Crimes against Humanity & CORONA CLASS ACTION

Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

By VF - 03. October 2020 (French & German versions below)

German Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich says that along with an international panel of attorneys, they are planning to file a class action lawsuit in the USA or Canada against the perpetrators of the coronavirus scam based on notoriously useless PCR tests.

The basis of Fuellmich’s class action case against those responsible for the corona scandal rests on the following premises (taken from the video above):

  • Companies and persons who suffered damage during lockdown, & etc. are entitled to full recovery of said damages.
  • Not only are those officials who made the decision to lockdown, & etc. responsible, but also the manufacturers of the PCR test, upon which the coronavirus measures were largely based, and which is completely unsuitable for detecting an infection. It is not even licensed or approved for diagnostic purposes. This is contrary to all official assurances, including those made by the WHO.
  • There is no valid factual or legal basis for the corona measures, including face masks, which need to be ended immediately.
  • The biggest wave of bankruptcies of all time is threatening the world economy right now, which greatly affects small and medium business and the self-employed.
  • The German judiciary is not sufficiently independent politically to judge cases against big corporate players, so cases are now being referred to the EU Court of Justice.
  • US-style class-action lawsuit can really help in this situation, which must be publicized throughout the general media in order to attempt to include all relevant participants (Fuellmich explains additional advantages of class-action suits, including low cost, speed and simpler legal procedures).
  • The aim is to get hundreds of thousands or even millions of people involved in this suit, who have suffered the same type of damage, with a very large price tag attached, all of which is likely to bring the madness to an end much faster.
  • The investigation of the Corona Commission of Inquiry SCU has as main POLITICAL goal also to start the long overdue scientific discussion about the true danger of the virus, the reliability of the test and the collateral damage (health and economic) caused by anti-coronavirus measures. It will be achieved faster with the loud BANG of a successful class-action involving perhaps millions of people.

We actively advise and support the activities regarding the Corona claim for damages. See:  

Dr. Fuellmich stated that they themselves are only representing German clients, but plan to publish names of lawyers and law firms internationally who will be taking part in legal action for redress against the corona measures.

Clients from First Nations and Developing Nations can contact to get advise how to join. For Africa please contact



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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

⁣Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who practices law in California as well as Germany, and the #coronavirus investigative committee have prepared a class action to help people to claim damages caused by the corona fraud and the crimes against humanity committed by authorities.


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French Language Version

L’avocat Reiner Fuellmich présente un aperçu complet de la façon dont le faux test PCR a été adopté comme norme pour le «diagnostic» de Covid-19 et comment le Parti vert allemand a persuadé le gouvernement majoritaire allemand d’adopter des points de discussion sur la peur et la panique violation du droit international des crimes contre l’humanité. Le Dr Fuellmich annonce qu’un réseau international d’avocats plaidera la plus grande affaire délictuelle de l’histoire du monde.


German Version – Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit

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