the country and also highlighted the popular courage in the face of the greatest attack in Venezuela's history to against its electric service. In addition, he emphasized that in Venezuela there have been no acts of violence and that the government is working to restore all services throughout the country.

The sabotage was intended to leave Venezuela without light for several days, and meant to destabilizing the Maduro administration, Jorge Rodriguez, Sector Vice President of Communication, Tourism and Culture reported. "They want to install a clown and a puppet as president... here it's workers who govern," he said, referring to Juan Guaido, who has been supported by the United States since Jan. 23, when he declared himself unconstitutionally as interim president. Maduro told spectators, “We have the spiritual force to overcome any circumstance because we are the sons of the liberator Simon Bolivar, because we are the people of Hugo Chavez." Many thousands of Venezuelans participated in a large-scale protest to reject acts of interventionism in their home country as part of the annual national Bolivarian Anti-Imperialist Day celebrations. The Anti-imperialist Day is held every March 9 to commemorate the same date in 2015 when former U.S. President Barack Obama announced the first decree against Venezuela, by considering it a threat to the North American nation.

Guri hydroelectric power plant provides over 70 percent of the nation's electricity.

The engineers at CORPOELEC, who had at the beginning of the power outage stated" This is part of the economic warfare, we won’t let them. We are working to restore the service”, kept their word: Electric power is back. 21 of 23 states of the Bolivarian Repuplic and the capital Caracas had been affected in the longest power outage for decades. It, however, lasted just over 24h and was, compared to outages in other developing nations like Nigeria, quite short. The grid is being restored, while Venezuelans brace themselves for a day of competing demonstrations today.

As of 09:00 p.m. on Friday (01:00 GMT on Saturday), electricity returned to Caracas’ central Altagracia district, southeastern Colinas De Santa Monica area, northern La Florida district and western Caricuao and Catia areas. Temporary power supply failures might still be experienced in these areas, because the nationwide electrical power-grid has to be gradually re-established and balanced.

The blackout swept Venezuela on Thursday as Corpoelec reported about a "sabotage" at the major Guri hydroelectric power plant. President Maduro blamed the United States for waging an electric energy war against Venezuela.

Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Information Jorge Rodriguez said that a delegation headed by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet will visit Venezuela over the next few days and that Caracas “will show her the proof about these criminals”. “We will submit a complaint to her in order for the world to respect human rights in Venezuela”, Rodriguez underscored. “They [the US] carried out a cyberattack on [Guri’s] automatic control system. Everything shows that it is a multiformat and violent attack against all of Venezuela", Rodriguez told the country’s state television network.

WATCH: Venezuela Exposes "Preplanned" US Cyber Attack & Syria Vows To Attack Israel If In Golan Heights

In comparison, reed this article dated May 29th, 2013, on the massive power outage only one month before the US-sponsored military coup, which did overthrow the freely and fairly elected government of Egypt. So, unless Russia is not as determined as it was in Syria, we will have a new SiSi in Venezuela very soon!!!

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After weeks of insinuating that Nicolas Maduro’s ouster was imminent, Washington now insists that there’s “no timeline” for regime change in Venezuela. RT looks at how the US’ best laid plans haven’t panned out.

US citizens will need ‘visas’ for Europe’s Schengen area starting from 2021. Traveling to Europe will now become a little more complicated for US citizens – starting from 2021, they will need to obtain an entry permit before crossing the pond. The measure comes as new cracks appear in US-EU ties.

MUST WATCH AGAIN: Noam Chomsky - History of US Rule in Latin America


EU AML policy in turmoil due to U.S. intervention - protecting their own criminals.

Update 08. March 2019: (vf) Venezuela is not on the EU blacklist proposal. However, the governments of the EU member states have ‘unanimously’ rejected a blacklist of countries that have failed to tackle money laundering and terrorism financing. But the paper cited four US territories and was immediately slammed by Washington. Subsequently the Council of the European Union has “unanimously decided to reject the list of “high-risk third countries” – a paper that would require banks and financial institutions operating in Europe to “be more vigilant and to carry out extra checks in the context of transactions” involving these nations. The document in question was drafted by the European Commission and was supposed to identify the nations that “have strategic deficiencies in their anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regimes,” which could thus pose “significant threats” to the bloc’s financial system. Not surprisingly, as many as four US territories - American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands – found themselves on the list (which the EU quickly removed from the Internet - the release still can be found archived HERE). They were put there alongside about two dozen –mostly Asian and African– nations, including those suffering from acute political and economic turmoil as well as armed conflicts, such as Syria, Yemen or Libya.  A 35-page report accompanying the draft list accused the named US territories of having, among other issues, lax tax evasion legislation and a lack of legally binding control measures, that would allow identification of the end beneficiaries of various financial transactions. “Large portion of high-risk sectors … are unregulated,” the report said, listing the four US territories among the 11 nations that have particularly grave “strategic deficiencies.” This development infuriated Washington. The US Treasury rushed to issue a damning statement the same day the draft list was published by the European Commission. The statement accused the EU of being superficial in its assessment and complained that the European authorities had “failed” to provide the US with “any meaningful opportunity to challenge their inclusion” or to “discuss with the European Commission its basis for including the listed US territories.” Washington then stated that it flat-out rejects the conclusions of the European Commission and “does not expect” any US financial institutions to take this document into account in their policies and procedures. In a bizarre coincidence, weeks later, the Council of the European Union, which consists of the ministers representing all 28 EU members, justified its decision to reject the document with the arguments that seemed strikingly similar to those employed by the US Treasury. The Council “cannot support the current proposal that was not established in a transparent and resilient process that actively incentivizes affected countries to take decisive action while also respecting their right to be heard,” its statement said. It also demanded that the European Commission draft a new list that would address these concerns, apparently implying that it should first discuss the situation with all affected parties before adding them to the list – precisely what Washington wanted. In a separate development, the Council had also previously dismissed the Commission’s proposal to place Saudi Arabia on the ‘blacklist’, claiming that deficiencies within Riyadh’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regime were “not established in a transparent and credible process.” The decision to remove Washington’s major Middle Eastern ally from the list also came after the Saudis explicitly voiced their opposition to the move, arguing that it could “create difficulties in trade and investment flows between the Kingdom and the European Union.”

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The United States has extended the deadline for investors to cut ties with Venezuela's Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) until May 10, the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) said in a notice on its website on Friday. "OFAC is extending the expiration date of provisions relating to the wind down of certain financial contracts or other agreements involving, or linked to, the bonds listed on the Annex to General License 3D or to certain Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. securities," the notice said. "This authorization is valid through 12:01 a.m. eastern daylight time, May 10, 2019." The provisions allow for limited transactions with PDVSA before US sanctions on the Venezuelan oil company come into full effect. Companies that continue to do business with PDVSA after the deadline risk US sanctions. The previous deadline was March 11, 2019.

Last night in Caracas and other areas only the headlights of vehicles shone due to a very wide power outage caused by three failing powerlines from the main hydroelectric power station, which was reportedly caused by sabotage. U.S. officials had predicted such incidences and must be held responsible together with the saboteurs, if links can be proven in a court of law.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the US of waging an “electricity war” against the country, as Caracas and other cities were plunged into darkness Thursday night. The government says the incident is likely sabotage. Thousands of commuters in Caracas had to walk home as a power outage shut down the capital’s subway, resulting in massive traffic jams.The lights also went out in the largest airport of Caracas. People on social media described disruptions in most of the nation’s regions and it is unclear how long the blackout will last. The government had to cancel school lessons and suspend the working day on Friday due to the emergency, Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez wrote on Twitter. President Maduro for his part said the blackout was the result of an “electricity war” waged by “US imperialism.” The outage was caused by “deliberate sabotage” at the Guri hydroelectric power plant, which provides most of the country’s energy, local media reported. The presumed saboteurs are likely linked to the US-backed opposition, Venezuela’s electric energy minister, Luis Motta Dominguez, claimed on national TV. The minister pointed out that US Senator Marco Rubio, who is leading a fierce campaign to oust Maduro, tweeted about the outage just minutes after the emergency occurred. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Maduro’s government only has itself to blame for power shortages in Venezuela, noting sarcastically that “Maduro’s policies bring nothing but darkness. The US openly supports Venezuela’s self-proclaimed Juan Guaido.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza lashed out at politicians close to US President Donald Trump for "celebrating" in the wake of electricity supply issues facing the South American country. "While the Venezuelan society has calmly accepted the circumstances that resulted from the sabotage in the country’s electric power industry, and the employees of Corpoelec [national electricity supplier] are restlessly working, those close to Donald Trump have been celebrating, enjoying the reckless distortion [of facts] despite what Venezuelans are going through," Arreaza wrote on Twitter in response to the recent comments by US politicians. In his tweet on Friday, Arreaza referred to tweets by US State Secretary Mike Pompeo who denied claims that Washington had a role in the electricity system collapse.

Jorge Rodriguez, Venezuela's minister of Communication and Information, suggested on Friday, as aired by the state-run VTV broadcaster, that both Rubio and Pompeo had known about the blackout before it had hit Venezuela because their reaction to the situation in the South American country had been very prompt. "They carried out a cyberattack on the automatic control system. Everything shows that it is a multiformat and violent attack against whole Venezuela… In the coming days, a delegation headed by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet will visit Venezuela in the coming days. We will show her the proof about these criminals. We will submit a complaint to her in order the world to respect human rights in Venezuela," Rodriguez pointed out. 'How did Marco Rubio know that backup generators had failed? At that time, no one knew that,' the Bolivarian government official asked. Also, Rodriguez denied that hospitals in Venezuela had recorded deaths during the day without power, as President Nicolás Maduro had ordered the provision of generation plants to prevent any such attack. Rodriguez informed that the electrical system in the country continues to be restored gradually thanks to the work of the employees of the state company Corpoelec. Likewise, he thanked the civility and calm that the citizenship has maintained before what he described as "the most brutal aggression to which the people of Venezuela have been subjected in 200 years." "While in Venezuela society calmly assumed the consequences of the electrical sabotage and the employees of Corpoelec (state electric power company) are working tirelessly, Donald Trump's entourage was celebrating, enjoying with guilty perversion the anguish of the Venezuelan people, "said Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza through his Twitter account. Also, Rodriguez questioned that less than three minutes after the sabotage occurred Rubio appeared posting a tweet where he announced the situation. The Bolivarian Government has repeatedly denounced the coup plans of the United States against the constitutional president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

Much of Venezuela had no electricity since Thursday afternoon due to problems at the Guri dam plant, in a long blackout that affected the telephone network and the metro service in Caracas. President Nicolas Maduro "has suspended classes and the working day today in order to facilitate the efforts for the recovery of electric service in the country," wrote Vice President Delcy Rodríguez on her Twitter account.

Freddy Bernal, head of security of the state of Táchira, stated through his Twitter account that the Colombian-Venezuelan border must remain closed. He indicated that the measure should remain taking into account that the zone “is destined for contraband, extortion and vandalism”.


This cartoon got attention and has resulted in Jim Stone being cut off from everyone. (rightclick/view to enlarge)

By Jim Stone -
Since people at Guri have stated that they had a runaway problem with the turbines, where they pushed ahead of phase and that's what triggered the blackout, a virus or other cyber attack is assumed. It is safe to assume this because once a power station is locked into the grid, it stays locked into the grid come hell (but not high water, ) - water, which in this case had enough pressure to force the generators to spin ahead of phase no matter what once the valves were simply totally open, controlling nothing. Once the generators were more than 20 degrees ahead of phase, everything would have absolutely no choice whatsoever to do anything but go kablooey. After that, pure destruction would commence. VENEZUELA WAS ATTACKED, this could not have happened any other way, case closed.
I re-traced steps looking for the tweets that said the generators went "off frequency" at Guri and can't find them anymore. There is censorship underway. If the generators did go off frequency, power will not be back up to all of Venezuela any time soon. Such an event would likely permanently destroy anywhere from 30 - 50 percent of generating capacity in one whack. The types of generators Venezuela would have lost can't be replaced within a year, even without sanctions. My guess is that the news will now be continuously full of reports about how bad Venezuela's electrical system is, all reports blaming Maduro.
If that happens, Venezuela now goes into continuous rolling blackouts that never stop.

I likely know EXPLICITLY what happened based on posts Venezuelans managed to get onto Twitter, and here it is:
Someone from either American or Israeli DoD got into the PLC controllers on the hydroelectric Guri dam. They attacked the systems that regulated water flow through the valves on the dam that send the water to the turbines. This is precisely the type of attack Stuxnet is supposed to be made for. They opened the valves all the way. They (or whatever virus they planted, probably Stuxnet) then told the engineers, via the readouts, that the water flows and turbine speeds were normal. With an enormous amount of pressure from the dam, the turbines managed to push ahead of phase on the rest of Venezuela's grid, got into an enormous tug-of-war with power stations elsewhere and blew everything up, tripping a nationwide blackout.

Only ignorance of the population will let them get away with what I believe is now a short term plan. READ THIS LINK

This brilliant article shows you the kind of threat we are really up against. When I was in the NSA, this was a major topic, and a man would go around the facility with a spectrum analyzer, tuning the entire radio spectrum across a display screen looking for "leaks" in the system which could be exploited exactly the way this article talks about. These scans took place every few feet, and it took days to go around the facility making sure there were no leaks. This is a reality, and there is no doubt the world's nuclear facilities have indeed been scanned the same way via satellite, looking for leaks in their hard wired totally off the web secure LAN and PLC systems they operate with, and MANY have been penetrated and had crap put on them straight out of what would appear to be "the ether." I am NOT joking about the Stuxnet threat, it is EXACTLY like that cartoon.

This was MORE than a major topic at the NSA, it was a way of life. There is NO SUCH THING AS "SECURE" when it comes to dealing with what I have now come to name as "that group of invasive bastards".

The only error in that report is that they are calling it a "new era". That crap was happening DECADES ago.
Most likely, trolls are going to say Venezuela's grid was crap. That's a lie, I looked into this, and it was in fact among the most modern grids in the world, RIPE for virus attacks, Guri is predominantly a 2010 dated facility after upgrades, that was initially put online in the late 80's (which by itself would not be old by power generating standards). There's nothing of significance in the U.S. that new and that updated. The stories about Venezuela having crap are bold faced lies fronted for propaganda.

The state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) denied that its subsidiary PDV Marina is paralyzed due to lack of personnel to operate the oil transport vessels. “Through Fake News they try to deceive Venezuela and the world, PDV Marina and all the subsidiaries of PDVSA, maintain 100% operational activities, for the benefit of the nation and fulfilling international commitments,” the company said on the social network Twitter. “Our subsidiary PDV Marina maintains its work with the company Bernhard Schulte Ship Management (BSM) and reiterates its socialist values hand in hand with President Nicolás Maduro and (oil) Minister Manuel Quevedo. Petróleos de Venezuela and its subsidiaries have remained in the eye of the hurricane since the political crisis worsened in the Caribbean country earlier this year.

While the constituent assembly has members from all ethnicities of the multinational state of Venezuela, the hijacked legislature has predominantly descendents of the Conquistadores ... and they show now their true face again as well as their politics based on the papal bulls, which call until today for non-Christian nations to be reduced and subjugated. The papal bull Inter Caetera was issued on May 4, 1493 by Pope Alexander VI and has until today not been revoked.
Following the US-imperialist script and ploy of implanting "self-declared" presidents in South American states, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador join Venezuela by having their own self-proclaimed “presidents.”  Something they all have in common is that none were democratically elected by the people, yet, this did not stop them from self-proclaiming as ‘presidents’ of their homelands. But with Juan Guiado’s example, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador join Venezuela with brand new self-proclaimed heads of State.
It all started on Jan. 23 with the attempted coup made by Guaido. The opposition lawmaker, swore himself in and self-proclaimed himself the “interim president” of the country, violating the constitution of Venezuela gravely. Soon after, U.S. President Donald Trump recognized the illegal self-proclaimed president and the same was done by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro and right-wing governments in the region. Despite repeated calls by Guaido and the Venezuelan right-wing opposition, backed by the U.S. to oust President Nicolas Maduro, the country’s leadership and its army have repeatedly stated their full support for the legitimate government and rejected such calls as interventionist and a breach of the sovereignty of Venezuela. Even though the majority of world leaders, including Russia and China, have not recognized his “leadership” of Guiado, most U.S allies, especially the right-wing “Lima group” and besides Canada the European US-vassals have.
As a form of protest and political satire of the current political situation, ordinary citizens in Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador have decided to follow Guaido’s footsteps and also declared themselves president.
The first one to do it was the Colombian Alejandro Muñoz. Standing outside the Colombian Foreign Affairs department in Bogota, and wearing a replica of the presidential sash he self-proclaimed as president of the country on Feb. 25, amidst the Lima Group meeting in the country’s capital. The new “president” stated that his first official act was to declare national peace, adding that Colombian President Ivan Duque “does not represent him”. Muñoz also promised, in front of a gathering crowd, that he would ask the U.S. to leave and take their military bases with them. 
Soon after Brazilian actor Jose de Abreu Dia also declared himself as his country’s new “president”. “As of today (25) I am the self-declared President of Brazil, the same as in Venezuela”, de Abreu said and social media erupted with hundreds of memes and “support” for their new leader. However, Abreu’s actions were not taken lightly by Jair Bolsonaro’s government. On March 6 the elected far-right Brazilian president tweeted that he is suing some opposition figures and that Abreu will be next. The actor is now weighing a preventive request for a habeas corpus in case the Bolsonaro government issues an arrest warrant against him.De Abreu does not remain silent in the face of Bolsonaro’s threats and rejects him: “he can prosecute me, I’m not afraid of him”. In his tweet, the actor adds the ‘hashtags’ that on Thursday revolutionized the networks: #ImpeachmentBolsonaro and #PresidenteGoldenShower. In addition, he assured that he would take the Chief of State to court for “publishing pornography, idolizing pedophiles, murderers and torturers.” This message is a clear allusion to a video of obscene content posted on Bolsonaro’s social networks.
Following the same trend, Peru and Ecuador now have “self-proclaimed” presidents also.
In the latter, Luis Monta accepted the new position on Wednesday standing outside the presidential palace in Quito. 
While in Peru, things are a bit more complicated as they have two self-proclaimed leaders. However, all stated that they have done this to mock Guaido’s action and protest their respective countries’ position on this matter.
Juan Guaido's call for a womans march today from 10h30 at Plaza de Los Palos Grandes in Caracas to celebrate World Women's Day showed only very few people turning up, though the event was sponsored by 32 organizations, that receive US funding, and despite the fact that the day gad been declared school-free while the sabotaged ational power grid had to be restored.

Colombians living in Cúcuta, Department of Norte de Santander at Venezuela's border, have had to wait in long queues and wait for hours to fill their vehicles with gasoline due to the lack of supply in the city. This fuel was previously obtained from Venezuela, mostly by smuggling. On February 21, the constitutional president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, ordered the closure of the Colombian-Venezuelan border in the face of the imminent threat of an aggression against the country orchestrated by the governments of Colombia and the United States. It seems that the USA is not helping the Columbians at all, despite their huge U.S. military presence in the country - so much for "humanitarian" aid by the USA.


OHCHR chief Michelle Bachelet

Upddate 07. March 2019: (vf) When the Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs visited Geneva to address the United Nations Human Right Commission on 27. February he held a meeting with the the High Commissioner for Human Rights, former Chilean President Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria and invited her to visit Venezuela for an evaluation of the Human Rights conditions of the country. A campaign to support such visit by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Richts (OHCHR) was started (see below). When Michelle Bachelet presented now the Human Rights Commission's anual report she also announced that a delegation will be sent to Venezuela arriving on coming Sunday - 10. March - to prepare an evaluation report. “The situation in Venezuela clearly illustrates the way violations of civil and political rights – including failure to uphold fundamental freedoms, and the independence of key institutions – can accentuate a decline of economic and social rights,” Bachelet said. “This situation has been exacerbated by sanctions, and the resulting current political, economic, social and institutional crisis is alarming”, she added. Pope Francis had made a public statement duing the first week of February offering his mediation in the case both parties in conflict in Venezuela were willing to negotiate. President Maduro accepted the proposal and Self-Proclaimed Guaido rejected it.

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has not seen an increase in the migration flow of Venezuelans fleeing the country amid the country’s ongoing political crisis, UNHCR Associate Communications Officer Alejandra Romo stated. Venezuela’s political crisis escalated in January when US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido illegally declared himself interim president. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused Guaido of collaborating with the United States to forcefully overthrow his government in order to seize the country’s oil assets. "The outflow from Venezuela continues unabated. However, we have not witnessed a marked increase in the past weeks," Romo said on Thursday. The number of refugees and migrants from Venezuela now stands at 3.4 million, with 2.7 million located throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, Romo said. Romo also said the United Nations and other humanitarian groups have increased their humanitarian operations in Venezuela and in neighbouring countries hosting refugees over the last several months. The UN Refugee Agency is co-leading the Regional Response Plan for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela which focuses on direct emergency assistance, protection, socio-economic and cultural integration, and strengthening capacities in the receiving countries. In January, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the United Nations stood ready to increase aid to Venezuela, but added that consent and cooperation from the government of Venezuela were needed to take that action.

Widespread power outage - sabotage can not be ruled out.

The NetBlocks internet observatory has identified critical infrastructure outages across Venezuela starting 8:55 PM UTC (4:55 PM VET) Thursday 7 March, as a power disruption has knocked much of Venezuela’s electricity utilities and the internet connectivity of one provider offline. The outage is the largest in recent network measurement records across Latin America.

In the twitter account of Corpoelec a tweet was posted stating: “They sabotaged the electric generation in Guri (main hydroelectric plant in Venezuela). This is part of the economic warfare. we won’t let them. We are working to restore the service”.

After returning to Venezuela last Monday, the self-proclaimed Guaido announced a strategy to promote strikes and hold meetings with public servant unions that are mostly controlled by opposition activists. From another perspective, some analysts have announced that a new trend used by the US and its Venezuelan lackies will be attacks against public utilities in order to promote social unrest and protests in Venezuela. This tactic has proven fruitless in recent years but under the current circumstances it might give the right-wing saboteurs some leverage in the short run.

Youtube outage - only CanTV users are affected.

Earlier YouTube has been restricted by Venezuela’s state-run internet provider CANTV (AS8048) for over twenty hours, according to current network measurements from the NetBlocks internet observatory. The new outage, starting 14:00 PM UTC (10:00 AM VET) is the single longest-running disruption affecting YouTube during the current crisis. However, Venezuela’s privately-run internet providers remain unaffected and other Google services are unaffected.


by Jim Stone -


Probable Stuxnet attack underway

At approximately 1:40 PM CST the Guri dam was cyber attacked, which tripped a nationwide blackout.

Here is a cute one: POMPEO TWEETED: "No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro.

Given that statement, it can be fairly safely assumed the power outage in Venezuela was done on purpose by the United States. He has since rescinded the comment, but the genie is out of the bottle, THAT ONE is not going back in.

There have been various comments about the turbines at Guri dam (that must be a huge hydroelectric project) went off frequency, phase canceled with the rest of the grid, and tripped the blackout. FACT: Once a generator is online and synchronized, as the turbines at Guri dam were, there's no way they loose sync and go out of phase unless something causes it. My guess is that most likely someone got a virus into the control systems at Guri dam which gave the engineers a false frequency reading while it opened the valves into the turbines too much and pushed them ahead of phase, which would trip a blackout. Most likely, the generators at Guri dam have been destroyed after they played tug of war with the entirety of Venezuela's grid. AND ONLY STUXNET OR A VARIANT COULD HAVE DONE THAT, now that word has gotten out about what actually happened, STUXNET ALL THE WAY BABY!!!! American/Israeli attack basically confirmed.

“Marcodamus Rubio” predicted shortages of food and fuel would come soon for Venezuela. In a fashion very similar to Nostradamus’s prophecies, the US senator for the state of Florida, Marco (or is it Narco?) Rubio, affirmed already on Wednesday that Venezuela is “a few days away from the most serious shortage of food and fuel” that the country has faced. Rubio’s “prediction” was made through his Twitter account, a platform from which he meddles every day with the internal affairs of Venezuela. The US politician did not detail the cause of this supposed “catastrophe” that will hit the nation, but he assured that President Nicolás Maduro is to blame.

Retired Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, who claims that he killed Osama Bin Laden in 2014, has predicted fatal consequences and a 'Boody End' for the current political standoff in Venezuela. Rob O'Neill’s remarks come after President Nicolas Maduro said on Wednesday that Venezuela is currently faced with “the strongest imperialism of the last 200 years” as well as “economic, political and diplomatic aggression”.

President Maduro assured that “no one and nothing can break peace” in the Latin American country. “What needs to happen is something along the lines of a coup. As much as I would like to see it [end in a way that is] non-violent, I think it’s going to end pretty bloodily for [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro”, O’Neill told Fox Business. He claimed that the Venezuelan army is keeping Maduro in power and urged opposition leader and self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido to “turn the military around”, REUTERS reported.

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The USA today airlifted more "humanitarian aid", including medical supplies, to allegedly help the people of Venezuela. In cooperation with USAID and the State Department a U.S. Airforce A C-130 military aircraft flew the cargo from Homestead Airbase in Florida to Colombia. It is obvious that contracts closed earlier with suppliers needed to be fulfilled and the "aid" is set to be forced into Venezuela without consent of the Venezuelans. It would, however, be better to distribute these few tonnes of relief supplies to needy people in Columbia, who suffer from hunger, malnutrition and medical emergencis more than the pople in Venezuela.


German ambassador to Venezuela Daniel Kriener fronted for agitator Juan Guaidó (left), the EU and the missing US-Ambassador, who had been recalled by Trump already on 24. January. © AFP / Federico Parra

Update 06. March 2019: (vf) The Venezuelan authorities have declared the German ambassador Daniel Martin Kriener persona non grata over what it called “interference into its internal affairs." Germany’s envoy has become the first European diplomat to be expelled from the Latin American state amid the ongoing escalation of tensions between Caracas and Washington and its allies, supporting a self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ Juan Guaidó, who challenges the rule of elected leader Nicolas Maduro. “Venezuela considers its unacceptable that a foreign diplomat … plays a public role on its territory, which is more typical for a political leader, who clearly supports the conspiracy agenda of the extremist parts of the Venezuelan opposition,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement explaining its decision. Kriener was granted a period of 48 hours to leave the territory of Venezuela, the statement said. The ambassador’s actions “contradicted the essential norms … of diplomatic relations” and are considered “hostile and unfriendly,” the ministry said, adding that any interference into “matters of exclusive competence of Venezuelan people and authorities” would “not be tolerated.”  At the same time, Caracas said it is still ready to maintain a “respectful and cooperative relationship with all the governments of Europe” as long as they refrain from “encouraging a coup and violent actions,” as well as contribute to a “peaceful solution” of the Venezuelan political crisis and foster a dialogue between various Venezuelan political forces.

Germany still has to return a stolen sacred stone originating from the lands of the Indigenous Pemon people of Venezuela, which since almost 20 years is a cause for tension. Though Germany promised the return of the Kueka stone and the Pemon cleansed the altered rock boulder in a ceremony in Berlin, it yet has to arrive in their Amazon homeland in the south of Venezuela at the border with Brazil.

Daniel Martin Kriener declared persona non grata.
(rightclick/view to enlarge)

After the expulsion order, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said he had decided to recall Kriener to Berlin for consultations. "This is an incomprehensible decision that aggravates the situation and does not contribute to de-escalation," Maas said in a statement. Venezuelans were notified that the German Embassy in Caracas remains fully operational and Chargé d'Affairs Daniela Vogl remains on duty.

Last week, the German foreign ministry endorsed US sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his allies, adding that the European Union, like the US, had already targeted "certain members of the regime". A German government spokesperson clarified that Berlin supported the extension of "further sanctions" against Caracas, and was "in close contact" with other European states on the issue.

A commission of the German Parliament, however, as well as several German law professors had already advised that the interferences into the internal affairs of Venezuela as well as the sanctions are illegal under international law and German Law. But the present governance of Germany seems to be unable to act independently from the USA and the EU. Already earlier Ulrike Demmer, the deputy spokeswoman of the German government stated: "As you know, the European Union has taken measures targeting certain members of the regime [the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro]. We support further sanctions and are in close contact with our European partners on this matter," Demmer said at a briefing."

"Venezuela is free and independent, so the actions of diplomatic representatives which support intervention in matters of exclusive competence of the people and the authorities of the Venezuelan state, are not and will not be accepted," read a statement by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza. Jorge Arreaza also reminded the High Representative for the European Union (EU), Federica Mogherini, that the declaration of non grata made by the Venezuelan Government concerning the person of the German ambassador in Caracas, Daniel Kriener, is in compliance with the Vienna Convention. “Mrs. Federica Mogherini: the former Ambassador of Germany in Venezuela has been declared persona non grata in strict adherence to Article 9 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, everything indicates that his erratic legal advisory service merits some adjustments,” Arreaza wrote in the social network Twitter.

Guaidó insisted that the European Union should "clearly reject" the expulsion and tighten the financial sanctions against embattled Nicolas Maduro. He also stated in an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel that he, Guaidó, had alsready nominated a new Venezuelan Ambassador to Germany and that the present Venezuelan Ambassador in Germany would no longer be recognized.

Upon hearing these news, the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, invited Juan Guaidó with a tweet to go to Europe, where he would be "received with open doors in the European Parliament" - a clear position of solidarity with Germany.

In mid-February, Venezuela had also kicked out a team of “interventionist” European parliamentarians, who came to meet with Guaidó. Caracas accused them of coming with “conspiratorial purposes” and sent them back upon arrival. Later the same month, Maduro also broke relations with neighboring Columbia and expelled its diplomats as well. The US envoy and his deputy were sent out of Venezuela back in May 2018 after being accused of allegedly conspiring against the government. The move came after Washington denounced Maduro’s victory in Venezuela’s presidential elections and refused to recognize its results.

Pro-Chavista Bolivarian Demonstration in support of the Maduro-led governance.

President Nicolas Maduro has urged Venezuelans to confront the “crazed minority” supporting US-backed Juan Guaidó, by staging massive “anti-imperialist” rallies on the same day that the opposition plans to take to the streets. “Nobody will be able to disturb the peace of Venezuela,” Maduro promised, in his first public comments after the opposition leader Guaidó returned to Venezuela on Monday and immediately called on his supporters keep up the heat against the government.

After failing to undermine the loyalty of the Venezuelan army, the self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ targeted one of Maduro’s key support bases in the public sector and is now in talks with trade unions about staging massive strikes by state workers. Accusing Guaidó of trying to destabilize the country, Maduro called on Venezuelans to hold massive “anti-imperialist” rallies. “Coming March 9 is the four-year anniversary of the infamous Obama decree, that Venezuela is a threat,” Maduro said, during a ceremony commemorating the sixth anniversary of the death of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez. “That day will be decreed as the day of anti-imperialism and we go to the streets this Saturday, March 9.”

In 2015, then-President Barack Obama officially designated Venezuela as an “extraordinary threat to the national security” of the US, with the Trump administration now taking more concrete steps to bring about a regime change in Venezuela.

With the vast majority of the world still seeing Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, America’s hawkish special envoy has hinted that Washington might sanction third parties that defy the US regime-change efforts. The international community must choose sides wisely in the Venezuelan conflict, the curator of US intervention in the Latin American country, special envoy Elliott Abrams, suggested on Tuesday, noting that Washington would not limit itself to economic sanctions just against the Maduro government, but against all who chose to support him. “Secondary sanctions, it’s clearly a possibility,” Abrams said at a press conference, warning that a decision to sanction third party countries “would depend on the conduct of the [Venezuelan] regime over time.”

So far some 54 countries have bowed to US pressure and recognized the self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ Juan Guaidó, who since January has been rallying support for regime change. Whilst the US claims the “momentum is good” to get more countries on board, the majority of the world’s countries and population rejected Washington’s “imperialist” ambitions, Colin Cavell, associate professor of political science at Bluefield State College, told RT. The US administration is “internationalizing the Venezuelan conflict on a very dangerous basis... threatening other countries who deal with Venezuela, saying that if you do not support our sanctions, we are going to impose sanctions on you,” Cavell explained.

The Trump administration is forcing its allies and other countries to choose: are you to support this aggressively attempted coup to overthrow the elected government of Venezuela or are you going to go and support this government that the United States does not like.

Just like the blackmail of war-criminal Bush earlier, by which he led the allied forces into the desastrous wars from Yugoslavia to Syria. Sanctioning governments across the globe for backing Maduro over Guaidó not only violates the international law but highlights the brazen interference of the US in the affairs of a sovereign nation. Furthermore, the academic believes, the US administration seems to be acting under the assumption that “if there’s more pain on the Venezuelan people” then they will rise up and “overthrow” their government. “Three-quarters of the world's countries are siding with the elected government, the democratic government of Venezuela and that includes the largest countries in the world, China and Russia,” Cavell concluded. “So despite what Donald Trump says internally to keep in power domestically, the world is watching very closely this imperial aggression in Venezuela.”

Abrams' e-mail response to the pranksters

United States' Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams became the target of Vladimir 'Vovan' Kuznetsov and Alexei 'Lexus' Stolyarov, a pair of Russian comedians known for their prank phone calls to politicians from around the world. The pranksters initiated the call with Abrams while posing as the President of the Swiss Confederation and the Head of the Department of Finance Ueli Maurer.

The pranksters said they had made the call on 19 February, telling Abrams that there are large sums of money in Swiss banks on accounts that belong to members of Venezuela’s government and the Swiss government cannot do anything with them because there is no law violation. An interlocutor said that these assets should be frozen on the phone call recorded by the pranksters. He also told the pranksters that there is a risk that any Swiss bank that handles these assets could be sued by Guaido’s “future government” as it would be considered an accessory in the looting of Venezuelan finances. The pranksters requested documentation from Abrams to freeze the assets, which he then sent. The documents featured 100 Venezuelan citizens, including Venezuelan president Maduro and members of his government. The pranksters added that they were also contacted by Carlos Vecchio, who presented himself as a member of Guaido’s opposition and wrote an email to the pranksters from Yale University servers.

Convicted felon Elliot Abrams.

Kuznetsov and Stolyarov told Russia 24 that after receiving the email from Vecchio they made up a list of 20 people from the names sent by Abrams and presented it as a “preliminary summary data on illegal and suspicious bank accounts in Switzerland.” They also included other people, including fake names and celebrities, like Russian attorney Mark Feygin and Kazakhstan’s Tender First Fund Nurlan Baidilda Ltd. They required Vecchio to make the information on the “Venezuelan money” in Baidilda’s fund public in order to start the process of freezing the assets. The Venezuelan representative agreed and on 25 February told Bloomberg that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro may hold millions of dollars of state money in accounts managed by Fund Nurlan Baidilda Ltd. and sent it out on twitter. He later sent the article to the pranksters as a piece of evidence and then even requested, according to the email screenshots from Kuznetsov and Stolyarov, to seize the plane of Venezuela’s PDVSA oil company that had recently landed in Zurich. The pranksters also held one more conversation with Abrams in March, according to Russia 24, where the Special Representative told them that the US is not planning military intervention in Venezuela, but would like to “make the Venezuelan military nervous,” regarding possible guarantees ruling out military threats from the US to be “a tactical mistake.” However, according to the phone call, Abrams said that the main sources of leverage against the Venezuelan government are still financial, economic and diplomatic pressure.

US President Donald Trump has extended Washington’s Emergency Decree 13692, which declares Venezuela a “unusual and extraordinary threat” to US national security, for another year. The decree, which was initially signed by President Obama on March 8, 2015, provided legal background for an escalating series of sanctions against Caracas.

U.S. national security adviser John Bolton on Wednesday warned foreign banks and other financial institutions that they will face U.S. sanctions for “illegitimate” transactions that benefit Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro and his network. “The United States is putting foreign financial institutions on notice that they will face sanctions for being involved in facilitating illegitimate transactions that benefit Nicolas Maduro and his corrupt network,”  the US National Security Advisor John Bolton said in a statement released by the White House. He was repeating the earlier threat by US special envoy Elliott Abrams.

The US government should join efforts to achieve stability in the global oil market, instead of distancing itself from the future of energy, Manuel Quevedo, Venezuelan oil minister and PDVSA company head, said Wednesday. "Attacking OPEC, trying to divide its members and to give orders through social networks, [the US government] is distancing itself from future energy prospects very much. We want to work together for the common benefit of all countries," Quevedo said as quoted in a PDVSA statement, noting that the US government should join the work to achieve stability of the world oil market. Last week, oil prices fell just below $67 per barrel after the United States hit another record in oil production by pumping 12 million barrels per day, undermining efforts of other major oil producers, including Saudi Arabia and Russia, at limiting their production to stabilize the market. The Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA has felt the impact of Washington's policy itself: in January it was sanctioned by Washington, with the $7 billion in PDVSA's assets being blocked. They also banned the deals with the entity as part of an effort to facilitate a power transfer in Caracas. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin claimed to reporters that by blocking PDVSA assets the US was taking care of the company "in the interests of the Venezuelan people".

Earlier in the day, speaking about the prospects of the oil market in Venezuela, Total's President of Exploration and Production Arnaud Breuillac noted that full shutdown of the country's oil production was unlikely. The French energy giant announced the evacuation of its staff from Venezuela earlier in February as its accounts have been frozen due to US sanctions. However, Total plans to overcome the sanctions by leading operations not from the United States, but from Europe.

Saudi Arabia under the House of Saud has committed much worst human rights abuses, murders, atrocities and warcrimes than all South-American governments in the "backyard of the USA" together. But the USA is their "good friend". Picture: Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - implicated in the cruel murder of journalist Khashoggi - posing at the Great Wall in Beijing, China February 21, 2019. © Reuters via Saudi Royal Court / Bandar Algaloud

Elsewhere US Senators accused the Saudi crown prince of going “full gangster” at a confirmation hearing for Donald Trump’s nominee to be US ambassador to Saudi Arabia – but when it comes to Riyadh, strong words are rarely matched by action.  A rare occurrence on Capitol Hill, both Republicans and Democrats could agree when it came to Saudi Arabia’s laundry list of misdeeds. Condemnation came from all angles, with both parties accusing Riyadh of rights violations, slamming its conduct in the war in Yemen, its torture of women’s rights activists and demanding accountability for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Retired Army General John Abizaid, Trump’s pick for the job, stressed the importance of the US relationship with Saudi Arabia at the hearing on Wednesday, saying Washington needed a “strong and mature partnership” with the kingdom. While Abizaid was praised by senators for his military past, he also faced tough questions from lawmakers purportedly worried about Riyadh’s human rights abuses. But if actions speak louder than words, another thing most lawmakers appear to agree on, is that the cozy and financially lucrative relationship with Riyadh is more important than concerns over human rights. Trump himself has already openly admitted that his soft response to Khashoggi’s killing was due to the fact that profitable arms deals are a higher priority than human rights. The first phase of Saudi Arabia's long-planned purchase of advanced US missile defense systems was finalized on Monday, as an independent report revealed that American and UK bombs have caused nearly 1,000 civilian deaths in Yemen, prompting fresh calls to halt arms sales to Riyadh.

Three dozen countries, including all EU members, voiced a rebuke of Saudi Arabia at the UN Human Rights Council, calling it out on the Khashoggi murder and the detention of activists. Yemen’s bloodbath slipped past them, somehow. The statement, delivered Thursday by the representative of Iceland, Harald Aspelund, on behalf of all signatories, including all 28 members of the EU, voiced concern over Riyadh’s use of counter-terrorism laws to suppress critics of the government. It called for the release of rights activists who are currently detained in Saudi Arabia “for exercising their fundamental freedoms.” It also condemned the murder of self-exiled Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi in the Kingdom’s Istanbul consulate last October and called on Saudi authorities to cooperate with “all investigations” into the crime, including one by the UN's Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Agnes Callamard.The allies of Saudi Arabia in the West, like the UK, tend to pay lip service to the human rights situation in the country while actually shielding it from any consequences for its actions. The years-long war in Yemen, where Saudi-led coalition is fighting the Houthi rebels, however, was not even touched-on by the ‘damning’ statement. The conflict, which has claimed thousands of civilian lives, caused a massive cholera outbreak and brought millions of people to the brink of famine is apparently not enough of a human rights violation. Such a very selective approach is not quite surprising, given the deep involvement of the western countries – the US in particular – in the conflict, co-founder of the CODEPINK rights group, Medea Benjamin, believes. “I think there was pressure on them to not include that but it definitely should have been included,” Benjamin stated and added: “The western countries … have been aiding and abetting the Saudis in their crimes in Yemen.”While the criticism voiced by the UN body appears to be quite weak, the US did not endorse the statement, apparently to not spoil its cozy relations with Riyadh even a tiny bit.

Venezuelan authorities released U.S. citizen and Local 10 reporter Cody Weddle on Wednesday night, more than 10 hours after agents took had arrested him at his Caracas apartment.

Cody Weddle

While waiting at the Simon Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetia to board a flight back to the United States Weddlaudi Arabiae said that officials told him he was being deported, but it was unclear exactly when he would return. Early Wednesday morning, a group of black-clad agents with bulletproof vests and an order signed by a Venezuelan military judge raided his apartment and took him for questioning.  Weddle stated he was held for several hours alone while officials searched his cellphone as well as his computer and sporadically questioned him about his work. He was not hurt, but he said he was without food and water during the interrogation. "It was clear they didn't like my reporting," Weddle told Local 10's Louis Aguirre. "They were interested in a story I did about the current atmosphere in the armed forces." Weddle said the agents accused him of treason, espionage and removing military artifacts. After the interrogation, he said Venezuelan counterintelligence agents left him in the custody of Venezuelan immigration officials at the airport. Weddle was in the custody of Venezuela's Dirección General de Contrainteligencia Militar, a military agency that investigates espionage.  Weddle has reported from Venezuela for more than four years. He started his work in Caracas with Telesur, a Venezuelan government network. He filed his last story for Local 10 Monday, detailing Guaido's return to Venezuela. Weddle said authorities returned his phone and computer, but all of his possessions remain in his Caracas apartment. "It appears I will not be coming back to Venezuela, but maybe I can tell the story from somewhere else," Weddle said. They had also detained Weddle's assistant Carlos Camacho, a Venezuelan citizen, who was also later released. Weddle's detention was part of a broader crackdown on journalists in Venezuela. Last week, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was detained for several hours after a contentious interview with Maduro.

In February another U.S. journalist team was was discredited and told to leave Venezuela after their teamleader confronted President Maduro with a video they had shot when street-boys were finding food from a garbage truck. Independent journalists at the time stated that one can shoot such videos in any country in the world - especially also in the USA - but that such is usually perceived as a cheap and unprofessional way of just trying to tarnish the reputation of a country.

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(vf) Self-proclaimed Interim President of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó after arriving from Panama yesterday back in Venezuela and concluding a South American tour that took him to Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Ecuador, announced his - obviously remote controlled - decision to appoint Ricardo Hausmann, a former Minister of Economy in the late 80’s when a neoliberal IMF shock program was implemented by force in Venezuela, as his representative to the Interamerican Development Bank. The appointment was made in an unusual fashion, addressed to the Argentinian Minister of Revenue but also to the Head of the Board of Governors at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Nicolas Dujovne. This development bank is the most important of its kind in Latin America and is owned by 48 sovereign States, 26 of them with borrowing capacities and holding 50.02% of the shares. The IDB with headquarters in Washungton and Argentinia is connected to the Organization of American States (OAS) and functions in a very similar way as the UN-group's World Bank.

The board of governors of the IDB never had to deal with a situation like this and is planning to discuss it this coming Friday in its ordinary meeting. Disregarding the illegality of this appointment, that was not even announced by the Guaidó "Media Office" (his twitter account), it’s very important to highlight who Ricardo Hausmann really is.

Public Sector Labour Unions were called by Guaidó and urged to go on strike.

As head of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó met today with 5 labour union assaciations rpresenting mainly the Public Sector Labour Unions of governmental workers to discuss wages and labor benefits and assured them that the Parliament will work to generate a law that guarantees their labor stability. Guaidó managed to draw about 100 leaders of state- employee unions to the session, but only a few hundred workers came. “We are going to work for a fair salary table, only an internationally recognized government is going to protect the workers," he reportedly stated. The public administration workers were then called by him to participat in a “staggered strike”. “Our call is to the public servants to collaborate with the strike,” he said Tuesday, March 5, in front of the media. “The strike is the product of proposals and a decision by the workers, who do not want to cooperate with the regime, and therefore we need a law that guarantees their safety, we must all commit to it,” Guaidó said.

Meanwhile from Colombia, a leader of the Venezuelan resistance, whose nickname is "El Zapata 666" is speaking out and greets "President" Guaidó. This is the best that the USA has been able to find to create its Venezuelan rebels, just a group of mercenaries.

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READ MORE on this economic assassination attempt and see the fake-official document, which the excellent work of the ORINOCO TRIBUNE and Mision Verdad uncovered.

and READ: Inside the neoliberal laboratory preparing for the theft of Venezuela’s economy - from where it is obvious that it is a long prepared, foreign plan.

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The truly ugly face of Trum's sanctions on Venezuela: Carlos Acosta thought his prayers had been answered when he was able to fly his son out of Venezuela to Spain for an urgenly needed bone marrow transplant. That was until Acosta’s 12-year-old son Jesus, along with at least eight other severely ill children, became the unintended victims of U.S. sanctions against companies tied to the embattled government of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro. The bills for Acosta and Jesus, who had the operation but requires follow-up care and possibly a second transplant, had been covered by the Houston-based “Simon Bolivar Foundation,” a charity funded by Citgo, a subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-run oil giant PDVSA. But last week Acosta and the parents of eight other children receiving treatment in Barcelona got a letter from the foundation saying it could no longer support them due to fallout from the diplomatic crisis between Washington and Venezuela. That left them wondering what would become of them, along with other sick kids waiting to leave Venezuela. The letter said: “Unfortunately, due to the recent changes to legal regulations and the sanctions imposed by the United States on Venezuela and Petroleos de Venezuela (“PDVSA”), the Foundation has been prohibited from paying services and expenses incurred by the Patient as of February 26, 2019.” The email with the letter included plane tickets for Acosta and his son to fly back to Venezuela. Acosta said he and Jesus are not going anywhere. They can’t. Jesus, whose immune system is weak, would be incredibly vulnerable to getting sick on the flight. “Going back would be a death sentence” for Jesus, Acosta told The Associated Press from the apartment where he has been staying since arriving to Barcelona in July.

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Guaidó's foreign-mastered and this time apparently well prepared campaign calls for mass action today at 11h local time (15h UTC) countrywide to accompany Guaidó upon his return to Venezula.

Update 04. March 2019: (vf) BREAKING: Our information, published 9h ago, was correct: Juan Gaido landed in Vargas state at Maiquetia airport.

He thanked the diplomatic representatives of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, the EU, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Romania for the human shield they provided upon his arrival at  Maiquetia airport. Critics shamed him for needing foreign diplomats as his bodyguards with their personal as well as state-provided bodyguards.

And the staged show of these anbassadors raised likewise eyebrows. At least the German Ambassador to Venezuela Daniel Martin Kriener must have known from the legal brief given to him by is own parliament's commission that recognizing Mr. Guaidó as "interim president" and economic sanctions against Venezuela are interferences into the internal affairs of a sovereign state and thereby are illegal under international law, that also overrules German or EU law.

If the United Nations Organization (UN) does not want to loose any credibility, it has to now step in immediately and stop any further violations of its Charter by the USA and the U.S.American vassals.

"The security at Maiquetía Airport confirmed that there was no direct order of arrest towards Juan Guaidó - so entry to the country was allowed."

He then left to attend a ralley at Plaza Alfredo Sadel in Caracas, to give a speech and called on his supporters to take to the streets for continued demonstrations next Saturday. He said that he will meet with puplic worker unions tomorrow and then make an important announcement. He again urged the army to turn on Nicolas Maduro.

Earlier the fugitive deputy Guaidó had returned from  on a comercial flight of Copa airlines from Panama and planned on coming back to Venezuela today. He called for massive anti-government protests to accompany his return - but no word of being prepared for a dialoque. Unconfirmed reports said at 07hUTC that he wants to be flown into his home-state of Vargas - to then embark with a caravan onto the capital Caracas.

Reminder: Venezuela’s Minister of Communication and Information Jorge Rodriguez had already stated earlier that his government will bring five concrete proposals to the table of a still possible dialogue, which the “Contact Group on Venezuela”, convened by the European Union and Uruguay, seeks to set up.

“We will propose:

  1. one, respect for Venezuela’s sovereignty;
  2. two, respect for Venezuela’s right to peace;
  3. three, lifting of sanctions;
  4. four, the establishment of a mechanism whereby the government and the opposition can resolve their differences through peaceful means;
  5. five, non-interference by other countries and other governments into Venezuela’s internal affairs.”

Meanwhile Trump's adviser Bolton has taken to issuing more threats to the democratically elected government of Venezuela, to the effect that the self-proclaimed ‘interim president’, Guaidó, must be allowed to return to Venezuela without facing Venezuela’s justice system. On his Twitter page, the Adviser to the President of the United States on national security, John Bolton, said that Guaidó announced the decision to return to the country, and also noted that any action threatening this – such as the authorities wanting him for questioning in connection with charges of sedition and treason – would be followed by a decisive response from the US . Guaidó himself said that if the Venezuelan authorities arrested him, the administration of President Nicolas Maduro would make “one of the last mistakes.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Monday called US National Security Advisor John Bolton's remarks concerning the applicability of the Monroe Doctrine to Venezuela arrogant and insulting."I believe that since its establishment in 1945, the United Nations has been the most universal and legitimate system for regulating international law. The theory and practice of 'back door' politics are insulting. This is why I believe that Latin American countries will react to John Bolton's arrogant statement. He didn't just imply that the Monroe Doctrine was applicable to Venezuela, he insulted all of Latin America," Lavrov said at a joint news conference with Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Thani.

Those who organized the chaos in Venezuela likely underestimated President Nicolas Maduro, Spanish FM Josep Borrell said, apparently referring to the US as he lambasted military interventions, saying they have “never worked.”

Perhaps, when this process began, someone behind it did not think that Maduro would be able to show resistance,” Borrell said in an interview on Spanish TV network LaSexta.

Despite international pressure by Washington and its allies, economic turmoil and violence at the border, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has managed to hold onto power. As the crisis continues with no end in sight, opposition leader and self-declared president Juan Guaidó has emphasized the need to “keep all options open” in order to overthrow Maduro’s government, appealing directly to the White House which has been openly mulling military intervention.

Although Borrell was quick to recognize Guaido’s claim to the presidency following Maduro’s contested re-election, he has since been a stark opponent of resorting to military options.

Military operations to impose democracy have never worked,” he said.

Never has an invading army installed freedom and democracy in any country.

The Spanish FM also emphasized Washington’s role in fermenting the crisis, stating that he has “no doubt” that the US has been the driving-force behind the chaos gripping the South American country since Maduro’s inauguration on January 10.

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Guaidó sends desperate appeal from his exil, calling for demonstrations - not for dialogue.

Update 03. March 2019: (vf) It's Carneval in Venezuela and people are happy, while fugitive Juan Guaidó continues to call from his hideouts in foreign lands via Twitter for mass-demonstrations in the coming days in Venezuela. U.S. America's instigator called for insurrections specially for tomorrow Monday and Tuesday - throughout the national territory. In his half-hour twitter-address, accompanied by his young wife, Fabiana Rosales, Guaidó appealed to the Venezuelan youth to revolt. Thereby his de-stablizing agenda becomes even more clear. The video-address to his supporters was announced for 20h30 local time today and then aired. However, it had been pre-recorded days ago in Paraquay before he went to Ecuador and filmed under the guidance of Kimberly Breier, a veteran, 20-year-career U.S. intelligence professional, who was seconded to him by U.S. President Trump's team. She serves as Guaido's minder and spin-doctor. Twitter comments with "Fuerza Guaido!" (Guaido Out!) are regularly removed and blocked by the U.S. social-media giant Twitter.

Venezuela’s Minister of Communication and Information Jorge Rodriguez stated: “It is purely an aggression, an unconstitutional intention which seeks to replace a government, that was duly elected on May 20, 2018,” and added that the leader of such an action is “a man who has not been elected by anyone other than 75,000 people who voted for him to be a lawmaker for Vargas, a small state in the north of Venezuela.”

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Guaidó now again postponed his return - earlier promised for today (Sunday) or tomorrow (Monday) - and said he will be in Venezuela on "Monday or Tuesday." Is it a cat and mouse game? It is obvious that he still just wants to create chaos in order to sneak back into the country unobserved due to the anticipated mayhem. This disqualifies him as partner for negotiations on the way forward, which must embrace the will of all Venezuelans living in the country and especially the Indigenous Peoples.

Venezuela is one of the longest established democracies in Latin America. Furthermore, under the 1999 constitution passed under the leadership of President Hugo Chavez, both political and economic remedial policies are in place to address indigenous concerns. When Spanish conquerors arrived in 1498 they found both settled and nomadic peoples, as well as some semi-nomadic indigenous groups, generally organized by their traditional power structures on communally held land, called resguardos. Venezuela's indigenous peoples were traditionally presenting fierce resistance against the Conquistadors. Most native groups either fought until they were destroyed or were forced into the Venezuelan interior. Their resistance delayed the final conquering of Caracas until 1567. Also today they stand firm against any invasion by foreign powers, be it directly or in disguise through a proxy from the white far-right, like Mr. Guaidó. Twitter messages with "Fuerza Guaidó" (Guaidó Out) are regulaly blocked by the U.S. social-media giant.

Prof. Flor Angela Palmar de Hernandez

Let us remember what Wayuu leader, Flor Angela Palmar de Hernandez, a Professor of Intercultural Bilingual Education and member of the Organization of Indigenous Educators stated emphatically already during the 2014 unrest:

We refuse to call the actions earlier this year, 'protests.' Instead, we referred to them as 'guarimbas'; as actions intended to create chaos. While the opposition would like the Indigenous to participate in these actions, that will never happen. Indeed, the 'guarimbas' did not take place in Indigneous lands. We are not a shameless people, and we will not legitimize the 'guarimbas' which have a hidden agenda.'

There have been positive changes for Indigenous peoples since former President Hugo Chavez came to power in 1999. For the first time ever, the rights of Indigenous peoples had been enshrined in the popularly-approved Constitution of 1999, a Constitution which also guarantees Indigenous representation at the national, state and local levels. That was already long before the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) was finally concluded after 25 years of negotiations, resisted by the USA, and came into force. Venezuela is a signatory to UNDRIP. Today the National Indigenous Council of Venezuela (CONIVE) is a political party and has a seat in the National Assembly. Already in 2006 CONVIE held countrywide demonstrations in support of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and against US military operations in Caribbean waters.

The 12th of October each year had been marked as "Columbus Day" but that was scrapped in 2014 by President Maduro and in these times the day is celebrated in Venezuela as the Day of Indigenous Resistance in the face of colonialism.

One of the most vocal leaders for land rights from the Yukpa nation, Sabino Romero, was murdered in March 2013 and while 5 Venezuelans were sentenced in August the same year to 7 years in prison for their involvement in his assassination, many Indigenous People and allies claim that wealthy land owners paid to have Romero assassinated, and that these landowners must be brought to justice.

If the USA would be seriously and selflessly interested to alleviate people out of poverty and misery their focus also should be on Colombia, which is much worse off than Venezula, but where the USA only abuses the country for military interests and as jumping bord to harrass other South-American countries.

Colombian Indigenous organizations are inviting President Ivan Duque to visit their communities in Cauca to participate in the next “minga” or community service event on March 12 and to witness the lack of territorial, environmental, and democratic rights in the region.
In a letter addressed to the head of state, a dozen Indigenous groups wrote, “This discussion with you… is urgent and essential, since we are going through a humanitarian crisis and without the guarantee or respect towards civil, political, economic, social, cultural, or environmental rights.”
The situation has only grown more serious as policies and the agenda fail to take into consideration the needs of the communities and therefore fail to improve conditions and place smaller rural communities in grave danger, the organizations said.
Cauca’s Indigenous communities denounced Colombia’s political position regarding Venezuela.

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Today, 3rd March, the Bolivarian National Guard seized an arsenal of weapons in the town of Tumeremo, Bolívar state of Venezuela, comprised of rifles and ammunition for long weapons and handguns. That border area has been besieged by violence in recent months as result of political and territorial tension between the Brazilian army and the civilian population. On February 23rd, 4 people were killed in still unclear circumstances while attacking a National Guard post the day right wing actors tried to forcefully enter Venezuela with so called “US humanitarian aid”.


Update 02. March 2019: (vf) The Venezuelan authorities will not open crossings on the country's border with Colombia as long as there is a risk of aggression toward Venezuela from its neighbour, Jorge Rodriguez, Venezuela’s minister of Communication and Information, has stated. "We will continue keeping the border closed as long as there are intentions to cross into Venezuela from Colombia", Rodriguez said. The minister called to respect Venezuela’s border and urged Ivan Duque, the president of Colombia, to "stop any aggressive attempts against Venezuela, stop supporting violent or aggressive groups that are currently [operating] near the border".

After the failed coup attempt fugitive Guaidó faces the law but still tries to incite people for a coup based on US promises, whereby he didn't fulfil his part so far. President Maduro is prepared to facilitate negotiations in order to maintain peace, but agitator Guaidó is not.

Fugitve Juan Guaidó meanwhile announced that he would be back in Venezuela by tomorrow, Sunday, latest by Monday. He commenced on a visit-Blitz and first went to Brazil, then Paraguay, Honduras, Argentina and now Ecuador - all countries, whose presidents are on the marionette-strings of the U.S. Deep State. His advisor is Kimberly Breier, a 20-year-experienced U.S. intelligence professional. Since leaving Venezuela on Feb. 22, despite a travel-ban in place against him, opposition lawmaker Juan Guaidó has deployed an intense agenda of attacking democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro as he travels to Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, and other South American countries, whose right-wing leaders were quick to throw their support behind his self-proclamation as interim president. Besides traveling with his wife Fabiana Rosales, who has accompanied him on each visit as if they were performing official trips, Guaidó has been accompanied by another woman: U.S. senior official Kimberly Breier. On Mar. 5, 2018, President Donald Trump presented Breier as a "key addition" to his staff, appointing her as Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. Now Trump has obviously seconded her to Guaidó as adviser and minder.  According to information available at the U.S. State Department, where she served as a member of the Western Hemisphere Policy Planning Staff, Breier is "an intelligence professional with more than 20 years of experience in foreign policy", mostly focused on Latin American issues.

It’s not yet clear how Guaidó sneaked into Colombia — in one video circulating on social media he appears running across a bridge near the Colombian town of Puerto Santander, while in another he could be seen boarding a helicopter belonging to the Colombian air force.

Guaidó with US-trained bodyguard and lawyers leaving last month the Supreme Court after having been granted bail under a travel ban guarantee.

The deputy judge of the Venezuelan Supreme Tribunal of Justice, Juan Carlos Valdez stated that the opposition leader "may face up to 30 years in jail" for violating the travel ban. The supreme court judge further said "the prosecution was currently analyzing the possible crimes committed by Guaidó." He has recently indicated to regional media that he plans to return to Venezuela understanding full well he's likely to be arrested.

Guaidó should not bet too much on the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, who warned on Saturday that any possible measure that could put at risk Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido’s freedom and safety would lead to a new escalation of crisis around the Latin American country and face a strong international condemnation. She stated: “The European Union underlines its conviction that the solution to the multidimensional crisis affecting Venezuela can only be a political, democratic and peaceful one. In this respect any measure that could put at risk Juan Guaidó’s freedom, safety or personal integrity would represent a major escalation of tensions and meet the firm condemnation of the international community”, Mogherini said in a statement on behalf of the European Union. According to Mogherini, the members of the Venezuelan National Assembly “enjoy constitutionally granted immunity that needs to be fully respected”, so that they could “exercise their parliamentary mandate free of intimidation on them or their family members”.

But Mogherini will see that like in the EU also in the Venezuela a parliamentarian looses immunity, if criminal charges are brought forward or already pending. Guaidó must  be held responsible not only for showing disregard and no respect concerning the existing court order banning him from leaving the country based on the bail terms for alrady standing charges, but he also must be held responsible and face justice for treason and his insurrection actions leading to destructions, chaos and serious bodily harm of innocent civilians as well as the death of civilians and security personnel during the botched coup attempt. It is assumed that if he returns to Venezuela or will be extradited to the country that Mme. Mogherini can attent a public and fair trial. Justice must be served and prevail.

Further complicating matters, a bill to give members of the military amnesty for corruption and rights abuses if they defect has stalled in Guaido’s own National Assembly amid a backlash from hard-line lawmakers who say it’s too forgiving. Guaidó therefore must know that even the National Assembly doesn't back him anymore. While Guaidó had promised that President Maduro would not last a month after him trying to grab power by declaring himself prsidents, it looks rather that actually Guaidó and his plot have expired.

He faces up to 30 years in jail for his deeds and being one of the rich kids of the white supremacist 1% of Venezula he might consider to stay on an extended holiday abroad.

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The statement stressed that the bloc would continue “closely monitoring events in cooperation with the International Contact Group members and its regional and international partners”.

Venezuelan Army defectors in Columbia want weapons to start a civil war.

The US military - like always - has it also their way in Colombia. After Colombians had finally come to terms in 2017 and most of the rebellious FARC groups disarmed under UN-supervision, there was suddenly no more bang to the buck for the US military-industrial complex. Time to start something new.

Unrest was triggered and "migrants" were sponsored to leave Venezuela to cross into Colombia. Like the "migrants" from Syria to Europe or the "migrant" caravan from Ecuador to/through Mexico that was/is foreign-sponsored also the recent exodus from Venezuela was foreign-financed. Estimates speak of up to 4 million people, mostly young. Migrations out of Colombia have been going on since the 1970s due to the horrific situation in Colombia with up to 70% at first fleeing to Venezuela until the first larger counter-migration was triggered with the Venezuela–Colombia migrant crisis in mid-2015 - following the shooting of three Venezuelan soldiers on the Venezuela–Colombia border.

United Nations refugee officials said on Nov. 8 2018 that the number of Venezuelan "refugees" and immigrants who fled their South American homeland - mostly through the border with Colombia - topped 3 million people. In minimum more than one million remained in Colombia - a large reservoir to recruit food-soldiers for an insurgency into Venezuela. Fugitve Juan Guaidó claimed from the Paraguayan capital, Asuncion, where he was meeting the country's President Mario Abdo Benitez, that 600 members of Venezuela's military have abandoned the government in recent days. With at least 116 (confirmed and expelled by the Venezuelan military) up to 479 (Colombian Migration Office) defectors from the Venezuelan armed forces in February 2019, analysts and politicians fear that there is actually a much larger group being trained than presently estimated. But not a single higher-ranking officer who commands troops above Colonel has switched sides.

Just one such detail of Maduro's Sisters and Pedro Camejo's Daughters would eat the defectors and their US trainers for breakfast.

Former soldiers Carlos Guillen Martinez and Josue Hidalgo Azuaje, who live outside the country, told CNN on 29. February 2019 they want more US military assistance to equip others inside the beleaguered nation. They claim to be in contact with hundreds of willing defectors and have called on enlisted Venezuelan soldiers to revolt against the Maduro regime, through television broadcasts. But despite repeated appeals, the group has seen limited success in inspiring a military revolt. A single unit rose up in Cotiza on January 21; its members were swiftly arrested.

U.S. "aid" deliveries, however, with a massive air-bridge using large military transport planes - not required for the little "aid" that actually was delivered to Cucuta town for the botched aid-incursion - seem to have been required and used to deliver also other materials to the build-up of an armed force, which is ready to follow commands of the US-installed so-called "interim president" Guaidó with the aim to topple the Maduro government. A large helicopter squadron with US commando troops was delivered in addition to the build-up in Colombia.

The socialist leader and protector of the Venezuelan state of Táchira, Freddy Bernal, warned that the Agency of the United Nations for the Refugees (UNHCR) might be providing funds to "irregular groups" that intend to attack Venezuela. In an exclusive interview for teleSUR, Bernal urged the U.N. agency to decide on whether to collaborate with armed groups that intend to take action against Venezuela. However, he said the government and Venezuelans in support of Maduro were grateful for the position of the United Nations as a whole in that the body made it clear it would not participate in the interventionist agenda of the United States and reaffirmed its recognition of the elected government of President Maduro. Freddy Bernal warned of the creation of a so-called “army of liberation” by the Venezuelan right-wing opposition. Bernal also warned that the United States is moving towards a new form of war against the South American nation. "A new form of war is being prepared, internal chaos through paramilitaries and irregular groups through attacks on police installations, security and selective assassinations of political and military leaders," added the Bernal.

The US attempts to threaten Venezuela and meddle in the country’s affairs under the guise of supplying humanitarian aid have nothing to do with democracy, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov told his American counterpart, Mike Pompeo. The top diplomats talked on the phone on Saturday on the initiative of Washington, the Russia Foreign Ministry said. During the conversation, Lavrov blasted the American threats against the government of Nicolas Maduro, calling them “blatant interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state and a flagrant violation of international law.” He also grilled the US Secretary of State over Washington’s attempts to influence the situation in Venezuela under the “hypocritical guise” of providing humanitarian aid to the crisis-hit country. Such actions “have nothing to do with democratic process,” Lavrov said.

The US is using the technologies of color revolutions to bring down unwanted regimes and is set to deploy a new warfare strategy dubbed “Trojan Horse”, Russia’s top army official said on Saturday. Countries whose governments are left out in the cold by Washington should beware of a mix of military and soft power, Valery Gerasimov, Russian Staff Chief said. According to the Russian general, Washington is already using technologies of color revolutions and is working on several types of offensives which he called a “global strike” and “multi-sphere battle."

“It was that way in Iraq, Libya, and Ukraine. Similar activities are now seen in Venezuela.” 

U.S. trojan tactics

The Pentagon’s new “Trojan Horse” warfare strategy, which is currently underway, would rely on “protest potential of the fifth column” to destabilize the situation in the countries with unwanted governments. Simultaneously, precision-guided munition would be deployed to launch strikes on key infrastructure, according to Gerasimov.

Venezuelan Representative Samuel Moncada: They're planning a clandestine operation against Venezuela while talking about humanitarian efforts. @SMoncada_VEN The permanent representative of Venezuela to the United Nations (UN), Samuel Moncada, denounced the creation of a parallel army in Colombia, but also stated that the financial siege against his country shows that modern wars “are no longer made only with bombs, they are also made with banks”. For that reason, he had urged the Security Council of the United Nations to ensure compliance with international law against “the use of economic institutions as weapons of mass destruction,” as in the case of Venezuela. He denounced that a week ago the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States “perpetrated the biggest theft” in the history of their country. “More than 30,000 million dollars [30bn] were stolen from the Venezuelan people and they want to make that plunder of historical proportions invisible,” the diplomat said. Even the Bank of England refused to repatriate the Venezuelan gold deposited in their vaults for safekeeping - leading to a major uproar, because nobody will entrust the Bank of England anymore with their property or funds. The Anglo-American financial Mafia is shooting into their own feet.

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Venezuela’s Minister of Communication and Information Jorge Rodriguez said that his government will bring five concrete proposals to a possible dialogue table, which the “Contact Group on Venezuela”, convened by the European Union and Uruguay, seeks to set up. "We will propose: one, respect for Venezuela’s sovereignty; two, respect for Venezuela's right to peace; three, lifting of sanctions; four, the establishment of a mechanism whereby the government and the opposition can resolve their differences through peaceful means; five, non-interference by other countries and other governments into Venezuela’s internal affairs," Minister Rodriguez said in an interview.

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Venezuelan Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez said that her country had taken the first steps to launch legal proceedings to protect its property and assets abroad, following US sanctions against Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA and United Kingdom's move to block Venezuelan government’s access to gold reserves held in London. "As for Europe, where Venezuelan assets have been frozen, we have already undertaken concrete legal activities. We have hired lawyers who will protect our interests — especially those related to the gold that the Bank of England has stolen", Rodriguez said in an interview with RT broadcaster.

Amid the political crisis in Venezuela, the United States, which backs Venezuela's self-proclaimed "interim president" Juan Guaidó, blocked $7 billion in Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA's assets in its jurisdiction and imposed ban on deals with the entity as part of efforts to facilitate power transfer. The United Kingdom, which rejects the legitimate government of President Nicolas Maduro as well, cut off Caracas' access to foreign assets and rejected its request to withdraw $1.2 billion worth of gold.

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In a new interview with The Intercept, U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar said she does not recognize Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president, defying leaders in her party. Guaidó has been recognized by the United States and other countries as president in opposition to Nicolas Maduro‘s regime. “So, what do you want to see happen in Venezuela? Do you have a solution, a preferred option of what should happen,” The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan asked. “Well the constitution of Venezuela says that there needs to be an election called within 30 days and we’re waiting for that to happen. What we should be involved in is having diplomatic conversations and bringing people to the table and being a partner in facilitating that,” Omar said, adding “we are threatening, we are threatening intervention” and “sending humanitarian aid that is in the guise of, you know, eventually invading this country and the people of the country don’t want us there.” When asked if she recognizes the opposition as the leader, Omar, who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said, “Absolutely not.”

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Elected in historical landslide. In 1920, post-World-War-I America has grown tired of Woodrow Wilson's Globalism, high taxes, and creeping socialism. Pledging a 'return to normalcy,' Senator Warren Harding (R-OH) is elected President. An opponent of entry into the League of Nations, Harding's victory over liberal Democrat James Cox (D-OH) and his running mate Franklin D Roosevelt, is the largest Presidential Election landslide in America's history (60% - 34%)! CHALLENGES THE GLOBALISTS ON DAY 1 "The recorded progress of our Republic, materially and spiritually, proves the wisdom of the inherited policy of non-involvement in Old World affairs. Confident of our ability to work out our own destiny, and jealously guarding our right to do so, we seek no part in directing the destinies of the Old World. We do not mean to be entangled. We will accept no responsibility except as our own conscience and judgment in each instance may determine. We sense the call of the human heart for fellowship, fraternity, and cooperation. We crave friendship and harbor no hate."... But America, our America, the America built on the foundation laid by the inspired fathers, can be a party to no permanent military alliance. It can enter into no political commitments, nor assume any economic obligations which will subject our decisions to any other than our own authority." Warren Harding. What is going on nowadays? Completely opposite of the U.S. founding fathers' declaration...

National Security Adviser John Bolton told CNN's Joe Tapper on Sunday that the United States will form “as broad a coalition as possible" to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Bolton went on to call for a “completely democratic hemisphere.” He said via twitter: “I’d like to see as broad a coalition as we can put together to replace Maduro, to replace the whole corrupt regime.” and “That’s what we’re trying to do.” Bolton also told Tapper that the US is not afraid to go it alone. “In this administration we’re not afraid to use the phrase ‘Monroe Doctrine,’” he said. “This is a country in our hemisphere and it’s been the objective of American presidents going back to Ronald Reagan to have a completely Democratic hemisphere.”

The ‘Monroe Doctrine’ was the name given to the US policy of opposing European influence in the Western hemisphere, outlined by President James Monroe in 1823. Since then it has been invoked by John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan to oppose the spread of Communism to Cuba, and drum up support for right-wing Contra rebels in Nicaragua. Bolton is not the only hardliner in Washington to use similar language to describe the situation in Venezuela. Senate Armed Services Committee chair Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) said last month that the US might have to invade Venezuela if Russia dares set up a military base there or “anywhere in our Hemisphere.” US envoy Elliott Abrams - famed for his role running guns to the Contras in the early 1980s - told reporters on Friday that “all options are on the table.”


The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) has met in for the 14th Congress of Transport, Communication and Fisheries Unions (TUI) that started Friday in Istanbul, Turkey. Union representatives from 30 countries backed and expressed their support for Venezuela."In the face of imperialist aggressions we need internationalist solidarity," WFTU Secretary-General, Yorgos Mavrikos said. Mavrikos, presented the "Hands Off Venezuela" campaign to the trade union delegates, and urged them to make a call for solidarity with the Latin American country that faces neoliberal aggression by the United States, and some countries led by right-wing governments, allied to the U.S. Over 80 representatives were part of this international gathering to "stop the imperial attack that spends millions of dollars in favor of anti-union policies throughout the world," said the president of the WFTU, Ali Riza.

According to Yorgos Mavrikos, "an international campaign supporting Venezuela will be organized." For the campaign, numerous organizations from around the world have participated in activities that have been carried out under the banner "Hands Off Venezuela! #HandsOffVenezuela." The WFTU Secretary-General defended democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro, and rejected the self-proclaimed "interim President" Juan Guaidó. Venezuela "only has one president, that was elected, and it's Nicolas Maduro, while (Juan) Guaido is a puppet of imperialism."

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, inspected the Carlos “Café” Martínez stadium located in the state of Vargas, with a capacity of 15,000 spectators, and announced that the future headquarters of the "Tiburones de La Guaira" professional baseball team, will be inaugurated on November this year. It will have a baseball school where children and teenagers can develop their talent. Venezuela will host the IV Women’s Baseball World Championship, which will be held the second week of July in the city of Barquisimeto, Lara state, the Panamerican Baseball Confederation (Copabe) reported. Argentina, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the USA and Venezuela will participate in the competition. In addition, the Caribbean Series 2019 will also be hosted by Venezuela organized by the Venezuelan Baseball Federation and the National Sports Institute (IND) and will be held in the Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez and Daniel “Chico” Canónico stadiums, located in Lara State. The president also inspected the progress at the Grand Hotel Complex of Bahía de Caraballeda, made up of the Hotel Caribe and the Hotel Guacamacuto. “Tourism is vital in the new economic stage of the country, so we develop large infrastructure projects that will increase our ability to receive tourists and allow us to diversify the national income to invest in social programs,” he said.

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Update 01. March 2019: (vf) Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez held a joint press conference in Moscow as part of her official visit. Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, speaking at the conference, said that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has decided to close PDVSA's office in Lisbon and move it to Moscow.

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez

Delcy Rodriguez explained the decision to transfer the PDVSA state oil company's office from Lisbon to Moscow by saying that Europe does not provide the necessary guarantees for asset protection. "Today Venezuela goes through a special period when Venezuela is a victim of multilateral aggression from the United States. But we see here an opportunity to find new ways of cooperation taking into account a current political situation," Rodriguez said ahead of the talks with Russian Foreign Minister.

The Russian Foreign Minister warned of US plans to buy mortars and light weapons in Eastern Europe, and send them to countries bordering with Venezuela. "We are concerned about the US plans to arm militants to destabilize the situation in Venezuela and, strictly speaking, to invade this sovereign country, as the US does not hesitate to speak openly about them," Lavrov said at talks with Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, where he also stressed that President Putin sent words of support and solidarity to his counterpart Nicolas Maduro, noting that Russian-Venezuelan cooperation was especially important now that Venezuela was suffering unhindered interference in its internal affairs.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed also on Friday that Moscow was helping Venezuela with supplies of wheat. Lavrov said that efforts by Western nations to isolate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in the face of a challenge from the opposition were causing problems, but that Moscow was trying to help with supplies. Russia’s agriculture ministry said Moscow had delivered 257,200 tonnes of wheat in 2018 for $57.9 million. It said 30,600 tonnes of wheat had been delivered in January this year for $7.1 million.

Hours after he spoke, a Reuters photographer saw a cargo ship laden with Russian wheat near Istanbul en route for the Mediterranean. Publicly available tracking data showed the ship was bound for Puerto Cabello in Venezuela. A Turkish official said the ship was carrying 32,400 tonnes of Russian wheat.

Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Lu Kang explaineded Friday China's veto on the interventionist U.S.-drafted resolution before the United Nations Security Council, which called for new elections in Venezuela and recognition of Juan Guaidó. "Our basic starting point... is to uphold the U.N. Charter spirit and the basic norms governing international relations. [The solution] should be conducive to promoting the peaceful settlement of the Venezuelan issue and maintaining long-term peace and development in Latin America,” Kang said, adding that “China opposes interference in Venezuela's internal affairs by external forces and military intervention... the U.S. draft resolution put to vote was seriously inconsistent with China's principles and positions."

Targeted Individuals on the US hounting list.

Meanwhile the United States imposed fresh sanctions on Venezuela on Friday, targeting six Venezuelan government officials tied to President Nicolas Maduro, in its latest move to squeeze the embattled leader. In a statement, the U.S. Department of Treasury cited the battle over humanitarian assistance and blamed the six current or former security officials, who it said controlled groups that blocked aid from reaching people in the Latin American country. “We are sanctioning members of Maduro’s security forces in response to the reprehensible violence, tragic deaths, and unconscionable torching of food and medicine destined for sick and starving Venezuelans,” U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said after deadly violence blocked humanitarian aid from reaching the Venezuela over the weekend. In total the USA has now put sanctions on 49 additional Venezuelan officials and individuals and revoked their U.S. visa, while Mud-Gator Marco Rubio, himself a dissident Cuban-American and still-Senator of Florida, where he has his fallback-system with predominantly white exile-Venezuelan and exile-Cuban right-wing supremacists of twisted "Christian" fundamentalist faith like the earlier conquistadores, tries to throw via his not yet blocked twitter account dirt on people like on the Venezuelan Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino López.

After the US Department of the Treasury issued the communique to announce unilateral coercive measures against six Venezuelan military officers, the Venezuelan Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, ordered to send to the US Department of Treasury the complete list of Generals and Admirals that lead the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB). The purpose would be to “facilitate the task” to the White House to “sanction by installments” the “revolutionary defenders of the Constitution and national sovereignty,” the head of the Ministry of Defense posted on his Twitter account. Padrino López: "We will send to the US the Military Payroll “to Facilitate the Task of Sanctioning us."

Venezuelan Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino López

Those sanctioned already are the general commander of the Bolivarian National Guard, Richard Jesús López Vargas; Brigadier General Jesús María Mantilla Oliveros; Colonel Cristian Abelardo Morales Zambrano; the division generals Alberto Bermúdez Valderrey and José Leonardo Noroño Torres; and the escort José Miguel Domínguez Ramírez. Washington decided to sanction this group of soldiers for allegedly being responsible for the “obstruction of the delivery of humanitarian aid,” which on Saturday, 23rd February, tried to forcefully enter Venezuela from Colombian territory during a tense day that saw acts of violence triggered by repeated calls from the United States to the Venezuelan security forces to defect. However, the commanding officers that make up the military corps remained loyal to the constitution and to the government of Nicolás Maduro. During the operation to force unauthorized “humanitarian aid” into Venezuela  from Cucuta that Saturday, the military personnel guarded the border crossings towards Venezuela and repelled with tear gas the attacks by violent groups of hooded men from the Colombian territory,which acted under the protection of the Colombian National Police - a foreign force.

“I was just in Venezuela where I heard many people voice fears that the US wants to turn their country into another Libya,” journalist Aaron Maté reported in response to Rubio’s tweets. “I’d say their concerns are well-founded.”

"This is the face of the US regime change intervention in Venezuela, everyone. Donald Trump, John Bolton, Elliott Abrams, and a war pig senator who calls for the torturous lynching of the leader of a sovereign nation. Whenever someone supports any part of this coup agenda, this is the side that they are standing on. This is the flag that they are flying," writes analyst Caitlin Johnstone.

Wheat from Russia is certainly the better food source compared to unchecked US"AID"food-deliveries, which might contain GMO maize and other contaminated or expired staple, fluorride-laden toothpaste or other toxic supplies.

Civil society organizations from all continents have now called for regime change in the USA and sanctions against key officials of the Trump government, who are trying to choke the Venezuealan people and their economy like they do it in at least 85 countries.

The reason, why Canada was so keen to not only follow the US-war-cry on Venezuela but to excell in getting the right-wing governments of Sout-America into the Lima-Group against the Maduro government, could well be found on the fact that Canada’s economy practically grinds to a halt and war with the proceeds from the loots always pays. PM Justin Trudeau, who wanted to get political credit for appointing a strong Indigenous Woman as Attorney General, then fired her when she took a strong stance for what is right and against corruption implicating Trudeau, is the biggest hypocrite ever seen in Canadian politics and his foreign affairs minister, who tried to whip the Lima-group to perform to US war-tunes on Venezuel, but failed, is not much better.

U.S. Special Envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams– best known for using aid shipments to ferry arms to right-wing Nicaraguan rebels in the 1980s, and for defending despotic regimes in El Salvador and Guatemala – called a counter-resolution by Russia at the  UN urging a political solution “pathetic”  today. But on his part all the envoy could do was remind the press that the US will “continue to take appropriate action against Maduro,” whatever that may be.

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US Vice President Blames Guiadó for the Coup Failure in Venezuela

The mayor of Cúcuta, César Rojas Ayala, acknowledged in an interview with the Colombian newspaper, El Tiempoon quoted by La IguanaTV that there is a crisis in that Colombian border city since 2015. He criticized the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, and spoke out against the US"AID" disaster cum failed coup, the closure of the border as well as against the flopped Branson's concert, which all didn't fulfil their promises. In the interview, the mayor of Cúcuta called on the Colombian government to let him distribute the “humanitarian aid” from the USA in Cúcuta and to the “cucuteños” as well as to poor Venezuelans hosted. He, however, asked the right-wing youth, “encaupachados, and self-styled ‘La Resistencia’, who still stay in town to leave since there is no more job for them after the failed coup-attempt. “I believe that on the Colombian side of the border we can not shelter hooded criminals, who claim to be a resistance full of aggression against the Venezuelan National Guard.”


Update 28. February 2019: (vf) The United Nations Security Council state members met today, on Thursday, to vote on two opposed resolutions on Venezuela that were presented by Russia and the United States, respectively. A resolution needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes by Russia, China, France, Britain or the United States to pass.

Here is the detail of votes for the US draft resolution, it is worth noting that the US barely reached the nine minimum votes required to pass a resolution:

U.S. resolution against Venezuela vetoed at United Nations Security Council
  • Russia: No
  • China: No
  • South Africa: No
  • Equatorial Guinea: Abstaining
  • Indonesia: Abstaining
  • Ivory Coast: Abstention
  • Kuwait: Yes
  • RD: Yes
  • Peru: Yes
  • Poland: Yes
  • Belgium: Yes
  • Germany: Yes
  • UK: Yes
  • USA: Yes
  • France: Yes

In summary: 9 votes in favor, 3 against and 3 abstentions.

Russia and China vetoed the U.S. proposal which called for free and fair presidential elections in Venezuela and unhindered aid access. The U.S. draft resolution garnered the minimum nine votes, forcing Russia and China to cast vetoes. South Africa also voted against the text, while Indonesia, Equatorial Guinea and Ivory Coast abstained.

Russian resolution on Venezuela blocked at United Nations Security Council

Below the Russian Draft votes:

  • Russia: Yes
  • China: Yes
  • South Africa: Yes
  • Equatorial Guinea: Yes
  • Indonesia: Abstaining
  • Ivory Coast: Abstention
  • Kuwait: Abstention
  • RD: Abstention
  • Peru: No
  • Poland: No
  • Belgium: No
  • Germany: No
  • UK: No
  • USA: No
  • France: No

In summary: 4 votes in favor, 7 against and 4 abstentions.

Shame on The FUKUS and Germany. It also shows that the EU standard of "speaking with one voice" but then having four votes in the UNSC is another scam. The EU, if they want and internally enforce to speak only with one voice, also should have only one seat and one vote in the UN and any of it's councils. The German people for example stand firmly with the Chavinista government of Venezuela, but under pressure from the EU and first of all from the German overlord USA, the German Chancellor can not follow the will of the people.

Norway, which does not belong to the European Union (EU), thus had distanced itself from the position of countries such as Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as its neighbors Sweden and Denmark, which haphazardly followed the U.S. call and recognized Guaidó as "interim president" at the beginning of February 2019.

“We are seriously concerned about the fact that today’s meeting may be exploited as a step for preparations of a real, not humanitarian, intervention … as a result of the alleged inability of the Security Council to resolve the situation in Venezuela,” said Russian UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia.

U.S. President Donald Trump has said all options are on the table in dealing with Venezuela, although US special envoy for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, has denied Russian accusations that Washington is preparing to intervene militarily.

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Ahead of the Security Council vote on Thursday, French UN Ambassador Francois Delattre - in support of the US-drafted resolution - said it “does not represent a legal basis for the use of force, nor an attempt to undermine the sovereignty of Venezuela.”

“The Venezuelan affairs should be decided by the Venezuelan people,” China’s Deputy U.N. Ambassador Wu Haitao said.

On the other hand, the Russian resolution had four votes in favor, seven against and four abstentions. Therefore this initiative was not approved either. The likewise not supported Russian draft resolution expressed concern over threats to use force against Venezuela, since U.S. President Donald Trump has stated: "all options are on the table" in dealing with Venezuela.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington is still working on plans to get humanitarian aid delivered to Venezuela.

"86 percent of Venezuelans support dialogue to address the problems of Venezuela and want them to be solved among Venezuelans, and Venezuelans only, without the intervention of anyone in the world," Venezuela's democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro stated. "92 percent of Venezuelans reject the U.S. military invasion" he said and emphasized that the population wants to solve their affairs without foreign interference.

The Venezuelan President also highlighted that over 80 percent of the population is in favor of dialogue, to discuss the country's problems and reject the interventionism on internal affairs shown by the Colombian government. The Venezuelan people want to look for an internal solution to their problems. "86 percent of Venezuelans support dialogue to address the problems of Venezuela and want them to be solved among Venezuelans, and Venezuelans only, without the intervention of anyone in the world," he said.

President Maduro has repeatedly called for the restoration of talks between his government and the opposition in order to maintain peace and avoid a U.S.-backed coup, or even military intervention by the United States in favor of removing him and placing an unelected right-wing government.

U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Venezuelan permanent ambassador to the United Nations (U.N.) Samuel Moncada denounced at the Security Councy that the United States government is permanently threatening Venezuela with military intervention. The Venezuelan diplomat also warned against the attempts of a coup d'etat against the democratically elected government led by President Nicolas Maduro, attempts that are perpetrated through the illegal entry of the so-called "humanitarian aid."

"We’re sending humanitarian aid in the guise of eventually invading this country and the people of the country don’t want us there," House Democrat Mrs. Ilhan Omar said. The U.S. immigrant and first Black, Muslim-American woman elected to Congress as Minnesota representative, says she completely opposes the idea of U.S. intervention into Venezuela as well as rejects the self-declared interim president, Juan Guaidó. During an interview with two magazines this week, Mrs. Omar said that the best solution for Venezuela and the United States is to support dialogue between the two parties.

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The companies that - according to the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova - are involved in the transfer of arms and ammunition to the Venezuelan opposition are the state aircraft manufacturer Antonov of #Ucrania and Air Bridge Cargo #ABC, said intelligence sources. Although Zakharova did not give the names of the companies, she was explicit enough when referring to #Ukraine while explaining that the dispatches are scheduled for early March to a neighboring country that would be #Colombia. The weapons and ammunition would come from #Poland. “The delivery of the cargo to Venezuela is scheduled for early March of this year in several lots across the territory of a neighboring country, using transport aircraft of an international cargo transport company,” she said. According to Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, the U.S. is set to deliver large-caliber machine guns, grenade launchers, man-portable air defense systems, ammunition, and artillery weapons for various purposes under the disguise of humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan opposition.

According to the Orinoco Tribune she added that a Ukrainian state company will be involved in the operation. “Unfortunately, it is not surprising that in this ugly story the Ukrainian fingerprint is seen, in particular, the state company Antonov will be involved,” she said. Air Bridge Cargo, which is a subsidiary of Volga-Dnepr, an oversized air cargo transport group that mobilizes equipment such as locomotives, helicopters and even other aircraft is said to be involved, the investigative journalists revealed. It belongs to Russian capital and its headquarters is in Moscow although it has operations and sales offices in the USA, UK and the EU. Volga-Dnepr has been a service provider of the UN and the transport command of the Pentagon #USTRANSCOM, with which it executed some 13 thousand missions with military equipment between 2000 and 2014. It was temporarily blacklisted after delivering 2 Sukhoi fighter aircraft to Vietnam, but using Boein air cargo planes it has close connections and continues.

AP says: SORRY FOR OUR FAKE NEWS ! "BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — In a story Feb. 25, The Associated Press reported that forces loyal to Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro set fire to humanitarian aid. The story should have said eyewitnesses said the forces set fire to the aid but the government denies it and blames protesters." AP corrected the fake, US-government drafted script, but still didn't report properly.

Venezuela's Defence Minister, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, stated: "We have identified over 100 National Guard members among the officials, who have crossed the border in hope to receive $20,000 promised to them," as published on the government’s website on Thursday. The defence minister stated that these promises were false, adding that the absence of these low-rank people among the service members was "not a catastrophe" and would not affect the combat readiness of Venezuela’s military.

Venezuelan Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, said also on Thursday, that the United States was arming Venezuelan deserters to form a so-called liberation army to invade the South American country. Venezuela demanded respect for the principles of sovereignty, self-determination and non-intervention contained in the founding charter of the U.N. and denounced at the Security Council that the United States government is permanently threatening Venezuela militarily. The Venezuelan diplomat also warned against the attempts of coup d'etat against the democratically elected government led by President Nicolas Maduro, and attempts that are perpetrated through the illegal entry of the so-called "humanitarian aid."

Spanish Foreign Minister, Josep Borrel, said on Thursday February 28 that his country will treat “in a somewhat creative way” the alleged representative of self-proclaimed Guaidó in the Iberian nation. Borrel stressed that “take into account international law, the Vienna Convention and what regulates relations between States”, so it is intuited that they will continue working with the authorities appointed by the Legitimate President, Nicolás Maduro. “We are going to talk with the representative of Guaidó, but we can not ignore the reality on the ground,” he told Spanish media. In Spain Mario Isea continues to be accredited as Ambassador by Nicolás Maduro, and if the Spanish government takes action against him it is foreseeable that Maduro will act, by virtue of reciprocity, against the Spanish ambassador in Venezuela, Jesús Silva. On the other hand, he indicated that, in his opinion, the United States should calculate better its promise that after the self-proclamation of the parliamentarian as interim president, Maduro “was not going to hold on a month.” In this regard, he said that after this unusual event they expected “an army movement”, which has not occurred, and that ” movement” triggered actions that would generate instability in Venezuela and consolidate a coup d’état.

Branson failed - AidLive total flop

It was now officially confirmed that the Branson Concert was a total flop (see our earlier report below). The mega concert ‘Venezuela Aid Live’, promoted by British billionaire and founder of the conglomerate of companies, the Virgin Group, Richard Branson to provide funds for the population of Venezuela, has raised just 2.4 million dollars, the organizers of the event reported today. This is extremely far from the 100 million that Branson and the organizers promised to raise. Although the closing date for donations was scheduled for April 2, the amount still has not even reached 3% of the goal. The show was held on February 22 in Cúcuta, Colombia, a day before the self-proclaimed “president in charge” of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, created havoc by trying to forcibly push unapproved “humanitarian USaid” into Venezuela. The Minister of Communications of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, showed the negative balance of the figures, through his Twitter account. With a certain ironic tone, Rodriguez reviewed the figures from the point of view of its objectives, and the North American television network CNN, which publicized the show.

CNN and mathematics, goal = 100 million, raised 2.4, 2000 staff [operatives] technical staff (suppose they charged $ 500 each), then 2.4 million (raised) – 2 million (honorarium) – 1 million donated by Daddy Yankee that has not yet arrived [in fact it was another artist, Don Omar] = negative 600 thousand dollars. Branson? Missing [disappeared],” the official of the constitutional government of Nicolás Maduro wrote.

Renowned sociologist Prof. Luis Salas [Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV)] stated recently: "Given the hostile attitude not only of the United States and its regional satellites but also of the European Union - especially countries like France and even Portugal (both with important and strategic investments in the country) - it does not look very advisable to continue with the signing of trade agreements with companies from these countries. Oil is the only economic and geopolitical weapon that we have, and although it sounds paradoxical, it is the only one that guarantees us in a less traumatic way the transition to a diversified economy that is less dependent on the external forces. That is the main lesson that the criminal blockade and sabotage of 2002-2003 tought us, and which allowed us in less than a decade to reach the highest standards of living known in the country and which currently the majority of the population – even the opposing party- misses and and asks for in protests." Despite the confiscastions of assets by the USA and banks, despite the blockade and sanctions, since last year the consumer prices dropped between 17 and 44 % already.

The US sanctions against Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA will become the main blow to the world's oil refining in the short term, yet it is the US refineries that will bear the brunt in the first place, a monthly outlook by the Skolkovo Energy Center said on Thursday. According to the outlook, due to the OPEC-non-OPEC oil output cut deal, as well as US reinstated sanctions against Iran and Venezuela, the market is facing a risk of shortage of heavy oil grades, which has already affected their prices. In late January-early February, for instance, in the North American market, the differential between Mars and WTI was $1-1.5 per barrel, while by mid-February it rose to $7 in favor of heavy crude Mars.

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Analysts Interview: Dialogue Can Stop US Invasion From Plunging Venezuela Into Bloody War

Many Yemenis congregated today, 28. February 2019, in front of the US embassy in Sanaa, capital, to protest against Washington’s intervention in Venezuela. Members of several Yemeni political parties and social movements participated in the congregation to express their solidarity with Venezuela in the face of hostile US actions. Through a statement read at the end of the protest, the protesters stressed the need to support the Venezuelan nation that suffers the aggressive sanctions of the United States.


Update 27. February 2019: (vf) Will the Venezuelan opposition deputy Guaidó now stage another plot from Brazil? The border to Brazil is the second most critical border of Venezuela with regards to a possible military incursion, though the Brazilan government has for now ruled out that it would allow US troops to attack Venezuela from there. Guaidó will visit Brazil and meet with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and other government officials on Thursday, his envoy in Brasilia, Maria Teresa Belandria, confirmed by telephone on Wednesday to Reuters on what Venezuela’s El Nacional newspaper had published earlier.

QUO VADIS Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez ? Don't you realize that you will be dropped by the U.S.A. soon - and then have nowhere to go? The secret, real deal was cut by the U.S. with Leopoldo Eduardo López Mendoza and his wife Lilian Tintori, not you, who just were trained and selected to fill the temporary slot on the bloodstained chessboard of U.S. foreign politics. Facilitate peace for all Venezuelan people - not war!

After the failed coup-attempt the opposition parliamentarian Juan Guaidó had announced on Monday, February 25, that he would return to the country in the coming days. “We are going to return to Venezuela this week,” the deputy told the Colombian press. The deputy of the right-wing party Voluntad Popular (VP), has been in Colombia since last Friday the 22nd, in violation of the ban on leaving the country issued on January 29 by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) and is currently in Brazil. However, he then obviouly changed his plans and flew to Brazil, while it was announced that the Venezuelan fugitive plans now to spend the coming times in all South-American countries, which were summoned by the USA and enjoined in the so-called Lima Group.

Guaidó may face up to 30 years in prison, a judge said. Guaido’s visit to Colombia on February 22 violated the travel ban imposed by Venezuela’s supreme court, deputy judge of the Supreme Tribunal for Justice Juan Carlos Valdez confirmed.

"He is a person hiding from justice. What happens with runaways who are re-entering the country and are found by the authorities? They must be caught and sent to prison,” Valdez said, adding, “He may face up to 30 years in jail.”


State prosecutors are currently analyzing Guaidó’s conduct for possible crimes, the judge added. Guaidó is currently a fugitive in Colombia and told the Colombian broadcaster NTN24 that he intends to return to Venezuela in spite of the risk of being arrested.

The Complete List of Military Defectors, who had broken with their oath and conduct of duties as of this Wednesday, February 27 and who were subsequently degraded, has been published by Orinoco Tribune. Officially expelled were 116 members and military professionals of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb) as per Extraordinary Gazette No. 6,430 dated February 27, 2019 based on the decree of the presidency of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela No. 3,776.

CIA public archives show the objective of U.S. policymakers, regardless of the political party, is to monitor the activities of foreign nations, particularly resource-rich ones.

In 2017, then-U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director Mike Pompeo said: “we are very hopeful that there can be a [political] transition in Venezuela and we the CIA is doing its best to understand the dynamic there [sic], so that we can communicate to our State Department and to others.” CIA monitoring of the political situation and interference in Venezuela is, of course, nothing new. Back in April 2002, just days before the coup that temporarily ousted President Hugo Chávez, a Senior Executive Intelligence Brief anticipated the removal of Chávez by the Venezuelan military.

Meanwhile Pompeo's boss, U.S. President Donald Trump was today characterized by his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen as a "racist," a "conman" and a "cheat". Cohen, Trump's one-time "fixer" told this to the United States Congress Wednesday under oath. "I am ashamed because I know what Mr. Trump is. He is a racist. He is a con-man. He is a cheat," Cohen said in an opening statement to a House of Representatives committee. The hearing before a Democratic-led House panel got off to a contentious start when the committee's top Republican tried but failed to postpone the session, complaining there was not enough time to review Cohen's written testimony. Representative Elijah Cummings, the Democrat who chairs the panel, said Americans could judge Cohen's credibility for themselves. "The days of this committee protecting the president at all costs are over. They're over," Cummings said.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov and Indian Foreign Minister Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, met on February 27 in Wuzhen, eastern province of China, and from there issued a joint statement in which they urged respect for the Charter of the United Nations in the case of Venezuela. Within the framework of a three-partite ministerial meeting of RIC group, the nations expressed that “it is up to the people of Venezuela to find a political solution to resolve their differences through dialogues and constructive discussions, without resort to violence. ” They also affirmed that “democracy, development, peace and security in Venezuela are of the utmost importance for the progress and prosperity of the people.” RIC members are closely following the emerging situation in Venezuela and are asking for “that all the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, the norms of international relations and international law be respected.” At the end of the ministerial meeting, in a press conference, Minister Wang Yi called to respect Venezuelan sovereignty and self-determination. “All countries must defend justice when dealing with the Venezuelan issue; in particular, they must respect the Charter of the United Nations, adhere to the principle of non-interference in internal affairs and oppose the use of force or the threat of force.”

🔥 30 years ago today in Venezuela: the mass rebellion against neoliberalism known as the Caracazo, which ended in the massacre up to 3,000 people, mostly just dumped in mass graves. Today, neoliberals claim the mantle of human rights as they try to do the same. Never forget! 🔥

CLAP facility burned down in arson attack.

In Venezuela a devastating fire started Wednesday morning at a government food storage facility. The governor of the state Vargas Garcia Carneiro said a terrorist attack against the government-run food-storage located at the port of the Guaira is not ruled out. Firemen were dispatched to the site of the fire shortly after the incident occurred and they worked to completely extinguish the fire, Carneiro added.

Transport Minister Hipólito Abreu suggested that what happened was part of the agenda of “counterrevolutionary sectors” in the country who seek by all possible means to overthrow the constitutional President Nicolas Maduro. He said a large team worked to contain the fire at the packaging center of the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP) located in La Guaira, Vargas state, and prevented the fire from consuming all of the food. With these actions, the Venezuelan opposition once again attacked the people. For now, local authorities have ordered immediate recovery work in order to guarantee the delivery of food supplies to the local families.

Rodriguez informed the public that the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, ordered the immediate restock of the products that will be distributed to the population.

Representatives of social movements from 85 countries are bearing witness to what is really going on inside the Bolivarian country. Since Feb. 24, about 400 social leaders from 85 countries are attending the 'International Assembly of Peoples in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and Against Imperialism', held in Caracas, Venezuela. Considering the biased media reports of U.S. attempts to invade Venezuela skewing the truth of what's happening inside the country, many of those who arrived at the meeting expressed surprise at what they found and stated that Venezuela is calmer than Brazil or Mexico.

The Hands Off Venezuela (@HOVcampaign) is raising money for a European wide Venezuela solidarity meeting. Click to Donate:

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The Orinoco Tribune collected the most important points raised by the Venezuelan Minister for Foreign Affairs Arreaza in yesterday's U.N. Human Rights Council session in Geneva on the US-instigated crisis targeting Venezuela:

Foreign Affairs Minister of Venezuela Jorge Arreaza shows the violence unleashed by groups of the US-led opposition destroying US"aid"-hired trucks in Colombia as provocation.
  1. The constitutional president is Nicolas Maduro. [We might add:

    The fact of the matter is that Nicolás Maduro was re-elected in an internationally monitored election with 6.2 million votes, equivalent to 31 percent of the voting eligible population. In comparison, Barack Obama received 31 percent in 2008 and 28 percent in 2012, while Trump was elected with just 26 percent in 2016, failing to win the popular vote. As such, in procedural democratic terms, Maduro is no less legitimate than Donald Trump, Spain’s un-elected Pedro Sánchez, political crisis-mired Theresa May, or countless other Western leaders, none of whom would be expected to tolerate a violent foreign-backed opposition.]

  2. Colombia serves as platform for an aggression against Venezuela.
  3. The US is organizing and leading the aggression against Venezuela.
  4. I salute the intelligence information provided by Cuba and Russia in relation to US Army Special forces mobilization in the Caribbean and about US government and corporations trying to acquire weapons and ammunition in Easter European countries to arm the extremist right wing opposition in Venezuela
  5. This weekend a very well organized operation was carried out on the border with Colombia to violate the sacred sovereignty of Venezuela and our law enforcement was able to contain it without using extreme force. They use the “gradual and proportionate use of force” protocol to address each aggression.
  6. Colombians and Venezuelans attacked our law enforcement officers with the complicity of the Colombian Police.
  7. The trucks with the supposed humanitarian aid that were burned caught fire because of the attack from the Colombian side with Molotov cocktails they were throwing at the Venezuelan National Guard.
  8. A False Flag operation occurred when supposed humanitarian aid personal used the Red Cross insignia without permission and that was denounced by the Red Cross itself.
  9. I said to Mr. Abrams and repeat it here: The coup failed. Read my lips: It failed.
  10. We have to solve our differences and we are willing to negotiate with the opposition. We embrace the Montevideo Mechanism. Just tell us where to meet, and we will go there with our Constitution in hand. Even elections are on the table but that should be something agreed to at a negotiation table and not a precondition for negotiations.
  11. Federica Mogherini, the Head of the EU Foreign Affair, defined the US Aid strategy as not really filling into the legal concept of humanitarian aid.
  12. The Security Council’s obligation is not to promote war but to prevent wars.
  13. We along with the Russian delegation are proposing the adoption of a resolution AT LEAST rejecting the use of force. It also should reject the looting of assets and resources by the US and England that total 18 billion dollars since august 2018 and we are not counting the seizure of CITGO valued in billions of dollars, but we know that might be asking too much.
  14. We have seen the results of US military intervention in other countries and we can not understand how Juan Guaido himself presents the US military invasion option as an alternative when all of us know that the bombs do not differentiate between chavista and opposition people or between rich and poor. We have seen it in Iraq, Libya and Syria…wherever the US go they leave a real humanitarian crisis.
  15. We are investigating the event in the border with Brazil. That was another setup operation. A group of armed opposition criminals tried to assault a post of the National Guard. The details are not clear but we are investigating.
  16. This situation is also a result of the internal politics inside of the US.
  17. Venezuela was attacked and some speakers from the UN pretend to portray us as the aggressor. Our law enforcement agents are admirable because they could contain the aggression without human losses besides the situation in Santa Elena de Uairen.
  18. Trump has stated that if the latino migrants reach the US border they will shoot at them. But here (in the UN) no one says anything. There is too much hypocrisy. We will love to have Venezuela out of the internal political debate. To gain votes in Florida the Trump administration uses Venezuela in order to prepare the terrain for the electoral race of 2020.
  19. Our law enforcement officers were attacked and injured but you do not raise that fact here, because we the chavistas are invisible, like the almost 10 million Venezuelans that went to vote last May the 20 when president Maduro was elected.
  20. The coup d’etat has failed and even the idea of military intervention has raised questions among the Lima Group governments after the US and Juan Guaido presented it in their meeting yesterday. We want to address this issue of the threat of use of force against Venezuela with the High Commissioner for Human Right Michele Bachelet and we expect to have a meeting with her soon.
  21. We are willing to negotiate and all the opposition factors reject the idea of going to a negotiation table. Why is there not a call from this Security Council to promote the negotiation option within the opposition factions in Venezuela?
  22. They say we use the negotiations to gain time but the true is that last 2018 we reach an agreement with the opposition in the Dominican Republic and at the last moment the opposition kicked the table and dropped all that was achieved in months of work.
  23. We have created this group in the UN with 60 countries in order to defend the principles of the UN and the Un-aligned Countries. This group is not for defending Venezuela but to defend the rule of law and prevent situations like the one being discuss today from happening again.
  24. He cited the Report from the German Bundestag (Legal Commission) that states that what happens in Venezuela is an intervention in internal affairs and also the early recognition of such illegitimate government (like the Guaido’s one) could create the bases for international legal responsibility for the states that commit the mistake of an early recognition.
  25. He refereed also to the fact that even the ilegal argument used by the US to justify Guaido’s Coup, Article 233 which is an absurdity, if some take that as a real legal base, Guaido should have call for elections 30 days after the article 233 was activated and that has not happen. They also created a legal nonsense called the Transition Act and are using that to excuse themselves for not following the Constitution and keep Guaido as Interim President for as long as they want, violating every letter of our Constitution.
  26. So in this surreal circumstance we have Juan Guaido that is chief of the Legislative Branch, Chief of the Executive Branch and Chief of the Judicial branch and no one calls him a Dictator (outside Venezuela). It is like being in Narnia.
  27. I am indignant for this circus, because i love my country, my people and we love peace and you can only get indignant when you see so many statements here in the UN without any legal basis and you wonder yourself how in the House of the Multilateralism is it not possible to prevent the rule of the Unilateralism and the dictatorship the US wants to impose all over the word.
  28. I gifted a book to Elliot Abrams called Free Peoples Defeat Powerful Empires (Pueblos Libres derrotan a Imperios Poderosos). You can download it here (Spanish). And I want -to finish- to cite a phrase of Tomas Jefferson where he mentioned the US objective of taking control of the south american colonies one by one years before the Monroe Doctrine (“Our confederacy must be viewed as the nest from which all America, North and South is to be peopled”).

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Argentine historical left-wing organizations called a protest against any form of interference in Venezuela. The Left Front (FIT), the Movement to Socialism (MAS), and the Socialist Movement of Workers (MST) Wednesday called on citizens to march to the U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to repudiate President Donald Trump’s attempt to intervene militarily in Venezuela. "The imperialist intervention tries to justify itself in the name of democracy and human rights. But those who command it have been historically promoters of coups d’etats aimed at subjugating peoples,” a FIT-MAS-MST statement said, adding that "we repudiate President Mauricio Macri’s recognition of the self-proclaimed Guaido and his representative in Argentina. We demand Argentina to withdraw from the Lima Group."

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OIL:  The president of a Miami-based company and its former sales representative were arrested Monday for their alleged roles to unlawfully obtain business advantages through bribery and kickbacks from Venezuela’s state-owned and state-controlled energy company, Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA). Rafael Enrique Pinto Franceschi, 40, of Miami, and Franz Herman Muller Huber, 68, of Weston, FL, were arrested in Miami after a five-count indictment from Houston was unsealed Tuesday. The pair are each charged with one count of conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, two counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to launder money. Two arrested, charged with conspiring to bribe PDVSA officials.


Update 26. February 2019: (vf) The U.N. Security Council had been called to a special session for today, Tuesday afternoon, by the United States as it aims to continue its destabilziation and intervention campaign. The UNSC meeting was then used by the US as an opportunity to call for more sanctions against Caracas and drum up support for its rhetoric of regime change.

Speaking at the meeting, the US special envoy for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, called on UNSC member states "to consider what resources and tools they have to contribute to the Venezuelan democracy" and "pressure the Maduro regime to peacefully step down." Eilliot Abrams, who in the 1980s was involved in shipping weapons into Nicaragua under the guise of humanitarian aid, said that the US wants the council to vote this week on a draft resolution calling for early elections in Venezuela and for the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Controversial and due to his past often rightly despicted U.S. diplomat Elliott Abrams speaks during the United Nations Security Council meeting about the situation in Venezuela, in New York, U.S., Feb. 26, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Meanwhile a group of family-member-victims of the 1940s WWII Holocaust and U.S.-supported 1980s genocides in Central America are calling on the United States Holocaust Memorial Council’s Committee on Conscience to remove Elliot Abrams from its board, questioning how “a proven supporter of some of the world’s most nefarious perpetrators of genocide and mass murderers for nearly 40 years—could be a member of your committee (whose) … core mission (is to) prevent genocide.”  The group of 12 organizations, which includes a Salvadoran “tortured by police under orders of two generals trained by the US military at the School of the Americas (and) a survivor of torture under Rios Montt dictatorship,” are circulating an online petition to gather support for their demand on the anti-genocide committee to take away Abrams' seat at the table. 

Amid speculation that Venezuela's neighboring states, notably Colombia, can serve as a springboard for invasion, Russian UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia called on "all states in the region regardless of political affiliations" to reject "threat and use of force."  "Are you truly so naïve, do you really believe that you are immune to this, that you will not be next?," the Russian diplomat said, calling the proposed new sanctions an attempt to "bring Venezuela down to the state of destitution" to trigger a "humanitarian intervention.

Addressing the UN Security Council, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said trucks supposedly carrying humanitarian supplies to Venezuela were also loaded with nails and wire, showing photos of seized cargo.The opposition-led and US-backed operation to drive trucks with humanitarian aid over the Colombia-Venezuela border led to violent scuffles which saw many police officers injured and several trucks set on fire. Denouncing the botched delivery as a “well-orchestrated operation to violate the territory of Venezuela,”

Foreign Affairs Minister Arreaza at the UNSC meeting on Venezuela shows the material loaded in the "aid" trucks, which were "not support for the needy" - like wires and nails to build barricades.
Arreaza presented what he called evidence of the US-led effort being a Trojan horse aimed at inciting a coup. “And let me tell you, when the trucks were inspected, it turned out that there was not just food and medicine in the trucks, but there was equipment for barricades. There were nails, wire and so on and so forth. And this is what is used by the opposition in Venezuela," Arreaza said, showing the photos of what looked like piles of heavy wire lying on the ground. However, Arreaza said that Caracas is willing to sit down with whatever representative the opposition sends to work on the way forward. "They will decide who will sit down with the constitutional government of Venezuela. And then we can build our own solution without intervention, interference from anyone, much less the United States," Arreaza stated.
Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza also denounced the US sanctions and the “theft of assets” from his country and accused the Trump administration of trying to foment a coup in violation of international law. Arreaza said that $30 billion had been “confiscated” from Venezuela since November 2017 due to Washington’s tightening economic measures against the country.

Arreaza suggested a meeting between Trump and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to “try to find common ground” and reach a diplomatic solution as tensions between the two countries continue to rise.

When Venezuelas Foreign Minister started to speak, the US delegation to the UNSC and a few of their vassals demonstratively walked out of the room.

Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Amina Mohammed insisted earlier on Tuesday on the need for the Venezuelan government and the opposition to negotiate, avoid politicizing humanitarian aid and to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. The United States has also called for a special Security Council meeting.
U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed at the Moncloa Palace in Madrid, Spain, Feb. 26, 2019. | Photo: EFE

"We encourage both parties to sit down at the negotiating table for the sake of Venezuelans and seek a peaceful resolution," Mohammed said as she was visiting Spain to promote the United Nations' Agenda for Sustainable Development.

For his part, the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Monday: "The time for military interventions in Latin America has passed," Guterres added that the region has a long democratic history "which makes authoritarian regimes no longer have a chance."

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Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders comcluded the first day of their two-day summit Tuesday in Basseterre, on the dual-island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis, amidst unfolding economic and political events in Venezuela, Guyana, and Haiti, the organization said. CARICOM intends to play a leading role in trying to diffuse the situation in the South American country of Venezuela where Opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido is leading the effort to remove President Nicolas Maduro from office. Guaido has the backing of the United States and several other right-wing governments in the region, while many nations in the global south, continue to recognize President Maduro as the country's legitimate president despite pressure from western nations.  CARICOM chairman, and host Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris has maintained the 15-member regional group’s policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

The 30th CARICOM summit took place on the dual-island nation of St. Kitts and Navis Feb. 26-27 | Photo: Twitter / @laurapteleSUR

“We expect that the Montevideo Mechanism will become a landmark document in terms of moving forward. Not only will it survive in the context of what is happening in the Republic of Venezuela, but I believe it provides a platform, if you will, a framework for engagement in other disputes that would impact upon us,” Harris said.

Dr. Harris commended Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and the Secretary-General of CARICOM for “promoting and supporting a peaceful resolution to the situation in Venezuela.” CARICOM intends to play a leading role in trying to diffuse the situation.

The CARICOM statement published after the first day of the summit reads: “The Community maintains that the solution must come from among the Venezuelan people and abides by the internationally recognized and accepted principles of non-interference and non-intervention in the affairs of states, respect for sovereignty, adherence to the rule of law, and respect for human rights and democracy.”

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has also long-supported dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition to find a peaceful resolution and Tuesday offered his country as a summit site for such talks. "The doors of our territory are open for dialogue and intermediation so that there can be dialogue (carried out) by Uruguayans, many diplomats of the world, the U.N., (and) including Pope Francis," said the Mexican president.

The United States prepares a military intervention in Venezuela, aimed at overthrowing the president of the South American country, Nicolás Maduro, declared the head of the Russian Security Council, Nikolái Pátrushev and denounced that “the US, with sarcasm and arrogance towards the Venezuelan people, prepares a military intervention in the sovereign State”. He stated also: “The transfer of the US special operations forces to the territory of Puerto Rico, as well as the landing of units of the US military in Colombia and some other factors clearly indicate that the Pentagon is strengthening its grouping of troops in the region with the purpose of using it in an operation to remove from power the current president, Maduro, elected in a legitimate way.“ “The Venezuelan people understand it well, that is why it reacts in this way, refuses to accept the cargoes of the aggressor country and chooses to support its president,” he stressed.

Back straight from Hell

Also RT reported on Tuesday Russia’s Security Council had announced that the US was preparing for an invasion after American special forces units began amassing in Puerto Rico and Colombia. The US has utilized recent clashes over aid at the border to justify its aggressive maneuvers.

Nikolai Patrushev stated also that the US is inventing several pretexts to avoid negotiations with Russia on the Venezuelan crisis. “The Americans proposed to us to hold separate consultations on the Venezuelan problem, we accept it, however, they themselves elude them under fabricated pretexts, each time postponing the agreed dates,” he added. In addition, he said that the serious humanitarian situation in Venezuela was triggered by US sanctions. “The difficult humanitarian situation to which Washington refers is due precisely to the sanctions and the US embargo,” he said.

The U.S. special envoy for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, when asked on Tuesday if Washington was preparing to take military action in Venezuela, responded just with a blunt: “No.”

Colombian president Iván Duque has also now ruled out intervention, according to sources in his administration. Chile and Peru were among other regional powers opposing military action on Monday.

There was similar concern across the Atlantic, where European nations including Spain and Germany made clear they considered the deployment of troops a line that should not be crossed.

The National Working Committee (NWC) of the African National Congress (ANC) expressed their solidarity with the Venezuela people and discussed internal matters in a meeting Monday. In a statement released Tuesday, the ANC and its Alliance partners “affirmed their solidarity with the people of Venezuela in finding a political solution to the benefit of all the people of Venezuela.” The group said that the Secretary-General would soon lead a Tripartite Alliance delegation to Venezuela on a fact-finding mission. In the meeting, the NWC also celebrated South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s election as the African Union Chairperson for 2020.

Italian lawmakers are taking action in response to the Bank of England's unjustified refusal to return Venezuela's gold. Reacting to the Bank of England's withholding of around US$1.56 billion in gold reserves from Venezuela, the Italian Chamber of Deputies member Claudio Borghi suggested that the Italian state’s ownership of its own gold reserves be more clearly defined in a new law. Demonstrators in London once again demanded last Saturday that the Bank of England return the Venezuelan gold. Up to now, London has distanced itself from the Bank of England's decision to reject Venezuela's request to repatriate its gold, arguing that the bank is an independent body. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expressed his hope that the United Kingdom is not stealing "the gold that legally belongs to the Central Bank of Venezuela."

Lima announced it would annul the visas issued to the Venezuelan diplomats representing President Nicolas Maduro while recognizing a representative of the self-proclaimed interim leader Juan Guaidó as the new ambassador. The visas of the Venezuelan embassy staff will be cancelled within a period of 15 days starting from February 22, Peru’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hugo de Zela told the local RPP radio broadcaster on Tuesday. He also said that the diplomats “were already informed” that Lima no longer sees them as representatives of Venezuela. "We are waiting for the deadline to be met and then we will tell them that we consider them illegals." The deputy minister then announced that Carlos Scull, a man “representing” Venezuela’s self-proclaimed "president" Juan Guaidó, had already presented his credentials to the President Martin Vizcarra. The move apparently marks his formal recognition as an ambassador by Peru.
By deploying troops and special ops forces to Puerto Rico and Colombia, Washington is getting ready to intervene in Venezuela and topple its leader, the secretary of Russia’s Security Council said. US Marines during a drill. February 2019. © AFP / Lillian Suwanrumpha

Venezuela’s ambassador to Russia discussed his government’s rejection of American ‘foreign aid’, pointing out that aside from coming with dangerous strings attached, the so called ‘aid’ is unfit for human consumption.

We don’t perceive what the United States and its satellites offer as humanitarian aid,” Ambassador Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa explained in an interview with Russian media, stating:“Since we refuse to accept these goods, the States want to force them into our territory”

Venezuela has closed several borders in order to enforce a ban on “aid” packages from the US, an order which he says Washington has all but ignored in order to “create a tense situation on the border” which it uses to justify intervention. Aside from the broader political considerations, he said that Venezuela has also attempted to halt supplies from the US based on health and hygiene standards.

The USA sends products that no one has tested. From our sources we know that their boxes have contained spoiled food, expired medicines and drugs, unsuitable for use. They have not been tested by a single one of the organizations that conduct these kind of checks around the world,” he noted.

Whereas Venezuela rejects aid from Washington, Tortas made it clear that it accepts humanitarian supplies from other countries Caracas feels can be trusted not to exploit the situation in order to push an anti-government agenda. Meanwhile, the essential supplies situation in Venezuela is not as desperate as it has been portrayed in Western media.

ECOTERRA Intl. had demanded that the USA provide certificates from recognized independent institutions confirming that the provided aid does not contain foods from genetically engineered organisms (so-called GMOs) and no glyphosate. Cereals should meet the Japanese or Australian standards concerning their gluten content. Toothpaste should not contain fluorides, the organization stated.

If US President Donald Trump actually cared about humanitarian issues, he would open the border with Mexico and fund programs to fight poverty in America itself, Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro said.

"If [Donald Trump] cared a lot about the people of Latin America he should open the border's doors to the Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatemalans and Colombians that he chases from the border. He should give them workers' permits, working visas and the permanent visa to the millions of now-Americans that come from our Latin American communities," Maduro said. He added: "The United States has 40 million poor people, and why is it not seen on TV? The 40 million people without any type of social security or healthcare. The 40 million people who sleep where they can – if they have a car they sleep in the car," Maduro said. "And why is that type of poverty that is generated by the strongest country in the world not seen?"

Trump is no humanitarian, Maduro believes. The US president doesn't care about struggling people in Venezuela or, for that matter, struggling people in the US itself, as evidenced by the wealth inequality and rampant homelessness, he told ABC's Tom Llamas. "You can go to the streets of Los Angeles or its suburbs and you would see thousands of people, Tom, in Miami, living in the streets, freezing," he said, responding to the claim that journalists have seen people "eating out of the trash in Caracas." He added that the same media which amplifies the US narrative about the suffering of Venezuelans and their urgent need for aid overlook similar problems in the US.

A campaign demanding Marco Rubio to resign is storming on Twitter after the right-wing United States Senator from Florida posted a picture of the lynching of former Libyan revolutionary leader Muammar Gaddafi and his violent death after a U.S. militarized intervention in 2011 as a death threat to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (see below). Rubio’s message was quickly taken as a threat against Maduro and twitter exploded:

Some netizens asked to ban him and his Twitter account.

Self-proclamation Epidemic - More than 30 days after the self-proclamation of Juan Guaido as “Interim President” of Venezuela, and due to the circus of the US foreign policy supporting this operation, a movement, a self-declaration epidemic is reaching several countries. In Colombia Alejandro Munoz proclaimed himself President last Tuesday February 26th. In the US, citizen Jon Gold posted a video on Youtube proclaiming himself President of the US last February the 7th and he already announced a list of decisions we believe several US citizens will support. Simultaneously in Brazil, Jose de Abreu, proclaimed himself President of that country on February 26th and already has a Minister of Education and his Wikipedia page design.

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The increasing frustration in Washington beckons more false flags. Something shocking is “needed” in order to jolt world opinion into acquiescing to Washington’s criminal agenda of “all options.” In the fiendish mind of American imperialism, it is also prudent to consider “all options” as meaning more than military aggression. The foulest moves are feared by veteran journalist Finian Cunningham. He wrote that the timing of the Lima Group summit – 12 Latin American states along with the US and Canada – was meant to capitalize on the false-flag incident over aid, as well as other deadly clashes at the weekend that resulted in dozens of casualties. However, the provocation did not go to plan, despite Pence and Guaido’s grandstanding assertions and the Lima Group has for the moment broken ranks over the military option. Still stepping up the rhetoric and calling for “all options still on the table" – meaning military intervention - in still in the scripts, though statements by the Lima group, the EU. The emerging situation therefore puts the regime-change planners in Washington in a quandary, writes Cunningham. Their sanctions pressure for blackmailing defections in the Venezuelan political and military leadership has failed. So too has the much-vaunted spectacle of delivering US aid. The desperation for regime change in Venezuela by Washington has only become more frenzied with every failing step in their playbook. Therefore, it can be anticipated, Washington needs a game-changing event – badly – in order to shift its lackey Lima Group, the EU and the United Nations to accepting its agenda for a military option. Ominously, the Lima Group has issued a statement claiming to have credible evidence that Juan Guaido’s life is seriously threatened by Venezuelan state security. Pence also warned that Maduro would be held responsible for Guaido and his family’s safety. What could such a shocking event entail? Somebody is telling the Lima Group that Guaido and his family are in grave danger of being assassinated. Guaido’s Popular Will party is known to engage in violent subversion and allegedly has links to the American CIA, as reported by Abby Martin and others.  As easily as they are ionized, US puppets can be just as easily disposed of. Guaido playing the dirty game of regime change with the most criminal organization in the world – the US government – is a very dangerous game. He’d better watch his back, warns Cunningham.


Update 25. February 2019: (vf) After the LIMA group meeting today the United States asked the Security Council to meet to discuss Venezuela.tomorrow on Tuesday. Actually the original group of 13 South American states seems to shrink, since only the Governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, plus Canada singed as members of the Lima Group their final statement, which can be found here in English (in Spanish here). If MSM (mainstrem media) speak always of 14 they are not reporting the true facts, add Canada and the USA as well as two ghost members.

The most important point is:

16. They reiterate their conviction that the transition to democracy must be conducted by the Venezuelans themselves peacefully and within the framework of the Constitution and international law, supported by political and diplomatic means, without the use of force.

A clear rejection of the US-lead initiative to seek forced regime change.

U.S. Vice-Prez Pence and his Posterboy Guaidó at LIMA group meeting Bogota 25. 02. 2019

The USA in turn announced a fresh round of Venezuela-related penalties, adding four new individuals to a list of people already subject to Washington’s hit-list of restrictions. Former Venezuelan vice president Ramon Carrizales and former minister of defense Jorge Garcia Carneiro have both been added to the list, along with Socialist Party politicians Rafael Lacava and Omar Prieto. The new sanctions come as relations between Washington and Caracas continue to deteriorate over the repeated calls by top American officials for current President Nicolas Maduro to step down. Top Venezuelan figures already under US restrictions include Vice President Delcy Rodrigues, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, and Maduro's wife Cilia Adela Flores de Maduro. Pence delivered as message from President Trump to Guaidó: "We are with you 100% and there will be no way back ... and - hardly audible: the events of the last two days only have steeled our resolve."

Mike Pence, who spoke down on the rest of the Latin American leaders from a dais like addressing his children and gave them a smirky Liberdad, while the Latin American leaders gave their speeches seated, blamed the government of Nicolas Maduro for burning humanitarian aid trucks on a Venezuela-Colombia border bridge, despite those claims being disproved.

Pence said he would urge regional powers to likewise freeze Venezuela’s oil assets and hand them over to Guaidó’s control. The opposition have reportedly already taken effective control of US-based refiner Citgo, one of the few remaining profitable assets of Venezuela’s state owned oil firm PDVSA.

Let it be remembered that just a year ago Pompeo's predecessor US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had already suggested Venezuela may face a military coup. Though back then Mr Tillerson coceled the truth and said that the US was not advocating regime change and that he had no intelligence on any planned action, but he said with a smirky smile that "historically the military in Latin America has often intervened in times of serious crises." That is true for all US-instigated and US-financed coups in South-America. Mr Tillersonreportedly joked that Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro should seek refuge in Cuba.

It was planned since long.

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At the meeting of the so-called “Lima Group” that took place on Monday, February 25, the member countries of the bloc agreed to “request the International Criminal Court to take into consideration the grave humanitarian situation in Venezuela.” It was brought to our attention that the number of countries presented were less that the 13 members of the group.

Through a press release, which contemplates 18 points, the Group fixed the actions to be taken against the Government of President Nicolás Maduro. It is worth  remembering that the “Lima Group” is a cartel set up by the US to give the impression that it was not pushing for “regime change” in Venezuela after the reiterated failures to sanction and expel Venezuela from the Organization of American States (OAS). The group itself did not reach it’s purpose and a few weeks ago the US decided to openly lead the efforts to oust the legitimate and constitucional Government of Nicolar Maduro.

The statement of the Lima Group:

The Governments of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, members of the Lima Group, committed to contribute to the process of democratic transition and the institutional, economic and social reconstruction of the Republic Bolivarian of Venezuela:

1. Condemn the deliberate actions of the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro that, without considering the suffering of the population or the insistent calls of the international community, have prevented, on February 23, the entry of basic necessities and international assistance, through acts of violent repression that caused multiple injuries and deaths on the border with Colombia and Brazil, all of which have aggravated the risk in which the lives, dignity and integrity of Venezuelans are found.

2. Express their solidarity with the Venezuelan people and recognize their courage in their struggle to recover democracy, and reiterate the commitment of the Lima Group to continue supporting it actively in this effort.

3. Denounce before the international community the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro for intentionally subjecting Venezuelans, and in particular the most vulnerable population, to a systematic deprivation of food and medicine, and access to basic services, to ensure their permanence in the power.

4. Express their appreciation for the humanitarian assistance made available to Venezuela, and condemn the indiscriminate violence used by the security forces and armed groups in the service of the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro to obstruct their distribution and to prevent the full exercise of rights and freedoms of Venezuelans. As a result, they will collaborate to bring those responsible for these acts to justice.

5. Decide to request the International Criminal Court to take into consideration the serious humanitarian situation in Venezuela, the criminal violence of the Nicolás Maduro regime against the civilian population, and the denial of access to international assistance, which constitute a crime of lese humanity, in the course of the procedures it is pursuing by virtue of the request submitted by Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay and Peru on September 27, 2018, and subsequently endorsed by Costa Rica and France, and welcomed by Germany.

6. Decide to promote the designation by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations of an independent expert or a commission of inquiry on the situation in Venezuela, in response to the deep concern over “the serious violations of human rights in the context of a political, economic, social and humanitarian crisis “in that country, expressed in Resolution A / HRC / RES / 39/1” Promotion and protection of human rights in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela “of September 26, 2018 ; and reiterate their call to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to respond promptly to the situation in that country, prior to the presentation of her comprehensive report at the forty-first session of the Human Rights Council.

7. Expresses the irreversible nature of their commitment to the democratic transition and the institutional, economic and social reconstruction in Venezuela, emphasizing that the permanence of Nicolás Maduro and his illegitimate regime in power represents an unprecedented threat to security, peace, freedom and prosperity throughout the region, which is why they are promoting the discussion of the current situation in that country in the Security Council of the United Nations, and will continue to address it in the Organization of American States. Likewise, they will advance direct negotiations with the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization so that, in accordance with their competences, they can promote the activation of the United Nations System in relation to what is happening in Venezuela.

8. Express their satisfaction at the growing number of States that have recognized the constitutional authority of the National Assembly and the President-in-Charge, Juan Guaidó, and invite those States and the international community as a whole to join the commitment of the Lima Group with the democratic transition and with the immediate provision of humanitarian assistance, adhering to the Ottawa Declaration for Venezuela. In this sense, they decide to intensify the efforts of the Lima Group at the international level, establishing all the necessary contacts and coordination, including special missions, to publicize the efforts and actions that the Group has undertaken to help restore democracy and democracy. the constitutional order in Venezuela.

9. Resolve to maintain permanent coordination with the representatives of the government of the President-in-Charge, Juan Guaidó, both in their bilateral relations and in the international organizations to which they belong and in the multilateral forums in which they participate, with a view to the return of democracy, economic reconstruction, and the immediate attention of the humanitarian crisis. As such, they will promote their recognition in international organizations and in multilateral coordination mechanisms, as legitimate representatives of Venezuela.

10. Decide to advance in the recognition of the representatives of the President in Charge, Juan Guaidó, in accordance with their internal procedures.

11. Reiterate their call to all the members of the National Armed Forces to recognize the President in Charge, Juan Guaidó, as their Commander in Chief, and exhort them, faithful to their constitutional mandate to be at the exclusive service of the Nation and not that of a person, cease to serve as instruments of the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro for the oppression of the Venezuelan people and the systematic violation of their human rights.

12. Urge members of the Judiciary and the Venezuelan Justice System, including those who have been irregularly designated as such, to recognize the legitimate authority of the National Assembly and the Acting President, Juan Guaidó, and to respect the full exercise of their constitutional competencies, in order to facilitate the democratic transition and the restoration of the Rule of Law in Venezuela.

13. They appeal to the nations that still maintain cooperative ties with the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro to help facilitate the search for solutions that open the way for the democratic transition process and the convocation of free, fair, transparent and credible elections .

14. They offer their strong support to the Agreement for the promotion of the Country Rescue Plan, adopted by the National Assembly on January 29. In this regard, they express their willingness to convene an international conference, and request the Inter-American Development Bank to lead the accompaniment of the legitimate authorities of Venezuela in the implementation of the institutional and economic reforms they deem necessary to reactivate the economy and offer opportunities. of social progress for all Venezuelans.

15. Reaffirm the right of all Venezuelans to live in democracy and freedom, and therefore, reiterate their support for the holding of free and fair elections, open to the participation of all political forces, with international accompaniment and observation, organized by a neutral and legitimately constituted electoral authority. For these new democratic elections to be held, they demand the immediate departure of Nicolás Maduro and the cessation of the usurpation, respecting the constitutional authority of the National Assembly and the President in Charge, Juan Guaidó.

16. They reiterate their conviction that the transition to democracy must be conducted by the Venezuelans themselves peacefully and within the framework of the Constitution and international law, supported by political and diplomatic means, without the use of force.

17. Agree to reaffirm and follow up on the measures adopted by the Lima Group previously; offer all its support to the design and execution of the electoral calendar established by the National Assembly and the President in Charge, Juan Guaidó; and to urge the international community on the urgent need to allow the entry of humanitarian assistance for the Venezuelan people.

18. They welcome the offer of the Government of the Republic of Chile to host the next meeting of the Lima Group on a date to be determined.

This information (Translation credit: JRE/EF - Orinoco Tribune) is relevant as a road map for the group of countries that in the most fragrant disregard of international law have pushed to overthrow the legitimate government of the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

However, the Trump administration’s attempts to impose regime change in Venezuela appear to be faltering.

On the other hand the U.S. American game plan for Venezuela looks similar to the one implemented for Rwanda with long foresight prior to the genocide, whereby the USA trained and equipped Tutsi commando units in neighbouring Uganda. The crisis in Venezuela is certainly not over yet.

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During this interview on the program Democracy Now!, Jorge Arreaza , Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs, said: “We are not going to allow a foreign aggression, we Venezuelans will solve our own problems by ourselves.”

We are not going to be Silent

Arreaza recalled that delegations from 60 countries joined the initiative in solidarity with Venezuela and to defend international law. “We created that group to protect the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations, and condemn the intervention in Venezuela. We can not be silent about violations of the principles of the UN Charter,” said the Foreign Minister and lamented how leaders of the Venezuelan right follow instructions from the US Government. “And they beg for a military intervention against their own people and country.”

Brazil’s vice president, retired general Hamilton Mourão, said on Monday that under no circumstances would his country allow the United States to intervene militarily in Venezuela from Brazilian territory.

Peru’s Vice Foreign Minister Hugo de Zela Martínez stated at the beginning of the Lima Group conference that “the use of force, in any of its forms, is unacceptable” and that “the use of force is not a solution for what’s happening in Venezuela.”

Also Canadians stand now up against their government's participation in the Lim group and in a coup. Read what John Kirk, Professor of Latin American Studies at Dalhousie University says.

USA can operate from Colombia against any anti-US government in South America. (rightclick/view to enlarge)

But the Lima Group in their statement of today still demands the immediate exit of President Nicolas Maduro, a democratic transition and free elections in Venezuela, though as group they also do not support the U.S. American call for a military intervention, since Brazil and Peru opted clearly against.

However, the US have Columbia as launching pad with guaranteed access to airfields and military bases.

Have the Americans wispered ino the ears of Colombian President Iván Duque that with their help Venezuela could become again just a department of the federal republic of Gran Colombia?

The people of Colombia, however, also stand against war, as the demonstrations outside the place showed, where the banners red: Fuerza Yankees! (Yankee Go Home) demanded dialoque.

Likewise activists march against a possible intervention in Venezuela on the outskirts of the White House in Washington.

The United States is home to five of the world’s 10 largest defense contractors, and American companies account for 57 percent of total arms sales by the world’s 100 largest defense contractors, based on SIPRI data. Maryland-based Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor in the world, is estimated to have had $44.9 billion in arms sales in 2017 through deals with governments all over the world. The company drew public scrutiny after a bomb it sold to Saudi Arabia was dropped on a school bus in Yemen, killing 40 boys and 11 adults. Lockheed’s revenue from the U.S. government alone is well more than the total annual budgets of the IRS and the Environmental Protection Agency, combined.

The European Union is urging the world now to abandon a “militarized intervention” into Venezuela, calling for dialogue to develop a “peaceful, political, and democratic” solution to the nation’s domestic political differences.

"What is explicitly quite clear, from our perspective, is that we need a peaceful political and democratic and Venezuelan-owned resolution which obviously excludes the use of force,” said Maja Kocijancic, spokeswoman for foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.

Also Colombians demand: FUERZA YANKEES !

"The position of the EU has been established in this context, it is very clear: we must avoid military intervention," Kocijancic said.

In an interview with EFE, Sunday, Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said,”We have warned quite clearly that we will not support and we will firmly condemn any foreign military intervention."

Meanwhile Aruba is asking the United States to lift financial sanctions on a Citgo Petroleum Corp oil refinery that have led to job cuts on the Caribbean island, the nation’s prime minister said on Monday.

Self-styled Venezuelan opposition-leader Juan Guaidó, who is now a fugitive in Colombia, also arrived in Venezuela's hostile neighbour's capital Bogota for the meeting of the LIMA group, after his attempted insurrection over the weekend failed and asked for more support to his campaign.

Allegedly only 167 members of the Venezuelan armed forces have followed the calls of Guaidó, Trump, Bolton and Rubio and deserted. They turned themselves into Colombia's migration agency over the last three days. The expected domino effect did not set in. It is assumed that these are even less than 10% of those members of the armed forces of Venezuela, who - according to a leaked list - had secretly signed on earlier to support the rebellion.

Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), said there were four deaths and 300 injuries Friday and Saturday in Venezuela in connection with actions by Guaidó supporters. The UN official said the violence was excessive. But compared to what happens in France every weekend since 15 weeks the violence in Venezuela is minuscule.

Sign here to make her first go and see for herself:

Request the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to visit Venezuela

MUST WATCH: Interview with Prof. de Zayas on 24 February 2019 by Al Jazeera on the situation in Venezuela

The Lima Group, comprising 13 right-wing, US-installed Latin American countries and Canada, whose mining corporations have major stakes in Venezuela to loose, is a multilateral body established in August 2017 to focus on Venezuela's situation.

"There has been no comparison with conditions in the 1980s and ’90s, when Venezuela’s neo-liberal government imposed IMF economic recipes, resulting in a popular rebellion, the bloody 1989 Caracazo, when wholesale government repression took the lives of hundreds (according to the government at the time) or thousands (according to government critics), and martial law took the lives of many more. Efforts by the right-wing opposition to provoke a similar uprising, and another Caracazo that could justify a foreign “humanitarian intervention,” have failed repeatedly. So the US administration and corporate media simply resort to the most extreme lying about Latin America that has been seen since the Reagan administration wars of the 1980s." - writes Mark Cook.

The US warmongers should better watch which devastating impact their US-led Saudi war on Yemen has, before they would call out an aid-crisis in Venezuela.President Maduro has been accepting aid from everywhere except from the government that is openly staging a coup in his country in gross violation of its national sovereignty. Just last week Caracas accepted 933 tons of food and medical supplies from China, Cuba, India and Turkey, and Russia has shipped in 300 tons of aid on its own. This is also why it is outragious and ridiculous that some call on the ICC to prosecute Maduro for crimes against humanity after the very people have failed in their attempt to push the USAID delivery as “humanitarian aid” (some call it gunmanitarian aid) from the US Government into Venezuela. Opposition parliamentarian Juan Guaidó, the defected leader of the far-right party Voluntad Popular (VP) and self-proclaimed “Interim President” misses no opportunity to state that Hugo Chávez, the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution and Chavismo, “would not accept what Maduro has brought to Venezuela and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB): hunger, violence, repression and fear”, but he can not proof it.

Opposition party legislators in Chile are calling President Sebastian Piñera ‘foolish’ for going to Colombia to support the entry of U.S. “humanitarian aid” that didn’t make it into Venezuela last Saturday. Chilean Senator Alejandro Navarro said that only when the CIA declassifies information around the failed coup in Venezuela over the weekend will the public will know that Trump convinced Piñera to “make a fool of himself.” "In 20 years, when the CIA declassifies this coup operation (in Venezuela) will we know what Trump offered Piñera to make a fool of himself for this trip, leaving Chile and the southern forest fires abandoned," said Navarro Monday during an interview. Over 53,000 hectares of forest and grassland have burned across Chile’s central and southern region since the flames began last month. Three people have died so far and several municipalities remain under state-declared yellow and red alerts. Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero responded by saying that, "Chile supports a political and peaceful solution."

China "hopes the international community can provide constructive help to Venezuela under the precondition of respecting Venezuela's sovereignty," said Foreign Minister Wang Yi. China hopes Venezuela can remain peaceful and calm, the Foreign Ministry said, and reiterated Beijing's opposition to foreign interference in Venezuela's internal affairs or the use of "so-called 'humanitarian aid' for political aims." Yi added: "We again call on the government and opposition in Venezuela to seek a political resolution under the framework of the constitution and law, and call on the international community to do more that really benefits Venezuela's stability, economic development and improvement in livelihoods."

Venezuelan Vice-President Rodriguez revealed that the deputy of the National Assembly José Manuel Olivares was beaten by young paramilitary volunteers or “guarimberos” for payment issues, last Saturday. “It is perfectly clear in the videos how they burn the truck – with the alleged humanitarian aid – and then there is the punch they give to their boss (Olivares) for not paying them,” Rodríguez said. Given this, the vice president recalled the events of 2017, when the deputy of the AN Miguel Pizarro and Henrique Capriles Radonsky were beaten by the same “guarimberos” who are now in Cúcuta, because they had not been paid.

Marco Rubio is an elected official, means it is the U.S. American people he represents that are the warmongers. There is only one way the American public in the USA can proof that they are innocent - by dethroning these war-hawks immediately.

Not yet demoted U.S. Senator in Florida, Marco Rubio, continues with his pathological twitter posts. He posted a picture of the brutal murder of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in a less-than-subtle threat to Venezuela’s Maduro. The ensuing Twitter-storm blasted Rubio as a manic warmonger… who has extremely poor taste. The two pictures – one showing Gaddafi while still in power, the other showing the Libyan leader being tortured minutes before his brutal murder – were posted by Sen. Rubio (R-FL) on Twitter without any caption. Yet, given his open calls for an armed insurrection in the Latin American country to depose President Nicolas Maduro, the message was clear. Muammar Qadhafi was brutally murdered, mutilated to death (sodomized with a bayonet) by Salafi-jihadist NATO proxies (one of whom later blew himself up in Manchester, England, massacring dozens).

Openly threatening a head of a foreign country with a brutal death at the hands of US-propped militants was, apparently, just a tiny bit off, writes RT and - despite the twitter-storm against him - Rubio continues to post such kind of before-and-after threats showing the abduction of the Shah family by military thugs and a similar split of Manuel Noriega – the de facto ruler of Panama in the 1980s. Once a valuable CIA asset who’d helped Washington in arming the Contras of Nicaragua, Noriega was ousted during the US invasion of the country. Needless to say, the invasion claimed many lives, while Noriega spent the rest of his life in prison.

Any Twitter account spewing warmongering propaganda at such a rate would likely be suspended – if it did not belong to a US Senator, of course. “Marco Rubio just posted a violent, graphic death threat. If any of the rest of us posted this, we'd be suspended for it,” journalist Bill Palmer tweeted.

Venezuelan government supporters carry a banner reading "Yankee Go Home" during the rally on February 23 in Caracas (Courtesy)

The Attorney General of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab confirmed that 20 corruption schemes have been unveiled in Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and 100 officials were arrested, of which 24 are managers and two ex-ministers. As part of the fight against corruption by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, 40 prosecutors have been arrested for using their charges for extortion and crime. “The fight against corruption that we have undertaken is a demand for guaranteeing human rights,” he said and asserted that since taking office 1,230 people have been apprehended in cases of corruption, of which 915 have been convicted. “Many of the businessmen who have committed acts of corruption against the public treasury live comfortably in the United States,” the attorney general said. In the case of drug trafficking, he said that they have charged 13,756 people and charged 7,447 resulting in 2,612 convictions.

Colombia witnessed today another death of a trade union leader who was assassinated in front of his home. The of Construction Material Industry Workers Union Sutimac confirmed and denounced the murder of trade union leader Jose Fernel Manrique Valencia who was assassinated Monday in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia. Around 9:30 p.m., two assassins on a motorcycle shot Manrique Valencia twice, killing him in front of his house in the Cafe Madrid neighborhood. Murders of social leaders in Colombia is a gruesome reality with 18 leaders already killed in 2019 by the first week of February.

Investigative journalists from the ORINOCO TRIBUNE followed up on the story of the #barcopuertorico Affaire and could establish that the cargo, which allegedly comprised USAID deliveries, had actually been earlier transferred from another vessel mid-voyage and that none of the journalists on board did hear or observe any of the threats claimed by the Puertorican governor and US Sen, Marco Rubio, whereby the latter is known for twisting the truth and for making threatd, and has already been asked by members of his electorate in Florida to step down. His counterprt in the affaire, the Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rossello, is now under public scrutiny

The Venezuelan guided-missile frigate “AB Armirante Brion F2” located the US vessel “Midnight Stone” in her way to Venezuela and called two additional Venezuelan Navy Patrol Ships, who waited for the foreign vessel at the maritime boundary and told the captain to turn back, while letting those in board of the potential intruder know that if the Venezuelan border was trespassed by the ship then vessel and those on board would be arrested and charged on orders of the Office of the Venezuelan Attorney General. The US ship then changed direction and went to Bonaire. It ended up in Curacao, from where it was later announced that the so called “humanitarian aid” was left there. The journalists concluded: The US government along with the most right wing elements in the States of Florida and Puerto Rico (colony of the US) have been pushing to create a situation similar to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident that triggered the Vietnam war.

A famous Argentine musicianm Pedro Aznar, joined the position taken by artists such as Silvio Rodríguez and Roger Waters concerning the situation in Venezuela and said that “we repudiate all attempts at foreign interference.” In addition to the Cuban troubadour Silvio Rodríguez, Pedro Aznar also published a video in which he pronounces the stand against any foreign interference in Venezuela. In the framework of the campaign “Peace in Venezuela Now” initiated by the Venezuelan collective “Canción Ciudad”, the Argentine interpreter sent his warm embrace to the Venezuelan people and stated that Venezuela must solve its problems autonomously, self-determined and through democracy, truth and justice. ”


Update 24. February 2019: (vf) More than 400 members of different political and social organizations are in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, to gather for the International Peoples' Assembly and in order to debate, articulate and deepen international solidarity as well as the fight against U.S. interference in Venezuela. Committees from more than 80 countries attend, denouncing the military intervention by the United States and its allies in South America, to overthrow the constitutional government of President Nicolás Maduro. The meeting including a concert for peace on Sunday will be held during three consecutive days until 27. February.

#TrumpHandsOffVenezuela is uniting Venezuelans

The spokesman of the popular organizations of Zambia, representing the peoples of Africa, addressed the Venezuelans and said in his speech: "Your struggle is our struggle. For 500 years the African people have suffered from colonialism and imperialism and we know what you are suffering now. It is unacceptable that foreign authorities think that the sovereignty of the country does not belong to the people of this country."

U.S. spokesperson Claudia Cruz, expressed her support for the Bolivarian Revolution and its leader, Nicolás Maduro described the U.S. Governments' accusations of Venezuela having a humanitarian crisis, as "shameful." "Venezuela does not have a humanitarian crisis; Venezuela has a fight in defense of life," she said and continued: “It is embarrassing, it is criminal and immoral that the United States – a country where 140 million poor people live, where 6 million live with hunger daily – comes and tells Venezuela that there is a humanitarian crisis. Venezuela has the resistance and the defense of the revolution that permits the redistribution of riches to the most poor, the most dispossessed."

The coordinator of the Pan-Africanism Federal Movement, Mamadu Djabi Djalo, said: "We will win this fight and we will do this together, we stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela in the face of the United States' pretensions."

Women at the celebration on Feb. 24 after the defeat of the fascists at the Simón Bolivar bridge, San Antonio, Venezuela. Photo: Gloria La Riva / Liberaiton

Meanwhile Colombian diplomatic staff from the consulates in San Antonio & San Cristóbal left Venezuela this morning via Simon Bolivar Bridge, on order of Pres. Nicolas Maduro, who announced the severing of diplomatic ties yesterday. Secure exit to Colombian territory was overseen by GNB escort. The two envoys left disregarding Guaido’s “instructions” yesterday to the Colombian diplomats to stay in Venezuela, as stated by the Colombian Foreign Minister by tweet in their -again- twisted understanding of international law. This is showing that the international plot against Venezuela is falling apart and can not be sustained but that the risk of a military intervention in Venezuela rises.

According to the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent), several unauthorized people have been using their symbols in the borders of Colombia and Brazil with Venezuela during Saturday's mobilizations and protests that tried to force so-called  "humanitarian aid" into Venezuela. Some people were trying to illegally enter Venezuela using Red Cross jackets, despite not being affiliated with that international medical organization. The ICRC officially rejected these attempts by the U.S. to deliver politicized "humanitarian aid." Subsequently also the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has stated on its certified Twitter account that they have noticed "some people not affiliated with Red Cross Colombia and Red Cross Venezuela wearing Red Cross emblems at Colombia-Venezuela and Brazil-Venezuela border" and urged these people " to stop doing this. They might mean well but they risk jeopardizing our neutrality, impartiality & independence." IFRC and ICRC work through the official channels of the Venezuelan government.

In the Dutch overseas territory of Curacao, authorities did not allow the departure of the “aid”-carrying ships without Caracas’ assurances of the safe travel of the ships.

Venezuelan CoastGuard vessel while shielding the country from clandestine U.S. shipments originating from Puerto Rico. 23. February 2019

An investigation by the Orinoco Tribune revealed that the Venezuelan Navy successfully intercepted and confronted a US ship coming from the US colony of Puerto Rico while a US surveillance plane was flying nearby. The vessel turned away. It had departed from Puerto Rico with destination Venezuela and so called “humanitarian aid” on board. The governor of the Caribbean island, Ricardo Roselló, expressed through an official statement that the event was “notified to the federal government”and stated that he had instructed to temporarily leave the area to protect crew and passengers. Roselló added: We also have notified our partners in the US government...". Immediately U.S. Senator Marco Rubio responded:  "Maduro gunships are threatening to fire on a ship sailing from which is in international waters with 300 tons of food & medicine & at least 6 U.S. citizens on board." then reported thatUSAF RC-135W 62-4130 BEEF88 departed San Juan, Puerto Rico for a mission off the northern coast. The aircraft is using a false Mode-S hex code of '3F9857'."  The PuertoRican vessel had no permission to enter Venezuelan waters.

Worldwide demonstrations supporting Venezuela's government are using the hashtags #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela and #VenezuelaEnDefensaDeLaPaz (Venezuela In Defense Of Peace). People around the world have expressed solidarity with Venezuela and have rejected the United States government's interventionism and the attempted but failed coup in Venezuela.

Guaido thug hurls stones at the Venezuela border in Pacaraima where a truck, a bus and several cars were set ablaze by incited opposition forces, or Guarimberos,
mostly youth of the opposition, Brazil February, 23, 2019 © Reuters / Bruno Kelly

After having violated his bail-terms, abandoning his duties as civil servant and speaker of the National Assembly as well as fleeing into exile in Colombia, where he was holed up in a bunker-like building near Cúcuta Friday night and Saturday morning, Juan Guaidó is now a fugitive, but he wants to address the meeting of the controversial Lima group in Columbia on Monday in Bogota to ask US Vice President Mike Pence again for military intervention. The so-called Lima group comprises 13 right-wing regimes from South America plus Canada. "Washington will continue to pressure the Venezuelan government until it understands that its days are numbered,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo immediately announced, adding that “every option” is still on the table. The US is “going to do the things that need to be done,” Pompeo told Fox News Sunday, speaking about the potential use of military force against Caracas. Pence later stated to the media that now concrete steps will be discussed to enforce regime change. Failure of the attempted forcing of US “humanitarian aid” into Venezuela has apparently not deterred the Trump administration hawks from seeking regime change in Caracas. They now threaten new sanctions unless Venezuela "embraces democracy.”

The two Michael (Mike) Richard's in Trump fight-club seem still not to realize that their betting on a brainwashed college boy is backfiring badly and apparently even has infected presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, whose supporters cried out unisono that he is going to loose with such nonsense.

Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters also lashed out at the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who took to Twitter on Saturday to call for an end to the humanitarian ordeal in Venezuela. “Bernie, are you f*****g kidding me! If you buy the Trump, Bolton, Abrams, Rubio line, “humanitarian intervention” and collude in the destruction of Venezuela, you cannot be credible candidate for President of the USA. Or, maybe you can, maybe you’re the perfect stooge for the 1 %,” Waters replied to Sanders’ tweet.

Those few members of the Venezuelan armed forces - less than 100 - who defected across the border to Colombia over the weekend left mainly because they had secretly signed up on a list to support the Guaidó rebellion and insurgency, but when the computerized list was leaked they feared to be arrested. The very low-rank defectors, who like Juan Guaidó himself had escaped across the border to Columbia, were addressed by the acting opposition leader at his hideout at Cúcuta. Columbia now openly hosts a detail of army rebels from Venezuela.


Update 23. February 2019 - (vf) During today's great Chavista march for the defense and peace of Venezuela in Caracas President Nicolás Maduro announced that he has taken the decision to break political and diplomatic relations with Colombia.

The 23. Feb. Chavista march packed the streets in central Caracas in support of Nicolas Maduro, while a few right-wing opposition groups did air their anger on the Francisco Fajardo highway in the outskirts.

“Colombia has lent its territory to attack and intervene in Venezuela. Iván Duque has an angel face but he is the devil himself. That is why I have decided to break political and diplomatic relations with Colombia and your diplomatic staff must leave the country in 24 hours, enough is enough. It is not the people of Colombia, it is the oligarchy, the government of Colombia,“ asserted the Venezuelan leader. The Government of Colombia and its President Iván Duque has served the interests of Donald Trump, using the Colombian territory as a platform for aggression against and military intervention in Venezuela.

During his speech at the end of the rally, Maduro declared that the “coup d’état” initiated by Juan Guaidó 30 days ago had been “defeated” and told his followers that they are “on the right side of history” before challenging Guaidó to compete in elections.

Maduro also promised to apply justice against anyone who violates Venezuelan law, citing a number of right-wing activists who led isolated incidents of violent protests at the Colombo-Venezuelan border towns of Urena and San Antonio in Táchira State Saturday.

Self-immolation of USAID hired trucks, caused by Molotov-cocktails wielding thugs among the Guaidó supporters on the Colombian side of the Francisco de Paula Santander Bridge near Urena, who then also looted the goods and brought them into the wider Cúcuta area. At least some aid for the poor people of Cúcuta.

Coup-leader Guaidó also must be held responsible for a later incident after 12h local time at the Santander bridge, where trucks with goods tried to break through but got stopped by the National Guard (GNB) and went up in flames with looters from the Colombian side salvaging the load. CCTV footage captured the moment forces fired tear gas towards the trucks trying to drive through by force and to carry the load across the border without permission, but the fire was set by Molotov-style firebombs and petrol canister carrying youth themselves. It was the petrol and not the teargas shells that caused the trucks No 2 and 3 to catch fire.

MUST WATCH: Witness Video showing the opposition-affiliated firebombers who set US"AID" hired trucks from Colombia ablaze at Santander Bridge.

Throwing petrol-bombs was likewise the preferred method at Pacaraima, Brazil, where cars, a bus and a truck were burned by people angry about so-called "aid" not being allowed to enter, while otherwise throwing stones at members of the Venezuelan military blocking the border.

The designated leader of the planned coup Juan Guaidó obviously is in hiding in Colombia around Cúcuta where he received 5 low ranking soldiers who had defected today - as the twitterfeed #jguiado shows. From there he spread today the fake news that trucks with aid deliveries had entered Venezuela from Brazil, which is false. Brazil had already last week ensured the Maduro government that it would not allow any trucks to just break through the border and the footage Guaidó used in that false statement was later proven to show trucks near Cúcuta.

Several Venezuelan soldiers in La Fria ( state), 12 km from the Colombian border, have reportedly joined the protesters with stolen armoured vehicles from the National Guard, as videos from the area show.

Opposition groups at the fence of La Carlota airbase in tried unsuccessfully to pressure the military to abandon

BREAKING: Venezuela Foils Staged Attack at Border with Colombia.

This morning around 7:00am local time an incident occurred at the border with Colombia at the Simon Bolivar Bridge, near the Colombian city of Cúcuta. Terrorists stole two VN-4 armoured vehicles that belong to the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and tried to cross to the Colombian side but couldn’t because they got stuck in the barricades.

Botched breakthrough at Bolivar bridge foiled. Civilians deliberately injured by National Guard defectors.

Venezuelan Immigration Police immediately secured the border point and members of the Venezuelan army were deployed. The small group of right-wing terrorists operated in cohorts with right-wing opposition members on the Colombian side of the Simon Bolivar international bridge at the closed Venezuelan-Colombian border. According to teleSUR reporters the men had infiltrated, couldn't achieve their task and then fled on foot to Colombia where they were received by two leaders of the Venezuelan far right - José Manuel Olivares and Vilcar Fernandez, a known Venezuelan terrorist recently released from jail by Venezuela within the framework of the peace negotiations with the Dominican Republic.

teleSUR correspondent in Venezuela Madeleine García said: "Also three [uniformed] National Guard officers defected and fled to Colombian territory with their weapons." @madeleintlSUR filmed the escape of those three after the botched breakthrough. Garcia also said that at least one member of the border security force was injured in the attack as well as a Chilean photographer who was at the scene. "That's how the Guaidó gang operates," stated an observer and added "they wanted to break the bridge barriers to then drive with a convoy and the US-provided goods from Colombia into Venezula."

Civilian travellers, like this young woman, were seriously injured when defecting Venezuelan soldiers, who had stolen two APCs, drove into the people on the bridge and the barriers, where the massive vehicles got stuck. Few hours later opposition instigator Juan Guaidó congratulated those who had been driving in this attack. Guaidó as the organizer and the two drivers must be severely punished and go to jail for that. If the depicted, unknown woman reaches out to us, we will ensure that justice is served, human rights organization ECOTERRA Intl. announced.

In the process they seriously injured a pedestrian who was crossing the border at that time. Footage obtained by #AFP showed the young lady bleeding profusely from an open head wound and pleading for help - calling out that she was injured. But the Colombian officials were busy with the stunt to "help" the uniformed defectors and completely neglected to provide help to this victim, who was hardly able to walk. One Colombian policeman told her with a macho hand-sign to get out of the way.

Likewise Chilean journalist and camerawoman Nicole Kramm was inches away from being killed by the two hijacked army vehicles as they sped through a crowded border crossing between Venezuela and Colombia and into the barriers. "This was an attack on civilians. I can’t believe they are being treated as heroes. If I didn’t run, and was 15 centimetres closer, I would not be here to tell you this" she published from the hospital hours after her ordeal together with the witness video on her news outlet #redfish. She was taken to hospital with a concussion and a leg injury. That all in the name of "AID".

Today also the fake MSM figures were finally revealed concerning the "AidLive" event created by Guaidó and Richard Branson, a man with no obvious ties to Venezuela, but a friend to Davos elites of all stripes, who loves to play holiday host to the Blairs and the Obamas. While the organizers had obviously and blatantly lied that 317,000 people were there, the Washington Post had to quietly change its piece and had to even eliminate their lower but still fake fake concert attendance claim of 200,000. Independent assessments calculated from aerial pictures and ground-estimates that in reality and in maximum 20,000 people were attracted. What a flop, and a confirmation to what was stated here earlier. It was an extravaganza for which also an exact funding breakdown has still not been made public.

Virgin CEO Branson's concert had implemented a policy of segregation for the viewers, holding with armed guards and fences the poor people at bay and away in far distance. The livestream cameras never showed that to the world. #ShameOnBranson

After the flopped Richard Branson concert on 22nd, where acting opposition leader Juan Guaidó in violation of his bail terms appeared and where the Colombian government hosted anti-Maduro circles, and after US Special Forces were moved in Colombia closer to the common border, Venezuela ordered the temporary closure of the border with Colombia.

The vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, informed the public through her account on the social network Twitter #DrodriguezVen that the Venezuelan government has decided on the “temporary total closure” of the Simón Bolívar, Santander and Unión bridges, at the border between Venezuela and Colombia, ”due to the serious and illegal threats attempted by the Government of Colombia against the peace and the sovereignty of Venezuela.”

In addition, Rodriguez noted that “the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela gives full guarantees to the Venezuelan and Colombian people to have safe border crossings again as soon as the gross acts of violence against the people and the territory of Venezuela are controlled." "Then border normality will be restored!” she stated. The vice president of Venezuela also said that, “in respect to the elementary rules of international law, we demand Ivan Duque (president of Colombia) to stop his infamous actions and stop offering on orders of Donald Trump the territory of Colombia for any further attempts violating the rights of Venezuelans to live in peace and in sovereignty.”

The US-run border ‘provocation’ to topple President Maduro had been set for today, Moscow had warned, but the people of Caracas will march today in defense of their homeland, of sovereignty and peace, informed the head of the PSUV Organization in the capital city, Nahum Fernández. A note from the revolutionary party emphasizes that the rally is scheduled for 9:00 in the morning, at the Cantv headquarters, on Libertador Avenue, from where the revolutionary forces will depart to the Miraflores Palace, headquarters of the Executive.

#TrumpHandsOffVenezuela Concert Underway with over 150 Artists - The 3 day concert - closeup and candy - aims to defend peace, sovereignty and democracy in Venezuela, against the numerous attacks the Bolivarian nation faces.

President Maduro called the aid delivery plans a US-orchestrated plot and show, saying, “It’s better to prevent than to regret.”

“If the so-called humanitarian assistance were forcefully sent to Venezuela it might trigger conflict and lead to serious consequences,” Reuters quoted China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang as saying. “This is not what anyone wants to see. China is against a military intervention in Venezuela and against any behaviour that might cause escalation or turmoil,” he told reporters. Already on Friday Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday accused the United States and its NATO allies of discussing how to arm the opposition in Venezuela and said Washington was deploying Special Forces and equipment near the South American nation.

Venezuela and a group consisting of 60 member states of the United Nations (UN) that support the country, are evaluating seven specific points for the protection of peace and stability of the nation, said the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza at a press conference from the UN headquarters in New York. “With the Group of Member States of the United Nations, we have worked on seven concrete actions that will be developed over these weeks, in favour of peace and self-determination of peoples,” Arreaza said in statements transmitted by Telesur.

In this regard, Arreaza noted that in the last meeting he had with US Special Envoy Elliot Abrams - a convicted felon who oversaw in his past and was responsible for several US-led armed interventions in Latin America leading to massacres, such as those that occurred in El Salvador in 1981 and in Nicaragua in 1989 - he made him see clear that the attempted coup against Venezuela in this moment “had failed”, and that it is time to return to the negotiating table. Arreaza advocated that the countries that signed the United Nations Charter at the time and that comprise this international body respect the basic principles of sovereignty and self-determination.

Arreza also noted that the indigenous Pemón were not injured by fire from military weapons, as was falsely reported by US media. “What you mentioned that happened on February 22 in the state of Bolívar (south), does not correspond to the weapons used by the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB). The found cartridges proof that and some are wounded by knives, machetes, even arrows,” the minister told reporters. It is quite common in situations of general unrest that old scores are settled between indigenous peoples or are directed against them by old enemy majority groups. Most genuine members of the indigenous peoples of Venezuela stand firmly with the Maduro government though due to their poor economic situation they can fall prey to agitators who want to buy their allegiance.

The Italian group of ska Banda Bassotti issued a moving message of support for the Bolivarian revolution and President Nicolás Maduro, as could be seen in a video uploaded by the group itself. The message of support, given at a concert in the Italian city of Livorno displayed a large banner with the message “¡Chavez present, Maduro Presidente!”. The Italian boxer Lenny Bottai, a native of Livorno was on stage and also said a few words in support of Maduro.


Update 22. February 2019 - (vf) The concert, “Trump Hands Off Venezuela”, started on Friday and will continue until Sunday, February 24, on the border between Tachira and Colombia. Over 150 Venezuelan and international artists will be participating in this 3-days concert, according to Roberto Messutti, president of the “House of the Artist” Foundation.

First evening of the 3day #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela concert showing on 22nd more actually more participants than the rival Branson concert across the border in Colombia.
Venezuelans are here partying at the 'concert for peace' held by the Bolivarian government. Across the border, the British oligarch Richard Branson paid for a rival concert to promote Trump and US intervention. #HandsOffVenezuela

The #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela concert is being held on the Venezuelan side of the International Simon Bolivar Bridge, one of the bridges that unites Venezuela and Colombia. The concert aims to defend peace, sovereignty and democracy in Venezuela, against the numerous attacks against the Bolivarian nation. The concert is also being called "Para La Guerra Nada" (Nothing For War), which is part of the song lyrics by Colombian musician Marta Gomez. Poets and intellectuals from the world will also attend the concert, uniting their voices to oppose the policy of war of the United States government.

The government already distributed 20,000 life-support boxes to needy Venezuelans and Colombians at the border.

In a series of tweets posted in the official twitter account Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, affirmed today that the US government is moving special forces to the borders of Venezuela along with military equipment. "The developments in have reached a critical point. A major dangerous provocation is scheduled for February 23." She also alerted that "there is evidence that companies and their allies are discussing the possibility of buying a large batch of weapons and ammunition in some East European country to arm the Venezuelan opposition forces. “The cargo is set to arrive in Venezuela in early March through a neighboring country on aircraft flown by an international shipping company,” she said.

Already a cache of assault weapons and other items needed by insurgents was sent by air-cargo from Florida, USA, to Venezuela, but was intercepted on 06th of February at Valencia airport and confiscated as contraband.

Since last night a convoy of lorries and cars, reportedly accompanied by dissident leader Juan Guaidó, is on its way from Venezuela's capital Caracas to the border town of Cúcuta in Colombia, with the aim to collect the U.S. aid “crumbs” flown into Colombia on U.S. military aircrafts.

At least two persons, Rolando Garcia and Zorayda Rodríguez, a 42-year-old woman from the combative Pemón people are dead and several more were injured after shots were fired on civilians near the Brazilian border, opposition figures claim. The victims were reportedly helping to move goods tagged as humanitarian aid clandestinely into Venezuela.
However, the government disputed that the Bolivarian armed forces fired the deadly shots - as reported by US media - and launched a full investigation. Video footage shot by opposition politician Americo De Grazia purports to show several of the wounded being treated in hospital. Between 12 and 23 people are believed to be injured, according to various reports, but many show knife and even arrow wounds. Hours later, members of the indigenous Pemón people retaliated in that local skirmish by taking control of the local airport, gateway to the world-famous Angel Falls. Security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the demonstrators.
Part of Branson's gang in Cúcuta is also Rep. Marco Rubio (see below). Missing was Leopoldo Lopez, the convicted real opposition leader, who serves his prison term as house arrest. (rightclick/view to enlarge any of the pictures)
In 2002, US-backed Venezuelan coup plotters orchestrated the shooting of protesters which they falsely blamed on the government to justify their coup and numerous politicians, analysts and observers had already in recent weeks warned that such provoked incidences might happen in Venezuela again. However, Brazil, in the meantime, said it was cooperating with the United States to supply aid to Venezuela, but the country would leave it to Venezuelans to take the goods over the border.

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This comes as Trump’s special envoy to Venezuela and right-wing hawk, Elliott Abrams, is leading a U.S. delegation traveling by military aircraft to the Colombian border, supposedly to help deliver the aid. The United Nations, the Red Cross and other relief organizations have refused to work with the U.S. on delivering that aid to Venezuela, which they say is politically motivated. We speak with Venezuelan sociologist Edgardo Lander, a member of the Citizen’s Platform in Defense of the Constitution. “This certainly is not humanitarian aid, and it’s not oriented with any humanitarian aims,” Lander says. “This is clearly a coup carried out by the United States government with its allies, with the Lima Group and the extreme right wing in Venezuela.”

Richard Branson staged the "Venezuela Aid Live" concert near the since 2014 never opened Las Tienditas cross-border bridge between Colombia and Venezuela, near Cúcuta, Colombia, Feb. 22, 2019. His concert was a flop.

This weekend, starting today at the Las Tienditas Bridge - crossing the Venezuelan border with Colombia - two concerts were staged, one calling for peace and labeled #HandsOffVenezuela on the Venezuelan side of the border, the other just 300 m away on the Colombian side dubbed AidLive Venezuela to solicit funds for medical aid and in support of trying to forcefully bring through the Venezuelan border some so called “humanitarian aid” delivered by the US Southern Army. In a rather dull media session at the concert venue, Richard Branson stated that he wants to provide medical aid because "most of the doctors and nurses had left Venezuela", which is simply not true.

As the livestream of Aid Live Venezuela showed just a couple of thousand people were at the AidLive concert as spectators and not "hundreds of thousands" as Branson bragged earlier and a far cry from "a quarter million people" as expected by the organizers. Interesting in this livestream was the chat-feed with many people issuing statements critical of the USA and many VIVA MADURO entries, despite all the attempts by Branson and singers like Miguel Bosé to turn the concert into an anti-Maduro event. If Michael Jackson would still be alive he would have performed tonight on the Venezuelan side of the bridge singing "They don't care about us!" against warmongers like Trump, Pence, Bolton, Abrams, Rubio, Guaidó and others. Branson did not speak against forced regime-change.

At any given moment the livestream of Branson's AidLive concert was watched by less than 52,000 viewers worldwide (in average max. 30,000) and to reach the set donation goal of  $100m Richard Branson will most likely have to chip in secretly from the chest of his substantial personal wealth - something unusual for the business man, except if some insurer had provided a policy to cover up for a flop. Or was the budget anyway provided by a U.S. black-ops slush fund?

The event's Twitter account was briefly pushed in the USA and forced profesionally to the forefront of public consciousness and into everyone’s eyeballs by the paid interventions of billionaire plutocrat Richard Branson. Branson’s Virgin Group controls hundreds of companies and brings in some $21 billion annually, with Branson himself valued at around five billion dollars. He had probably even foreseen that the concert would be a flop - question is: Why did he do it? What is is his stake in Venezuela and why he has obviously an ax to frind with the present government? What did he not get and what is the world not getting concerning his involvement?

Juan Guaidó, center, arrives in the protected VIP section at the Venezuela Aid Live concert on the Colombian side of the since 2014 never opened Tienditas International Bridge near Cúcuta, Colombia, on the border with Venezuela, Feb. 22, 2019.

Juan Guaidó didn't show his face at the press conference, most likely because he could not come in time to Cúcuta on the Colombian side, since he is under a travel ban due to the ongoing investigations based on the legal proceedings against him, but according to VOA and AP he arrived later and stayed in the crowd.

At dawn, when Branson re-appeared and spoke the closing words, claiming that Venezuela had partly blocked Facebook and Youtube on their internet and even had cut electricity in some parts, most people had already left the venue and didn't hear when Branson proclaimed a lame "Liberdad for Venezuela" stating that the country would hold thousands as political prisoners under arrest including Leopoldo Lopez, before he and his team jointly intoned John Lennon's Imagine.

Internet watchdog group Netblocks confirmed only that YouTube, Bing and Google services inside Venezuela went down for nearly an hour on state-run Internet provider CanTV, but on widely used DirecTV the plug was pulled on two foreign networks that carried the 7h concert live.

Already earlier Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters had slammed the announced "Live Aid"-copycat-style concert to raise funds for humanitarian aid for Venezuela, calling the event a U.S.-backed effort to tarnish the socialist government in a video circulating Tuesday.

"It has nothing to do with humanitarian aid at all," the 75-year old Waters said. "It has to do with Richard Branson ... having bought the US saying, 'We have decided to take over Venezuela, for whatever our reasons may be.'"

"Do we really want Venezuela to turn in to another Iraq or Syria or Libya? I don't and neither do the Venezuelan people," Waters stated.

On the Venezuelan side, people also had gathered for a rival, three-day “Hands Off Venezuela” festival organized by president Maduro. The pro-Maduro conference and pro-Peace concert today was being broadcast on state TV. It was the warm-up for tomorrows big concert with 150 different groups of local artists on the Venezuelan side. The attending crowd was not much smaller and involved all ages compared to the mixed crowd of Venezuelans and Colombians at the Cúcuta Branson venue, where mostly apolitical, right-wing or hip youngsters were attracted.

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Greatest threat to world peace? The USA. In the "first-ever poll that had been conducted on this, back in 2013, which was the only poll on this entire issue so far, the following was established: «An end-of-the-year WIN/Gallup International survey found that people in 65 countries believe the United States is the greatest threat to world peace», as the N.Y. Post reported on 5 January 2014. "The US was the overwhelming choice (24% of respondents) for the country that represents the greatest threat to peace in the world today. This was followed by Pakistan (8%), China (6%), North Korea, Israel and Iran (5%)." Today the result pointing on the USA would most likely even be higher.


“The people of Bolivar state (south east Venezuela) are clear on their love and loyalty with the homeland, the Bolivarian Revolution and the historical legacy of the speech that the Liberator Simón Bolívar gave in Angostura currently Ciudad Bolívar on February 15, 1819 and that marked the birth of the Gran Colombia”, said Diosdado Cabello, vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) during a major march and rally for peace and in support of President Nicolás Maduro, held at Puente Angostura, on the magnificent Orinoco River.

Update 21. February 2019 - (vf) Before thousands of workers , students, housewives, peasants, fishermen, social leaders together with members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) who occupied every inch of the Angostura bridge and its access roads, the president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), rejected the threats of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, against the FANB and the Venezuelan people.

The Government of Venezuela closed its borders with Brazil as from Thursday evening and is standby to close them at least partly from Colombia. Venezuela will stand firm against any insurgency and uncontrolled shipments into the country - no matter in which shape or form they appear. Those operating as agents provocateur or treasonous will face the law. The Venezuelan military was ordered to enforce the travel ban in airspace and on the sea until further notice, Maduro said during a televised address from a military headquarters. Due to the situation in Venezuela,

President Maduro also referred to the decision of closing the air and see communication specifically with Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire and said that the decision was taken with great sadness from his side because he has affections with those islands but it could not be avoided because of the fragrant support of the islands' authorities and the government of the Netherlands to the plans of the US South Command under Admiral Craig Faller. Maduro informed that conversations with Curaçao and Dutch authorities have started and he hopes rectifications from their side will allow normalization of communications.

The Hon. Dr. Ralph Everard Gonsalves, Prime Minister of the Caribbean country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines denounced the interventionist attitude of the United States in a country where free and fair elections were held. “We had a Caribbean electoral mission on May the 20th, a few days before the election and then on the election day, and they declared the election to be free and fair,” said PM Gonsalves, adding that the people reflected their wills by electing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The sturdy election system was internationally fully recognized and even praised by Forbes as the new "gold-standard" for election systems.

“I just wanted to make the point that for the Venezuelan government, the money which they have in the United States, money which had been frozen amounts to 11 billion US dollars, that is the money which you can buy food and medicines with,” said the prime minister referring to the U.S.-sanctioned PDVSA, the Venezuelan state oil company.  

And then the U.S. takes “a few hundred thousand dollars worth of food and have it by the border at Colombia and say that they want to help the people of Venezuela” despite the fact that they are “committing economic warfare against them by these sanctions which are crippling the economy,” was the opinion of PM Gonsalves.

He also mentioned that a United Nations special rapporteur was in Venezuela for 21 years who said that the countries forcing the sanction are putting Venezuela under siege.

First Venezuela, now Nicaragua? Bolton says Ortega’s days ‘numbered’ & people ‘will soon be free’. US President Donald Trump’s top foreign policy advisor John Bolton appears dead set on also resuming his decades-long stand-off with Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega, hinting that a Washington-backed regime change may be in the offing also for Nicaragua.

“I know what they're doing should be investigated as a possible war crime. I mean, it's terrible what they're doing to the country because of political or ideological reasons. This is the 21st century. We have to act differently,” concluded the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Meanwhile the members of the US government have harassed and threatened in very public ways the Venezuelan military by even using Twitter, like low-life U.S. Senator Marco Rubio did yesterday, targeting the head of the Venezuelan Secret Service Ivan Hernandez - threatening him and his family in best Mafia style. Never in recent history have USAmerican politicians sunk to such low levels:

.@Ivanr_HD you should think very carefully about the actions you take over the next few days in . Because your actions will determine how you spend the rest of your life.
Do you really want to be more loyal to than to your own family?


A senior US official told a group of reporters on Friday that Washington had compiled information about Venezuelan military leaders who have family members outside of Venezuela, including some who live in Miami, in the United States. “These people face a situation in which they and their families will have to return to Venezuela,” the source said without identifying the military personnel who have relatives in the United States or how many of them would be affected by the measure.

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A former FBI director has just alleged that Donald Trump was talking about “war with Venezuela” back in 2017. Andrew McCabe, who made the allegations, became acting FBI director in 2017 after Trump fired then-director James Comey. US attorney general Jeff Sessions later fired McCabe in 2018, just one day before the latter’s retirement. Donald Trump: "I don't understand why we're not looking at Venezuela. Why we're not a war with Venezuela? They have all the oil and they're in our back door"

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Already on February 11, 2019 the International Red Cross had declined to participate in the Washington’s controversial humanitarian aid plan to Venezuela. “We will not be participating in what is, for us, not humanitarian aid,” stated Colombia’s International Red Cross (ICRC) spokesperson, Christoph Harnisch. ICRC President Peter Maurer told reporters that the body will be doubling its budget to assist the Venezuelan government in countering the effects of the deep economic crisis.

The United Nations has likewise raised objections to Washington’s “politicised” aid plan. "Humanitarian action needs to be independent of political, military or other objectives," UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters in New York. UN spokespeople have also recently vowed to increase the budgets of current aid programs carried out in coordination with the Maduro administration.

Venezuelan authorities also reported on Thursday that the European Union had pledged US $2 billion worth of aid, termed as “technical assistance,” to be channelled through the United Nations.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros announced Thursday the arrival of medical aid, arriving from Russia for the strengthening of the public health system.

The Venezuelan president met with representatives of the health sector, from Russia, Cuba and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), at the Miraflores Palace, to discuss how to strengthen Venezuela’s health system.

"Today, 7.5 tons of medicines are coming to Venezuela from Russia to continue equipping our country," Maduro stated, before adding that Venezuela has previously received 108,428 units of medicines, surgical equipment and other types of equipment.

Maduro said that the current shipments arriving in Venezuela are paid by the Bolivarian government, as will those arriving, weekly, in the future. "It is humanitarian assistance, humanitarian support because it is overcoming a blockade, but Venezuelans are not beggars from anyone and that is why we proceed to pay all our obligations," the Bolivarian Republic's leader reiterated.

Trade unions and political organizations reaffirmed their opposition to what they term an imperialist coup attempt while stressing the urgent demands of the Venezuelan people and working class.

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An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela: Abby Martin & UN Rapporteur Expose Coup


Update 20. February 2019 - The Scientific Council of the German Parliament confirmed the assessments and conclusions already established by several prominent law professors: Any recognition of Juan Guaidó as self-declared "interim president" and the economic sanctions against Venezuela are violating international law. The principle of non-interference into the domestic affairs of a sovereign state must be upheld. The recent interventions, misguided recognitions and interferences by the USA, a group of right-wing South-American states as well as by a few European nations are thereby illegal. Venezuelans supporting a coup will face treason charges while foreign individuals aiding and abetting a forced regime change and treasonous groups could be charged with terrorism.

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Venezuelan Military Reject Trump’s Incitement to Rebel: ‘Over Our Dead Bodies’


Update 19. February 2019 - (vf) The deep-rooted Anglo-American bid to overtake Venezuela for their own selfish interests can also be seen in the stunt British billionaire Richard Branson is now pulling with a planned LiveAid-copycat concert on 22. February 2019 at the Colombian side of the blocked Cúcuta bridge and by trying to rock the boat through a most likely BigPharma sponsored event with the aim to solicit mainly medical funding from the outside. Businessman Branson, who has never been known as a true philanthropist, told AP in a telephone interview from Necker, his private island in the British Virgin Islands, that he wants to raise $100 million in 60 days. Branson believes his plan has the backing of Juan Guaidó and his ultra-right-wing party buddy Leopoldo López, who was prosecuted in 2017 for incitement to violence during the earlier coup attempt of 2017 and was granted to serve his 14-year sentence as house-arrest.

Workers begin to assemble stages for a concert organised by British billionaire and Virgin CEO Richard Branson on the Colombian side of the closed Las Tienditas bridge on the outskirts of Cúcuta, Monday, Feb. 18, 2019. Credit: LUIS ROBAYO/ AFP
The confrontation over the US aid shipment was also a major point of anti-Maduro media spin by Washington, which accused the Venezuelan president of barricading a border bridge only to stop aid from coming in. In reality the new international bridge was never operational, but the narrative was uncritically adopted by the US media. The bridge has not been operational since 2014.

Venezuelan Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said on Monday that the government was giving two concerts on February 22 and 23, on the open and not blocked Simon Bolivar bridge connecting the country with Cúcuta, with the slogan "Nothing for war, hands off Venezuela" and hand out food to poor residents of Cúcuta this weekend, he said in televised statements. There will also be a concert on the Venezuelan side of the Las Tienditas bridge.

Acting opposition leader Juan Guaidó stated: "This does not in the slightest change our plan to generate pressure, to ensure the arrival of the aid," Guaidó said at a news briefing. Yet Mr. Guaidó has not explained how the aid will reach Venezuela, saying that sharing their plans would be a security risk. "If it doesn't enter on the twenty-third, it will enter on the twenty-fourth, it will enter on the twenty-fifth" of February.

Maduro is vowing not to let the U.S. aid enter Venezuela, and he announced on state television Monday evening that his government would import 300 tons of aid from Russia that will arrive in two days. He said Venezuela paid for the Russian goods along other aid supplies from China and Turkey that will also arrive soon and stated that Venezuela isn't a country of beggars, lashing out at President Donald Trump for thinking he can force in unwanted assistance.

In an outrageous speech US president Donald Trump, who is now embattled by legal actions from 16 US States and close to being impeached, foamed late on Monday in front of mainly white Venezuelan dissidents in Florida, warning members of Venezuela's military who are helping Maduro to stay in power that they are risking their future and their lives. Mr. Trump said members of the Venezuelan military would find “no safe harbour, no easy exit and no way out”.

"They want to enslave us," Maduro said. "That's the truth." Already earlier, in mid January, President Nicolas Maduro denounced that Washington's real objective in Venezuela is to seize the immense natural and mineral resources of the South American nation.

Earlier Donald Trump had appointed Elliot Abrams, who in his previous "career" brought massacres and war crimes to every country in that region that he touched, as Special Envoy to Venezuela. Abrams in 1991 had to plead guilty to two counts on charges of witholding information from the U.S. Congress regarding his involvement in the Iran-Contra-Affair, was prosecuted but then pardoned by former president G. W. H. Bush.


Update 18. February 2019: Understanding the struggle

Kenyan activists slam US-Guaido coup in Venezuela

Over 200 Kenyan activists came together, on Dedan Kimathi Day, to condemn the US-led coup attempt against the legitimate government of Venezuela

By Gibson Maina - February 18, 2019

On February 18, progressive organizations in Kenya held a forum at the Kenya National Theater in downtown Nairobi to mark “Dedan Kimathi Day”. Kimathi was the leader of the Kenya Land and Freedom Army, popularly known as “the Mau Mau”, who led the fight for the country’s liberation against British colonialism in the 1950s. He was killed in 1957 after leading the heroic armed struggle, which was widely supported by the people, for years.

The speakers and attendees of the forum, The Venezuelan Coup and the Anti- Imperialist Struggle, organized by the ILPS show their solidarity with Venezuela and opposition to US intervention (Photo: ILPS)

The forum was attended by around 200 people. The main speaker was Professor Maina wa Kinyatti, a freedom fighter who was imprisoned by the Daniel arap Moi dictatorship, a historian, and author of many books on Kimathi and the Mau Mau.

The gathering not only touched on Kenya’s continuing struggle against imperialism for national and social liberation, but also the need for solidarity with peoples fighting the main imperialist power in the world today, which is the United States. At the forum’s plenary discussion, it was therefore natural that the attendees were invited to another forum this time, on the US-led coup against the Bolivarian government of Venezuela.

The forum on US-Guaido coup

On February 20, a forum called “The Venezuelan Coup and the Anti-imperialist Struggle” was held at the Kenya National Theater. It was organized by the Kenya Organizing Committee of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), the global anti-imperialist coalition of people’s movements.

The forum was attended by more than 60 people, composed mostly of youth from urban poor communities and schools. It speakers included a representative of Venezuela’s embassy in Kenya and members of progressive organizations. A counsellor of the embassy of the Russian Federation in Kenya also attended the event.

Invitations went around social media for days before the forum, particularly on Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook, after opposition leader, Juan Guaido, declared himself Venezuela’s “interim president” on January 23. After the singing of the national anthem, and some introductions by the master of ceremonies, the welcoming remarks were read by the ILPS chairperson, Prof. Jose Maria Sison. Sison said that “As the US and other governments allied with the US express their support for Guaido, the workers and peoples of the world should express their support for the real government of Venezuela, led by Nicolas Maduro.”

Understanding the struggle

Hon. José Avila Torres, the diplomatic representative of the Embassy of Venezuela in Kenya, started the discussion by presenting the recent developments in his country. He narrated the opposition’s boycott of the 2018 elections and Guaido’s declaration. He condemned the US, and governments allied with the US, for supporting Guaido. Calling this “the greatest theft” of democracy in Venezuela’s experience as a republic, he criticized the international big capitalist media for depicting Guaido as “the good guy”.

Sobukwe Shukura, organizer of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party, spoke next and condemned the US and European countries for instigating and supporting the coup against the Venezuelan government.

He called attention to the racial dimension of the struggle in Venezuela, pointing to how the indigenous and Black populations have historically been robbed of their land, and subjected to slavery and oppression by colonizers and their puppets among big capitalists and landlords. It is in this light that he praised the improvements in the living standards in Venezuela, caused by Bolivarian reforms under Hugo Chavez which are continued by Maduro. He said that these reforms benefit the poor, composed mostly of colored people, who have been historically oppressed by colonialism and neo-colonialism.

He said that the US and European countries are merely showing “their true colors” in supporting Guaido. Their true motive, he added, is to plunder Venezuela’s oil and other natural resources, and subjugate a fighting people. His proclaimed that “it is time for the people of Kenya, Africa and the world to show their true colors on this issue”.

People’s solidarity

The next speaker was Zahid Rajan, co-chairperson of the Kenya-Palestine Solidarity Movement. Stating that the US imperialist offensive in Venezuela is similar to US offensives against other peoples of the world, he proceeded to briefly discuss the US’ imperialist role in all global regions.

He called attention to the plight and struggle of the Palestinian people against US imperialism and Zionism. He presented clear action points to support the Venezuelan and Palestinian people’s struggles through social media, forums, assemblies and various forms of protests and actions.

Njoki Gachanja, a member of Emerging Voices, described by its members as an artist-activist, activist-artist group, read the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba’s statement of solidarity with the people of Venezuela.

Depicting the scenario in Venezuela, Cuba stated that “The US intends to fabricate a humanitarian pretext in order to launch a military attack… and… is seeking to introduce into this sovereign nation’s territory alleged humanitarian aid which is one thousand times inferior as compared to the economic damages provoked by the siege imposed by Washington.”

Meanwhile, Reynaldo Oliveros, member of the secretariat of the ILPS Kenya Organizing Committee, discussed US imperialism’s crimes against the peoples of the world, especially Africa. He located the Guaido coup in the long list of US’ imperialist interventions in the world.

Lewis Maghanga, co-chair of the ILPS Kenya Organizing Committee and chairperson of the Young Socialist League, described the ongoing struggles in Kenya, and related these to the advances made by the Bolivarian government in Venezuela.

Demonstrators holds a banner that reads 'Yankees out of Latin America' outside the U.S embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Feb. 18, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

He said that Venezuela has made advances in fields in which the people of Kenya are still fighting, including land for the tillers and landless, education unencumbered by high fees and repression, freedom from extrajudicial killings and human rights violations, adequate employment, higher wages and better working conditions. After the speakers, Anthem Republic, an artist from the urban poor community of Mathare, performed two pieces of spoken word poetry. The first was about life in the slums, and the second about the greed and sloth of the country’s politicians.

Before the plenary discussion opened, Hon. Andrey V. Shestakov, counsellor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, traced his country’s solidarity with the people of Venezuela to its solidarity with, and support for, national liberation movements in Africa and the world.

During the plenary discussion, members of the audience took turns in stating their solidarity with Venezuela, in emphasizing the need to struggle against imperialism and for people’s control of Kenya’s wealth.

Jared Akama Onyari, secretary-general of the Kenya Union of Judiciary Workers, called on the youth to continue the struggle for national freedom. He also called for more forums and discussions on pressing issues being faced by the people of the world.

Viva Venezuela!

At the end of the forum, everyone gathered together to collectively show solidarity with the people of Venezuela, the Bolivarian movement and the Maduro government. As is usual with forums organized by progressive organizations in Kenya, it ended with slogans, saying “Down with imperialism!”, “Viva Venezuela!”, “Long live international solidarity!” and “The spirit of Kimathi, his struggle for national and social liberation, the struggle against imperialism strengthened by international solidarity, live on”.

(*) Gibson Maina is the coordinator of Emerging Voices and co-chairperson of the ILPS Kenya Organizing Committee.

The Commissioner of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) in the Middle East Haitham Abu Said affirmed the US’s involvement in smuggling and transporting terrorists from Raqqa countryside and others areas in northern Syria to countries in Africa , in collaboration with the Turkish regime’s army. Abu Said indicated in a statement on Monday that around 1200 terrorists from different nationalities, including French, German and Chechen, were transported to the African continent, and specifically to Nigeria, with the help of the US troops and the Turkish army, adding that there is information that some terrorist groups’ leaders have entered Morocco.


Update 16. February 2019: (vf) USAmerican military air-bridge delivers more "soft-bombs" in form of food and hygiene articles to the Colombian border town of Cúcuta, while the Brits and the EU countries stockpile goods and items on the colonial Dutch Island of Curacao, just 60km off the Venezuelan coast, where also the British Navy with the Mounts Bay, a giant Royal Fleet Auxiliary landing ship and combat troops training in Belize is combat -ready. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, with 3,200 military personnel, 90 fighter planes and helicopters is positioned off the Florida coast, accompanied by the cruise missile carrier, USS Leyte Gulf, and the destroyers, USS Bainbridge, USS Gonzalez, USS Mason, and USS Nite. Joining the fleet is also the Spanish marine ship ESPS Mendez Nuñez. The Spanish participation in this war game of criminal aggression is outrageous, writes analyst Peter Koenig and muses that maybe because the Spaniards can still not stomach having been defeated by Simón Bolívar, still feel superior and behave racist over the ‘brown’ Latinos, or maybe because he wants to please the masters in Washington – or simply because he needs popular support in his own country, as he is leading a minority, currently non-government and had to call snap elections for 28 April 2019?

Venezuelans are combat ready.

Russia has made it clear, though, “Don’t mess with Venezuela”. Russia has two nuclear capable bombers, TU-160, deployed to the Venezuelan Caribbean island of la Orchila, where Moscow will establish, with the agreement of Venezuela, a permanent military base. Has Donald Trump written on his bucket list an own kind of "Cuba-missile-crisis", because he rightly feels far inferior compared to USAmerican statesmen like JF Kennedy?

Still not de-colonized Curacao, which was the main hub of Dutch slave-trade for the Caribbean and South-America, is a reminder that the UN is simply not taking its duty of de-colonization serious and is failing also in its humanitarian mandate to facilitate relief for Venezuela, a country suffering under the sanctions and machinations of the USA, which together with the UK is illegally withholding vast gold and money resources from the legit government. Acting opposition leader Juan Guaidó, supported by a white supremacist, far-right minority of Venezuelans, has called on the people of Venezuela to come and collect the gifts on next Saturday, 23rd of February and on the military to allow it. The military as well as the government and president Maduro himself see this show as a provocation and foreplay to a military invasion with the aim to enforce regime change and to focus on the long-term prize: The oil exploitation of superb crude in the disputed entire Esequiba region, which according to analysts holds the the largest on- and offshore oil reserves in the word and had been off limits to oil exploration so far.

In 2018 Venezuela advanced in the certification of more than 30 gold fields in the country, with which it aimed to establish itself "as the second largest gold reserve on the planet".

During  2018 and despite the sanctions, the South American nation received a 200 percent increase in its non-oil exports compared to 2017, mainly gold sold to Holland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, the United Kingdom and especially to Turkey. In the first months of 2018, Venezuela exported 23.62 tons of gold to the Eurasian nation, valued at US$900 million.

But the neo-colonial cannon-boat politics of the Anglo-Americans raises its ugly head again.

According to the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, the United States fears Venezuelan speech on all these machnations, and "Is Afraid of the Truth of Venezuela." 

Just a day after the Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations slammed the US 'Pillage' of Venezuela with scathing speech at a meeting of the Organization of American States in Washington D.C., Samuel Moncada has been ordered by the United States State Department to confine his stay in the U.S. to the city of New York. "If you want to help Venezuela, do not threaten us with war and return what has been stolen," the diplomat said in reference to the unilateral and illegal sanctions imposed against the South American country. Samuel Moncada denounced that the United States government stole over USD$30 billion from the Venezuelan people through sanctions.


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In Venezuela, White Supremacy is a Key to Trump’s Coup


Update: 07. February 2019: MUST READ:

In Venezuela, White Supremacy Is a Key Driver of the Coup

Nicolás Maduro identified successes and failures of his administration.


An Open Letter to the American People from President Nicolás Maduro


From: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

If I know anything, it is about peoples, such as you. I am a man of the people. I was born and raised in a poor neighborhood of Caracas. I forged myself in the heat of popular and union struggles in a Venezuela submerged in exclusion and inequality. I am not a tycoon, I am a worker of reason and heart. Today I have the great privilege of presiding over the new Venezuela, rooted in a model of inclusive development and social equality, which was forged by Commander Hugo Chávez since 1998 inspired by the Bolivarian legacy.

We live today a historical trance. There are days that will define the future of our countries between war and peace. Your national representatives of Washington want to bring to their borders the same hatred that they planted in Vietnam. They want to invade and intervene in Venezuela – they say, as they said then – in the name of democracy and freedom. But it’s not like that. The history of the usurpation of power in Venezuela is as false as the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It is a false case, but it can have dramatic consequences for our entire region.

Venezuela is a country that, by virtue of its 1999 Constitution, has broadly expanded the participatory and protagonist democracy of the people, and that is unprecedented today, as one of the countries with the largest number of electoral processes in its last 20 years. You might not like our ideology, or our appearance, but we exist and we are millions.

I address these words to the people of the United States of America to warn of the gravity and danger that intend some sectors in the White House to invade Venezuela with unpredictable consequences for my country and for the entire American region. President Donald Trump also intends to disturb noble dialogue initiatives promoted by Uruguay and Mexico with the support of CARICOM for a peaceful solution and dialogue in favour of Venezuela. We know that for the good of Venezuela we have to sit down and talk, because to refuse to dialogue is to choose strength as a way. Keep in mind the words of John F. Kennedy: “Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate”. Are those who do not want to dialogue afraid of the truth?

The political intolerance towards the Venezuelan Bolivarian model and the desires for our immense oil resources, minerals and other great riches, has prompted an international coalition headed by the US government to commit the serious insanity of militarily attacking Venezuela under the false excuse of a non-existent humanitarian crisis.

The people of Venezuela have suffered painfully social wounds caused by a criminal commercial and financial blockade, which has been aggravated by the dispossession and robbery of our financial resources and assets in countries aligned with this demented onslaught.

And yet, thanks to a new system of social protection, of direct attention to the most vulnerable sectors, we proudly continue to be a country with high human development index and lower inequality in the Americas.

The American people must know that this complex multiform aggression is carried out with total impunity and in clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations, which expressly outlaws the threat or use of force, among other principles and purposes for the sake of peace and the friendly relations between the Nations.

We want to continue being business partners of the people of the United States, as we have been throughout our history. Their politicians in Washington, on the other hand, are willing to send their sons and daughters to die in an absurd war, instead of respecting the sacred right of the Venezuelan people to self-determination and safeguarding their sovereignty.

Like you, people of the United States, we Venezuelans are patriots. And we shall defend our homeland with all the pieces of our soul. Today Venezuela is united in a single clamor: we demand the cessation of the aggression that seeks to suffocate our economy and socially suffocate our people, as well as the cessation of the serious and dangerous threats of military intervention against Venezuela. We appeal to the good soul of the American society, victim of its own leaders, to join our call for peace, let us be all one people against warmongering and war.

Long live the peoples of America!

Nicolás Maduro

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


Update 06. February 2019: MUST WATCH:

Abby Martin: Hands Off Venezuela


Update 01. February 2019: ANNOUNCEMENT:

Get ready for 16th March 2019

National March on Washington: Hands off Venezuela! No coup, no sanctions, no new U.S. war!

On Saturday, March 16, thousands of people will march in Washington, D.C. against the Trump administration’s effort to engineer a coup in Venezuela and a new devastating war there. The aggressive policy against Venezuela repeats the ugly pattern of wars for regime change in the oil-rich countries of Iraq and Libya.

Saturday, March 16, 12pm White House, Washington, D.C.

Click this link to sign on as an endorser, volunteer, or transportation organizer!

National Security Advisor John Bolton is reading from the same script, declaring a “troika of tyranny” in Latin America (like the “axis of evil”) as a precursor for regime change first in Venezuela, and then Cuba and Nicaragua. Trump has always said that the “mistake” of the Middle East wars was that the U.S. didn’t “take the oil.”

It is time to stand up and with a clear voice say NO to the newest example of the “Monroe Doctrine,” which the U.S. government has used for over two centuries to repeatedly invade Latin America and Caribbean, control its politics and extract its resources.

The White House aims to overthrow the government of President Nicolás Maduro and replace him with Juan Guaidó. Guaidó is a U.S.-trained operative who was unknown to the vast majority of Venezuelans before he proclaimed himself president — at Vice President Mike Pence’s urging. Although Guaidó has the backing of Trump, the CIA, and the Republican and Democratic Party leaderships alike, huge numbers of Venezuelans have marched to reject this coup and defend their independence.

On March 16, the people of the United States will come together to say:

U.S. hands off Venezuela!
NO to the coup — the U.S. does not have the right to select other country’s leaders!
NO to the sanctions, oil embargo and economic war on Venezuela that aims to cause suffering for ordinary people in the country.
NO to intervention and war from the U.S. and their proxies in the region

MUST READ: Internal US Gov’t Document Outlines Program of ‘Economic Warfare’ on Venezuela


Update 29. January 2019 - Currently, there is a preliminary investigation carried out against Juan Guaido by the Public Ministry to “continue collecting enough elements of conviction to stop the acts that, since January 22, have damaged the peace of the republic, our economy and the national heritage,” was explained by the Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, today.




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