UPDATE 02. September 2020: New Normal Gleichschaltung, or: The Storming of the Reichstag Building on 29 August, 2020

UPDATES 29. August 2020: Robert F. Kennedy's complete speech in Berlin & Heiko Schöning: DIE AUFKLÄRUNGSREDE - NO to MAFIA - Berlin Demo 29 08 20 Ärzte für Aufklärung


Berlin invites EUROPE


29. AUGUST 2020 - 08h00 - 17h00 MEZ

LIVESTREAM starts at 9h00 MEZ


Demo 29. 08. 2020:

The demonstration is LEGAL - the Superior Court confirmed the ruling that squashed the stop order, which the Berlin Senate had tried to impose. Legal Advise Below ⇊

Full speech by  Robert F. Kennedy Junior - "I say too: ...  'I am a Berliner!'"

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If you travel by bus to Berlin and your bus is stopped by police, then use the app to file for a spontanuous protest demonstration.


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Inform the Telegram Group: https://t.me/querdenken711



- Advise how to talk with police (in German)

- Assistance during Arrest

- Report also if you observe and document the arrest of other participants 

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Telegram Group https://t.me/querdenken711

QUERDENKEN 711 – Stuttgart PRESS RELEASE -       

28. August 2020 - „Rechtsanwalt Markus Haintz from Ulm announces: „Robert F. Kennedy Jr. this weekend in Berlin“

Stuttgart/28.08.2020 Statement re Arrival of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of Children’s Health Defense and a leader of the health freedom movement, arrives in Berlin Friday, August 28 to attend the inaugural meeting of Children’s Health Defense Europe, the first international chapter of this U.S. non-profit organization. He will meet with colleagues from all over Europe to discuss current global challenges to health and human rights. Organizers of the 28.08.2020 Saturday, August 29 Berlin rally for freedom, peace, free expression and respect have invited Mr. Kennedy to participate.  Markus Haintz - Telegram: @Hainz




New Normal Gleichschaltung, or: The Storming of the Reichstag Building on 29 August, 2020

By CJ Hopkins - 02. September 2020

On March 21, 1933, the Nazi-controlled Reichstag passed a law making it a crime to speak out against the government. The “Regulations of the Reich President for Defense from Treacherous Attacks against the Government of the National Uprising” made even the slightest expression of dissent from Nazi ideology a criminal offense. This new law, among other totalitarian measures, was part of a process known as Gleichschaltung … the process of achieving rigid and total ideological coordination and uniformity in politics, culture, and private communication by forcibly repressing (or eliminating) independence and freedom of thought and expression.

German Psy-Op Props Up Neo-Nazis to Smear Berlin Marchers Against the COVID Brain Disease Cult

Get your Nazi props in place, then; action, camera, roll

GloboCap hasn’t done anything that heavy-handed in the course of rolling out the New Normal totalitarianism, but that’s mainly because they do not have to. When you control the vast majority of the global corporate media, you don’t need to pass a lot of ham-fisted laws banning all dissent from your totalitarian ideology. This isn’t the 1930s, after all. Over the last ninety years, the arts of propaganda, disinformation, and perception management have advanced to a point that even Goebbels couldn’t have imagined.

The skill with which GloboCap and the corporate media delegitimized the anti-New Normal demonstrations in Berlin, London, and other cities last weekend is a perfect example of the state of those arts. I’ll focus on Berlin, as that’s where I live, and the so-called “Storming of the Reichstag” incident, but it works pretty much the same way everywhere. I believe there was a curious incident involving a person with a fascist flag in London, and that the UK media have now officially chosen David Icke to be the movement’s figurehead.

In Berlin, in the days leading up to the protests, government officials and corporate media propagandists did what officials and propagandists do … they relentlessly repeated their official narrative, namely, that anyone protesting the New Normal (or doubting the official Coronavirus narrative) is a “violent neo-Nazi extremist,” or “conspiracy theorist,” or some other form of existential “threat to democracy.”

This official narrative was originally disseminated following the August 1 protest in Berlin, the scale of which took the authorities by surprise. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people (depending on whose narrative you believe) gathered in the city to protest the New Normal and its increasingly absurd “emergency measures.” The German mediaCNNThe New York Times, and other “respectable news outlets” uniformly condemned them as “neo-Nazis,” or insinuated that they were “neo-Nazi-sympathizers.”

Despite the finding of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution that only “individual members of far-right-groups” had taken part in the August 1 protest, and that “far-right extremists had no formative influence on the demos,” both the German and international corporate media pumped out story after story about the ultra-violent neo-Nazi hordes that were about to descend on Berlin, again!

Der Tagespiegel, a major German newspaper, reported that the demo was being “infiltrated by Nazis.” Die Tagesschau, the German BBC, shrieked that “neo-Nazis are mobilizing!” RBB, another public broadcaster, reported that the “traveling circus of Corona-deniers” was heading straight for the city! (N.B. Any reference to any kind of “deniers” in Germany evokes Holocaust deniers, i.e., Nazis). Ver.di, the German journalists union, warned their members that they were expecting reporters to suffer “double-digit physical attacks.” And these are just a few of countless examples.

The American and UK corporate media also did their Gleichschaltung duty, disseminating the official “Nazis are Coming!” narrative. (I don’t need to do the citations, do I?) And, of course, Antifa joined in the chorus.

On Wednesday, three days before the demo, having successfully whipped the New Normal masses up into a state of wide-eyed panic over the imminent neo-Nazi invasion, the Berlin government banned the protests. The New Normal masses celebrated. A few concerns about … you know, democracy, were perfunctorily voiced, but they were quickly silenced when Interior Senator Andreas Geisel explained that abrogating the people’s constitutional right to freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech, and to petition their government, was not in any way a totalitarian act, but was purely a matter of “protecting the public health.”

For good measure, Geisel also added:

“I’m not willing to accept a second time that Berlin is being abused as a stage for Corona deniers, Reichsbürger, and right-wing extremists.”

Then, in a particularly Orwellian twist, although the protest itself had now been banned, the Berlin government decided to approve a “counter-protest” against the banned protest. I’m not quite sure how that was supposed to work.

The night before the demo, an administrative court overturned the protest ban. It didn’t really matter, as the authorities knew they couldn’t stop the demo in any event. Banning the protest was just part of the show (and the Gleichschaltung process the show was part of), meant to emphasize the existential threat posed by the bloodthirsty Nazi legion that was on its way to sack the city.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of protesters (the overwhelming majority of whom were not neo-Nazis, or Nazi-sympathizers, or any other kind of monsters) poured into the streets of central Berlin. The police surrounded them, trapping them on the avenues, closed off the side streets so they couldn’t get out, and, once again, tried to ban the protest on the grounds that they weren’t “social distancing.” Everyone sat down in the street. Cops stalked around in their masks and body armor, sweating heavily, and occasionally pushing people. Lawyers made phone calls. It was very hot. This went on for quite a while.

Eventually, the court instructed the police to let the demonstration go ahead. And the rest is history … except that it isn’t. According to the official narrative, there were no hundreds of thousands of protesters. There were “tens of thousands,” and they were all “neo-Nazis,” and “Nazi-sympathizers,” and “Coronavirus deniers,” and “stark-raving mad conspiracy theorists.” (Full disclosure: I was there with them, and, yes, indeed, there were some neo-Nazis among the hundreds of thousands in the streets, but, just like at the August 1 protest, these far-right boneheads were a small minority and not at all welcomed by the majority of the participants, no more than the Trotskyists and anti-Semites were welcomed at the 2003 anti-war protests before the US invasion of Iraq, although, yes, they were definitely there.)

In any event, hundreds of thousands of protesters made their way down Unter den Linden, through the iconic Brandenburg Gate, and onward to the main demonstration, filling the Straße des 17. Juni from the Brandenburg Gate to the Siegessäule. By now, I assume you’ve seen the pictures. Or maybe you haven’t. It’s actually fairly hard to find any photos in the media that give you any real perspective.




And, finally, we have come to the main event … which, of course, was not this enormous gathering of totally non-violent, non-Nazi people peacefully protesting the New Normal totalitarianism, nor the speech of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. No, the “story,” the official main event, was the “Storming of the Reichstag building by Nazis.”

I’ll let Mathias Bröckers handle this part. Here’s an excerpt from his recent blog post:

Storming of Reichstag Averted – Democracy Saved!

How do you manage to delegitimize a peaceful mass protest against the corona measures in such a way that the media report not about a protest by hundreds of thousands, but about the “storming” of the Reichstag?

Quite simply: you approve an application by a group of Reichsbürger to assemble directly in front of the Reichstag (N.B. the official applicant for this assembly was Ex-NPD-member Rüdiger Hoffmann) and station only three policemen in front of the west entrance despite the large police presence everywhere in the area. Then you let a crazy Q-Anon-chick scream into the microphone that “Donald Trump has declared freedom,” that “the police have laid down their weapons,” and that “everyone should now occupy the steps of the Reichstag,” and, presto, you have the images you need to dominate the coverage … a mob of a few dozen people with Reichsbürger flags “storming the Reichstag.”

Never mind the fact that the massive demonstration at the Siegesäule (i.e., Victory Column) organized by Querdenken 711 had absolutely nothing to do with this incident, which was carried out by a right-wing-extremist splinter group. The demonstration had already been delegitimized as a protest staged by Reichsbürger extremists and tin-foil-hat lunatics in the days leading up to it, and now the visual confirmation was provided.


Verantwortliche Person für Ereignisse vor dem Reichstag am 29. August 2020 (Tamara K.)

•Aug 30, 2020

staatenlos.info3 - Comedian

Beweisquellen: https://www.focus.de/politik/deutschl... Danke an den Kanalbetreiber: "Der Mensch" Historische Szene vor dem Reichstag am 29.08.2020 #Polizeigewalt #Reichstag #b2908 https://youtu.be/JsUfADiJ6bo + Falschinformation führt zur Eskalation und zum Bengalfeuer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjtqc... Reichstag #2 #Polizeigewalt #b2908 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5MdD... Historische Szene vor dem Reichstag am 29.08.2020 #Polizeigewalt #Reichstag #b2908 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsUfA... Laut vieler späterer Infos: Reichstag zu dem Zeitpunkt völlig ohne POLIZEI, welche zuvor abgezogen war! Mobilfunknetz war ausgeschaltet! Verm. "Agent Provokateur" (eine "Tamara K." mit lange Rastalocken aus der Eifel über Gelbwesten Berlin) steuerte Hoffnungsvolle & getäuschte "Querdenker-Menschen" bewusst mit Fakenews: "Donald Trump sei in der Stadt. Polizei legt Helme ab & Reichstag wäre dem Volk übergeben" in eine verm. inszenierte Falle... Christoph Kastius & Anhänger waren auch vor Ort aktiv. Staatenlos.info-Versammlungsleiter durch Schwächeanfall ausgefallen. Rüdiger Hoffmann war zu dem Zeitpunkt abgemeldet nicht vor Ort & konnte nicht eingreifen um das was ausgelöst wurde zu verhindern... = SCHLUSS MIT DER PRIVATEN TYRANNEI! BEFREIUNGSGESETZ Artikel 139 Grundgesetz - Entnazifizierung jetzt sofort umsetzen! Das Potsdamer Abkommen muss erfüllt werden! Wladimir Schirinowski - Wenn uns das deutsche Volk um Hilfe bittet, wird Rußland helfen! https://youtu.be/TY_kLTcMMzo JETZT ERST RECHT! ABDANKUNG DER BUNDESDEUTSCHEN TREUHAND-MAFIA ohne wenn & aber! Es geht UM UNSER Überleben! WACHT AUF! Vernichtungsplan gegen die Menschheit auf World Economic Forum aufgedeckt! https://youtu.be/7ej4Noiy730 = HELFT UNS FINANZIELL DEN HARTEN KAMPF DURCHZUHALTEN! paypal.me/heimatweltfrieden = URSACHEN-LÖSUNG aller Probleme: Die Deutschen werden nur über das sog. BEFREIUNGSGESETZ Artikel139 Grundgesetz für die BRD – Umsetzung Potsdamer Abkommen von 1945 in Verbindung mit Artikel 146 GG aus der DEUTSCH-land- Sklavenkolonie (Bundesrepublik – Deutschland - Treuhandverwaltung) befreit. Grundgesetz XI. Übergangs- und Schlußbestimmungen (Art. 116 - 146) Art. 139 Die zur "Befreiung des deutschen Volkes vom Nationalsozialismus und Militarismus" erlassenen Rechtsvorschriften werden von den Bestimmungen dieses Grundgesetzes nicht berührt. Grundgesetz XI. Übergangs- und Schlußbestimmungen (Art. 116 - 146) Art. 146 Dieses Grundgesetz, das nach Vollendung der Einheit und Freiheit Deutschlands für das gesamte deutsche Volk gilt, verliert seine Gültigkeit an dem Tage, an dem eine Verfassung in Kraft tritt, die von dem deutschen Volke in freier Entscheidung beschlossen worden ist. Politiker sprechen die Wahrheit über die Bundesrepublik Deutschland – GERMANY https://youtu.be/AG4TySQPMCU Alle Informationen und rechtlich offenkundigen Beweise finden sie auf der Webseite www.staatenlos.info = Einfach nur noch voll einsteigen - mehr ist nicht notwendig- Ursache & die rechtliche Generallösung zur Befreiung Deutschlands und Europas aus der BRiD/EU-Sklaven-Kolonie: Studieren sie dazu aufmerksam und ausführlich die juristisch wissenschaftliche Webseite www.staatenlos.info - die Startseite TEXT reicht – dazu das Heimat - & Friedensprogramm für Deutschland – https://www.staatenlos.info/heimat-fr... www.deutsche-heimat.info E – Mail: Webseite www.staatenlos.info Mobil: +49 (0) 162 9027725 Telefon Festnetz: +49 (0) 38852/58951

In a video of the lead-up to the “Reichstag storming” incident, Tamara K., a natural health practitioner, and pretty obviously a far-right wacko, is the “crazy Q-Anon-chick” in question. You can clearly hear her advising the crowd that “there are no more police here,” which the video confirms. Or rather, the few police that were there had left the building completely unguarded and pulled back to well behind this assembly of obviously far-right-extremist-type clowns (who, remember, had been granted official permission to stage their assembly at the steps of the Reichstag). This, despite the days and weeks of warnings of a “neo-Nazi invasion” from government officials and the corporate media.


Go ahead, call me a “conspiracy theorist.”

Anyway, once the Reichstag steps were thoroughly occupied by far-right loonies and the Reichsflagge were in the right positions (approximately four minutes into the video), the police finally arrived to mount their defense. It was touch-and-go there for a while, but at the end of the day, democracy triumphed. Naturally, there were plenty of journalists on hand to capture this historic drama and broadcast it all around the world.

And there you have it, the official narrative, which Saskia Esken, SPD co-leader, succinctly squeezed into a tweet:

“Tens of thousands of far-right radicals, Reichsbürger, QAnon followers, Holocaust deniers, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, and esoterics, who declare the media, science, and politicians ‘guilty’ and openly call for the storming of the Reichstag and a coup d’état. That is the 29 August Berlin demonstration.

Oh, and yesterday, as I was writing this column, I saw that the Berlin Senate had passed a new regulation requiring the participants of any future protests to all wear masks … so I take back what I wrote in the beginning. It looks like GloboCap, or at least its German branch, has some ham-fisted totalitarianism left in it.

I’ll keep you posted on the Gleichschaltung process, and the advance of the New Normal totalitarianism, generally. In the meantime, remember, this is just about a virus! And the Nazis really are coming this time! And looting is a powerful tool to bring about real, lasting change in society … oh, yeah, and the chocolate ration has been increased!


CJ Hopkins

Photo: staatenlos info.3 comedian video

Robert F. Kennedy's complete speech in Berlin

•Aug 29, 2020

RT Deutsch

Robert F. Kennedy Junior, son of "Bobby“ und nephew of John F. Kennedy, spoke in Berlin.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks with the mainstream media


Heiko Schöning: DIE AUFKLÄRUNGSREDE - NO to MAFIA - Berlin Demo 29 08 20 Ärzte für Aufklärung

29. August 2020


BERLIN LIVE!!!!! LIVESTREAM von der Tribüne

•Started streaming since 17h00 

Samuel Eckert


LIVE aus Berlin: Protest gegen die Corona-Politik

•Started streaming 28, August 10h MEZ

RT Deutsch

RT Deutsch nimmt die Herausforderung an, die etablierte deutsche Medienlandschaft aufzurütteln und mit einer alternativen Berichterstattung etablierte Meinungen zu hinterfragen. Wir zeigen und schreiben das, was sonst verschwiegen oder weggeschnitten wird. RT — Der fehlende Part.

Mehr auf unserer Webseite: https://deutsch.rt.com/ Folge uns auf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rtdeutsch Folge uns auf Twitter: https://twitter.com/RT_Deutsch Folge uns auf Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rt_deutsch/






















Demo contra Corona-Measures in Berlin LIVE

•Started streaming 29. August 2020 (closed)

RND RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland

22.000 Teilnehmer hat die Initiative Querdenken für die Corona-Demonstration am Samstag in Berlin angemeldet. 3.000 Polizisten hat die Berliner Polizei für die Kundgebeung abgestellt.


Tag der Hoffnung | LIVESTREAM Teil 2 - ca. 15h40 MEZ

•Livestreaming on Aug 29, 2020 from 15h40 MEZ (um 20h49 beendet)

Stefan Bauer










DAY OF HOPE | LIVE Part 1 (German)

•Livestreaming Aug 29, 2020 (closed)

Stefan Bauer



The police detain a woman during a demonstration against COVID-19 measures, in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020. Image Credit: AP


Paris Joins London and Berlin in Demonstrating for Liberty, Saturday August 29

By Weaver - 29. August 2020  

ER Editor: See also TODAY, Aug 29: Trafalgar Square Demo Against Covid Tyranny

Demonstration on Saturday, August 29th in Paris against “the compulsory wearing of masks and sanitary violence”


As in many European cities, a demonstration is organized on Saturday, August 29th in Paris at 1pm, Place de la Nation to protest against “the compulsory wearing of masks, health violence” and “to protect rights and freedoms”.

Facebook page of the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/630216681234386

Presentation by the Organizers:


For too long, our freedoms have been gently gnawed at and eroded, attacked from all sides and without end. Whether it is the freedom to be an entrepreneur without being robbed, the freedom to demonstrate without being gassed, the freedom to express and claim one’s opinions without being ostracized, scourged or embalmed, the freedom to choose one’s economic policy through elections without being betrayed (the Lisbon Treaty), the freedom to use a telephone or the internet without being tracked, analyzed, big-brothered and commercialized, even the freedom to live in a shack in one’s own backyard is being questioned! And so many others…

Today, with the gags and distancing, they would like to deprive us of contact, exchange and assembly between humans, between fellow citizens.

Today, the single thought of The Powers That Be is to impose on us a new way of living, thinking, working, dying… and this, without asking us if we are willing to concede to it, of course.

It is no longer time for the bickering of a democracy (demos, kratos) that functions normally. Everyone here will agree that our democracy is no longer working!

Here, there are and will be all the colors of the political spectrum, blue, red, green, and black (I myself am a patchwork, or a rainbow, depending on all these colors!).

Let’s ignore our differences for a while; we will resume our bickering after this episode – this attempted plutocratic putsch on democracy and the republic.

The time has come to go beyond our opinions, to defend together this same freedom to have an opinion and express it, this freedom to choose for us and our families what is best, the freedom to live and die as we wish, all these freedoms that the self-proclaimed “elites” want to hang us with in order to better control us, direct us, manipulate us, wring us out.

Let us forget our colors, our convictions, our opinions, our religions, let us be courteous among ourselves, let us be adults, let us avoid useless and divisive squabbles, let us share sensible, sourced, verifiable things (there is plenty to do!!!), let us have only one goal, the union of all the living forces of our France to resist the coercion and the oppression of The Powers That Be, the union of all the forces to defend all these liberties!


And THANK YOU to Miky the Malicious for the text and to the anonymous author for the cover design

WE ARE THE 2nd WAVE ✊🏻✊🏻🌊🐎


TODAY, Aug 29: Trafalgar Square Demo Against Covid Tyranny

August 28, 2020

ER Editor: With thanks to Steve Cook, Director of our sister site, UK Reloaded, for this repost from Aug.14.

Find The Free People Alliance on TWITTER for updates. Find them on FACEBOOK.


Special Announcement from The Free People Alliance


The Coronavirus psychological warfare attack on our nations by the criminals of the Outgoing World Order has spawned not just a national and global resistance movement on an unprecedented scale with unprecedented speed, it has accelerated the grassroots growth off the new Free World Order as people come together against a COMMON – indeed, THE ONLY – ENEMY and their collaborators in our own governments.

We are pleased to feature this announcement from our friends in the influential freedom fighters’ group, The Free People Alliance.

We’ll be going to this freedom march. Hope to see you there!



Dear friends and fellow freedom fighters,


We are working on a huge Doctors’ Protest event on 29 Aug and we have received confirmation from several high profile Doctors, including:


  • Dr Adil
  • Professor Dolores Cahill
  • Kate Shemirani
  • Dr Kaufman (live video link)
  • Dr Scott Jensen
  • Dr Sherri Tenpenny
  • Dr Buttar
  • Dr Kevin Corbert

We are also linking with another huge German protest on the same day via live video link (last time there were 1.3MILL in Berlin) and now with other major protests around the world!

We want about 100+ Doctors and Nurses attending and leading the march to Downing Street to deliver our demands to Boris!

Several large groups are involved and this may be our last chance before a 2nd wave and another lockdown – Germany achieved 1.3M  people – we need to do the same or more, and we can – it is vitally important every single person attends to support and promote this very important event!

If you are a Doctor, Nurse or other healthcare professional and would like to support us and attend, please message me [ ] as we want this protest and march to be led by the REAL SCIENCE… we have had enough of the fake science …

Please watch this short video for our children … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLh6eCAnACA

If you could please help us to fund this critically important event with a small donation – very much appreciated – Thank you!



German court reverses ban on Berlin anti-lockdown demo, as ‘far-right’ smears against protesters continue

28 Aug, 2020

German capital BANS anti-lockdown protest, condemning ‘corona deniers & right-wing extremists’

Anti-lockdown march near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, August 1, 2020.

City authorities have banned the planned August 29 protest. ©  REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

A massive planned demonstration against coronavirus lockdowns and social control measures planned for Saturday in Berlin is back on, after a German court overturned an earlier ban, arguing it lacked valid legal grounds.

The Berlin Administrative Court has ruled Saturday’s Assembly for Freedom protest, expected to draw upwards of 30,000 participants, can go forward as planned, arguing that the government’s stated rationale for the ban – an imminent threat to public health and safety – was baseless. The decision, handed down on Friday, is being appealed by Berlin police.

March organizer Michael Ballweg hailed the repeal as “a success for our basic rights,” though he suggested permission was not the government’s to give. “It is our basic right to be able to assemble,” Ballweg’s group, Querdenken (‘lateral thinking’) 711, wrote to participants via Telegram before the court decision was handed down. 

By Friday morning, Berlin police had been deluged with 5,000 more applications for demonstrations, a spokeswoman told the DW news channel, and Querdenken 711 urged supporters to apply as many times as possible. “It’s impossible to cancel all these demos across the board,” they argued.

Berlin interior minister Andreas Geisel had officially cited “protection against infection” as the reason for banning the event, arguing that participants in the Day of Freedom rally earlier in August – also organized by Querdenken 711 – had failed to respect social distancing or wear masks. The court countered Geisel had presented no evidence that the ‘hygiene plan’ submitted by march organizers for Saturday would not be followed.

Critics of the ban had also pointed out that the real motives for spiking the march appeared political, observing Geisel had not minced his words in denouncing the protesters as science-hating neo-Nazis. “I am not prepared to accept a second time that Berlin is being abused as a stage for corona deniers, Reich citizens and right-wing extremists,” the Social Democrat politician declared, on announcing the ban on Wednesday. 

He doubled down on that characterization in interviews following the controversial decision, claiming demonstrators had leveled “massive” threats of violence against his office, and insisting they hailed “from the right-wing extremist spectrum with a considerable potential for aggression.”

While certain marginal factions had indeed reacted to the ban with rage, calling for those responsible to be executed, their invective was limited to the online arena, and Ballweg stressed that the march should remain peaceful. In a press release, he warned that the government had confirmed his deepest fears that coronavirus control measures were being used to sneak in a totalitarian police state.

Geisel and others who favor the Covid-19 controls have attempted to tar all protesters with the right-wing-extremist brush, but some participants in the anti-lockdown demonstrations have argued their efforts are not political. Many fear the imposition of a mandatory unsafe vaccination regime, and Microsoft founder turned pharmaceutical evangelist Bill Gates has become a particular target of their ire. Participants in the Day of Freedom march also claimed their fellow demonstrators numbered in the millions, rather than the 20,000 reported in German media.

The right-wing AfD party demanded Geisel’s resignation following the repeal of the protest ban, denouncing his “brazen attempt” to suppress Germans’ freedom of expression, which is guaranteed by law.

A number of counter-protests are planned against the Assembly for Freedom, including by the Berlin Alliance against the Right, which will march under the banner “No place for Nazis.” Geisel did not attempt to ban those demonstrations.


Police break up rallies against coronavirus regulations in Paris and Berlin

By RFI / Agencies - 

Police officers face the participants in a demonstration against Covid-19 control measures measures in Berlin, 29 August 2020.

Police officers face the participants in a demonstration against Covid-19 control measures measures in Berlin, 29 August 2020. © AP/Bernd Von Jutrczenka

German police halted a march that gathered around 18,000 coronavirus sceptics in Berlin, as some 300 people protested in Paris against the compulsory wearing of masks in the city. 

In Berlin, mass protests against pandemic restrictions were allowed to go ahead after a bitter legal battle.

The protest had barely begun at 9 am at the city's Brandenburg Gate when it was stopped by the police, who claimed that the participants were not respecting minimum social distancing measures. 

People attend a rally against the government's restrictions following the coronavirus outbreak, in Berlin, Germany, August 29, 2020.

People attend a rally against the government's restrictions following the coronavirus outbreak, in Berlin, Germany, August 29, 2020. © Reuters/Christian Mang

After the announcement, the demonstrators shouted 'Resistance' and 'We are the people,' a slogan often used by the far-right, and sang the German national anthem.

Last-minute permission from city court 

Berlin city authorities had previously decided not to allow the Saturday demonstration to go ahead, fearing that the estimated 22,000 protesters would not adhere to 1.5m social distancing rules.

The ban sparked outrage from organisers and their supporters who flooded social media with angry messages vowing to protest anyway, with some even calling for violence.

But on the eve of the demo, Berlin's administrative court sided with the demonstrators, saying there was no indication that organisers would "deliberately ignore" social distancing rules and endanger public health.

People take part in a demonstration to protest against restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, on August 29, 2020 in Berlin, Germany.

People take part in a demonstration to protest against restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, on August 29, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. © AFP/John Macdougall

Chancellor Angela Merkel and the leaders of Germany's 16 federal states on Thursday introduced tougher coronavirus restrictions to curb the pandemic, including a minimum 50 euro fine for people not wearing face masks in compulsory zones.

The German government on Sunday condemned the "unacceptable" behaviour of some protesters during the rally in which hundreds were arrested and an attempt was made to storm the Reichstag parliament building.

"Extremists and trouble-makers" tried to storm the Reichstag, the "symbolic centre of our democracy", Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told Sunday's edition of the tabloid newspaper Bild.

A woman argues with a policeman during a protest  against the mandatory wearing of face masks in Paris on August 29, 2020

A woman argues with a policeman during a protest against the mandatory wearing of face masks in Paris on August 29, 2020 AFP - CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT

Yellow Vests join in Paris anti-face mask rally

Meanwhile, some 300 people gathered in a peaceful anti-mask demonstration on Saturday in Paris' Place de la Nation. 

A few Yellow Vest protesters were reported to be amongst them. 

The demonstrators accused the government of 'manipulating' people through fear, claiming that making face masks compulsory in big cities was not 'scientifically justified'. 

The protesters were surrounded by police who fined several people 135 euros for failing to wear face masks.



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