Windhoek - 28. December 2018

Namib Mills (Pty) Ltd. and Bokomo Namibia (Pty) Ltd. have applied for permission and a licence to import, process and sell maize meal from GMO maize which is contaminated with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

You can read and sign the petition HERE (already over 11,000 signatures - let's reach 15,000 and have yours included!)

GMOs have been proven to be NOT healthy for human or animal consumption.

Secondly since GMO maize its cheaper, local and especially smallholder farmers would not be able to sell their often even organically grown traditional, non-GM maize or corn for the a fair price, damaging the whole agricultural sector of the country.

As Namibians, the No GMO foods and feeds in Namibia Movement therefore launched this petition to STOP and prevent any import, processing and selling of any GMO maize or maize meal once and for all times. All sane people demand to rather support Namibian local smallholder farmers to produce organic, traditionally bred and improved maize, which also guarantees seed-availability and safety for the local farmers.

Namib Mills (Pty) Ltd. Announcement

Even if the demanded decision might create a maize shortage for those, who hold the monopoly of the maize and feed products sector in Namibia, there are enough countries in Africa and elsewhere that do sell organic Maize to fill up the maize shortage safely.

The signing of the petition "Stop GMO maize meal in Namibia" addressed to The Registrar of the Biosafety Council of Namibia is on right now and we like you to also help by adding your name.

Already almost 10,000 signed it in just 3 days, but the goal is to reach many more. We need your support.

Bokomo Namibia (Pty) Ltd. Announcement

Please sign the petition HERE


- and have a HAPPY, HEALTHY 2019

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PLEASE NOTE: Author Elana Freeland, who at present writes on a new book about transhumanism, commented upon seeing this call:

"For those, who don't know: GMOs are the second largest delivery system of nanobots for a Transhumanist wireless-controlled future. The other two are chemical trails (Chem-Trails) and vaccinations. Still eating GMOs because organic is too expensive? The Morgellons and other pathogens dormant in your bodies and brains LOVE GMOs."



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