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 By Anna Von Reitz - 22. January 2021

Okay, pop quiz:

Who defines, describes, limits, and charters all forms of corporations worldwide?

This includes all the statutory and commercial trusts, S Corps, C Corps, B Corps, PC’s, LLCs, Ltds, Cooperatives, Foundations, Cities, Municipalities, States, Tribes, Non-Profits,  Nations, Provinces, Commonwealths, Monarchies, Territories and the Offices associated with all of them?

The Roman Curia. 

This is where all this “stuff” comes from.  All the labels and boxes and business structures and political units and subunits are dreamed up by Roman Curia, and this is the way it has been for close to 3,000 years they admit, and 4,100 years in fact.

Now that you have those flying factoids in your consciousness, consider that under Roman Civil Law, the Creator of something, whether a widget or a bad idea, is responsible for it.

So the Curia is the creator and stands responsible for oversight of all these airy-fairy creations of theirs, but then, they own them, too—- under Roman Civil Law and it’s codification, Municipal Law—- which applies to non-clerical citizens of the Holy Roman Empire, and Canon Law which applies to the lawyers and priests.

This entire system which gives order and “hierarchy” to the world comes from Ancient Rome and later, the Roman Catholic Church.

Starting about the year 1,000 according to their double adjusted calendars, we have seen a gradual and ever-increasing number of these trademarked and patented “business structures” proliferating. 

There are now dozens of such business structures to choose from, all created and promoted by the Roman Curia and their priests and lawyers. 

Where is the Headquarters of the Roman Curia as the Government of the Holy Roman Empire?  The City of Rome.  What form of government does the City of Rome have? A Municipal Corporation backed by a Municipal Trust. 

So when the City of Rome forms franchises of itself to extend the reach of the Holy Roman Empire to other countries what form do those franchises take?

They are all run as Municipal Corporations backed by Municipal Trusts.

And how do you think the Municipality of Washington, DC, is set up?

It is a Municipal Corporation franchise of the City of Rome backed by a Municipal Trust. 

It calls itself an independent international city state, but how independent can it be when it is a franchise operation in the Municipal Government System?

Chalk up another one of the gross deceits allowable under Roman Civil Law.

Almost from the first these con artists have promoted the Municipality of Washington, DC, as first “our Federal Capitol” and later, simply as the "capitol of "the" United States" which is again a form of deceit. They knew people would assume that they were talking about The United States, but they weren't.

As usual, they were talking in coded language only they understood.

Now, given the foregoing do you see why the Municipality of Washington, DC, is and has always been, a foreign city state on our shores?  Operated by a foreign government?

It’s not our Capitol. It’s their Capitol.  They built it.  They put in all the funky idols and shrines and gee-gaws.

And like Rome, their Municipal Government is a plenary oligarchy.  See Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.  They took Congress members that we elected and converted them into their government, too.

It wasn’t a takeover.  It was a co-option.

Inevitably, the members of our puny provincial Federal Congresses were seduced by the wealth and power available to them when they acted as members of the Municipal United States Congress. 

During the Civil War these men were operating the Municipal Government “as” the government of “the” United States, and most people had forgotten or never knew that the actual name of our country at the national level is The United States.  In international jurisdiction, the name of this country is: United States of America.  

Are you confused yet? Two names for the same country - one domestic name and one non-domestic name.

Using the seduction of money and plenary power and this simple similar names deceit, they passed themselves off as the government of this country and never fired a shot. They are still trying to do this today.

This was all fraud and usurpation, of course, and even under their own Roman Civil Law they took the risk of being discovered and blown back to where the fraud started.

And that is exactly what has happened.

The Brits, who were running a similar Federal organization, “the” United States of America, as the Territorial Government, saw their chance to pull the same thing, and pass their organization off as the government of our country operating in international jurisdiction.  So they substituted "the" United States of America for The United States of America, and skated right on. 

This did not go unnoticed by the other world governments, so the Holy See and the British Monarchs had to pretend that our lawful government “disappeared” in the aftermath of the Civil War, and they were simply acting in a caretaking capacity on an “Emergency basis” until our return.

The two foreign Federal Subcontractors quickly reorganized their operations to function as commercial corporations, and settled in to suck us dry. 

And that is what has gone on the last 160 years. 

But now the Great Fraud has been discovered and the long-lost Americans have come home and opened their State Assemblies.  The actual unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America has roared back to life.

And both sets of our erstwhile Federal Subcontractors  are caught with their pants down and their hands in our cookie jar, trying to scrape out the last crumbs ----while  pointing fingers at each other.

The Municipal Government of Washington, DC, operating as a Municipal Corporation and backed by a Municipal Trust funded by taxing our labor and our land, is exposed as a corrupt, criminal, venal organization. 

Upon our objection to their fraud they collapsed their Municipal Corporation like a traveling show and had their Trustees (HSBC) and Secondaries (JP Morgan) transfer our purloined “trust” money to China.  That, and being allowed to counterfeit USD, is how China became so rich all of a sudden, and that is why Joe Biden says it's to “our“ advantage for China to prosper. 

If it doesn't, their "investment"  of our money in China will be lost.  

But he isn’t speaking about us, the American States and People.  He is talking about them, the traitorous Municipal citizens of the United States—- his cronies.  You see, he’s speaking to a different audience, and he is not acting as “our” President.  He is acting as their President.

This is exactly like FDR during his First Inaugural Address.  He wasn't talking to us or about us.  He was talking to and about the Federal Civil Servants, the Municipal citizens of the United States. 

The Municipal United States Government has got a lot of “splaining” to do, to us and to the international community, because they have been caught red-handed in the epicenter of the biggest Breach of Trust and International Fraud Scheme in human history.

So does the Queen and Westminster have a lot of explaining to do. 

The British Territorial Subcontractors are doing their own shimmy-shuffle dance. It’s their job to protect us and they have preyed upon us instead, worked hand-in-glove with the Papist Usurpers to rob us blind for six generations—- and now?

Well, Trump had sense enough to collapse the Municipal Corporation the Papists chartered for the Territorial Government, but went right back through the revolving door, and is now proposing that the British Territorial U.S. Military should start all over from scratch and fight another whole war of independence at our expense and we, meanwhile, should accept another Cuckoo Bird Substitution of their British-run “Republic” in the place of our American Federal Republic.

Oh, right, fool the stupid Americans again, and put the British Government right back into position to act “as” our Federal Republic --- and rob us silly again.

Meanwhile the rest of the world is standing aghast and seeing what their purported governments organized as commercial governmental services providers are doing “to” them instead of “for” them.

And they are getting the message— the HRE and Britain are the source of all this rot. 

(Before some genius says, but, but, the Holy Roman Empire shut down business in the 1840's..... no it didn't.  It took a temporary powder, reorganized, and kept right on chugging.  Why do you think the Cardinals have "HRE" attached to their honorifics?)

Together our purported Allies have betrayed, used, abused, and defrauded the American States and People —- and they are still trying to pretend that they “represent” us and are still claiming to have a right to access our credit and are still trying to work their name games and substitution schemes on us, even years after our own American Government woke up and called them on the carpet for what they’ve done to us and the rest of the world.

It’s not going to work this time.  Too many people know what has gone on here. 

Joe Biden has no contract.  The Holy Roman Empire is utterly disgraced.  The Municipal Corporations are forfeit. 

The Brits have one Ace and his name is Donald Trump, but they are not going to pull another round of Cuckoo Bird with us and take over our Federal Republic the same way they substituted their State of State organizations for ours.  And we are not going to accept any Second Declaration of Independence and fight another war for what we have already won.

It is time for the entire world to wake up and look at what has gone on here and who is responsible for it. 

These are the actions of crime syndicates, not governments.  This isn’t political. This isn’t about race or religion.  This is plain old garden variety fraud and crime pursued for the sake of unjust enrichment.

We, the actual American Government, condemn all these criminal and predatory fraud schemes which have been carried out against the American States and People in Gross Breach of Trust and Criminal Breach of Commercial Contract.

We call upon the Pope to surrender all Municipal and Territorial Corporations formed via the abuse of our delegated powers to us, for our administration under our Public Law, and upon the Queen and Westminster to straighten up and fulfill their contract with no further attempts at guile.

We also call for the return of our gold transported offshore by the U.S. Navy for “safekeeping”, the return of all American Legacy Trusts, and the return of all American Land which has been subjected under the real estate entitlement system and the False Presumption of British Custodial interest.

Let the entire world know and hear what has gone on here, and may all countries draw together in righteous indignation that these commercial corporations have been allowed to function “as” governments under color of law, and in joint and universal condemnation of the Holy Roman Empire’s fraud and enslavement rackets, and the British Government’s guile, dishonesty, treachery, and theft of American property assets in Breach of Trust. 

If we let this kind of thing go on anywhere in the world and fail to recognize it and stomp it out as the crime that it is, every country is imperiled and every national government is at risk.

So long as we, the people of this world, tolerate the ancient evils of deceit and enslavement promoted by the Holy Roman Empire’s use of the Roman Civil Law, the only peace will be established by criminal oppression and there will be no safety for anyone at all. 

We must all deal with it and deal with it now. We cannot possibly succeed and save our planet with ravening wolves running wild and unchallenged in our midst.  The Holy Roman Empire and Britain must be dealt with by all of us.  And all these run amok commercial corporations must also be addressed and subjected to the Public Law in each country, and not allowed to operate as interlocking Trust directorates, monopolies, or agencies of government.







Anna von Reitz

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Anna Von Reitz Capstone Overview of National Economic & Legal Reset

First published on BITCHUTE February 9th, 2021.

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Please Note: When Jesse talks about the BAR - that is only at the very end of the day "the Bank" - it is first and foremost The BAR as in England's British Accredited Registry” of lawyers. Beware of people, who are accredited to the BAR and have sworn their allegiance there - they can never act solely in your interest.

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All the ADVICE by Karl Lentz - collected by Greg Lynch



Download the document below:


Notice: Liability Document

Key To Freedom

Common Law, Law of The Land truly holds all the space we require in order to all collectively finally step outside of unlawful government control, ownership and jurisdiction.

This document has the ability via the use of language and preemptive initiative to help you properly secure your own jurisdiction within any case just so long as you have not caused harm loss or injury towards another induvial.

Now that we have these documents we would like you to send them to as many people as you can insuring that you have put all relevant men and women on notice for any transgressions that they may trespass against you or your family.

In the two word documents links below which contain the Notice Liabilities you can change the fines amount and currency in the Notice Liability which can be applied to secure jurisdiction over your body as well as all other property that belongs to you.

Finally this is a massive smoking gun that will really help us take leaps and strides going forward as the process of establishing ones own jurisdiction has just become so much easier.

We recommend making a databased of individuals in various positions of power whether it be police, bi-law officers, government, shopping centers as well as all other private corporations.

The point of all of this is to hold people accountable on a human capacity making it impossible for people to hide behind legal corporate policies.

As it stands right now war crimes are continuing to be committed against humanity and now truly is the only time where we are truly required to stand up and step within our own jurisdiction in order to lawfully hold all those accountable for the perpetual mass scaled fraud and modernized slavery that is being trespassed against all of us.

Notice Liability if Police Are Involved

Home or Business Notice Liability


And a notice by John Ward



to all of mankind who present here;

i : man, live herein; i, speak mankind to mankind only;

i, say, i, live under law common to i; i, self govern; i, say, i, do not give rights or authority to anyone, other than i; i, say, i, do not allow assumed contract; i, say, i, do not allow assumed consent; i, say, acts only gain force of law with the consent of the governed; I, say, i, do not consent; i, say, i, do not stand, under you;

i, say, legal acts, statues, codes, bye laws, or other such fictions of the legal society, do not bind i, to them, nor give any other[s] right or authority, over i, or property of i; i, say, acts only gain force of law with the consent of the governed and, i, do not consent;

i, say, property of i, includes, but is not limited to, body of i, house, car, right to work, thoughts, dreams, spouse, children, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, father, mother or any creations of i; property of i, is all that is exclusive to i;

i, say, i give no other rights over property of i, nor the right to administrate property of i; i, say, that for any man or woman who commits an act, that i, consider trespass, i, will invite to a court of law to let that wo/man explain why said act is not trespass; and if no lawful excuse is forthcoming at that time, i, will press claim for compensation, against you, the man or woman;

i, say, that compensation will be stated by verbal or written notice; that said; for trespass, i, charge a minim of £100,000 plus £1 per second said trespass did continue; that said, for forced entry, vaccination, quarantine, detention, isolation, intimidation, or for any other restriction placed upon the life of i, i will seek minim of £10,000,000 plus £1 per second said trespass did continue; i, say, if, i ask you to leave, please leave or this will be considered trespass; i, say, if you do not agree, please leave;

by, a man; herein.



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Who Owns You?

•Feb 4, 2014

Josie Outlaw

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