UPDATE 15. January 2021: The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier  - This document is prepared for humanity by Dr. David E. Martin. (pdf)

UPDATE 31. December 2020: Coronavirus: Germany faces €1.3 trillion COVID bill (mostly self-inflicted by government)

UPDATE 28. December 2020: Mysterious Disappearance of Flu in San Diego Prompted Call for Audit of COVID Records

UPDATE 07. December 2020: Uhhh....Houston...We've Got a Serious Problem Here!

UPDATE 04. December 2020: USA: Corona-Panic-Paper surfaced

UPDATE 24. August 2020: Resist the Scamdemic, says Dr. Petrella!

UPDATE 10. August 2020: Mainstream Media & Science Exposes COVID-19 As A Hoax - MUST WATCH BANNED VIDEO

UPDATE 09. August 2020: Sweden Resists COVID Hysteria: No Lockdowns, No Masks, No Vaccine, No Problem

UPDATE 29. July 2020: ‘Pestered’ Belgians sue Bill Gates, Belgium and a British epidemiologist over coronavirus restrictions

UPDATE 25. July 2020: STOP THE MASK NONSENSE - The Mask Science Is Clear: If You Are Doubting The Science Behind Wearing A Mask Watch This Video

UPDATE 20. July 2020: COVID playbook - Exposed already in 2014: LOCKSTEP

UPDATE 12. July 2020: Tyranny Without a Tyrant: The Deep State’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy Is Working & Where Do We Go from Here?

UPDATE 08. July 2020: BOMBSHELL! Canadian Lawsuit Filed In Excruciating Detail Against the Government’s COVID-19 Measures

UPDATE 19. June 2020: Belarus president unwilling to accept additional terms to get foreign loans

ADD-ON 10. June 2020: Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong

Biggest and Deadliest Medical Fraud Ever Perpetrated on the Human Race

By State of the Nation - 28. June 2020

“All the official COVID-19 numbers are
fake, totally made up!”

The Coronavirus Coach

• All the COVID-19 infection rates and number of cases by locale and nation are fabricated

• All mortality rates by city, state and nation are falsified, most COVID-19 classified deaths are other causes of death

• All coronavirus hospital admissions are either confusingly misrepresented, deliberately inflated or grossly exaggerated

• All COVID-19 statistics officially issued by virtually every government within the world community of nations are either highly inaccurate, purposefully distorted or patently false

• Geriatric genocide is the primary cause of death especially in the United States, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, France and Germany

No other viral pandemic or epidemic in recorded history has ever exacerbated during the summer months the way that the 2020 novel coronavirus pandemic has.

There are several good reasons why the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic is so odd and inexplicable. Especially during the hot season in places like Florida, Texas, California and New York is the present COVID-19 spiking trend obviously manufactured.

But why now … and why these particular states?

Because Florida, Texas, California and New York are the bellwether states having the most electoral votes. They’re also the four largest state economies in the USA—That’s why!

The New World Order globalist cabal, working in tandem with Deep State, is determined to wreck and ruin these 4 state economies. In so doing, they are assured of collapsing the U.S. economy before Election Day.

Also, the Democrats know that if they can flip either Florida or Texas or both to Biden, the bolsheviks steering the ongoing Purple Revolution will go unprosecuted. The treasonous coup plotters are not stupid; they know: Crash the economy, slash the chances of a Trump victory.

KEY POINT: Notice how Florida, Texas and California, in particular, experienced so-called COVID-19 spikes just before, during or right after the reopening of their economies this June. The extremely suspicious timeline of the most relevant fake news about the spiking, as captured by the published mainstream media accounts, clearly reflects a highly concerted effort to shut down those state economies yet again. Essentially, the Republican governors of Florida and Texas are being coerced by the MSM false reporting to stall the reopenings all summer long and, perhaps, until Election Day.


The “Total Confirmed” stats as of June 28, 2020 listed below are all completely bogus.


The following “Global Deaths” and “US State Level Deaths, Recovered” stats as of June 28, 2020 are all fictitious, fallacious and fraudulent.

How do we know with absolute certainty that these stats are untrue and made up?

Because the COVID-19 test has been proven to be predictably inaccurate by various coronavirus attending physicians, medical researchers, qualified epidemiologists and investigative journalists. Not only do the COVID-19 tests produce countless false positives, they even result in false negatives, although quite infrequently. The overwhelming consensus of the experts is that the COVID-19 test kits themselves are flawed and unreliable.

CORONAVIRUS TEST: A total fraud, gives up to 80% false positives, can be adjusted to produce any result

Furthermore, the “cause of death by COVID-19” is being intentionally used by the colluding medical authorities, WHO, NIAID and hospitals across the USA as a blanket explanation put on death certificates regardless of the actual cause. This, of course, is medical fraud. Such deliberate misclassification constitutes a criminal pattern of governmental malfeasance to misrepresent the vital data that are driving this engineered pandemic.

“The Medicare reimbursement is $13,000 for Covid-19 admissions to the Hospital; and if those Covid-19 patients receive ventilator treatment, the reimbursement is $39,000.”(Source: Here’s why COVID-19 deaths are being grossly inflated across America!)

Remember, the Medicare reimbursement schedules were purposefully designed to encourage this fraudulent scheme nationwide (see the preceding excerpt).

The perps at the top had already created a conducive crime scene when they began shutting down all discretionary medical services especially elective surgeries. This put hospital finances in such dire straits that they were willing to go along with the COVID-19 fraud just to keep their doors open.

The perps then forced numerous hospitals to stage fake COVID-19 ICUs with no patients; hence, no revenue coming in but still having to pay the hospital crisis actors.

Look it, when the man at the very top of this Big Pharma-Government crime syndicate is a career criminal like Dr. Stephen Fauci, what official data or information about this pandemic can be taken seriously. See: FAUCIgate: OPERATION COVID-19 Point Man Tony Fauci Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Genocide

Then there is the world’s premier vaccine pitchman Bill Gates whose every utterance somehow concerns the forced vaccination of every single person on the planet. Since it is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that is now WHO’s biggest funding agent, how can any of their stats be trusted. See: BILL GATES: A Menace to Society Who Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity

Geriatric Genocide

If there is one aspect of THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC that has been completely ignored, or shockingly downplayed when it can’t be, it’s the ongoing geriatric genocide taking place every day now.

This premeditated mass murder of the elderly, particularly those with underlying conditions and/or those who have been institutionalized, has been carried out with ruthless execution.

GERIATRIC GENOCIDE: All of These People Should Be in Prison! (Video)

It’s very easy to explain away the myriad deaths of hospital, nursing home and assisted living residents who are over 65 years old as coronavirus caused—EVEN THOUGH IT ISN’T.

Let’s face it, older folks with serious medical ailments and/or health conditions are much more vulnerable to developing full-blown Coronavirus Syndrome. However, this fact of life also makes them easy targets for a methodical yet stealthy geriatric genocide. See: CORONAVIRUS SYNDROME: The Ultimate Genocidal Bioweapon System

There are several objectives behind such a nefarious conspiratorial plot that are beyond the scope of this exposé. One of the most obvious, however, was to provide a means by which the perps could endlessly fabricate an alarmingly high infection rate, but more significantly a high mortality rate. In this way, this transparently bioengineered pandemic could then be super-hyped by the MSM thus creating a contrived justification for mandatory masks, sheltering in place, social distancing, contact tracing and a future mandated vaccine.

Another self-evident objective is the rapid bankruptcy of whole sectors of the U.S. economy. The restaurant, hospitality, cruise line, airline and tourism industries are contracting as never before, to name just a few. In fact, closures — both temporary and permanent — as well as bankruptcies, are at an all-time high, especially in the crucial small business category.

PLANDEMIC: The Pre-Planned Controlled Demolition of the American Economy—WHY?

Not only is Main Street once again closing down in towns and cities across the country, Wall Street and Corporate America are the major beneficiaries of the economic collapse. This is the real tragedy that is being foisted on the American people by the unelected Medical Mafia that has effectively enacted a modified Medical Martial Law. This paralyzing state of affairs is but a prelude to a much more draconian regime planned by the NWO cabal.


The American people should expect several more “October Surprises” between now and November 3rd. The severity of each of those fastidiously planned black operations and/or psyops is a function of how desperate the NWO globalists are to ensure a Trump loss.

Therefore, it’s a foregone conclusion that will be milked by the perps in every way possible and by any means necessary. The communist leaders of this seditious plot to overthrow the Trump administration know they will be soon heading to the gallows otherwise.

In point of fact, so many Deep State crime waves and Democrat crime sprees have been exposed since Trump first declared his candidacy in June of 2015 that the perpetraitors have no other way to avoid charges of treason and capital punishment. For these and several other reasons, the globalists will artificially prolong THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC until every person on planet Earth has been strictly accounted for via contact tracing and vaccinated with the coming COVID-19 microchipped vaccine … UNLESS WE STOP THEM.



15. January 2021

The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier

This document is prepared for humanity by Dr. David E. Martin. (pdf)


Coronavirus: Germany faces €1.3 trillion COVID bill

(N.B.: Mostly self-inflicted by government)

The German government has calculated it will cost €1.3 trillion to pay for the coronavirus pandemic. One senior politician is worried that the poorest will end up footing the bill.

By DW - 31. December 2020

A face mask lying on top of Euro notes

Spending to tackle the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic is expected to continue rising

The cost of dealing with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns in Germany is expected to reach €1.3 trillion ($1.6 trillion), according to government figures.

The calculation, published Thursday by the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND), came in a Finance Ministry response to a request by Dietmar Bartsch, the parliamentary leader of the socialist Left Party.

The total sum includes "all aid packages, launched by the federal and state governments to date," the loss of revenue due to the crisis and guarantees at the federal and state level for €826.5 billion, according to the report.

The report also calculated that a further €184 billion would be needed in 2021, although this may also include unused or partially unused funds from 2020.

Where do the costs fall?

The largest share of the costs fell on the federal government with spending from the national budget and the Economic Stabilization Fund reaching €397.1 billion.

Further costs were broken down by state budgets (€82.8 billion), municipal budgets (€2.3 billion) and social security funds of €27 billion with most of that spending (€25.5 billion) going towards unemployment and reduced-hours worker (Kurzarbeit) compensation.

Who will pay for the crisis?

Bartsch requested the information after raising concerns over how the costs would be financed.

"The crisis is becoming historically expensive, the costs are rising from week to week and the federal government has so far not bothered to work out who will pay for them," he told RND.

Bartsch expressed his worry that the costs would be unloaded on the poor and middle classes despite the rising fortunes of the super-rich during the pandemic.

He said there was a real threat of "the middle class the small people being hammered by taxes and cuts if we don't go after those who have profited from the crisis."

The socialist politician proposed introducing a new "burden-sharing resolution" in parliament before next year's election.

ab/mm (AFP, Reuters)


Mysterious Disappearance of Flu in San Diego Prompted Call for Audit of COVID Records

By NW - 28. December 2020

One of the most bizarre features of the alleged COVID-19 ‘global pandemic’ has been the mysterious disappearance of the seasonal flu in medical and public health record keeping. It’s as if the Flu just vanished into thin air after being the most common perennial seasonal respiratory virus.

As it turns out, recorded seasonal influenza cases have literally nosedived by 98% across the globe.

This improbable phenomenon has led a number of experts to ask, “Has Covid killed off the flu?”

“The disappearing act began as Covid-19 rolled in towards the end of our flu season in March. And just how swiftly rates have plummeted can be observed in ‘surveillance’ data collected by the World Health Organisation (WHO),” reported the UK’s Daily Mail.

WHO spokesperson, Dr Sylvie Briand, recently claimed during a press briefing that “literally there was nearly no flu in the Southern hemisphere” of the planet Earth in 2020, but gave no real explanation as to why. She then went on to extend this magical thinking saying that, “We hope that the situation will be the same in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Truly extraordinary science by the health experts at the WHO.

Earlier in December, Southern California news outlet KUSI raised the alarm which prompted an audit of COVID statistics in their region…

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – COVID-19 cases continue to increase across California, and here in San Diego County, but flu cases remain extremely low in comparison to this time in previous years.

We are well into flu season, but San Diego County’s data for flu infections only shows 36 reported cases so far this year. Carl DeMaio tweeted out this shocking revelation, comparing it to this time in other years saying, “In a typical year we get over 17,073 on average!”

DeMaio explained, “if you are going to use a set of numbers like COVID stats to shut down the economy, to take people’s livelihoods away, then we have to really look closely at what those numbers really mean, and whether those numbers are giving us the right picture.” Continuing, “my concern has been from the get go, that we are relying on numbers from government agencies, that may have a different agenda at stake. We would benefit from having a different set of eyes looking at them, such as an auditor or a citizens review committee. Because again, the decisions being made on these data sets are sweeping, the lockdowns are far reaching in terms of their impact.”

DeMaio then said San Diego County has refused to have any look over or vet our local COVID-19 numbers.

Chairman of Reform California, Carl DeMaio, joined KUSI’s Jason Austell on Good Morning San Diego to explain why he is calling for a “full audit of the COVID-19 data we are seeing reported from our public health system.”


As different pressure groups and journalists begin to demand answers from the various health authorities, it’s becoming clear now that there has likely been some degree of widespread, systemic administrative fraud designed to over-inflate COVID-19 numbers to the detriment of every other normal seasonal illness or disease.


Uhhh....Houston...We've Got a Serious Problem Here!

Monday, December 7, 2020 5:02

Source: HighImpactTV


All the links from the video: Documents/Articles:

- Bayer HIV cases: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/bayer-ad…

- FDA Adverse Event Outcomes (pg 16): https://www.fda.gov/media/143557/down…

- “Shielding Approach”: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-…

- Vaxx Cards: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-…

- “No quantified v. Isolates: https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/down… (page 42 2nd para; 2nd sentence)


Videos links:

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqeuh…

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ygbo3… (Chuck Todd & Anthony F.)

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTGX4… (Anthony F. on Asymptomatic Tran.)


- LBRY Channel: https://bit.ly/HighImpactFlix-on-LBRY

- BitChute Channel: https://bit.ly/HighImpactFlixonBitChute

- Twitter: https://bit.ly/HighImpactFlix-Twitter

- GAB – https://bit.ly/HighImpactFlixGAB


USA: Corona-Panic-Paper surfaced

In 2010, Glen Nowak, Ph.D., as then Acting Director of Media Relations for the CDC and Communications Director for the National Immunization Program (NIP), produced a guide to how to create public panic to encourage people to get vaccinated against the flu. It reads like a blueprint for the German Federal Ministry of the Interior’s corona panic communication.

The psychological operation includes the plan to use the media as a “weapon” and to present scenes from hospitals and descriptions of painful medical histories in a targeted manner to scare the public. The health warnings are to be similar to warnings of possible terrorist attacks, with great emphasis and emphasis on generating fear.

Nowak writes: “Good (i.e. effective) communication is a necessary, but usually only partially sufficient condition for achieving desired behavior. Facts, figures and statistics are not in themselves synonymous with good communication (and no more information is equally good communication).

The flu affects 2 million Americans every year. Complications of the flu kill up to 200,000 people each year – more deaths than breast cancer, car accidents and AIDS combined. (Editor’s note: By December 4, 2020, approximately 276,000 people in the United States are believed to have died in connection with corona).

In order to encourage people to get vaccinated against the flu, Nowak suggests that medical experts and health authorities publicly (e.g. via the media) express great concern, make massive references to the terrible consequences of the flu and urgently recommend flu vaccinations. The flu season should, Nowak suggests, be “framed” with terms that motivate behavior, e.g. as very difficult, more severe than last year or last year, even fatal.

Ongoing reports (e.g. from health authorities and the media) that the flu is causing serious illnesses and/or affecting many people, Nowak says, help to promote the perception that the flu can take a severe course in very many people. The reports are to be accompanied by visible and tangible examples of the severity of the disease (e.g. pictures of children, families of those affected who come forward) and people who are vaccinated (the former to motivate, the latter to reinforce). The reports on flu incidents should always be accompanied by an indication of the importance of vaccinations.

Nowak complains that it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach people via the mass media: Most people would have 10 or more options when it comes to television. Hundreds of websites offer medical and health information. The readership of daily newspapers has declined, especially among 18-49 year-olds. Cultural and ethnic diversity is greater than ever. health literacy, he remarked, is a growing problem. In view of the fact that communication research assumes that you have to reach people 10-12 times with a message in order for it to be understood, Nowak advises that messages should be conveyed in a less nuanced way, i.e. that the dangers should be overemphasized rather than conveying a differentiated and possibly confusing, ambivalent image.


"It is literally a descent into hell." — Dr. Roberto Petrella

Resist the Scamdemic, says Dr. Roberto Petrella!


Dr. Petrella: 'It is Going to be the Most Terrible Vaccine of All' — Lasted One Minute on YouTube

"It is literally a descent into hell." — Dr. Roberto Petrella


Originally uploaded to Youtube on August 24, 2020, but was taken down within 1 minute.

Official protest of the take down of this video (after one minute on YouTube):

Source: https://fromrome.info/2020/08/24/resist-the-scamdemic-says-italian-doctor/


Dr. Roberto Petrella is a Gynecologist, from Teramo, in the province of Abruzzo, Italy.

This video was uploaded moments ago to From Rome.Info Video on Youtube, but was taken down by YouTube within one minute. That is how much truth there is in it!

This doctor is a true doctor of medicine. Listen to him!

Here is my official protest of the take down of this video:

Here is a Radio program in Italian, where Dr. Petrella speaks of his battle to defend the poor and innocent from corrupt politicians and doctors.


Mainstream Media & Science Exposes COVID-19 As A Hoax


Aug 10, 2020

Greg Reese

Greg Reese

How to hoax a pandemic


Belarus president unwilling to accept additional terms to get foreign loans

19. June 2020

MINSK, 19 June (BelTA) – Additional conditions which do not apply to the financial part are unacceptable for Belarus, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said when speaking about external lending during a meeting to discuss support measures for the real economic sector on the part of the banking system, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko asked the participants of the meeting how things were with the provision of foreign credit assistance to Belarus. “What are our partners' requirements? It was announced that they can provide Belarus with $940 million in so-called rapid financing. How are things here?” the head of state inquired.

At the same time, he stressed that additional conditions which do not apply to the financial part are unacceptable for the country. “We hear the demands, for example, to model our coronavirus response on that of Italy. I do not want to see the Italian situation to repeat in Belarus. We have our own country and our own situation,” the president said.

According to the president, the World Bank has showed interest in Belarus' coronavirus response practices. “It is ready to fund us ten times more than it offered initially as a token of commendation for our efficient fight against this virus. The World Bank has even asked the Healthcare Ministry to share the experience. Meanwhile, the IMF continues to demand from us quarantine measures, isolation, a curfew. This is nonsense. We will not dance to anyone's tune,” said the president.


Sweden Resists COVID Hysteria: No Lockdowns, No Masks, No Vaccine, No Problem

Sweden’s Success is Kryptonite for Lockdown and Mask Advocates

Their long term strategy is working.

By Jordan Schachtel - 09. August 2020

Here in the United States, we have become inundated with tales of COVID-19 doom and gloom. In America, the mainstream narrative is rife with hopelessness.

We are told that there is simply no way to stop this virus without repetitive lockdowns, healthy quarantine, even of asymptomatic individuals, and universal mask mandates.

And even with all of those extreme policy measures put in place, the politicians and public health officials tell us that we will have to wait for a vaccine for the country to even think about our “new normal” following the COVID-19 pandemic.

There’s one country that they don’t seem to want to talk about – Sweden. And for good reason. Sweden debunks the hysteria.

Sweden shows how unnecessary all of the interventions to “fight” the virus are. Sweden shows us that a rational, evidence-based approach to the pandemic is now thriving.

In Sweden, there’s no masks, no lockdown, no vaccine, and most importantly, no problem.

Life has largely returned to normal in Sweden, and it all happened without the economy-destroying non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI) demanded by the “public health expert” class, who guaranteed that chaos would come to every country that disobeyed their commands to hit the self-destruct button for their nations.

The Swedish government has provided its advanced metrics on the COVID-19 pandemic to the public, and the data includes the ever-important statistics on actual day of death, and other useful information. I ran the numbers month by month so you can get a very clear picture of Sweden’s downward trend.

In August, Sweden has registered just one death (!) with/from the coronavirus. Yes, you read that correctly. One death so far.

For the month of July, Sweden reported 226 deaths. They’ve accounted for 805 June deaths, 1646 in May, and 2572 in April. The deaths attributed to COVID-19 went from about a 50% reduction to falling off of a cliff.

The story is the same in the hospitals. COVID-19 is hardly registering as a blip on the radar. Sweden has reported just 4 new COVID-19 patients in their ICUs in August. The month of July saw only 52 COVID-19 patients in ICUs.

It doesn’t take a math whiz to come to the conclusion that the epidemic appears to have been wrapped up in Sweden for months. It’s unclear whether this is a result of having achieved the herd immunity (the better term is community immunity) threshold, or if the seasonality of the virus is providing indefinite relief.

But it’s become absolutely clear that Sweden’s long term pandemic strategy is working.

Sweden did not do everything perfectly. Stockholm, like much of the West, failed to protect its nursing home population.

The majority of the COVID-19 deaths in Sweden have come from the senior care population, with the average age of death (82) being the same as the average lifespan in the country.

But remember, people in nursing homes are not mobile. They live in their own ecosystems and are not particularly impacted by COVID-19 policies.

It was Sweden’s general population that was supposed to be plagued by their open society model to respond to the virus. We were told that the hospitals would be overrun, and that bodies of all ages would be dropping in the streets.

This dystopian pandemia projection never came to fruition. Even during the worst months of the pandemic, Sweden’s general population never pressed their healthcare system.

The same is true in the United States, but for whatever reason, many U.S. officials and “public health experts” have pushed the idea that everyone is equally impacted, which could not be further from the truth.

For this pandemic, the global public health expert class threw the pandemic playbook out the window, disregarding hundreds of years of proven science on herd immunity (the better term is community immunity), in order to attempt to assert human control over a submicroscopic infectious particle.

It hasn’t worked, to say the least. There is no evidence anywhere in the world that lockdowns or masks have *stopped* the spread of the virus.

Sweden was one of the few places where cooler heads prevailed, and the scientists realized that attempts to stop the virus would be worse than the disease itself, in the form of economic and social ruin.

Jordan Schachtel is an investigative journalist and foreign policy analyst based in Washington, D.C.

Herd Immunity Deniers Can’t Bear Sweden’s Truth

(the better term is community immunity)



‘Pestered’ Belgians sue Bill Gates and Belgium over coronavirus restrictions

By Gabriela Galindo - 29. July 2020

Donning plague doctor masks, over 200 Belgians are taking their government, Bill Gates and a British epidemiologist to court, in a bid to get all lockdown and coronavirus measures revoked. Pictured: Maxime, a truck driver and plaintiff. Credit: Provided by Michael Verstraeten

Bill Gates, Belgium and a British epidemiologist are being taken to court by hundreds of Belgians who are against all coronavirus regulations and want to get them abolished.

Around 240 Belgians have joined a group called Viruswaanzin, which translates to ‘viral madness’ in Dutch and was launched by members of the restaurant and hospitality industry, according to their lawyer Michael Verstraeten.

Verstraeten told The Brussels Times that their aim was to get the Belgian government to revoke all coronavirus regulations, which they say trample on their freedoms and have done more harm than good in the current health crisis.

“With no lockdown, there would have been fewer deaths,” Verstraeten said. “You have no idea how many people are dying due to lockdown.”

On their website, the group regularly publishes posts challenging research and estimates which have driven coronavirus measures in Belgium and abroad.

“We think that other measures are needed, measures which don’t limit the economy and the rights and freedoms of people,” the lawyer said.

A central argument of the group is that data on the impact of lockdowns on mortality rates remains unclear and that lockdowns would ultimately cause more deaths because of the postponement of non-urgent medical procedures to bolster the Covid-19 response.

Through their civil suit, Viruswaanzin will argue that faulty prediction models were used by governments to make health policy decisions “in a panic” and will seek to obtain a penalty €10,000 per plaintiff for each day the measures remain in place.

“If you take measures out of panic, you can make mistakes and end up with more deaths than if you had taken no measures,” the attorney said.

240 Belgians vs. Bill Gates, Neil Ferguson and the Belgian state

A second, criminal complaint is also in the works and will target not only the Belgian state, but also Belgian virologists, and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and British epidemiologist, Neil Ferguson.

The group are attacking Gates in court because of his status as a top contributor to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and over his various funding projects into coronavirus treatments and vaccines, while they are going after Ferguson — a top advisor to the WHO and, until recently, to the UK government — for producing mortality and infection rates estimates which they say are “completely wrong.”

Dr Ferguson, who stepped down from his role as a government advisor in May after he was reported to have broken lockdown rules, did not reply to a written request for comment.

Since its launch, Verstraeten said that hundreds of other people from across Belgium had rushed to become plaintiffs in the suit, despite the fact that their first attempt to get their case to the courts was rejected on the basis of research done by Dr Ferguson.

Plagued Plaintiffs

For their appearances in court, the plaintiffs have taken to wearing eye-catching plague doctor masks, which Verstraeten said aim to send the message that governments are “pestering” the population with regulations based on information that, to them, is at best uncertain, and at worst, flat out fake.

“More and more people feel bad about these measures, they feel like they are in a completely different society — they don’t feel at home anymore,” he said, adding that some were even thinking of moving but did not know where.

“There are a lot of conflicts, people are scared and bullied because they have another idea, a different opinion. Scientists don’t get their articles published if they don’t match the views of the WHO.”

Verstraeten, who claimed he had contracted Covid-19 himself, repeatedly compared the coronavirus to the flu, and brushed off the high death rates of the ongoing pandemic as comparable to those of a “severe flu” saying it was “complete nonsense” to say that the novel coronavirus was “killer virus.”

Questioned about which sort of measures would be seen as appropriate by Viruswaanzin, Verstraeten said that a central demand was for the government to “properly inform at-risk populations” so that they could decide for themselves which measures to follow.

“What we want is for them to support the health care sector, the hospitals and the health staff on the front lines, and to protect and properly inform at-risk populations, instead of taking general measures applicable to everybody,” he said.

After an opening hearing at the Brussels Court of Appeal on Tuesday, pleading for the case will debut on 14 October.

The arguments advanced by Viruswaanzin echo early assessments of the novel coronavirus — which has caused more than half a million deaths globally — as comparable or equal to the flu, including by Belgium’s own federal health minister, who referred to the coronavirus as “a little flu” just as the first wave of the epidemic hit Europe.

The group’s rejection of the containment measure is akin to the resistance that has emerged in countries like the Netherlands or the US, where large swaths of the population have staged protests against the mandatory use of face masks or the closure of non-essential businesses to fight the spread of the virus behind the current pandemic.

The plaintiff’s lawsuit now comes as Belgium rushes to rein in emerging coronavirus clusters by imposing some of the strictest measures in Europe in what officials say are efforts to avoid a new country-wide lockdown.


Gabriela Galindo - The Brussels Times


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The Mask Science Is Clear: If You Are Doubting The Science Behind Wearing A Mask Watch This Video

By Ryan Cristián - 25. July 2020

The Daily Wrap Up

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (7/25/20).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links:































































 Ryan Cristián


Exposed – COVID playbook


First published on BITCHUTE July 20th, 2020.

channel image


EXPOSED – Covid Playbook https://www.facebook.com/tigerrebornireland/videos/2664695253801991

Quote: "EXPOSED – Covid Playbook: In 2014 journalist Harry Vox warned about impending lockdowns and rolling quarantines to jusifty a totalitarian state to give the elite more control.

Links for the documents featured below.

The Rockefeller Foundation 'Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development' https://nommeraadio.ee/meedia/pdf/RRS/Rockefeller Foundation.pdf

The Kissinger Report https://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PCAAB500.pdf "
Intelligence: Youtube { david hawkins jason goodman https://is.gd/8vG8pN last uploads } & https://abeldanger.blogspot.com

5G Genocide Liability Notice – Updated June 2020 https://is.gd/guqe0s

The real plan with the new cell towers https://is.gd/mIggjY

The second wave - The planned 60GHz millimeter wave attack in schools https://is.gd/lvUR3D

60 GHz in schools - its a killer https://is.gd/JyQ1KG

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Constitution Lawyer Rocco Galati Files Claim Against Canadian Government for Covid-19 Unlawful Acts

•Jul 12, 2020

Fearless Ontario

A large constitutional claim against government actors for their actions in COVID-19, has just been filed at the Superior Court, in Toronto, Canada.

Fearless Ontario: A community of independent, non-partisan, concerned families, businesses, and professionals working together to uphold our liberties, democracy, and way of life. By supporting small businesses, families, students, seniors, and workers we can create social, political, and economic changes to get Ontario back on track and back to normal. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCktZ...


BOMBSHELL! Canadian Lawsuit Filed In Excruciating Detail Against the Government’s COVID-19 Measures

Press Release – Legal Challenge to COVID-19 Measures

By OurGreaterDestiny - 08. July 2020

The mass and indiscriminate containment of citizens, the restriction of access to parliament, the courts, medical and educational services, the destruction of local economies and livelihoods, and the requirement to physically distance, along with the forced use of non-medical masking are extraordinary measures never before been imposed on the citizens of Canada. The impact of these aberrant measures on our physical, emotional, psychological, social and economic well-being is profoundly destructive and these actions are unsustainable, unwarranted, extreme and unconstitutional.

Vaccine Choice Canada has made numerous formal requests of the Government of Canada and various provincial governments to provide evidence that justifies the declaration of an emergency, the imposition of unscientific and unwarranted measures, and the violations of our Charter rights and freedoms, to no avail.

Many recognized global health and research experts have offered their severe and valid criticism of government overreach and the draconian and unjustifiable measures taken in response to COVID-19. All this continues to fall on the deaf ears of governments.

On July 6, 2020, Vaccine Choice Canada formally filed legal action in the Ontario Superior Court to hold multiple parties accountable for their actions with respect to COVID-19 measures. READ more at https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/media/press-release-legal-challenge-to-covid-19-measures-filed-in-ontario-superior-court/

Denis G. Rancourt B.Sc., M.Sc. Ph.D., former tenured and Full Professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Full Professor is the highest rank. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/D_Rancourt

Masks Don’t Work: A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy

On June 03, 2020 Research Gate banned Denis G. Rancourt’s paper after it reached 400K views. Thankfully, the article was archived by a reader here https://archive.is/RuA5z

Constitutional violations

Defendants and Claims https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/wp-content/uploads/vcc-statement-of-claim-2020-redacted.pdf

Some plaintiffs’ names have been redacted to protect them from harassment.

The Claims are a ‘WAKE-UP call to every Canadian.

A review of the COVID19 timeline begins on page 46, item 64 through page 76.

It’s not about the germ, it’s about the terrain

"It Is Destined To Happen This Way" [ EXPOSED BY INSIDER ]

Their COVID action plan is a colossal psyop by ruling entities who failed to DEMONSTRABLY JUSTIFY COVID19 plandemic policies and mandates that severely curtail civil liberties.

Their COVID action plan for global governance is a most sophisticated algorithm mapping system, designed through the cloud program, to re-structure every facet of life toward world domination. Featured to the right of each topic is a Summary, multi-media access to copious details, and tabs to key issues. https://www.weforum.org/covid-action-platform

Do some research and inform others. Their plan must be exposed and transformed to support and sustain life in harmony and peace.

What each of us can do

Please, take a moment to give thanks for Claim Number CV-20-00643451-0000 filed in Ontario Superior Court of Justice on July 06, 2020, and to the plaintiffs whose action is a wake up call to unaware people seduced by deception.

Next, please take time to energize the field of limitless possibilities by thinking about, talking about, writing about, feeling about, and sharing factual information, so more people see that the eternal struggle between evil and good enveloping us now is an opportunity to mature as a species and set ourselves free.

Spread the word. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong

The immune response to the virus is stronger than everyone thought



Back on the road to normality ? - Illustration: Miroslav Bartak for Weltwoche

Why everyone was wrong

The coronavirus is slowly retreating. What actually happened in the past few weeks? The experts have missed basic connections. The immune response against the virus is much stronger than we thought.

By Beda M Stadler - 10. June 2020

This is not an accusation, but a ruthless taking stock [of the current situation]. I could slap myself, because I looked at Sars-CoV2- way too long with panic. I am also somewhat annoyed with many of my immunology colleagues who so far have left the discussion about Covid-19 to virologist and epidemiologist. I feel it is time to criticise some of the main and completely wrong public statements about this virus.

Firstly, it was wrong to claim that this virus was novel. Secondly, It was even more wrong to claim that the population would not already have some immunity against this virus. Thirdly, it was the crowning of stupidity to claim that someone could have Covid-19 without any symptoms at all or even to pass the disease along without showing any symptoms whatsoever.

But let’s look at this one by one.

1. A new virus?

At the end of 2019 a coronavirus, which was considered novel, was detected in China. When the gene sequence, i.e. the blueprint of this virus, was identified and was given a similar name to the 2002 identified Sars, i.e. Sars-CoV-2, we should have already asked ourselves then how far [this virus] is related to other coronaviruses, which can make human beings sick. But no, instead we discussed from which animal as part of a Chinese menu the virus might have sprung. In the meantime, however, many more people believe the Chinese were so stupid as to release this virus upon themselves in their own country. Now that we’re talking about developing a vaccine against the virus, we suddenly see studies which show that this so-called novel virus is very strongly related to Sars-1 as well as other beta-coronaviruses which make us suffer every year in the form of colds. Apart from the pure homologies in the sequence between the various coronaviruses which can make people sick, [scientists] currently work on identifying a number of areas on the virus in the same way as human immune cells identify them. This is no longer about the genetic relationship, but about how our immune system sees this virus, i.e. which parts of other coronaviruses could potentially be used in a vaccine.

So: Sars-Cov-2 isn’t all that new, but merely a seasonal cold virus that mutated and disappears in summer, as all cold viruses do — which is what we’re observing globally right now. Flu viruses mutate significantly more, by the way, and nobody would ever claim that a new flu virus strain was completely novel. Many veterinary doctors were therefore annoyed by this claim of novelty, as they have been vaccinating cats, dogs, pigs, and cows for years against coronaviruses.

2. The fairy tale of no immunity

From the World Health Organisation (WHO) to every Facebook-virologist, everyone claimed this virus was particularly dangerous, because there was no immunity against it, because it was a novel virus. Even Anthony Fauci, the most important advisor to the Trump administration noted at the beginning at every public appearance that the danger of the virus lay in the fact that there was no immunity against it. Tony and I often sat next to each other at immunology seminars at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda in the US, because we worked in related fields back then. So for a while I was pretty uncritical of his statements, since he was a respectable colleague of mine. The penny dropped only when I realised that the first commercially available antibody test [for Sars-CoV-2] was put together from an old antibody test that was meant to detect Sars-1. This kind of test evaluates if there are antibodies in someone’s blood and if they came about through an early fight against the virus. [Scientists] even extracted antibodies from a llama that would detect Sars-1, Sars-CoV-2, and even the Mers virus. It also became known that Sars-CoV-2 had a less significant impact in areas in China where Sars-1 had previously raged. This is clear evidence urgently suggesting that our immune system considers Sars-1 and Sars-Cov-2 at least partially identical and that one virus could probably protect us from the other.

That’s when I realised that the entire world simply claimed that there was no immunity, but in reality, nobody had a test ready to prove such a statement. That wasn’t science, but pure speculation based on a gut feeling that was then parroted by everyone. To this day there isn’t a single antibody test that can describe all possible immunological situations, such as: if someone is immune, since when, what the neutralising antibodies are targeting and how many structures exist on other coronaviruses that can equally lead to immunity.

In mid-April, work was published by the group of Andreas Thiel at the Charité Berlin. A paper with 30 authors, amongst them the virologist Christian Drosten. It showed that in 34 % of people in Berlin who had never been in contact with the Sars-CoV-2 virus showed nonetheless T-cell immunity against it (T-cell immunity is a different kind of immune reaction, see below). This means that our T-cells, i.e. white blood cells, detect common structures appearing on Sars-CoV-2 and regular cold viruses and therefore combat both of them.

A study by John P A Ioannidis of Stanford University — according to the Einstein Foundation in Berlin one of the world’s ten most cited scientists — showed that immunity against Sars-Cov-2, measured in the form of antibodies, is much higher than previously thought. Ioannidis is certainly not a conspiracy theorist who just wants to swim against the stream; nontheless he is now being criticised, because the antibody tests used were not extremely precise. With that, his critics admit that they do not have such tests yet. And aside, John P A Ioannidis is such a scientific heavy-weight that all German virologists combined are a light-weight in comparison.

3. The failure of modellers

Epidemiologist also fell for the myth that there was no immunity in the population. They also didn’t want to believe that coronaviruses were seasonal cold viruses that would disappear in summer. Otherwise their curve models would have looked differently. When the initial worst case scenarios didn’t come true anywhere, some now still cling to models predicting a second wave. Let’s leave them their hopes — I’ve never seen a scientific branch that manoeuvred itself so much into the offside. I have also not yet understood why epidemiologists were so much more interested in the number of deaths, rather than in the numbers that could be saved.

4. Immunology of common sense

As an immunologist I trust a biological model, namely that of the human organism, which has built a tried and tested, adaptive immune system. At the end of February, driving home from the recording of [a Swiss political TV debate show], I mentioned to Daniel Koch [former head of the Swiss federal section “Communicable Diseases” of the Federal Office of Public Health] that I suspected there was a general immunity in the population against Sars-Cov-2. He argued against my view. I later defended him anyway, when he said that children were not a driving factor in the spread of the pandemic. He suspected that children didn’t have a receptor for the virus, which is of course nonsense. Still, we had to admit that his observations were correct. But the fact that every scientist attacked him afterwards and asked for studies to prove his point, was somewhat ironic. Nobody asked for studies to prove that people in certain at-risk groups were dying. When the first statistics from China and later worldwide data showed the same trend, that is to say that almost no children under ten years old got sick, everyone should have made the argument that children clearly have to be immune. For every other disease that doesn’t afflict a certain group of people, we would come to the conclusion that that group is immune. When people are sadly dying in a retirement home, but in the same place other pensioners with the same risk factors are left entirely unharmed, we should also conclude that they were presumably immune.

But this common sense seems to have eluded many, let’s call them “immunity deniers” just for fun. This new breed of deniers had to observe that the majority of people who tested positive for this virus, i.e. the virus was present in their throats, did not get sick. The term “silent carriers” was conjured out of a hat and it was claimed that one could be sick without having symptoms. Wouldn’t that be something! If this principle from now on gets naturalised into the realm of medicine, health insurers would really have a problem, but also teachers whose students could now claim to have whatever disease to skip school, if at the end of the day one didn’t need symptoms anymore to be sick.

The next joke that some virologists shared was the claim that those who were sick without symptoms could still spread the virus to other people. The “healthy” sick would have so much of the virus in their throats that a normal conversation between two people would be enough for the “healthy one” to infect the other healthy one. At this point we have to dissect what is happening here: If a virus is growing anywhere in the body, also in the throat, it means that human cells decease. When [human] cells decease, the immune system is alerted immediately and an infection is caused. One of five cardinal symptoms of an infection is pain. It is understandable that those afflicted by Covid-19 might not remember that initial scratchy throat and then go on to claim that they didn’t have any symptoms just a few days ago. But for doctors and virologists to twist this into a story of “healthy” sick people, which stokes panic and was often given as a reason for stricter lockdown measures, just shows how bad the joke really is. At least the WHO didn’t accept the claim of asymptomatic infections and even challenges this claim on its website.

Here a succinct and brief summary, especially for the immunity deniers, of how humans are attacked by germs and how we react to them: If there are pathogenic viruses in our environment, then all humans — whether immune or not — are attacked by this virus. If someone is immune, the battle with the virus begins. First we try to prevent the virus from binding to our own cells with the help of antibodies. This normally works only partially, not all are blocked and some viruses will attach to the appropriate cells. That doesn’t need to lead to symptoms, but it’s also not a disease. Because the second guard of the immune system is now called into action. That’s the above mentioned T-cells, white blood cells, which can determine from the outside in which other cells the virus is now hiding to multiply. These cells, which are now incubating the virus, are searched throughout the entire body and killed by the T-cells until the last virus is dead.

So if we do a PCR corona test on an immune person, it is not a virus that is detected, but a small shattered part of the viral genome. The test comes back positive for as long as there are tiny shattered parts of the virus left. Correct: Even if the infectious viruses are long dead, a corona test can come back positive, because the PCR method multiplies even a tiny fraction of the viral genetic material enough [to be detected]. That’s exactly what happened, when there was the global news, even shared by the WHO, that 200 Koreans who already went through Covid-19 were infected a second time and that there was therefore probably no immunity against this virus. The explanation of what really happened and an apology came only later, when it was clear that the immune Koreans were perfectly healthy and only had a short battle with the virus. The crux was that the virus debris registered with the overly sensitive test and therefore came back as “positive”. It is likely that a large number of the daily reported infection numbers are purely due to viral debris.

The PCR test with its extreme sensitivity was initially perfect to find out where the virus could be. But this test can not identify whether the virus is still alive, i.e. still infectous. Unfortunately, this also led some virologists to equate the strength of a test result with viral load, i.e. the amount of virus someone can breathe out. Luckily, our day care centres stayed open nontheless. Since German virologist missed that part, because, out of principle, they do not look at what other countries are doing, even if other countries’ case numbers are falling more rapidly.

5. The problem with corona immunity

What does this all mean in real life? The extremely long incubation time of two to 14 days — and reports of 22 to 27 days — should wake up any immunologist. As well as the claim that most patients would no longer secrete the virus after five days. Both [claims] in turn actually lead to the conclusion that there is — sort of in the background — a base immunity that contorts the events, compared to an expected cycle [of a viral infection] — i.e. leads to a long incubation period and quick immunity. This immunity also seems to be the problem for patients with a sever course of the disease. Our antibody titre, i.e. the accuracy of our defence system, is reduced the older we get. But also people with a bad diet or who are malnourished may have a weakened immune system, which is why this virus does not only reveal the medical problems of a country, but also social issues.

If an infected person does not have enough antibodies, i.e. a weak immune response, the virus slowly spreads out across the entire body. Now that there are not enough antibodies, there is only the second, supporting leg of our immune response left: The T-cells beginn to attack the virus-infested cells all over the body. This can lead to an exaggerated immune response, basically to a massive slaughter; this is called a Cytokine Storm. Very rarely this can also happen in small children, in that case called Kawasaki Syndrome. This very rare occurrence in children was also used in our country to stoke panic. It’s interesting, however, that this syndrome is very easily cured. The [affected] children get antibodies from healthy blood donors, i.e. people who went through coronavirus colds. This means that the hushed-up [supposedly non-existent] immunity in the population is in fact used therapeutically.

What now?

The virus is gone for now. It will probably come back in winter, but it won’t be a second wave, but just a cold. Those young and healthy people who currently walk around with a mask on their faces would be better off wearing a helmet instead, because the risk of something falling on their head is greater than that of getting a serious case of Covid-19.

If we observe a significant rise in infections in 14 days [after the Swiss relaxed the lockdown], we’d at least know that one of the measures was useful. Other than that I recommend reading John P A Ioannidis’ latest work in which he describes the global situation based on data on May 1st 2020: People below 65 years old make up only 0.6 to 2.6 % of all fatal Covid cases. To get on top of the pandemic, we need a strategy merely concentrating on the protection of at-risk people over 65. If that’s the opinion of a top expert, a second lockdown is simply a no-go.

On our way back to normal, it would be good for us citizens if a few scaremongers apologised. Such as doctors who wanted a triage of over 80 year old Covid patients in order to stop ventilating them. Also media that kept showing alarmist videos of Italian hospitals to illustrate a situation that as such didn’t exist. All politicians calling for “testing, testing, testing” without even knowing what the test actually measures. And the federal government for an app they’ll never get to work and will warn me if someone near me is positive, even if they’re not infectious.

In winter, when the flu and other colds make the rounds again, we can then go back to kissing each other a little less, and we should wash our hands even without a virus present. And people who’ll get sick nonetheless can then don their masks to show others what they have learned from this pandemic. And if we still haven’t learned to protect our at-risk groups, we’ll have to wait for a vaccine that will hopefully also be effective in at-risk people.



Image for post


Beda M Stadler, photo: Medinside.ch


Back to Reason

Back to Reason - I am a scientist and writer. I aim to be a voice of reason and facts in this distorted world in which opinions are considered truth.

Addendum: I am not the original author of this article, I translated it from German, as indicated at the very beginning. The original author is Beda M Stadler, the original article is linked below. I apologise for any typos, as noted in some of your comments. I have corrected hopefully most of them now.

Warum alle falsch lagen 


The original article was published in the Swiss magazine Weltwoche (World Week) on June 10th. The author, Beda M Stadler is the former director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Bern, a biologist and professor emeritus. Stadler is an important medical professional in Switzerland, he also likes to use provoking language, which should not deter you from the extremely important points he makes.

This article is about Switzerland and it does not suggest that the situation is exactly the same globally. I am advocating for local measures according to local situations. And I advocate for looking at real data rather than abstract models. I also suggest to read to the end, because Stadler makes crucial points about testing for Sars-CoV-2.


Tyranny Without a Tyrant: The Deep State’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy Is Working

By John W. Whitehead - 12. July 2020

“In a fully developed bureaucracy there is nobody left with whom one can argue, to whom one can present grievances, on whom the pressures of power can be exerted. Bureaucracy is the form of government in which everybody is deprived of political freedom, of the power to act; for the rule by Nobody is not no-rule, and where all are equally powerless, we have a tyranny without a tyrant.” ― Hannah Arendt, On Violence

- What exactly is going on?

Is this revolution? Is this anarchy? Is this a spectacle engineered to distract us from the machinations of the police state? Is this a sociological means of re-setting our national equilibrium? Is this a Machiavellian scheme designed to further polarize the populace and undermine our efforts to stand unified against government tyranny? Is this so-called populist uprising actually a manufactured race war and election-year referendum on who should occupy the White House?

Whatever it is, this—the racial hypersensitivity without racial justice, the kowtowing to politically correct bullies with no regard for anyone else’s free speech rights, the violent blowback after years of government-sanctioned brutality, the mob mindset that is overwhelming the rights of the individual, the oppressive glowering of the Nanny State, the seemingly righteous indignation full of sound and fury that in the end signifies nothing, the partisan divide that grows more impassable with every passing day—is not leading us anywhere good.

Certainly it’s not leading to more freedom.

This draconian exercise in how to divide, conquer and subdue a nation is succeeding.

It must be said: the Black Lives Matter protests have not helped. Inadvertently or intentionally, these protests—tinged with mob violence, rampant incivility, intolerance, and an arrogant disdain for how an open marketplace of ideas can advance freedom—have politicized what should never have been politicized: police brutality and the government’s ongoing assaults on our freedoms.

For one brief moment in the wake of George Floyd’s death, it seemed as if finally “we the people” might put aside our differences long enough to stand united in outrage over the government’s brutality.

That sliver of unity didn’t last.

We may be worse off now than we were before.

Suddenly, no one seems to be talking about any of the egregious governmental abuses that are still wreaking havoc on our freedoms: police shootings of unarmed individuals, invasive surveillance, roadside blood draws, roadside strip searches, SWAT team raids gone awry, the military industrial complex’s costly wars, pork barrel spending, pre-crime laws, civil asset forfeiture, fusion centers, militarization, armed drones, smart policing carried out by AI robots, courts that march in lockstep with the police state, schools that function as indoctrination centers, bureaucrats that keep the Deep State in power.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

How do you persuade a populace to embrace totalitarianism, that goose-stepping form of tyranny in which the government has all of the power and “we the people” have none?

You persuade the people that the menace they face (imaginary or not) is so sinister, so overwhelming, so fearsome that the only way to surmount the danger is by empowering the government to take all necessary steps to quash it, even if that means allowing government jackboots to trample all over the Constitution.

This is how you use the politics of fear to persuade a freedom-endowed people to shackle themselves to a dictatorship.

It works the same way every time.

The government’s overblown, extended wars on terrorism, drugs, violence, illegal immigration, and so-called domestic extremism have been convenient ruses used to terrorize the populace into relinquishing more of their freedoms in exchange for elusive promises of security.

Having allowed our fears to be codified and our actions criminalized, we now find ourselves in a strange new world where just about everything we do is criminalized, even our ability to choose whether or not to wear a mask in public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strangely enough, in the face of outright corruption and incompetency on the part of our elected officials, Americans in general remain relatively gullible, eager to be persuaded that the government can solve the problems that plague us, whether it be terrorism, an economic depression, an environmental disaster, or a global pandemic.

We have relinquished control over the most intimate aspects of our lives to government officials who, while they may occupy seats of authority, are neither wiser, smarter, more in tune with our needs, more knowledgeable about our problems, nor more aware of what is really in our best interests. Yet having bought into the false notion that the government does indeed know what’s best for us and can ensure not only our safety but our happiness and will take care of us from cradle to grave—that is, from daycare centers to nursing homes—we have in actuality allowed ourselves to be bridled and turned into slaves at the bidding of a government that cares little for our freedoms or our happiness.

The lesson is this: once a free people allows the government inroads into their freedoms or uses those same freedoms as bargaining chips for security, it quickly becomes a slippery slope to outright tyranny.

Nor does it seem to matter whether it's a Democrat or a Republican at the helm anymore. Indeed, the bureaucratic mindset on both sides of the aisle now seems to embody the same philosophy of authoritarian government, whose priorities are to milk “we the people” of our hard-earned money (by way of taxes, fines and fees) and remain in control and in power.

Modern government in general—ranging from the militarized police in SWAT team gear crashing through our doors to the rash of innocent citizens being gunned down by police to the invasive spying on everything we do—is acting illogically, even psychopathically. (The characteristics of a psychopath include a “lack of remorse and empathy, a sense of grandiosity, superficial charm, conning and manipulative behavior, and refusal to take responsibility for one's actions, among others.”)

When our own government no longer sees us as human beings with dignity and worth but as things to be manipulated, maneuvered, mined for data, manhandled by police, conned into believing it has our best interests at heart, mistreated, and then jails us if we dare step out of line, punishes us unjustly without remorse, and refuses to own up to its failings, we are no longer operating under a constitutional republic. Instead, what we are experiencing is a pathocracy: tyranny at the hands of a psychopathic government, which “operates against the interests of its own people except for favoring certain groups.”

So where does that leave us?

Having allowed the government to expand and exceed our reach, we find ourselves on the losing end of a tug-of-war over control of our country and our lives. And for as long as we let them, government officials will continue to trample on our rights, always justifying their actions as being for the good of the people.

Yet the government can only go as far as “we the people” allow. Therein lies the problem.

The pickle we find ourselves in speaks volumes about the nature of the government beast we have been saddled with and how it views the rights and sovereignty of “we the people.”

Now you don’t hear a lot about sovereignty anymore. Sovereignty is a dusty, antiquated term that harkens back to an age when kings and emperors ruled with absolute power over a populace that had no rights. Americans turned the idea of sovereignty on its head when they declared their independence from Great Britain and rejected the absolute authority of King George III. In doing so, Americans claimed for themselves the right to self-government and established themselves as the ultimate authority and power.

In other words, in America, “we the people”— sovereign citizens—call the shots.

So when the government acts, it is supposed to do so at our bidding and on our behalf, because we are the rulers.

That’s not exactly how it turned out, though, is it?

In the 200-plus years since we boldly embarked on this experiment in self-government, we have been steadily losing ground to the government’s brazen power grabs, foisted upon us in the so-called name of national security.

The government has knocked us off our rightful throne. It has usurped our rightful authority. It has staged the ultimate coup. Its agents no longer even pretend that they answer to “we the people.” Worst of all, “we the people” have become desensitized to this constant undermining of our freedoms.

How do we reconcile the Founders’ vision of the government as an entity whose only purpose is to serve the people with the police state’s insistence that the government is the supreme authority, that its power trumps that of the people themselves, and that it may exercise that power in any way it sees fit (that includes government agents crashing through doors, mass arrests, ethnic cleansing, racial profiling, indefinite detentions without due process, and internment camps)?

They cannot be reconciled. They are polar opposites.

We are fast approaching a moment of reckoning where we will be forced to choose between the vision of what America was intended to be (a model for self-governance where power is vested in the people) and the reality of what it has become (a police state where power is vested in the government).

This slide into totalitarianism—helped along by overcriminalization, government surveillance, militarized police, neighbors turning in neighbors, privatized prisons, and forced labor camps, to name just a few similarities—is tracking very closely with what happened in Germany in the years leading up to Hitler’s rise to power.

We are walking a dangerous path right now.

No matter who wins the presidential election come November, it’s a sure bet that the losers will be the American people.

Despite what is taught in school and the propaganda that is peddled by the media, the 2020 presidential election is not a populist election for a representative. Rather, it’s a gathering of shareholders to select the next CEO, a fact reinforced by the nation’s archaic electoral college system.

Anyone who believes that this election will bring about any real change in how the American government does business is either incredibly naïve, woefully out-of-touch, or oblivious to the fact that as an in-depth Princeton University study shows, we now live in an oligarchy that is “of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.”

When a country spends close to $10 billion on elections to select what is, for all intents and purposes, a glorified homecoming king or queen to occupy the White House and fill other government seats, while more than 40 million of its people live in poverty, more than 40 million Americans are on unemployment, more than 500,000 Americans are homeless, and analysts forecast it will take a decade to work our way out of the current COVID-induced recession, that’s a country whose priorities are out of step with the needs of its people.

Be warned, however: the Establishment—the Deep State and its corporate partners that really run the show, pull the strings and dictate the policies, no matter who occupies the Oval Office—is not going to allow anyone to take office who will unravel their power structures. Those who have attempted to do so in the past have been effectively put out of commission.

Voting sustains the illusion that we have a democratic republic, but it is merely a dictatorship in disguise, or what political scientists Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page more accurately refer to as an “economic élite domination.”

In such an environment, the economic elite (lobbyists, corporations, monied special interest groups) dictate national policy. As the Princeton University oligarchy study indicates, our elected officials, especially those in the nation’s capital, represent the interests of the rich and powerful rather than the average citizen. As such, the citizenry has little if any impact on the policies of government.

We have been saddled with a two-party system and fooled into believing that there’s a difference between the Republicans and Democrats, when in fact, the two parties are exactly the same. As one commentator noted, both parties support endless war, engage in out-of-control spending, ignore the citizenry’s basic rights, have no respect for the rule of law, are bought and paid for by Big Business, care most about their own power, and have a long record of expanding government and shrinking liberty

We’re drowning under the weight of too much debt, too many wars, too much power in the hands of a centralized government run by a corporate elite, too many militarized police, too many laws, too many lobbyists, and generally too much bad news.

The powers-that-be want us to believe that our job as citizens begins and ends on Election Day. They want us to believe that we have no right to complain about the state of the nation unless we’ve cast our vote one way or the other. They want us to remain divided over politics, hostile to those with whom we disagree politically, and intolerant of anyone or anything whose solutions to what ails this country differ from our own.

What they don’t want us talking about is the fact that the government is corrupt, the system is rigged, the politicians don’t represent us, the electoral college is a joke, most of the candidates are frauds, and, as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, we as a nation are repeating the mistakes of history—namely, allowing a totalitarian state to reign over us.

Former concentration camp inmate Hannah Arendt warned against this when she wrote, “Never has our future been more unpredictable, never have we depended so much on political forces that cannot be trusted to follow the rules of common sense and self-interest—forces that look like sheer insanity, if judged by the standards of other centuries.”

As we once again find ourselves faced with the prospect of voting for the lesser of two evils, “we the people” have a decision to make: do we simply participate in the collapse of the American republic as it degenerates toward a totalitarian regime, or do we take a stand and reject the pathetic excuse for government that is being fobbed off on us?

Never forget that the lesser of two evils is still evil.


Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. His new book Battlefield America: The War on the American People is available at good bookstores (try to avoid www.amazon.com). Whitehead can be contacted at .


Where Do We Go from Here?

https://www.informationclearinghouse.info/pitch-forks.JPGBy Howard Brand - 12. July 2020

Identity politics currently is in the forefront of the United States political agenda, and things do look quite dismal in regard to wealth, opportunity, and quality of life of a significant number of minority workers—but this is also the case, when we look closely, for a large segment of the overall population of our country. The question I see is where do we want to go and how can we change the situation? It is quite clear to me that the current ruling class has no intention of giving up their ruling position without a concerted fight. The ruling elite (the capitalist class or rich people as a class, not individually) have fought throughout the history of its existence—about 350 years, for its ruling position. I think the choice for us is this:

Parity or Emancipation?

Parity is the acceptance of the current system as long as the distribution of wealth is approximately the same for all races and ethnic groups. What would this mean?Using the analysis “Income Percentile by Race Calculator for 2018”1thefollowing is presented.

Total number of White (not Hispanic or Latino) workers –109,140,758

Total number of Black workers -20,396,139

Total number of Hispanic or Latino workers any race -29,900,624

From this study we can find the number of workers in various income brackets:

Number of Workers

Twenty thousand dollars income per year is usually considered a poverty existence, with an extremely restricted quality of life. There were approximately 40 million workers living on an income between zero and 20 thousand dollars per year in 2017. If we accept parity for the races this figure would change and assuming the same percentage for all races as the White percentage there would be still approximately 34 million workers, in the groups considered here, living on 20 thousand dollars or less per year. Of course I assume that the workers who moved out of this group have moved to a higher group and not gone into negativity. Also we should note that 16% of the white workers in 2017 earned more than $100,000/year, versus 7% for Black, and 5% for Hispanic or Latino. This turns out to be 20,385,283 workers from the above groups earning over $100,000. per year.

Achieving Parity

Proposals for achieving parity usually involve revising regressive tax codes to more progressive codes—favoring people on the lower end of the income brackets and taxing the upper end of the income brackets to pay for social benefits. This is what is being done in many European countries that are commonly characterized as social welfare states. Bernie Sanders and other Democratic Socialists espouse this view. Sanders has proposed a tax on securities trading of 0.5% to cover various social benefits such as health care for all and educational spending. This concept is not bad but it neglects the fact that the capitalist class controls the political, financial, and industrial production systems, and possesses the overall wealth of the country. This means that the tax laws even if initiated could be changed at any time as has been done in the past and is currently being done with international treaties.

So the question is can we trust the capitalist class to maintain support for social benefits that attempt to achieve economic parity? I think not! The capitalist class through its control of property and wealth is able, without democratic controls, to determine the details of industrial production. Detroit 40 years ago was one of the richest industrial cities in the world and its working class had achieved a relatively high standard of living. The owners of the production enterprises in Detroit decided to move their production facilities to other locations and abandon Detroit and now Detroit is one of the poorest major cities in the US. The wealth lost by the working class of Detroit is probably greater than the wealth gained by upper class in making the move, but the capitalist class has significantly increased its wealth! Has the working class increased its wealth? There was and is no democratic process in the US to control the capitalists’ investment and production process to benefit all of society. When capitalists speak of democracy they mean the unfettered freedom of capitalists to do whatever they want with their capital. A more egalitarian system would have a democratic system that represented a broad spectrum of the people living in the region, county, and country and have some control over the economy including industrial production. Currently the capitalist class controls the financial, industrial and military systems. Because of the enormous wealth of the US this financial control extends to the world at large and allows the US to use mafia tactics in an attempt to control foreign economies. This necessitates democratic control of the banking and financial systems to the benefit of all people in the world.


Emancipation is any effort to procure economic and social rights, political rights or equality for all people. What does this mean for people? It means the ability to live a life free of want and deprivation, with adequate housing, nutrition, health care, and education. That would provide people the opportunity to achieve their full potential in society along with the time to actively engage in cultural activities that give them pleasure. I have been in only one country (China) where several people told me on different occasions “ Do you know what we think—we think that all people should have a good life—and we don't mean just Chinese people, but all people in the world.” This is the objective of emancipation—a formidable task that can only be approached through a process of continuous trials and extensive scientific experimentation, since there is no known path.

With this objective in mind, what is necessary in our country in order to initiate a process that will achieve this goal some time in the distant future? Is it possible that the current leadership will open a path to achieve this goal? That’s highly unlikely. In order to proceed in some way toward emancipation the leadership must have it as its goal, and the current elite clearly does not. A leadership that does have this as a goal must attempt to control the financial system, large industry, and the military in some democratic way. This calls for a change in the paradigm of our political and economic systems. Xi Jinping in discussing the difference in the origin of the Chinese government and the Western governments said that the Western capitalist governments originated with the overthrow of feudalism by the business people (bourgeois) and are still primarily responsible to the business people whereas the Chinese Marxist government came into existence with the overthrow of feudalists, colonialists, and capitalists by the workers and peasants and so is responsible to the workers and peasants.

We also must have a change in leadership whose objective is a good life for all people. The first step is to develop a leadership with that objective and for that we need a revolutionary party that is committed to scientific methods to change reality. In addition, a massive popular demand must arise in the general population. The revolutionary leadership must have the ability to secure the support of the majority of the population. With this democratic leadership, and with the oversight of the people, decisions would hopefully be made that benefited the broad population of people and not a select few. We need to organize!


Howard Brand is a retired high school physics teacher and a committed Marxist Leninist. -  - Source


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