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COVID-19: The Emergence of the Pandemic Industrial Complex

By Brian Berletic - 31. December 2020

If official numbers are to be believed, the United States is one of the worst hit countries in terms of COVID-19 infections and deaths. According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at the time of writing, there are supposedly 19 million COVID-19 cases with an alleged 300,000+ deaths suggesting between a 1-2% chance of dying from COVID-19 if infected by it. 

However, these numbers are problematic – even before questioning the validity of the statistics themselves leading to them.

For example – asymptomatic cases will likely go both untested and unreported, meaning many more people are actually being infected by COVID-19, exhibiting no symptoms, receiving no treatment, and most certainly not making it into the CDC’s “cases” statistics.

This means that your chances of being infected by COVID-19 and dying are actually much, much less than the often touted claim of 1-2%. Only those who exhibit severe enough symptoms to be tested and/or treated will make it into the statistics of “cases.”

In terms of framing any pandemic, an exaggeration of the lethality of the virus becomes a fundamental issue. If this information by itself is carelessly or dishonestly presented to the public without mention of the many more people likely being infected and exhibiting no symptoms at all, panic can, and clearly has been spread across society and the world, enabling extreme policies to glide through approval, beginning the process of disfigurement society now suffers today.

This was a fact highlighted by the work of Dr. John Ioannidis who, even at the onset of COVID-19, attempted to raise the alarm about needlessly stoking public hysteria, the folly of driving public health policy without proper data, and the catastrophic impact it would have – and is now clearly having – on society if this trend isn’t reversed.

A video interview conducted by Journeyman Pictures from April 2020 noted Dr. Ioannidis’ breakdown of data and the results of his own studies conducted to illustrate exactly this. His study included widespread serological (antibody) testing in Santa Clara County, California to see how many individuals may have been infected by COVID-19 but simply never exhibited symptoms, or symptoms serious enough to seek medical attention and be tested for COVID-19.

Dr. Ioannidis would note:

“If you compare the numbers that we estimate to have been infected, which vary from 48,000-81,000, versus the number of documented cases that would correspond to the same time horizon around April 1st, when we had 956 cases documented in Santa Clara County, we realize that the number of infected people is somewhere between 50 and 85 times more compared to what we thought, compared to what had been documented. Immediately, that means that the infection fatality rate, the chance of dying, the probability of dying, if you are infected, diminishes by 50-85 fold, because the denominator in the calculation becomes 50-85 fold bigger. If you take these numbers into account, they suggest that the infection fatality rate for this new coronavirus is likely to be in the same ballpark as seasonal influenza.”

Dr. Ioannidis also noted that there was a large gradient regarding death rates based on age and underlying medical conditions, with the risk of death for people under 65 with no underlying medical conditions being virtually negligible.

The need for wider testing to fully establish mature datasets – as Dr. Ioannidis and his team at Stanford illustrated – and efforts to communicate to the public the difference between the infection fatality ratio (IFR) and the case fatality ratio (CFR), have been neglected by Western governments and even more so by the Western corporate media. In some cases, efforts appear to be being made to deliberately obfuscate or confuse this crucial information in order to continue stoking panic and hysteria.

But in addition to this, there is the fact that governments – particularly in the West – have been caught using dubious or disorganized methods to tally COVID-19 deaths – meaning that both IFR and CFR numbers could be easily skewed.

For example, British state-funded media outlet, the BBC in an August 2020 article titled, “Coronavirus: England death count review reduces UK toll by 5,000,” would admit:

A review of how deaths from coronavirus are counted in England has reduced the UK death toll by more than 5,000, to 41,329, the government has announced.

The article also noted that:

The new methodology for counting deaths means the total number of people in the UK who have died from Covid-19 comes down from 46,706 to 41,329 – a reduction of 12%.

The article revealed that Public Health England had “included everyone who had tested positive [for COVID-19], even if they died months afterwards and their death may have had another cause.”

Similar statistical gymnastics are being performed in the US. Even the New York Times raised the issue fairly early on in article, “Is the Coronavirus Death Tally Inflated? Here’s Why Experts Say No,” clearly inferring that there may be a problem with the official methodology, and went on to explain throughout the article how it is impossible to ever know since accurate counts – or even accurate systems to use in counting – may not presently exist in the US.

In other words: the current systems are less than perfect and vulnerable to systemic distortions in the presentation of data. Again, this is a fundamental issue when public health policy is based on the perceived severity of the epidemic.

The Real Impact of COVID-19

Based on what were clearly misused and incomplete statistics, the US, the UK, and much of Western Europe have led the world in stoking unprecedented hysteria, enforcing travel restrictions and lockdowns, including the closing of businesses and schools, and grinding the economies of the world to a halt either directly or indirectly – in a manner similar to but with an impact much greater than the US-led global “War on Terror” starting in 2001.

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Pressure from “international organizations” like the World Health Organization (WHO) using its UN-affiliated platform to declare a “global pandemic,” along with Western governments and the corporations that dominate foreign and domestic policy, has created a global crisis – not in terms of human health, but in terms of socioeconomics.

Businesses are closed – not because those who regularly run or patronize them are in hospital beds or dead – but by order of governments, and with official policy backing from organizations like the WHO.

The mainstream media has played a key role in this – not only repeating narratives provided by governments and healthcare institutions uncritically, but refusing to fulfill their role as watchdogs and investigators searching out impropriety.

It is a state of hysteria that is crippling small and medium-sized businesses (SME), but a boon to big-business.

Headlines from papers like the Wall Street Journal admit, “Big Tech Companies Reap Gains as Covid-19 Fuels Shift in Demand,” or as the Guardian reported, “Amazon third-quarter earnings soar as pandemic sales triple profits,” make it clear that some big-businesses are profiting from the hysteria.

Moreover, the Guardian report, “The mystery of which US businesses are profiting from the coronavirus bailout,” reveals how struggling big-businesses are being bailed out by government money – while the SME sector, the real pulse of any vibrant economy and society – is being left behind.

But there is one industry who stands out above all others to benefit, an industry notorious for its deeply rooted corruption, and an industry that has already been caught using its ties with international organizations like the WHO to declare pandemics, stoke hysteria, and profit handsomely from the resulting chaos.

It’s the West’s pharmaceutical industry.

At no time in human history has it been more powerful and influential than it is now. And at no other time in human history has it been so dangerous.

Big-Pharma: The Least Trustworthy Pandemic Partner

Western big-pharma’s profiteering and corruption under ordinary circumstances is already shocking. The current climate of public confusion, panic, and growing socioeconomic desperation only invites the industry’s impropriety to new levels.

Pharmaceutical corporations like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Moderna – having received billions of dollars directly or indirectly from taxpayers to develop COVID-19 vaccines – have long, documented histories of corruption, including bribing regulators, doctors, and governments.

They have also been caught falsifying safety and efficacy data. They have promoted the use of their products for patients in cases not approved of by regulators, including on children.

They have even been caught knowingly selling products they knew were dangerous or even deadly – withholding critical information from both regulators and the public.

Pfizer alone – as its COVID-19 vaccine began rolling out publicly – was under investigation this year, according to its own Security Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, for its Greenstone generics business over antitrust concerns, for manufacturing issues regarding Quillivant XR, regarding quality issues over the manufacturing of auto-injectors, over corruption inquiries regarding its Russian and Chinese operations, and in regards to lawsuits in Mexico over the manufacturing of Zantac and a cancer-causing chemical called N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) found in the product.

The investigation regarding Zantac finally prompted the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – who had originally approved the drug – to request it be pulled from the market after finding it is indeed linked to an increased likelihood of causing cancer.

The Wall Street Journal in a 2020 article titled, “Pfizer Receives Inquiry From SEC Bribery Unit,” would note of Pfizer’s past scandals that:

Pfizer has had past run-ins with U.S. authorities over allegations of bribery among its operations abroad. The company in 2012 agreed to pay $60.2 million to settle investigations by the SEC and the Justice Department into alleged violations of the FCPA in several countries in Europe and Asia, including China and Russia.

The US Department of Justice in its own statement regarding part of the 2012 payout by Pfizer would note:

According to court documents, Pfizer H.C.P. made a broad range of improper payments to numerous government officials in Bulgaria, Croatia, Kazakhstan and Russia – including hospital administrators, members of regulatory and purchasing committees and other health care professionals – and sought to improperly influence government decisions in these countries regarding the approval and registration of Pfizer Inc. products, the award of pharmaceutical tenders and the level of sales of Pfizer Inc. products.  According to court documents, Pfizer H.C.P. used numerous mechanisms to improperly influence government officials, including sham consulting contracts, an exclusive distributorship and improper travel and cash payments. 

Such bribery might help explain why Pfizer and other pharmaceutical corporations are able to sell dangerous products like cancer-causing Zantac or – in the case of fellow COVID-19 vaccine producer Johnson and Johnson – cancer-causing baby powder –  for years before mounting lawsuits and public outrage spur regulators to finally do their job properly.

In Johnson & Johnson’s case, a Reuters investigation would note (emphasis added):

Facing thousands of lawsuits alleging that its talc caused cancer, J&J insists on the safety and purity of its iconic product. But internal documents examined by Reuters show that the company’s powder was sometimes tainted with carcinogenic asbestos and that J&J kept that information from regulators and the public.

What this illustrates is a consistent pattern of corruption stretching across Pfizer’s (and Johnson & Johnson’s) manufacturing process to their  business practices and spanning years. It is an entire industry that repeatedly engages in dangerous impropriety, is repeatedly investigated and fined, but allowed to not only continue conducting business – but is still entrusted with matters critical to public healthcare.

The implications it has for the process of developing, approving, producing, and distributing vaccines for COVID-19 should be obvious.

The 2009 H1N1 “Heist” 

Despite the immense amount of publicly-known corruption engaged in by the Western pharmaceutical industry and the obviously troubling implications it has for the current COVID-19 vaccine rollout – it is only one dimension of a much wider problem.

There is also the Western pharmaceutical industry’s known history of creating public scares to attract massive government contracts and wield power and influence over public discourse regarding human healthcare issues.

The same large corporate media outlets today helping fuel public hysteria regarding COVID-19 and promoting big-pharma’s vaccine rollout had previously reported on past instances of big-pharma crying “pandemic,” using its influence over international organizations like the WHO, and securing massive government contracts worth billions of dollars for unnecessary and ineffective medication and vaccines.

Think back to 2009 and the H1N1 “Swine Flu” scare. Following the WHO’s dramatic declaration of a “global pandemic,” the headlines and articles from the mainstream Western media read almost identical to those being circulated today regarding COVID-19.

NPR in a 2009 article would claim:

Seven months into the flu pandemic of 2009, North America leads the world in cases, the WHO says.

Unlike elsewhere, the new H1N1 never exited stage left after its debut appearance in late April. In fact, it’s making more noise than ever. Mexico has experienced more cases of pandemic flu since September than it did over the first four months of the pandemic this spring.

The ratcheting up of hysteria continued both from the WHO and across the Western media, accompanied by drives to fund vaccine development and stockpile medication like Roche’s Tamiflu.

The UK Daily Mail in a 2009 article titled, “Tamiflu: What you MUST know as swine flu threatens to strike,” would claim:

The Government has announced that stocks of drugs – known as antivirals – to fight the imminent threat of a swine flu pandemic are being built up to cover more than 50million people – or 80 per cent of the country’s population.

But as hysteria faded, the truth emerged. Articles began to appear like this one from Reuters in 2014 titled, “Stockpiles of Roche Tamiflu drug are waste of money, review finds,” which noted:

Researchers who have fought for years to get full data on Roche’s flu medicine Tamiflu said on Thursday that governments who stockpile it are wasting billions of dollars on a drug whose effectiveness is in doubt.

The article also pointed out:

Tamiflu sales hit almost $3 billion in 2009 – mostly due to its use in the H1N1 flu pandemic – but they have since declined. 

There were also Roche’s financial ties to WHO experts who designated the appearance of H1N1 as a “pandemic,” helping pave the way for the public hysteria required to fuel Roche’s profits from selling what was essentially a useless drug to government stockpiles.

The BBC in their 2010 article, “WHO swine flu experts ‘linked’ with drug companies,” would report:

Key scientists behind World Health Organization advice on stockpiling of pandemic flu drugs had financial ties with companies which stood to profit, an investigation has found. 

Roche was mentioned by name by the BBC (emphasis added):

The advice prompted many countries around the world into buying up large stocks of Tamiflu, made by Roche, and Relenza manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline.

Despite these revelations post-H1N1 after 2009, the very same actors have taken the stage for a repeat performance in 2020 – with little to no alarm from the same media organizations who ignored the H1N1 “heist” in 2009 and reluctantly reported on it only long after the damage was done.

Big-Pharma’s Pandemic Industrial Complex

Over the past ten years – big pharma’s control over the WHO and its influence over both the media and Western governments has only grown.

Powerful organizations like the Wellcome Trust – which claims to be an “independent foundation” funded through an investment portfolio – counts several large pharmaceutical corporations – Novartis, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, and Abbott Labs – on their list of “significant directly held public equity holdings.”

Its governance includes representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, various Western governments, academia, the media, and of course the WHO itself.

It is an institutionalization of the conflicting interests that have tolerated, accommodated, even helped expand the unwarranted power, wealth, influence, and corruption of big pharma.

And while Wellcome Trust claims to be “independent” of corporate and government ties, alongside the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – it has helped create another front organization called The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) – through which it accepts and disperses huge amounts of Western taxpayers’ money.

The work of CEPI directly impacts the business prospects of many of the corporations Wellcome Trust owns stocks in – with its investments paying off above average amid this most recent round of public hysteria and government spending on this latest declared pandemic.

International Publishers Limited in an article titled, “Wellcome Trust ‘prospers’ under COVID-19 fallout with 12.3% return,” would report:

Wellcome Trust’s portfolio has not just survived, but prospered, in the highly volatile environment following the COVID-19 outbreak, according to Eliza Manningham-Buller, the charity’s chair, introducing its annual report which unveiled a 12.3% return for the year to 30 September 2020, up on the 6.9% of the previous year.

The trust, which supports medical research worldwide, is the UK’s largest charity, with a £29.1bn (€31.9bn) portfolio at end-September 2020. Wellcome’s investments have returned an average 12.1% a year over the past decade.

It’s worth noting that back in March, both Wellcome and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided $125 million in “seed funding” to accelerate certain pharmaceutical products claiming to treat COVID-19, including Gilead Science’s antiviral Remdesivir. Despite failing repeatedly in clinical trials, and after the National Institute of Health (NIH) was exposed attempting to rewrite the rules in their attempt to salvage the drug’s reputation as a viable therapeutic for COVID-19 – Remdedivir was continually hyped in the media by Bill Gates and NIH Director Der Anthony Fauci, and is still defended by the WHO to this day.

It’s also important to note that as of 2020, the number one funder of the World Health Organization is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who supplied the WHO with approximately $531 million in its 2018-19 biennial budget, roughly 12% of WHO’s total budget.

Unlike the H1N1 scare and multiple scandals that emerged out from behind the smokescreen of public hysteria deliberately created around it, the COVID-19 crisis has been sustained for now nearly a year with enduring regiments being put in place to condition and control the public – and to control the flow of information through traditional channels as well as online and particularly across US-based social media platforms, and direct public funding into the coffers of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

At the same time, other major industries are either being spared the same regulations and restrictions strangling smaller businesses out of existence, or being bailed out by public funding.

It has gone from the “H1N1 Heist” of 2009 to what appears to be a “Pandemic Industrial Complex” taking shape today.

How far this goes in shaping – or more accurately – disfiguring society, is up to those people who can clearly see public and private sectors conspiring together and consisting of the least reliable partners for actually taking on a real pandemic and protecting the public from it – if that is truly what we are facing.

On one hand, even if we believe the statistics and claims being made on a daily basis by the mainstream media and government representatives, we can see for ourselves the corporations elected by the government to create the solutions claimed are needed to end the crisis, are guilty of serial abuses including the production and distribution of entirely unsafe products – products developed and “approved” of by government regulators under normal conditions that would go on to making people ill or even killing them.

But the COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out now aren’t even going through that process. They have instead been rushed through approval and unpredictable results and adverse effects are already emerging.

It harkens back to another chapter involving a novel virus – 1976’s Swine Flu – where vaccines were rushed into production and resulted in mounting adverse effects, particularly paralyzing Guillain-Barré syndrome in over 400 individuals. And these were only the cases that were reported, as the true total of those who suffered varying degrees of complications will never be fully known.

In 1976, the vaccination program was abandoned and the government’s response deemed a failure of historic proportions. But apparently the lessons learned then, or in 2009, have been lost entirely today – and in some cases – deliberately buried by a complicit media.

If COVID-19 is the crisis we are told it is – why isn’t there a greater demand for more trustworthy and transparent partners to work with to face it? These would be partners capable of acknowledging past mistakes and explaining how their plan today differs from those in the past.

But unfortunately, history has already taught us that pandemics can be declared – not because they actually exist and/or pose as grave a threat as government, media and corporate stakeholders claim – but because profits are to be made by big pharma, in connection with those in organizations like the WHO who have the unique power to declare pandemics, and perpetuate them regardless of the truth.

We watched for two decades as the West orchestrated an entirely false “War on Terror” around the globe, justifying actions as extreme as invasions, wars, and illegal occupations of other countries and the expenditure of trillions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.

Is it really that hard to imagine as possible, this formula being reworked atop the 2009 H1N1 scandals and pushed forward aggressively?

Author Brian Berletic, formerly known under his pen name Tony Cartalucci, is Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher, writer and special contributor to 21st Century Wire. See more of his work at Tony’s archive. Over the last decade, his work has been published on a number of popular news and analysis websites, and also on the online magazine New Eastern Outlook”. Also, you can follow him on VK here.

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Bill Gates' Deleted Documentary

"Why he switched fom Micosoft to Vaccines"

03. January 2021


Bill Gates imagines that he is the savior of the world, its environment and resources, but the means he wants to use to save the world is to reduce the world’s population down to the idea of that spelled out upon the Georgia Guidestones.  Also, he imagines that if he can convince us that the world is heading into global warming, when science for decades coming up to now has said that we were heading into a period of global cooling,

Bill Gates knows that if he can cool the world down in advance of this event, then the resultant cooling will be enough to gradually cause crops to fail and create mass starvation. 

And to prepare for this he has his Svalbard Global Seed Vault to store seed away for use when he and his minions come crawling out from their bunkers.  However his greatest idea has been to vaccinate the largest populations of the world to control their growth.  And now his grand architect plan is to deceive the world into fearing a virus that has a 99% recovery rate. 

Donald Trump posted on Facebook that the COVID 19 numbers have been exaggerated. 

In this documentary we look at the works and ideology of Bill Gates, and some of the things he would like to keep hid from us, but unfortunately other nations around the world are all too aware of.

You also can follow the link to this documentary hosted at Infowars Media: https://infowarsmedia.us/bill-gates-deleted-documentary/



- and ByeBye Totalitarian States or Global Governance !!!

These pictures show clearly who so far did indeed benefit from the Corona-Games and who not.

31. December 2020

New Year's Eve celebrations in Wuhan

New Yeara Eve Wuhan / China

New Year in Wuhan

People celebrate New Year's Eve at the banks of the Yangtze River in Wuhan, the first epicentre of the coronavirus. Photo: AFPTV / Leo RAMIREZ

People release balloons into the air to celebrate the new year on January 1st, 2021 in Wuhan, China.

Crowds fill streets in China's pandemic-hit Wuhan to celebrate the New Year

A couple kiss as New Year approaches on December 31, 2020 in Wuhan.

A couple kiss as New Year approaches on December 31, 2020 in Wuhan.

People celebrate the New Year on December 31, 2020 in Wuhan,

People celebrate the New Year on December 31, 2020 in Wuhan.

New Year Celebration Across The World

People walk at the waterfront of the Victoria Harbor to celebrate the New Year's Eve ahead of the year 2021, in Hong Kong

Fireworks launched in Taipei to celebrate New Year 2021

Fireworks are launched from the Taipei 101 commercial building to celebrate the New Year 2021 in Taipei.

Police direct visitors around Shibuya crossing, a popular location for New Year's Eve gathering in Tokyo, January 1, 2021.

Police direct visitors around Shibuya crossing, a popular location for New Year's Eve gathering in Tokyo, January 31, 2021. (AP)

Solemn New Year 2021 celebrations in Tokyo, Japan

People wearing masks in Tokyo visited the holy shrines to observe the new year 2021 and perform their rituals. Social distancing was maintained to keep the pandemic in check. (Image: Reuters)


In this photo provided by the North Korean government, fireworks illuminate the night sky, marking the New Year, as crowds of people look on, at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, North Korea. Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP

New Year Celebration Across The World

A woman walks past a fence near the harbour foreshore ahead of New Years Eve in Sydney, Australia.  

"Australia celebrated" with a governmental display for the cameras, while its citizens are restricted.  

Fireworks explode over the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge as New Year celebrations begin in Sydney, Australia. One million people would usually crowd the Sydney Harbor to watch the annual fireworks that center on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. But this year authorities advised revelers to watch the fireworks on television as the two most populous states, New South Wales and Victoria battle to curb new COVID-19 outbreaks. AP Photo/Mark Baker

Image result for Times square new years eve

New Years Eve Times Square - NY/USA

New York Police officers block a street leaving Times Square ahead of the New Year's Celebration Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

No crowd allowed for New Year’s Eve celebrations at Times Square

Times Square Nearly Empty For New Year's Eve

Times Square Nearly Empty For New Year's Eve

times square


Low key celebrations in New York

The New Year celebration at Times Square in New York is popular all over the world. The coronavirus ravaged New York City has beefed up security this time to stop people from congregating at Times Square. Only a few frontline workers and their families were allowed. (Image: Reuters)

An empty street is seen in Times Square during the virtual New Year's Eve event following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, US, December 31, 2020.

An empty street is seen in Times Square during the virtual New Year's Eve event following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, US, December 31, 2020. (Reuters)

Police officers stand in a nearly empty Times Square on New Yers Eve (Image: AFP via Getty Images) 

Times Square

A man wears a double facemask before the New Year’s Eve "celebration" in Times Square New York on December 31, 2020.Photo by KENA BETANCUR/AFP via Getty Images

Police ordered people to go home in central London on Friday, as some defied Covid-19 restrictions to gather near Westminster for New Year’s Eve.

A group of people celebrate the start of the New Year as they look across from the embankment towards the London Eye ferris wheel by the River Thames in London, Friday, Jan. 1, 2021. The London Eye is one of the traditional sites for New Year's Eve firework display, but it has been cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions in place to try and stop its spread.(AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

It was quiet around the London Eye on New Year's Eve as regular firework displays were cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Source: AP 

A deserted Deansgate in Manchester / UK 

French police patrol on the Champs Elysees avenue in Paris after celebrations and gatherings have been banned due to Covid-19 restrictions in France, December 31, 2020.

French police patrol on the Champs Elysees avenue in Paris after celebrations and gatherings have been banned due to Covid-19 restrictions in France, December 31, 2020. (Reuters) Curfew enforced on Champs-Elysees as Paris enters 2021

A view of an empty Colle Oppio hill overlooking the Colosseum, usually a popular spot for New Year's Eve celebrations, in Rome, January 1, 2021.

A view of an empty Colle Oppio hill overlooking the Colosseum, usually a popular spot for New Year's Eve celebrations, in Rome, January 1, 2021. (AP)

Police officers block the boulevard 'Strasse des 17. Juni' on which the New Year's Eve celebrations with thousands of people have usually taken place in previous years, in Berlin, Germany, December 31. (Hannibal Hanschke / REUTERS)

Police officers block the boulevard 'Strasse des 17. Juni' on which the New Year's Eve celebrations with thousands of people have usually taken place in previous years, in Berlin, Germany, December 31. (Hannibal Hanschke / REUTERS)


 See the source image

New years Eve Berlin / Germany - lockdown, lockdown, lockdown

See the source image

Police are the only spectators on New Years Eve in Berlin

Fireworks light the sky during the New Year's celebrations at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin just for remote viewers on their screens. Germany is entering 2021 in a lockdown that appears certain to be extended beyond its current Jan. 10 end date. While ordinary Germans were banned and are in lockdown, their elite had a party tent near the Brandenburg Gate. AP Photo/Michael Sohn

People holding cellphones stand by their windows in Lisbon in the first minutes of Friday, Jan. 1, 2021. Public celebrations and the traditional new year fireworks were cancelled and a curfew imposed in Portugal to try to stem the spread of the coronavirus. AP Photo/Armando Franca

Despite a ban on gatherings and fireworks, a few hundred people resisted and gathered on Dam Square in front of the Royal Palace, rear, to celebrate New Year in Amsterdam, Netherlands. AP Photo/Peter Dejong

New Years Eve India

New Delhi streets barricaded on New Year's Eve

Streets in New Delhi remained mostly empty following the curfew orders passed earlier, which disallowed all celebratory events and gatherings in public places from 11 pm on December 31. (Image: PTI)

Fireworks are launched from the Sky Tower to mark the changing of the year on New Year's eve in Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand and its South Pacific island neighbors have no COVID-19, and New Year celebrations there are the same as ever. Michael Craig/NZ Herald via AP

Fireworks explode over Hagley Park in Christchurch, New Zealand, during New Year celebrations. AP Photo/Ernest Kung

New Year's Eve celebrations in Auckland, New Zealand

People enjoy the music in the Americas Cup Village during New Year's Eve celebrations in Auckland, New Zealand, on December 31, 2020.

Sophie Jackson and Monique Lee, both from Christchurch, attend New Year celebrations in Hagley Park, Christchurch, New Zealand. New Zealand and its South Pacific island neighbors have no COVID-19, and New Year celebrations there are the same as ever. AP Photo/Ernest Kung

Crowds of people celebrate the New Year around the Christmas tree with the St. Sofia Cathedral in the background in Kyiv, Ukraine. AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky

Fireworks explode over a not-too-crowded square with a Christmas tree and and the main mosque during New Year's celebrations in Grozny, Russia,

A couple take a selfie photo at the Palace Square during New Year celebration in downtown St. Petersburg, Russia.

Thousands of people attend a music concert to celebrate the new year in Mbare, Harare. AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi

See the source image

New Years Eve Kenya

Kenya: The perfect spot for your Christmas and New Year’s Eve

New Year Morning in Kenya - write to to plan your healthy getaway!

 See the source image

We Wish You All A Very Happy and Lucky New Year 2021



There are numerous “predictions” for 2021 floating around ( incl. from kunstler.com and naturalnews.com). After combining those, selecting and highlighting issues and adding important points, this is our vision for the next year:

  • There’s no question that China and the Fauci fraud branch of the vaccine deep state incl. Bill Gates are going to release COVID-21, a new variant of the coronavirus, then use it to try to scare the world into buying another $100 billion worth of vaccines to cover that. This scam will try to continue (through covid-22, covid-23, etc. plans), but people finally will put a stop to it sooner rather than later. The entire thing is a massive pandemic / vaccine / bioweapons business model for corporations and depopulation eugenicists. Every last one of the people complicit in this scam should be arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.
  • Covid contagions will fade from the scene by 3rd quarter, but economic carnage remains. However, more and more people and sovreign states like Tanzania, will realize the fraud and will join each other to combat this bio-chemicl economic war.
  • Huge amount of restaurant equipment will be sold for dimes on the dollar.
  • Businesses that try to enforce vaccine mandates will suffer and die. There will be mass protests and boycotts of any business — a grocery store, airline, mall, etc. — that tries to enforce the globalist vaccine agenda. Most people already know vaccines are potentially dangerous, and the people who strongly believe in vaccines are going to be killed by them or made infertile, meaning the natural selection process at work here will remove people from the gene pool who are stupid enough to believe vaccines are safe and effective. (They won’t be missed.)
  • A Bubonic plague outbreak among homeless of Los Angeles is predicted as rats proliferate in their encampments. Such scenarios will happen also in other cities the world over.
  • In 2021 a major backlash against corporations and their appeasement of communist China will happen. A day of reckoning is coming for Coca-Cola, Nike, Wal-Mart, the NBA and all the other evil, twisted, anti-American corporations that are selling out humanity to the communist Chinese. It’s not just enough to boycott these corporations; their CEOs need to be arrested, charged with treason and publicly punished if found guilty of collaborating with the CCP. And the American people have come to this realization as well.
  • China will be attacking Taiwan in 2021 or 2022. With Trump becoming President for a second term, China will shift into desperate ploys and will try to take down all U.S. allies around the world, including pressuring Iran to attack Israel.
  • 2021 will be the year of engineered global famine as the food supply is deliberately wrecked in order to plunge more human beings into starvation and systems of government control. Governments will be forced to organize massive food giveaway programs.
  • Millions of workers will be enrolled in make-work projects a la the New Deal (some of them of value).
  • Revolts against corrupt governments and their weaponized lockdowns. Angry mobs might seize and arrest a rogue government official or two in many countries. We  don’t condone violence, but isn’t it also an act of terrorism when a corrupt government destroys the livelihoods of millions of people, based on nothing but false fear and junk science hype? When governments become terrorists, the people have the right to stop that terrorism. Stopping a lawless, criminal government by force is not itself a lawless act. It is an act to restore the rule of law. And if the legal systems won’t stop the lawlessness, corruption and fraud, then the Constitutions and the Bills of Rights quite poignantly place the responsibility for resolving the situation on the shoulders of We the People.
  • 2021 is going to see the accelerated collapse of universities, which are nothing more than libtard-terrorism indoctrination centres anyway. They teach nothing but violence, rage and stupidity. Collapse of higher education begins in earnest as college loan racket implodes. Scores of colleges and even some universities shutter; others shrink drastically in desperate effort to carry on.
  • Professional mass sports operations will teeter toward total collapse - like the NBA, theNFL or football championships worldwide.
  • The dollar DXY index falls under 80 by 2nd quarter, 60 at year end.
  • US GDP down by 40-percent year end 2021.
  • US oil production down by 40-percent, year-end 2021 (minus natural gas liquids).
  • Banking system thrown into disarray due to non-payment of rents and mortgages. Federal government intervenes with direct renter relief payments. Home owners in default are allowed to remain in their houses on provisional basis (which is never reconciled).
  • Many Crypto-currency “Hodlers” will become Crypto “Sodlers” as many cryptos tank. However, as far as Bitcoin goes, although there will be price corrections, trusted cryptos will finally be doing really well as the fiat currencies head toward collapse due to endless money printing. Bitcoin at $100K (USD) isn’t out of the question, but then again the dollar will be increasingly worthless anyway, so describing Bitcoin’s value in terms of dollars is a pointless exercise. Banks will introduce crypto to better track the use of money.
  • Large automobile companies will struggle. Those like General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford are back seeking bankruptcy protection. This time, their assets are sold and reorganized into smaller companies. No bailouts.
  • Pension funds collapse as broken chain of rent-and-mortgage payments destroy Real Estate Investment Trusts.
  • Natural-resources targeting proxy-wars will go through the roof in Africa, Asia and West-Papua+PNG plus we will we see the first africa-like resource-wars in South America, but this time the targeted Indigenous communities fight back. 
  • The Climate Change hype and associated New Green Deal frauds will get further exposed and true ecologists will together with those indigenous but now also many non-indigenous communities, who had earlier been hoodwinked into believing the altruistic motives of the UN-fostered arrangements, raise up to protect nature without hidden agenda.
  • Most elements of the attempted “Global Reset” are going to fail, because the GREAT RESET arrangements by the Wold Economic Forum (WEF) with states allied in LOCKSTEP against the interests of their own people has been exposed and will not succeed. The effort to force everybody into a globalist digital currency system, for example, will be widely rejected. People will turn to their own local money systems if needed, and I strongly suspect many cities and states may roll out their own paper currencies for local exchange. After all, if liberals can declare their own “sanctuary cities” over immigration laws, why can’t states like Texas declare themselves to be “fiscal sanctuary states” where the money supply is owned by the People rather than the criminal paedophile bankster crooks?
  • George Soros and several directors of Soros-funded NGOs will be charged with racketeering and election campaign finance crimes.
  • Twitter and Faceback become public utilities, but that will also be used to further undermine and rule out any privacy.
  • Every issue will be used to create divisions between people and to segregate families, communities, nations, but though the divisive powers will increase in strength they will not succeed.
  • In summary, 2021 is going to be the year of revolution: Many current systems will be brought down, and new systems based on higher levels of freedom and decentralization will take their place. It’s going to be a wild year, and there’s no doubt it will be even more disruptive than 2020. So buckle up. It’s going to get interesting from here forward.


Here is a calendar for 2021 as to what you can expect , if we don’t demand that this outrage ends as the Danes did with their government a few weeks ago:

The New World Order Plan  - 12/20 to 12/21
December 2020 - Field hospitals set up in each county
January 2021 - Full lockdown, all jobs stopped, all businesses closed
February 2021 - Reform on all benefits
March 2021 - New infection COVID21 different strain much more deadly than COVID19
April 2021 - Hospitals unable to cope. COVID19 vaccination available
May 2021 - Government sets new pay structures for workers including a new minimum wage
June 2021 - Shops running out of supplies commonplace. Local protests common. Army checkpoints get set up in each town.
July 2021 - National civil unrest takes off, local governments start pulling out. COVID21 vaccine developed.
August 2021 - Early plans for new government structure. First full vaccination rolled out of COVID19.
September 2021 - All debts cancelled if you get vaccinated against COVID19 and COVID21. New law cancels all property ownership and passed it to the government.
October 2021 - Introduction of COVID passports in digital and card format. Only those vaccinated can work and travel.
November 2021 - COVID19&21 vaccines become mandatory
December 2021 - COVID passports change name to Health passports and become accepted as the normal way of life.
Moroccan Sunset
We’ve all been telling you this would be happening!!!


Are Vaccine Deaths Being Recorded as COVID-19 Mortalities?

By John O'Sullivan - 31. December 2020

This story, if true, is a criminal conspiracy beyond most people’s comprehension. While we give credibility to the Bernician for his successful track record, we note that in the article re-posted below, he has yet to disclose his source.

Concerned readers may wish to assist us in digging for the truth. For example, submitting FOIA requests to the relevant government departments may adduce more hard facts on this disturbing development.

The Bernician writes as follows:

In perhaps the most controversial post I’ve ever made on this blog, I can now confirm that official data shows that the first and second waves of alleged Covid deaths correspond with the roll out of this year’s WHO-approved flu vaccines.

Evidence from the WHO’s own records shows that the shots are known to kill 5 out of every 1,324 healthy adults, as well as causing 344 to have medically attended adverse events.

It therefore appears obvious that the manufacturers of the scamdemic played a classic bait and switch move, in order to create plausible deniability for this year’s deaths from flu vaccines and to guarantee a whole lot more fatalities from the Covid jabs, which they intend to inject us all with in 2021.

The Genocidal Switcheroo

Damning evidence from the WHO in my possession implicitly states that the current batch of UK flu shots is expected to kill 377 of every 100,000 healthy adults, between 18 and 65.

However, that mortality rate would obviously increase substantially for the elderly and sick, who were the largest UK demographic to receive it by 26/03/2020 [8.5 m of the 14 m vaccinated by that date].

In such circumstances, out of the 14 million vaccinated with the flu shot during the first 12 weeks of 2020, at least 52,780 would have been expected to suffer fatal adverse events from the vaccines administered.

That being the case, the government needed the Coronavirus Act 2020 to suspend autopsies, which obviously could have established the predominant cause of death was the flu vaccines, rather than the government lurgy that has never even been proven to exist.

Grim Mortality Prediction

If this incredibly serious allegation of bait and switch has substance, I can now predict with relative and grim certainty, that in the event 30 million healthy adults receive one of the WHO-approved flu vaccines in the UK, 113,100 would be expected to die within 22 days of the injection.

Which the government would obviously claim is merely the latest surge of lurgy deaths, as the second flu shot season draws to an end, along with the worst year in living memory, during which no vaccine deaths have been recorded, to the very best of my knowledge.

Whilst only time will tell whether that grim prediction comes true [and I sincerely hope that it doesn’t], the best way to unequivocally prove that COVID deaths are in fact vaccine mortalities is to perform autopsies on the bodies of the dead.

Fatal Coincidence

Nevertheless, we already know that the end of the first flu shot season this year was 26/03 – the day they passed the Coronavirus Act 2020. A fatal coincidence, if ever there was one.

The mortality spike that followed the initial lockdown from 23/03/2020, was, it logically follows, due to the surge of adverse events from 14 million vaccinations, over the first 12 weeks of the year.

Quite simply, the more people who took the vaccine each week, the more people died and were falsely recorded as Covid deaths, which actually began in January and not March, according to official data.

In other words, they started falsifying the cause of death as being Covid in the same month this year’s first round of flu shots began.

Which is why the suspension of autopsies prescribed by the 2020 Act was integral to the perpetuation of the scamdemic and the creation of the genocidal government policy which continues unabated.

Mass Sterilisation Agenda

We don’t know for sure if the mortality rate will be the same, similar, more or less, but all the evidence we have strongly suggests that the primary purpose of the Covid vaccines is to switch off our reproductive systems, whilst permanently altering our DNA.

Provided, of course, that we manage to survive being poisoned with all manner of Big Pharma toxins and having nanobots let loose on our central nervous system.

However, we will know the answer soon enough, as the government are effectively continuing the testing stage right now, using the public as guinea pigs, in a ‘live’ experiment of genuinely Malthusian proportions.

They already appear to be covering up the mortality rate and other adverse effects from the vaccine, while ramping up the scam of the second strain of the government lurgy, which has never been and never will be either isolated or purified.

Judgment Day Draws Ever Closer

It goes without saying that as soon as we have enough prima facie evidence to nail these charges and more, in the Private Criminal Prosecution of those who stand accused of fraud, treason and mass murder, we will proceed without hesitation.

Nevertheless, it is also worthy of note that the bait and switch described above is exactly the same kind of fraud the banksters love to play, which confirms who our real adversaries are in this mortal war of attrition, for those who still require confirmation of that fact.

Since the Rothschild cartel sits behind the curtain and pull the strings of their academic, scientific, media and political puppets, who will all no doubt sing like canaries when they appear before their juries, to defend their indefensible crimes against the people.

My instinct tells me that the exposure of this genocidal bait and switch has the potential to blow the lid off the whole scam a mile high, once we have all the prima facie evidence required to sustain the most serious allegations ever made in a Common Law court.

Read more at www.thebernician.net



Social Engineers Use Weaponized Psychology to Push Unproven Vaccines

By Ben Bartee - December 30, 2020

In the coming months, more unprecedentedly rushed COVID-19 vaccines will likely be approved and subsequently introduced to market.

Whereas most vaccines take ten or more years to develop at a minimum – a necessary precaution to screen for adverse reactions in human test subjects who receive them — the COVID-19 vaccines currently in development across the globe will likely make it to market in less than a year from the starting line.

The monkey wrench in the pharmaceutical machinery, though, may prove to be widespread (and rightful) skepticism on the part of the public regarding the safety and/or efficacy of the eventual vaccine.

That people will be harmed by the COVID-19 vaccine once it is introduced to the public is inevitable. All vaccines, which re-jigger the immune system to produce antibodies against the targeted pathogen, can cause adverse reactions in a small percentage of the populations that receive them — even the safest, most thoroughly vetted ones.

This scientific, physiological reality is not disputed even by vaccine advocates. In fact, in the last 30 years, the U.S. government (using taxpayer money) has compensated victims of adverse reactions to vaccines to the tune of $4.4 billion. The COVID-19 vaccine will be no exception in terms of the damage it will inflict – in fact, because of the rushed nature of the vetting process and the proposed population-wide vaccination regimen, it will likely be far more destructive than previous vaccines in terms of scale.

Despite the serious health risks assumed by taking a vaccine pushed so rapidly through the vetting process, some Americans will undoubtedly roll up their sleeves. Others, though, will not; in fact, the number of Americans who hesitate to commit to taking the vaccine has been steadily rising since the novel coronavirus outbreak began.

In a recent Gallup poll on Americans’ willingness to submit to a COVID-19 vaccine, a mere half of the respondents said they would be willing to receive the vaccine once it becomes available.

This hesitancy on the part of the American public poses a potentially unforeseen dilemma for pharmaceutical firms and their cronies in government, which have spent billions developing these vaccines at breakneck speed: how best to prod, cajole, shame, or otherwise manipulate the American citizenry into accepting the vaccine once it has achieved FDA approval?

We can already see several strategies at work in this regard; the PR campaign to promote COVID-19 vaccination is now approaching climax.

Humans are hardwired to seek inclusion in social groups. In earlier epochs, our survival depended obviously and heavily on the social groups to which we belonged. Although the material reality of life has changed dramatically for humans since the dawn of civilization, those social imperatives carved deep into our innate psychology have remained.

Social engineers know and understand the basic desire for social inclusion, and use it as a tool.

Humans intuit the in-group/out-group dynamic. We are sensitive to lines drawn between insiders and outsiders and, whether consciously or subconsciously, modify our behavior to fit the mold of the inside group. If atomized outsiders can be convinced that the “insiders” in society get vaccinated, they are more likely to adopt conformative behavior as a result.

You can glimpse this strategy at play in public campaigns to promote vaccination. Consider the following graphic from Healthy Newborn Network:

Part of belonging to a social group is the protection of — or at least the performative mimicry of protection of — vulnerable members of the group. We instinctively recognize and value this behavior in other members of the in-group, and in turn they are held in higher collective esteem. In this way, group members who exhibit concern for the welfare of others gain standing and secure their position in the group.

Again, the social engineers recognize this group dynamic and play on it to promote compliance with COVID-19 public health measures. Consider this PSA from the Texas Medical Association:

By obvious insinuation, if you don’t comply with public health measures such as vaccinations to contain the spread of COVID-19, then you do not love and care for the elderly and other vulnerable populations – and are thus ripe to be excised from the social group. In this way, in exercising your inborn right to make your own medical choices, you risk becoming a pariah.

When the vaccine is marked as a pitch to end the pandemic once and for all and save millions of lives, the screws will turn even tighter. The pressure to vaccinate will further intensify, and those who do not wish to comply will be forced to make hard decisions about how committed they are to exercising their rights.

At which point, we may arrive at another related tactic the social engineers are sure to use:  fear instillation – simple, yet effective. It goes something like “if you don’t get the vaccine, x millions of innocent lives will be lost.” You who refuse to vaccinate, in turn, would be responsible for those deaths. No one, save a psychopath, wants to be a murderer – or widely regarded by members of the in-group as one.

If emotional appeals fail, the social engineers will be forced to move onto physically alienating and ultimately excising the problematic out-group members from society.

The federal government, and its corporate partners, will set the agenda from on high, to be filtered down to smaller sectors of the economy and lower levels of government.

International and interstate flights – which are governed by the federal government — will require COVID-19 “immunity passports” from travelers to board flights. The military will require vaccinations for new recruits. The largest businesses with the closest ties to the federal government will likely be the first to make COVID-19 vaccination a standard prerequisite for employment.

In short, while vaccination at gunpoint will remain unconstitutional, the effort will be instead to make economic survival impossible for those who refuse to vaccinate themselves and their family. Apart from becoming a social pariah, being cut off from access to much-needed resources and institutions will make living “normal” life virtually impossible.

State and local governments will not be immune from these tactics; if local jurisdictions refuse to implement complementary regulatory regimes related to COVID-19, they will be coerced from on high (with threats of withholding federal funding, if need be) to comply.

This will mean that — jurisdiction by jurisdiction and measure by measure — the pressure to comply will compound. Unvaccinated children will be unable to attend public school. Public meetings will be closed off to unvaccinated community members. Sports and concert venues will be forced to require proof of vaccine to attend out of fear of legal liability. Access to public resources, at the local level as well as the federal level, will be cut off for the unvaccinated.

Thus, the psychological screws are tightened further. With no access to participation in the economy or society, how many American families will be able to resist, no matter how steadfast their opposition to an unproven COVID-19 might be?

As a society, we have arrived at a determinative crossroads for the future prospects of personal liberty:  one path leads to the maintenance of a quasi-free society where the individual retains some degree of medical autonomy, and the other leads to a dystopian new norm – the domination of public health decision-making by a small group of largely unelected and unaccountable social engineers.

Ben Bartee a Bangkok-based American journalist, grant writer, political essayist, researcher, travel blogger, and amateur philosopher. Contact him via his portfolio or on LinkedIn.

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Fauci Says ‘Worst is Yet to Come’ …. Again!

By Mac Slavo - 30. December 2020

Once again, authoritarian Dr. Anthony Fauci, who wants the slaves to obey his commands and edicts to their own detriment, has said that with regards to the hoax scamdemic, “the worst is yet to come.” Fauci and other tyrants have been repeating this like a mantra and trying their best to force it to come true even when the official numbers don’t stack up.

Fauci has made similar predictions before, as RT pointed out in a report. Back when the U.S.’ cases numbered in the thousands (our of 300 million-plus) back in March, he told Congress that things will get worse than they are right now. Three months later, he called the pandemic his “worst nightmare,” and warned that it isn’t over yet. In August, he again reminded the public he wasn’t “pleased with how things are going,” and told them to expect “big spikes” in positive tests.

This entire scam is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public, and people are STILL falling for it! As long as the sheep obey and don the ritualistic shame muzzle upon command, this will continue. They are doing their best to destroy humanity under the guise of a virus.

“We’re really at a very critical point,” he continued, “if you put more pressure on the system by what might be a post-seasonal surge because of the traveling and the likely congregating of people.”

Fauci has already admitted to lying about herd immunity in order to convince the public to take this COVID-19 vaccine.  Fauci assumes that based on polling a large number of people want to line up for this vaccine with “severe side effects” that far outweigh the illness if you even get symptoms of COVID.

Stay alert.  They will probably not mandate this vaccine, but they also probably will not have to. The public has fallen in line and will police each other by refusing to employ or allow in stores those who reject this vaccine.

Read more at www.shtfplan.com


Fauci Lied – He Never Took the Moderna Vaccine

By Martin Armstrong - 30. December 2020

When Fauci staged him pretending to get the vaccine, it was in his left arm. When he was interviewed about it, he said his arm was a little sore as with all vaccines and touched his right arm – not his left.

He has been caught lying about the herd immunity. Why anyone believes anything that comes from any official is beyond me. NOTHING they tell the public is ever the truth!

He claimed to take the Moderna vaccine, which 80% of the people report significant side effects which he claims is nothing because he never took it!

Some people call the Moderna vccine now MADerna.

Read more at www.armstrongeconomics.com

Dr. Fauci receives COVID-19 vaccine

•Dec 22, 2020


ABC News

The country's most prominent infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci received his first dose of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday.


Dr Fauci Admits to Vax Misinformation (He Makes a Percentage)

By Leon Wolf - 26. December 2020

In a startling interview with the New York Times, Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the government’s coronavirus taskforce, admitted that he did not level with the American people about how many people would need to be vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity because he didn’t think the public was ready to hear his true thoughts, which he feared might discourage people from getting vaccinated.

The Times article catalogued Dr. Fauci’s changing position on how many Americans would need to be vaccinated, which he initially stated would be 60-70 percent. As noted by the Times, about a month ago, Fauci’s tune began to change and he suggested that the figure was actually 70-75 percent. Last week, in an interview with CNBC, he upped that figure (again) to “75 to 80-plus percent.”

In the interview with the Times, he changed his estimate yet again and suggested that the figure actually may be “close to 90 percent.”

According to the Times, in the telephone interview, “Dr. Fauci acknowledged that he had slowly but deliberately been moving the goal posts. He is doing so, he said, partly based on new science, and partly on his gut feeling that the country is finally ready to hear what he really thinks.”

In other words, Fauci’s advice to the American public on one of the most critical aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, has not consisted entirely of his honest opinion, formulated by the best science, but rather on what he thinks the country is ready to hear.

Dr. Fauci went on to even more expressly admit that he had fudged his public pronouncements in order to encourage people to take the vaccine. According to the Times, Dr. Fauci was ready to raise his estimates “weeks ago” but refused because “many Americans seemed hesitant about vaccines, which they would need to accept almost universally in order for the country to achieve herd immunity.”

Blithely continuing to explain how polling, rather than science, informed his public pronouncements, Fauci went on: “When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent. Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85.

Moreover, Fauci went on to explicitly state that his future pronouncements might still be based on his feeling of what the public thinks, not what the science says: “We need to have some humility here. We really don’t know what the real number is. I think the real range is somewhere between 70 to 90 percent. But, I’m not going to say 90 percent.”

Why won’t he say 90 percent? According to the Times, the answer is that “Doing so might be discouraging to Americans, he said, because he is not sure there will be enough voluntary acceptance of vaccines to reach that goal,” in light of the fact that “sentiments about vaccines in polls have bounced up and down this year.”

Read more at www.theblaze.com