UPDATE 09. July 2021: VERY IMPORTANT: Hearing of Dr. Robert Malone (Virologist, Imunologist, Microbiologist) at the 60. Session of the Corona Investigation Committee + Hearing of Dr. David E. Martin (Chairman M-CAM International)

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ADDENDA: Are the Covid-19 vaccines “safe and effective”? (video by and with Steve Kirsch) + SPIKE PROTEIN & IMMUNE ESCAPE (ROBERT MALONE, STEVE KIRSCH, BRET WEINSTEIN)

Vaccine safety evidence

Assembled by Steve Kirsch (Twitter: @stkirsch) with help from Dr. Robert Malone (the inventor of the mRNA injectable gene therapy)

Please see the most recent PDF version (updated June 27, 2021).

Executive Summary

We are not “anti-VAXers.” Dr. Malone and I both were vaccinated against COVID-19 in March 2021. My entire family was vaccinated as well because we trusted the government. Never again! We now regret the error. These vaccines are not safe for human use.

Unfortunately, the current gene-based vaccines (all vaccines on the US market today) were rushed to market without proper testing. They are dangerous and appear to have killed over 30,000 previously healthy Americans so far and disabled an equivalent number. The Phase 3 trials were structured so that the results looked good because they were allowed to exclude unfavorable data (such as Maddie de Garay, a 12-year old girl who participated in the Pfizer trial and who is now permanently paralyzed due to the vaccine). People with a bad first reaction were allowed to drop out which doesn’t reflect the reality of “full vaccination” requirements of workplaces and schools.

We should stop the current gene-based vaccines ASAP. The risk/benefit justification isn’t there for any age group due to the poor safety profile of these vaccines compared with the alternatives.

Based on analysis of VAERS death data for vaccine deaths and CDC death data for COVID deaths, the younger you are, the less sense vaccination makes. If early treatments didn’t work at all, the toxicity of the current vaccines would only make sense for those over 30 (based data to date). However, the vaccines are too toxic and don’t meet the <50 deaths stopping criteria that we’ve used for the past 30 years, so they should never be used because we have better alternatives available today that can achieve the same goals. 

We should never be giving vaccines that disable or kill previously healthy people in huge numbers if safer alternatives are available that can achieve all the same objectives.

Why would anyone in America choose to have lipid nanoparticles which deliver a toxic protein into your brain and where the long term effects are unknown, when safer alternatives are available? What parent would choose to experiment on their kids this way when safer and more effective options are available?

It is tragic that schools are requiring students to be vaccinated in order to attend classes. I’ve asked our top universities for the risk-benefit analysis to justify this action and have received nothing. If the vaccines were perfectly safe, no analysis would be needed. But they aren’t.

The rate of severe life-changing side effects appears to be well in excess of 25,000 people (the number reported disabled is comparable to the number dead). The fact that Facebook groups of vaccine victims had 200,000 users suggests that more than 1 in 1,000 are suffering from significant long-term impacts; people with minor temporary reactions have little incentive to seek out and sign up for a vaccine side-effects group. People who claim “the clinical trials showed no significant side effects so it must be safe” have a tough time explaining how these facebook groups were so large before they were deleted. If you think the vaccines are so safe, show me the severity analysis of the 200,000 people there. These groups don’t appear with the influenza vaccine. You never see neurological effects like this in such high volume with a safe vaccine.

Some have cited the emergence of the Delta variant as changing the math to favor vaccination even if the vaccine is unsafe. But the case fatality rate (CFR) of the Delta variant is only 0.1% compared to the CFR of 1.9% for the original virus (alpha) according to UK government data. The argument that the lower CFR of delta is due to the higher number of vaccinated people isn’t very credible since the Eta variant has a 2.7% CFR. 

Early treatments are a more effective and safer option than the current vaccines. We can achieve all of the objectives of the current vaccination program (herd immunity, eradication of the virus, re-opening our economy, ditching of masks) with fewer deaths and near zero serious side effects. In addition, we would have less problem with variants since variants are less likely to be generated if everyone is naturally immune. So why not promote early treatments? Why not give them a try for a month while we hit the pause button on the vaccines? Would that be so bad?

Allowing natural infection will impart broad natural immunity. We should instruct the population how to treat early with early treatment protocols as soon as they believe they are infected. People should have the drugs on-hand so that treatment can be started without delay after speaking with their doctor. This results in superior risk reduction in terms of fewer fatalities and side effects compared to the current vaccines. There was never a need for masking or social distancing as COVID is very treatable when treated early. Nobody has to die or be hospitalized. We can get to herd immunity quickly this way. The key is to treat the virus early with a proven early treatment cocktail of repurposed drugs, adding novel antivirals if/when available.

Unfortunately, the NIH has unethically suppressed all early treatments in order to push the vaccine narrative. This is clear with the publication of a systematic review of ivermectin, the highest level of evidence possible. Yet the NIH and WHO pretend that it never happened. It isn’t even acknowledged that the systematic review came out. There has never been a peer-reviewed systematic review that was later overturned. This is why they are the top of the evidence pyramid.

Early treatments were never funded. When evidence came in they worked, the NIH ignored it. The corruption at the NIH and FDA should be corrected by Congress. Now. 

To prove the point about the unethical suppression of early treatments, I offered $2M to anyone who could show that the NIH got it right. Nobody stepped forward. 

Similarly, I offered $1M to anyone who could show that the vaccines are safe. No takers, not even the drug companies.

If a safe sterilizing vaccine can be developed, we should test it adequately for safety before deploying it. We should not cut corners on safety again; with early treatments, there is no need to rush this.

Major medical journals have lost objectivity in publishing papers that go against the “safe” narrative. For example, the NEJM rejected a Letter to the Editor pointing out a flaw in a paper showing vaccines were safe for pregnant women. The Letter showed an alarming statistic. The NEJM refused to reveal their reasoning for the rejection. Three editors quit a journal after a peer-reviewed paper was published that showed that vaccination may cause more harm than good. Those who quit provided no evidence that the paper was in error.

The censorship of legitimate medical information on social networks must end. These networks are the new “public square” and should be regulated so that people are free to express their opinions to anyone who chooses to listen. There should be heavy monetary penalties for suppressing medical information that has the potential to save lives. Social networks should be required to compensate all those people who have been harmed by their actions.

Never again should we deploy a vaccine on the American public without proper testing and without informed consent.  Databases such as V-SAFE that track safety data should be made transparent. Am I the only person who thinks that is a problem? 

VAERS reporting should be required and the VAERS system should be modernized so that it is easy to use and results in records with consistent field coding. There should be a smaller lag time to get records into the database, all false reports should be 100% enforced as a criminal act, and the safety signal monitoring should be much stronger.


The cost-benefit analysis of the current gene-based vaccines for anyone of any age is at best a wash according to the scientific literature (new paper published June 24, 2021). This peer-reviewed paper looked at the real cost-benefit analysis and concluded that “This lack of clear benefit should cause governments to rethink their vaccination policy.” As far as I know, this is the most optimistic of all the papers looking at actual death rates of COVID vs. the vaccine. All the other ones are even worse for the vaccine.

Independent analysis by a statistician friend shows a similar effect. Like me, Mathew has no axe to grind here, just trying to get at the truth of the risk/benefit for the current vaccines. His conclusion: “More importantly, I also still disagree with the mass vaccination program. In particular, nearly all lives saved are in the high risk group. While vaccinating those in the low risk group might decrease spread into the high risk group, that's asking young healthy people to act as human shields. I also believe that when the vaccine deaths and adverse events are finally tallied and compared to either a ring vaccination strategy or combination ring vaccination and early treatment strategy, the current plan will look quite foolish and possibly even nefarious.”

Since the focus today is on getting kids vaccinated, I ran the numbers in the VAERS database for 20-24 year olds and 25-29 year olds. In both age ranges, the number of deaths caused by the vaccine outnumber the number of deaths saved. The vaccines caused 1.89 deaths per 100,000 (ages 25-29) and 1.74 deaths per 100,000 (ages 20-24). This means the vaccines are net killing machines since they kill more people than they save (.3 to 1.0 lives per 100K saved according to the most recent CDC presentation). My calculations are in the body of this document and the calculations show no net benefit for any age group based on real-world data from the US and UK.

The comparison is even more extreme if we tell kids to ignore the current CDC advice and use an early treatment program. In that case, we can reduce the death rate by more than two orders of magnitude from COVID, so that the number of lives saved by the vaccine is fewer than 1 in 10M. This means the vaccines need to be less toxic than the influenza vaccine (which has a death rate of 1 in 10M) in order to be considered. They are not even close to that. Not by a country mile.

For older people, the numbers don’t work out either. We looked at the UK data for <50 and >50 and we found that the absolute death rate is very small for <50 group. There was a high relative risk reduction, but the absolute deaths were small. If the vaccine kills more than 1 in 1 million, it’s game over for the vaccine being useful. For age >50, the UK data shows that even if the vaccines killed nobody, it is not beneficial. So when you factor the death rate of the vaccines and early treatment as the other option, the case is extremely lopsided.

In short, because the current vaccines are so dangerous and early treatment is so effective (relative risk reduction of 100 or more with no permanent side effects), there is no reasonable case that can be made for vaccinating any age group. 

Although we just looked at deaths in the analysis above, the same can be true for other side effects as well: the range and intensity of side effects from the vaccine dwarf anything seen in natural COVID. It’s even a more stark contrast when early treatment is added to the mix. 

Long term, untreated vax patients and untreated COVID patients are virtually identical in terms of symptoms (thanks to Ram Yogendra for that insight). By vaccinating patients, we are essentially giving a portion of those vaccinated long hauler COVID.

The case numbers in the UK (one of the most heavily vaccinated countries) are now climbing. It suggests we should have listened to the arguments of Geert Vanden Bossche, one of the most famous scientists in the vaccine field, which are further clarified in this excellent video by Chris Martenson which points out that there are really only two ways out of the pandemic: a sterilizing vaccine (using the complete virus as the antigen) or allowing infection and treating with early treatment leading to natural immunity. 

The Yellow Card system in the UK showed a similar safety signal. Independent analysis of that data by an expert in medical evidence concluded that the vaccines are unsafe for use in humans. It wasn’t a close call. The death rates from the vaccines are far greater than any absolute risk reduction.

The French don’t think any of the 4 major vaccines are safe either.

It is now well established in the peer reviewed literature that the spike protein is toxic. The vaccines cause the spike protein to be manufactured for up to 48 hours in all parts of the body including the brain thanks to the efficient delivery mechanism of the lipid nanoparticles and PEG. The spike proteins produced in these cells do not remain anchored as designed; they also break off the cell and become “free spike” which is even more dangerous since it can circulate in the blood. The net result is inflammation and micro-clotting inside all organs (including the brain)  throughout the body as well as temporary opening of the blood brain barrier (which explains the severe migraine headaches). This explains the wide range of neurological symptoms after injection.

The mechanism of action is confirmed by the adverse event reports. The VAERS database shows that over 6,000 people have possible vaccine-related deaths as well as over 300,000 SARs that are consistent with the mechanism of action. If we remove 500 “background deaths” in the VAERS system each year, we are left with over 5,500 “excess deaths” that are coincident with the vaccine rollout. The safety signals have been flashing “red” since January in VAERS, but nobody was paying attention (except for a few users on Twitter who were being ignored). This is a HUGE number of excess deaths and SARs. So the question for the CDC is “OK, if the vaccine did not kill these people, then what did?” 

This is not caused by excess reporting since doctors are less likely to make VAERS reports for the “safe” vaccine because nobody wants to create vaccine hesitancy. Doctors (such as Dr. Hoffe) have been fired for filing adverse event reports and speaking out. Anyone who speculates this is simply excess reporting of “normal deaths” has the burden of proof since excess deaths that are proximate to the injection date are assumed by default to be vaccine related. Nobody has met the burden (or even attempted to). If anything, it is much harder to get into the VAERS database due to staffing problems as this commenter relates, “He called into VAERS for some of the adverse events his patients had and was put on hold for 30 minutes each time.” What doctor has time for that?

The CDC says there are no deaths due to the vaccine, but has not shown that a single death in the VAERS system was not vaccine related. Nobody seems to be asking them for that. Are we all asleep?

Even the WHO called for the vaccines not to be used in children, but political pressure forced them to recant less than 24 hours later.

Evaluation of individual VAERS records show the cause of death is consistent with the mechanism of action of the vaccine and have no other explanation, e.g., a healthy 20 year old who dies in his sleep less than 24 hours after vaccination. Half of the deaths reported are within 72 hours of vaccination. This can’t be explained by reporting bias since the CMS data backs up the claim that the vaccines are killing people. Through multiple methods (including comparing with a CMS query of the same data), we show that the 5,500 deaths are under-reported by at least a factor of 5X, giving approximately 30,000 deaths so far. 

Historically, the stopping condition for a vaccine is 25-50 deaths. But there is no stopping condition for this vaccine in the US or UK. The CDC claims nobody has died from the vaccine, but has produced no analysis showing this to be the case. They don’t even have the staff to investigate 6,000 death reports. They never even tried to hire the needed staff.

The required toxicology studies were never done. We have no idea on the reproductive tox. A LTE submitted to the NEJM pointed out that based on the data to date there is >82% spontaneous abortion rate at <20 weeks. We don’t know what the true number is because the data isn’t available to anyone.  Thus, we are telling pregnant women to get vaccinated even before we have any of the safety data. This is appalling. It is backwards. We are injecting first, doing safety studies later. What is this doing to the reproductive system of our kids? We don’t know. The vaccine was engineered for efficacy, not safety. The spike protein should have been treated as toxic until it was proven safe. It was never proven safe because it isn’t.

The FDA screwed up big time on oversight. They regulated the vaccine like a vaccine. They should have regulated it as a vaccine and a gene-therapy. So they should have looked at duration, amount, and distribution in NHPs. How much does this vary in different individuals? These numbers are still unknown because the studies haven’t been done. How long does the mRNA last? We think <48 hours but what is the answer? What’s the half life? Similarly, what’s the half life of the spike that is produced? Is it different for different cell types? What’s the half life of the free spike?  What should dosing be based upon? Weight? What is the proper dosing? When this is pointed out to them, they agree, but are unable to get approval to get this done because it would be an admission that they screwed up which would make them look bad. So we are experimenting on the public first, gathering data later. This is a massive science experiment that has no precedent. It could result in the sterilization of half of America.

The CDC meeting on myocarditis was a joke. The statistical analysis was poor and would never survive independent peer review. For example, they should have compared heathy boys with healthy boys who got the drug. We shouldn’t be looking at just myocarditis as the only bad outcome. My understanding is that there wasn’t a cardiologist at the meeting. A friend of mine found 6 major flaws in the analysis. Here’s one of the reviews I found. The lies by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Dr. Fauci on myocarditis risk and COVID-19 Delta variants. How many lies can one press release contain? Why aren’t any medical school Deans writing about how absurd this analysis was? 

The cost-benefit analysis for children is non-existent; it is 1 to 2 lives per 1,000,000 assuming the vaccine is safe. But the vaccine isn’t safe. It has already killed at least one child who died after getting myocarditis already and that story was censored by social media. More importantly, the chance of permanent disability is quite high. Consider the case of 12-year old Maddie de Garay who is now permanently paralyzed, cannot walk and must eat via a feeding tube. She was part of the Pfizer clinical trial for 12-15 year olds which reported her result as “abdominal pain.”  This trial had only 2,200 participants. This suggests that the rate of disability even for kids could be as high as 1 in 2,000. We don’t know since another trial wasn’t done. So that means the vaccine has the potential to disable 500 previously healthy kids for every life saved. Is it worth it, especially when safer alternatives are available? Shouldn’t we do a larger trial to find out the true number before we do a mass rollout to kids? Of course we should. But we aren’t. We are doing everything backwards, experimenting first, and looking at the data after the experiment. This is the biggest unregulated unaccountable medical experiment in the history of mankind. 

The phase 3 studies simply do not match the reality. There are reports of “missing SAE data'' in other clinical trials as well (not just Maddie’s trial). This explains why the Phase 3 trials can make it appear as if the vaccines are safe when in fact they are not.

There is no transparency of the data like there would be in a normal trial. The V-SAFE database is kept out of sight and the CDC only releases selected snippets that they determine are of interest. VAERS records, which are publicly accessible, are removed without reason.

And how about the fact that they aren’t measuring COVID cases anymore if you’ve been vaccinated. That’s unbelievable. Makes it appear that the vaccines work even when they don’t.

There is no informed consent. Nobody is notified of the potential large number of deaths. Kids in in the Pfizer Phase 3 trials were never informed that they could die or be disabled. Nobody is informed of the alternative of natural infection and early treatment. The NIH stonewalls on recognizing ivermectin as a safe and effective treatment, even after publication of a peer-reviewed systematic review, the highest level of evidence in evidence-based medicine (EBM).

Censorship keeps these events from public view. Facebook has removed groups of over 200,000 people discussing vaccine side effects. If the vaccine was safe, that group would have nothing to talk about and there would be no reason to remove it.

It is time to call a halt to these dangerous vaccines immediately. Vaccination should not be mandatory for any students at any university worldwide. In fact, they cannot be justified even for the highest risk patients due to the safety profile compared with the better alternative of early treatment.

Allowing people to be naturally infected and treated with early treatment protocols using repurposed drugs can reduce the relative risk by >100 (far better than any vaccine) with virtually no chance of death or disability. The natural immunity is more robust against variants and is the better path to eliminating the virus than a non-sterilizing vaccine. This option is vastly superior to vaccination with a non-sterilizing toxic vaccine. 

The effective early treatment drugs and protocols have been unethically kept from public view by Cliff Lane. There is no clearer case of this than ivermectin where even after a peer-reviewed systematic review, the NIH guidelines are still neutral. This is a deliberate violation of the precautionary principle and the rules of evidence based medicine.

There is a lot more to this story. Journals who don’t publish papers that are anti-vax by saying the paper is “out of scope.” Intentional 6-9 months of slow walking journal submissions. Improper rejections of critical papers (like the 82% spontaneous abortion rate which is absolutely true and cannot be argued... NEJM gave a bullshit “we don’t agree” without a rationale. Self-appointed academic police that are out to discredit Byram Bridle for telling the truth. A well funded campaign to create materials to discredit Bridle. Fact checkers for the news media that work for the Gates Foundation. Took FDA >30 days to have an emergency meeting on myocarditis. Whether Fauci, Collins, Woodcock are bought and paid for by the drug companies (how else can we explain the Alzheimer’s drug that just got approved). The list is long….

The cognitive dissoance is unbelievable. A friend of mine challenged a doctor who claimed the vaccine was safe. After being confronted with the evidence, the doctor quietly walked away. When I challenge anyone to prove that the deaths in VAERS aren’t related to the vaccine, they say that they haven’t got time. Fine. If you don’t have the data, then don’t based your positions on data you don’t have.

Everything is upside down. Doctors who tell patients not to get vaccinated are sanctioned. That’s ridiculous. Listen to this call where it happens to Dr. Francis Christian. His crime: obtaining informed consent on the vaccine. I highly recommend you listen to this REC'D CALL: Canadian Dr. Francis Christian FIRED For Giving People All The Information About The Vax and read the story of Dr. Christian here. All of his points are based on science. For him to be fired is a sign that something is very seriously wrong. They would not listen to or respond to his arguments. These sorts of things are not just happening in Canada. They are happening all over the world. This shows how seriously messed up the medical system is. Dr. Christian cites that the WHO agreed with him that children should not be vaccinated. 

I predict that mothers and conservatives will be up in arms. This will cause a massive loss for the Democrats in the midterm elections when they lose the House. I’m pissed and I know a lot of other liberals (including wealthy Democratic donors) who are too. If they want to keep our votes, they can’t just sit there while Americans are being misled and not being told the facts about these vaccines. It is time to stop lying to America.

We are not anti-vax. The Novavax vaccine appears to have a much better safety profile, comparable to other vaccines. The antigen for these vaccines is pre-manufactured and there are no LNPs that would transport the spike protein into unwanted areas. 

The 40% of Americans who object to the vaccines are right. We should halt the current vaccines now. They are killing more people than they save. There is no scientific data that I’ve seen that shows otherwise. For now, natural infection treated early with an effective early treatment protocol is the superior (safest and most effective) way to achieve heard immunity and stop the pandemic.

The deaths reported to date in the VAERS database (the official database for adverse event reporting) prove that they are unsafe, they are killing or disabling healthy people in massive numbers, and should be immediately stopped. 

The material below is a mix of peer-reviewed scientific articles, published articles and video, and personal anecdotes to provide a complete picture of the problem from all angles. All the evidence is consistent with the hypothesis that the vaccines are unsafe. There is no alternative explanation that fits the material presented here that I’m aware of. I’m not aware of a single data collection that proves these vaccines are unsafe, including the clinical trials (due to the exclusions and to the reporting fraud).

By 5 different methods detailed below, we estimate the current vaccines have killed over 30,000 previously healthy Americans so far. The US authorities are ignoring all the safety signals that have been in plain sight since January. There is no defined stopping condition. Killing 100,000 people is fine. The cost-benefit analyses from the CDC omit the early treatment option and omit the fact that the vaccine kills people. So they are wrong. The FDA says they have reports done by experts showing everything is fine (no safety signals), but the FDA will not release these reports to the public. That makes no sense. There is no analysis of any of the 6,000 dead bodies in VAERS. Why not? The vaccines should have been stopped after 50 deaths. That has been the historical standard. This is a train wreck of massive proportions. And we still have our foot on the accelerator.

Safe vaccines are fine; we have no objections. For example, the safety data from the Novavax COVID vaccine, which uses a traditional approach, is superior to any of the gene-based vaccines, yet the efficacy is comparable. Why won’t the FDA allow it to be used in the US? The answer: once people learn the truth, nobody will want the gene-based vaccines. 

If we ever want to end the pandemic, we should use a sterilizing vaccine as noted below (see section on Vanden Bossche). So it could be argued that early treatment is by far the better option today until such vaccines are available. Geert Vanden Bossche, one of the most respected scientists in the vaccine field, said this at the start of the pandemic. He’s now being proven prescient. The UK is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, and look at what has happened there, exactly as he predicted!

Finally, this document was written over the course of a month so some statements may be out of date. If you find any errors, please DM me on Twitter and I’ll correct them.

Doctor Malone and I are hardly alone in questioning the safety of the current vaccines.  [N.B.: Search www.ecoterra.info for more corroberating evidence and for answers to questions you never dared to ask.]

Tess Lawrie analysis of UK Yellow Card system concluded that the vaccines were unsafe for use in humans. Tess is a highly respected evidence-based expert. 20th update on Adverse Reactions to the Covid Vaccines shows 949,287 Adverse Reactions & 1,332 Deaths. Whoa. The UK has only 67M and 62% have been vaccinated, so that’s around 40M vaccinated people. So that means there is an adverse reaction for every 42 people. But since it is likely under reported, it is probably like 1 adverse reaction for every 20 people. Ouch. 

This op-ed in the Wall St. Journal on June 22 questions vaccine safety. This statement published in BMJ

We are part of a group of clinicians, scientists, and patient advocates who have lodged a formal “Citizen Petition” with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), asking the agency to delay any consideration of a “full approval” of a covid-19 vaccine. The message of our petition is “slow down and get the science right—there is no legitimate reason to hurry to grant a license to a coronavirus vaccine.” We believe the existing evidence base—both pre- and post-authorization—is simply not mature enough at this point to adequately judge whether clinical benefits outweigh the risks in all populations.

The signatories to that petition to the FDA include:

Linda Wastila, BSPharm, MSPH, PhD*†

Professor, Pharmaceutical Health Services Research

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

220 Arch Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, U.S.A.

* Lead petitioner, will accept all correspondence.
† Dr. Wastila’s organizational affiliation is included for identification purposes only.

[N.B.: †  means also for all others below that their organizational affiliation is included for identification purposes only. Don not confuse with another meaning of that sign.)


Peter Doshi, PhD†

Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Health Services Research

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Hamid A. Merchant, BPharm, MPharm, PhD, RPh, CQP, PGCertHE, FHEA, SRPharmS†

Subject Leader in Pharmacy

University of Huddersfield

Huddersfield, United Kingdom


Kim Witczak



Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.


Peter Aaby, MSc, DMSc†

Head of Bandim Health Project, Guinea-Bissau

University of Southern Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark


Christine Stabell Benn, MD, PhD, DMSc†

Professor of Global Health

University of Southern Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark


Florence T. Bourgeois MD, MPH†

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Harvard Medical School

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.


Anthony J Brookes, PhD†

Professor of Genetics

University of Leicester

Leicester, United Kingdom


Byram W. Bridle, PhD†

Associate Professor of Viral Immunology

University of Guelph

Ontario, Canada


Peter Collignon AM, MB, BS(Hons), BSc(Med), FRACP, FRCPA, FASM†


Australian National University Medical School

Canberra, Australia


Juan Erviti, PharmD, PhD†

Unit of Innovation and Organization

Navarre Health Service, Spain

Pamplona, Spain


Peter C. Gøtzsche, Professor, DrMedSci, MD, MSc


Institute for Scientific Freedom

Copenhagen, Denmark


David Healy, MD FRCPsych†

Professor of Psychiatry

McMaster University

Ontario, Canada


Iona Heath, CBE FRCGP†

Past president of the Royal College of General Practitioners

London, United Kingdom


Matthew Herder, JSM LLM†

Director, Health Law Institute

Dalhousie University

Nova Scotia, Canada


Tom Jefferson, MD MRCGP FFPHM†

Senior Associate Tutor

University of Oxford


Robert M. Kaplan, PhD†

Distinguished Research Professor

UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


Ulrich Keil, MD, PhD, FRCP (London)†

Professor Emeritus

University of Muenster

Muenster, Germany


Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


Donald W. Light, PhD†

Professor of Comparative Health Policy and Psychiatry

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine

Glassboro, New Jersey, U.S.A.


Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH†

Professor of Medicine

Texas A & M College of Medicine

Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.


Barbara Mintzes, BA, MSc, PhD†

Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy

The University of Sydney

Sydney, Australia


Huseyin Naci, MHS, PhD†

Associate Professor of Health Policy

London School of Economics and Political Science

London, United Kingdom


Allyson M Pollock, MBChB, FRCPH, FRCP (Ed) FRCGP†

Clinical Professor of Public Health

Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


Angela Spelsberg, MD, SM†

Comprehensive Cancer Center Aachen

Aachen, Germany


Erick Turner, MD†

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Oregon Health & Science University

Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.


Patrick Whelan, MD PhD†

Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


I know several of the signatories very well and they will tell you straight out that they go further than just saying “pause so we can collect data on safety.” They believe these vaccines are unsafe and should be stopped. The WSJ  op-ed and citizen petitions are an academically polite way of raising a red flag to say “STOP” and do the science right. And when you do look at the data as they requested, you will be appalled at what you find. There is no doubt of that as you will see below.

... continued

DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE DOCUMENT as pdf from the website of Steve Kirsch, which is safe

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Summary and conclusion

  1. The current gene-based vaccines are unsafe for use in humans. They have already killed over 30,000 previously healthy Americans and disabled many more. We are way past the normal stopping condition of 50 deaths.Even if we ignored the stopping conditions, the net death benefit is negative for the current vaccines. 

  2. The best short term solution is to allow natural infection and treat early with an effective early treatment protocol. That will get us to herd immunity very quickly. There is no need for masks and social distancing since this is a very treatable disease. Current early treatments offer >100X risk reduction with virtually no risk of disability or unknown long-term side effects. The public would need to be re-educated since we have told them there is no early treatment.

  3. If you are going to vaccinate for this virus, it only really makes sense to deploy a safe, sterilizing vaccine. Otherwise the virus will mutate and we will never get rid of it. We are already seeing signs of this in high vaccination areas like the UK and Bahrain.We should not cut corners. With early treatments, there is no need to rush this.

  4. We need to get rid of the corruption at NIH and FDA including Tony Fauci, Cliff Lane, Francis Collins, and Janet Woodcock. They have enabled the greatest health disaster in US history.

  5. Censorship of legitimate medical information on social networks must end. These networks are the new “public square” and should be regulated so that people are free to express their opinions to anyone who chooses to listen. 

  6. Never again should we deploy a vaccine on the American public without proper testing and without informed consent. 

  7. The databases such as V-SAFE should be made transparent. 

  8. VAERS reporting should be required and the VAERS system should be modernized.

--- end of document


Steve Kirsch @stkirsch CEO, @M10io Founded COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF), M10, Token, + other high tech firms. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, environmentalist. Los Altos Hills, CAlinkedin.com/in/stevekirsch/


And when "they" - whoever that might be - reach out for you, here is what ECOTERRA has prepared for you as an answer:

In Case They Ask You To Get the COVID-19 Jab


Template Letter for Your Perusal - also in other languages (see country sections on the top right of the website) or get it translated into any of the 104 languages via EcoTranslate on the right hand side on a computer screen or scroll own on a mobile phone).




Are the Covid-19 vaccines “safe and effective”?

Steve Kirsch - 16. June 2021

A video presentation by Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund.
Note that views expressed in this presentation are those of the author and not necessarily those of TrialSite.

Are there any risks associated with the COVID-19 vaccines currently authorized on an emergency use basis by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?  Presently three genetic-based vaccines have been authorized via the emergency order including two mRNA-based vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech) as well as the adenovirus-based Johnson and Johnson product.  Developed at historical speed under Operation Warp Speed, the mRNA-based technology foretells enormous implications for healthcare including the prospect of vaccines for cancer.  An amazing research prowess has unfolded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic heralding profound breakthroughs that’ll benefit society for years to come.  Governmental authorities have declared the vaccines both safe and effective and as TrialSIte recently reported based on a change of law that waives the need for informed consent with investigational products.  Both the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and FDA have declared that the risk-benefit analyses strongly indicate the risks of not getting a vaccination outweigh any risk of vaccination. They argue that the risks associated with COVID-19 are materially greater.  Moreover, health authorities are on record that there is absolutely no correlation associated with the COVID-19 vaccines to any deaths as indicated by the CDC declaration. But have they sufficiently probed and pursued granular investigation into their own data? Have they undertaken the comprehensive  analyses associated with what in the CDC VAERS is now close to 6,000 deaths.  Are all of these unrelated to the vaccines?  Steve Kirsch, the founder and executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF),  a regular contributor to the TrialSite recently conducted a more systematic and thorough analysis of the VAERS and CDC adverse event and death numbers reported in conjunction with the COVID-19 vaccines.  The results are disturbing to say the least.  TrialSite offers no opinion here other than the presentation of the highly successful MIT-trained engineer who has invested millions of his own funds into early stage treatment options targeting COVID-19. What follows is a summary of his deep dive into VAERS presented in this video.

Official CDC Position

The CDC is on the record that the now nearly 6,000 deaths reported in VAERS since December 2020, including “A review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records, has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccine.”
The analysis provided by Kirsch suggests that while nearly 6,000 are now entered into the voluntary system, he suggests the actual number could be undercounted by a magnitude of up to 5 times and a review of direct CDC excess death data indicates what the notable entrepreneur counts as 25,000 deaths that could be associated with the coronavirus vaccines.

The Presentation

The Kirsch presentation starts with an introduction to the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System known as VAERS with a review of some key indicators including reported deaths. Open to the public, he reveals by June 4th the following adverse events were associated with the COVID-19 vaccines:

Reported Event #s
Deaths 5,088
Hospitalizations 19,587
Urgent Care 43,891
Office Visits 58,800
Heart Attacks 2,190
Anaphylaxis 1,459
Bells Palsy 1,737
Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet 1,564
Myocarditis/Pericarditis 1,087

A review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records, has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccines.

At 12:15 into the presentation Mr. Kirsch reveals a data distribution revealing a dramatic spike in deaths associated with the COVID-19. Moreover in this data analysis it’s revealed that the majority of deaths occur closer to the actual time of the vaccination event indicating a higher probability of a causal relationship.

At 12:49 he presents the data findings indicating that overwhelming the incidents of heart attacks associated with the VAERS COVID-19 vaccine spike within a day to three days after the vaccination event.  He also emphasizes that the indication of Myocarditis/Pericarditis actually increases with vaccination as age decreases which is counter intuitive in that young people should have less probability of experiencing such heart related troubles. Is the vaccine causally connected to this data?

At 15:51 in the presentation Kirsch depicts again the growing numbers of deaths corresponding to the release of the vaccines under emergency use authorization by mid-December 2020. At 18:55 he reveals a corresponding increase in excess deaths reported by the CDC. 

Kirsch goes on at 26:13 to discuss the imperative to consider a time out in the process to at least investigate these safety data signals.  At 28:09 Kirsch raises the imperative for informed consent under the Declaration of Helsinki. Although as TrialSite reported the law was changed in 2016 thus waiving the need for informed consent with investigational products deemed safe.

At 32:22 Mr. Kirsch discusses early treatment options for COVID-19.  He shares that considerable research has gone on pointing to a number of potential treatments for early onset COVID-19 that can serve to help combat COVID-19.  A risk-benefit comparison at 41:50 showcases at least one argument that early stage treatments currently under study should be accelerated.

The presenter offers a plethora of other information that merits review for those interested in a debate on this topic.

Kirsch commented on the findings “The narrative is that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective but the truth is that the data points to an otherwise alternative conclusion.”  Kirsch declared that “if anyone was paying attention they would have picked up these safety signals by the end of January.”

Data-Driven Truth or Random Coincidence?

TrialSIte cannot advocate one position over another but rather can serve to share information that fits within the guidelines of the platform for purposes of discussion and hopefully healthy debate.  This isn’t a platform for attacking others but rather one that fosters awareness, transparency and engagement.  The data present in the CDC VAERS database as well as the CDC death reports do indicate a material spike in activity associated with the coronavirus vaccines.  Does the CDC’s position that none of these deaths are conclusively correlated to the vaccine itself despite the data in this presentation revealing a disturbing trend of adverse events and death within a day to three days within the vaccination event?  It’s not clear but TrialSite invites the CDC and others on to the platform to put forth an explanation.

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POSTSCRPTUM: Dr. Malone (the inventor of the mRNA injectable gene therapy) just had his LinkedIn account blocked (Discussing Ivermectin), but maybe that was good luck, because a good source of https://forwardobserver.com/the-daily-sa-for-wednesday-30-june-2021/ says:

LINKEDIN: The professional networking platform appears to be the victim of a massive data scraping operation with around 700 million accounts compromised. User profile information, work history, and GPS history were listed for sale on a known market for personal information. This marks the second major scraping incident for LinkedIn with a similar event in April. Privacy experts note the data could be used in future phishing attempts, marketing or spam emails, corporate espionage, or real-life harassment as many users keep their information private. - D.M.

LinkedIn had started already from mid 2020 to make life difficult for critical scientists.




Re-published on BITCHUTE June 29th, 2021.

Source: DarkHorse Podcast Clips




First published on BITCHUTE July 20th, 2021.




After several of Dr. Robert Malone's tweets go viral, he wants to set the record straight with those who wish to silence him. Dr. Malone says he created the technology behind the Covid 19 vaccines and has spent decades defending and developing vaccines. But, he says carefully crafted public messaging and aggressive vaccine pushes are not ethical. Dr. Malone has concerns about the safety of these experimental vaccines and wants to warn others.



Hearing of Dr. Robert Malone (Virologist, Imunologist, Microbiologist)

at the 60. Session of the Corona Investigation Committee (English / Deutsch)

ODYSEE often sucks with their User ID collection - complain to 


Re-published on BITCHUTE July 11th, 2021.

In conversation with Dr. Robert Malone (virologist, immunologist, microbiologist) Source: Corona Ausschuss


Hearing of Dr. David E. Martin (Chairman M-CAM International)

at the 60. Session of the Corona Investigation Committee (English / Deutsch)

ODYSEE often sucks with their User ID collection - complain to 


German/American Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich from Corona Investigative Committee interviews Dr. David E. Martin on Corona patents, fraudulent outsourcing of bioweapons research, Corona gene sequencing misnomers etc….. [short German translation intervals/mostly English].

This video is an exerpt from a 6,5 hour video with among others Dr. Wolfgang Woodarg, Dr. Robert Malone and other German lawyers and doctors. You will find a link to the full session original video with 5 other hearings below.

This is as clear as it gets folks ! The created illusion of corona is falling at last.

Info David Martin: https://www.davidmartin.world/about/

Info Reiner Fuellmich (German site): https://www.fuellmich.com/unsere-kanzlei/

Original 6,5 hr video: Sitting 60: Time is not a flat circle / https://corona-ausschuss.de/

And https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jtc-_0tkeog




Re-published on BITCHUTE June 25th, 2021. - THEHIGHWIRE.COM

CDC betrays the Nuremberg Code; mRNA Pioneer, Dr. Robert Malone, Shocks;

#TheHighWire #BraveBoldNews #mRNA #RobertMalone #HWCommunity

Broadcasted 6/24/21 7:00pm - 6/24/21

Dr Malone THE mRNA INSIDER with Del Bigtree TheHighWire.com