Leave the Wild Horses in Peace! 

By Heidi Yanulis, LADY FREETHINKER & ECOTERRA - 12. January 2021

Did you know the Bureau of Land Management is breaking the law, and using our tax payer dollars to round up Wild Horses & Burros all over the Western United States? Terrorizing round ups using Helicopters and Cruelty.

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Helicopters careen toward the earth, scattering herds of wild horses, tearing family units apart, and causing several panicked horses to die gruesome deaths in an effort to gather Wyoming’s wild horse population in the largest roundup in U.S. history.

Already, two mares have broken their necks after being chased into a holding area and crashing into containment panels in the gather operation by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) — the federal agency responsible for managing wild horse populations on public lands.

More than 10 other horses have died — including an 11-year-old stallion who suffered a broken leg and a 12-year-old mare who suffered a ruptured uterus. 

It’s not uncommon for iconic wild horses to break their necks, bones, or sustain other life-threatening injuries during helicopter roundups — yet the federal agency plans to spend a staggering $175 million to round up more than 4,300 horses and permanently remove 3,500 horses from five herd management areas (HMAs) in Wyoming’s “Checkerboard” region, a 3.44 million-acre stretch of federal, state, and private lands.

Loading image...Ranchers want them gone so they can screw up our lands with cattle. Western states and lobbyists/politicians in DC want them gone so they can pave paradise to put up parking lots ... and low income housing and solar panels. The Eradication of a historic species is just evil. 

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Wild Horses Need Your Protection (Anthony Wright via Pixabay)

The government also plans to implant controversial IUDs on some of the mares returned to the range — a fertility control method whose impacts on wild horses haven’t been well documented.

If the capture is allowed to continue to completion, a mere 1,600 wild horses would be left in the area, or one horse for every 2,141 acres — a number vastly exceeded by the number of cattle and sheep in the area — and at the low end of the federally mandated minimum number of horses for the area.

The U.S.A. must not become Prison Planet also for the wild horses!

Sign this petition urging BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning to prioritize the needs of wild horse populations over private grazing interests in public lands, increase the population limit for wild horses in the area, and focus on humane PZP as their fertility control method.

Please Sign This Petition [SILENCE WOULD BE TREASON!]


Activists on the ground in Wyoming or Nevada can link up for non-violent direct action via

Same story in Nevada:

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The Feds-BLMNV do this vile helicopter roundups ... terrorizing the family herds of horses with foals, injuring and even killing them!

Our wild horses need your voice!

Nevada is eradicating our wild horses to sell their meat to Mexico, eventually Asia and Russia as food!


Mama Burro & Baby Under siege by the U.S. Govt.!  

* SJR3 seeks federal funding for mass roundups that will devastate Nevada’s wild horse populations with the removal of tens of thousands of these iconic and publicly cherished animals. 

* The mass roundups and incarceration of wild horses and burros in holding pens could cost taxpayers $1 billion or more over the life of the horses. 

* SJR3 is not consistent with the wishes of 86 percent of Nevadans who want wild horses protected on public lands in the state. 

* SJR3 will harm ecotourism and business development in Nevada by destroying Nevada’s wild herds. 

* Vote No on SJR3 and instead support humane, scientifically recommended methods of managing wild horses and burros on the public lands they call home.