UPDATE 14. September 2021: 13 reasons why you should not allow your child to get the Covid-19 Vaccine - Covid: Which countries are vaccinating children and why?

UPDATE 19. August 2021: Australian Gestapo kidnaps daughter from her fathers arms to forcibly inject her with an experimental drug + AUSTRALIA GOV'T TYRANNY: MAN'S DAUGHTER RIPPED OUT OF HER FATHER'S ARMS


UPDATE 11. June 2021: Which countries have mandatory childhood vaccination policies?

Cambridge Study: Why Forced Vaccination Is Rape 

PROLOGUE: GM (female or male Genital Mutilation, also called circumcision) or gender-change operations in children constitute assault and possibly rape, as ruled by the highest courts in countries like Germany, since a child cannot give consent consciously to bodily harm. Likewise the intrusive act of a vaccination or forced inoculation is armed assault with a potentially deadly weapon (a syringe full of potentially deadly and poisonous substances). Especially the mRNA inoculations force irreversible changes in the body, including a serious impact on the reproductive system, and for such the prior, fully informed, conscious and free consent is always required.

MANDATORY VACCINES: Nothing Short of Medical Rape and First Degree Felony

In 2015 this meme caused a big stirr in Australia, since the proponents of forced or compulsory vaccinations found it offensive.

Health Ranger warns that mandatory vaccines are MEDICAL RAPE and a form of felony assault with a deadly weapon

By Mike Adams - 19. May 2021

Mandatory vaccines are “medical rape” in the sense that they violate your body against your consent, causing physical and psychological harm or even death. Those who advocate mandatory vaccines are medical rapists who are, in effect, committing acts of felony violence against an individual. (See full video, below.)

Medical choice is a pillar of Western medical ethics, and any government that would attempt to violate a man or woman’s body with a cocktail of potentially dangerous, foreign substances — including vaccine ingredients derived from aborted human fetal cells — is engaged in the kind of genocidal evil that the world witnessed with the Third Reich and the Holocaust. There, the Nazi regime believed it owned the bodies of all citizens and could decide what to do with them. To save money for the Reich, countless numbers of individuals were euthanized against their will, including the physically handicapped, the cognitively impaired and those with chronic degenerative disease. (See the Nazi propaganda posters below.) (If the same rules applied today, practically the entire U.S. Congress would be exterminated, come to think of it…)

Once a government claims ownership over your body, there is no limit to the evils it can carry out in the name of “serving the greater good.” This is the argument of the vaccine industry and vaccine mandates in America today. It perfectly mirrors the “scientific consensus” of the Third Reich and its campaign of mass euthanasia and state-run murder.


Here are some of the posters from the Nazi era that argued for mass killings of individuals whom the state no longer wanted to support:

Translation: “A congenitally diseased or handicapped person costs the government 5.5 Reichsmark daily. For 5.5 Reichsmark a healthy, sound family can live a full day of life.

This congenitally handicapped person costs the nation, as a whole, 60,000 Reichsmark over a lifetime.

People this is your money.

Read Neues Volk (“New People”)

The monthly newsletter of the racially correct political bureau of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party)

God cannot intend that the sick and infirmed propagate or reproduce sickness and infirmity (physical or mental weakness).

Those worth less are multiplying faster than the healthy population!

Number of pregnancies of mothers who had mentally ill children in school for the mentally disabled…
… the average mother in the city [is] concerned

You are sharing the load

A person with a hereditary disease costs on average RM 50,000 by the time they reach their 60th birthday.

Mentally ill negro (English citizen)
16 years in an institution
RM 35,000 in costs

And now, from the U.S. mainstream media:

Newsweek suggests to "pull the plug!"



Here’s an image of Germany’s physically handicapped, scheduled for euthanasia:


And here are some images of American children damaged by vaccines — who are then entirely abandoned by doctors, the media and lawmakers:

Neurologically damaged by the DPT vaccine:


The HPV vaccine turned this normal, healthy girl into a brain-damaged victim of vaccines:


Another severe skin reaction following vaccination:


Letter from

Adolf Hitler
Berlin 1. Sept. 1939

To the Reichsleiter (leader) Bouhler and Dr. Brandt (a Medical Dr.):

They have the responsibility to increase the authority of individuals who will be named to evaluate the terminally ill to determine whether euthanasia can be performed…

An explanation of the “scientific consensus” for why the German state had the right to mass murder people:

We do not stand alone

In these countries similar laws exist: USA Denmark Norway Sweden Finland
The following countries are considering similar protection: Hungary England Switzerland [illegible] ... Japan.

Law for the Prevention of Offsprings with Hereditary Diseases from 7/14/33

Mandatory vaccination is a felony assault against your body, a form of medical rape

In the same way that Nazi Germany pushed forced euthanasia and mass killings, the mandatory vaccine pushers believe they can medically rape you and inject your body with unsafe, largely untested substances that have been fast-tracked through the vaccine factories as part of President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” … which is a disaster in the making.

Any attempt to force a vaccine injection upon you is attempted medical rape and a violent, felony assault against your person.

In most jurisdictions, Americans have the right to defend themselves against violent assaults through the use of lethal force. This means that if any “vaccine enforcers” come to your home and attempt to assault you and forcibly inject you with a vaccine against your will, you probably have the right to shoot them in self-defense. (Check your local laws to be sure, and if you don’t currently have such a right, move to a jurisdiction where you do.)

The existence of a pandemic does not give the state the right to medically rape you with experimental vaccines containing risky ingredients that may cause injury or death — something the U.S. government admits takes place every day in America. See VAERS.HHS.gov for government statistics on vaccine injuries and deaths. Anyone claiming vaccines are “safe” is either wildly ignorant or a malicious liar.

The fact that the felony assault against your person is being carried out with a needle rather than a knife does not exempt the violent attackers from your right to self-defense. The fact that the attackers represent the government rather than a drug cartel does not grant them any special right to violate your body, either. No government has the right to medically rape you in the name of “public health,” for if that were true, then governments could force us to give blood without consent, abort our babies on demand, submit to government blood draws to be allowed to return to work or even agree to be made infertile based on personal IQ scores.

Any agent of any government who attempts to commit imminent medical violence against your body through the forced injection of risky vaccines without your consent frankly deserves to be shot in self-defense.

This is precisely why the left-wing lockdown regimes that are pushing mandatory vaccines (i.e. California) are simultaneously pushing aggressive gun control laws. They don’t want citizens to be able to defend themselves against the government mandated euthanasia shots that will be falsely described as “coronavirus vaccines.” Remember: It’s really about depopulation and mass infertility or euthanasia. To get you to go along with it, they’ll tell you it’s a “vaccine,” even when the whole world knows that real vaccines couldn’t possibly have been subjected to rigorous quality control testing and long-term clinical trials in the short time during which we are told they were developed.

Try to avoid vaccine enforcer teams, but if they assault you in your own home, shoot them dead and call 911

While I don’t condone initiating violence or hunting down vaccine zealots in any way, if they invade your home and attempt to medically kidnap you or force an injection into your body without your consent, your right to self-defense almost certainly allows you to halt violent attackers by any legal means necessary, including the use of lethal force in most jurisdictions.

This does not mean you won’t be subject to criminal arrest or civil lawsuits, however, and the state may decide that you are a criminal for merely defending yourself against state-sponsored medical rapists. So your best strategy is probably to avoid answering your door if a vaccine enforcer team comes to you. (A court might decide that the mere act of you answering your door is “consent” to be injected.) Make them kick in the door if they really want to assault you with a vaccine, for the fact that they burst into your home will likely work in your favor in the eyes of the jury after you are likely charged with murder for shooting the attackers dead. Even if found innocent, by the way, you’ll still spend a fortune for your own legal defense, and you’ll probably be sued in civil court by the families of the vaccine criminals you shot dead.

You’d be wise to check your own local laws on firearms and self-defense before finalizing your strategy. My overall advice is to practice avoidance. Do not engage unless you have no other choice. But if they are determined aggressors and they kick in your door, wielding needles filled with dangerous chemicals that can cause you harm, make sure you are well prepared with a loaded self-defense weapon and don’t limit yourself to just one magazine.

This is why practicing concealed carry in your own home is actually a good idea. That way, you’ll be armed in self-defense even if the vaccine enforcer SWAT teams surprise you in your own home. Carry a spare mag on your person, and make sure you can get to a rifle within a few seconds. Your 9mm Glock isn’t really enough to get the job done. It only allows you time to get to your rifle, which is the real self-defense tool of choice. Load your AR mags with only 28 rounds so that you don’t get feed failures, and go take a self-defense course (or two) while you still can: TacticalResponse.com

If we do not resist the violent vaccine mandates of this corrupt, pharma-controlled government, we will be destroyed by a Vaccine Holocaust

Doctors who push for mandatory vaccines are not just medical rapists, by the way, they are mass murderers. And in a civil society where we respect human dignity and the freedom to choose what happens to our own bodies, free people cannot and will not tolerate a vaccine-controlled, corrupt legislature deciding that a class of dishonest, self-important lawmakers has the right to condemn an entire nation to serve as human guinea pigs for Big Pharma’s twisted vaccine experiments that truly smack of Nazi Germany and the history of Bayer / IG Farben.

If We the People do not rise up against this evil and defend ourselves against those who are carrying it out, there is no question we will see a Vaccine Holocaust killing millions of people in our own country, all in the name of appeasing the Big Pharma profiteers and the corrupt Senators and lawmakers who receive their kickbacks and stock options.

Prepare to invoke your Second Amendment right to defend your liberty against vaccine tyranny. This is precisely the kind of scenario for which the Second Amendment was written in the first place. If we do not draw the line at the boundary of our own bodies, then we are nothing but biological slaves to a corrupt, anti-human system that values nothing other than its own power and greed.

Watch my urgent video on health freedom to learn more:



Das Gesetz zur Verhütung erbkranken Nachwuchses wurde nach dem 8. Mai 1945 durch die Kontrollratsgesetze nicht aufgehoben. Ein Großteil der NS-Gesetzgebung, dazu gehörte auch dieses Gesetz, rettete sich unter dem Ziel der Rechtssicherheit in die neue Bundesrepublik Deutschland hinüber und bestand lange Zeit fort. Das Gesetz zur Verhütung erbkranken Nachwuchses, mit dessen Hilfe rund 350.000 Personen sterilisiert worden waren, hatten die Besatzungsmächte somit nicht außer Kraft gesetzt oder aufgehoben und im Nürnberger Juristenprozess war es – zugunsten der Angeklagten – sogar als „vernünftigerweise diskutierbar“ bezeichnet worden.Weil man aber die Erbgesundheitsgerichte aufgelöst hatte, gab es keine Institutionen mehr, die das nach wie vor als gültig angesehenes Gesetz anwenden konnten. Wenn es auch in erster Linie die Ärzteschaft war, die darauf drängte, angesichts der vielen „verwahrlosten Jugendlichen“ endlich wieder Zwangssterilisationen durchzuführen, trieb die Sorge um die Erbgesundheit des deutschen Volkes auch Juristen um.https://www.dorsten-unterm-hakenkreuz.de/2012/05/28/zwangssterilisierung-i-gesetz-zur-verhutung-erbkranken-nachwuchses-von-1933-vergessene-opfer/


Cambridge Study

Why Forced Vaccination Is Rape - pdf download

“Good advocacy, bad ad,” one commenter replied before the Facebook post was removed. “There are other ways to get your point across just as effectively without being insensitive to the people who’ve been through sexual abuse,” the commenter added. Others applaudd the meme and defended is by stating that those who found it offensive are insensitive to those whose life has been destroyed by a vaccination. In times of forced COVID-19 injections, where people have been killed by the jab within minutes or days, the ad seems to be not even strong enough anymore. 


Coerced Vaccination and the Medical Rapist:

I have been thinking this morning about the parallels between vaccine-injury and sexual assault. I happened to hear a news story today about the incidence of rape on college campuses, and as I was listening, I could envision several commonalities.

In the story, a young woman was interviewed about her experience. She described a situation in which she had accompanied a young man to his dorm room and they had engaged in sex – both agreed and it was an interaction to which both gave informed consent. They both knew they were going to have sex before entering the dorm room and there was no force or coercion involved. There was an element of trust and equality in the decision-making process.

She said that afterward, she was ready to leave and when she got up to get dressed, the young man pushed her down onto the bed, and held her down while he turned up the stereo so her cries for help could not be overheard by neighboring students.

After the assault, the young woman reported the rape to campus police. The investigation was dropped and the rapist was not prosecuted. She sees him on campus and has classes with him, which she reported is extremely difficult and re-traumatizing for her.

Vaccination of our children is in many ways similar to medical rape.

Afterward, the perpetrators, pat us on the thigh or shoulder while looking us straight in the eyes and saying, “There now. That wasn’t so bad, was it?” They straighten their white coats, instruct us to get our things together, as they turn their backs and stride out of the room in search of their next victim. We may be left feeling afraid, and numb, not knowing how that happened and praying that it’s over. Praying they won’t come back and do it again, and praying there won’t be any lasting harm from what just happened.

In many cases, as we leave those rooms, feeling sick to our stomachs… dirty… with lumps in our throats and tears in our eyes, we force ourselves to take deep breaths and resolve to be stronger next time; more prepared to say NO and mean it.

For many of us, we ARE more prepared and we ARE able to say NO the next time. Others of us are not so strong.

Some of us resolve to change our lives and we seek new relationships, which are good for us and in which our decisions and our choices – our right to say NO is respected.

True survivor's feelings:

Other supportive comments. First, there is a comment from a woman who has suffered rape:

I am a multiple rape survivor. I’ve also had pieces of my child ripped from me by an overzealous pediatrician who used scare tactics and bullying to coerce me into vaccine submission. Guess which keeps me up at night. I’m not downplaying the trauma of the rape I endured. It was horrendous. I am damaged. I always will be. But I would endure it 100X over to spare my child the pain of vaccine reaction. My rapist violated me in a single horrible act between two people… Vaccine damage is worse experience (for me) because I stood there and allowed it to happen to my child. I held her still and I facilitated the damage, pain, and PTSD that she endures. I helped them rip away pieces of her future. Her body was violated with toxic poison by a GROUP of people who should have been there to nurture, heal, and care for her. I hope a lot of people get pissed off. Maybe they will start paying attention and allowing the pharma gangs to rape our children.

Here’s another comment from another woman that reveals how antivaccinationists think about vaccination:

The comparison is right on target! A child held down while being repeatedly stabbed with needles full of vile poison that will change their entire life forever, possibly even steal their life is no different than a person held down and forcibly violated sexually, how you could come under fire for this very viable comparison tells me people aren’t thinking clearly!


Marcella Piper-Terry, I’m sorry you received strong criticism for the truths you continue to say, your story of rape is not a thought I myself haven’t thought, I over and over have played in my head the scenario, I’ve asked friends, if your daughter/son was raped and the rapist walked the streets immune to any prosecution, how would you feel? That’s our story, our rapists continue on raping without any fear of justice, it’s legalized victimization of the most innocent and helpless of our society, our children.

After many aggressive attacks against her, Marcella Piper-Terry resorted to using the term 'violation' instead of rape, but others feel that this is not describing it appropriately, given the horrors involved. The traumatic loss of trust to the parent, who exposes the small child to these procedures, be it GM or injections, is lifelong and its impact on society has not been really studied.

Can any of the demi-gods in a white coat truly proof that they know better than what an individual child still can instinctively feel is grave danger coming their way? Many of the apparatus-dependent patient-handlers (I wouldn't call them doctors) have completley lost their own instincts, their wisdom and - solely moneyoriented - not at least: their compassion.



13 reasons why you should not allow your child to get the Covid-19 Vaccine

By  - 14. September 2021

At a press conference on Monday September 13th, the four Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO’s) of the United Kingdom advised the UK Government to offer the Pfizer vaccine to children aged between 12 and 15.

Around 3 million under-16s are due to be offered the jabs after Chris Whitty endorsed the move, claiming it may “help prevent outbreaks in classrooms and further disruptions to education this winter”.

Doses will be largely administered through the existing school vaccination programme and parental consent will be sought. But children will be able to overrule their parents’ decision in the case of a conflict if they are deemed mature and competent enough, which has rightly caused fury.

For a child to be competent enough to make the decision to have the vaccine they should be made aware of all the facts before they reach their decision, and the same can be said for parents who wish to consent to their child having the jab. So we’ve compiled 13 factual reasons why you should not allow your child to get the Covid-19 vaccine…

Reason No. 1
86% of Children suffered an Adverse Reaction to the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine in the Clinical Trial

The information is publicly available and contained within a US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) fact sheet which can be viewed here (see page 25, table 5 on-wards).

That fact sheet contains two tables that detail the alarming rate of side effects and damage experienced by 12 – 15- year-old children who were given at least one dose of the Pfizer mRNA injection.

The tables shows that 1,127 children were given one dose of the mRNA jab, but only 1,097 children received the second dose. This fact in itself raises questions as to why 30 children did not receive a second dose of the Pfizer jab.

Of the 1,127 children who received a first dose of the jab 86% experienced an adverse reaction. Of the 1,097 children who received a second dose of the jab 78.9% experienced an adverse reaction.

Reason No. 2 
1 in 9 Children suffered a Severe Adverse Reaction leaving them unable to perform daily activities in the Pfizer Clinical Trial

For children 12 to 15 years of age, the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial found the overall incidence of severe adverse events which left them unable to perform daily activities, during the two-month observation period to be 10.7%, or 1 in 9, in the vaccinated group and 1.9% in the unvaccinated group.

Consequently, children who received the vaccine had nearly six times the risk of a severe adverse event occurring in the two-month observation period compared to children who did not receive the vaccine. In addition, the incidence of Covid-19 in the unvaccinated group was 1.6%, therefore, there were almost seven times more severe adverse events observed in the vaccinated group than there were Covid-19 cases in the unvaccinated group.

This information is all freely available to see in official Food and Drug Administration (FDA) documents and official Centre for Disease Control (CDC) documents.

Reason No. 3
Just 9 deaths associated with Covid-19 have occurred in Children since March 2020

Official NHS data which can be viewed here (see Table 3 – COVID-19 deaths by age group and pre-existing condition of the downloadable excel document) shows that since March 2020 just 9 people under the age of 19 have died with Covid-19 who had no known pre-existing conditions in England’s hospitals, up to the 26th August 2021. The data also shows that just 39 people under the age of 19 have died with Covid-19 in the same time frame who did have other serious underlying conditions.

There are approximately 15.6 million people aged 19 and under in the United Kingdom which means just 1 in every 410,526 children and teenagers have allegedly died with Covid-19 in 18 months who had other serious pre-existing conditions. Whilst just 1 in every 1.7 million children have allegedly died with Covid-19 in 18 months, who had no know pre-existing conditions.

A scientific study titled ‘Deaths in Children and Young People in England following SARS-CoV-2 infection during the first pandemic year: a national study using linked mandatory child death reporting data’ (which can be found here), conducted by Clare Smith of NHS England and Improvement and several Universities also concluded that children are at negligible risk of death, hospitalisation, or serious illness due to the alleged Covid-19 virus.

The study collated data from the National Child Mortality Database; a mandatory system that records all deaths in Children under 18 years of age in England. What the researchers found is that just 25 children under the age of 18 died of Covid-19 between March 2020 and February 2021, with 15 of the 25 having a pre-existing life-limiting condition, and 19 of the 25 having a chronic condition.

The study also found that 16 of the 25 children who sadly died had two or more comorbidities with 8 children suffering pre-existing neurological and respiratory problems, 3 children suffering pre-existing neurological and cardiology problems, and 3 children suffering respiratory and cardiology problems.

Reason No. 4
The risk of Children developing serious illness due to Covid-19 is extremely low

A study (found here) led by Professor Russell Viner of UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, published on the medRxiv server, found that 251 young people aged under 18 in England were admitted to intensive care with Covid-19 during the first year of the pandemic (until the end of February 2021).  

The results of the study found that there were 5,830 admissions associated with Covid-19 among children up to 17 years of age during the pandemic year, this represents just 1.3% of secondary care admissions among children.

The lead author of the study said: “These new studies show that the risks of severe illness or death from SARS-CoV-2 are extremely low in children and young people”.

Reason No. 5
The Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine is experimental and still in Clinical Trials

The Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 injection is in fact only temporarily authorised (see official MHRA document here) for emergency use only. In October the government made changes to the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 to allow the MHRA to grant temporary authorisation of a Covid-19 vaccine without needing to wait for the EMA.

A temporary use authorisation is valid for one year only and requires the pharmaceutical companies to complete specific obligations, such as ongoing or new studies. Once comprehensive data on the product have been obtained, standard marketing authorisation can be granted. This means that the manufacturer of the vaccine cannot be held liable for any injury or death that occurs due to their vaccine, unless it was due to a quality control issue.

The reason the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 injection has only been granted temporary authorisation is because it is still in clinical trials that are not set to conclude until May 2nd 2023. You can see the official Clinical Trial Study Tracker for the Pfizer jab on the US National Library of Medicine site here.

This is the first time mRNA injections have ever been authorised for use in humans (see here), and the long term side effects are not known, meaning the millions of people around the world who have had the Pfizer Covid-19 injection are essentially taking part in an experiment.

Reason No. 6
Three Scientific Studies conducted by the UK Government, Oxford University, & CDC, which were published in August have found the Covid-19 Vaccines do not work

New research in multiple settings shows that the alleged Delta Covid-19 variant, the now dominant variant in the UK, produces very high viral loads which are just as high in the vaccinated population compared to the unvaccinated population. Therefore, vaccinating individuals does not stop or even slow the spread of the alleged dominant Delta Covid-19 variant.

CDC Study

The CDC study (found here) focused on 469 cases among Massachusetts residents who attended indoor and outdoor public gatherings over a two week period. The results found that 346 of the cases were among vaccinated residents with 74% of them presenting with alleged Covid-19 symptoms, and 1.2% being hospitalised. However, the remaining 123 cases were among the unvaccinated population with just 1 person being hospitalised (0.8%).

Oxford University Study

The Oxford University study (found hereexamined 900 hospital staff members in Vietnam who had been vaccinated with the Oxford / AstraZeneca viral vector injection between March and April 2021. The entire hospital staff tested negative for the Covid-19 virus in mid May 2021 however, the first case among the vaccinated staff members was discovered on June 11th.

All 900 hospital staff were then retested for the Covid-19 virus and 52 additional cases were identified immediately, forcing the hospital into lockdown. Over the next two weeks, 16 additional cases were identified.

The study found that 76% of the Covid-19 positive staff developed respiratory symptoms, with 3 staff members developing pneumonia and one staff member requiring three days of oxygen therapy. Peak viral loads among the fully vaccinated infected group were found to be 251 times higher than peak viral loads found among the staff in March – April 2020 when they were not vaccinated.

UK Department of Health & Social Care Study

The UK Department of Health & Social Care study (found here) is an analysis of ongoing population wide SARS-CoV-2 monitoring in the UK and includes measures of viral load among the population.

The study found that viral loads among the vaccinated and unvaccinated population are virtually the same, and much higher than had been recorded prior to the Covid-19 injection roll-out. The study also found that the majority of cases among the vaccinated population were presenting with symptoms when they became positive.

The authors of the study conclude that the Pfizer and Oxford / AstraZeneca injection have lost efficacy against what they claim to be the Delta Covid-19 variant.

Reason No. 7 
Public Health England Data shows the majority of Covid-19 Deaths are among the Vaccinated and suggests that the Vaccines worsen disease

A report titled ‘SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England’ (found here – see Table 5 Page 21), is the 22nd technical briefing on alleged variants of concern in the United Kingdom published by Public Health England.

From February 1st 2021 up to August 29th 2021 nearly twice as many unvaccinated people account for confirmed cases of Covid-19 than those who are fully vaccinated.

However when you include the number to have received one dose of a Covid-19 injection the number of cases among the vaccinated group (222,693) actually surpasses the number that have been recorded among the unvaccinated population.

The total number of deaths to have occurred since February 2021 involving the Delta Covid-19 variant that have been linked to vaccination status total 1,698. Of these just 30% have been among the unvaccinated population, despite the fact most second vaccinations were administered between April and June.

Whereas the fully vaccinated account for 64.25% of Covid-19 deaths since February 2021, and when including the partly vaccinated in those numbers they account for 70%.

The data published by Public Health England actually suggests that the risk of death increases significantly in those who have been fully vaccinated.

536 deaths have occurred among 219,716 confirmed cases in the unvaccinated population since February. This is a case fatality rate of 0.2%. Whereas 1,091 deaths have occurred among 113,823 cases among the fully vaccinated population. This is a case fatality rate of 1%.

This means the Covid-19 injections seem to be increasing the risk of death due to Covid-19 by 400% rather than reducing the risk of death by 95% as claimed by the vaccine manufacturers, Public Health bodies, and the Government.

Reason No. 8
There have been at least 1.18 million Adverse Reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines in the UK alone

The thirty-second report highlighting adverse reactions to the Pfizer / BioNTech, Oxford / AstraZeneca, and Moderna Covid-19 injections that have been reported to the UK Medicine Regulator’s (MHRA) Yellow Card scheme reveals that there have been 1,186,844 adverse reactions reported since the 9th December 2020 up to the 1st September 2021.

The reports for each available vaccine can be found here under the analysis print section and include adverse reactions such as blindness, seizure, stroke, paralysis, cardiac arrest and many other serious ailments.

The Pfizer mRNA injections has left at least 107 people fully paralysed and a number of other people partly paralysed up to the 1st September 2021. However, the MHRA state that an estimated 10% of adverse reactions are actually reported to the Yellow Card scheme, meaning the true figure of adverse reactions is immensely higher. 

Reason No. 9 
There have been more deaths in 8 months due to the Covid-19 Vaccines than there have been due to all other available Vaccines since the year 2001

The UK Medicine Regulator responded to a Freedom of Information (found here) request demanding to know how many deaths have occurred in the past 20 years due to all vaccines, and their response revealed that there have been four times as many deaths in just eight months due to the Covid-19 injections.

The request was made via email to the Medicine and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) on the 6th August 2021, and in answer to the question asked on the number of deaths due to all other vaccines in the past twenty years, the MHRA revealed that they had received a total of 404 reported adverse reactions to all available vaccines (excluding the Covid-19 injections) associated with a fatal outcome between the 1st January 2001 and the 25th August 2021 – a time frame of 20 years and 8 months.

However, according to the MHRA Yellow Card Report (see here – under each analysis print section) there have been 1,632 deaths reported as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines from December 9th 2020 up to September 1st 2021. This includes 16 deaths due to the Moderna jab, 24 deaths where the brand of vaccine was unspecified, 1,064 deaths due to the AstraZeneca vaccine, and 524 deaths due to the Pfizer mRNA injection.

Reason No. 10
The risk of Myocarditis (Heart Inflammation) in Children due to the Pfizer Vaccine

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle, whilst Pericarditis is inflammation of the protective sacs surrounding the heart. Both are serious conditions due to the fact the heart muscle cannot regenerate, and both conditions have officially been added to the safety labels of the Pfizer jab and Moderna jab by the MHRA (see here).


Myocarditis and pericarditis happen very rarely in the general (unvaccinated) population, and it is estimated that in the UK there are about 6 new cases of myocarditis per 100,000 patients per year and about 10 new cases of pericarditis per 100,000 patients per year.

The MHRA has undertaken a thorough review of both UK and international reports of myocarditis and pericarditis following vaccination against Covid-19 due to a recent increase in reporting of these events in particular with the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, with a consistent pattern of cases occurring more frequently in young males.

Scientific Study published on the JAMA network, has also found that the incidence of myocarditis among vaccinated individuals is at least double what Health Authorities are claiming.

The new JAMA study (found here) showed a similar pattern to a CDC study (found here), although at higher incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis after vaccination, suggesting vaccine adverse event under-reporting.

The researchers calculated the average monthly number of cases of myocarditis or pericarditis during the pre-vaccine period of January 2019 through January 2021 was 16.9 compared with 27.3 during the vaccine period of February through May 2021.
The mean numbers of pericarditis cases during the same periods were 49.1 and 78.8.

Dr. George Diaz who conducted the study told Medscape that “Our study resulted in higher numbers of cases probably because we searched the EMR, and [also because] VAERS requires doctors to report suspected cases voluntarily,” Diaz told Medscape. Also, in the governments’ statistics, pericarditis and myocarditis were “lumped together”.

Reason No. 11
Children have died and are dying due to the Covid-19 Vaccines

The US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which can be searched here by inputting the specific VAERS ID shows that several children have died in the US after having the Covid-19 vaccine, with many suffering cardiac arrest.

A 16 year-old female received the Pfizer vaccine on the 19th March 2021. Nine days later the same female went into cardiac arrest at home. By the 30th March 2021 she had sadly died. Found under VAERS ID 1225942.

A 15 year-old female suffered cardiac arrest and ended up in intensive care four days after having the Moderna mRNA jab. She also sadly died. Found under VAERS ID 1187918.

Another 15 year-old female received her second dose of the Pfizer jab on the 6th June 2021. Sadly one day later she died suddenly without reason. Found under VAERS ID 1383620.

A 15 year-old male die due to an unexplained reason twenty-three days after having the Pfizer jab. Found under VAERS ID 1382906.

The above are sadly just a few examples of the deaths to have occurred among children due to the Covid-19 vaccines in the USA.

Reason No. 12
Who profits from your Child getting the Covid-19 Vaccine?

It may surprise you to know that GP’s were already being incentivised to inject the adult population with the Covid-19 vaccine with a payment of £12.58 for every dose administered.

So it may surprise you further to know that GP’s are being offered an additional payment of £10 on top of the £12.58 already offered for every injection administered to a child in the United Kingdom. All of this is documented in an official NHS document found here.

According to the last count made in 2020 there are approximately 3,154,459 children between the ages of 12 and 15 in the United Kingdom. Therefore GP’s across the UK could stand to make a combined £142.45 million if every child is injected with a Covid-19 vaccine.

A Freedom of Information request (found here) which the MHRA responded to in May 2021 revealed that the current level of grant funding received from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation amounts to $3 million and covers “a number of projects”. The MHRA being the UK Medicine Regulator to have granted emergency use authorisation for the Pfizer / BioNTech mRNA vaccine to be given to children.

Coincidentally, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation bought shares in Pfizer back in 2002 (see here), and back in September 2020 Bill Gates ensured the value of his shares went up by announcing to the mainstream media in a CNBC interview that he viewed the Pfizer jab as the leader in the Covid-19 vaccine race.

“The only vaccine that, if everything went perfectly, might seek the emergency use license by the end of October, would be Pfizer.”

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also coincidentally bought $55 million worth of shares in BioNTech (see here) in September 2019, just before the alleged Covid-19 pandemic struck.

Can we really trust the MHRA to remain impartial when its primary funder is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who also own shares in Pfizer and BioNTech?

Reason No. 13
The Joint Committee on Vaccination & Immunisation have refused to recommend the Pfizer Vaccine be offered to Children

On the 3rd September 2021 the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) announced (see here) they were not recommending the Pfizer Covid-19 injection be offered to all children over the age of 12.

The assessment by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is that the health benefits from vaccination are marginally greater than the potential known harms. However, the margin of benefit is considered too small to support universal vaccination of healthy 12 to 15 year olds at this time.

The JCVI cited the following –

“For the vast majority of children, SARS-CoV-2 infection is asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and will resolve without treatment. Of the very few children aged 12 to 15 years who require hospitalisation, the majority have underlying health conditions.”

Since 1st April 2009 the Health Protection (Vaccination) Regulations 2009 place a duty on the Secretary of State for Health in England to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the recommendations of JCVI are implemented (See here – page 6).

Yet in an unprecedented move, the Secretary for Health and the Government decided to bypass the JCVI and seek the advice of the four Chief Medical Officers (CMO’s) of the United Kingdom.

In their letter to the Government (found here), the UK CMO’s state they looked at wider public health benefits and risks of universal vaccination in this age group to determine if this shifts the risk-benefit either way. They claim in their letter that “the most important in this age group was impact on education”.

This raises some serious questions –

  1. Did Covid-19 close the schools? The answer is of course no. Schools were closed because of Government policy.
  2. Should a person take a medical treatment so that they are able to partake in society or education? The answer is couse no. A person should only ever take a medical treatment for a medical reason, in the case of the Covid-19 vaccine that reason should be to prevent infection; which it does not do, or prevent illness; which it will not do as children are at such low risk of suffering serious illness due to Covid-19.

The decision by Chris Whitty and his fellow Chief Medical Officers to advise the Government that the Covid-19 vaccines should be offered to children is not a decision based on science, it is instead a decision based on politics.

But we have just presented 13 factual reasons why you should not allow your child to get the Covid-19 vaccine, and each and every one is based on the science.

Now the choice is yours, or perhaps that of your child, we hope you make the correct one.


Covid: Which countries are vaccinating children and why?

By Jim Reed 14. September 2021

Child vaccination in Dublin.

A teenager receives his first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine in Dublin IMAGE SOURCE,DAMIEN STORAN

Children in the UK aged 12 to 15 are set to be able to get a Covid jab, following advice from the UK's chief medical officers.

They have recommended the youngsters should be offered one dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Some other countries have been vaccinating younger teenagers for some time - but approaches do differ.

What's happening in Europe?

In May, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved the Pfizer vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds. Since then, different EU countries have moved at different speeds.

Denmark (12 to 15-year-olds) and Spain (12 to 19-year-olds) have both now vaccinated most of their child population with at least a single dose.

France too has been moving quickly with 66% of those aged 12 to 17 now single jabbed, and 52% fully vaccinated. By October the country's health pass - or pass sanitaire - will be extended to under-18s, meaning all teenagers will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test to access places like cinemas, museums, restaurants and indoor shopping centres.

In June Germany's scientific advisers recommended the vaccine should only be offered to children aged 12 to 15 with underlying health conditions. But in August, after the Delta variant started spreading more widely, the rollout was extended to all those over 12 years old.

In Sweden children aged 12 to 15 are only eligible for a vaccine if they have lung disease, severe asthma or another high-risk medical condition. In Norway, not part of the EU, the vaccine rollout was recently extended to children aged 12 to 15, but only a first dose will be offered, with a decision on a second dose to be made later.

The US - some mandatory vaccination

In May, US and Canadian regulators were the first to approve the Pfizer jab for use in children from 12 years and older. The rollout started immediately at sites across the US with two injections given three weeks apart.

By the end of July, 42% of 12 to 17-year-olds had received their first dose and 32% their second dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna shots.

The drive to vaccinate children came as the US started to battle a rise in infections driven by the Delta variant.

"My parents won't let me get the Covid vaccine"

The latest report from the Centre for Disease Control said that the number of children hospitalised with Covid was between 3.4 to 3.7 times higher in states with the lowest vaccination coverage.

A handful of US school boards have voted to make the jab mandatory for children aged 12 and over to attend class, despite objections by some parents.

In Los Angeles the order was recently extended to 600,000 pupils, while in New York staff but not students must be inoculated.

Pfizer has also started testing its Covid vaccine on younger children. The first results, in those between five and 11 years old, are expected in September with data for infants aged six months to four years old likely to follow by the end of the year.

President Biden has already indicated that vaccines for that younger age group could be available "soon" after regulators review the clinical data.

China - jab approved for children three and over

In June, China began to allow some children from three to 17 years old to be offered shots of a vaccine produced by drug-maker Sinovac, making it the first country to approve a jab for such a young age group.

The country has set a rough target of vaccinating 80% of its 1.4 billion population by the end of the year, a figure impossible to meet without jabbing large numbers of under-18s.

In theory the Covid vaccine is voluntary in China, although some local governments have said that students will not be allowed back to school this term unless their entire family is double jabbed.

The Sinovac vaccine is also widely used in many countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

In Chile, it has already been approved for use in children from six years old, while the company has recently started clinical trials to test its vaccine on children in South Africa aged from six months to 17 years old.

Students waiting for their jabs in China.

Students in Nanjing, China line up to receive a dose of a Covid vaccine at Zhonghua High School IMAGE SOURCE GETTY IMAGES

India - adult jabs come first

India is thought to have the largest adolescent population in the world, estimated at about 253 million by Unicef. The latest data from the National Serological Survey suggests about 60% of children have been exposed to coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, and are likely to have built up some immunity from past infection.

In August, the country's drug regulator granted emergency use for a new vaccine developed by local drug firm Zydus Cadila in all those aged 12 years and over, the first approval to cover children.

The jab currently needs to be given in three separate doses using a needle-free applicator, rather than a traditional syringe. The firm has said it soon hopes to start trials in younger children aged two and over.

Government scientific advisers have said vaccination for children aged 12 to 17 with serious health conditions could start in October, but a wider rollout will only take place after the adult programme in India is completed, currently slated for the end of the year.

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First published on BITCHUTE August 19th, 2021.



First published on BITCHUTE August 12th, 2021.

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Which countries have mandatory childhood vaccination policies?

By Tatjana Marks1 and Samantha Vanderslott1  

With the widespread rollout of COVID-19 vaccines globally, some countries have started to consider mandatory vaccination, although no country has yet to make vaccines mandatory for its population. While COVID-19 has resurfaced the debate on vaccination policies, it has been an important topic for many other diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that vaccines save two to three million lives each year (excluding COVID). The development of vaccines against vaccine-preventable childhood diseases has been a key driver in the decline of child mortality.

Despite it being such an important topic, it is surprising that information about which countries have mandatory vaccine policy is lacking, and it is childhood vaccines under a country’s national immunization schedules that are most commonly made mandatory.

In this article we present a new global dataset which looks at childhood vaccination policies across the world.

How do childhood vaccination policies vary across the world?

We recently charted mandatory childhood vaccine policies worldwide as they are becoming an increasingly important policy intervention for governments trying to address low vaccination rates.

The term ‘mandatory’ and ‘mandates’ are taken to mean quite different things across countries. Whilst the term is commonly used it is poorly defined. Mandates require vaccination for a certain purpose, most commonly related to school entry for children. While definitional disagreements still persist, it remains important to better understand what policies are in place across countries and the reasons driving changes in policy over time.

Our list indicates whether a country has a mandatory vaccination policy for one or more vaccine and the strictness of the mandate on a scale ranging across three levels: mandatory, mandatory for school entry, or recommended. The childhood vaccines include the vaccines that protect from measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussispolio, rabies, hepatitis B, rotavirushaemophilus influenzae type B, and tuberculosis – some of which are administered as combined vaccines. We have classified a country as having a mandatory policy if they mandate for at least one vaccine.  

The differences in vaccination policy across the world are shown in the map. By covering 149 countries we could identify some trends around where and why vaccines are mandatory today.

Note: this is a live dataset that relies on crowdsourcing to note policy changes. If you are aware of any new policies or policy changes for any country please do get in touch at: .

How do mandatory vaccination policies vary by region?

We found that assessing policies across WHO regions – European, Americas, Western Pacific, African, and Eastern Mediterranean – was a useful way to break down our analysis of policies worldwide.

In the chart you see a breakdown of the number of countries with a given policy mandate. You can view this by region by using the “Change region” toggle on the interactive chart.

Europe has a mixture of mandatory and recommended policies. But most European countries ­– 16 out of 28 – do not have mandatory vaccination. European countries were among the first to introduce mandatory vaccination for smallpox in the early 19th century, which also led to early push-back. The early introduction and early push-back, along with present-day approaches to foster mutual trust and responsibility between citizens and the health authorities, may be part of the reason why vaccination is often recommended rather than mandated in many European countries. Countries of the former-USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) or under the influence of the Eastern Bloc previously had mandatory vaccination, and many kept this policy in the post-USSR era.

Most countries in the Americas – 29 out of 35 – have mandatory vaccinations. In the USA, vaccination is regulated by individual states though it is mandatory for school entry in all of them. In Canada, only three provinces have legislated mandatory vaccination policies that apply to children enrolling in school.

In the Western Pacific region, changes to mandatory policies have gone in both directions. Some countries such as Singapore have moved towards mandatory vaccinations whilst others, such as South Korea transitioned away from mandatory to recommended vaccines in 1999. For other countries, mandatory policies are more ambiguous. In China, there is no evidence of specific legislation mandating vaccines, despite many references to such claims in the literature.

It was difficult to obtain information about vaccination policies across African countries, suggesting the absence of specific policies in the region. However, the policies we did find were for mandatory vaccination.

Most countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region have mandatory vaccines. Israel is an exception in only recommending vaccination, based on a vaccination schedule outlined by the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group.

There are a number of countries in South-East Asia with mandatory vaccination. India is similar to other large countries, with varying policies on mandatory vaccination at the state level. Finally, we note that there are some countries that have mandatory policies at a sub-country level such as in Canadian provinces and Indian and Australian states but we have classified these countries as to the national policy and the policies cover most of the country.

What drives the introduction of mandatory vaccinations?

Overall, we found that the occurrence of recent outbreaks is a major factor in the introduction of mandatory vaccination, particularly for high and upper-middle-income countries in Europe. Germany, for example, made measles vaccination mandatory for school and day-care attendance in 2020 following large outbreaks. Similarly, Serbia tightened mandatory vaccination laws following a measles outbreak in 2014 to 2015 by introducing harsher penalties. Trends of reported cases of measles can be explored in detail here.

Secondly, many low- and lower-middle-income countries have resorted to mandatory vaccination policies because of a lack of other policy options. Nonetheless, many have still missed their target vaccination rates due to problems with vaccine supply, delivery, and access. In Guyana for example, vaccination is mandatory, yet vaccination coverage is hindered by the management of the supply chain in keeping storage temperatures consistent and the distribution of freeze-sensitive vaccines. In Nigeria, vaccination is mandatory, and several states have enacted legislation criminalising vaccine refusal. Yet as Onyemelukwe (2016) argues, there are structural, logistical, political, systemic, religious and cultural obstacles to the effective distribution and uptake of vaccines, ranging from cold chain issues, to corruption and security issues. There is thus often variation between vaccination in policy compared to in practice.

These findings will be useful to inform policymakers considering the merits of mandatory vaccination:

1) In the past, an outbreak of a disease (such as measles) has led to introduction of mandatory vaccines even in countries where previously all vaccinations were recommended;

2) Making a vaccine mandatory should not be the only policy tool but needs to be combined with strong access and availability of vaccines;

3) It is not just a matter of whether to mandate a vaccine, but how this mandate will be enforced, whether people will comply, and the impact on state-citizen relations.  

In summary, mandatory vaccination must be considered with caution. A country’s past experience with mandates, vaccination services, ability for enforcement, public attitudes, and the current state of disease outbreaks will all play a part in whether mandatory vaccination should be introduced.


  1. Gostin, L. O., Salmon, D. A. and Larson, H. J. (2021) ‘Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines’, JAMA. American Medical Association, 325(6), p. 532. doi: 10.1001/jama.2020.26553.

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Tatjana Marks1 and Samantha Vanderslott1

1Oxford Vaccine Group and Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford, Centre for Clinical Vaccinology and Tropical Medicine (CCVTM)

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2021 will be a different picture, since many more people now know that vaccines are not safe.

Share that disagrees that vaccines are safe, 2015

Percentage of respondents from each country replying “Strongly disagree” or “Tend to
disagree” with the survey question “Overall I think vaccines are safe”.

OurWorldInData.org/vaccination/ • CC BY

Source: Vaccine Confidence Project, Larson et al (2016)