See the source imageOur Africa Program needs YOU

You as our member or long-term follower know, we usually do not bother you with donation requests and throughout the years our volunteer scientists and activists always managed - until now.

The present situation is also for us something we can no longer sustain without additional external funding.

Therefore, we appeal to all of you and especially those, who have benefitted from our work of decades, those who are close to our common goals and - like ourselves - are always prepared to stand in harm’s way:

Please support our work, and let our independent work continue,

because we simply can’t close the operations down without harming the most vulnerable and without jeopardizing the good achievements of many decades of dedicated work.

- Women in Wildlands Program (human dignity is also important in remotest areas)

- Wildlife and Forest-Protection Awareness and Actions (the 6th extinction is on - we work to stop the decline)

- Human Rights Emergency Hotline and Rapid Response (help for the most destitute to survive)

- Organic Food Self-Sufficiency Program (the hunger games are on - this is the way to stop starvation)

- Indigenous Peoples consulting and best practice (diversity of people brings stability and security)

- EcoNews Reporting from the most remote areas (shedding light on the unreported and blacklisted stories) 

We appeal specifically to all those, who are still fortunate in the present gobal crisis, but the present dire situation requires that we ask everybody to contribute.

Select one field dearest to your heart and send an e-mail to to set up your direct sponsorship.

Let us also plan your visit to our projects in Africa and combine it with your own escape from the lockdowns. Experience life away from the radiated hassle of cities under threat and dive into remote wilderness or the stunning Indian Ocean.

Entities with good ethics, who can offer independent project funding or project support (financially or in kind) through their own programs, are likewise encouraged to please contact us via  

Many Thanks 



For People & Nature

10. January 2020

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Let's walk together into a brighter future


Unique Chance (possibly one of the last opportunities the realize your own wildlife conservation retreat):

Dedicated and committed co-investor for 60,000 ha wildlife protection zone in East Africa.  Offered as an option for a life-time engagement.  Write to



IT specialialist to manage dedicated server and VPS

Web-Developers to support the direct internet needs of Indigenous communities



Replacement for one of our 4x4 project cars that served us since 1983

Linux and Windows Laptops (english keyboard)

Linux and Android Tablets (english keyboard)

Video-Drones (research)

Video Cameras (project documentation)

Undercover cameras (witness videos)

GPS units (demarkation of indigenous peoples lands)

Mobile phones (as live-lines for persecuted people in distress, for witness photos, networking etc.)

(of course also all used, functional items are most welcome)

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The nature of our future depends on the future of our nature

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