UPDATE 12. July 2021: Australian Government Releases Psychotic New COVID-19 Terror Propaganda as ‘New World Order’ is Rolled Out

UPDATE 11. July 2021: Arrest Warrants Issued - Seven Arrest Warrants Issued 11th July, Adelaide, South Australia, for John Frewen, Brendan Murphy, Paul Kelly, Carolyn Edwards, Scott Morrison, David Hurley, Jane Halton for crimes against humanity, genocide, tyranny and terrorism etc. in connection with Operation Covid Shield Military War Threats (Australia)


UPDATE 02. July 2021:  We are now demanding that the Government stop their push for the roll out and the mandating of the vaccines + It’s arriving in Australia..... no jab....NO PAY! - Advocate Me Updates

UPDATE 21. June 2021: Australian Covid Army General's Freudian Slip

UPDATE 02. June 202: Australian Government Admits COVID Vaccines are NOT SAFE and DO NOT Prevent Infection + Australia - no jab no pay 

UPDATE 26. May 2021: 14 Reasons Why Aussie Lawyers Aren’t Coming to the Aid of Serene Teffaha (Satire)

UPDATE 23. April 2021: A Dance with Dragons

UPDATE 22. April 2021: The Totalitarian Police State of Victoria / Australia goes after lawyer to shut down class action + Melbourne tower lockdown class action in doubt after lawyer's licence cancelled, court hears

UPDATE 21. April 2021: Together, our favourite place to be!


UPDATE 31. March 2021: Whetting the whistle


UPDATE 30. March 2021: Serene blows the whistle


UPDATE 24. March 2021: We have take off! - updated 26. March 2021

UPDATE 09. March 2021: Keeping Momentum

UPDATE 23. August 2020: Class Action Challenges Australia’s Prime Minister And State And Territory Leaders On Their Covid-19 Response


PROLOGUE: Any lawyer, who is worth anything, should take Advocate Serene Teffaha as a role model. Especially young lawyers, who still have to decide on their career, their engagement and their actions as legal practitioners, must no longer adhere to the traditional idea of the BAR and many jurisdictions the world over, which has it that "the lawyer's duty to the court prevails over his or her duty to the client and s/he should never embarrass the court", because that is actually what was the very foundation of the atrocities committed by the courts and the legal "fraternity" during the reign of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany, for which at the end they were rightly tried and prosecuted. If a court and its judges are corrupt, they need to be exposed and done away with, but not shielded by any honest member of the legal profession. Where a legal system denies justice to the poor, because the judiciary is corrupt, there will never be justice at all and the law has to be taken back by the people into their own hands.



Challenging Disproportionate Response to SARS-COV-2 - the National State of Emergency

Nationa Class ActionBy ADVOCATEME - 20.  August 2020

Under both Federal and States and Territories’ legislation, consideration must be given to whether a public health risk is serious and significant enough to necessitate emergency declarations. In doing so, Governments must balance the competing need to protect the public interest, with the need to protect human rights.

Given the initial novel nature of SARS-CoV-2 and the little knowledge we had about its origins and behaviour, initial Government actions may have been justified. However, over the past seven months it has become evident that that the decision-makers responsible for the management of SARS-COV-2 public health risks have made decisions that are significantly disproportionate to the risks and are targeting the healthy members of our communities, at the risk of neglecting the most vulnerable.

We are empathetic towards families that have lost loved ones to COVID-19, but we also recognise that as a society, we must take equal interest in all public health risks, including the biggest killers in this country being cardiovascular disease, cancer and respiratory illnesses including pneumonia and asthma.

It has become evident that our Prime Minister Scott Morrison is aligning himself with international vaccine companies such as AstraZeneca that are morally bankrupt (having a history of being severely fined for false claims, kickbacks and bribery and unapproved promotion of medical products). Mr Morrison is also working closely with CEPI and its chair Jane Halton (a former Australian public servant) who is now Commissioner of the National COVID-19 Commission.

It is troubling that our Governments have overlooked Australian companies with better records in terms of safety, efficacy and ethical standards.

VIDEO Challenging Disproportionate Response to SARS-COV-2 - the National State of Emergency

Meanwhile, the decision-makers at the States and Territories have echoed the troubling trend of focusing on quarantining healthy members of our communities at the risk of denying the most affected members of our community; the elderly, health workers and other vulnerable patients, the successful drug Ivermectin.

Dr Thomas Borody on behalf of The Centre for Digestive Diseases issued on 19 August 2020 a press release titled “Ivermectin Triple Therapy Protocol for COVID-19 Released to Australian GPs for Infected Elderly and Frontline Workers.”

Dr Borody provides “The Government could end the pandemic by openly encouraging GPs to prescribe these TGA approved medications. Those who test positive, are identified in contact tracing, as well as those in high-risk groups like the elderly and healthcare workers, can then access the therapy quickly.”

Meanwhile our Australian Hospitals are struggling as a result of our Government’s failure to provide them with appropriate Personal Protecting Equipment. The rest of society is paralysed as a result of the destruction of businesses, loss of income and opportunity, and increase in mental health issues, suicides, family violence, child abuse and police and other officials’ brutality.

It is problematic that massive funds are being directed at controlling and confining the movements of healthy populations whilst our health systems are being denied basic materials.

We have evidence that our Governments are not applying their own laws and are introducing draconian legislation that overrides the Constitution, the Biosecurity Act 2015 and Human Rights legislative frameworks. As a result healthy people are being treated as suspect COVID-19.

This is an invitation for all Australians impacted by these draconian changes to join our Class Action. These are the issues we've identified:- 

  • People impacted by all detention issues such as returning travellers, cross-border travellers and other forms of detention where they are healthy.

  • People impacted by being required to take the Influenza Vaccination to access loved ones at residential care facilities and/or retain their employment.

  • People impacted by all proposed mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations and/or threats to deny essential benefits, if the vaccination is not taken.

  • People impacted by all inconsistent business-related closures and restrictions including unreasonable restrictions on self-employment and small business operations.

  • People impacted, particularly the elderly, by extended detention and isolation at Residential Aged Care Facilities and/or Hospitals leading to elderly abuse in some instances.

  • People impacted by denial of access to their elderly family member and/or other vulnerable family member or loved one at Residential Aged Cared Facilities, Hospitals and/or any other Facilities.

  • People impacted by testing requirements which include requiring body samples such as compulsory testing, punitive outcomes for not testing such as extended detention, denial of return to work or denial of benefit such as access to medical services when the person is healthy.

  • People impacted by unreasonable cross border rules (example being denied travel to funerals etc) by being denied travel to funerals and/or being reunited with families.

  • People impacted by inappropriate self-isolation requirements when they are healthy.

  • People impacted by inappropriate contact tracing rules including failure to be provided with prescribed contact information and classification of suspect COVID-19 case with no clinical diagnosis or presentation.

  • People impacted by inappropriate classification of cause of death as COVID-19.

  • People impacted by inappropriate requirements to undergo medical examinations or treatment of any kind without their full and informed consent.

  • People impacted by compulsory requirements for masking.

  • People impacted by denial of overseas travel.

  • People impacted by unreasonable complications to return home as a resident from overseas.

  • People impacted by inappropriate imposition of fines and/or summonses.

  • People impacted by the unreasonable imposition of directives restricting their movements.

  • People impacted by removal of their children and/or other dependants by authority.

  • People impacted by denial of access to medical treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

  • People impacted by denial of PPE at hospitals and other care facilities for our frontline workers.

  • People impacted by vaccine trials, whether by consent and consequently has suffered injury, or without consent in Residential Care Facilities and/or other facilities.

Before sending you our costs agreement and disclosure statement we wanted to explain thoroughly the process of a class action in Australia and our legal strategy.

Legal Strategy

We started our Class Action with a focus to seek a declaration and prohibition order, through judicial review and a declaration of inconsistency under Section 109 of the Australian Constitution, that the directives issued by the States and Territories, to require influenza vaccines on visitors of aged care facilities and employees affected by the directives, be declared unlawful and unreasonable and prohibition be granted, so that these directives cannot occur in the future, in the same manner.

As we progressed, we realised that the issues impacting our clients now extend beyond the vaccine issue and involve unlawful detention, testing (including false positives), contact tracing, masks, denial of cross border travel, denial of overseas travel, problems with returning Australians home, failures of diagnosis and recording of deaths, police brutality, fines and Court summonses, unreasonable business closures and restricting freedom of movement.

We felt the best approach would be to launch a judicial review process in relation to all the directives that are impacting Australians across all States and Territories.

Judicial review means to review a matter to ensure that the power exercised was properly exercised, in accordance with the statute or legislation. Another way of putting this is to determine if the decision was lawful. This can mean a number of things. For example, it could mean that a decision was made ultra vires, or outside the decision maker’s scope of power or authority. Or it could mean that the decision maker took into account irrelevant factors, or failed to take into consideration relevant factors. In determining whether a decision maker exercised his or her power within the law, the first place to look is the legislation which grants that decision maker the power to make the decision.

A decision may also be made unlawfully if the decision maker was biased, acted unreasonably, was dishonest or did not give someone the ability to be heard, or to give evidence before making the decision (denial of natural justice). Finally, it could just mean the decision maker misunderstood the law.

We examined comprehensively all the legislative frameworks applicable including the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Commonwealth), the Constitution and the extensive human rights legislative frameworks. We also examined closely all the respective public health and emergency frameworks that exist within the States and Territories.

We decided that the best way forward is to approach the process through judicial review and in part, a Constitutional challenge on the following basis:

  1. In relation to all States and Territories, a challenge will be made to all these directives and other obligations imposed under the respective public health and/or emergency powers by seeking a declaration or declarations that the directives made in so far as they relate to the management and containment of a human biosecurity risk are inconsistent with the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Cth) and contravene section 109 of the Constitution. 

  2. In relation to all States and Territories, a challenge would be made to specific laws that have been passed under some of the States and Territories legislation, including challenge to removal of children from their parents and removal of clothing such as underwear when forcibly detaining individuals for vaccination and/or treatment that go beyond the ambit of both the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Cth) and the Constitution. 

  3. Consideration will also be given to taking action against the Commonwealth of Australia, for their failure to utilise the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Cth) and act on their quarantine powers, despite principal decisions being made at the Federal level through the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee.

The case will also raise a number of issues with regards to human rights and our medical right for freedom of choice, liberty and self-determination. 

Each State and Territory has its own unique judicial review process. We aim to place the matter either before the Federal Court of Australia or the High Court of Australia under what is called its original jurisdiction. Usually such a case will be placed in the respective States and Territories Supreme Courts, however, because the matter is affected by all the States and Territories, we have the ability to consolidate it before the High Court of Australia where the Court provides such approval.

The process of judicial review does not typically have a compensation component, as what we are seeking to do is declare the decision and/or directive invalid and stop the decision-maker from making the same decision and/or directive again. Once we achieve this outcome, then I could look specifically at each individual case with regards to the unique aspects that may invoke compensatory considerations. However, the purpose of the court case will not be to seek compensatory relief, but rather a reaffirmation of our rights and liberties and to stop the States and Territories from continuing with their course of conduct. 

In effect, the main purpose of this action is to stop our administrators from taking away our basic rights not to be treated or labelled as sick and having to prove our health. Our administrators do not have the right to restrict our movements in the manner that they have and impose on us restrictions that are unreasonable and disproportionate to the risks. They also cannot medicate, treat, test, examine, detain and vaccinate us without ensuring that the strict processes of the Biosecurity Act 2015 are applied.

We have detailed the concerns of all of our clients to date, by writing to all Governments, States, Territories and Federal, which is available to view below, to show you how serious we are in advancing our actions and that our actions are based on sound evidence. We have also comprehensively set out the processes involved in our class action, in the following links.

Learn About Class Actions

Read Our Open Letter

Please if you can initially complete the FORM. Once you complete the form, you will be sent out an email with our costs agreement and disclosure statement for signing and return. You could nominate an amount of costs contribution between $250 and $2000. This is a once off payment and it is capped, so we will not request any further payments from you.

We can’t wait to rock it out with you!

We are so proud of the family we have built.

Complete the FORM to secure your place in this class action.


Warm Regards

Serene Teffaha & the Advocate Me Team




Serene has 15 years experience as a practicing Lawyer. She is now extremely passionate about social justice and human rights.  Serene is currently under attack by the Victorian Legal Services Board, for her legal practitioner license. However, this has only emboldened Serene's will and desire to continue with her advocacy work and conducting public investigations into corrupt agencies carrying out state sanctioned violence and crimes against humanity on the residents of this beautiful country.


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Re-published on BITCHUTE July 21st, 2021.

Australia wants to eliminate all human contact 


Australian Government Releases Psychotic New COVID-19 Terror Propaganda as ‘New World Order’ is Rolled Out

By BLP - 12, July 2021

The Australian government has released a video meant to terrorize young people into complying with COVID-19 edicts, including the mandatory experimental vaccine.

They released this shocking propaganda video that is enraging individuals in the country who haven’t lost their souls to mass hysteria:

Even people who believe in the legitimacy of the scamdemic believe this ad has simply gone too far:

It should come as no surprise that this type of propaganda is being produced right as the country announces the dawning of a “New World Order” publicly.

The mainstream media in Australia has officially announced that they are operating under a virus regime with no bedrock freedoms or civil liberties, and they come right out and call this the new world order:

Big League Politics has reported on how the COVID-19 scamdemic is serving as the conduit for the satanic elites to rip the mass off and actually advertise their agenda for a totalitarian one-world technocracy:

The United Nations has launched a website promoting a “New World Order,” essentially validating what conspiracy theorists have been saying for generations.

“The United Nations New World Order Project is a global, high-level initiative founded in 2008 to advance a new economic paradigm, a new political order, and more broadly, a new world order for humankind, which achieves the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030, and the happiness, well-being, and freedom of all life on Earth by 2050,” they write on the page.

Although the NWO project has supposedly been around in an official capacity since the time Barack Hussein Obama assumed the U.S. presidency, they have rolled out their website during the coronavirus pandemic. They have a quote from a prominent globalist on their page that tells exactly what their agenda is.

“A great revolution is waiting for us. The crisis doesn’t only make us free to imagine other models, another future, another world. It obliges us to do so,” Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in the quote.

The website promotes “Happytalism,” an economic theory devoid of substance that even a 5-year-old would have a difficult time stomaching. It is described as a “New Economic System, Socio-Political Philosophy, And Human Development Paradigm Which Places The Primacy Of Happiness, Well-being, and Freedom At The Center Of Human Development And All Life.”

They issued a press release pushing the project as the coronavirus pandemic took off. While fomenting mass panic worldwide, they simultaneously were calling for a global push for serenity through submitting to their New World Order.”

This agenda is not limited to Australia; it is being pushed throughout the entire world as part of the Great Reset. If the people of the world do not revolt and do so soon, they could be under the yoke of Big Brother permanently before long.



- with latest data


Arrest Warrants Issued

Seven Arrest Warrants Issued 11th July, Adelaide, South Australia, for John Frewen, Brendan Murphy, Paul Kelly, Carolyn Edwards, Scott Morrison, David Hurley, Jane Halton for crimes against humanity, genocide and tyranny in connection with Operation Covid Shield Military War Threats (Australia)

View on YouTube   Download Torrent 

Original Uploads Evidence, https://www.instagram.com/tv/CQP9-ChFahM/?utm_medium=copy_link

Seven Arrest Warrants Issued 11th July, Adelaide, South Australia,

John Frewen, Brendan Murphy, Paul Kelly, Carolyn Edwards, Scott Morrison, David Hurley, 
Jane Halton

Objective: To arrest, charge, secure, & imprison, as many lockdown politicians (federal & state) as possible in each Australian state (liberal, labor, greens, nationals, & any other lockdown politicians), & seizure of their wealth/property.
Arrest Powers, Crimes Act 1914 (Cth),
3WA, arrest powers without warrant by constables.
3Z, arrest powers without warrant by other persons [by the people].
3ZA, warrants for arrest.
3ZB, power to enter premises to arrest.
3ZD, person to be informed of arrest grounds.
section 15AA, bail not to be granted under any circumstances.
State & Federal Police have MY rock solid published guarantee of safety, cover, protection, & power to act to arrest/jail lockdown politicians, under s40D, Federal Police Act 1979.
Use any other commonwealth/state law arrest person/seizure property powers available. Email arrest warrants videos to police stations in your state.

Crimes Act 1900, Part 2, Offences against sovereigns, Part 3, Division 1, Homicide, murder & manslaughter, Div 2, Conspiring to commit murder, Div 3, Attempts to murder, Div 4 threats in writing, Div 5 aids &/or abets suicide, Div 6 acts causing danger to life/bodily harm, Div 8 & 9 assaults on the people.
Schedule 2, Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth), section 80.1 (1), Treason, s80.1 (2), Assisting in treasonous offences, s268.4 - 7, Genocide, 268.8 Crimes against humanity - murder, s 268.9 Crimes against humanity - extermination.
Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth), Chapter 5, Part 5, Division 80, Treason & assisting in treasonous offences, Treachery, Sedition, Urging violence against the constitution & urging violence against the people, & genocidal factors. Div 82, Sabotage, Div 91, Espionage, Divs 100 – 105A, Planning, urging, & using terrorism on the people, Div 115, Harming Australians. Chapter 7, Part 7, Div 130 - 132, Lying, Stealing, Div 133 - 137, Fraud, Dishonesty, Div 138 - 139, Threats towards commonwealth public officials,
Div 140 - 145, Bribery & Forgery.
Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth), Chapter 8, Genocide, Crimes against humanity & related offences, Division 268, Subdivisions A, B, & C, politicians are guilty of almost everything in this division, Subdiv B, s268.2 - 7, Genocide by killing,
causing serious body & mental harm, deliberately inflicting painful conditions on human life [lockdown conditions], imposing sterilization, forced drugging [psychiatric & vax], & abortion (measures intended to prevent birth), forcibly transferring/stealing the peoples children. Subdiv C, Crimes against humanity, s268.8, murder, s268.9 extermination, s268.10 enslavement, s268.12 arbitrary imprisonment, s268.13 torture, s268.14 rape, s268.15-17 sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, & forced pregnancy, s268.18 enforced sterilization, s268.19 sexual violence, s268.20 persecution of the people, s268.21 stealing people, s268.22 apartheid towards the Australian population, s268.23, other inhumane acts.
Crimes Act 1914, Search, Arrest, & Seizure Property powers, Parts IAA, & IAAA. Property defined under that Act, “includes money & every animate or inanimate thing capable of being the subject of ownership.”
Constitution Act 1900, s51 (xxxi) seizure of property, s51 (xxix) applied special human rights power [sovereigns], s 51 (xxxix) incidental/national applied power.
Crimes Act 1914, s43 (1), arrest anyone who attempts to obstruct, pervert, or defeat your course of justice.
Crimes Act 1914, s15GE (2) (b), Fraud [lockdown conditions based on lies/fraud], s 24AA, Treachery. Crimes Act 1958 (Vic), s 9A Treason.
Other state Criminal Codes, & state Confiscation/Seizure Property Acts apply.
Federal Police Act 1979, Part 3, Divisions 1 & 2.

By Order The Peoples Governor General of Australia


Teresa van Lieshout 

Mobile: 0400409771 



First published on BITCHUTE July 5th, 2021.

Forced Military vaccinations and Food ration books by August? Outright clashes and civil war>? Here's one guys take on it all. Jerry McIntyre


Advocate Me Updates


02. July 2021

With only 1.47million people fully vaccinated the Australian population is proving itself to be smarter and bolder than I thought! This is crunch time, the systems of dominance are falling apart- it is time for us to set up new systems, new ways of communicating with each other, beyond money, beyond trauma, beyond hierarchies, beyond suffering, beyond dogma! We must stand up now and say NO! The mandate will not work by all of us standing and saying NO! We will then set up our own spaces for healing and resolution. Watch the space as we work together!

Dear Clients of Advocate Me and Members of People for Safe Vaccines and all other supporters, 

We have finalised our letter from People for Safe Vaccines and we are now demanding that the Government stop their push for the roll out and the mandating of the vaccines. There are numerous risks identified and with all the exposure around gain of function research and Australia’s probable participation in that, never before has there been a time where our consolidated voices calling for truth and transparency been more important. There are conflicting and hypocritical messages coming from the representatives of this nation. The purpose of the vehicle we set up last year - People for Safe Vaccines- is here now to take the next bold step.

Please join us. We are a collective. Please become a member. We will be filing in the Federal Court of Australia seeking an injunction to halt all mandates and forced roll outs of the vaccines. There are serious questions to be investigated and the people deserve the answers. The Class Action will also be filed imminently but the injunctive relief action is immediate and there is enough evidence and information to at least demand an investigation into the origins of this virus and the technologies used in the vaccines. 

Please join us. Please go to the website linked below and join P4SV as a member. Let’s do this.



ADVISE: Sign up with an anonymous name and via VPN or TOR. Telegram is a honeypot for the professional snooping services.





The answer to the above is:

ScoMo’s road map back to his "normal" ...

As a remedy to the Covid-App mania check this out: https://covid1984.cotswoldtech.com/


Australian Government Admits COVID Vaccines are NOT SAFE and DO NOT Prevent Infection

First published on BITCHUTE June 2nd, 2021

I have lost 29 year old relative with no medical issues and 49 year old co-worker with no medical issues That Took the JAB both are dead. Autopsy was negative for cause of death. This is so scary and MEDIA is keeping quite about number of deaths and injuries' that are being caused by THE JAB. Please anyone with similar stories share with everyone you know.



Australia - no jab no pay 

(instagram requires login)

By jimstone.is - 02. July 2021

A reader in Australia sent me the real figures. 4 percent of Australians have had both shots, and 35 percent have had one shot. They obviously all learned from the first shot, except for the bottom 4th percentile.

Australia is a predominantly white country, slated for destruction along with the rest of the white countries, so obviously 4 percent "fully vaxxed" is not going to cut it. Australians are refusing the shot by more than "in droves", If you are in the top 96 percent, you're either not going to get the shot, or not going back for a second there.


Australian Covid Army General's Freudian Slip

21. June 2021

Lieutenant General Frewen could not but let the truth get out. Your Freudian slip reveals it all! Mate you are hypocrite and for a man of your position, you are disgrace to your nation and to your people.

Another Freudian Slip of the tongue. Covid Army General, saying "The Consequences of taking The Vaccine, are worse than any potential Side Effects"……(but book an appointment for one or two anyway) 🙄

That is the same army that classifies the COVID-19 'vaccines' as poisonous substances.


Calling in the army reveals disdain for bureaucrats

That the government has turned to the military for a supposed quick fix for the vaccine rollout points to the need to rebuild confidence in the civilian arms of the public service.



14 Reasons Why Aussie Lawyers Aren’t Coming to the Aid of Serene Teffaha (Satire)

By Mary W Maxwell, LLB - 26. May 2021

Serene Teffaha, a girl in her forties with the best legal mind in Australia (come on, if you know someone better, tell us his name), is undergoing full-on persecution.  I can recall a time when an unfair attack on a member of the big professions — medicine and law, would cause an uproar in the ranks.

Wicked Aussi Wigs - ex womendailymagazine.com

Here is the Serene situation as I understand it.  She had the brains to compose a class action for anyone who had suffered a loss thanks to the [wholly illegitimate] Covid lockdown. She put out the word that her firm, called “AdvocateMe.com,” would make a plaintiff out of anyone who paid a joining fee of $250. This would make a case that would be hard to beat.

Separately she stood up for protective parents who have had their children stolen. (If you are not a regular at GumshoeNews, search our site for, say, the code word “DCP,” and you will see tales of woe to shock the conscience.)

She has also come in on other big issues and she tells it like it is re Judges in Oz.

So what could they do?  I reckon her private life is unadventurous – they’d have pranced around with something lewd if they could. And you know she has never stolen so much as an ice-cream cone, or she’d be up on criminal charges by now, right?

But, still, she had to go. We can’t have a practicing solicitor in this country tending to real legal principles, can we?  Hell, what if she upset the apple cart and caused some moms to get reunited with their boys and girls?

So they found something in a case where Ms Teffaha gave the court, privately, the name of someone — which she wasn’t supposed to publish.  (Ah, search Gumshoe’s article for the word “section 121.” It’s part of the Family Law Act 1974 that is of the nature of “support the criminals by preventing revelations of their crimes”).

Mind you, Serene did not break that law.  But when they have to find a sin in your life, they will simply misconstrue what you did. I think she would break a law, though, if she had to.  Neccesitas non habet legem type thing.  I also would do so. Serene and I are cut from the same cloth which, believe me, I used to think was the normal, standard cloth. So standard, that if you deviated from it everybody would point the finger at you. You might even get disbarred.

To date, I haven’t heard of her colleagues rushing to condemn her disbarment (she got disbarred), or even rushing to say that her stance on protective parents is true — as they well know from the moms who beg them for legal protection.

Whilst it is a bit rash of me to offer this article on “14 Reasons Why Australia’s Lawyers Aren’t Coming to the Aid of Serene Teffaha” without having deeply researched, we have here at Gumshoe, covered her case before, as follows:

Serene Teffaha’s Disbarment Is Beauty, Now We Can Disbar the Bar (April 16, 2021)

Graeme Bell Replies to Solicitor Serene Teffaha’s Video (April 4, 2021)

Sidney Powell, James Perloff and Serene Teffaha — Sorting the News (November 16, 2020)

Serene Teffaha Condemns and Exposes the Family Court System (November 6, 2020), and

Serene Teffaha’s Class Action Suit against the Covid Nonsense (September 10, 2020)

To add to that today, I investigated public opinion about lawyers and came up with the following reasons (I hope I’m wrong) why Teffaha can’t depend on help from the profession.  I know it all sounds rather harsh, but here are my 14 reasons (for which meebly.com was the supplier):

  1. How do you differentiate between good and bad lawyers? A bad lawyer lets the case go on for plenty of years. A good lawyer can take it even longer.
  1. How can you differentiate between an escort and a lawyer? An escort screws one person at a time.
  1. What is the separation between witnesses and the lowest form of life on Earth? The wooded partition around the witness stand.
  1. How many lawyer jokes are there? Only around 3, the rest are true stories.
  1. What did the businessman advise his son? Do not ever see a lawyer without seeing a lawyer first.
  1. What looks good on a lawyer and is brown and black in color? A Doberman pinscher.
  1. What is a lawyer who does not know the law called? A judge.
  1. How to stop a lawyer from drowning? Just shoot him before he hits the water.
  1. When a hundred lawyers are buried up till their necks, what do you have? Not enough sand.
  1. A lawyer was skimming the Holy Book right before he died, why? He was looking for loopholes.
  1. How can you differentiate between a good lawyer and a great lawyer? A good lawyer has knowledge of the law; a great lawyer, however, knows the judge better.
  1. How can you differentiate between a lawyer and a leech? The leech will eventually stop sucking your blood after you are dead.
  1. What do you call 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea? A good start.
  1. If you are stuck with Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump, a lawyer and a cobra in an elevator with just two bullets, what will be the wisest move to make? Killing the lawyer twice.


  1. This is all you need to know about NSW legal and judicial mafia. Every word is true. If you can’t stand the truth, don’t get angry…you won’t be the first one.

  2. Mary Maxwell 

    REMINDER. this is not a joke. Agent 77 is getting tired of the KFC dumpster.

    Send donations today.

    (And I don’t mean send donations to Ms Teffaha — “they” have confiscated her bank account!!)

    Lord Who made the Universe, would it spoil some eternal plan if Dee got funding?

    Nani-nani nani-nani -noo-noo-noo



      OR accept an “offer” to shut-up about a criminal matter such as the ATO’s 2009 $250,000 cover-up bribe put to Serene as reported on this site:


      “If you wanted to be put in the same financial position as you would have been had you drawn a salary for 3 years then my understanding is that would be the equivalent of around $250,000 ‘cash in hand’ today. The fact that I have worked closely with you and have seen first-hand the qualities you can bring to the workplace means that I am in a very good position to provide you with the statement/reference. Ultimately I think that statement may be of greater assistance to you in rejoining the workforce in a job you’re well-qualified for than the outcome of any court proceedings.
      Anyway, let’s keep the channels of communication open and continue our constructive discussions about this matter. I’m really glad we can talk about this because, frankly, I think it’s only the lawyers that would benefit if we keep going down the formal, legal path. And I think the sooner we can bring this to a mutually acceptable conclusion, the better it will be.”
      (exerpt from 2009 ATO email to Serene Teffaha – as she did in fact refuse said “offer” - it’s hardly surprising she’s hated)


  3. dianedevere 
    Abusive Families: Kevin Annett
  4. Ned and the Royal Commission did squat! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=senator+heffernan+speech+2015&docid=608053144554076013&mid=4397975BF3D58184AD684397975BF3D58184AD68&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  5. As I have said many many times before the the so-called judicial system is corrupt and criminal from the BAR. Australia has been in a state of lawlessness for decades. We have a gangster corporate-government entity. We have a gangster police force.


A Dance with Dragons

By Sandy Barrett - 23. April 2021

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the made-for-tv series, Game of Thrones. When the upstanding and respected character, Ned Stark, loved by the people, lost his head early on in the first series, everyone was outraged and saddened that such a cruel turn of events would occur to such an admired character. It was the stuff that turned us into binge-watching couch potatoes, safely viewing humans at their most despicable, from the comfort of our lounges.

Ten years on and the world is a very different place now. One could be forgiven for thinking we are living in a GoT story-line, and now the story of Advocate Me has become compelling viewing for many.

Two hours after Serene Teffaha, principal of Advocate Me, filed proceedings for the Detention Towers class action in the Supreme Court of Victoria, the Victorian Legal Services Board issued her with a notice of intention to cancel her practicing license.

The basis of their claims are tied to two Family Court cases where Serene is representing vulnerable women on a pro-bono basis, these cases the subject of serious family violence and child sexual abuse. Serene called out what appears to be cover-ups of important disclosures and for this she is being accused of undermining the public's confidence in the administration of justice.

In addition, they took aim at public comments Serene made during a rally speech in December, particularly comments relating to corruption in the Family Court. Largely, they are claiming her comments are “baseless, inappropriate and undermining” of the justice system and warned there was no place for the claims, overlooking the fact that this is part of her job as a human rights lawyer. Otherwise, where is the accountability?

The VLSB demanded access to the details of the members of the National Class Action (‘NCA’), details of all barristers who agreed to the merits of her legal arguments for this action, plus the barristers signed up for the action.

In the process of defending herself, Serene refused demands that were unreasonable and likely to breach client confidentiality and the VLSB responded by cancelling her practicing license.

The VLSB has not cancelled her practicing certificate due to professional misconduct, but on the basis of allegations arising from certain interstate and national proceedings and public statements made. No client complaints have been made to the VLSB in relation to any action in which she is involved, whether on foot or pending.

Their action to cancel her license is disproportionate, but their pressure to access the client details seems to be their primary objective, which is deeply revealing.

The Detention Towers and the pending NCA class actions involves claims against all the State governments impugning the COVID-19 directions on Constitutional and other grounds. The members of these actions have been hurt by government overreach of powers and they do not want government cronies to access their information, let alone taking over these class actions in a clear conflict of interest. There are inherent protections for this, which the VLSB refuse to acknowledge.

All legal costs contributions received by the NCA members are held in a trust account, which was recently audited and approved by independent auditor. Serene has not drawn any amount from trust on account of her legal services rendered to date. In spite of this, the VLSB have frozen access to the trust and other bank accounts, without notice and without Court orders.

The NCA members are unwilling to have their personal details disclosed to third parties. The members are group members and want their identities strictly protected and Serene has promised to preserve their anonymity. This ultimately resulted in her practicing licensing being cancelled, because she did not comply with the VLSB’s unreasonable demands to provide them.

Prior to the cancellation, group members of the NCA instructed Serene to refund their legal cost contributions, and replace Serene, who is currently the solicitor on file, with one of our very trusted solicitors whom we have been working with already. This has already been done with the Detention Towers, ensuring it will continue. Instead, Serene will join the group as a group member in this class action. This would allow the class action to continue unimpeded.

While Serene has the right to appeal the decision for the insertion of a manager to step in, this was waived by an injunction order, which shocking went further asking the Court to gag Serene being an advocate for the people. Clearly a breach of human rights. Serene was not even made aware through proper process of this hearing and given very little time to prepare for it.

The judge presiding over the case granted little additional time and that hearing was conducted yesterday. While the plaintiffs had three of their barristers representing them, and more time to prepare, Serene had no time to attain proper representation and therefore represented herself. Significantly, the outcome of yesterdays hearing meant that the plaintiffs left with nothing more than they already had.

There are serious procedural issues with how Serene has been targeted and her right of review and appeal trampled on by the VLSB. They are operating outside the framework they should be, cherry picking sections from the Uniform Law to suit their ongoing onslaught and character assassination, because they don't have anything extenuating, such as misuse of trust money and client complaints to go by. All they can come up with are a couple of judges that were unhappy she challenged the decisions that put innocent people in harm’s way, some statements made in her December rally speech and unsubstantiated claims and what-ifs. Their response is completely disproportionate.

Yesterday’s win in her Supreme Court hearing was comprehensive and an adjournment was granted to allow her time to properly appeal. More importantly Justice Forbes denied their injunction to order Serene hand over client information. Showing this is not just about Serene, but it is about all of us. In short, Serene had her license cancelled because she refused to give the VLSB access to the class action participants.

If this does not prove her integrity, strength of character and legal skills, then I don't know what will.

She has been practical in what information she has provided them, but there is a legal argument about the privacy of class action members under these circumstances, and this must be allowed play out properly. The ambush and pressure tactics used by the VLSB to force Serene to submit to their demands for this data are shocking, but Serene has upheld her end of the bargain to protect her members. Now it is time to uphold our end and support her, by staying the course with her.

Many supporters have written complaints to the VLSB, Victorian Ombudsman and Hall & Wilcox, the firm inserted as new managers. Many Affidavits in support are currently being prepared for use in her appeal. If you would like to come forward to provide your support in this way, we encourage you to contact us on .

The situation is changing daily, as the tactics of the VLSB to bully her increase in intensity. But Justice Forbes was sensible yesterday in her decision to grant Serene time to appeal, confirming what Serene said in her rally speech about the Supreme Court.

This effort by the VLSB seems nothing more than a witch hunt and a means to gain access to the class action data. In fact, they want all her data, quite possibly because she has been collating many cases of corruption in the Family Court and is planning to do a Peoples Commission on this. That and the strong legal merits of her class actions are a serious threat to the public's confidence in government and the judicial system.

Exposing their corruption is all Serene is guilty of here, and this has caused them to be fearful. Fearful that the public confidence in the administration of government and some of the judiciary will be seriously diminished. But it is too late for that, we already know where the system is broken. That horse has already bolted.

If all our binge-watching of ten seasons of Game of Thrones has taught us anything, it is that the pursuit of power can be all consuming. And those in power will do anything to hold onto it. They use guilt and fear to disarm you, but we also learnt they too have fear. Fear of losing their power and retribution for their actions.

Let them be afraid and have no fear yourself, for that is what they want. Fear is what holds us back from doing what is right and while we continue to be held back, they push forward their agenda, increasingly at our peril. The group collective is strong, and they know it. So, there is no better time than now, to stand together. Strength and safety in numbers.

While new episodes of Advocate Me may come to you faster than GoT did, this is real life and real battles are taking place. This is not the time to be a couch potatoe if you want change. If the pen is your sword, pick it up and write to your local member, the ombudsman, the VLSB, the judges and the media. Have resolve and patience for we are in the battle now and we have the numbers and the truth on our side. Stay firm and stay strong.

#sereneteffaha #advocateme #humanrights #freedom


Together, our favourite place to be!

By Sandy Barrett - 21. April 2021

All humans make mistakes, that is a fact of life. Some mistakes are made from inaccuracies, others from oversights, miscalculations, misunderstanding, underestimations, or misjudgments. But, sure as the sun rises and sets, humans make mistakes.

Children learn by having their mistakes pointed out and corrected. It is the role of the child’s guardians and teachers to impart what their misconduct is, so that in adulthood they conduct themselves appropriately in society, as law-abiding and socially appropriate members of the community.

In adulthood, it is the State that tries to ensure its citizens operate within the boundaries of its constitution and its laws, often using their power of rule to implement punitive measures to influence and ultimately control them.

In Australia, we have many layers of government, plus the judiciary and military, operating as authoritative bodies, to ensure there is accountability in our democracy when mistakes are made. Our governments setup statutory bodies to ensure there are checks and measures at every point.

The outcome is the bureaucracy we have today. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in the 2019-2020 financial year, the public sector employed more than 2 million people across Commonwealth, state and local governments.

So, what happens when high ranking authorities make questionable decisions which negatively impact the people, or they simply make mistakes? Who questions them?

When our governments responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was sold to the people that their restrictions were precautionary, designed to keep us safe. Due to the novel nature of the virus, the overwhelming majority complied. But what many Australians didn’t know was that these blanket measures did not follow the letter of the law, and as most blanket measures do, people got hurt as a result.

As many people suffered at the hands of these restrictions, we started to question them, and when our questioning was met with harshness, we started to learn first-hand what a totalitarian regime feels like. Especially when the Victorian government stepped up their restrictive measures and imprisoned around 3000 of its citizens in the public housing towers in July 2020.

When our politicians stop listening and instead use our police force to silence any dissenting voices, we must turn to one of the other authorities to return some sense and accountability. This is where the Advocate Me class actions were born.

Both the Detention Towers and National Class Actions were challenging the actions of our governments, showing where they have failed to follow their own legislation, so that our Courts can use their position of authority to correct the mistakes in administration of the biosecurity measures. These arguments have very strong legal merits, so it’s no surprise that the government would go into damage control. How this damage control is playing out is deeply revealing.

After filing the first class action against the Victorian Government; The Detention Towers, what we have witnessed is nothing short of shocking. The Victorian Legal Services Board (VLSB), a statutory body for the Victorian Government, has cancelled the Australian Practicing Certificate of the solicitor on file, Serene Teffaha.

Furthermore, this statutory body of the Victorian government, the VLSB, has selected another law firm to be installed as managers of Advocate Me, freezing all bank accounts in the process and demanding access to privileged details.

When criminals get prior notice of bank accounts being frozen, and we learn of the cancellation of Serene's practicing license by the media first, despite the obvious overreach of power, the collusion and conspiracy is palpable.

No person, regardless of their position, is above reproach. Yet when mistakes made by the establishment are exposed, instead of following the letter of the law, it would appear from the action taken that they collude and conspire, and are not averse to the use of stand-over tactics to bully those who dare to question them. The law seems to be secondary and conflicts of interest ignored.

Serene has been one voice of dissent, speaking out when decisions made have been questionable and have placed innocent people in harm's way. This has been the focus on cancelling her practicing certificate; not mismanagement, malpractice, or complaints from clients.

Serene’s attempts to have the VLSB provide demonstrative evidence for cancellation has failed to produce anything. In a strong show of commitment, Serene’s attempts to protect her clients from being extorted has ultimately resulted in her being cancelled and now rigorously pursued through the Supreme Court of Victoria.

We have had the benefit of having Serene to echo our concerns and be a voice for us, but now it is our turn to speak up as a collective in what is now a defining moment. These actions seek to shut us down and, in the process, silence the many thousands of you who form these class actions. They want to put it to rest, by implementing their own actors to ensure their actions remain unaccounted for.

The best way to take a stand is to do it together. Right now, you need to be patient with us and allow this process to play out. We sought your instructions and you provided them, and we must now execute them and ensure the remaining class actions proceed unhindered. And in this time, we encourage you to write to the Victorian Ombudsman demanding they intervene immediately, with this obvious conflict of interest that is designed to jeopardise our actions.

Since we began this journey last year, tens of thousands of honest, hard-working Australians like you have joined this movement. The establishment is trying to silence us, and in the process, all of you, but they cannot silence us all. If we apply pressure in the right places, we can win. We have the truth on our side, so share this information far and wide, so people can see what they already sense, the perversion of authority in this country.

Prime Ministers, Premiers, Judges, Magistrates, police and military are humans who make mistakes. They are not above reproach, and when things go wrong, there needs to be proper process of accountability, otherwise corruption is enabled.

Our truth and transparency is shining a light in some of the darkest places. This is what Serene is guilty of, nothing more. But, sure as the sun rises and sets, Serene, and her team, united with you all, will continue the good fight.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dirkI8Lp88 (this video was already taken down by the GooTube censors)

#advocateme #sereneteffaha #FreeAustralia



First published on BITCHUTE April 16th, 2021. Serene Responds to Cancellation of Licence (still also on GooTube)

channel image


No more Screw you tube

State sanctioned violence must stop. The clients of Advocate Me are being targeted for the sole purpose of sabotaging the National Class Action and taking over the Detention Tower Class Action. Serene will not allow these violations.

A second video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dirkI8Lp88  was already taken down by the GooTube censors.


Whetting the whistle

By Sandy Barrett - 31. March 2021

To be a successful lawyer, you need to understand the law, but you also need to know how to fight, especially if you are representing clients before the Court. You must be equipped with a sharp mind and quick tongue to defend your clients and stake claim to your case. To be an outstanding lawyer you also need courage, strength and persistence to stand for what is just. This is what separates the good from the truly great.

When you flee a war-torn country and find yourself in a strange and different world, you can engage and involve yourself in your new community, learning and respecting the culture, thereby finding yourself a new home. Or through shyness or fear, you can keep your distance, taking up residence but never truly feeling at home.

As a migrant Serene made a home for herself in Australia. Having come from war, she knows all too well what corruption looks like and understands what fighting is all about, and most importantly, how to defend and how to win. So, it is no surprise that when Serene sees corruption in her new home, she is compelled to act. To act in the best interests of her family, friends, community, and clients.

When decisions are made that debase human rights and depravity and immorality threaten and harm us, it is generally the law we turn to. But when you confront a system that seeks to protect its own, how can you possibly challenge dubious decisions?

This is what Serene has been doing all her career, defending the innocent, protecting them from harm and in some cases, tackling questionable decisions when needed. To a system that seeks to protect its own, it is called “undermining public confidence in the administration of the law” and seemingly punishable by losing your livelihood.

No wonder many operating within that system are compelled to simply abide and assist. The problem is, this is exactly where corruption seeps in. We should have a justice system, not a legal system.

Within hours of filing her Detention Towers class action in the Victorian Supreme Court, Serene found herself the target of a campaign to suspend her livelihood, by the Victorian Legal Services Board (VLSB).

The complaints within this investigation have come from people in this system who Serene has challenged, but it would appear from the weakness of their claims, and their interest in her National Class Action, their real concern may not be her “undermining public confidence in the administration of the law”, but the strength of her National Class Action. It does make you question who is pulling the strings at VLSB doesn’t it?

In response, Serene has informed her clients of the stated intention from the VLSB to attain their details and consequently lodged a complaint to the Victorian Ombudsman, which we are expecting a response from.

Further to this, Serene has instituted whistleblowing complaints against the Victorian Legal Services Board, Queensland Legal Services Commission, Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, Family Court of Australia, Australian Federal Police, Victoria Police and Queensland Police on her behalf and on behalf of the clients affected.

But in what appears to be an about-face, after numerous clients from the National Class Action complained directly to the VLSB and the Victorian Ombudsman, Serene received a rather contradictory email from the VLSB late yesterday.

It suggests, rather patronisingly, that their notice to Serene did not contain any request for privileged information, but they will withdraw the paragraph that requests privileged information of the barristers’ opinions on the merits of the case. So, in a show of ultimate hypocrisy, they both deny and admit that they requested privileged information.

There is an entire website dedicated to the corruption of the VLSB, by continuing practitioner Peter Mericka: https://www.petermericka.com.au/fiona-mcleay-victorian-legal-services-commissioner-vlsc/

“A culture of corruption has developed in the office of the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner. In recent years I have had first-hand experience of retribution, lies, harassment and serious criminal conduct involving perjury and the perverting of the course of justice by VLSC investigators and their supervisors. I have also received what I would describe as an ‘incentive’ of $80,000 to keep quiet and move on.”

– Peter Mericka

It is comforting to know that there are others operating within the legal system who recognise and challenge corruption within, and retain their practicing license. Thank you, Peter, for your disclosures.

For clients of the National Class Action, it is too little too late. The VLSB has already intimidated and violated the rights of the clients of Advocate Me, the barristers, and the entire firm. The actions of the VLSB will never be excused and the people behind the decision to sanction this witch hunt of Serene, will be exposed.

However, we reassure our clients that we will stand up for them and never give out their information and details to the VLSB, and Advocate Me will always protect your interests. The VLSB will not hijack these cases with their proxy external intervenors.

Yes, there is a battle being waged, and it’s on many fronts, but Serene is no stranger to war and she hides in no trenches. She is a brave and fierce opponent willing to shine a light in the darkest corners, to ensure justice prevails. And while she engages in battle, our job is simply to stand with her. The question is, are you with her? Show her your support.


#advocateme #sereneteffaha




•Mar 29, 2021


Dezi Freeman

Serene is seeking whistleblower protection from Federal Government and Victorian Ombudswoman immediate whistle-blower protection from interference by State Government regulators threatening to shut her down. The corruption in Australia has now reached intolerable proportions. YOU can help by SHARING this video across as many platforms as possible.

Introduction by Dee McLachlan

Serene Teffaha is the principal Lawyer of Advocate Me and has over 8 years experience in challenging Governments specialising in Whistleblower protections. Solicitor’s who are bold enough to stand up for their clients in child protection matters need support. Let us all jump on the bandwagon for Serene immediately. We at Gumshoe have some knowledge of violence by “the Crown.”

Please watch her new 44-minute  video.  If you can’t spare 44 minutes, just watch the first two minutes and you will suddenly want to arrange your schedule to take in the other 42 minutes!


Australians have had plenty of opportunities over the decades to do it and have not budged on any of the below of the multiple seditious acts of Treason. Why is that? Here are just a few of the acts of sedition, treason and misprision.

Ex Prime Minister Billy Hughes changed the Proportional Representation model to the Preferential Voting system without a Referendum and nothing happened

IMPORTANT SOURCE: The Lieber code. Plus A List Of Treatys Australia Is A Signatory.







The Australia Act
Australia acts 1985 1986 treason from 1973 – rewrite

Treason in Australia (FB removed it)
An excellent speech by Andrew Wilkie in which no other politicians will mention! It is such pity that there are only a handful of people in the chamber! What does that tell us? Australians need to wake up and take notice!

The Rome Statue

Treason & Treachery Defined
Revolution is the act to change the form of government.

The Crimes Act defines Treason and Treachery clearly. Even though the Political Parties have tried to ignore the Constitution and use their own corporate constitution, our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 is still in force. We, the people of the Commonwealth, have a Common Law right to implement the laws according to our Constitution…not the political party one.

Is the Australian Government a US Corporation?

Australian Government Acts of Treason 1/4


The Titular “Queen of Australia” and the Act of Treason

Treachery laws Australian Defence Association
All Australians have a reciprocal citizenship obligation not to a
ssist an enemy our government deploys our defence force to fight. Sedition and treachery laws are therefore essential and in no way affect peaceful and responsible democratic dissent.

Australian Political Treason, Treachery & Sabotage by Dick Yardley

Secrecy of information, treason espionage and sabotage target of new Bill

Billy Hughes apparently understood that Australia’s admission to the League of Nations constituted recognition of Australia as a sovereign Nation, thus invalidating the Constitution as it stood, being a Constitution for the self governance of a Crown colony. In effect if this is so, it means we have not had a legal Constitution for the past 100 years.


Treachery Sabotage against “the Commonwealth of Australia”as established and constituted1st January 1901under our Founding and Primary Law“of the Commonwealth of Australia”Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901as Proclaimed and Gazetted against our “Constitutional Sovereign and Monarch”holder of the Crown of the United Kingdomand against us, the people“of the Commonwealth of Australia”

A guidebook for Australians who want to protect their human rights and liberties.

This corporate-government entity has severely breached the trust between State and citizen/s as have the medical-pharmaceutical-vaccine cabal in their contrived medical tyranny to establish by hostile means the trans-global technocratic medical fascist takeover of countries and governments with the mechanism of Covid aka Coronavirus aka SARS CoV2. In this unprecedented event it has created catastrophic damage of biblical proportions. You don’t even have to explain the details as people are frightfully aware of the destruction taking place in addition to the perpetual barrage of propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, suppression of the facts of evidence, bias reporting and heavy censorship.

Australian Government Acts of Treason.
https://www.change.org/p/john-dawkins-australians-say-no-to-a-un-mandated-republic from 3 years ago: When Turnbull was PM he was “putting out feelers to see if this mandate can take effect”. Sandra Jones started this petition to Hon John Dawkins (Liberal Member of Legislative Council. Sadly it only got 2,137 supporters – back then we’d hadn’t been given the Covid time off to get informed, although the reasons for signing show a few early ‘awake’ people.
https://commonwealthofaustralia.org/voice-of-the-australian-constitution/published by Admin 29 May 2020. (choice to listen for 38m26s, or read)
“I am the most important document in this land. Without me, all other Contracts and Agreements are worthless bits of paper…Even your money and the deeds to your home…” “the very fabric of Your free Australian society is vitally dependent upon me.” Either “you” have never heard of me” or “know little about me” since the Constitution has been kept out of schools and universities for decades because “there are those living among you who are deadly afraid of me.” “I am the Rule of Law, the Moral Law, and not the rule of men.”
The constitution can only be changed in a referendum – including the “so-called laws of Local Councils… yet they continue to illegally create new laws and by-laws without your knowledge or consent”. [No blinking wonder they stopped us learning about this in 1975!]

If you really want to realize the magnitude of the deception, then start digging here:


or learn something from the Living Law Society - Bookmark for later viewing - https://www.livinglawsociety.org




Please see the blog post where Serene blows the whistle on unlawful interference in the National Class Action.

At this stage, we have put a pause on new submissions, however if you want to express your interest, please be patient with us as we resolve the outstanding issues with the Victorian Legal Services Board.  We need to protect our existing clients and we will not place any new clients in danger of having their information taken by the Victorian Legal Services Board. 


Serene Teffaha, from Advocate Me, has been operating a legal practice, as well as an advocacy service. As part of the legal practice, Serene provides specialised legal advice for clients who may need to escalate issues to the Courts, tribunals and/or commissions.

Serene has also been operating an advocacy service, where she empowers clients with the knowledge and understanding of their situation, to deescalate their matter and attempt to negotiate a resolution. In that capacity, Serene provides legal information to assist the clients, and for those who are unrepresented she provides pro-bono support as a friend of the Court.

Serene has also run various campaigns to create awareness and organise various actions in a lawful manner, to mobilse people with the purpose of creating change. Serene and her team done this through her campaigns such as Cops for Covid Truth, AHPRA Whistleblower complaint, a Peoples' Commissions for the Family Court of Australia, Detention Towers class action and the National Class Action.

Unfortunately Serene's campaigns have been very powerful and as a result of her strong representation of people who have suffered human rights breaches and crimes against humanity, the Victorian Legal Services Board ('VLSB') has cancelled Serene's legal practitioner license. They are now threatening not just to force themselves onto the clients of the legal practice, to forcibly attain their legal files without client approval, instruction, knowledge or consent, they are also threatening to take the information that belongs to the campaigns unrelated to the legal practice. 

We are fighting this battle in the Supreme Court of Victoria, as the VLSB is not only seeking to muzzle Serene as a legal practitioner, but also as an advocate for the people. Given this, we need to re-calibrate our bearings and expose the corruption. For this reason we have paused our contact information form, we have also paused any forms associated with any of our campaigns, as well as the online forum as we don't want to risk your information being hijacked by the VLSB or agent of the VLSB, however, we will maintain our blog as a way of communicating. 


Serene blows the whistle

By Sandy Barrett - 30. March 2021

We should be celebrating, having filed the first of our critical class actions, the Detention Towers.

However, we are defending ourselves from a serious attack aimed to shut us down. This attack has come from the Victorian Legal Services Board (VLSB), regulators for the Victorian government, the very government this particular class action is challenging.

Instead of ventilating these issues through proper Court process, they seek to simply shut us down, and in the process silence you and many thousands who form part of the National Class Action that is to be filed next.

What is upsetting is that the basis of their claims is tied to two cases where Serene is representing vulnerable women on a pro-bono basis; these cases are the subject of serious family violence, and child sexual abuse. Serene called out what appears to be cover-ups of important disclosures, and for this she is being accused of undermining the public's confidence in the administration of justice.

Serene represents hundreds of people before judges in the Courts. These "complaints" have not come from our clients. They have been instigated by the two judges sitting on the cases mentioned above. The VLSB is now building a case to try to shut us down, because Serene has dared to question irregular, unfair and inequitable practices, and attempted to protect her clients from danger.

Advocate Me has been subject to trust account audits, where we have shown to be compliant. The complaints have not come from any clients and do not relate to mismanagement of trust monies, yet the VLSB seem determined to revoke Serene's practicing license and have also taken aim at the National Class Action, seeking confidential information that could expose private details and technical aspects of our arguments to those named defendants in our actions.

The VLSB wants to place a person of their choosing into the firm to handle these actions. Yes, a person appointed by the government, to manage actions against the government! This is a clear conflict of interest and Serene will not submit to their demands for the details of our clients, especially in the absence of any complaint of misconduct, and in the absence of our clients instructions.

Serene has made a video asking for immediate whistleblower protection against this incursion from the government regulators. The video goes through the issues at length. Please listen here and share it far and wide.

We should be able to question poor decisions made by people in power, as they are not beyond reproach. When this is not allowed, corruption is able to creep in, but this attack shows their determination to silence and eliminate any opposition to their power.

The citizens of this country are the victims of government overreach of power. Serene has been a vehicle for your voice. We knew that we would be challenged, but we expected it to be on the merits of our legal arguments that are defending your rights. We cannot let them take that away from us now, as we are so close to filing.

Our continued unity is vital to the success of this movement.

This movement is about:

· fair process and procedure.

· informed consent,

· evidence-based science, and

· proper execution of the law.

This movement is the community becoming involved in making this country a transparent and fair playing field for all.

The actions of the VLSB clearly challenge the notion of impartiality in justice, which we have been taught to expect. These actions are designed to stop true justice from being done, to remove your right to be heard, and to silence your voices from telling apparently uncomfortable truths.

With your ongoing commitment, we will continue our fight for transparency, fairness, and the right to be heard so we can get you your day in court.

Warm regards

Advocate Me Team

Below is an outline from the VLSB about what they wish to do. We have not provided you with the entire complaint because it contains some very sensitive information about clients, which Serene is not prepared to reveal to ensure her clients mentioned are protected.


External intervention

98. If the Board cancels your Australian practising certificate, you will be disqualified from being the principal of the law practice. This will likely necessitate the Board taking steps to appoint an independent third party to take control of the law practice in accordance with the external intervention scheme contained in Chapter 6 of the Uniform Law.

99. Specifically, section 326 of the Uniform Law provides that one of the circumstances that warrants an external intervention is where a legal practitioner associate involved in the law practice ceases to hold a current Australian practising certificate (section 326(a) of the Uniform Law)

100. The purposes of an external intervention are detailed in section 323 of the Uniform Law and include protecting the interests of: the general public, clients and law practices and others, including the owners and employees of law practices, so far as their interests are not inconsistent with those of the general public and clients (section 323(a) of the Uniform Law).

101. If it becomes necessary for the Board to appoint an external intervenor, it is most likely that it will be a Manager within the meaning of Part 6.4 of the Uniform Law. The Manager is empowered to carry on the law practice and may do all things that the law practice or a legal practitioner associate of the law practice might lawfully have done, including but not limited to:

a. Transacting business of the law practices;

b. Transacting business on behalf of the clients, including –

i. Commencing, continuing, defending or settling any proceedings; and

ii. Receiving, retaining and disposing of property;

c. Accepting instructions from new clients and transacting any business on their behalf,

including –

i. Commencing, continuing, defending or settling proceedings; and

ii. Receiving, retaining and disposing of regulated property;

d. Charging and recording legal costs, including legal costs for work in progress at the

time of the Manager’s appointment;

e. Entering into, executing or performing any agreement; and

f. Winding up the affairs of the law practice.

102. You will be required to comply with the lawful directions of the Manager and must not do anything to obstruct the Manager in exercising a function under the Uniform Law. In the event that you do obstruct the Manager, you may be liable to a civil penalty and the Board may seek injunctive relief against you.

103. The Manager is entitled to be paid fees by way of remuneration and to recover the legal costs and the expenses incurred in fulfilling their duties. These costs are payable by the law practice and the Manager will render accounts to the law practice accordingly.

104. Section 358 of the Uniform Law provides a right of appeal to the Supreme Court against the Manager’s appointment; however, specifies that any appeal must be lodged within 7 days after service of the Notice of Appointment.

105. If you wish to discuss any aspects of the possible external intervention, please contact xxxxxx xxxxx on xx xxxx xxxx.

Request for documents and/or information

106. In considering whether or not to grant, renew, vary, suspend, or cancel an Australian

practising certificate, the Board may require the legal practitioner to give it specific

documents or information. Failure to comply with such a notice is a ground for making an

adverse decision (section 95(2) of the Uniform Law).

107. I require you to provide me with the following, pursuant to section 95(1)(a) and (d) of the Uniform Law:

a. I understand that you have sought advice from barristers on the merits of the claim

with respect to the National Class Action. Please provide me with details as to:

i. How many barristers you have consulted with regarding the merits of the claim.

ii. What proportion of those barristers considered the claim to have merit.

iii. Whether any barristers have now accepted the brief.

b. I understand that you have yet to initiate the claim with respect to the National Class

Action. Please provide an explanation for the delay.

c. I understand that you are currently holding approximately $654,000 in your trust

account in respect of the National Class Action:

i. Please provide details of each client that has signed up to the National Class

Action, including their Costs Agreements and Disclosure Statements.

ii. Please provide each clients associated trust ledger and a copy of the most recent

trust reconciliation.

d. I understand that you have sought donations for a number of campaigns:

i. Please provide the details for the donations account(s).

ii. Please confirm how much is in the donations account(s).

e. Please provide the address from which you are currently practising.

108. Please provide your response to the above within 5 days from the date of this notice.


advocatemelogo.pngWe have take off!

By Serene Teffaha - 24. March 2021 / Updated: Mar 26

We have successfully filed the Detention Towers Class Action in the Supreme Court of Victoria. We are so proud of our efforts and your patience in getting us here. The 3000 residents at the Estate Towers now have a vehicle to be heard. Their issues impact us all. The VGSO has been served and we need to wait for them to file an appearance and the Court will then share the filed Writ and Statement of Claim on the Court’s website. This will hopefully be available soon.

Unfortunately amid this successful juncture and our imminent filing of the National Class Action and other pivotal actions, my firm has been threatened and attacked by Government Regulators. As I said, this attack threatens my clients’ interests directly. I am preparing a substantive response and will be preparing a video for my clients (who are the unsung heroes here) as to what do next to ensure that the Government Regulators do not think that they can get away with sabotaging our cases and destroying my firm.

Obviously, they see me as an influencer. They know I am smart, lean and mean and understand the laws intricately. They are stalking my every move. And as I said, stalking this Telegram. I have complied with all the trust account rules and they are not attacking me on the basis of any professional misconduct or any client complaints and I have over 5000 clients. They are attacking me on the basis that I am diminishing public confidence in the administration of justice based on ongoing cases before the Court involving serious issues of covering up child sexual abuse disclosures and family violence. They allege that me speaking out to protect my clients and these children is offensive to the administration of justice. This is nothing short of psychopathic. They understand I have the ability to organise people into numerous actions. They know we are close now and they have now completely exposed how threatened they are.

I have no fear!

This is a message to the Government Regulators and their masters:

You don’t own me.

You don’t own the law.

You don’t regulate my opinion, my mind and my thoughts.

You are irrelevant.

You are redundant.

You are corrupt.

You don’t control my reality.

You don’t control my narrative.

You don’t control the way I choose to help my community against your savagery.

I was born free and I remain free.

I don’t need your permission to operate or to exist.


Love to all and watch this space.

Serene Teffaha

Advocate for the People

#sereneteffaha #advocateme #detentiontowers #FreeAustralia #FreeVictoria


Keeping Momentum

By Sandy Barrett - 09. March 2021 

Advocate Me has led the way in defending human rights by crafting several class actions, including our National Class Action, and creating free template letters to assist you with immediate and urgent issues, but there is more work to be done.

Getting much of this off the ground has been a monumental effort, but with so many actions now on the go, the momentum is shifting in our favour.

We have been inundated with emails and calls from many concerned individuals, raising many issues they wish to see challenged.

For us to be organised and understand what our clients and the public are looking for help with, we have created a series of polls. By capturing this information we get to keep our finger on the pulse of what is important to you, the public. We will utilise the results of the polls to better direct our future efforts.

A plane uses the greatest amount of energy during take off, but once cruising at altitude, burns far less fuel.

We are reaching altitude now and with altitude comes perspective and a real opportunity to see for what lays ahead of us, and this is the purpose of these polls.

Together, we have created a powerful movement, a voice for the people and a safe forum for like-minded individuals to connect. And it is growing daily, so we encourage you to get onboard and tell us what is most important to you, so that we can prioritise our actions appropriately and be ready for the next stage.


Class Action Challenges Australia’s Prime Minister And State And Territory Leaders On Their Covid-19 Response

By VVC - 23. August 2020

Nationa Class Action

We now have here in Australia our own RFK Jr, that is, a lawyer public-minded, brave and savvy enough to take on our governments and health authorities – and the huge pharma corporations that are leading them by the nose – over their draconian dictatorship of our activities and health choices.

Melbourne lawyer Serene Teffaha and her team are running a class action, which all Australians can join, to challenge our heads of governments on their use of laws and statistics to enable and justify their Covid-19 responses.

The first step of the class action was taken on August 20, which was to send all federal, state and territory political leaders a letter outlining the scope of the class action, along with evidence and explanations, and giving them a chance to discuss this with Serene’s team of experts and respond to it. Please see more about the letter further down the page.

If there are not constructive responses from the leaders by close of business Thursday August 27, Serene and her team will launch immediate legal action against them.

Join class action

You can join the National Class Action by visiting Serene’s website, find it here: WEBSITE

Click on ‘Join the National Class Action” and find the page titled:
“Challenging Disproportionate Response to SARS-COV-2 – the National State of Emergency & Victorian State of Disaster”

Find explanations of the class action, and the following:

This is an invitation for all Australians impacted by these draconian changes to join our Class Action. These are the issues we’ve identified:

    • People impacted by all detention issues such as returning travellers, cross-border travellers and other forms of detention where they are healthy.
    • People impacted by being required to take the Influenza Vaccination to access loved ones at residential care facilities and/or retain their employment.
    • People impacted by all proposed mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations and/or threats to deny essential benefits, if the vaccination is not taken.
    • People impacted by all inconsistent business-related closures and restrictions including unreasonable restrictions on self-employment and small business operations.
    • People impacted, particularly the elderly, by extended detention and isolation at Residential Aged Care Facilities and/or Hospitals leading to elderly abuse in some instances.
    • People impacted by denial of access to their elderly family member and/or other vulnerable family member or loved one at Residential Aged Cared Facilities, Hospitals and/or any other Facilities.
    • People impacted by testing requirements which include requiring body samples such as compulsory testing, punitive outcomes for not testing such as extended detention, denial of return to work or denial of benefit such as access to medical services when the person is healthy.
    • People impacted by unreasonable cross border rules (example being denied travel to funerals etc) by being denied travel to funerals and/or being reunited with families.
    • People impacted by inappropriate self-isolation requirements when they are healthy.
    • People impacted by inappropriate contact tracing rules including failure to be provided with prescribed contact information and classification of suspect COVID-19 case with no clinical diagnosis or presentation.
    • People impacted by inappropriate classification of cause of death as COVID-19.
    • People impacted by inappropriate requirements to undergo medical examinations or treatment of any kind without their full and informed consent.
    • People impacted by compulsory requirements for masking.
    • People impacted by denial of overseas travel.
    • People impacted by unreasonable complications to return home as a resident from overseas.
    • People impacted by inappropriate imposition of fines and/or summonses.
    • People impacted by the unreasonable imposition of directives restricting their movements.
    • People impacted by removal of their children and/or other dependants by authority.
    • People impacted by denial of access to medical treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.
    • People impacted by denial of PPE at hospitals and other care facilities for our frontline worker

To join the class action, read the page and fill in the form. If cost is an issue, please be aware the fee can be shared among family members.

Serene is running two other class actions which you may like to explore, find them under “Other Actions”.

Serene also writes the following:

In effect, the main purpose of this action is to stop our administrators from taking away our basic rights not to be treated or labelled as sick and having to prove our health. Our administrators do not have the right to restrict our movements in the manner that they have and impose on us restrictions that are unreasonable and disproportionate to the risks. They also cannot medicate, treat, test, examine, detain and vaccinate us without ensuring that the strict processes of the Biosecurity Act 2015 are applied.

Letter to leaders

Please download the letter to leaders from Serene’s website above or here:
Letter To Leaders (PDF)

We strongly suggest you read it – if you are a little allergic to legal language you may prefer to go straight to the section Problems with Data and Statistics and the rest of the letter after that.

The legal team’s talking points are supported with links to evidence – this is a very useful collection of evidence for anyone interested to keep.

The letter is titled:

Open Letter – Request to Governments to Review Disproportionate Response to SARS-COV-2

From the letter’s introduction:

“Our correspondence is in relation to the disproportionate approach taken by the decision-makers in relation to their assessment and management of the risks associated with SARS- COV-2.”

Here are the contents of the letter to help you navigate it:

  • Sovereign Governments (independent without foreign interference)
  • Preference given to the Biosecurity Act 2015 (in a state of human biosecurity emergency)
  • States & Territories acting in excess of power
  • Foreign Interference
  • Problems with Data and Statistics
    1. The RT-PCR Tests are not a diagnostic tool
    2. RT-PCR tests give rise to false positives
    3. Security Risks identified with RT-PCR Tests
    4. Suspect COVID-19 Cases
    5. Diagnosis and Codification at Hospitals for COVID-19
    6. COVID-19 Deaths
    7. Financial Incentivisation
  • Other significant issues for our clients – Influenza Vaccine Mandate
    – The flu shot requirement to enter an aged-care facility has been repealed in Victoria, and the rest of Australia is being asked to repeal it too.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
  • State of Disaster in Victoria
  • Immediate Requests from our Clients
    – This section has 18 requests for changes to be made immediately.

Please join the class action and share this information with absolutely anyone you can think of!

Thank you Serene, from the bottom of our hearts. And thank you to your hard-working and passionate team. 




Claim was filed in the Victorian Supreme Court on 23. March 2021

Victoria Police, the Victorian Government and the Deputy Chief Health Officer have chosen to detain large groups of people, in a number of public housing estates, under the guise it is in the best interests of public health. We have now launched our Detention Towers Class Action, to give the 3000 residents and visitors of the Estate Towers a voice.


SEE MORE - and this (below) 


The Totalitarian Police State of Victoria / Australia goes after lawyer to shut down class action

Melbourne tower lockdown class action in doubt after lawyer's licence cancelled, court hears

By Kristian Silva - 22. April 2021

A woman talks directly to the camera

Melbourne lawyer Serene Teffaha told the Supreme Court none of the allegations against her amounted to misconduct. (YouTube)

A class action against the Victorian government over last year's COVID-19 lockdown of public housing towers has been thrown into disarray, after the lawyer acting for residents had her practising licence revoked by the state's legal watchdog.

Key points:

  • Serene Teffaha has accused the Victorian Legal Services Board of running a "witch hunt"
  • She refused to hand over client information to a lawyer appointed to take over her firm's work after her licence was cancelled
  • The Supreme Court ordered she hand over the financial details of her firm and details of any cases requiring urgent action

Lawyer Serene Teffaha is now locked in a battle with the Victorian Legal Services Board (VLSB) and is refusing to hand over her clients' personal information.

The class action plaintiffs claim they were subjected to false imprisonment and assault during the forced lockdowns, which occurred after COVID-19 outbreaks at the social housing towers.

The State of Victoria, Police Commissioner Shane Patton, Deputy Chief Health Officer Annaliese van Diemen and Deputy Public Health Commander Finn Romanes are named as defendants.

According to documents tendered to the Supreme Court, the VLSB cancelled Ms Teffaha's licence on April 14 after an investigation.

Ms Teffaha is appealing the decision.

Police wearing face masks walk in front of a public housing block.

A Victorian ombudsman investigation found the human rights of public housing tower residents were breached due to the lack of notice about the harsh lockdown. (AAP: David Crosling)

In court, VLSB lawyer Nicole Papello did not outline the specific reasons for the cancellation, but said Ms Teffaha had made repeated public comments about "corruption" of Family Court judges.

Ms Papello told the court Ms Teffaha had also breached the Legal Profession Uniform Law by continuing to engage in legal practice after her licence was cancelled and by "obstructing" the lawyer appointed to take charge of her firm's work.

"He doesn't know … where the premises of the law practice are, he doesn't have the files, he doesn't have the names of the clients, he has no information that will enable him to fulfil his current responsibility of managing the law practice," Ms Papello said. 

"The clients of the law practice have no-one who is capable of looking after their interests."

Lawyer tells court she has received 'really serious threats'

Ms Teffaha, a sole practitioner and founder of Advocate Me, told the court her clients did not want to be identified or deal with the VLSB-appointed lawyer.

"These people have been assaulted by police. These people have been assaulted by agents who work for the government … they do not want anything to be known to him," she said.

Ms Teffaha said she stood by the Family Court corruption remarks, which were earlier this year described as "baseless" by the Australian Bar Association.

On an overcast day, you view a y-shaped public housing tower with an open-air carpark surrounding it.

The court may rule later this month on the future of the class action client information held by Ms Teffaha. (ABC News: Simon Winter)

Ms Teffaha told the court she had been subjected to a "witch hunt" by the VLSB, saying none of her clients had complained about her and none of the allegations against her related to misconduct.

She broke down in tears as she described "really serious threats" she had recently received.

"I've had my mailbox broken. I've had my doors rattled. I've had my bins rummaged," she said.

Ms Teffaha was a prominent figure at anti-lockdown rallies, and had been planning to run a second, national class action for people seeking damages from pandemic measures such as business closures, compulsory mask wearing and what she described as "mandatory vaccination".

The federal and state governments have not made coronavirus vaccines mandatory.

Lawyer ordered to hand over urgent case details

Ms Teffaha told the court $654,000 in legal fees was frozen in a trust account, which she intended to refund to clients. Up to $40,000 was in another firm account for "donations", she said.

Supreme Court Judge Jacinta Forbes ordered Ms Teffaha to hand over the financial details of her sole-practice firm and details of any cases that needed urgent action to the VLSB-appointed lawyer.

Ms Teffaha agreed, but said other than those involved in the class action, she had no other clients because they had found alternative legal representation.

The case was adjourned to April 30, where Justice Forbes could make a ruling on the future of the class action client information.

Editor's note (April 22, 2021): This article has been updated to make clear that the $654,000 in legal fees relates to a wider range of clients than those in the tower lockdown class action.



A new organisation has been formed called People for Safe Vaccines Ltd to facilitate dialogue with the Department of Health and TGA, examining the facts, with a view to ensuring proper science and accountability are returned to this critical matter of vaccine safety. It is this company that will take the challenge of expedited vaccines lacking in long-term safety studies, to the Courts.

We invite you to become a member, to support this vital pursuit to restore common sense, choice and trust.




In an extremely brave move at such a critical time, one courageous cop has reached out to the NSW Police Commissioner in an open letter, asking the police not to simply acquiesce to arbitrary government demands and to act in the best interest of its population, not tyranny of government. 




While the AUSTRALIAN HEALTH PRACTITIONER REGULATION AGENCY (AHPRA) continue to choose to muzzle its health practitioners, resulting in them contravening their own purpose, which is to ensure practitioners are doing what is best for public health, we are seeking to commence a Complaint with regards to the unlawfulness of their policy concerning the restrictions they place on their practitioners surrounding communicating and discussing vaccine safety and efficacy risks. 





Available for Download

We are very aware that many people are impacted daily through coercive tactics, and are forced to acquiesce to false directives or policies that go against the government guidelines, or one's own rights. 

So the purpose of this initiative is to provide you with template letters that will help you address as many of these issues as you encounter them, without the need for our assistance. This means your immediate concerns can be addressed while we continue with our campaigns.

We will be updating and adding to our library of templates, as the need arises. 

Templates for Masking

Covid-19 Vaccinations non-consent letter

Mandating Flu Vaccinations

Covid-19 Vaccination Declination Letter

RT-PCR Testing

China is Rothschild's Model for NWO