PROLOGUE: Many are wondering since long how many governments and especially those of strong economies in the West, could simultaneously and in 'LOCKSTEP' - as the Rockefeller document titled the plan - implement medical martial laws and extremely serious measures like lockdowns, compulsory mask-wearing and asocial distancing as well as the dangerous forced testing and inoculation with gene-altering substances. The question, who is the villain in the present global health and economic emergency still needs to be answered.

We are witnessing the largest global coercion and blackmail event in history

'Only a select few' know the 'justifications for limiting' our freedoms

Marie Curie quote: Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood...By SkyNews - 04. May 2021

"There's no one outside of a select few in the government and some public health bureaucrats that actually know the justifications for limiting the rights of Victorians," was stated according to Victorian Liberal Democrat's MP David Limbrick [in Australia].

"Just today there was a response to a document's motion requesting information about the curfew and things like the human rights charter assessments and these underlying justifications for the infringements of the rights of the Victorians that happened during the curfew," he said.

"And the response that came back said: well these human rights charter assessments - which are really the documents that show what the government's legal justification was for limiting the rights of Victorians - are subject to executive privilege and we're not allowed to see them."

"There's no one outside of a select few in the government and some public health bureaucrats that actually know the justifications for limiting the rights of Victorians." 

"I just feel like that's outrageous that we have our rights limited in such a way and these massive imposts on Victorians and yet we're not given the moral and the legal reasoning of why that's happened."

Evidence VIDEO of quoted witness statement at source





(vf/bk/jd/et/pn/hw) Concluding from the short media dissemination of the incident described above, there can now only be one explanation: The "select few" in Australia have knowledge of such a big threat targeting their people and their country - including the threatening demand not to disclose the threat – and this is why they gave in to that blackmail and try to keep it under wraps. At least for Australia that seems to be clear now.

But, if we look around, it is almost the same in many countries, whose heads of state appeared bravely on screen during the funds drive, which Ursula von der Leyen of the European Union had launched to collect 'pledges for vaccines' and where they all blabbered exactly identical sentences of compliance (we reported earlier). Already to achieve such a clown-show with otherwise respected leaders of sovereign states, requires a real threat with a big stick in the backhand and an outlook for the targets, which implies that, if the demands are not met, a horrific developments would be the consequences. For that the threat must be much larger than those with which countries are coerced for example by the known economic hitmen stating bluntly, if these countries don't comply, they would e.g. not get World Bank funding. No, the actual threat, if they don't follow in Lock-Step, must have evolved on a much more serious level - promising for example widespread death by spreading a much deadlier contagion.

So, could an elaborate coercion operation be the root cause of this widespread fear installed in 'select' top government officials?

"Fear is the mind-killer and the root of all problems"

If one does not necessarily follow the remote possibilities of an imminent alien invasion or a coming hit by a serious cosmic event or a large geo-physical event the the widely discussed polar-shift of Earth - for which the cinema filmmakers have prepared us since long - only two options appear plausible - global nuclear or biological warfare on the one side or the threat of global economic collapse on a much wider scale than caused by just blocking of the Suez-Canal, the present grounding of air-traffic or the fact that Jeff Bezos as well as Bill Gates both divorced to plausibly dump shares in the billion dollar range. The threat options, however, must also be at the fingertips of a single or united entity as aggressor, who could then coerce the governments worldwide to do exactly what is wanted, and with only very few little differences permitted for obfuscation purposes to still appear sovereign and trustworthy to their electorate.

But, since even the most serious economic collapse cannot guarantee to have the same implications worldwide, it would also not affect all countries at once and with total cover, even if alongside such event all means of modern communications would be taken out at the same time. Though the World Economic Forum (WEF), has already announced that for the training of such a scenario all internet shall be taken down on 09. July 2021, we hope this insanity is now stopped from happening since a global cyber-attack is not really what would be the most serious threat, especially because for such doomsday scenarios communication alternatives already have been built and are even available to civilians, whereby we are not just talking of the old packet radio via HF or VHF transceivers. A total economic meltdown with worldwide reach also can't be achieved as quickly as flipping the internet kill-switch.

Scenarios involving nuclear warfare would likewise not necessarily be able to affect and hold the entire world in the grip of one extortionist, and it would in addition be seriously dangerous for the aggressor and certainly counter-productive.

Therefore neither a Dr. No nor a Dr. Strangelove or not even Dr. Klaus Schwab seem to be the criminal holding global governments hostage, though the latter tries hard and certain economic scams did already provide massive gains for some of his friends from the 0.1% elite. Self-styled mastermind and wannabe future Slave-Master Schwab unveiled during the 2021 virtual Davos-Summit via the World Economic Forum’s Covid Action Platform the ‘Great Reset’ initiative, which certainly is evidence for the evil plans and must be in LockStep with the plans and goals of those to whose tunes he dances and he certainly is used as messenger, but he is not and still at least 3 levels below the top villain we are looking for.

Remains the real fear of a serious escalation in the present biological warfare to which we actually have been subjected to worldwide, and by now already since more than one full year. Yes, indeed, it is the only plausible explanation why leaders of governments have done what they did with massively detrimental impact for the wellbeing of their people as well as disaster for their economies and their own political reputation.

This fear - installed in the political and military leaders the world over - is for sure not without a clear reason and must be based on a serious threat, given the fact that even several unruly presidents in Africa had to die in strange situations during the on-going corona crisis, just like experienced bio-weapons specialists, anti-vaxx whistle-blowers, some politicians - even in Germany - and well-respected researchers, who all knew more about the origin of the pathogenic contagion, lost their lives. Most of them suddenly died under mysterious circumstances and some of them were clearly assassinated.

But again: who could be the villain or from where could come a threat so big that it freezes the hearts and minds even of experienced government leaders in Germany, Canada, Australia or the USA? We must not look into countries like Italy or Israel, because there the coercion seems to be just based on a certain constellation dictated by the Big Pharma Mafia, which is the rather usual crime scene. Even the vaccine cartel(s?), including first of all the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) or the Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) with its Covid-19 Global Vaccine Access Facility (Covax Facility aka GAVI Covax AMC) as well as the large group of the many upcoming start-ups in Bio-Tech, are much too diverse and complex in their interactions and would therefore most likely not be able to manage the coordination and united approach necessary for a core aggressor in the assumed case of an all-encompassing, global blackmail. The class action will here most likely have to  predominantly concentrate on the high level of corruption in all the PPE (Protective Personal Equipment), test kit and vaccine deals and foremost on the damages done to the people, the violations of their rights and the fraud involving taxpayer's money. It is anticipated that the court will find culprits for the global crimes but not the culprit for the bio-warfare and the top coercion among those players, though some form of coercion is openly displayed e.g. by the criminal Pharma giant Pfizer, who is demanding collateral from sovereign states before delivering vaccines.

Though almost forgotten by many, fact is that in the USA the state of emergency due to the on-going global health crisis triggered by COVID-19 was enacted already on 13. March 2020 by then President Trump and that this state of affairs with far reaching consequences persists until today, despite a still widely contested change of president and the fact that for now no higher mortality due to SARS-CoV-2 could be observed in almost all countries before the global inoculation drives were launched - with the only exception perhaps being the Iran. Likewise, and also without asking their people and electorate a single time, most states found ways to impose similar medical martial laws and regulations almost everywhere. Evidence for a medical necessity of such measures is not provided by any of these governments, which imposed dramatic live-changes and draconian punishments - just lies which have all been exposed meanwhile. Such treasonous behaviour of top-governmental civil servants, which at the end will mean at least political suicide for them, must have a real reason and that must be based on a credible threat - involving for example the consequence that a more serious pathogen would be set free, if governments and the population in their countries wouldn’t comply with the demands set out by the core aggressor.

In all that, the fear became so strong that almost all governments placed their biggest efforts first on a drive to install the same level of fear in their own population, but based this on the exaggerated dangers of a falsely portrayed biological pathogen, and then on the unwise and hasty roll-out of so-called vaccines, which might turn out to be an even bigger danger to one’s health than the presently circulated toxic agent itself. The usual suspect, Bill Gates, has his hands clearly in all this and he even freed himself now of a troublesome marriage to better concentrate on his scams. But he most likely also is only a factor and tool for the real aggressor behind all the threats.

This applies also to the figures and entities listed in the first big legal call that was attempted by Al Organization, Inc and Cyrus A. Parsa already at the end of 2019 against Google L.L.C, Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Eric Schmidt, Nancy Pelosi, John 0. Brennon, James Corney, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, Facebook, Inc, DeepMind Inc, Alphabet Inc, The World Bank, Neuralink Inc, Tesla Inc, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Amazon, Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, Bill Gates, CISON PR NewsWire, CNN Cable News Network, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, James Clapper, Washington Post. New York Times, Time Magazine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Adam Schiff, Wyss Institute, Daroer, Qualcomm, George Soros, Soros Fund Management, Open Society Foundations, University of Vermont, Joshua Bongard and Sam Kriegman, Rockefeller Foundation, Huawei, Boston Dynamics, Hanson Robotics, Didi Chuxing, Megvii Face++, Alibaba, Sensetime, !Carbon X, Festa, Chinese Communist Party, & John Doe's Unlimited Defendant(s). ). Unfortunately this UD$ 7.3 Trillion legal case - charging the accused for genocide and crimes against humanity - was halted for lack of legal funds. But all those listed are players in the on-going deadly game, and though none of them has the calibre to operate as the key global aggressor or could be singled out as a key suspect holding all governments hostage. Bill Gates comes close, but is like the others only a driving force and used as tool by the master puppeteer. The case should be revived and expanded worldwide - not just seeing the crimes of the accused in connection with China, since they affect all countries.

Surely, the USA and China still accuse each other of being the original source of the evil and obviously both these state entities, like also France and Canada have their fair share of guilt to carry due to the one or the other failure in the bio-weapons R&D conundrum. But even by taking into consideration all what has transpired so far in this context, it is used only as a political  smokescreen while even the most affected states are not launching transparent investigations.

Therefore the question still remains: Who is the villain, and from where does the threat come that obviously was and still is able to incapacitate the rational thinking and wise decision making of the elected rulers of most states. And which threat can avert or forestall that they gang up against that aggressor?

The avenue for such a counter-action could have in theory been provided by the United Nations (UN), but though its World Health Organization (WHO) plays a major role in the execution of the planned pandemic, also this huge apparatus appears rather as vehicles of the global aggression than to be the driving force in its core. Both, the UN and the WHO, are total failures in this respect.

Let us therefore look into the CAN$35billion Canadian class-action that was now accepted by the Superior Court of Ontario and see who is listed there as the defendants. For sure the UN and the WHO stand accused there too and those responsible like war-criminal Tedros Ghebreyesus Adhanom of the WHO and Portuguese Jesuit António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, being as the Secretary General of the UN overall responsible, must be tried and possibly prosecuted for the many mistakes these organizations did since the start of the crisis as well as the for the outright crimes they committed. The latter does not only include their covering up for China. It is, however, doubtful if a Canadian court can break their legal immunity or if they will have to be referred to the ICC. Guterres is an old fox and was able to brush off any liability for the UN or its officials deriving from the outbreak of UN-imported cholera in Haiti as well as from the sexual atrocities committed by UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic or the DR Congo by just maintaining the line that it “would be difficult to preserve diplomatic immunity while also ensuring there is no impunity.” Let us see if he can pull that one off in his own case too, when it will come out that under cover of "diplomatic immunity" even illegal transfers of deadly and outlawed substances was and is done. 

For Canadians most important is that the Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau is listed in the lawsuit among the other Canadian defendants, including his health officials and those in charge for law enforcement, but though the Canadian BSL-4/P4 lab in Winnipeg plays for sure an important role in the present outbreak, he and the likewise indicted Premier of Ontario Doug Ford himself or the mentioned attorney generals are most likely also only fear-gripped marionettes under the threat of a bigger game, which triggered them to impose draconian measures in almost China-style fashion in Canada. The allegation therefore concentrates mainly on the fact that he acted in the corona crisis via Orders-In-Council outside the constitution. It is therefore obvious that political actor Justin Trudeau and his provincial Premiers and Health Ministers listed in the case are targets of the global coercion rather than any of them being the top player of the globally launched blackmail operation. Key players yes, core aggressor no.

It therefore is imperative for the people of Canada to set up their own truth commissions and an Independent Trial to ensure that those found guilty for crimes against humanity in this corona crisis are really brought to justice independently from those courts in Canada that are operating under the Crown with judges sworn in to uphold allegiance to the BAR and to respect the court more than the rights of the victims.

Interestingly, the Pope as primus of the state of the Vatican with its Holy See are presented right in the first line of the list denoting the accused, but though Rome is also the seat of the rarely discussed so-called 'Black Nobility', most insiders know that the Catholic Church, though it still has growth rates in Africa and Latin America, is no longer having the funds to pull and manage a conflict of one against all by itself nor together with the accused Society of Jesus. That's just fact, and their major competitors in the world of the faithful, who come from the Islamic world, wouldn't be able to do so either, even with backing from the Arab peninsula plus the financial heavyweights Indonesia and Malaysia.

However, the present Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is the first Jesuit in this position and he is at liberty to commandeer the operatives and hitmen of the so-called SOCIETY OF JESUS, a secretive order of almost 20,000 'God's Soldiers', who still have to grind a stone or two with China, but are obviously not in the driver’s seat of the global COVID coercion. They might have been and possibly still are providing essential services in worldwide machinations of sorts, but most likely not at the helm of the given global crime against humanity. The Pope still remains a threat to a free, self-determined and equal world for all peoples, because - though he laments himself a loss of the beauty of diversity - he urged nations to give up their sovereignty to a one world government and a New World Order to attain a global juridical, political and economic order. He and his Catholic church-cult therefore must be clearly seen as Hostis humani generis to all classic, historically grown sovereign states and especially to all traditional Indigenous and First Nations in their own rights. BEWARE!

Since the Pope as otherwise still big player - based on the concession of the Monarch of England to the Pope - is now also out of our quest for the core COVID culprit, let us look at the possible small players that could become a big threat. With modern technology like CRISPR, the gene editing tool, and transportable bio-labs widespread and readily available everywhere, more deadly contagions could be developed even by small terrorist groups. But any of them could also just simply be exterminated or - if they had a specific idea - be bought off by the already mentioned bigger fish or those entities looked at hereunder and then just used as assets by the real aggressor, who must have limitless funds anyway to pose the given threat and manage it until now. And it is not only ‘terrorists’, but a myriad of biotech start-ups, who have the capability to design nano-weapons with gain of function from existing contagions.

The situation in the present bio-warfare can be compared to the times when the first hackers engaged in cyber-warfare and authorities were far behind the curve. Even serious black-hatters among the cyber-wizards were then employed rather than jailed by governments. A similar situation is given in the research and development field of BioTech, because a globally united stand to outlaw gain of function work for harmful pathogens was never achieved since the USA did not even sign the latest protocols amending the Biological Weapons Convention. Since at present it is therefore a still open plying field all sides need to be vigilant but also must work with all powers to come to a treaty that bans all these nano-bio-chemical weapons and the work to develop them – a binding and enforceable convention that includes the dual use as well as binary components from the chemical, biological as well nano-technological fields.

Remaining from the Canadian case, are the accusations targeting Queen Elizabeth II and The House of Windsor, the Order of the Garter and the global conglomerate of The High Sea Alliance. Since they all play together, it is now really getting interesting, because through the Commonwealth of Nations, the Bank of London and top-corporate players like Barclays they certainly have the economic power.

Starting from those least important for our quest. The High Seas Alliance is a partnership of mostly glossy-paper NGOs plus the intergovernmental International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), who together maintain this green-washed interest group and present it as a strong common voice and constituency for the conservation of the high seas of all oceans and the protection of marine biodiversity. But in reality this group is put into that slot only as front-piece, while behind the curtains the grab is on for the governance of the high seas to turn it from kind of ‘terra nulla’ into possession. It concerns areas that are so far beyond any national jurisdiction and are the waters and sea-beds beyond a coastal country’s 200 nm exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and, if they had applied for and been granted by the 'International Seabed Authority' (ISA), a 300 nm continental shelf zone. This kind of authority held by ISA, however, concerns only the seabed of the high seas areas and the organization or its powers are not recognized by the USA, who is still not a signatory to the United Nations Common Law on the Sea (UNCLOS), because it does not want to recognize the rights of coastal states like Peru, who have a constitutionally enshrined 200nm territorial zone or the 200nm EEZs, which give the coastal states also some power to control traffic and passage. With Chinese submarines reportedly being able to target now any US city from the sea, the Americans might find it soon useful to have themselves 200nm as total control territorial waters. However, the vastness of the High Seas is amounting to around 64% of all oceans - an economic asset to the one who controls it, which is worth fighting and killing for in the mind-set of the buccaneers.


HRH the Prince of Wales speaking at a Global Ocean Commission event in Washington DC in March of 2015. The future King of England has consistently kept a weather eye open to help safeguard the marine realm.

While it is certainly paramount to stop the present wild-west-style exploitation of the areas in the High Seas - especially by high-tech countries like the UK and Germany with their seabed destroying scooping of cobalt, manganese, nickel, copper - and the horrific plastic pollution, it is the governance and thereby the geo-strategic importance and the future rights to exploit these valuable zones that interest the House of Windsor most. The work on the envisaged UN-lead treaty stalled in 2020 thanks to COVID-19 but will resume in autumn 2021.

Prince Charles has said that the coronavirus crisis represents a global “reset moment” – one which seemingly allows leaders to ram through sustainability initiatives as cash-strapped citizens have no choice but to obey.

The virus’ “unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change,” the heir to the British throne declared brazenly at the virtual WEF Davos simulation. Did he mean with 'virus' his father, who might have been the one providing the charges to set the Corona avalanches in motion.

The husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, who just passed away aged 99 and had vowed to return as a deadly virus to help wipe out the majority of people in order to protect the natural world on our planet from human overpopulation, actually was the visionary also for this attempt to cede these last ungoverned spaces on the High Seas..

Previously named Lord Philip Mountbatten (another designer name he took on to conceal his German past) Philip was a self-confessed amoeba already, complaining at the specific occasion when it was declared that the royal family would retain the name Windsor: "I am nothing but a bloody amoeba. I am the only man in the country not allowed to give his name to his own children." So, reincarnating on Earth in the form of a deadly virus or as whatever other deadly pathogen he chooses would not be too far off.

Anyway, this Amoeba was at the core of forming the IUCN as well as the founder of the then breakaway Bambi- and panda-hugging World Wide Fund for Nature [WWF (formerly World Wildlife Fund) - also standing for World Wide Fraud as legally permitted derogatory name after court rulings established that it is reflecting the truth] and the visionary for the grab of the High Seas areas, which now his son Prince Charles has on his docket in order to re-establish through the 'CONservation' backdoor the lost influence of the British Empire also over the high seas. Many of the coastal states are already in his pocket, since he will be handed the reins for the Commonwealth of Nations soon.

Another connection to the high seas is given by Admiralty Law, which still overshadows most jurisdictions and governs the life of individuals from 'birth'. It is the base for the economic legal framework worldwide and for the corporate piracy carried out by the multinationals the world over - all firmly controlled by the entities in the exterritorial City of London with some in the extraterritorial part of Washington D.C. and in Rome, which is where the Vatican might come into play again, as the court proceedings will detail, but – as we believe - only on the periphery.

As stated already earlier, the core of the global coercion is very unlikely to be found in Rome, but rather in the British realm to which also huge corporations like the infamous Anglo-American, the top voracious natural resource exploiter, must be counted. It is even said that the Bank of England – unknown to many – still controls the U.S. Federal Reserve. That privately owned pseudo Central Bank of the USA played insidious roles already and just months after it was founded in the role-plays of the First and even more so in the Second World War. The U.S. economy still fully depends on that banking institution, since neither John F. Kennedy, who got assassinated over the attempt to free the Americans from it, nor actions by others seeking to restore the monetary control back to the people and their elected government succeeded.

The BIZ/BIS, the Bank of International Settlements, a kind of banking kraken in Basel, Switzerland, obviously is another key player on the economic side of the planned pandemic and there the global economic clockwork for most underdeveloped and developing nations is controlled as a global hindrance to achieve a truly free and socially responsible market economy. Extremely detrimental in the COVID-triggered economic crisis is also that part of the financial industry at the stock exchanges, which enables incredible bets on derivatives and thereby poses today a more serious risk to create financial instability than any other form of monetary trade. It is nothing but high-stake gambling and it is able to rock the economic boat globally. But when it comes to provide funds for a global venture, the main strings are still pulled by those who control the Bank of England and the other banksters in the City of London.

Back to our quest and to the Queen, who stands accused in the so-far biggest corona law-case of our times. Elizabeth II. is the current head of the house of Windsor and the monarch of sixteen sovereign states. These are the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, and Saint Kitts and Nevis. There are also three Crown dependencies, fourteen British Overseas Territories and the two associated states of New Zealand.

The Queen's nurse is wearing a belt buckle bearing Masonic symbols.This massive buckle features the Masonic compass and square and a pentagram - another important Masonic symbol used in ceremonial magick.

The Queen’s nurse is wearing a belt buckle bearing Masonic symbols. This massive belt buckle features the Masonic square and compass alongside a pentagram – another important Masonic symbol that is used in ritual magick. The Free Masons are the Queen's handy-wo/men.


Currently the Queen is the sovereign for 16 states, i.e. Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and the United Kingdom, where she resides and from where she reigns and plots. In addition she presides over the 54 state entities and 7 overseas territories united in the Commonwealth of Nations, comprising most (but not all) parts of the former British Empire and some states that were never part of it, with a combined yearly GDP of almost 13 trillion US$ - quite a realm. 

Surely, it is not her alone doing the work to manage all that wealth and this is where the likewise accused 'Order of the Garter' comes in. It can be seen as the board of personal advisors to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and her son Prince Charles, the future King, is one of them. 

Closely linked to the Queen is also the Committee of the 300 (book by Dr. John Coleman)

She is one of the richest women on earth and much of her profits are from arms trade including the notorious depleted uranium trade. The British monarch has managed to increase her wealth from £300 million early in her 60-year reign to £17 billion at present thanks to investments in arms firms that produce uranium used in depleted uranium (DU) shells, including Rio Tinto Zinc. DU shells are notorious for their ability to pierce armour and kill targets due to their deadly radioactive features. DU is probably one of the most under reported crimes against humanity ever. The British “royal” family, especially the Queen herself, privately own investments in uranium holding worth some £4 billion through Rio Tinto Zinc. Rio Tinto was allegedly created for the British “royal” family in the late 1950’s by Ronald Walter Rowland, the Queen’s “buccaneer”. Called "Tiny Rowland" the almost 2m-tall former member of the 'Hitler Youth' kept the British Imperial flag flying over many shady ventures, especially in Africa and Oceania.

With such powerful reign at his side, Prince Philip would have had no problem to realize his population reducing 'virus' plans already during his lifetime. But even if he did and would be behind the whole current calamity as its mastermind, he would have secretly outsourced the implementation, the management and the follow up, including the instructions to the heads of states not to reveal the truth, the threat itself and the goal of the wider plan or the coercion targeting the resource rich nations. That the present crisis is based on a plan designed since long is, however, clear – not just as the Great Reset and Agenda 21/30, but also concerning the eugenicist plan.

Based on the level of secret powers existing for the British in the U.S. administration as well as the economic and bank powers the City of London and their Queen still have in the USA, it is rather easy to keep through the U.S. influence also the heads of states in countries like Germany in compliance. Merkel certainly hasn’t told the Germans what she really knows about the contagion and the whole plot and what specific role as slaves of the new global governance the Germans are supposed to play in a post EU world. At present she is still busy to force the Germans under EU rule. But the wider plan to have the European, North-American etc. ‘Unions’ then united is still pursued to achieve finally the all-encompassing New World Order with just one entity being the overall dominance. Of course Communist China works likewise hard towards this overall goal and not just the British mastered ‘West’.

With Prince Philip aka the Amoeba out of the equation at The House of Windsor and with Prince Harry having parted from his royal affiliation - most likely also for reasons found in the machinations of that family or because Meghan could convince him that as only 3rd in line he could make more money outside the royal realm like she does with pro-vxx stunts – the whole card-house of the royals relies now heavily on Charles and William. Prince William is most likely not fully initiated yet to the dealings of the 'crown' (=corona) and groomed by being financed to play with his ‘Prince William Conservation Alliance’ and the 'Eartshot Prize', but the shooting of an Ibis might have turned the tide of ever being successful there. His father Prince Charles certainly is of a different calibre and could have fancied the idea of finding special pleasures in a global, truly royal game of ‘Corona’ with a particle dubbed a ‘virus’, which would have been to Philip’s liking.

Being the Royal Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter, His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB, OM, AK, QSO, PC, ADC, Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland actually is enlisted as defendant in the Canadian COVID-19 class action. It is not yet known to which extend Prince William has been engaged in his fathers activities, but it might be well advised to also enlist Prince Andrew - as link to the darker underworlds - for this Superior Court trial in Canada.

Klaus Schwab, founder and Chairman of the NGO World Economic Forum (WEF) and Prince Charles

The Australians, however, need to take the now admitted secrecy of their governance as reason for an immediate implementation of a truth commission or a trial - maybe even on the international level, as Australia has requested for since long. Then also the secrecy of their own top officials as wells as the influence of the British monarch and her king-in-waiting could be brought to an end. Such knowledge would benefit all.

Where is China in all this, some might ask and well, yes, Australian citizens have just recently received a first hint from their government that something might be brewing and Australians must be prepared  for any escalation in the quarrels about Taiwan.

China meanwhile has vowed to “indefinitely” suspend all projects in Australia related to the Strategic Economic Dialogue trade deal as diplomatic tensions with the Communist superpower reach an “all-time low”.

However, China needs Australia for the coal as well as for its export market and that quarrel will eventually pan out, though it is worrisome how much coal China consumes for its steel-making, building ever more military hardware up with lightning speed.

What is more worrisome is the fact that not any of the Chinese, USAmerican (apart from Bill Gates), French or Dutch officials or researchers are enlisted in the Canadian Class Action, though there is plenty of evidence with regards to their involvement, entanglement, guilt and cover-up attempts in the real story of the artificial creation of the contagion dubbed SARS-CoV-2.

Back in 2015 a study was compiled by top Chinese scientists and key officials from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in form of a whole book with 263 pages that was presented to the CCP leadership. The study clearly states that already the 2003 SARS outbreak was a deliberate foreign 'terrorist attack' with a man-made 'virus'.

Meanwhile some scientist have already started to re-engage in serious investigations on the other known 'virus' entities - like HIV, Ebola etc. - in order to find out to what extent they also are man-made.

The Chinese now call these self-replicating and thereby contagious pathogens - like here SARS - a new generation of 'genetic weapons'.

Xu Dezhong, today renowned epidemiology professor at the 4th Military Medical University of Xi'an, was the leader of the 2003 SARS Epidemic Analysis Group under the Chinese Ministry of Health, which completed in 2015 its 236 pages Chinese-language study paper: 'The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons' – presented to the Central Committee of the CCP and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Among the key authors of the 2015 study is Li Feng, the former deputy director of China's Bureau of Epidemic Prevention and the editor-in-chief of the huge paper was the leader of the SARS Epidemic Analysis Group under the Chinese Ministry of Health, Xu Dezhong, today renowned epidemiology professor at the 4th Military Medical University of Xi'an. The CCP Central Committee was informed of their clear findings and since that time the CCP leadership, the Chinese military as well as civilian researchers in China as well as their students work and live in the consciousness that SARS was a deliberate attack on China by a foreign 'terrorist group using a man-made gene-weapon. This mind-set also influences everything concerning approach to SARS-CoV-2, because they not only worked themselves on a programme with which they weaponized that contagion per gain-of-function experiments specifically on the spike protein and its human cell docking mechanism.

With this the Chinese also had a head-start by working to find the best antidote. That was then the next step in the race between the USA, Canada and China as well as France. The U.S. American Prof. Dr. Lieber only put a new dimension on top of it with his R&D of nano-technological switches with the idea to be able to switch the capabilities of these gene-weapons remotely controlled on and off. No longer SciFi stuff, but sick reality. So far the public has not even seen the full details of the charge sheet in his case and also doesn't know to what extent his Chinese research-associates could continue without him being present. It is a case for a public trial rather than one for plea-bargains and deals behind closed doors. National security interests are here better protected by transparency than by secrecy.

The Chinese activities, however, remained not unknown to the other bioweapons researchers in Holland, France, Canada and not at least the USA, but - unknown to the public or maybe even not realized by governmental oversight of the research institutions and intelligence services in some countries - a worldwide nano-bio-chemical weapons-race was unleashed.

However, the US State department knows the Chinese 2015 study and it was part of their investigation into the origin of SARS-CoV-2 in May 2020. Their analysis of the study showed that they took it serious and not as part of a disinformation campaign, the Chinese could have launched. President Trump as well as Mike Pompeo referred to it.

But one year later the US top intelligence chief Avril Haines – now Director of National Intelligence - still tells the public that the USA had no concrete answers on basic questions regarding the origins of the 2019 coronavirus. How blunt can a lie get? So, maybe she then can reveal the answers to the more complicated questions as in: Which 'terrorist group' – foreign to the Chinese - was behind the 2003 SARS attack and which entity is behind the 2019 SARS-CoV-2 attack? Can she say something to these questions then? The fact that the corona crisis is caused by a multipronged attack on all countries of the international community by using and spreading – as the Chinese now call it - a 'contemporary gene-weapon can no longer be denied.

Many have already argued that the hastily developed antidotes produced by the West in form of mRNA injections, are also gene-weapons, since they likewise cause gene-sequence alterations in the human body.

It can also no longer be overlooked that China, once the calamities could no longer be hidden, responded openly with brutal measures to contain the outbreak. At that time countries like those in the European Union, the USA and even Australia were engaging more in accusations of human rights abuses targeting China than in rolling out own decisive actions to defend against the oncoming attacks and actions to contain the various outbreaks caused by different variants of the gene-weapon within their own areas of responsibility. Australia and even better New Zealand stepped up rather quickly, but they likewise didn't tell their citizens what they really knew about the true situation. Only after the Australian governance were openly criticized

While China - despite all the losses - seems to have recovered from the crisis, the Ping-Pong game with different variants of the toxic gene-weapon continues worldwide with different waves affecting different countries at different times. The antidote developed by and in China seems overall to have supported their containment drive, but nobody knows for sure, since there are no independent studies permitted by China. Also Russia is not really transparent, though also that country appears to have responded and acted better to the gene-weapon attacks than many other countries

Much time was also lost by the different schools in science. While the classic medicine still sticks to the germ theory and calls the pathogen dubbed SARS-CoV-2 a virus ('virus' in Latin means nothing but toxin) - one which as specific entity they were never able to isolate in the prescribed way and form - others in the West are persistently denigrated, demoted or even kicked out of their positions for following and promoting a different view. If finally also the Western medicine in general would open up to the views the Chines hold in their 2015 study, they would realize that the two or three camps of scientists could easily come together and then also better cooperate for the benefit of humanity. But politicians, who think along the lines of the Great Reset and New Green Deal and have like the Pharma Industry only the dollar signs in front of their eyes, will do everything in their power to not allow such to happen. And they do not realize that with this short-sightedness they always play into hands of an oppressive globalized power structure - with or without a top villain.

Luckily SARS-CoV-2 is even less deadly than some previous strains of influenza, which hit different countries in recent years (like 2018 in Europe), but nobody can say for sure that the next outbreak of such a contagion will not be more deadly. The predictions of key-players like Gates and Fauci contain serious warnings. The business strategy of Gates and BigPharma is clearly only to get more patented antidotes against new gene-weapons ready and sell them to the world.

The classic and obviously still excellently good working business principle of organized crime is the fire-insurance scheme. You offer fire-insurances to house owners and if one doesn't agree you organize that their house burns - others will sign up very fast. Numerous parallels can be found when one analyses the SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks in different countries. 

Nevertheless, house owners also can protect their properties from these extortion schemes launched by the Mafia, but for this they have to tell their family members what is really going on, to be alert and to work together with a properly discussed and agreed defence plan. If as such they then can come together with likewise affected neighbours, the joint defence could come up even with a counter-strike.

All this has so far not happened. Neither have governments come up openly with what they know about the contemporary gene-weapons, because they believe it is their duty to protect their interests and power-structures more than the lives and well-being of all citizens, nor have they revealed which blackmail operations exist concerning their own interests, assets, the vaccines deals etc. or which imminent threats for their people are given.

The fact that the governance of Victoria in Australia on 04. May 2021 revealed that they deliberately hide the truth from the public was made with the statement: "There's no one outside of a select few in the government and some public health bureaucrats that actually know the justifications for limiting the rights of Victorians."

This official statement was possibly made intentionally to increase public pressure and the public demand for more information from the government. Not even a week later an Australian journalist Sharri Markson was able to tell everybody on public TV about the Chinese findings, which determine SARS as contemporary gene-weapon, and to thereby open the Australians up to see also SARS-CoV-2 as lab-fabricated synthetic pathogen – a perspective that had been vehemently denied and refuted by the WHO and almost all other governments for more than a year.



... to be continued

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But they probably just don't care, as Michael Jackson sung (must watch 2020 take).

Secretary of State Alexander Haig remarked during a peace march in the 1980’s: “Let them protest all they want as long as they pay their taxes”; Kissinger explained that “Soldiers are dumb, stupid animals for the conduct of foreign policy”; and CIA director William Casey made sure the US public remains completely in the dark with his famous dictum, “We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” and “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” — stated former CIA Director William Colby.

So, we are duped? - By far not, the show has just stated..

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