ICYMI: The Dream of an African Renaissance: Cheikh Anta Diop's Grand Design

PROLOGUE: The UN with its economic hitmen from their International Monetary Fund (IMF) and their so-called WorldBank have been the main culprits to corrupt African governments since inception - and it takes always two to Tango. Whoever believes that nowadays China would offer better deals is a hopeless dreamer or a paid agent. No aid, no praised development or emergency fund was ever delivered without that the 'internal rate of return' was significant - for the benefit of the banksters, for the USA, the EU, for China or whoever appears today as "donor". Pseudo-democracy and fraudulent 'elections' the Africans learned from the West in order to keep the people in check and maintain the colonial boundaries. When nations freed themselves from these shackles, like in Somalia, in Lybia, in the DRC, etc. etc. they were and are targeted with war or subjected to proxy-wars in perpetuum. Many people in Africa still bleed to death or die of starvation due to these machinations. The international community must not try to force again together what doesn't belong together. The peaceful way forward is to pave the way for the full autonomy and independence of the different states, which then can lead again to good cooperation among neighbours, but at that time then on equal standing and in mutual respect.


Who Benefits from Africa’s Poverty?

By MATTHEW EHRET - 28. December 2021

In this Rising Tide Foundation lecture, Africa Agenda editor in chief PD Lawton takes you through a definitive history of Africa with a look to the future. PD introduces ancient African renaissance traditions that have long been suppressed by colonial powers since the 19th century and takes the viewer through the calamitous 20th century with a look to the good, the bad and the ugly dynamics that fought to revive Africa’s noble heritage vs those interests that sought to keep the continent in a dark age, depopulated condition.

After evaluating the struggles led by such great men as Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara and many others, PD evaluates how these historic currents are impacting today’s Africa with a look towards those seeking a better future in tandem with China’s Belt and Road Initiative vs those representing the anti-human Malthusian agenda.

PD’s website can be accessed here: http://www.africaagenda.net





















The Dream of an African Renaissance: Cheikh Anta Diop's Grand Design

Jul 21, 2021

Rising Tide Foundation

In this class exploring the life, and research of the great Senegalese scientist, philosopher and statesman Cheikh Anta Diop and his life, Nicholas Jones (President of Artists’ Alliance for Africa) introduces a picture of Africa and her deep history that is quite different from what we might expect.

A precolonial glory connected with Egypt’s ancient past that Cheikh Anta Diop managed, through his rigorous research to uncover. Nicholas takes us through the major empires that spanned Africa during the pre-colonial period and uses his study of Mr Diop’s revolutionary work to reveal a part of how society, as a whole with all its colorful parts, functioned during that period.

We discover that West Africa was a place of unrivalled beauty during this period and it’s this history that Mr Cheikh Anta Diop wishes to be used culturally to create a New African Renaissance and so we put to question exactly that, when will that become so and what will this Renaissance look like?

It is certainly high time for a second independence drive to achieve true decolonization with a Pan-African view, but certainly not under a pseudo-Communist Cape-to-Cairo New World Order in CCP style. 

"Colonization will not be over unless you defeat it in the mind!"

Book: Precolonial Black Africa