UPDATE 16.November 2021: Pfizer Vaccine Not Approved for Children


UPDATE 14. November 2021: Taiwan Suspends Second Round of Pfizer COVID Vaccines for Children Due to Heart Problems

“Final Frontier:” Moderna Begins Testing Experimental Covid Jab on Infants as Young as 6 Months Old

By Julian Conradson - 12. November 2021

Biotechnology company Moderna Therapeutics has officially begun large-scale testing of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine on America’s youngest children.

As of “late October,” Moderna’s clinical trial – dubbed KidCOVE – kicked off phase IIIwhich tests the controversial mRNA vaccine technology on children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old. It will be conducted across 79 locations in 13 states and involve about ~13,250 participants in total.

Phases I and II of the trial, which tested on 12-17-year-olds and 5-11-year-olds – respectively, were completed over the past several months.

Now, researchers are turning to toddlers and infants to carry out their experiments  – and keep in mind, the Covid-19 death rate for children of ANY age is effectively ZERO.

But that didn’t stop Moderna from fear-mongering to parents about their kids getting sick from the virus.

From the KidCove website:

“The primary purpose of the KidCOVE Study is to test the safety and effectiveness of the study vaccine, called mRNA-1273, that may protect children between the ages of 6 months to < 12 years from getting sick if they come into contact with SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.” 

Now combine that with people who are convinced Covid is far more deadly than it actually is because they have completely bought the fake news propaganda – and on top of it, offer up some cold hard cash – it’s no wonder so many parents were willing to enroll their young children to be tested on like guinea pigs.

Despite the overwhelmingly low risk to young children from the virus, Moderna was able to quickly find all the participants it needed to conduct the trial after briefly soliciting to parents in August.

Children who participate in the clinical trial will be given two doses in the upper arm about 28 days apart and are then required to return to the study site for “at least four follow-up appointments” over the following 13 months, according to KidCOVE.

As of now, Moderna’s controversial KidCOVE study has only received minimal attention in national media. There has been some local news attention recently, but the majority of coverage has been press releases by medical facilities that are conducting the trials.

Some of their announcements are just downright creepy and dystopian.

In a press release from the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Monday, Dr. Bill Hartman – the study’s co-principal investigator – called giving the experimental vaccine to America’s “very youngest children” is “the final frontier,” and that the kids will be “heroes” who “helped save the world.”

Unsurprisingly, he also fearmongers about “we need to keep them safe.”

This is the final frontier. Our very youngest children need to get the vaccine and we need to make sure they are safe,” said Bill Hartman, MD, PhD, co-principal investigator of the KidCOVE clinical trial at UW–Madison. “The kids participating are heroes. They will be able to tell the story of how they helped save the world.”

It is unknown as of now what will happen when children this young are given this largely-untested mRNA vaccine. If it is anything resembling some of the side effects that older children and young adults have seen, such as myocarditis and other potentially life-threatening conditions, it would not be outside the realm of possibility that we could end up with more under-5-year-old deaths from the vaccine than from the virus.


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By Greg Reese - 15. November 2021

Rumble — Greg Reese's latest:

Pfizer secretly added heart attack drug to children’s COVID vaccines as reports of cardiac arrest in the vaxxed becomes the norm.


Right after getting approval to inject everyone’s children, Pfizer has secretly added the drug, Tromethamine to the already-dangerous gene-editing concoction.

So-called vaccines that appear to be causing heart attacks in otherwise young, health recipients, including pro athletes.

Tromethamine is used to stabilize the blood in heart attack victims. Pfizer claims that Tromethamine is being added as a ‘buffer’ to replace phosphate-buffered saline, which is a water-based salt solution.

But Tromethamine is not anything like a water-based salt solution. It is another dangerous petrochemical with a long list of side effects.

It has never been tested with the so-called vaccines. And it is only safe within the circulatory system.

A known side effect is tissue damage, if any Tromethamine leaks from the vein – and every single child they inject will be injected into their muscle, not the vein, which means every single child will be at risk for tissue damage, along with ADE, autoimmune disease and death.

We are at war and the attack is brought to you by Pfizer & Co.

From the very beginning of the manufactured COVID plandemic, it was never about the children. We were always told the children will be fine. It was about the elderly and the sick.

And then they realized we will submit to anything, so why not go for our children? If we allow it, they’ve already conquered us.

And many of our children can see exactly what’s going on, even if their parents can’t. They’re all experiencing evil at the highest level, right now. Many will be deeply inspired to fight back.

So why would these barbarians let them live, knowing that we will let them inject our children with an experimental drug that has demonstrably been shown to do great damage – all under the guise of protecting us from the Common Cold?

The hospitals were empty during COVID. And they are now overwhelmed by the vaccinated.

The same company profiting off this deadly scam openly has its hand in the FDA, is immune from liability, calls anyone who questions them ‘criminals’ and is secretly adding new drugs to an already-deadly cocktail, upon approval to inject our kids.



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Pfizer Vaccine Not Approved for Children

By Miles Mathis - 16. November 2021
(The March of Genocide) 
"If your children get the vaccine, they  will  be  shot  up  not  only  with  dangerous  and  untested  mRNA  technology  spike  proteins  and graphene adjuvants, they will at the same time be shot up with heart-attack drugs originally created for old people and untested on five-year-olds."  
Almost no one is noticing that the vaccine approved for children is Pfizer's Biontech vaccine, which IS NOT  fully  approved  for  adults.    
So  how  can  it  be  approved  for  children?    
Remember,  the  FDA approved  Pfizer's  new  Cominarty  vaccine  for  adults,  not  the  Biontech  vaccine--and  the  Comirnaty vaccine doesn't really exist.  
You will tell me the approval for children is just emergency use approval, but that is illegal since the government is not allowed to approve an emergency use vaccine when a normal use approval has been granted.   
If Cominarty is the same as Biontech, why not fully approve Comirnaty for children, as it is for adults?  It makes no sense. 
You will say it is because Comirnaty hasn't hit the market yet, but if so that proves two things: there is no full approval of any existing vaccine, and the whole announcement was nothing more than a fraud.  
Most people think the vaccine for adults has full approval, but they have been conned.   
The vaccine they are getting is Biontech, which does not have full approval and which has no legal backing.   
Pfizer is still exempt from all lawsuits, with both children and adults. Beyond  that,  we  are  now  finding  out  the  Pfizer  vaccine  for  children  is  NEITHER  Biontech  nor Comirnaty, since its list of ingredients is admitted to be different than either one by the CDC and FDA. 
Vaccine1.jpgA vaccine is defined by its list of ingredients, and if that list changes it is no longer the same vaccine, by definition.   They have added an  important new  ingredient, that being an anti-heart-attack blood thinner Tromethamine, to combat blood clotting.  
So the vaccine for children is even more dangerous than the vaccine adults have been taking, with an extra poison in it. 
If your children get the vaccine, they  will  be  shot  up  not  only  with  dangerous  and  untested  mRNA  technology  spike  proteins  and graphene adjuvants, they will at the same time be shot up with heart-attack drugs originally created for old people and untested on five-year-olds.  
Five year olds don't normally get heart attacks, do they, so there would be no reason to have previously tested Tromethamine on them. 
Another problem just being noticed is that the vaccine and Tromethamine are meant to be given in different  ways,  with  one  being  indicated  for  introduction  into  muscle  and  one  being  indicated  for introduction into a vein. 
If you introduce the vaccine into a vein you can cause problems, and if you don't introduce Tromethamine into a vein, you can cause problems.  
So they appear to be mixing drugs with counter-indications, in some wild attempt to cover their ass on blood-clotting, and they are using our children as guinea pigs for this insanity. 
But what do they care: they aren't liable for any of this.  Every child in America could die a horrible death and they would still make billions scot-free.  They have already murdered tens of thousands of people and aren't being hunted with pitchforks, so they figure the sky is the limit on murdering for profit these days. 
And while the head of Pfizer is calling people who question his vaccines criminals, many countries in the world are banning it or pausing it, due to the extreme harm being done.  
Mainstream outlets have admitted major problems with the Pfizer vaccine from the beginning, including this msn.com article from February and this Daily Mail   article from March.  
That last one admits Pfizer has been linked to more blood clots than AstraZenena, though AstraZeneca  has  been banned or paused in many more first-world countries.   Why?   We may assume bigger payoffs or arm-twisting.   
Officials in Italy are quoted  admitting  it  is  political,  which  means  it  is  based  on  corporate  pressure,  of  course,  which  is normally wielded through money. The Daily Mail article itself is an example of this, since it goes on to claim that no vaccine has any unusual risk level, and that there is no link between the vaccines and the clots.   What?   They seem to be saying A and not-A in the same article, which is again indication of multiple  writers  and  corporate  arm-twisting.    
But  Pfizer  itself  is  now  admitting  blood-clotting  is  a problem  by  adding  this  blood  thinner  to  the  new  vaccine.    If  blood-clotting  is  not  caused  by  the vaccine, why combine it with a blood thinner? 
This is also informative: Pfizer not only required a liability waiver from countries like Argentina and Brazil, it required collateral and guarantee funds, with assets like banks and military bases being put up as seizable assets.  
So if you wondered why things went south with Bolsonaro, now you know.  He was targeted by Pfizer for not following orders.  The entire Western Hemisphere is now just a puppet and banana republic of Pfizer. 
So this is just one more crime in a chain of outrageous crimes against humanity.  You may say anyone stupid  enough  to  accept  one  of  these  vaccines  deserves  what  he  gets,  but  that  isn't  the  case  with children, who aren't making their own decisions here.  
They are absolute victims, both of this crime against humanity and of the ignorance and gullibility and misplaced trust of their parents.


Taiwan Suspends Second Round of Pfizer COVID Vaccines for Children Due to Heart Problems

By Jim Hoft - 14.November 2021

Taiwanese officials announced on Wednesday they will suspend second doses of the Pfizer vaccine to teens due to the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis.

Taiwan officials made the decision after examining US data where teens are still encouraged to take the shot.

Taiwan News and Alex Berenson reported:

Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) head Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) said on Wednesday (Nov. 10) that a panel of experts has decided to suspend administering second doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech (BNT) COVID vaccine to children 12-17 years old amid concerns it may increase the risk of myocarditis.

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Cases of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the outer lining of the heart) have been reported after BNT vaccination of children between 12 and 17 years of age. According to U.S. statistics, the risk of youths experiencing myocarditis after receiving the second BNT dose is 10 times higher than after the first dose, CNA reported.

Some countries have adjusted their policies regarding administering COVID-19 vaccines to adolescents. For instance, Hong Kong has changed from two doses of BNT to only a single dose for those aged 12-17. The U.K. has done something similar, recommending only one shot for children between 12 and 18 years of age, per CNA.

The Pfizer vaccine in linked to roughly 75% of the US mycarditis cases reported.

Most of the myocarditis cases reported in the US after taking the vaccine were in teens.


Jim Hoft is the founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, one of the top conservative news outlets in America. Jim was awarded the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award in 2013 and is the proud recipient of the Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Journalism from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation in May 2016.


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