West Papua must be free again

1st of December - Day of West Papuan Independence
West Papuans have been dying for their freedom and independence over the past 54 years

Historic injustices caused in West-Papua at first by the colonial entities of Germany and The Netherlands, enforced by corrupt United Nations manipulations and the greed of the Anglo-American military-industrial complex still provide the playing field for mercenaries, missionaries and corporate mischiefs under the OverLord-ship of the so-called Republic of Indonesia, a brutal regime developed by dictators like the communist Sukarno and US-vasal General Suharto, as well as Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who are all guilty of genocide against the aboriginal peoples of West-Papua. Since the Suharto dictatorship annexed the region in a 1969 UN referendum largely seen as a fixed land grab, an estimated 500,000 West Papuans have been killed in their fight for self-rule.
The current president of Indonesia, Ir. H. Joko Widodo has the duty and chance to finally release West Papua into independence, but recent, illegal and unwarranted mass-arrests of West-Papuan freedom supporters show that the Indonesian armed forces and the administration, backed and instructed by corporate interests, have their own ways and means to maintain the horrific situation under which the indigenous peoples of West Papua suffer since 54 years.

Decades of military and police oppression, kidnapping and torture have created a long-standing culture of fear. Local and foreign journalists are routinely banned, detained, beaten and forced to face trial on trumped-up charges. Undercover police regularly trail indigenous, religious, social and political leaders. And children still in primary school have been jailed for taking part in demonstrations calling for the independence of West-Papua from Indonesia.

The Grasberg mine in West-Papua, one of the biggest gold mines – and third largest copper mine – in the world is majority-owned by the American mining firm Freeport McMoRan. Grasberg is now Indonesia’s biggest taxpayer, with reserves worth an estimated $100bn (£80bn). But a recent fact-finding mission described a genocide is taking place there and warned that the indigenous population of West-Papua is still not benefiting from these exploitations but put at serious risk not only to loose their unique cultures and sustainable livelihoods but actually become extinct.
Free eBook CRYING FREEDOM on illustrates 50 years of heroic peaceful resistance in #WestPapua #LetWestPapuaVote #PapuaMerdeka

For those of you interested in reading the book’s current synopsis without having to find it online, here it is:

A young indigenous woman struggles to find hope and courage amid political intrigue and imminent danger in this interactive, illustrated story for adults. Vivi's story is set against the true-to-life backdrop of the continuing global conspiracy to hide genocide, persecution and injustice in West Papua, a massive but obscure part of the world that rivals the Amazon for biological and cultural diversity as well as significance for climate change.

Mass arrests, assassinations and torture in West Papua continue to this day, adding urgency to this woman's shocking yet tender story about her love for her brothers, her struggle to protect them, and a shared quest to free their ancient homeland from military occupation and militarized commerce.

Warning: Brutal violence is briefly described in the first chapter and depicted in some of the paintings and illustrations.

CRYING FREEDOM was created by a collaboration of artists, academics and activists from four continents as an outcry against more than fifty years of non-violent resistance in West Papua. It includes sixty paintings and illustrations, as well as fifty (optional) pop-up footnotes and image descriptions for readers who want to learn more about the current situation and the astonishing people who inhabit the western half of the world's second largest island.

All proceeds from the sale of this eBook will be used to fund translations or otherwise support the West Papuan struggle for self-determination.


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Free eBook on illustrates 50 years of heroic peaceful resistance in #WestPapua #LetWestPapuaVote #PapuaMerdeka