To be Sovereign is to Be Master of Our Being

The guiding principle, the only force that has power is our Sovereign Being

To be denied our birthright, to be told that our human being is not the sacred being it is endowed with when born into this human life, that it is less than some authority external to that being, is the biggest lie most of us believe.

That we are unable or unwilling, for whatever reasons to hold that truth, to live that truth, is down to us. There is no power on earth that gives anyone the right to force us to accept that lie, except ourselves. If we give our consent to another to traduce our right as a human being, to control, against our wishes with whatever means is suggested as "for our own good" then we can only hold ourselves to blame. We gave that consent.

To pull back from teaching our children that subservience is the only way to survive is a crime. It is abuse of the worst kind. To deny a rich and full life, protected in love, care and the highest educational values is the responsibility of each of us.

It is laid out under the Common Law of Humankind, a Law that existed long before the iniquities set upon us today. That we accept this is an old decrepit and not fit for purpose Law, is to suck up grandiose lies as truth.

Human rights are inviolable. They are part of the human condition. No one can take away, alter them or in any way interfere with them. Allowing anything at that level to be initiated is making that person party to a crime against humanity. That is how strong the Common Law is.

Everything flows from this eternal, sacred and human right. Every sacred text, no matter what defines the basic rights. No one has to be forced into believing their human existence. It is Fact. Any diversion that causes harm, abuses, lessens that sovereignty is itself a crime against humanity.

Every just action and respect of equality emanates from here. When any part of our sovereign right is abused or taken from us, a crime is committed. The people have every right to address that crime. Today we stand at the nexus of facing crimes against humanity full on or being defeated by evil. It is no less than that.

Universal Maxim of Common Law

Cause no harm, injury, damage or loss, but defend yourself, your family, your community and your property with all reasonable force necessary, from all those who seek to do you wrong.

Restoration of Common Law

For the purposes of restoring the rights and protections guaranteed by the Common Law it is hereby reaffirmed that  sovereignty is naturally vested in the people, who are naturally endowed at birth with the following unalienable rights, which no government has the authority to suspend or impede:

1. The rights to self-determination, both as individuals and collectively.

2. The right to be presumed innocent of any crime or civil offence, until proven guilty before a jury of our peers.

3. The right to bear arms to defend ourselves, our family, property and community from unlawful acts of aggression and theft, with all reasonable force necessary.

4. The rights to exercise our conscience and to remain silent, whenever appropriate.

5. The rights to a private family life, freedom of expression and religious freedom.

6. The right to live freely in an unpolluted environment with unrestricted access to clean air, water and food sources.

7. The right to free assembly and to campaign against injustices of all natures and descriptions.

8. The right to come and go as we please, without unwarranted intrusion, harassment, surveillance or delay.

9. The right to declare any unconstitutional law or treaty unlawful by unanimous Common Law Grand Jury.

10. The right to depose criminal governments by any lawful means necessary, including the unilateral declaration of a properly convened Common Law Grand Jury.

11. The rights of autonomy in the conduct of every aspect of our lives within the boundaries set by the Common Law as restored by the lawful execution of this declaration.

12. The right to contract and conduct any lawful business and to trade in any lawful currency of our choosing without Government interference, licensing or taxation.

13. The right to seek a Grand Jury order that the police and the military arrest, detain and charge criminal government officers for Common Law crimes against the people. 

14. The right to claim lawful excuse in performing or refusing to perform any act or deed our conscience dictates we must, even if we are subsequently held to be wrong and or such a course of action is prohibited by law.

15.  The right to convene Common Law courts, where every case, both civil and criminal, is heard and decided by a Common Law jury upon its merits.

Common Law is above all law, be it Merchant, Admiralty whatever. To be told it is an old, dead law is yet one more compounding lie to be squashed. It is eternal.

If we profess to be humans, with souls and heart, then if but for no one else, we must take action for the children and all generations to come.

To allow tyranny to win is no option. There are no more excuses...... period!