UPDATE 04. January 2021: Venezuela Denounces Obstacles To Access COVID-19 Vaccines

UPDATE 30. December 2020: NEVER FORGET: COVID-19 vaccine maker Pfizer had to pay $2.3 billion in the largest healthcare fraud settlement in history to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of pharmaceutical products.

UPDATE 30. December 2020: Astra-Zeneca/Oxford CoVID-19 vaccine, which also contains human cells from a line of aborted foetuses, was approved by the UK, without full disclosure of their earlier trials on baboons or the later trials on humans in several countries and without having come up with a statement on leaked information and subsequent allegations that the vaccine serves as a vector for causing time-delayed infertility in men and women. Interesting to note, that UNICEF immediately signalled their preparedness to roll it out in Kenya, who had already ordered 24mio doses of this vaccine. The Kenya Government seems to have forgotten the earlier WHO/UNICEF polio-vaccination scandal. Big Pharma already developing COVID 2.0 vaccines for new “mutant strain"

UPDATE 29. December 2020: Moderna starts testing coronavirus vaccine on kids aged 12 to 17 despite dangers of negative side effects + A STRONG WARNING ABOUT THE COVID VACCINES! Video with DR. HEINRICH FIECHTNER

UPDATE 28. December 2020: Dr. Wakefield warns: ”This is not a Vax, it is irreversible genetic modification!"


UPDATE 24. December 2020: SCANDAL: World Health Organization opposes natural immunity - WHO changes definition of "herd immunity" for vaccination agenda

UPDATE 23. Decmber 2020: WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website

UPDATE 23. December 2020: Very important video:: THE FUTURE OF VACCINES - James Corbett + Transcript

UPDATE 21. December 2020: Why you shouldn’t believe the COVID vaccine is effective & Vatican Says It’s OK For Catholics To Have Covid Vaccines That Used Cell Lines From Aborted Fetuses

UPDATE 20. December 2020: URGENT NEWS ABOUT THE COVID-19 VACCINE - Dr. Vernon Coleman

UPDATE 19. December 2020: US approves Moderna as second vaccine for emergency use

UPDATE 11. December 2020: Glaxo And Sanofi give up in the Covid-19 Vaccine Race, but still stand accused of having developed a population depreciation timebomb with their vaccine & Ex-Pharmaceutical Rep Brandy Vaughan Found Dead After Pre-Warning People To Investigate Her Death. "I'm not gonna be silenced, because these are important issues, and we need to expose what's really going on behind the mandatory vaccination billIt has nothing to do with public health, it has everything to do with profit.- Brandy Vaughan

UPDATE 09. December 2020: Amazing Polly: Honest Experts Are Trying to Warn You! Vaccines, Lockdowns, Masks & More! - Must WATCH Video + Whistleblower from Moderna warns

UPDATE 08. December 2020: Covid-19 vaccine: Allergy warning over new jab & British Medical Journal Editor Calls Into Question Pfizer & Moderna’s “95% Effective” COVID Vaccines

UPDATE 06. December 2020: Ask The Experts - about the COVID-19 vaccines (censored statements)

UPDATE 05. December 2020: UK Government Warns Doctors About Infertility Possibility with Pfizer COVID Vaccine, But NO Warning to Patients!


UPDATE 02. December 2020: Gates vaccine will be rolled out next week - STOP IT!

UPDATE 26. November 2020: Exclusive: Covid Vaccine Patent Warned of "Deliberate Coronavirus Release" 9 Month's Before COVID-19

UPDATE 18. November 2020: MUST READ: Pfizer’s Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine—What You’re Not Being Told

UPDATE 10. November 2020: The story of mRNA: How a once-dismissed idea became a leading technology in the Covid vaccine race + MUST WATCH: ‘Covid-19’ Vaccine “Biological Weapons Of Mass Destruction.” - Dr. Igor Shepherd

UPDATE 23. September 2020: FDA Will NOT Authorise Or Approve Any COVID-19 Vaccine !!!


UPDATE 25. August 2020: Dr Vernon Coleman: How Many Billion Could the Covid-19 Vaccine Kill or Damage?

UPDATE 24. August 2020: CDC Admits Vaccine Safety Failures


UPDATE 17. August 2020: Vaccine not needed. Scientists: COVID-19 Immunity Seen In Even the Mildly Infected

UPDATE 28. July 2020: Immune T Cells May Offer Lasting Protection Against COVID-19


UPDATE 06. July 2020: 81 Percent of Clinical Trial Volunteers Suffer Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccine That Uses HEK293 Human Fetal Cell Lines

UPDATE 28. June 2020: Bill Gates issues warning over fears public may refuse to take drug

ICYMI: Coronavirus: COVID-19 vaccines kill seven children in Senegal immediately after given shots & A Dangerous Idea: The History of Eugenics in America & Anti-Vaccine Japan Has World’s Lowest Child Death Rate plus Highest Life Expectancy + ITALY BLOWS THE LID OFF VACCINE SCAM. WILL NO LONGER POISON CITIZENS WITH GLOBALIST EUGENICS + The Vaccine Agenda: DNA Codes Under Attack - Dr Graham Downing + Immune T Cells May Offer Lasting Protection Against COVID-19

WATCH OUT FOR THE UN ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR CHILD - WHO now says your child's presence in school counts as 'informed consent' for vaccination - parental presence 'not required'

WARNING: Dystopian and unethical, genome-altering mRNA-vaccine trials on humans started in UK, Brazil, South Africa - see below. In South-Africa impoverished youth are urged to postitute themselves as guinea pigs for the different vaccines - cashing in the equivalent of around 15 Euro per shot. According to local observers many suffer from serious health-implications after the vaccination, but this is not publicly reported. Factchecker Snopes.com first rated the report WRONG but then reverted to TRUE.

See Liability Form below: If Your Doctor Insists Vaccines Are Safe, Have Them Sign This Form


Melinda Gates: COVID-19 Vaccine Should Be Used on Black People First

Bill Gates' wife says African Americans should get the drug before white people

melinda gates says the covid 19 should be given to black people firstBy Jay Greenberg - 12th June 2020

Melinda Gates has said in an interview that when a COVID-19 vaccine is developed, it should be given to black people first, right after health workers.

Between 2018 and 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which she founded with her Microsoft co-founder husband, gave more money to the World Health Organization (WHO) than any other entity except the U.S. government.

President Donald Trump recently cut ties with WHO over concerns over the UN health body's relationship with the Communist Party of China (CCP).

Melinda, who is married to the second richest man in the world Bill Gates, has revealed who she believes should be the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

In an interview with TIME Magazine ahead of the 2020 Global Vaccines Summit, she said health workers will most likely be first in line to be vaccinated.

Gates added that the shot should then be given to black people and "many other people of color" before being used on white people.

scientists around the world are racing to find a covid 19 vaccine

Scientists around the world are racing to find a COVID-19 vaccine © press

While speaking at the summit on June 4, co-chair Bill Gates announced that his foundation would give $1.6 billion to the Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) over the next five years.

TIME spoke with Melinda Gates ahead of the summit about COVID-19 and what will happen to WHO:

TIME: "The scale of anti-racism protests we’re seeing right now is incredible.

"How does this moment relate to your work in health equity?"

Gates: "What happened to George Floyd was brutal and horrible and should never happen to anyone, anywhere.

"This is a moment of reckoning in the United States.

"We all need to really pause during this time and learn as best we can from it.

"Even before we saw this senseless death, COVID had already started to show us gaps and structural problems in our country.

"We are seeing black men die at a disproportionate rate.

"We know the way out of COVID-19 will be a vaccine, and it needs to go out equitably."

TIME: "How do you make sure that happens?"

Gates: "You make sure the vaccine doesn’t go to the highest bidder.

"GAVI uses a pooled set of resources from governments and private citizens, so you can make sure that when you go to purchase the vaccine, you purchase it in bulk at low prices.

"We’ve gotten the delivery system, over 20 years, really set up appropriately.

"This pledging event means governments around the world will step up in global cooperation to all say, ‘We care about this vaccine getting out equitably,’ [since their contributions will help GAVI secure and distribute doses when they become available].

"The first people that need this vaccine are the 60 million health care workers around the world.

"They deserve to get it before anybody else. Then you start tiering."

TIME: "Who needs it after health care workers?"

Gates: "In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color.

"They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19.

"From there, people with underlying health conditions, and then people who are older.

"Those are the ones who all need it first.

"We also need to think about essential workers who are keeping our grocery stores open for us so we can buy food, or who are making sure that food moves through the warehouses."

TIME: "When do you think most people will get vaccinated?"

Gates: "We’re probably 18 months out from that."

TIME: "Do you have concerns about how a Trump Administration—if Trump is still president at the time—will distribute the vaccine?"

Gates: "We’re all concerned that the vaccine not go to the highest bidder.

"There are some signs that early doses may get bought up, and I think that would be a shame for the entire world.

"It’s important for world leaders to step up and lock arms and say, ‘This is about everybody, whether you live in India, or Tanzania, or Switzerland.’"

TIME: "How will the U.S. pulling out of the WHO affect the organization’s work?"

Gates: "The WHO is not a perfect institution. No institution is perfect.

"But the middle of a pandemic is the last moment you should be making changes or pulling out.

"WHO was set up to deal with pandemics like this, to deal with things like smallpox, to deal with things like polio.

"The U.S government is the largest funder of the WHO.

"Nobody can replace the funding the U.S was putting into the WHO.

"This decision will touch everything at the WHO.

"I worry deeply about polio. I’m worried deeply about measles. I’m worried about Ebola.

"If we didn’t think we were global, COVID has certainly pointed it out to us.

"The United States was a founding member of the WHO after World War II because we saw how important it was.

"To be going back on something that we know will help all of us, that’s just senseless.

"It’s another thing to do a postmortem when this crisis is over and say, ‘Hey, we need some structural changes to WHO, or we need different governance,’ but not in the middle of a pandemic.

"You just don’t do that."

the bill and melinda gates foundation is known for its vaccine work around world

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is known for its vaccine work around world © press

As Neon Nettle reported last month, a Bill Gates-funded COVID-19 tracking program was shut down by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Seattle-based initiative, Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network, or SCAN, has been ordered to halt its at-home coronavirus testing scheme by the federal authorities.

The FDA has ordered SCAN to stop screening for the virus, putting the program, that has been providing hundreds of home testing kits each day, on pause.

As of Wednesday, all links to the project’s website now redirect to a notice stating its operations are “currently paused” due to a conflict with the FDA.

“SCAN has been operating under an emergency use authorization (EUA) from the Washington State Department of Health,” the notice says.

“We have been notified that under revised guidance issued on May 8th, a separate federal EUA is now required” to continue testing.


WATCH AND OBSERVE SEVERAL TIMES - until you really understand - from the words and their bodylanguage - what they are up to!


Bill Gates' Wife Melinda Says Black Americans Should Get COVID-19 Vaccine First

•Jun 28, 2020

Willie D Live


Melinda Gates Lays Out Her Biggest Concern for the Next Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Melinda Gates speaks during a  
                    panel at Hunter College in New York City on Feb. 13, 2018 in New York City.

Melinda Gates speaks during a panel at Hunter College in New York City on Feb. 13, 2018 in New York City. - John Lamparski—Getty Images

BY JAMIE DUCHARME - 04. June 2020 2020

From 2018-2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave more money to the World Health Organization than any entity except the U.S. government.

With President Donald Trump cutting ties to the international health agency in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gates Foundation’s work has come into sharper relief than ever. Co-chair Bill Gates announced at the Global Vaccine Summit on June 4 that it will give $1.6 billion over five years to the Vaccine Alliance (GAVI), to help ensure that people around the world have access to vaccines, regardless of income. The Gates Foundation in 1999 pledged $750 million to help establish GAVI, and the organization has since vaccinated more than 760 million children in underserved areas.

Ahead of the June 4 pledge event, TIME spoke with Gates Foundation co-chair Melinda Gates about equitable solutions to COVID-19, the need for optimism in times of anxiety and what will happen to the WHO.

TIME: The scale of anti-racism protests we’re seeing right now is incredible. How does this moment relate to your work in health equity?

Gates: What happened to George Floyd was brutal and horrible and should never happen to anyone, anywhere. This is a moment of reckoning in the United States. We all need to really pause during this time and learn as best we can from it. Even before we saw this senseless death, COVID had already started to show us gaps and structural problems in our country. We are seeing black men die at a disproportionate rate. We know the way out of COVID-19 will be a vaccine, and it needs to go out equitably.

How do you make sure that happens?

You make sure the vaccine doesn’t go to the highest bidder. GAVI uses a pooled set of resources from governments and private citizens, so you can make sure that when you go to purchase the vaccine, you purchase it in bulk at low prices. We’ve gotten the delivery system, over 20 years, really set up appropriately. This pledging event means governments around the world will step up in global cooperation to all say, ‘We care about this vaccine getting out equitably,’ [since their contributions will help GAVI secure and distribute doses when they become available].

The first people that need this vaccine are the 60 million health care workers around the world. They deserve to get it before anybody else. Then you start tiering.

Who needs it after health care workers?

In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color. They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19. From there, people with underlying health conditions, and then people who are older. Those are the ones who all need it first. We also need to think about essential workers who are keeping our grocery stores open for us so we can buy food, or who are making sure that food moves through the warehouses.

When do you think most people will get vaccinated?

We’re probably 18 months out from that.

Trump Says U.S. 'Terminating' Relationship With the World Health Organization Over Its Coronavirus Response

Do you have concerns about how a Trump Administration—if Trump is still President at the time—will distribute the vaccine?

We’re all concerned that the vaccine not go to the highest bidder. There are some signs that early doses may get bought up, and I think that would be a shame for the entire world. It’s important for world leaders to step up and lock arms and say, ‘This is about everybody, whether you live in India, or Tanzania, or Switzerland.’

How will the U.S. pulling out of the WHO affect the organization’s work?
The WHO is not a perfect institution. No institution is perfect. But the middle of a pandemic is the last moment you should be making changes or pulling out. WHO was set up to deal with pandemics like this, to deal with things like smallpox, to deal with things like polio. The U.S government is the largest funder of the WHO. Nobody can replace the funding the U.S was putting into the WHO.

This decision will touch everything at the WHO. I worry deeply about polio. I’m worried deeply about measles. I’m worried about Ebola.

If we didn’t think we were global, COVID has certainly pointed it out to us. The United States was a founding member of the WHO after World War II because we saw how important it was. To be going back on something that we know will help all of us, that’s just senseless. It’s another thing to do a postmortem when this crisis is over and say, ‘Hey, we need some structural changes to WHO, or we need different governance,’ but not in the middle of a pandemic. You just don’t do that.

Has the global health community ever faced a challenge like COVID-19?

No. The Spanish influenza in 1918, I guess you could say. But we weren’t traveling on planes the way we are now.

The vaccine-creation challenge is also unprecedented, both in terms of the speed of development and the number of doses. The world has never created 7 billion doses of a vaccine in this short amount of time. The good thing is the world is actually more coordinated than I think many people realize, and that’s lucky.

What gives you hope right now?

I have pictures here, where I’m sitting in my office, of moms I’ve met all over the developing world who have told me about the lengths they go to get their kids vaccines. They walk 15 kilometers in the heat, they’re carrying their baby on their back. These moms know the difference that vaccines make in their kids’ lives. When I think about them, they give me so much hope, even when I see some of the pushback on vaccines here in the United States.

The other thing that gives me hope is this next generation. I’m seeing the way they talk about race. They’re willing to stand up and listen, they’re willing to go march in the streets and say, ‘This isn’t right.’ That gives me a lot of hope.

This interview has been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.


Melinda Gates Said Black People Should be First in Line, After Health Care Workers, to be Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Posted by  | Jun 8, 2020

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave more money from 2018-2019 to the World Health Organization than any entity except the U.S. government, who recently cut ties with the organization.

Melinda Gates, the wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has revealed who she believes should be the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a Q&A with TIME ahead of the 2020 Global Vaccines Summit, Gates stated that black people should be second-in-line to be vaccinated immediately after health care workers.

At the June 4 summit, co-chair Bill Gates announced that the Gates Foundation would give $1.6 billion to the Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) over the next five years.

TIME: The scale of anti-racism protests we’re seeing right now is incredible. How does this moment relate to your work in health equity? 

Gates: What happened to George Floyd was brutal and horrible and should never happen to anyone, anywhere. This is a moment of reckoning in the United States. We all need to really pause during this time and learn as best we can from it. Even before we saw this senseless death, COVID had already started to show us gaps and structural problems in our country. We are seeing black men die at a disproportionate rate. We know the way out of COVID-19 will be a vaccine, and it needs to go out equitably.

How do you make sure that happens?

You make sure the vaccine doesn’t go to the highest bidder. GAVI uses a pooled set of resources from governments and private citizens, so you can make sure that when you go to purchase the vaccine, you purchase it in bulk at low prices. We’ve gotten the delivery system, over 20 years, really set up appropriately. This pledging event means governments around the world will step up in global cooperation to all say, ‘We care about this vaccine getting out equitably,’ [since their contributions will help GAVI secure and distribute doses when they become available].

The first people that need this vaccine are the 60 million health care workers around the world. They deserve to get it before anybody else. Then you start tiering.

Who needs it after health care workers? 

In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color. They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19. From there, people with underlying health conditions, and then people who are older. Those are the ones who all need it first. We also need to think about essential workers who are keeping our grocery stores open for us so we can buy food, or who are making sure that food moves through the warehouses.

When do you think most people will get vaccinated?

We’re probably 18 months out from that.

Do you have concerns about how a Trump Administration—if Trump is still President at the time—will distribute the vaccine? 

We’re all concerned that the vaccine not go to the highest bidder. There are some signs that early doses may get bought up, and I think that would be a shame for the entire world. It’s important for world leaders to step up and lock arms and say, ‘This is about everybody, whether you live in India, or Tanzania, or Switzerland.’

How will the U.S. pulling out of the WHO affect the organization’s work?

 The WHO is not a perfect institution. No institution is perfect. But the middle of a pandemic is the last moment you should be making changes or pulling out. WHO was set up to deal with pandemics like this, to deal with things like smallpox, to deal with things like polio. The U.S government is the largest funder of the WHO. Nobody can replace the funding the U.S was putting into the WHO.

This decision will touch everything at the WHO. I worry deeply about polio. I’m worried deeply about measles. I’m worried about Ebola.

If we didn’t think we were global, COVID has certainly pointed it out to us. The United States was a founding member of the WHO after World War II because we saw how important it was. To be going back on something that we know will help all of us, that’s just senseless. It’s another thing to do a postmortem when this crisis is over and say, ‘Hey, we need some structural changes to WHO, or we need different governance,’ but not in the middle of a pandemic. You just don’t do that.

Has the global health community ever faced a challenge like COVID-19? 

No. The Spanish influenza in 1918, I guess you could say. But we weren’t traveling on planes the way we are now.

The vaccine-creation challenge is also unprecedented, both in terms of the speed of development and the number of doses. The world has never created 7 billion doses of a vaccine in this short amount of time. The good thing is the world is actually more coordinated than I think many people realize, and that’s lucky.

What gives you hope right now?

I have pictures here, where I’m sitting in my office, of moms I’ve met all over the developing world who have told me about the lengths they go to get their kids vaccines. They walk 15 kilometers in the heat, they’re carrying their baby on their back. These moms know the difference that vaccines make in their kids’ lives. When I think about them, they give me so much hope, even when I see some of the pushback on vaccines here in the United States.

The other thing that gives me hope is this next generation. I’m seeing the way they talk about race. They’re willing to stand up and listen, they’re willing to go march in the streets and say, ‘This isn’t right.’ That gives me a lot of hope.1

  1. Time
  2. Live24

Copyright 2020 – permission to reprint fully granted, WITH links to original story









First published on BITCHUTE May 31st, 2021.


A warning to all those entities public and private and their members, who feel that they may be acting within the bounds of our civil and criminal laws and medical statutes by requiring a medical procedure such as the injection of experimental emergency use vaccines, or making them requisite for the purchase of goods and or services, or for employment, or for any other reason, you may want to consult with your attorneys on this before doing so, as this could be considered coercion under both our medical statutes and the Nuremberg code. That means that what you are doing could be considered illegal under both local and international law; This form of medical discrimination is directly addressed and could be defined as coercion under the Nuremberg code, as a high crime against humanity, which could lead to personal criminal liabilities for individuals, even when acting on behalf of a seperate entity.





Venezuela Denounces Obstacles To Access COVID-19 Vaccines

  • A health worker sprays disinfectant liquid on a voter at a polling station, Caracas, Venezuela, Dec. 6, 2020.

    A health worker sprays disinfectant liquid on a voter at a polling station, Caracas, Venezuela, Dec. 6, 2020. | Photo: EFE

By Jodie Evans - 04. January 2020

"The vaccine cannot be the object of savage mercantilism," President Maduro said.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday denounced the blocking of resources by international banks and western nations against the country to prevent the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines, noting the moves are in line with the U.S. unilateral sanctions.

The Venezuelan assets to buy COVID-19 vaccines "have been stolen and frozen by the U.K, Portugal, Spain, and the U.S.," Maduro pointed out, recalling that his administration has made numerous requests to access those resources through the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Previously, the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres requested that the vaccines should be considered a public good. At the international level, however, that is not happening so far.

"The vaccine cannot be the object of savage mercantilism," Maduro said and called on the UN to pay attention to the vaccine distribution to guarantee access opportunities to people from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

On Monday, Venezuela re-implemented the intermittent quarantine system known as "7x7", which consists of alternating 7 days with epidemiological restrictions with 7 days of relaxation of health measures.

After that announcement, Maduro mentioned that a contract was signed with Russia for the purchase of 10 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine, which will arrive in the first half of 2021.

He also offered an update on the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. There were 4,928 active cases as of January 3, while the highest tallies of active cases in December were recorded in Zulia, Yaracuy, Miranda, the Capital District, La Guaira, Lara, Merida, and Carabobo.

Rejecting the fact that the corporate media do not recognize the successes of the Venezuelan 7x7 model, he pointed out that it "should be worthy of study and dissemination for countries that have this serious problem in the pandemic."



By GGI - 30. December 2020

Did you know the COVID-19 vaccine maker Pfizer in 2009, had to pay $2.3 billion in the largest healthcare fraud settlement in history to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products.

COVID-19 Vaccine Maker Pfizer Paid $2.3 Billion In Largest Healthcare Fraud Settlement in History
COVID-19 Vaccine Maker Pfizer Paid $2.3 Billion In Largest Healthcare Fraud Settlement in History

American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. and its subsidiary Pharmacia & Upjohn Company Inc. in 2009, agreed to pay $2.3 billion in the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the US Department of Justice, to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products.

Pfizer plead guilty for misbranding Bextra with the intent to defraud or mislead. Bextra is an anti-inflammatory drug that Pfizer pulled from the market in 2005.

Pfizer promoted the sale of Bextra for several uses and dosages that the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) specifically declined to approve due to safety concerns. The company paid a criminal fine of $1.195 billion, the largest criminal fine ever imposed in the United States for any matter. Pfizer also had to forfeit $105 million, for a total criminal resolution of $1.3 billion.

In addition, Pfizer agreed to pay $1 billion to resolve allegations that the company illegally promoted four drugs – Bextra; Geodon, an anti-psychotic drug; Zyvox, an antibiotic; and Lyrica, an anti-epileptic drug – and caused false claims to be submitted to government health care programs for uses that were not medically accepted indications and therefore not covered by those programs.

The civil settlement also resolved allegations that Pfizer paid kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe these, as well as other, drugs. This is the largest civil fraud settlement in history against a pharmaceutical company.

As part of the settlement, Pfizer also agreed to enter into an expansive corporate integrity agreement with the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services. That agreement provides for procedures and reviews to be put in place to avoid and promptly detect conduct similar to that which gave rise to this matter.

As a part of the resolution, six whistleblowers received payments totaling more than $102 million from the federal share of the civil recovery.

As GreatGameIndia reported, a senior managerial executive whistleblower of the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has revealed in shocking details that the AstraZeneca could not be held responsible for any side-effects from its COVID-19 vaccine. The company has agreements with governments as per which AstraZeneca cannot be held responsible and those affected will have no legal recourse.

According to the co-founder of BioNTech, Dr Ugur Sahin, the COVID-19 vaccine he designed for Pfizer was designed in just few hours in a single day on January 25, 2020. No other vaccine in history has been created and manufactured so quickly. Previously, the fastest vaccine ever developed took more than four years.

Earlier, a nurse collapsed on live television at a press conference soon after receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine at a Tennessee hospital. Nurse Manager Tiffany Dover had been speaking to the media about the city’s first vaccinations of front-line health workers when she collapsed.

A couple weeks earlier it was revealed in a document released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that 6 participants died during Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials. Meanwhile, another volunteer died during trial of COVID-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

GreatGameIndia is a journal on Geopolitics and International Relations. Get to know the Geopolitical threats India is facing in our exclusive book India in Cognitive Dissonance.


BE AWARE: Astra-Zeneca/Oxford CoVID-19 vaccine, which also contains human cells from a line of aborted foetuses, was approved by the UK, without full disclosure of their earlier trials on baboons or the later trials on humans in several countries and without having come up with a statement on leaked information and subsequent allegations that the vaccine serves as a vector for causing time-delayed infertility in men and women. Interesting to note, that UNICEF immediately signalled their preparedness to roll it out in Kenya, who had already ordered 24mio doses of this vaccine. The Kenya Government seems to have forgotten the earlier WHO/UNICEF polio-vaccination scandal.

Big Pharma already developing COVID 2.0 vaccines for new “mutant” strain (N.B.: it's rather a variant than a "strain")

By  - 30 December 2020


The vaccine industry is already hard at work concocting the next wave of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, which will purportedly be used to fight a new “mutant” strain (it's rather a variant)  of the virus that officials claim is circulating in the United Kingdom.

British drug giant AstraZeneca will soon release a jab that chief executive Pascal Soriot says is fully capable of warding off the newest strain of the China Virus. Calling it a “winning formula,” Soriot says the injection will be just as effective as those offered by rivals like Pfizer and Moderna.

As soon as this week, U.K. authorities are expected to approve the AstraZeneca shot, which was developed in partnership with scientists from the University of Oxford. The jab is supposedly 70 percent effective, though the true figure is only about 62 percent when considering the “dosing error” that occurred during clinical trials.

“We think we have figured out the winning formula and how to get efficacy that, after two doses, is up there with everybody else,” Soriot told the media, insisting that AstraZeneca’s WuFlu vaccine is just as effective as the rival vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.

“I can’t tell you more because we will publish at some point,” he added mysteriously as an almost gimmick.

More than 600,000 people were already vaccinated with Pfizer’s jab before Christmas

By as soon as the first week of January, Brits could be getting shot up with chemical blends that AstraZeneca says will keep them protected against infection with the novel coronavirus, including the newest strain that is supposedly making the rounds.

“So far, we think the vaccine should remain effective,” Soriot believes. “But we can’t be sure, so we’re going to test that.”

This newest strain is said to be far more infectious than earlier strains, though this does not mean that it is more harmful. Still, AstraZeneca wants people to get jabbed for it, and millions of them will likely obey.

The alleged rapid spread of this new disease variant prompted Prime Minister Boris Johnson to lock down the country just before the holidays, with threats of fine or arrest for those who attempted to travel in violation.

Nearly half of Great Britain, or around 24 million people, were told to stay home in isolation over the Christmas holiday, and many of these same folks will also be barred from doing anything fun for New Year’s.

All “non-essential” stores are now closed in these regions, as are restaurants and pubs. The only “essential” activity that is allowed is getting food for takeout – no indoor dining or socializing allowed, says Johnson.

While most of the attention has been on the U.K., other countries are also now claiming that this new “mutant” strain of the China Flu has spread within their borders as well.

As of Dec. 24, public health officials say that more than 600,000 people have already received the first of two doses of Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. Many are starting to get Moderna’s vaccine as well, this one having been approved not long after Pfizer’s and just in time for the holidays.

“How many ‘we thinks’ and ‘we can’t be sures’ does this article need to contain before anyone with common sense would reject this outright?” asked one Headline USA commenter about Soriot’s repeated use of uncertain verbiage to describe the alleged effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“Any of these vaccines supposedly have an effective rate of 95 percent for a virus that has its own cure rate of 99.6 percent. Hmmm … what to do, what to do?”


Moderna starts testing coronavirus vaccine on kids aged 12 to 17 despite dangers of negative side effects

By  - 29. December 2020


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to ravage countries across the world, with desperate people counting on a vaccine that can help protect them from this infectious disease. And yet despite warnings from health experts about potential negative side effects, Moderna Inc. has already begun testing its experimental coronavirus vaccine on kids aged 12 to 17.

Moderna’s vaccine to be completed by 2022

According to a press release from the biotechnology company, the phase II/III trial will involve an estimated 3,000 volunteers aged 12 to 17.

The researchers will give half of the volunteers two shots of Moderna’s immunization or mRNA-1273 four weeks apart. Meanwhile, the rest of the participants will receive saltwater placebos.

The scientists claim that they will monitor the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in children. All volunteers will be followed for 12 months after the second inoculation.

In a statement, Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel announced that the company is “pleased to begin this Phase 2/3 study of mRNA-1273 in healthy adolescents in the US.” Bancel added that the company aims to generate data by spring in 2021 that will “support the use of mRNA-1273 in adolescents in advance of the 2021 school year.”

Bancel concluded that Moderna Inc. wants to produce a “safe vaccine” that can help protect adolescents and ensure that they can soon “return to school in a normal setting.”

Clinicaltrials.gov, a registry of clinical trials run by the US National Library of Medicine, revealed that the Moderna Inc. study is slated to be completed by June 2022. The company’s vaccine will also be used at testing locations in Idaho, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

When asked, a Moderna spokeswoman didn’t disclose how many children have been enrolled as of writing.

Other companies have already been testing vaccines on children

Pfizer Inc., another vaccine manufacturer, has already been testing its coronavirus vaccine in children aged 12 since October. Another company, AstraZeneca, has also started testing young participants outside America.

But the testing seems unwarranted, especially since children rarely develop severe coronavirus symptoms. Additionally, young patients seldom require hospitalization for COVID-19, highlighting the danger of testing vaccines on children, who haven’t been previously tested in trials for experimental shots. (Related: French infectious disease expert warns about dangers of COVID-19 vaccine.)

Last October, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a statement announcing that clinical trials only included healthy, non-pregnant adults, at least until this December. The CDC added that the recommended groups might in the future as clinical trials expand to recruit more people volunteers.

How does Moderna’s vaccine work?

Moderna’s vaccine was developed in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health.

The vaccine uses part of the pathogen’s genetic code called messenger RNA (mRNA) to help a patient’s body recognize COVID-19 and attack if they get infected. The vaccine candidate then tricks the body into producing some of the viral proteins, which the immune system recognizes and builds a defensive response.

Back in November, clinical trial data revealed that the vaccine is 94.1 percent effective at preventing COVID-19. The Moderna vaccine is also allegedly 100 percent effective at preventing severe disease.

On Dec. 17., the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee voted in favor of the FDA granting an emergency use authorization (EUA) to its mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine candidate, mRNA-1273. From the panel, 20 members voted in favor of providing the EUA. None of the members voted against it.

Previously, the same committee voted 17-4 recommending Pfizer and BioNTech’s mRNA-based vaccine, BNT162b2. One member abstained during both advisory committee meetings.

The recommendation was based on study findings presented by Moderna, along with data from the pivotal phase III COVE study that evaluated mRNA-1273 in adult patients. The potential vaccine had an efficacy rate of 94.1 percent during primary efficacy analysis and it offered full protection against severe COVID-19 cases.

According to a press release, most of the negative side effects caused by the Moderna vaccine occurred within the first one to two days after injection and lasted for one to two days.

Moderna is ready to ship 20 million doses to the U.S. government by the end of 2020 after the potential EUA. The company has signed an agreement to deliver an additional 180 million doses of mRNA-1273 to the government by the first half of 2021.

The U.S. government can also opt to purchase an additional 300 million doses of mRNA-1273. Moderna has reported that it can deliver one billion doses worldwide by 2021. The company is also working on the efficient distribution of the vaccine.

Moderna’s potential vaccine can remain stable at standard refrigerator temperatures of 2 to 8 C for 30 days. The company can also cover local transport and that it can distribute the vaccine under controlled conditions in a liquid state at the standard temperature.

Pfizer and BioNTech have also received EUA for their vaccine in at least six countries such as America and the United Kingdom. But conditional marketing authorization requests for both candidates remain under review in Europe.

On the other hand, AstraZeneca and Oxford University’s potential vaccine candidate AZD1222 was, on average, at least 70 percent effective in preventing coronavirus based on interim data from late-stage studies.

J&J and CureVac’s COVID-19 vaccine candidates are also in late-stage development, with study data slated for a 2021 release date.

The side effects of Moderna’s vaccine

Children are often the last group tested during clinical trials since their bodies and immune systems behave differently, and this means they might have different treatment needs.

Children may also require different doses or needle sizes depending on their height, weight and age. This is one reason why most children are only vaccinated after safety has been well-documented in the adult population.

Several volunteers have reported the following symptoms after taking the Moderna vaccine:

  • Chills
  • Fevers
  • Headache
  • Pain in the arm
  • Shortness of breath

Last September, Luke Hutchison, a 44-year-old volunteer in Moderna’s phase 3 trial, reported that he’d had a mild fever after taking the first shot of the mRNA-1273 vaccine.

He also experienced “full-on COVID-like symptoms” after getting the second shot. Hutchison also experienced side effects like cough, muscle and joint aches, really hot hands and feet and general malaise.

Jack Morningstar, another volunteer, said that he experienced fatigue after the first dose and fever after the second. Morningstar, a college student from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said that since the trial was double-blind, he has no way of confirming if he received the real vaccine or the placebo until the vaccine cleared FDA authorization.

Two other volunteers in Moderna’s study experienced similar side effects, but they declined to go on the record. Hutchinson shared that he wanted to go public about his experience because he was worried that Moderna might keep people in the dark about the vaccine’s possible negative side effects.

Are you willing to subject your children to the adverse effects of Moderna’s vaccine?




First published on BITCHUTE December 29th, 2020.

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B - 2020 🍀


Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner is a hematologist and oncologist, and a former member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) who serves in the Baden-Württemberg regional parliament. After speaking out he was ejected from the chamber. Read about it here (video + transcripts):
➡️ https://gatesofvienna.net/2020/06/dr-heinrich-fiechtner-our-country-is-in-serious-danger/

"I’ve said it before: it’s a killer vaccine It’s a pharmaceutical product for which there isn’t even a toxicology report. It’s just going to be given to people. There’s a possibility that it may cause infertility in women, severe allergic reactions, and you want to inflict this unreasonable imposition upon citizens. That’s right, and you will, because you made them afraid beforehand. You are putting the lives of citizens at risk. You putting existences at risk."

➡️ http://bit.ly/DRFIECHTNER


💉 JERRY DAY: SAY NO TO THE VACCINE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/87CKNuadbFAq/


Please be wise people, the compulsory vaccination will not end. We will end up getting vaccine after vaccine, twice a year, twice a month..it will never stop. Unless we all say NO ..NOW!


🤕 http://bit.ly/PFIZERPOWDERVAX


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Dr. Wakefield warns

”This is not a Vax, it is irreversible genetic modification!"

BrandNewtube  -   28 Dec 2020  -  Original ---> ⁣https://newtube.app/user/Darek/rjkE32b

⁣Doctor contracts coronavirus after receiving vaccine ---> ⁣https://www.israelnationalnews.....com/News/News.aspx/

⁣The Injection Fraud – It’s Not a Vaccine ⁣By Catherine Austin Fitts ---> ⁣https://home.solari.com/deep-s....tate-tactics-101-the

⁣We need to stop allowing these concoctions to be referred to by a word that the courts and the general population define and treat as medicine and protect from legal and financial liability!

⁣Khalilah Mitchell, a registered nurse from Nashville Tennessee suffers the aftermath of "⁣BELL'S PALSY" after getting the injection ---> ⁣https://www.bitchute.com/video/G2uD9Au67ntP/

⁣75-year-old man dies of heart attack after receiving vaccine ---> ⁣https://www.jpost.com/breaking....-news/israel-nears-1

⁣The anti-vaxxer city where the Covid vaccine will struggle to have a shot ---> ⁣https://www.independent.co.uk/....news/world/americas/

⁣"Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe" (2016) ---> ⁣https://brandnewtube.com/v/atbHwP

Dr Wakefield is perhaps the leading voice of reason in the anti-VAX community. In 1998 he produced a study linking the MMR vaccine with Autism, which was discredited by the Medical Profession and he lost his license ---> https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/p....mc/articles/PMC31360

⁣Want some of my experimental health drink? I made it in a hurry, I have a criminal history of fraud, I wont tell you the ingredients & you can't sue me if anything wrong. If you have a problem with any of that you are a ANTI-DRINKER!

⁣Due to the 1986 Act and the PREP Act, vackseen manufacturers have NO liability for any injuries, illnesses, deaths caused by the vackseens. They make all the $$$ and you suffer. Do not consent to this experiment on humanity.

⁣Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines: The Truth Behind a Tragedy by Andrew J. Wakefield, Jenny McCarthy (Foreword)

As Andrew Wakefield states in his prologue, “If autism does not affect your family now, it will. If something does not change—and change soon—this is almost a mathematical certainty. This book affects you also. It is not a parochial look at a trivial medical spat in the United Kingdom, but dispatches from the battlefront in a major confrontation—a struggle against compromise in medicine, corruption of science, and a real and present threat to children in the interests of policy and profit. It is a story of how ‘the system’ deals with dissent among its doctors and scientists.”

In the pursuit of possible links between childhood vaccines, intestinal inflammation, and neurologic injury in children, Wakefield lost his job in London’s Royal Free Hospital, his country of birth, his career, and his medical license. A recent General Medical Council ruling stated that he was “dishonest, irresponsible and showed callous disregard for the distress and pain of children.” Maligned by the medical establishment and mainstream media, Wakefield endeavors to set the record straight in Callous Disregard. While explaining what really happened, he calls out the organizations and individuals that are acting not for the sake of children affected by autism, but in their own self-interests.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. - John 10:10




Republished on BITCHUTE December 26th, 2020.


SCANDAL: World Health Organization opposes natural immunity

WHO changes definition of herd immunity for vaccination agenda

Jagranjosh24. December 2020

On 13 November 2020, the WHO amended its definition of herd immunity to the effect that it can only be achieved by vaccination and no longer by means of an infection that has gone through.

On 9 June 2020, the WHO said: "Herd immunity is the indirect protection against an infectious disease that occurs when a population is immune either through vaccination or an immunity developed by an earlier infection."

Since 13 November 2020, the definition of 'herd immunity', also known as 'population immunity', is a concept used for vaccinations in which a population can be protected from a particular virus when a threshold for vaccination is reached. Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by suspending them."




WHO Quietly Changes “Herd Immunity” Definition In Stunning Display Of Orwellian Social Engineering

By Ryan Cristián - 24. December 2020

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


The Daily Wrap Up


Video Source Links:












5 NIH/National Library of Medicine studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction is blood oxygen level:






Cloth Mask Study


SOME of the mask studies on efficacy:


























WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website

By Jeffrey A. Tucker  - 23. December 2020

Maybe you have some sense that something fishy is going on? Same. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. 

Coronavirus lived on surfaces until it didn’t. Masks didn’t work until they did, then they did not. There is asymptomatic transmission, except there isn’t. Lockdowns work to control the virus except they do not. All these people are sick without symptoms until, whoops, PCR tests are wildly inaccurate because they were never intended to be diagnostic tools. Everyone is in danger of the virus except they aren’t. It spreads in schools except it doesn’t. 

On it goes. Daily. It’s no wonder that so many people have stopped believing anything that “public health authorities” say. In combination with governors and other autocrats doing their bidding, they set out to take away freedom and human rights and expected us to thank them for saving our lives. At some point this year (for me it was March 12) life began feeling like a dystopian novel of your choice. 

Well, now I have another piece of evidence to add to the mile-high pile of fishy mess. The World Health Organization, for reasons unknown, has suddenly changed its definition of a core conception of immunology: herd immunity. Its discovery was one of the major achievements of 20th century science, gradually emerging in the 1920s and then becoming ever more refined throughout the 20th century. 

Herd immunity is a fascinating observation that you can trace to biological reality or statistical probability theory, whichever you prefer. (It is certainly not a “strategy” so ignore any media source that describes it that way.) Herd immunity speaks directly, and with explanatory power, to the empirical observation that respiratory viruses are either widespread and mostly mild (common cold) or very severe and short-lived (Ebola). 

Why is this? The reason is that when a virus kills its host – that is, when a virus overtaxes the body’s ability to integrate it, its host dies and so the virus does not spread to others. The more this occurs, the less it spreads. If the virus doesn’t kill its host, it can hop to others through all the usual means. When you get a virus and fight it off, your immune system encodes that information in a way that builds immunity to it. When it happens to enough people (and each case is different so we can’t put a clear number on it, especially given so many cross immunities) the virus loses its pandemic quality and becomes endemic, which is to say predictable and manageable. Each new generation incorporates that information through more exposure. 

This is what one would call Virology/Immunology 101. It’s what you read in every textbook. It’s been taught in 9th grade cell biology for probably 80 years. Observing the operations of this evolutionary phenomenon is pretty wonderful because it increases one’s respect for the way in which human biology has adapted to the presence of pathogens without absolutely freaking out. 

And the discovery of this fascinating dynamic in cell biology is a major reason why public health became so smart in the 20th century. We kept calm. We managed viruses with medical professionals: doctor/patient relationships. We avoided the Medieval tendency to run around with hair on fire but rather used rationality and intelligence. Even the New York Times recognizes that natural immunity is powerful with Covid-19, which is not in the least bit surprising. 

Until one day, this strange institution called the World Health Organization – once glorious because it was mainly responsible for the eradication of smallpox – has suddenly decided to delete everything I just wrote from cell biology basics. It has literally changed the science in a Soviet-like way. It has removed with the delete key any mention of natural immunities from its website. It has taken the additional step of actually mischaracterizing the structure and functioning of vaccines. 

So that you will believe me, I will try to be as precise as possible. Here is the website from June 9, 2020. You can see it here on Archive.org. You have to move down the page and click on the question about herd immunity. You see the following. 

That’s pretty darn accurate overall. Even the statement that the threshold is “not yet clear” is correct. There are cross immunities to Covid from other coronaviruses and there is T cell memory that contributes to natural immunity. 

Some estimates are as low as 10%, which is a far cry from the modelled 70% estimate of virus immunity that is standard within the pharmaceutical realm. Real life is vastly more complicated than models, in economics or epidemiology. The WHO’s past statement is a solid, if “pop,” description. 

However, in a screenshot dated November 13, 2020, we read the following note that somehow pretends as if human beings do not have immune systems at all but rather rely entirely on big pharma to inject things into our blood. 

What this note at the World Health Organization has done is deleted what amounts to the entire million-year history of humankind in its delicate dance with pathogens. You could only gather from this that all of us are nothing but blank and unimprovable slates on which the pharmaceutical industry writes its signature. 

In effect, this change at WHO ignores and even wipes out 100 years of medical advances in virology, immunology, and epidemiology. It is thoroughly unscientific – shilling for the vaccine industry in exactly the way the conspiracy theorists say that WHO has been doing since the beginning of this pandemic. 

What’s even more strange is the claim that a vaccine protects people from a virus rather than exposing them to it. What’s amazing about this claim is that a vaccine works precisely by firing up the immune system through exposure. Why I had to type those words is truly beyond me. This has been known for centuries. There is simply no way for medical science completely to replace the human immune system. It can only game it via what used to be called inoculation. 

Take from this what you will. It is a sign of the times. For nearly a full year, the media has been telling us that “science” requires that we comply with their dictates that run contrary to every tenet of liberalism, every expectation we’ve developed in the modern world that we can live freely and with the certainty of rights. Then “science” took over and our human rights were slammed. And now the “science” is actually deleting its own history, airbrushing over what it used to know and replacing it with something misleading at best and patently false at worst. 

I cannot say why, exactly, the WHO did this. Given the events of the past nine or ten months, however, it is reasonable to assume that politics are at play. Since the beginning of the pandemic, those who have been pushing lockdowns and hysteria over the coronavirus have resisted the idea of natural herd immunity, instead insisting that we must live in lockdown until a vaccine is developed. 

That is why the Great Barrington Declaration, written by three of the world’s preeminent epidemiologists and which advocated embracing the phenomenon of herd immunity as a way of protecting the vulnerable and minimizing harms to society, was met with such venom. Now we see the WHO, too, succumbing to political pressure. This is the only rational explanation for changing the definition of herd immunity that has existed for the past century. 

The science has not changed; only the politics have. And that is precisely why it is so dangerous and deadly to subject virus management to the forces of politics. Eventually the science too bends to the duplicitous character of the political industry. 

When the existing textbooks that students use in college contradict the latest official pronouncements from the authorities during a crisis in which the ruling class is clearly attempting to seize permanent power, we’ve got a problem. 


Jeffrey A. Tucker is Editorial Director for the American Institute for Economic Research.

He is the author of many thousands of articles in the scholarly and popular press and nine books in 5 languages, most recently Liberty or Lockdown. He is also the editor of The Best of Mises. He speaks widely on topics of economics, technology, social philosophy, and culture.

Jeffrey is available for speaking and interviews via his email


Remember what alarmist W.H.O. stated back in March 2020

Corona virus COVID 19 World Health Organization press conference about the herd immunity 13.05.2020

However, they probably know about the biological weapon component in SARS-CoV-2 and therefore might rightfully be scared, when they state: "Allowing a dangerous virus that we don't fully understand to run free is simply unethical," he said. "It's not an option." In addition it serves their interest too to push the vaccine agenda of BigPharma.

"Public Enemy No. 1" has many footsoldiers.


The Future of Vaccines

•Dec 23, 2020


I case this important video gets deleted by criminal censor GooTube, go to the BACKUP ON BITCHUTE

TRANSCRIPT AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/futurev...

If the Gateses and the Faucis and the representatives of the international medical establishment get their way, life will not return to normal until the entire planet is vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.

What many do not yet understand, however, is that the vaccines that are being developed for SARS-Cov-2 are unlike any vaccines that have ever been used on the human population before.

And, as radically different as these vaccines appear, they represent only the very beginning of a complete transformation of vaccine technology that is currently taking place in research labs across the planet.

This is a study of The Future of Vaccines.

Full transcript below.


Since the dawn of the corona crisis, we have been told over and over that the world has changed forever.

MARIA VAN KERKHOVE: What we’re going to have to figure out, and I think what we’re all going to have to figure out together, is what our new normal looks like. Our new normal includes physical distancing from others. Our new normal includes wearing masks where appropriate. Our new normal includes us knowing where this virus is each and every day, where we live, where we work, where we want to travel.

SOURCE: What the New Normal Looks Like After Covid-19

DUCEY: What we’ve gone through and the challenges that I’m sharing with you really is Arizona’s new normal. And it’s our new normal for the foreseeable future. I really want ask people to get their heads around that.

SOURCE: Arizona Gov. Ducey Holds Coronavirus Briefing

JUSTIN TRUDEAU: This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.

SOURCE: Coronavirus: Trudeau tells UN conference that pandemic provided “opportunity for a reset”

This “New Normal” with which we are being threatened brings with it great uncertainty. Uncertainty over work. Uncertainty over travel. Uncertainty over what our lives will look like on the other side of this “Great Reset.”

But there is one thing that we can be certain about: If the Gateses and the Faucis and the representatives of the international medical establishment get their way, life will not return to normal until the entire planet is vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.

GATES: It is fair to say things won’t go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world.

SOURCE: Bill Gates on his 2015 ‘virus’ warning, efforts to fight coronavirus pandemic

ZEKE EMANUEL: Realistically, COVID-19 will be here for the next 18 months or more. We will not be able to return to normalcy until we find a vaccine or effective medications.

SOURCE: Dr. Zeke Emanuel On The Return To ‘Normal’

DOUG FORD: The hard fact is, until we find a vaccine, going back to normal means putting lives at risk.

SOURCE: Ontario announces $20 million for COVID-19 vaccine research

JUSTIN TRUDEAU: This will be the new normal until a vaccine is developed.

SOURCE: PM Trudeau on modelling data and federal response to COVID-19 – April 9, 2020

GAVIN NEWSOM: As I said: normal it will not be, at least until we have herd immunity and we have a vaccine.

SOURCE: California Gov. Newsom Holds Coronavirus Briefing

ANTHONY FAUCI: So, if we get the overwhelming majority of people taking the vaccine, and you have, on the one hand, an effective vaccine, on the other hand, a high degree of uptake of the vaccine, we could start getting things back to relative normal as we get into the second and third quarter of the year, where people can start thinking about doing things that were too dangerous just months ago.

SOURCE: Fauci: We’ll Get Back to Normal Gradually After Vaccine; You Don’t Know How Effective Vaccine Is for You

NORMAN SWAN: The only thing that will really allow life as we once knew it to resume is a vaccine.

SOURCE: Life will only return to normal when there’s a coronavirus vaccine, Dr Norman Swan says

This message has been repeated so frequently and so consistently by public health officials, political “leaders” and media commentators that many have begun to believe it. And now, the public is being prepared for an unprecedented global vaccination campaign. Taking the form of a military operation . . .

GENERAL GUSTAVE PERNA: It is this effort that I can look you in the face and say to you, “E.U.A. [Emergency Use Authorization] comes, 24 hours later vaccines will be distributed out to the American people and be ready for administration.”

SOURCE: General Perna says vaccine distribution will begin 24 hours after Emergency Use Authorization

. . .the plan is to rush a new generation of experimental vaccines to market and deliver them at “warp speed” before any long term testing has even been attempted. What many do not yet understand, however, is that the vaccines that are being developed for SARS-Cov-2 are unlike any vaccines that have ever been used on the human population before.

And, as radically different as these vaccines appear, they represent only the very beginning of a complete transformation of vaccine technology that is currently taking place in research labs across the planet.

This is a study of The Future of Vaccines.

You’re tuned in to The Corbett Report.

For almost the entirety of 2020, a traumatized public has been told that nothing resembling our pre-corona lives will return until there is a COVID vaccine.

So it is no surprise that the same media sources that have been promoting this talking point would celebrate the hopeful pronouncements of the Big Pharma manufacturers regarding their COVID vaccine candidates.

BECKY QUICK: Welcome back to Squawk Box everybody. We have some breaking news from Pfizer. Meg Tirrell joins us right now. Meg, good morning.

MEG TIRELL: Good morning, Becky. This is the news that we’ve been waiting to hear.
Pfizer and BioNTech reporting the first results from their phase 3 vaccine trial saying that in this interim look the vaccine showed to be more than 90 percent effective.

SOURCE: Pfizer, BioNTech announce Covid-19 vaccine candidate is 90% effective

JAKE WHITTENBERG: Well, we begin with breaking news this morning. The push to find a coronavirus vaccine. This morning, Moderna says its vaccine is more than 94 percent effective.

SOURCE: BREAKING: Moderna coronavirus vaccine “more than 94% effective”

TIM STENOVEC: Vaccine headlines are rolling in. One of AstraZeneca’s doses stopped an average of 70 percent of patients from falling ill and that even rose to 90 percent with additional regimens now the head of the government’s operation warp speed is saying that quote hopefully vaccinations in the u.s will start in less than three weeks.

SOURCE: AstraZeneca-Oxford Vaccine Found Effective in Preventing Covid

But lost amid the hype of this media-led celebration are some sobering facts.

Firstly, these news stories were not generated on the back of publicly accessible data, but literal corporate press releases. This announcement-by-press-release style of corporate self-reporting was immediately exposed as a sham when AstraZeneca was found to have given an “unintentionally” lower dose to one group of trial participants and then touted the results of that smaller dose group without clarifying the confusion.

FRANCINE LACQUA: I’m not really sure what to make of this AstraZeneca-Oxford trial there’s confusion about whether it’s 60 efficacy whether it’s 90 what exactly happened.

ANDREW PEKOSZ: Well it is a little bit unclear, but let’s start with what we think we know. which is some of the patients that were in their phase three clinical trial ended up getting a half-dose of their of the initial inoculation and it turns out that the group that got that half dose followed by a boost had a much higher rate of protection from covid19 disease than the group that got the dosing schedule that the company wanted to give to everybody

SOURCE: AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial Likely Needs a Restart: Johns Hopkins

Secondly, the “success” of these vaccines is not being measured by their ability to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2, as many in the general public believe, but merely to lessen the severity of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, like coughs and headaches.

ANJALEE KHEMLANI: Do you anticipate that the first sets of vaccines out the door will be more of a less effective blocker of the virus?

FAUCI: Well that’s the primary—that’s a great question, and that’s the primary endpoint of most of the virus, is to prevent clinical disease. To prevent symptomatic disease, not necessarily to prevent infection.

SOURCE: Fauci Happy if Vaccine Permits Infection w/ Fewer Symptoms

Thirdly, the studies are touted as involving tens of thousands of people, but in Pfizer’s trial, only 170 of them were reported as being “diagnosed with COVID-19” during the trial. Of those, 162 were in the placebo group and eight were in the vaccine group. From this, it is inferred that the vaccine prevented 154/162 people from developing the disease, or “95%”. But as even the British Medical Journal points out, “a relative risk reduction is being reported, not absolute risk reduction, which appears to be less than 1%.”

Fourthly, the trials are still ongoing. Although several countries have now issued “emergency use authorization” allowing these companies to begin distributing these vaccines to the public, the stage III trials of the vaccines are ongoing, with several of the planned “endpoints” for the data not being collected for 24 months after injection. As a result, as even the UK’s own “Information for UK Healthcare Professionals” pamphlet regarding Pfizer’s vaccine points out, “Animal reproductive toxicity studies have not been completed,” meaning that, “It is unknown whether COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 has an impact on fertility.”

Even more chillingly, it is not healthcare professionals who are leading the charge to deliver this vaccine to the world, but the military

MURRAY BREWSTER: He commanded Canada’s NATO mission in Iraq. Now he’s in charge of making sure Canadians get the COVID vaccine.

TRUDEAU: Major General Dany Fortin will be heading up the logistics and operations within the centre.

SOURCE: Senior military commander to lead Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution

SAMANTHA GALVEZ: Operation Warp Speed is a Department of Defense / CDC operation to distribute 300 million vaccines to the US.

MATTHEW YIENGST: As soon as the FDA authorizes an emergency use, if they chose to do so, we will move vaccine to all jurisdictions within 24 hours.

SOURCE: Adams County native plays vital role in military operation to distribute vaccine

RICHARD PASCOE: You know, we’re about to turn the corner here into 2021 and I think the American public should be very proud of what the army and the Department of Defense and our partners on the science side have done to bring these vaccines to the market.

SOURCE: Operation Warp Speed and US Army Role in Vaccine Distribution

BREWSTER: How much more involved the military will get is unclear. Public Health is still developing its plan. Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan acknowledges it is not beyond the realm of possibility in some parts of Canada troops could be running clinics and administering vaccine.

SOURCE: Senior military commander to lead Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution

And most importantly, as incredible as this headlong rush to push an experimental vaccine on the majority of the world’s population is, it is even more incredible when it is revealed that Moderna and Pfizer’s vaccines are not, in fact, “vaccines” as anyone in the general public understands them. They are mRNA vaccines, a novel method of vaccination that has never before been approved for human use.

RHIJU DAS: So the concept of an RNA vaccine is: Let’s inject the RNA molecule that encodes for the spike protein.

ANGELA RASMUSSEN: It’s making your cell do the work of creating this viral protein that is going to be recognized by your immune system and trigger the development of these antibodies.

DAS: Our bodies won’t make a full-fledged infectious virus. They’ll just make a little piece and then learn to recognize it and then get ready to destroy the virus if it then later comes and invades us.

[. . .]

DAS: It’s a relatively new, unproven technology. And there’s still no example of an RNA vaccine that’s been deployed worldwide in the way that we need for the coronavirus.

RASMUSSEN: There is the possibility for unforeseen, adverse effects.

AKIKO IWASAKI: So this is all new territory. Whether it would elicit protective immune response against this virus is just unknown right now.

SOURCE: Can Scientists Use RNA to Create a Coronavirus Vaccine?

To be sure, the new mRNA vaccines work on an entirely different principle than any other vaccine that has ever been used on the human population. In order to understand that, it is important to understand the history of vaccine technologies.

The concept of “inoculation” has been around for centuries, with one of its earliest instances in China several centuries ago, where dried-out scabs of lightly infected smallpox sufferers were powdered and then blown up the nostrils of healthy people. The procedure aimed to infect the patient with a mild strain of smallpox, thus conferring immunity on them. This practice was brought over to Europe via Turkey and was eventually adopted around the world.

“Vaccination” developed in the late 18th century when Edward Jenner discovered that those who had been exposed to cowpox—a less virulent relative of smallpox—were themselves immune from smallpox. He “vaccinated” a boy with a cowpox vesicle from a milkmaid and then inoculated him with smallpox two months later. The boy did not develop smallpox, and the procedure was hailed as a breakthrough of medical science. The term “vaccination,” derived from the Latin word for cow, eventually came to refer to the general process of introducing immunogens or attenuated infectious agents into the body in order to stimulate the immune system to fight infections.

But this is not how mRNA vaccines function. In contrast to vaccination, which involves introducing an immunogen into the body, mRNA vaccines seek to introduce messenger RNA into the body in order to “trick” that body’s cells into producing immunogens, which then stimulate an immune response.

ELENA GUOBYTE: Two types of genetic vaccines are being investigated for COVID-19: mRNA and DNA. mRNA needs to reach the cytoplasm of host cells, while DNA needs to enter the nucleus. Then this genetic material gets taken up by the cell’s machinery, and the cell expresses the spike protein. These spike proteins are then recognized by the immune system, hopefully stimulating a protective response.

SOURCE: Coronavirus Vaccines – An Introduction

PAUL OFFIT: So the way this is going to work, the mRNA vaccine is—it’s the mRNA that codes for that coronavirus spike protein. You’re inoculated with that small little piece of genetic material. That genetic material then enters your cells and is is translated into a protein—in
this case, the coronavirus spike protein—which is then excreted from the cell. So, in essence, your body makes the spike protein and then your body makes antibodies to the spike protein, all because it’s been instructed to do that. Your cells have been instructed to do that by this little piece of messenger RNA.

SOURCE: How Do mRNA Vaccines Work?

NARRATOR: Protein factories in the cytoplasm, called ribosomes, bind to the messenger RNA. The ribosome reads the code in the messenger RNA to produce a chain made up of amino acids. There are 20 different types of amino acid. Transfer RNA molecules carry the amino acids to the ribosome. The messenger RNA is read three bases at a time. As each triplet is read, a transfer RNA delivers the corresponding amino acid. This is added to a growing chain of amino acids. Once the last amino acid has been added, the chain folds into a complex 3D shape to form the protein.

SOURCE: From DNA to protein – 3D

Any and all questions about this rushed, experimental vaccine technology are being labeled by the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the corporate press that runs on their advertising dollars as “anti-vax misinformation” and being actively censored. But despite the straw man argument that opposition to the vaccine comes solely from ignorant members of the public who are worried about being “injected with mircochips,” there are genuine concerns about the long-term safety of these vaccines coming from within the scientific community, and even from whistleblowers from within the ranks of the Big Pharma manufacturers themselves.

On December 1st, the former chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, joined Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Vice-President and Chief Scientific Officer at Pfizer Global R&D, to file a petition calling on the European Medicine Agency to halt the Phase III clinical trials of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine until they are restructured to address critical safety concerns associated with this experimental technology.

DEL BIGTREE: There is a petition now to try and stop the vaccine from being released in Europe and stop the trials in their tracks until some serious errors are fixed. The complaints are the potential dangers, if they are not rectified, of this vaccine. Let me very quickly just read through these before I bring on my next guest.

Here are the four major elements that are being pointed out by Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon.

  • The formation of so-called “non-neutralizing antibodies” can lead to an exaggerated immune reaction, especially when the test person is confronted with the real, “wild” virus after vaccination. This so-called antibody-dependent amplification, ADE, has long been known from experiments with corona vaccines in cats, for example. In the course of these studies all cats that initially tolerated the vaccination well died after catching the wild virus.
  • The mRNA vaccines from BioNTech/Pfizer contain polyethylene glycol (PEG). 70% of people develop antibodies against this substance – this means that many people can develop allergic, potentially fatal reactions to the vaccination.
  • The vaccinations are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.
  • The much too short duration of the study does not allow a realistic estimation of the late effects. As in the narcolepsy cases after the swine flu vaccination, millions of healthy people would be exposed to an unacceptable risk if an emergency approval were to be granted and the possibility of observing the late effects of the vaccination were to follow. Nevertheless, BioNTech/Pfizer apparently submitted an application for emergency approval on December 1, 2020.

We’ve just updated you that that vaccine has been approved for the UK as we speak.

[. . .]

BIGTREE: What is it that people can do what—your fellow scientists and doctors—what do we need to do to make sure we don’t make one of the greatest scientific errors in human history?

WOLFGNG WODARG: Protect yourself and protect all your neighbors and friends so that they don’t get this vaccine. and you have to be—you have to show up, you have to tell the politicians that you will blame them for what they do with this. I think what what’s happening, it’s a great betrayal. We are betrayed. And people who betray normally are punished, and we won’t forget this if they go on doing this with us.

SOURCE: Health Expert: “Stop COVID Vax Experiments”

Before the combined weight of the pharmaceutical manufacturers, global health bodies, governments and the corporate media combined to suppress any questions about this unprecedented rush for a globally-distributed, experimental vaccine, there were widespread calls for caution from within the heart of the scientific community.

Even mainstream publications like Scientific American were compelled to note back in June of this year that there are reasons for concern over the way the COVID-19 vaccines are being rushed to market:

Telescoping testing timelines and approvals may expose all of us to unnecessary dangers related to the vaccine. While preclinical trials to evaluate the potential safety and efficacy of vaccine candidates are likely to include tens of thousands of patients, it is still unclear whether that number will be large enough and a trial will last long enough to evaluate safety for a drug that would be administered to so many. The US alone plans to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people with the first successful candidate. One serious adverse event per thousand of a vaccine given to 100 million people means harm to 100,000 otherwise healthy people.

The potential dangers of these vaccines—not just the mRNA vaccines that hijack your body’s cells to begin producing proteins to stimulate an immune response, but vaccines like AstraZeneca’s that uses a chimpanzee adenovirus to express the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein—are numerous. Not only do these vaccines present the potential for the antibody-dependent enhancementphenomenon that makes people more susceptible to the wild virus after having been vaccinated against it—which is a problem common to previous coronavirus vaccine candidates—but their potential impact on fertility has, even by the UK government’s own admission, not been tested at this point and remains “unknown.”

But even more fundamental than these particular safety concerns about these particular vaccines is the way that this fanatical, reckless and unprecedented headlong rush to push (and potentially even mandate) these vaccines on billions of people worldwide—women and children, young and old, healthy and unhealthy alike—is setting the most dangerous public health precedent in the history of humanity, a precedent that threatens to undermine our most cherished health freedoms in the name of a panic-induced “emergency.”

One of these core freedoms is the ability to refuse an experimental medical procedure, a freedom that was acknowledged in the Nuremberg Code of 1947 and enshrined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states that “no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.”

Despite the fact that the clinical trials surrounding these experimental vaccines are ongoing and that the FDA itself admits that there is “currently insufficient data to make conclusions about the safety of the vaccine in subpopulations such as children less than 16 years of age, pregnant and lactating individuals, and immunocompromised individuals” and “risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown,” governments around the world are contemplating making these vaccinations mandatory, or compelling people to take them against their will by restricting their access to public life until they subject themselves to this medical experimentation.

ANCHOR: It’s a controversial idea that could end up being the law: “no jab, no job,” with some businesses considering making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for employees.

SOURCE: Coronavirus: Businesses considering making vaccine mandatory | 9 News Australia

CHRISTINE ELLIOTT: There may be some restrictions that may be placed on people that don’t have vaccines for travel purposes, to be able to go totheaters and other places. But that will be up to the individual person to decide.

SOURCE: COVID-19 vaccine won’t be mandatory, but those who don’t get it could face restrictions: Elliott

JO LING KENT: So here’s how it works: The app gives you a health pass to show before you go into big stadiums like this to streamline the process to make it safer and faster to get to your seat.

SOURCE: NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 7th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

TRACY GRIMSHAW: Alan, when there is a vaccine are you going to require all of your passengers to be vaccinated before they get on a plane?

ALAN JOYCE: Yeah we are looking at changing our terms and conditions to say for international travellers that we will ask people to have a vaccination before they can get on the aircraft.

SOURCE: Qantas boss says COVID-19 vaccination compulsory for international flights

The threat of forcing or compelling people to become unwilling guinea pigs in an ongoing medical experiment is immoral on its face. But even the prospect of enforcing such mandates would entail the erection of a surveillance and tracking system that further threatens basic rights and liberties. After all, in order to determine who has been vaccinated—and thus who is allowed to board an airplane or access a stadium or enter a store with a vaccine policy—there will need to be a system for identifying and tracking each vaccine recipient.

Whereas in days past, such tracking systems might have worked with identification papersspecial badges to identify people’s status or other outwardly identifying marks, in the modern age, such schemes will take the form of digital apps and other technologically advanced methods for tracking, categorizing and identifying billions of people and their movements in real time.

There are already apps like IBM’s Digital Health Pass and CLEAR’s Health Pass that envision a world where our biometric ID will be linked via our smartphones to our health data in order to grant or deny access from public spaces and public events

NARRATOR: Here’s how Jane opens the CLEAR app and verifies her identity with a photo and real-time health insights. CLEAR’s developed touchless technology can take her temperature and confirm Jane is Jane so she can walk in with confidence


NARRATOR: Your COVID-19 status will efficiently display as green, amber or red, dependent on your test results. This allows us to go about our daily activities in a safer way. We can all use health passport ireland in many ways, such as travel, hospitality, education, health care, construction, offices, entertainment, visits and much, much more.

SOURCE: Health Passport Ireland

Once the COVID vaccines are widely distributed, it would simply be a question of linking one’s vaccination record to the health pass app to prevent the unvaccinated from accessing any given space.

And while this future—sold through glossy corporate advertising but rejected by the vast majority of the public—may seem like a science-fiction dystopia, such systems are already being used to control the movements of people in China, where access to certain building or the ability to leave one’s own neighbourhood can be restricted to those whose phone-based apps show a “green” immunity status.

Worse, the COVID vaccine presents governments, intelligence agencies and corporations that have a direct interest in suppressing dissent, monitoring dissidents and controlling their populations with the perfect opportunity to make such systems a permanent fixture of daily life. After the immediate “threat” of the declared public health crisis subsides, the public is already being warned that these apps will be transitioned seamlessly into general monitoring of the population.

ANCHOR 1: Well during the summer spike, Palm Beach County launched something called a Combat COVID app. they spent a huge chunk of CARES Act money to do it. The app can alert you if you come into contact with a COVID positive person.

ANCHOR 2: The problem is it only works if there’s widespread use and there isn’t. So was this just a big waste of money?

[. . .]

DANIELLE WAUGH: Palm Beach County officials would not make anybody available for an interview for this story but I did get a written statement from a county spokesperson, who tells me they will still have use for this app even after the pandemic is over. He says they plan on transitioning its functions to be a more general community app.

SOURCE: Palm Beach County COVID app: Big investment, few users

As chilling as these “immunity passports” opening the door for governments to implement persistent digital tracking of their entire population is, it represents only the most visible privacy invasion that is being enacted on the back of this unprecedented vaccine rollout.

As viewers of the “Who Is Bill Gates?” documentary will know, these smartphone apps and voluntary reporting mechanisms will eventually be replaced by an even more invasive technological means of certifying vaccination. Not the “microchip” strawman that the fact checkers use to attempt to debunk these concerns, but the verifiable existence of a program to develop quantum dot tags to instantly identify who has received a given vaccine.

Late last year, Gates once again turned to Robert Langer and his MIT colleagues to investigate new ways to permanently store and record the vaccination information of each individual. The result of their research was a new vaccine delivery method. They found that by using “dissolvable microneedles that deliver patterns of near-infrared light-emitting microparticles to the skin,” they could create “particle patterns” in the skin of vaccine recipients which are “invisible to the eye but can be imaged using modified smartphones.”

Rice University describes the quantum dot tags left behind by the microneedles as “something like a bar-code tattoo.”

So who was behind this development? As lead researcher Kevin McHugh explains:

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation came to us and said, ‘Hey, we have a real problem—knowing who’s vaccinated [. . .] So our idea was to put the record on the person. This way, later on, people can scan over the area to see what vaccines have been administered and give only the ones still needed.”

SOURCE: Who Is Bill Gates?

Experimental vaccine technologies. Rushed testing. Mandates and health apps. And, eventually, quantum dot tags and biometric IDs. The future that is coming into view on the back of this COVID nightmare is truly dystopian.

But as worrying as all of this, the most worrying aspect is the precedent that it sets for a new era of biosecurity. An era in which public health authorities will claim to have the right to force rushed, untested and experimental technologies on the public in the name of public “health.”

At the moment, these new technologies—like mRNA vaccines which reprogram cells to produce antigens or the DNA vaccines that seek to insert foreign genetic material directly into the cells’ nucleus and that even biotech giant Moderna admit “have a risk of permanently changing a person’s DNA”—are still understood by the public as “vaccines.” But they bare as little resemblance to the vaccines that have previously been given to the public as Edward Jenner’s cowpox vaccine bore to the old Chinese art of blowing smallpox scabs up the nose. And the medical technologies that are emerging now will once again utterly transform our understanding of “vaccines.”

One such technology is being actively developed by Profusa, Inc., a company that in 2016 received a $7.5 million grant from DARPA—the research and development agency of the US military—to “develop implantable biosensors that can continuously monitor multiple body chemistries.” Earlier this year, Profusa announced a study that will examine how the company’s technology—including a “wireless reader that adheres to the skin and collects and reports tissue oxygen levels” and a 3mm string of hydrogel, which can be inserted under the skin with a syringe and programmed to send “a fluorescent signal outside of the body when the body begins to fight an infection”—can be used to “develop an early identification system to detect not only disease outbreaks, but biological attacks and pandemics up to three weeks earlier than current methods.” The study is expected to be completed next year.

Hydrogels—networks of crosslinked polymer chains—are increasingly being turned to by proponents of these new technologies as potential delivery devices for drugs, cells, proteins, and bioactive molecules. In 2013, for instance, a team of European researchers announced a novel method for injecting a vaccine-containing hydrogel sphere to a spot beneath the skin, which could be released at a later time by swallowing a “stimulusresponsive biohybrid material.” Touted as a “remote-controlled vaccine delivery system,” the researchers proved their concept by injecting mice with a hydrogel containing human papillomavirus vaccine and later giving them a pill containing fluorescein, which dissolved the hydrogel mesh and released the vaccine. The research on this vaccine delivery method continues, with a Chinese team publishing researchjust this year on a self-adjuvanted hydrogel which “had both adjuvant potential and the ability to sustained release antigen.”

As viewers of the “Who Is Bill Gates?” documentary will know, the idea of implanting remote-controlled vaccines in large populations has been around since at least 2012, when, according to MIT Technology Review, Bill Gates personally asked MIT researcher Robert Langer to create an implantable birth control device that could be turned on or off remotely. The resulting device—a wireless birth control microchip that, as the National Post noted in 2014, “can be turned on and off with a remote control and that is designed to last up to 16 years”—was developed by Microchips Biotech, now part of Daré Bioscience, and has so far received $17.9 million in grant funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

From biolectronics to nanorobotics to synthetic biology, ever more incredible technologies are being pioneered that, whether or not they are marketed to the public under the catch-all term of “vaccine,” will operate in ways that are fundamentally unlike anything before used on the human population.

University of Ottawa researchers are working on creating “edible vaccines.”

Researchers at Harvard Medical School are developing autonomous DNA nanorobots capable of transporting molecular payloads directly into cells.

A team of scientists at Johns Hopkins University are working on shape-changing microdevices called “theragrippers” that can reside in the GI tract to aid in extended drug delivery.

Nanobots. Shape-changing bioelectronic devices. Remote-controlled vaccines. This is not the stuff of science fiction but of science fact, and the precedent that is being set during the COVID era to rush experimental and unproven medical technologies into use on the back of a declared crisis is the same precedent that could be used to foist these injectable technologies on the public in the future.

And, as Catherine Austin Fitts—former United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and founder of Solari, Inc.—explains, these injectables are part of an elaborate system of biological, economic, and political control that is being bankrolled into existence by powerful special interests.

CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS: So let me go through where I think he’s going. I think where they’re going—and they’re they’re prototyping tons of technology, so I don’t think they have it yet—but where they want to go is they want to download a Microsoft Office system into your body, into your brain, and hook it up to the Jedi cloud contract and the Amazon Cloud contract at the CIA. And if they can get seven people seven billion people hooked up directly to their cloud contracts and use viruses—I mean, it’s very clever—use viruses to keep those updates coming. You know, just keep those updates coming.

So you saw my most recent article, “The Injection Fraud.” I think it’s a fraud to call these vaccines they’re not vaccines, they’re not medicine. But I think it’s the exact same model you used in the computers and the ideas. Just like Bill Gates made it possible for the intelligence agencies to get a backdoor into our—you know, our data—and our computers. They want a backdoor into our mind and it’s very hard if you haven’t if you haven’t looked into the creepy technology, the Charles Lieber kind of technology, it’s hard to fathom but we’re beginning to fathom it.

[. . .]

So what we have are people who have unimaginable liabilities for what they’ve done in the health area and what they’ve done in the financial area. And what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to do two things: one is to load an operating system into our bodies—I call it the injection fraud because they’re calling it a vaccine and under law a vaccine is medicine, this is not medicine, so to me what they’re up to is a fraud. And then the second thing they’re trying to do is implement contract tracing so they they can have—before they get the operating system in everybody they can have complete control. You know, kidnap you, put you in prison with no warrants, break into your house, take your kids.

And I keep saying to people: “Do you notice that it’s the people who flew Epstein Air who all want contract tracing? Why is that?” You know, why would you want the people who did Epstein Air to be able to come into your house and kidnap your kids?

SOURCE: Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes The Injection Fraud

Despite the protestations of those like Bill Gates who have a financial interest in these experimental vaccines, and the Big Pharma corporations that are selling these vaccines, and the governments that are being bribed by the international public health cartel to purchase these vaccines and pressure their public to accept them, and the corporate media who relies on these Big Pharma corporations for their advertising dollars, some facts about these novel coronavirus vaccines are indisputable:

  • They are the most rushed vaccines ever developed.
  • The manufacturers have been given total immunity from liability if their experimental vaccines cause injury.
  • The clinical trials testing the safety of these injections are not finished, meaning that every member of the public who takes one is now a human guinea pig in an ongoing medical experiment with the population of the planet.
  • The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines are themselves part of an experimental class of injection that has never before been given to the public;
  • These vaccines have not been tested for their ability to prevent infection or spread of SARS-CoV-2 and are not intended to do so.
  • And there is absolutely no long-term data about these vaccines to determine what their effects may be on fertility, the potential for pathogenic priming, or any other serious adverse reaction.

That this represents the most reckless and brazen experiment in the history of the world is undeniable on its face. Never before have billions of people been pressured to submit to a completely experimental, invasive medical procedure on the basis of a disease with a greater than 99% survival rate.

But large-scale, emergency vaccination campaigns have been tried before with sobering lessons about the danger of such a wide-scale experiment that are being deliberately ignored right now.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, hundreds of millions of people were injected with polio vaccines that, years later, were discovered to have been contaminated with SV40, a cancer-causing virus found in the rhesus monkey kidney cells that were used to create the vaccine.

In 1976, twelve soldiers at Fort Dix were diagnosed with swine flu. This kicked off a round of public health hysteria that led the US government to mandate that every citizen in the country be vaccinated. In the end, only one soldier at Fort Dix died of the swine flu and no one outside of the base even tested positive for it, but the emergency immunization program went ahead. It was brought to an abrupt end after hundreds who had received the rushed vaccine began to display severe neurological disorders.

MIKE WALLACE: Remember the swine flu scare of 1976? That was the year the U.S. government told us all that swine flu could turn out to be a killer that could spread across the nation, and Washington decided that every man, woman and child in the nation should get a shot to prevent a nation-wide outbreak, a pandemic.

Well 46 million of us obediently took the shot, and now 4,000 Americans are claiming damages from Uncle Sam amounting to three and a half billion dollars because of what happened when they took that shot. By far the greatest number of the claims – two thirds of them are for neurological damage, or even death, allegedly triggered by the flu shot.

SOURCE: 60 Minutes Mike Wallace Exposes the 1976 Swine Flu Pandemic Vaccine Injuries

During the hysteria over swine flu in 2009, GlaxoSmithKline rushed a vaccine called Pandemrix to market in several European countries that was later associated with increased risk of narcolepsy. Years later, it was admitted that the 2009 flu season was no deadlier than any other flu season, but the British Medical Journal revealed that the body that advised the WHO on the declaration of the public health emergency that caused governments to purchase billions of dollars of vaccines was itself populated by advisors with direct financial ties to the Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers.

In each of these cases, the public was told to “follow the science,” and in each of these cases an unknown and perhaps unknowable number of people paid for that blind faith with their health. Now the revolver is once again being put to our heads and, with an assurance that that revolver probably contains a lot of empty chambers, the public is being asked to play Russian Roulette in the name of “trusting the science.”

NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON: I think we’re in the middle of a massive experiment worldwide. And that is—

STEPHEN COLBERT: —And we’re the guinea pigs?

TYSON: Maybe. The experiment is: will people listen to scientists?

SOURCE: Neil deGrasse Tyson On Coronavirus: Will People Listen To Science?

Surely those who wish to be the test subjects in this ongoing experiment should be free to make themselves into guinea pigs for the Big Pharma manufacturers. But every mandate or compulsion to force the vaccine on an unwilling recipient sets a dangerous precedent, a precedent that will one day lead to a tracked and surveilled population unable to resist the next generation of injectable bioelectronics.

This is not a game, this is not a test. Billions of people are being asked to participate in a gigantic experiment, not just an experiment in medical technology, but an experiment in compliance and blind trust.

The pressure to say yes and to go along with the crowd in this experiment is enormous. But if we lose the freedom to say “no” to this, then we may lose control over our bodily autonomy—and, ultimately, our humanity—forever.

The choice is ours . . . but for how much longer?

James Corbett is an outstanding analyst of geopolitics and World Affairs. 

Featured image is from Health Impact News

About the author:

James Corbett is a Film Director and Producer based in Okayama, Japan. He started The Corbett Report (www.corbettreport.com) website in 2007 as an outlet for independent critical analysis of politics, society, history, and economics. It operates on the principle of open source intelligence and provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more.


Vatican Says It’s OK For Catholics To Have Covid Vaccines That Used Cell Lines From Aborted Fetuses

By Niamh Harris - 21. December 2020

Pope vaccines

A statement from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), has given the green light for Cathoilics to use coronavirus vaccines produced with cell lines derived from fetuses aborted in the 1960s.

In the document, which was approved by Pope Francis on 17 December, the doctrinal congregation said that all vaccines recognized as clinically safe and effective can be used, “with the certain knowledge that the use of such vaccines does not constitute formal cooperation with the abortion.

RT reports: The Catholic Church approves the use of vaccines produced with cell lines derived from two fetuses aborted in the 1960s, Vatican News said.

It is morally acceptable to receive Covid-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process.

The “Note on the morality of using some anti-Covid-19 vaccines” comes as vaccinations begin in many countries and is aimed at clarifying doubts. However, it does not “intend to judge the safety and efficacy” of vaccines and focuses on the moral aspects.

Noting that a grave danger exists in the form of an “uncontainable spread of a serious pathological agent,” the CDF stressed that vaccination is not a moral obligation and must be voluntary. But it said: “In the absence of other means to stop or even prevent the epidemic, the common good may recommend vaccination, especially to protect the weakest and most exposed.”

The pharmaceutical industry and governments should ensure that effective and ethically acceptable vaccines are accessible to the poorest countries, it added.

Pope Francis, who has condemned “vaccine nationalism,” urged heads of state to “ensure access to Covid-19 vaccines and to the essential technologies needed to care for the sick, the poor and those who are most vulnerable.”

Source: News Punch


Why you shouldn’t believe the COVID vaccine is effective

By Jon Rappoport - 21. December 2020

I’ve covered the dangers of the vaccine. Now I want to show why it’s ineffective, even assuming the basic theory of vaccination is valid.

Peter Doshi, associate editor of the medical journal BMJ, and Eric Topol, Scripps Research professor of molecular medicine, wrote a devastating NY Times opinion piece about the COVID vaccine clinical trials.

They exposed the fatal flaw in the large Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna trials.

September 22, the Times: “These Coronavirus Trials Don’t Answer the One Question We Need to Know”:

“If you were to approve a coronavirus vaccine, would you approve one that you only knew protected people only from the most mild form of Covid-19, or one that would prevent its serious complications?”

“The answer is obvious. You would want to protect against the worst cases.”

“But that’s not how the companies testing three of the leading coronavirus vaccine candidates, Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, whose U.S. trial is on hold, are approaching the problem.”

“According to the protocols for their studies, which they released late last week, a vaccine could meet the companies’ benchmark for success if it lowered the risk of mild Covid-19, but was never shown to reduce moderate or severe forms of the disease, or the risk of hospitalization, admissions to the intensive care unit or death.”

“To say a vaccine works should mean that most people no longer run the risk of getting seriously sick. That’s not what these trials will determine.”

This means these clinical trials were dead in the water.

The trials were designed to show effectiveness in preventing mild cases of COVID—a cough, or chills and fever—which nobody should care about, because mild cases naturally run their course and cause no harm. THERE IS NO NEED FOR A VACCINE THAT PREVENTS MILD CASES.

Now I’ll explain WHY the clinical trials were only designed to show the vaccine could prevent mild cases.

The vaccine makers assume the SARS-CoV-2 virus is everywhere. Therefore, during the course of a clinical trial, the virus will descend from the clouds and infect a certain number of volunteers in the trial.

All those volunteers are healthy. They’re not old and frail. They’ve already been screened and eliminated, if they have a history of serious allergies.

So, when the SARS-CoV-2 virus attacks a few of these healthy volunteers, what are the odds it will cause serious cases of pneumonia, requiring hospitalization?

The odds are VERY long against.

How long do you think the vaccine makers would have to wait before, say, 150 of the healthy volunteers came down with serious pneumonia?

Five years? Ten? Forever?

Pfizer isn’t going to stand around and wait and wait and wait. Are you kidding?

No, they’re only going to wait until 150 volunteers (the preordained magic number) come down with a cough, or simple chills and fever—a mild COVID case.

Then they’re going to stop the clinical trial.

Then they’re going see how many of those 150 mild cases occurred in the people who got the vaccine, and how many cases occurred in the people who got the saltwater placebo shot.

This is how they find out how effective the vaccine is.

And indeed—according to Pfizer—most of the cases occurred in volunteers who got the saltwater placebo shot.

Therefore, Pfizer could claim the vaccine was effective in protecting against cough, or chills and fever. Mild cases of COVID.

That’s ALL Pfizer could say.

And THAT’S why the clinical trials were a failure. Because the trials were only set up to show prevention of mild cases—which nobody should care about.

I could go on and explain how the vaccine makers could fake even that useless claim, but I’ll leave it there.

The COVID vaccine is designed to prevent nothing important or significant.

All the rave reviews of the vaccine, the babbling about a historic breakthrough, the celebrations—complete and utter nonsense.

The Matrix Revealed

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealedclick here.)


John Rappoport - author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALEDEXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails hereor his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.



ORIGINAL 20. December 2020 - Re-published on BITCHUTE December 20th, 2020.

Dr Vernon Coleman

Dr Vernon Coleman

Here is the link https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/meetings/downloads/slides-2020-12/slides-12-19/05-COVID-CLARK.pdf

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, exposes a remarkable truth about the covid-19 vaccine. You must watch and share this. Click on the following link to go to Dr Coleman's website then click on the health button http://www.vernoncoleman.com


US approves Moderna as second vaccine

By BBC - 19. December 2020

A researcher works in a lab run by Moderna Inc

Six million doses could be ready to ship IMAGE COPYRIGHTMODERNA

Moderna has been approved by the US government as the country's second Covid-19 vaccine, clearing the way for millions of doses to be released.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorised the US-made jab about a week after approving a Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine which is now being distributed.

The US has agreed to purchase 200 million doses of Moderna, and six million may be ready to ship now.

The country has the world's highest numbers of Covid-19 deaths and cases.

It has recorded more than 313,500 deaths and about 17.5 million infections, according to Johns Hopkins University.

FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn said the emergency approval of the vaccine on Friday marked "another crucial step in the fight against this global pandemic that is causing vast numbers of hospitalizations and deaths in the United States each day".

The authorisation came after an advisory panel on Thursday voted 20-0 with one abstention that the benefits of the Moderna vaccine outweighed the risks for those aged 18 and over.

Regulators reported earlier this week that the Moderna vaccine was safe and 94% effective.

US President Donald Trump, who hours before the official announcement tweeted that the vaccine had been "overwhelmingly approved" and distribution would "start immediately", said on Twitter: "Congratulations, the Moderna vaccine is now available!"

President-elect Joe Biden, who is set to be vaccinated on Monday, said the authorisation of the Pfizer and the Moderna jabs "assures us that brighter days lie ahead". But, he added, "the fight against Covid-19 is not yet over."

"We know the immense challenges ahead, including scaling up manufacturing, distribution, and the monumental task of vaccinating hundreds of millions of Americans. We need to make sure we have the resources to do all of this and to do it quickly."

How does Moderna differ from the Pfizer vaccine?

It requires temperatures of around -20C for shipping - similar to a normal freezer.

The jab manufactured by US corporation Pfizer and Germany's BioNTech SE requires temperatures closer to -75C, making transport logistics much more difficult.

Like the Pfizer jab, the Moderna vaccine also requires a second booster shot. Moderna's second injection comes 28 days after the first, compared with 21 for Pfizer.

Vaccine comparison

1px transparent line

Moderna is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and had previously said that the "vast majority" of its doses would be manufactured there. Pfizer/BioNTech is being manufactured in several countries, including Germany and Belgium.

Other countries have also ordered the Moderna vaccine:

  • Canada plans to get two million doses by March - part of a total 56 million doses
  • The UK has already pre-ordered seven million doses
  • The European Union last month announced a contract to purchase of 80 million doses - with an option to purchase up to 80 million more - once the vaccine is deemed safe and effective
  • Japan has signed up for 50 million doses, South Korea for 20 million, and Switzerland has ordered 7.5 million, according to data compiled by the Duke University Global Health Innovation Center

Who is first in line in the US?

The US vaccination programme aims to reach 100 million people by April.

New York nurse Sandra Lindsay was among the first people in the country to receive a coronavirus vaccine when the Pfizer/BioNTech rollout began on Monday.

Footage of her being vaccinated was streamed on the Twitter feed of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose state was the epicentre of the US epidemic in the first wave earlier this year.

"I hope this marks the beginning of the end of a very painful time in our history. I want to instil public confidence that the vaccine is safe. We're in a pandemic and so we all need to do our part," Ms Lindsay said.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines submitted to US states say healthcare workers should be prioritised first, as well Americans living in long-term care homes.

Essential workers are expected to be next in line for the jab, but it will be up to states to decide which industries to prioritise.

Moncef Slaoui, the chief scientist of federal vaccine distribution programme Operation Warp Speed, says the young and healthy should be at the back of the queue.

At least 70% or 80% of the US population need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity (the better term is community immunity), he said.

In a statement on Friday, top US infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci said he hoped that "all Americans will protect themselves by getting vaccinated when the vaccine becomes available to them".

"That is how our country will begin to heal and move forward," he said.

Earlier, Vice-President Mike Pence received the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine live on television, with the White House saying the aim was to "promote the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and build confidence among the American people".


“COVID-19 Vaccines Contain Deadly Epitopes that Cause Autoimmune Disease”: “HIV”

By DB - 18. December 2020

Image: http://www.ytimg.com

Also see:

UK regulator warns public to avoid covid-19 shots if they already struggle with allergies:

Pfizer/BioNTech has already signed their agreement with the United Kingdom. There is currently no incentive for any standard of vaccine safety and no incentive to improve vaccine safety as these experiments are rolled out to the public en masse. Populations have no choice now but to learn about the risks and adverse events after they have been injected and after public health officials and their news agency cohorts concede the truth to the public.

In the US, the FDA has privately discussed twenty-six serious health issues that could result from the shots. Many of these health issues are autoimmune reactions that can cause debilitating disease and potentially death. (emphasis mine)

UK regulatory agency touts vaccine safety, but warns people with allergies not to get the shots…

French infectious disease expert warns about dangers of COVID-19 vaccine:

Professor Eric Caumes, the head of a major Paris hospital’s infectious and tropical disease department and a top COVID-19 expert in France, said that he has never seen so many undesirable effects from a vaccine as we’re seeing with Pfizer’s jab, which is expected to be distributed widely in France next month.

In an interview with the French daily Le Parisien, he discussed the problems he noted after reviewing a report by the FDA on the Pfizer vaccine, saying: “As I read the 53 pages, something struck me. I have never seen such a high frequency of adverse events for a vaccine. Apart from minor injection reactions such as local redness and pain, other side effects occur at relatively high rates, especially in young people and after the second dose.”

He pointed out that while fevers are not that unusual after receiving any type of vaccine, 15.8 percent of people aged 18 to 55 had a fever of 38 degrees Celsius or higher in the week after the second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 45 percent needed medication to help with fever or pain. A further 55 percent had headaches, he said, while 62 percent were tired. “No, really, that’s much too much, perhaps there’s a problem … ”, he added…

FDA Staff Recommends Watching for Bell’s Palsy in Moderna and Pfizer Vaccine Recipients + More:

FDA Staff Recommends Watching for Bell’s Palsy in Moderna and Pfizer Vaccine Recipients. CNBC reported:

“U.S. Food and Drug Administration staff recommends monitoring people who get Pfizer or Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine shots for possible cases of Bell’s palsy, saying it’s not necessarily a side effect but worth watching out for after a handful of trial participants got the condition, which causes half of your face to droop…”


Quote from the following article:

“Historically, vaccines for coronaviruses have had a terrible safety record,” Dr. Lyons-Weiler contends.

“There is a condition known as disease enhancement due to pathogenic primate, and this was discovered in vaccinated animals in past vaccine safety studies … where vaccinated animals got more serious diseases after being vaccinated. And then when they acquired an infection from the wildtype vaccine, more animals got serious infections, serious conditions, and more animals died.”

A peer-reviewed researcher himself, Dr. Lyons-Weiler has conducted extensive research into coronavirus vaccines, including those currently under development for SARS-CoV-2. What he found is that certain protein constituents they contain are responsible for triggering the aforementioned serious illnesses.

“I found that all but one of the proteins in the SARS-CoV-2 virus have what we call unsafe epitopes, which are parts of proteins that are capable of causing immune conditions, autoimmune conditions, and immune responses against proteins in our own body,” he explained during the press conference.

“About a third of the proteins that might be targeted by autoimmune conditions by SARS-CoV-2 viral proteins either through infection or injection target the immune system. But from the start, it looks like this virus has evolved the ability to attack our immune system as part of its disease-causing capacity…”

Read these articles, and all the others I have posted, and then explain to me why any fully-functioning individual would willingly be jabbed, or allow their children to be jabbed, with this latest eugenics-driven, pig-pharma poison in a syringe?!

Is keeping your job more important than your health, and the health and well being of your children? If the “great economic reset” comes to fruition, the vast majority of us won’t have jobs anyway, so why be out of work, destitute, and severely ill, because you allowed yourself to be jabbed with this latest pig-pharma poison in a syringe? Why destroy your health, and the health of your children, over a “novel virus” that, scientifically, doesn’t even exist?

COVID-19 Vaccines Contain Deadly Epitopes that Cause Autoimmune Disease

(Natural News) During a recent Pennsylvania Medical Freedom Press Conference, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler powerfully chastised Big Pharma for unleashing deadly …coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines that contain ingredients known to cause autoimmune disease.

Rather than take Dr. Lyons-Weiler’s advice urging them to remove what are known as epitopes from their jab formulas, vaccine companies instead rushed through the development process to get the vaccines out the door quickly as part of President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program.

“Historically, vaccines for coronaviruses have had a terrible safety record,” Dr. Lyons-Weiler contends.

“There is a condition known as disease enhancement due to pathogenic primate, and this was discovered in vaccinated animals in past vaccine safety studies … where vaccinated animals got more serious diseases after being vaccinated. And then when they acquired an infection from the wildtype vaccine, more animals got serious infections, serious conditions, and more animals died.”

A peer-reviewed researcher himself, Dr. Lyons-Weiler has conducted extensive research into coronavirus vaccines, including those currently under development for SARS-CoV-2. What he found is that certain protein constituents they contain are responsible for triggering the aforementioned serious illnesses.

“I found that all but one of the proteins in the SARS-CoV-2 virus have what we call unsafe epitopes, which are parts of proteins that are capable of causing immune conditions, autoimmune conditions, and immune responses against proteins in our own body,” he explained during the press conference.

“About a third of the proteins that might be targeted by autoimmune conditions by SARS-CoV-2 viral proteins either through infection or injection target the immune system. But from the start, it looks like this virus has evolved the ability to attack our immune system as part of its disease-causing capacity.”

COVID-19 vaccines will spark a pandemic of new autoimmune diseases

Dr. Lyons-Weiler correctly predicted that COVID-19 is not just a respiratory virus with respiratory symptoms, but is rather an immune-attacking virus that can damage tissues all throughout the body. With that in mind, why, then, did vaccine manufacturers create vaccines that contain the very same immune-attacking constituents?

“This affects many tissues across the body and there is some grave concern if you’re going to get infected,” he says. “But where’s the grave concern if you’re going to be injected with these same proteins?”

Dr. Lyons-Weiler tried to warn every single vaccine company that announced it would be developing a COVID-19 vaccine about these epitopes, only to receive no response. All of them, he says, proceeded to develop their own respective unsafe COVID-19 vaccines, which are now being foisted on the world as a “cure” for the “pandemic.”

“Not a single, to my knowledge, not a single vaccine manufacturer took heed of my warning to remove those unsafe epitopes from the vaccines before they formulated their vaccines, in spite of being emailed my study with a plea to please consider taking out those unsafe epitopes,” Dr. Lyons-Weiler fumed towards the end of his speech.

Disease enhancement due to pathogenic priming, by the way, is just a fancy way of saying that the vaccine creates new doorways into the immune system, allowing the chemicals they contain to inflict newfound harm on those who receive them.

“This is proof that the manufacturers of these vaccines, or the people behind them, do not really have a cure in mind, but rather other evil aims such as imposing more control over our bodies,” wrote one Twitter user in response to a posted video of Dr. Lyons-Weiler’s statements.

“Or perhaps outright depopulation?” asked another in response, piggybacking on comments from others about how vaccine manufacturers are fully immune from all liability for the damage caused by their jabs.

Sources for this article include:



Source: COVID-19 vaccines contain deadly epitopes that cause autoimmune disease – NaturalNews.com


Ex-Pharmaceutical Rep Brandy Vaughan Found Dead After Warning People To Investigate Her Death

By  - 11. December 2020

In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Former MERCK Pharmaceutical Representative, and founder of learntherisk.org Brandy Vaughan has passed away. This comes after she made posts and videos expressing concerns for her life. Not much information is available, updates will be provided.

  • Reflect On:

    Why are those who do the work that Brandy Vaughan did always unacknowledged, censored, and ridiculed any time they attract a lot of attention? Why are there so many mysterious deaths in the alternative/holistic health community?

What Happened: Update: According to Children’s Health Defense, Brandy Vaughan passed away due to gallbladder complications, a medical issue that she privately struggled with throughout 2020. We will continue to provide more updates as/if more information becomes available.

2nd Update: I have been in contact with a close friend of Brandy. According to her, she was fine, ate a lot over thanksgiving and seemed totally healthy. Apparently it was a sudden death that happened out of nowhere.

“A great friend, amazing warrior, and loving mom, Brandy Vaughan of Learn The Risk has passed. Please send your prayers for her 9 year old son, her dogs, her cats… Her son was her world. Her son is in safe hands currently. We don’t have many answers yet — please try to avoid engaging in rumors out of respect to her and her son. Thanks to all who have been reaching out to offer condolences, and asking for ways you can help. We are so deeply saddened by this news.” –  Tina Maria, close friend, via GoGetFunding Campaign to find out what happened. This was one of Vaughan’s requests if she were to be found deceased, more on that later in the article.

“It is with such a heavy heart that I list yet another activist found dead, and this time it is my friend and colleague, Brandy Vaughan, the founder of the well-known non profit Learn The Risk. She was found dead by her son who is a minor.” – Erin Elizabeth, founder of Health Nut News.

Tragedy has struck in the alternative/independent media world as Brandy Vaughan, a well-known drug, health & vaccine safety advocate, and former Merck (pharmaceutical company) representative, was found dead in her home leaving behind a nine year old child who found her. This information comes from multiple friends of Vaughan across social media outlets, as well as Facebook itself, having now posted a note atop her Facebook page.

Little is known about her death right now.

Vaughan was the founder of learntherisk.org, a website/non-profit organization that created awareness about the dangers of various pharmaceutical drugs and concerns that many scientists and doctors have been raising about vaccines.

Her background, working for pharmaceutical giant Merck, inspired her to do the incredible and brave work that she did. She was a legend and worked extremely hard with enormous amounts of passion and determination. While working in the pharmaceutical industry she sold Vioxx, a painkiller that was found to double the risk of stroke and heart attacks and was eventually taken off the market as a result. “From that experience, I realized that just because something is on the market doesn’t mean it’s safe,” explained Vaughan. “Much of what we are told by the healthcare industry just simply isn’t the truth.”

Her organization created awareness in a very credible way. She gathered countless doctors and scientists from around the world and archived published peer-reviewed research outlining the concerns being raised in the scientific community about various drugs and vaccines.

Her organization reached millions of people globally every single month on social media, and tens of thousands through her website alone. They posted 38 billboards which reached over 30 million people, and they have hosted over 30 campaigns and rallies in the past two years. They’ve produced videos and educational materials that reach over 1 million people, and did educational talks and events worldwide.(source)

We are actively changing the conversation around vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry, which should never be trusted with our collective health (source)

She Was Worried: One chilling factor about her death remains, and that’s the fact that she was concerned that she was going to pass away. On December 1st 2019, she wrote the following on her Facebook Page:

The post I wish I didn’t have to write…

But given the certain sudden tragedies over the last couple of years, I feel it’s absolutely necessary to post these ten facts…and please screenshot this for the record

I’ve NEVER had any thoughts of taking my own life, not once, ever. Even before I had my son.

I have a huge mission in this life. Even when they make it very difficult and scary, I would NEVER take my own life. Period.

Bastien means everything to me and I would NEVER leave him. Period. I have sole custody and he needs me as much as I need him. I would NEVER think of leaving him for a second.

I have NEVER been on an antidepressant nor been diagnosed as depressed – don’t believe it if you ever hear anything like this.

I’ve NEVER taken a daily pharmaceutical drug. And I haven’t taken any pharmaceuticals in 10 years (and ten years ago it was one pill, one day). Nothing over the counter, nothing by prescription. In other words, I’m not on anything that could kill me unexpectedly or suddenly. I’ve never done illegal drugs either. Not even once.

There’s no way anyone could get into my house, no robbers, no angry exes (which I don’t have btw), no fanatical people – my house is like Fort Knox…unless it was someone super professional. It just wouldn’t be possible for anyone without highly special equipment and tactics (I.e. remotely taking down my high-level security system, which they have done before, unfortunately). But my place is also highly secure in a hard-wired kinda way. So even if the power was out, most people could still never get in.

If something were to happen to me, it’s foul play and you know exactly who and why – given my work and mission in this life. I’m also NOT accident prone. And I got the highest health rating possible when I went through a battery of medical tests a couple of years ago for my life insurance policy. 

If something were to happen to me, I have arranged for a close group of my friends to start a GoFundMe to hire a team of private investigators to figure out all the details ( I have the team and have passed the info on to them). Oh, and money for a PR firm to make it national news. There would be a press release sent to every journalist in this country (and more). It would not be swept under the rug, and it would be their worst nightmare.

There have been many on this mission or a similar one that have been killed and it’s time this bullshit stopped. The darkness cannot win. I will never stop speaking out for those who no longer can. Even if from the other side, where I image I would be FAR MORE powerful.

I have a team of angels surrounding me every step of this journey, but prayers of protection and love are ALWAYS appreciated

You can access the funding page, here as she mentions in her Facebook post above. 

In a video she made years ago, she outlines the covert intimidation she experienced and has been experiencing for quite a while. It’s quite disturbing and chilling, and as she emphasizes in the video, it was quite scary.

Here’s a recent Facebook post by her best friend, mentioned near the beginning of the article, so we’re not sure how long this video will be up.

The Overt and Covert Intimidation of Brandy Vaughan

"I'm not gonna be silenced, because these are important issues, and we need to expose what's really going on behind the mandatory vaccination bill: It has nothing to do with public health, it has everything to do with profit." - Brandy Vaughan

Closing Remarks: Little has been made public about her death, or how and when exactly she died, and she is not the first. There are still many unknowns and we will provide updates as more information emerges. Many mysterious deaths have plagued the alternative media/health community over the years, especially when it comes to holistic doctors.

Vaughan was one of many to create awareness about issues, especially concerns about vaccine safety, in a credible way. It’s one thing we pride ourselves on doing here at Collective Evolution. Despite presenting information from credible sources, renowned scientists and peer reviewed publications, concerns raised by vaccine safety advocates are often labelled as “conspiracy theories.” Anybody who presents any type of information that raises any type of concerns about them is always referred to as an “anti-vax conspiracy theorist” while the concerns they raise are never really properly addressed nor countered. This happens to doctors and renowned scientists publishing research all over the world, yet their concerns, again, continue to remain unacknowledged and ridiculed by the mainstream.

Why does this happen these days with so many controversial topics? What’s going on here? Here’s one topic on the issue, out of many, that is a great example of what I am talking about.

Our sincerest thoughts go out to all of her family and friends, we will continue to do what she would want all of us in this space to do, keep going.

I’d like to leave you with this quote to reflect on, taken from a paper published in the International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy by professor Paddy Rawlinson, from Western Sydney University.

Critical criminology repeatedly has drawn attention to the state-corporate nexus as a site of corruption and other forms of criminality, a scenario exacerbated by the intensification of neoliberalism in areas such as health. The state-pharmaceutical relationship, which increasingly influences health policy, is no exception. That is especially so when pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, a burgeoning sector of the industry, are mandated in direct violation of the principle of informed consent. Such policies have provoked suspicion and dissent as critics question the integrity of the state-pharma alliance and its impact on vaccine safety. However, rather than encouraging open debate, draconian modes of governance have been implemented to repress and silence any form of criticism, thereby protecting the activities of the state and pharmaceutical industry from independent scrutiny. The article examines this relationship in the context of recent legislation in Australia to intensify its mandatory regime around vaccines. It argues that attempts to undermine freedom of speech, and to systematically excoriate those who criticise or dissent from mandatory vaccine programs, function as a corrupting process and, by extension, serve to provoke the notion that corruption does indeed exist within the state-pharma alliance.




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Did Brandy Vaughan have to die for stating this?


By learntherisk.org

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest moneymakers in the world, with more than a trillion dollars in profits every year. It’s an industry that heavily influences our healthcare system, yet, it only profits when people are sick. Many people don’t realize that there’s no money made off healthy people. 

Here are ten things you should know:

1. The fourth-leading cause of death in the US is taking prescription pills as directed. About 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to them in the US per year. The European Commission estimates that adverse reactions from prescription drugs cause 200,000 deaths; so together, about 328,000 patients in the U.S. and Europe die from prescription drugs each year. The FDA does not acknowledge these facts and instead gathers a small fraction of the cases.
Click here for the full Harvard University report.

2. The pharmaceutical group GlaxoSmithKline has been fined $3bn (£1.9bn) after admitting to bribing doctors and encouraging the prescription of unsuitable antidepressants to children.
Click here for the full Guardian article.

3. Academic research has now been heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry with major universities and medical schools allowing the industry access to students.
Click here for the article on Harvard Medical School students fighting back against the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on campus.

4. Top medical journal editors state that most medical journals are now so heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry that almost HALF of all scientific studies are biased.
Click here for the full article by current Editor-In-Chief of The Lancet, Dr. Richard Horton.

5. More than 10,000 American toddlers 2 or 3 years old are being medicated for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) outside established pediatric guidelines.
Click here for the full New York Times article.

6. Members of the CDC and FDA responsible for licensing and recommending vaccines are permitted to have financial stakes in those vaccines: The CDC grants conflict of interest waivers to every member of their advisory committee a year at a time, and allows full participation in the discussions leading up to a vote by every member.
Click here for the full U.S. Government report.

7. An analysis of 2013 IMS Data, found that over 274,000 infants (0-1-year-olds) and some 370,000 toddlers (1-3 years ago) in the U.S. were on anti-anxiety (e.g. Xanax) and antidepressant (e.g. Prozac) drugs.
Click here for the full Wall Street Journal analysis.

8. 40% of scientists admit that fraud is always or often a factor that contributes to irreproducible research. More than 70% of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist’s experiments, and more than half have failed to reproduce their own experiments.
Click here for the full International Journal of Weekly Science report.

9. The US government has been suing Merck for several years in an ongoing private case that alleges that Merck attempted to: “Defraud the United States through an ongoing scheme to sell the government a mumps vaccine that is mislabeled, misbranded, adulterated, and falsely certified as having an efficacy rate that is significantly higher than it actually is.”
Click here for the full Wall Street Journal article.

10. The pharmaceutical industry spends more money marketing it’s products — and creating customers — than on research and development. “Prescription drugs are a massive market: Americans spent $329.2 billion on prescription drugs in 2013. That works out to about $1,000 per person. Drug companies spent more than $3 billion a year marketing to consumers in the U.S. in 2012, but an estimated $24 billion marketing directly to health care professionals.” These figures trump the amount spent on research and development for 9 out of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies.

Click here for the full Washington Post article.


Brandy Vaughan website https://www.brandyvaughan.com/


Brandy Vaughan murdered - Former Merck exec - turned anti-vaxer

19. December 2020

“A great friend, amazing warrior, and loving mom, Brandy Vaughan of Learn The Risk has passed. We don’t have many answers yet — ... ” –  Tina Maria, close friend, via GoGetFunding Campaign to find out what happened. This was one of Vaughan’s requests if she were to be found deceased,


Glaxo And Sanofi give up in the Covid-19 Vaccine Race

PROLOGUE: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and their French partner throw in the towel amid the COVID-19 vaccine race (see below), but still GSK stands accused by a whistleblower to have developed its vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 - created during unethical animal trials using baboons - in a way that it causes human infertility with a two-tier approach (immediate in women as well as men and with unprotected intercourse transferrung gene-altered sperm by then sterile men to even unvaccinated women in a delayed timeframe of 7-10 years). By such a population depreciation timebomb can be created. [see further down: 'Whistleblower from Glaxo Smith Kline sounds Vaccine Trial Alarm']. Despite public demand, the British government has not yet launched an investigation into the allegations that, if proven, would constitute a crime against humanity. GSK is also using squalene from wild sharks as an adjuvant in its flu vaccines - an ingredient that increases the effectiveness by creating a stronger immune response - and thereby is endangering shark populations worldwide.

TOP NEWS: Glaxo And Sanofi's Covid-19 Vaccine Delayed To End Of 2021

Image result for Glaxo PharmaceuticalsBy Anna Farley - 11. December 2020

(Alliance News) - GlaxoSmithKline PLC and Sanofi SA on Friday said their Covid-19 vaccine has been delayed to the end of 2021 after interim study result found an insufficient response in older patients.

The phase 1/2 study's interim results showed an immune response that was comparable to patients who had recovered from Covid-19 in adults aged 18 to 49, but a low immune response in older adults.

The companies said that this lower immune response in older patients was likely the result of "an insufficient concentration of the antigen". An antigen is a substance that causes the immune system to make antibodies that would fight the virus.

Brentford, England-based Glaxo and Paris-based Sanofi pointed out that a recent challenge study in non-human primates using an improved antigen formulation showed that the vaccine candidate was able to "protect against lung pathology and lead to rapid viral clearance from the nasal passages and lungs, within 2 to 4 days".

This result boosts both drug makers' confidence in the ability of its adjuvanted recombinant platform to deliver an efficient vaccine for all adults.

"Sanofi's recombinant technology and GSK's pandemic adjuvant are established vaccine platforms that have proven successful against influenza. The recombinant technology offers the advantages of stability at temperatures used for routine vaccines, the ability to generate high and sustained immune responses, and the potential to prevent virus transmission," the two companies said.

The two firms plan to begin a phase 2b study in February 2021 with an improved antigen formulation, which will include a proposed comparison with an already authorised Covid-19 vaccine.

With positive data, a global phase 3 study could begin in the second 2021 quarter, and positive results from that would lead to regulatory submissions in the second half of 2021.

Overall, this means the vaccine potential availability has moved to the fourth 2021 quarter from the mid-2021 initial target.

Sanofi and Glaxo said they have updated governments and the European Commission, where a contraction commitment to buy the vaccine has been made.

Roger Connor, President of GSK Vaccines added: "The results of the study are not as we hoped. Based on previous experience and other collaborations, we are confident that GSK's pandemic adjuvant system, when coupled with a Covid-19 antigen, can elicit a robust immune response with an acceptable reactogenicity profile. It is also clear that multiple vaccines will be needed to contain the pandemic. Our aim now is to work closely with our partner Sanofi to develop this vaccine, with an improved antigen formulation, for it to make a meaningful contribution to preventing Covid-19."

Shares in Glaxo were up 0.1% at 1,415.60 pence in London on Friday morning. Shares in Sanofi were down 1.9% at EUR80.24 in Paris.


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UPDATE: FDA approves Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for emergency use in USA

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee December 10, 2020 Meeting Announcement


December 10, 2020


9:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET

A vaccine

The Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine must be stored at a temperature of -70C - IMAGE COPYRIGHT GETTY IMAGES

US regulators have confirmed the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine is 95% effective, paving the way for it to be approved for emergency use.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found no safety concerns to stop approval of the vaccine.

It is the first time this level of detail for the jab, which the UK has already started using for mass vaccination, has been published.

The FDA will meet on Thursday to make a formal decision.

The agency is yet to approve the vaccine, but has published a document stating the trial data was "consistent" with the recommendations set out in its emergency use guidance.

The UK's regulatory body, the MHRA, approved the vaccine last week.


Amazing Polly: Honest Experts Are Trying to Warn You! Vaccines, Lockdowns, Masks & More! - Must Video

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 12:16


Thousands of experts are putting their careers, incomes, reputations and their very lives at risk to speak out against the COVID / Corona Hoax – especially against the experimental vaccine technology which is being rolled out worldwide. (CLiCK on “MORE” in the bottom right corner to see the rest of this message & get references.)

In this video I feature many of them (but by far not all) and I give my commentary as the video goes along. I hope this will help people wake up before it is too late.

“It has consistently been proven that those promoting censorship and who respond using ad hominem tactics in place of evidence, most typically hold positions that are absent of the truth.”

Ok, look- I’m seeing ALOT of ppl saying all sorts of things, some real, some theory, and alotta bs. The real question is WHY? WHY NOW? WHY 2020? WHY FOR A “VIRUS” W/A 99.9% SURVIVAL RATE? What is their end-game as far as this WHOLE PUSH? NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS ANYMORE. Nothing. Why are they making this SUCH an issue that science is being turned upside-down? And folks- just a question, but one that NEEDS to be asked: HOW WOULD YOU EASILY GET RID OF ALL YOUR DISSIDENTS?!?Think about it. Suddenly humanity is starting to see through their bs, and suddenly the man has decided to declare war on freedom AND our right to even exist. WHY?!? IT’S THE OPPOSITE WAY THEY SHOULDA HANDLED IT. THEY KNOW IT, AND THEY KNOW WE KNOW IT. So what if the vax is a REAL one they OBVIOUSLY had all along(no vax can be invented this fast except in the movies…) for something YET TO BE RELEASED?!? GUYS, WE’VE GONE THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS. And our adversary is WAY smarter than ALL OF US PUT TOGETHER. Just think about it. Our lives depend on it…. I’m worried. 

Fauci , Gates , Birz , Tedros and the people who took part in Event 201 all need to go direct to GITMO!

Experts say it is not worse than the “common flue”. What is not worse than the ” common flu” ? The ” common flu” itself? When you acknowledge there is “something out there” you are basically playing their game and giving them the upper hand so they can say you are just to stupid to understand. So fuck those “experts”. Name the names and keep writing them down. If you/we get the opportunity the world should be rid of them all. No mercy. 

To support my work, please visit my web site here: https://amazingpolly.net/contact.html . Thank you to everyone who has sent letters, gifts, information, prayers, cards & financial contributions. I love & cherish ever single one of you!! Thank you for being part of the revolution back to common sense & humanity.


Drosten Review: https://cormandrostenreview.com/

Great Barrington Declaration: https://gbdeclaration.org/

Michael Levitt: https://www.stanforddaily.com/2020/08/02/qa-michael-levitt-on-why-there-shouldnt-be-a-lockdown-how-hes-been-tracking-coronavirus/

500 German Doctors for Truth re COVID: https://humansarefree.com/2020/09/german-doctors-on-covid-19-we-have-a-lot-of-evidence-that-its-a-fake-story-all-over-the-world.html

Primary Doctors Medical Journal: https://pdmj.org/about/

Drosten PCR challenge: https://2020news.de/en/drosten-pcr-test-study-withdrawal-requested-due-to-scientific-error-and-massive-conflict-of-interest/

Wodarg / Yeadon call for halt to vaccine / petition: https://2020news.de/en/dr-wodarg-and-dr-yeadon-request-a-stop-of-all-corona-vaccination-studies-and-call-for-co-signing-the-petition/

VIDEO: Dr. James Lyons-Weiler re COVID fallacies & vaccine dangers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkGB1-YFn1Q&feature=emb_logo

ASK THE EXPERTS / The Question on Everyone’s Mind: re vaccines & fake-pandemic: https://www.bitchute.com/video/PlhepmJHZhlQ/

Corona Committee Evidence: Reiner Fuelmich on phone with Dr. Hockertz: https://player.vimeo.com/video/487879592

Mix-n-Match Vax UK: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9027097/People-mix-match-coronavirus-vaccines-jab-chiefs-say.html

Fertility warnings not printed on leaflet for recipients: https://vaccineimpact.com/2020/uk-government-warns-doctors-about-infertility-possibility-with-pfizer-covid-vaccine-but-no-warning-to-patients/

Beate Bahner: https://lacrunadellago.net/2020/04/15/german-lawyer-beate-bahner-was-taken-to-a-mental-institution/?lang=en

German Lawyers Initiate Class Action Lawsuit VIDEO Fuellmich: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/12/05/coronavirus-lawsuit.aspx?cid_medium=etaf&cid=share

Ioannidis: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-ioannidis-affair-a-tale-of-major-scientific-overreaction/

Richie Allen Show: https://tunein.com/radio/The-Richie-Allen-Show-s236521/

#COVID #Vaccines



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SOURCE: https://files.catbox.moe/dwqj5c.jpg


British Medical Journal Editor Calls Into Question Pfizer & Moderna’s “95% Effective” COVID Vaccines

By  - 08. December 2020

In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Dr. Peter Doshi, an associate editor at the British Medical Journal published a piece in the Journal issuing a word of caution about the supposed "95% Effective" COVID vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. You can read it below.

  • Reflect On:

    Why are those who question and raise concerns about vaccine safety usually vilified, ridiculed and labelled as "anti-vax conspiracy theorists" by mainstream media? Why are their concerns never really properly acknowledged or addressed?

What Happened: I wanted to bring to your attention a recent publication in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) by one of its associate editors, Dr. Peter Doshi. You can take a look at his bio, here, if interested.

The article he published in the BMJ on November 26th is titled ” Pfizer and Moderna’s “95% effective” vaccines—let’s be cautious and first see the full data.” I wanted to post it here and archive it on our website for those who are interested.

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Only full transparency and rigorous scrutiny of the data will allow for informed decision making, argues Peter Doshi:

In the United States, all eyes are on Pfizer and Moderna. The topline efficacy results from their experimental covid-19 vaccine trials are astounding at first glance. Pfizer says it recorded 170 covid-19 cases (in 44,000 volunteers), with a remarkable split: 162 in the placebo group versus 8 in the vaccine group. Meanwhile Moderna says 95 of 30,000 volunteers in its ongoing trial got covid-19: 90 on placebo versus 5 receiving the vaccine, leading both companies to claim around 95% efficacy.

Let’s put this in perspective. First, a relative risk reduction is being reported, not absolute risk reduction, which appears to be less than 1%. Second, these results refer to the trials’ primary endpoint of covid-19 of essentially any severity, and importantly not the vaccine’s ability to save lives, nor the ability to prevent infection, nor the efficacy in important subgroups (e.g. frail elderly). Those still remain unknown. Third, these results reflect a time point relatively soon after vaccination, and we know nothing about vaccine performance at 3, 6, or 12 months, so cannot compare these efficacy numbers against other vaccines like influenza vaccines (which are judged over a season). Fourth, children, adolescents, and immunocompromised individuals were largely excluded from the trials, so we still lack any data on these important populations.

I previously argued that the trials are studying the wrong endpoint, and for an urgent need to correct course and study more important endpoints like prevention of severe disease and transmission in high risk people. Yet, despite the existence of regulatory mechanisms for ensuring vaccine access while keeping the authorization bar high (which would allow placebo-controlled trials to continue long enough to answer the important question), it’s hard to avoid the impression that sponsors are claiming victory and wrapping up their trials (Pfizer has already sent trial participants a letter discussing “crossing over” from placebo to vaccine), and the FDA will now be under enormous pressure to rapidly authorize the vaccines.

But as conversation shifts to vaccine distribution, let’s not lose sight of the evidence. Independent scrutiny of the underlying trial data will increase trust and credibility of the results. There also might be important limitations to the trial findings we need to be aware of.

Most crucially, we need data-driven assurances that the studies were not inadvertently unblinded, by which I mean investigators or volunteers could make reasonable guesses as to which group they were in. Blinding is most important when measuring subjective endpoints like symptomatic covid-19, and differences in post-injection side-effects between vaccine and placebo might have allowed for educated guessing. Past placebo-controlled trials of influenza vaccine were not able to fully maintain blinding of vaccine status, and the recent “half dose” mishap in the Oxford covid-19 vaccine trial was apparently only noticed because of milder-than-expected side-effects. (And that is just one of many concerns with the Oxford trial.)

In contrast to a normal saline placebo, early phase trials suggested that systemic and local adverse events are common in those receiving vaccine. In one Pfizer trial, for example, more than half of the vaccinated participants experienced headache, muscle pain and chills—but the early phase trials were small, with large margins of error around the data. Few details from the large phase 3 studies have been released thus far. Moderna’s press release states that 9% experienced grade 3 myalgia and 10% grade 3 fatigue; Pfizer’s statement reported 3.8% experienced grade 3 fatigue and 2% grade 3 headache. Grade 3 adverse events are considered severe, defined as preventing daily activity. Mild and moderate severity reactions are bound to be far more common.

One way the trial’s raw data could facilitate an informed judgment as to whether any potential unblinding might have affected the results is by analyzing how often people with symptoms of covid-19 were referred for confirmatory SARS-CoV-2 testing. Without a referral for testing, a suspected covid-19 case could not become a confirmed covid-19 case, and thus is a crucial step in order to be counted as a primary event: lab-confirmed, symptomatic covid-19. Because some of the adverse reactions to the vaccine are themselves also symptoms of covid-19 (e.g. fever, muscle pain), one might expect a far larger proportion of people receiving vaccine to have been swabbed and tested for SARS-CoV-2 than those receiving placebo.

This assumes all people with symptoms would be tested, as one might expect would be the case. However the trial protocols for Moderna and Pfizer’s studies contain explicit language instructing investigators to use their clinical judgment to decide whether to refer people for testing. Moderna puts it this way:

It is important to note that some of the symptoms of COVID-19 overlap with solicited systemic ARs that are expected after vaccination with mRNA-1273 (eg, myalgia, headache, fever, and chills). During the first 7 days after vaccination, when these solicited ARs are common, Investigators should use their clinical judgement to decide if an NP swab should be collected.

This amounts to asking investigators to make guesses as to which intervention group patients were in. But when the disease and the vaccine side-effects overlap, how is a clinician to judge the cause without a test? And why were they asked, anyway?

Importantly, the instructions only refer to the first seven days following vaccination, leaving unclear what role clinician judgment could play in the key days afterward, when cases of covid-19 could begin counting towards the primary endpoint. (For Pfizer, 7 days after the 2nd dose. For Moderna, 14 days.)

In a proper trial, all cases of covid-19 should have been recorded, no matter which arm of the trial the case occurred in. (In epidemiology terms, there should be no ascertainment bias, or differential measurement error). It’s even become common sense in the Covid era: “test, test, test.” But if referrals for testing were not provided to all individuals with symptoms of covid-19—for example because an assumption was made that the symptoms were due to side-effects of the vaccine—cases could go uncounted.

Data on pain and fever reducing medicines also deserve scrutiny. Symptoms resulting from a SARS-CoV-2 infection (e.g. fever or body aches) can be suppressed by pain and fever reducing medicines. If people in the vaccine arm took such medicines prophylactically, more often, or for a longer duration of time than those in the placebo arm, this could have led to greater suppression of covid-19 symptoms following SARS-CoV-2 infection in the vaccine arm, translating into a reduced likelihood of being suspected for covid-19, reduced likelihood of testing, and therefore reduced likelihood of meeting the primary endpoint. But in such a scenario, the effect was driven by the medicines, not the vaccine.

Neither Moderna nor Pfizer have released any samples of written materials provided to patients, so it is unclear what, if any, instructions patients were given regarding the use of medicines to treat side effects following vaccination, but the informed consent form for Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine trial provides such a recommendation:

“Following administration of Ad26.COV2.S, fever, muscle aches and headache appear to be more common in younger adults and can be severe. For this reason, we recommend you take a fever reducer or pain reliever if symptoms appear after receiving the vaccination, or upon your study doctor’s recommendation.”

There may be much more complexity to the “95% effective” announcement than meets the eye—or perhaps not. Only full transparency and rigorous scrutiny of the data will allow for informed decision making. The data must be made public.

Peter Doshi, associate editor, The BMJ.

Why This Is Important: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, vaccine hesitancy is at an all time high, especially among a growing number of scientists and doctors around the world. And no, these are doctors and scientists, not what the mainstream likes to label as “anti-vax conspiracy theorists.” It would be nice if issues that are being raised by various publications and vaccine safety advocates were actually addressed by mainstream media but instead, unfortunately, all we get is ridicule, ridicule, and more ridicule.

How do we know that vaccine hesitancy is at an all time high? The best example comes from a World Health Organization conference about vaccine safety that was held in 2019. There this fact was emphasized by Professor Heidi Larson, a Professor of Anthropology and the Risk and Decision Scientist Director at the Vaccine Confidence Project.

The other thing that’s a trend, and an issue, is not just confidence in providers but confidence of health care providers, we have a very wobbly health professional frontline that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines. That’s a huge problem, because to this day any study I’ve seen… still, the most trusted person on any study I’ve seen globally is the health care provider…

This point has also been emphasized in multiple studies that date back to 2013, like this one. It’s not hard to find many examples if you do your research. The list of doctors and scientists raising concerns is big.

We have to ask ourselves the question, why? Vaccines are not a one size fits all product, in the US alone nearly $4 billion has been paid out to families of vaccine injured children, and a number of studies are calling into question their safety. Aluminum, for example, seems to be a concern. You can and read about why here, but that’s just one of multiple examples.

A 2010 HHS pilot study by the Federal Agency for Health Care Research (AHCR) found that 1 in every 39 vaccines causes injury, a shocking comparison to the claims from the CDC of 1 in every million. You can read more about that here.

When it comes to the COVID vaccine, hestinancy also seems to be widespread among medical professionals.

I’d like to leave you with this quote from a paper published by Paddy Rawlinson, a professor from Western Sydney University, Australia, titled “Immunity and Impunity: Corruption in the State Pharma Nexus.” It was published in the International Journal of Crime, Justice and Social Democracy.

Critical criminology repeatedly has drawn attention to the state-corporate nexus as a site of corruption and other forms of criminality, a scenario exacerbated by the intensification of neoliberalism in areas such as health. The state-pharmaceutical relationship, which increasingly influences health policy, is no exception. That is especially so when pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, a burgeoning sector of the industry, are mandated in direct violation of the principle of informed consent. Such policies have provoked suspicion and dissent as critics question the integrity of the state-pharma alliance and its impact on vaccine safety. However, rather than encouraging open debate, draconian modes of governance have been implemented to repress and silence any form of criticism, thereby protecting the activities of the state and pharmaceutical industry from independent scrutiny. The article examines this relationship in the context of recent legislation in Australia to intensify its mandatory regime around vaccines. It argues that attempts to undermine freedom of speech, and to systematically excoriate those who criticise or dissent from mandatory vaccine programs, function as a corrupting process and, by extension, serve to provoke the notion that corruption does indeed exist within the state-pharma alliance.

Kamran Abbas, a doctor, executive editor of the British Medical Journal, and the editor of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization has also published an article about COVID-19, the suppression of science and the politicization of medicine that is interesting. You can access that here.

The Takeaway: Many of us are having trouble with the idea that we may have to deal with the loss of certain rights and freedoms as a result of not taking the COVID vaccine. Can we, including those who support the vaccine, truly accept that controlling everyone’s lives and what they can and can’t do is the best thing to do with an extremely low mortality virus? Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD, from the Stanford University School of Medicine recently shared that the survival rate for people under 70 years of age is about 99.95 percent. He also said that COVID is less dangerous than the flu for children. He is one of tens of thousands of doctors and scientists who have been emphasizing this point. The Great Barrington Declaration is a great example of that.

The trouble we seem to be having is determining how to communicate about COVID, the fears we have around it, and how to come together as a community to ‘draw a line’ as to where we may be taking things too far. Does this indicate the level of fear we have towards life? The issues with our general health? If the worry is straining health care systems, are we seeing the limitations of how our rigid social infrastructures can’t be flexible and maybe it’s time to look at a new way of living within society so we don’t have to have such aggressive measures for mild diseases? Perhaps a new society built on a completely different worldview?




Covid-19 vaccine: Allergy warning over new jab

By Nick Triggle and Rachel Schraer - BBC (financed by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) - 08. December 2020

Doctor administering an injectionIMAGE COPYRIGHTGETTY IMAGES

People with a history of significant allergic reactions should not have the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid jab, regulators say.

It came after two NHS workers had allergic reactions on Tuesday.

The advice applies to those who have had reactions to medicines, food or vaccines, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency said.

The two people had a reaction shortly after having the new jab, had treatment and are both fine now.

They are understood to have had an anaphylactoid reaction, which tends to involve a skin rash, breathlessness and sometimes a drop in blood pressure. This is not the same as anaphylaxis which can be fatal.

Both NHS workers have a history of serious allergies and carry adrenaline pens around with them.

Professor Stephen Powis, medical director for the NHS in England, said both individuals were recovering well.

He said this was "common with new vaccines", describing it as a precautionary measure.

Dr June Raine, head of the MHRA, said it was only right to take this step now that "we've had this experience".

Reactions like this are uncommon, but do happen with other vaccines, including the annual flu jab.

Several thousand people were vaccinated on Tuesday in hospital clinics on the first day of the UK rollout of the new Covid jab.

Prof Peter Openshaw, an expert in immunology at Imperial College London, said: "The fact that we know so soon about these two allergic reactions and that the regulator has acted on this to issue precautionary advice shows that this monitoring system is working well."

This is a story to assess with your head and not your gut.

No effective medicine is without side effects so you have to balance the risk and the benefit.

Remember, one in a thousand people in the UK have died after being infected with coronavirus this year and that figure is rising daily.

Two people, out of thousands vaccinated yesterday, had an allergic reaction which they recovered from.

Such reactions can happen with any vaccine and are treated with drugs such as steroids or adrenaline.

The trials reported one possible allergic reaction per thousand people immunised that may have been related to the jab.

The MHRA has given targeted advice to those most at risk, but for the overwhelming majority of people, this changes nothing.

More from James: What you need to know about vaccine safety

GPs 'ready to go' for community rollout

The development came after the NHS has announced the vaccination programme will be expanded out to GP surgeries from next week.

Doses are expected to be delivered to around 200 GP surgeries initially to allow them to start on Tuesday. The over-80s will be invited first.

Once the first 200 GP practices have received their doses the programme will be expanded out to more than 1,000 surgeries - with each local area having a designated site.

It means most patients will be invited to a GP centre that is not their usual one.

Similar arrangements are being made in the rest of the UK.

Dr Richard Vautrey, GP leader from the British Medical Association, said GPs were "ready to go".

"We have a wealth of experience in delivering vaccines - and will be able to do millions of people a week. It is really dependent on supply and how quickly we can get our hands on it."

Second Covid vaccine 'effective in elderly'

Meanwhile, one of the key people behind another Covid vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca has played down fears the jab may not be effective in older people.

Data published by the Lancet on Tuesday suggested there was a lack of certainty over the effectiveness of the vaccine in the over-55s.

Prof Sarah Gilbert said older people were only recruited into the trials later in the process, and the next trial results provided were likely to include information about how well the jab worked in people over the age of 55.

But she said there "was no difference" in the immune response seen in younger adults and people over 70 in earlier trials.

This meant the regulator could support licensing of the vaccine to the elderly, she said.

The MHRA is currently considering the Oxford University-Astra Zeneca jab.

The vaccine is crucial to fast rollout as it is much easier to store and distribute, because it does not need to be kept at ultra-cold temperatures. There are more than 5 million doses of the vaccine currently in the country.

The latest daily figures for the UK, published on Wednesday, showed a further 533 people have now died within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test. A further 16,578 people have tested positive for Covid-19, taking the UK's total cases to 1,766,819.


Ask The Experts - about the COVID-19 vaccines

MIRROR from Oracle Films Uncensored Published 6 Dec 2020

Published 6 Dec 2020

CENSORED By YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-LS-LQxFv4

With the rollout of the you-know-what just around the corner, we ask a worldwide panel of experts the question on everybody's minds #asktheexperts

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UK Government Warns Doctors About Infertility Possibility with Pfizer COVID Vaccine, But NO Warning to Patients!

Image Source.

By Brian Shilhavy - 05. December 2020

As we reported earlier this week, the U.K. became the first nation to issue emergency authorization for the Pfizer experimental mRNA COVID vaccine, with jabs expected to start with the public any day now. See:

BREAKING! UK First to Approve Pfizer COVID Vaccine as Former Head of Pfizer Research Says Vaccine Can Make Females Infertile

The UK Department of Health and Social Care and the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has just published guidelines for the roll out of Pfizer vaccine.

There is a 10-page document for UK Healthcare Professionals, and a shorter 5-page document for recipients. This is public information (for now), and Health Impact News has secured copies of each.

In the leaflet for recipients, it gives strict warnings to women who are pregnant and breast-feeding.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding
There is currently limited data available on the use of this vaccine in pregnant women. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, think you may be pregnant or are planning to have a baby, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before you receive this vaccine. As a precaution, you should avoid becoming pregnant until at least 2 months after the vaccine.

However, in the longer document issued to “Healthcare Professionals,” it gives an additional warning (see red highlight):

4.6 Fertility, pregnancy and lactation

There are no or limited amount of data from the use of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2. Animal reproductive toxicity studies have not been completed. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 is not recommended during pregnancy. For women of childbearing age, pregnancy should be excluded before vaccination. In addition, women of childbearing age should be advised to avoid pregnancy for at least 2 months after their second dose.

It is unknown whether COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 is excreted in human milk. A risk to the newborns/infants cannot be excluded. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 should not be used during breast-feeding.

It is unknown whether COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 has an impact on fertility.

Why was this warning not included in the leaflet to be distributed to the recipients of the vaccine? The leaflet to the recipients starts out with this text:

Read all of this leaflet carefully before you receive this vaccine because it contains important
information for you.

* Keep this leaflet. You may need to read it again.
* If you have any further questions, ask your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.
* If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible
side effects not listed in this leaflet. See section 4.

So after someone reads the shorter leaflet prior to deciding whether or not to get the vaccine, the only way a young woman would know about the warning about potential infertility issues, would be if they asked their doctor or other healthcare provider a specific question about fertility.

And even then, it is dependent upon that doctor having completely read the longer document, and answering the young woman’s question on fertility issues accurately.

If you live in the UK, please print out the longer document published for the doctors, and make sure everyone you know who is considering getting this vaccine reads it, and not just the shorter document published for “recipients.”

As we have previously reported, Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former head of Pfizer research, filed a STAY OF ACTION with the European Medicines Agency, together with Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, and he warned them about the potential effects of this vaccine on fertility, as he wrote that the experimental Pfizer COVID vaccine is:

expected to induce the formation of humoral antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. Syncytin-1 (see Gallaher, B., “Response to nCoV2019 Against Backdrop of Endogenous Retroviruses” – http://virological.org/t/response-to-ncov2019-against-backdrop-of-endogenous-retroviruses/396), which is derived from human endogenous retroviruses (HERV) and is responsible for the development of a placenta in mammals and humans and is therefore an essential prerequisite for a successful pregnancy, is also found in homologous form in the spike proteins of SARS viruses.

There is no indication whether antibodies against spike proteins of SARS viruses would also act like anti-Syncytin-1 antibodies. However, if this were to be the case this would then also prevent the formation of a placenta which would result in vaccinated women essentially becoming infertile.

To my knowledge, Pfizer/BioNTech has yet to release any samples of written materials provided to patients, so it is unclear what, if any, information regarding (potential) fertility-specific risks caused by antibodies is included.

According to section 10.4.2 of the Pfizer/BioNTech trial protocol, a woman of childbearing potential (WOCBP) is eligible to participate if she is not pregnant or breastfeeding, and is using an acceptable contraceptive method as described in the trial protocol during the intervention period (for a minimum of 28 days after the last dose of study intervention).

This means that it could take a relatively long time before a noticeable number of cases of postvaccination infertility could be observed. (Source.)

Why Only People Over the Age of 16?

The other issue brought out in these guidelines that raises serious questions, is why are they only recommending the vaccine for individuals over the age of 16? They state:

The safety and efficacy of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 in children under 16 years of age have not yet been established.

But one of the trial groups that tested the vaccine had children between the age of 12 and 15. From the longer document for doctors:

Study BNT162-01 (Study 1) enrolled 60 participants, 18 through 55 years of age. Study C4591001 (Study 2) enrolled approximately 44,000 participants, 12 years of age or older.

In Study 2, a total of 21,720 participants 16 years of age or older received at least one dose of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b and 21,728 participants 16 years of age or older received placebo.

Unless I am missing something here, or my math is off, if there were 44,000 participants in Study 2 that were 12 years of age and older, and “21,720 participants 16 years of age or older received at least one dose of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b and 21,728 participants 16 years of age or older received placebo,” then that means 552 participants were children between the age of 12 and 15.

That is more than the total of Study 1, which included only 60 participants between the age of 18 and 55.

So what happened to these children between the ages of 12 and 15? They were obviously included in the study for a reason. Did parents actually give their consent to include these children? Or were they wards of the Government having been medically kidnapped from their parents, so that consent was not necessary?

Also, what is the percentage of participants above the age of 55, the group most at risk? They were not even included in Study 1, for some reason.

Other Warnings

From the longer document issued to doctors:

4.4 Special warnings and precautions for use


In order to improve the traceability of biological medicinal products, the name and the batch number of the administered product should be clearly recorded.

General recommendations

As with all injectable vaccines, appropriate medical treatment and supervision should always be readily available in case of a rare anaphylactic event following the administration of the vaccine.

The administration of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 should be postponed in individuals suffering from acute severe febrile illness.

Individuals receiving anticoagulant therapy or those with a bleeding disorder that would contraindicate intramuscular injection, should not be given the vaccine unless the potential benefit clearly outweighs the risk of administration.

Immunocompromised persons, including individuals receiving immunosuppressant therapy, may have a diminished immune response to the vaccine. No data are available about concomitant use of immunosuppressants.

As with any vaccine, vaccination with COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 may not protect all vaccine recipients.

No data are available on the use of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 in persons that have previously received a full or partial vaccine series with another COVID-19 vaccine.

Excipient information

This vaccine contains potassium, less than 1 mmol (39 mg) per dose, i.e. essentially ‘potassium-free’. This vaccine contains less than 1 mmol sodium (23 mg) per dose, i.e. essentially ‘sodium‑free’.

4.5 Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction

No interaction studies have been performed.

Concomitant administration of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 with other vaccines has not been studied (see section 5.1).

Do not mix COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 with other vaccines/products in the same syringe.

4.8 Undesirable effects

Adverse reactions reported in clinical studies are listed in this section per MedDRA system organ class, in decreasing order of frequency and seriousness. The frequency is defined as follows: very common (≥ 1/10), common (≥ 1/100 to < 1/10), uncommon (≥ 1/1,000 to < 1/100), rare (≥ 1/10,000 to < 1/1,000), very rare (< 1/10,000), not known (cannot be estimated from available data).

Blood and lymphatic system disorders

Uncommon: Lymphadenopathy

Nervous system disorders

Very common: Headache

Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders

Very common: Arthralgia; myalgia

General disorders and administration site conditions

Very common: Injection-site pain; fatigue; chills; pyrexia

Common: Redness at injection site; injection site swelling

Uncommon: Malaise

Gastrointestinal disorders

Common Nausea

Massive Amounts of Casualties Expected?

The Independent announced this week that the UK government has granted Pfizer legal indemnity protecting it from being sued for any injuries or deaths due to the experimental COVID vaccine.

The UK government has granted pharmaceutical giant Pfizer a legal indemnity protecting it from being sued, enabling its coronavirus vaccine to be rolled out across the country as early as next week.

The Department of Health and Social Care has confirmed the company has been given an indemnity protecting it from legal action as a result of any problems with the vaccine.

Ministers have also changed the law in recent weeks to give new protections to companies such as Pfizer, giving them immunity from being sued by patients in the event of any complications.

NHS staff providing the vaccine, as well as manufacturers of the drug, are also protected.

In a press conference with journalists on Wednesday, Ben Osborn, Pfizer’s UK managing director, refused to explain why the company needed an indemnity.

He said: “We’re not actually disclosing any of the details around any of the aspects of that agreement and specifically around the liability clauses.” (Source.)

In October, the UK government’s Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), posted a bid request stating that “For reasons of extreme urgency,” they seek “an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs).”

The request goes on to explain that:

“it is not possible to retrofit the MHRA’s legacy systems to handle the volume of ADRs that will be generated by a Covid-19 vaccine,” and that this “represents a direct threat to patient life and public health.”

Time is Short for the U.K.!

The only thing that can now stop the possible genocide of a majority of the public in areas where this experimental vaccine is rolled out is massive public resistance.

The authorities in the U.K. are probably expecting this, especially given the recent protests against the lockdowns, so they are ready to deploy the military, just as President Trump is also doing in the U.S.

The British Army’s Information Warfare Unit is being deployed to deal with “anti-vaccine propaganda” heading into the rollout of the vaccine, The Daily Mail reports. The unit was launched in 2010 and is part of the Army’s 77th Brigade, which “often works with psychological operations”.

In fact, “solders are already monitoring cyberspace for Covid-19 content”, the report reveals. The move comes as a response to a growing number of both anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protests. Late last week, for example, more than 155 anti-lockdown protesters organized in Central London, marching through Westminster and chanting “shame on you” and “freedom”.

Others waved signs reading “All I want for Christmas is my freedom back”, “Ditch the face masks” and “Stop controlling us”. The country is implementing similar fines and restrictions for businesses as the U.S. government. And, similarly, businesses are starting to take matters into their own hands and defy lockdown orders. (Source.)

Spread this information far and wide while you still can. Print out and copy the videos from these articles as well, because an Internet blackout was part of the Event 201 Plandemic simulation, so we should expect that to happen at some point.


Brian Shilhavy - Editor, Health Impact News

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Pfizer’s Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine—What You’re Not Being Told

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Original 04. December 2020 - Re-published on BITCHUTE December 5th, 2020.

Dr Vernon Coleman

Dr Vernon Coleman

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains why it is impossible for patients to give informed consent to the vaccine, and he exposes what he believes is a huge unreported scandal involving the UK Government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Incoherent Hancock – Gates vaccine will be rolled out next week

By Richard Willet - 02 December 2020


Exclusive: Covid Vaccine Patent Warned of "Deliberate Coronavirus Release" 9 Month's Before COVID-19

By Ben Swann - 26. Novmber 2020

Newly unearthed documents from Moderna Pharmaceuticals Covid patent application include a claim of concern about a “deliberate release of SARS coronavirus” 9 months before the official emergence of Covid-19. In addition, it turns out that Moderna may not have the legal right to even release its vaccine in the next few weeks because the company appears to be infringing on an exisiting patent for the core technology. Is this why Moderna’s executives are selling their stock?


Pfizer’s Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine—What You’re Not Being Told

Pfizer’s long history of scandals, and the fact that they have never been held to account for their crimes, continues to be ignored by the media, even as its experimental mRNA vaccine candidate for Covid-19 draws ever closer to US government approval.

By Johnny Vedmore - 18. November 2020

The vaccine information war has kicked up a gear, and the mainstream media vultures are circling to descend on any content that they can easily label and dismiss as misinformation. Laws will be passed throughout legislatures globally to criminalise anyone who publicly misunderstands any part of the complex biological processes involved in many of the new experimental vaccine technologies that are being used to produce Covid-19 vaccine candidates.

Even now, intelligence agencies and intelligence-backed tech companies are set to deploy sophisticated methods to censor content and deplatform news websites that they view as promoting ‘vaccine hesitancy’ as well as ‘vaccine misinformation’, particularly as a Covid-19 vaccine candidate lurches closer to approval.

It is expected that by month’s end the mRNA vaccine produced by the scandal-ridden pharmaceutical giant Pfizer will be approved by the US government via an emergency-use authorization, with other countries expected to follow suit. Pfizer, in anticipation of the seemingly imminent and assured approval of their vaccine candidate, has already been manufacturing hundreds of millions of doses of its vaccine for weeks and has received praise from governments and mainstream media alike for its self-reported claims that its vaccine is 90 percent effective.

In particular, the success of the experimental mRNA mass vaccination program appears to hinge on the general population being unable to effectively articulate their concerns and objections. Whilst the mainstream media are quick to point out when somebody makes an error in how they believe the mRNA vaccine works, they don’t offer any further information than the official government line. Public distrust in vaccination programs is not the fault of those who don’t understand the way this brand-new technology works. Public distrust is all-pervasive because only one side of the argument is allowed to be heard. We do need to understand the technology involved, as there is a difference between mRNA vaccines and DNA vaccines. Having a general understanding of the reason why someone should object to being given an experimental mRNA vaccine is necessary for creating a clear and coherent argument.

We are about to examine a subject that has been one of the most censored topics in the modern era. But now, more than ever before, we are in desperate need of the information that is being systematically hidden from the public. This article will be banned and attacked by those who believe we, the general public, shouldn’t know all the information about what they want to achieve from the coming mass global vaccinations. The reason for the current establishment’s unwillingness to speak about this subject leads to perhaps unnecessary suspicion. Such suspicions will never be dismissed via the currently employed tactic of smearing anyone who questions intentions. If governments worldwide want their populations to submit to these vaccinations, then they need to stop patronising people and speak honestly. However, since that is unheard of, they will continue to employ coercive tactics, as they will be trying out a never-before-approved experimental method to boost the immune system by manipulating the process our DNA uses to signal for the creation of certain proteins, and we have little idea of what the long-term impact this brand-new therapeutic technology could have on our health. No politician, medical expert, or pharmaceutical representative is willing to accept responsibility for challenges that might be around the corner.

Many of the pharmaceutical companies researching potential coronavirus vaccines are using old methods. They take a proverbial pinch of the virus and infect your immune system at a very low and slow rate, allowing your body the time it needs to build up a natural immunological resistance to the illness. But developing those types of vaccines is a slow and arduous process, and the current leaders in the race to mass global vaccination are pharmaceutical companies using a radical new method that has never been tried before.

‘They are going to hack the cells in your body in order to make them into drug factories’, says Nathan Vardi, a staff writer for Forbes, in a video titled Why Pfizer Is Betting Big on an Unproven Treatment for Covid-19, from March 2020. ‘The problem is with this approach’, Vardi admits, ‘is there’s never been an approved mRNA product’.

The various scientific explorations into the therapeutic applications of potential mRNA treatments are still in their infancy, but the method has been lauded as a potential solution to the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases, for protein replacement, and for gene therapy.

In January 2020, the de facto leader in the mRNA field was the pharmaceutical company Moderna, but—in the wake of Covid-19—other major companies began to focus on the mRNA method. Moderna was able to pioneer that method several years ago, thanks to funding largely provided by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Now, as 2020 draws to a close, the race to develop the winning Covid-19 vaccine is in full swing, and another Big Pharma company has seemingly beaten Moderna to the development of a supposedly effective mRNA vaccine, thanks to Pfizer teaming up with BioNTech, a small German company, to pip Moderna to the post. But, in this race to ‘save humanity’, there are bound to be pitfalls, especially when introducing completely new health technologies into mainstream use. Has Pfizer rung the finishing bell in this global race to end the current pandemic, or, instead, is it hurtling towards a disaster of epic proportions?

There are very informative scientific papers available from just before the pandemic began that give us an insight into this new mRNA technology. So here I’ll examine the DNA manipulating method, the vaccine, the people behind the research and development at BioNTech, but most important, I’ll examine Pfizer, and look at how the company has avoided accountability when things go wrong—and things do go wrong at Pfizer.

mRNA Vaccine Technology and How It Works

The vital interaction that mRNA has with our DNA has made selling mRNA vaccine technology extremely difficult for those who believe it’s the future of human medicine. The fact that it will alter the function of your DNA in your body has made many people suspicious of what unexpected horrors could arise through mass use of this new and experimental technique.

Unsurprisingly, the people marketing the vaccines have tried to downplay the aggressive and genetically manipulative nature of the treatment. In fairness, trying to explain the workings of such a complex new technology in plain English is exceedingly difficult. This is apparent when one listens to representatives of the mainstream media, who are often mealy mouthed when describing the biological processes that will take place when you receive the mRNA vaccine. But inability to articulate the technology isn’t surprising when you consider that part of your DNA, after breaking in two through a natural process, will then be combined with the experimental mRNA in a way that seems esoteric to many of us. It’s almost impossible to imagine such a process taking place in one’s own vulnerable biological system, in one’s DNA, the most precious building blocks of life that define your very existence.

After a preprogrammed strand of mRNA has merged with a naturally severed part of your DNA, it will request the production of a protein that should help trigger your immune system. In theory, this should boost your immune system and aid in the mass production of the proteins necessary to successfully fight the specific illness. The inserted messenger-RNA (thus, mRNA) should be relatively easy to design and programme as long as the scientists involved have the genetic coding for the infection it is to fight. In this case, the necessary data was released in January 2020 by the Chinese. Mild side effects to this process should be expected.

Although no extreme side effects were reported by Pfizer during the stage 3 testing of their mRNA vaccine, nearly every participant suffered mild symptoms, including swelling of the arm, irritation of the skin, and headaches, to name just a few. But, as we shall see, the information that Pfizer releases about its clinical trials and what happens in reality can be quite different.

I have just described the basic information you require for understanding how the coming mRNA vaccine works, but what I can’t describe to you is what happens in the long term. This form of therapeutic alternative has never been allowed or sanctioned before, aside from small clinical trials. There has never been an FDA-approved clinical trial for mRNA medicine because its usage comes with an abundance of ethical and moral questions and unknown possibilities.

At the same time, the utilisation of the mRNA method could also be one of the biggest leaps forward in technology ever recorded in human history. If we give the technology the benefit of the doubt and assume that it has no negative long-term side effects, then it is a potential treatment for almost every human illness on earth. Opening this mRNA floodgate would mean normalising regular vaccinations for nearly every imaginable ailment. In the best-case scenario, you could be vaccinated against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s, and any other human ailment that derives from a fault in your DNA. In the worst-case scenario, you could be left dead or crippled like Pfizer’s victims in its experiments on Nigerian children during the late 1990s.

All that being said, the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has a major downside to it. Pfizer and Moderna have stated that their mRNA vaccines need to be kept at -70° C and -20° C, respectively, which is a significant logistical challenge. Without these extremely cold temperatures, the mRNA and combined nanoparticles will lose their integrity. There are no studies on the effect of poorly stored mRNA vaccines on the human body. In comparison, DNA vaccines are much easier to transport and store as they are much more stable molecules.

As we have seen, the potential for mRNA technology is boundless. If the vaccine is successful in normalising the process of gene editing for medicinal benefit, there will be pressure to continue editing genes in other ways. It isn’t hard to see that the technology could have cosmetic, medical, and military applications that could range from phosphorescent skin to military bioweapons beyond our imagination. That is the reason why the people behind this technology are reluctant to speak about its potential game-changing mRNA method, for it represents our first real steps into transhumanism.

Pfizer’s Profitable Partnership with Germany’s BioNTech

As we have seen, Pfizer wasn’t the primary company in the mRNA business at the turn of 2020, but its immediate partnership with BioNTech saw it beat its main competitor, Moderna, to the finish line. BioNTech, based in Mainz, Germany, is led by a husband and wife team and, prior to the partnership with Pfizer, was dedicated to mRNA-related cancer-treatment research.

Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci, the couple leading BioNTech, are of Turkish descent. Şahin’s family were from southern Turkey, and he studied for his doctorate in Cologne, whilst Türeci’s family came from Istanbul. The two met at the University of Hamburg.

BioNTech already had a collaboration agreement to develop mRNA‐based vaccines for prevention of influenza with Pfizer as far back as February 2019, and their commercial strategy of collaborating with selected partners paid off when the race to the coronavirus vaccine began. Since then, there has been global media interest in BioNTech, mainly in the form of puff pieces focussing on Şahin and Türeci’s romantic life. But BioNTech also has many links to other Big Pharma giants and some of the well-known movers and shakers in the medical world. As well as its partnership with Pfizer, in 2019 BioNTech also had partnership deals with Bayer, Genentech, Sanofi, Genmab, Eli Lilly, Roche, and of course they received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In September 2019, just before the first people were infected with the new strain of SARS-CoV-2, the German news outlet Handelsblatt reported that ‘the Gates Foundation is investing around 50 million euros in the Mainz biotech company BioNTech. The money will be used to research HIV and tuberculosis vaccines’.

BioNTech has a small five-person management team and a four-person supervisory board. Şahin is the CEO of the company; he was also the head of the scientific advisory board of Ganymed Pharmaceuticals AG from 2008 until 2016, when the company was acquired by Astellas Pharma. BioNTech’s chief business officer, Sean Marett, previously worked in global strategic and regional marketing, and in sales at GlaxoSmithKline in the United States and at Pfizer Europe, as well as for Evotec and Lorantis. The company’s chief operating officer and CFO, Dr Sierk Poetting, joined BioNTech in September 2014 from Novartis. The chief strategy officer at BioNTech is Ryan Richardson, who had previously been an executive director of the global health-care investment-banking team at J. P. Morgan in London, where he advised companies in the biotech and life sciences industry on mergers and acquisitions, equity, and debt capital finances. The German BioNTech’s four-man supervisory board includes Ulrich Wandschneider, who is also a member of Trilantic Europe.

Pfizer: A Company Never Held to Account

If it were only BioNTech that was responsible for the creation of this futuristic vaccine technology, then maybe people would have more faith in the product. But Pfizer casts a dark shadow of conspiracy wherever it does business. Pfizer’s previous use of experimental drugs in secretive and scandalous studies has inspired Hollywood movies and court cases lasting over a decade, as it resulted in the death of many children. Yet, the media organisations touting its coronavirus vaccine as a heaven-sent miracle have provided little to no coverage of Pfizer’s previous experimental disasters.

Pfizer entered into the vaccine business in late 2006 by acquiring the British influenza-vaccine company PowderMed for an undisclosed fee. Pfizer was admittedly excited about the deal, stating that ‘PowderMed’s unique DNA vaccine technology is particularly promising’ and that ‘its pipeline of vaccine candidates for influenza and chronic viral diseases could have major potential’. In fact, beginning in autumn 2005, many Big Pharma companies had taken their first steps into the vaccine industry. Novartis entered the vaccine business by acquiring 56 percent of Chiron, whilst GlaxoSmithKline expanded its vaccine base by acquiring ID Biomedical of Canada. Competition was heating up among the big players, and the vaccine industry was seen as a safe bet, with reports of new vaccines selling for hundreds of dollars. But Pfizer’s reputation over the preceding decade had taken a severe knock due to the company’s disastrous experimental trials in Africa.

In 1996, an experimental trial took place in Nigeria. Under the cover of severe outbreaks of cholera, measles, and meningitis in northern Nigeria, Pfizer set up the secretive trials in Kano, the second largest city in Nigeria, to test its experimental antibiotic, Trovan (trovafloxacin). It tested the experimental drug on two hundred children. The children’s parents assumed that the children would receive the standard meningitis jab, but Pfizer staff instead set up two control groups. Half of the children were given the experimental Trovan, and the other hundred were given a reduced dosage of the leading meningitis equivalent. The lower dose was to help artificially skew the results in the favour of Trovan for marketing and competitive purposes.

In 2002, a group of Nigerian children and their legal guardians sued Pfizer in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. In court documents, the plaintiffs alleged that five children who received Trovan and six children whom Pfizer had ‘low-dosed’ had died as a result, whilst others suffered paralysis, deafness and blindness. The alleged actual number of those who died due to their involvement in the trial, per Nigerian sources, is over fifty.

Pfizer was supposed to check the children’s blood samples five days into the trials to look for any abnormalities and then change their treatment to the full-strength leading meningitis drug if there were any problems. However, they failed to do so. Instead, the Pfizer team waited for the irreversible symptoms to manifest physically before switching the treatment for the study’s unwitting participants. After realising that they had just murdered and crippled these children, Pfizer, like any giant pharmaceutical corporation would, left the scene of the crime in a hurry, failing to do any further evaluation of the patients.

Pfizer spent the next ten years denying any responsibility for the disaster, eventually releasing a statement entitled ‘Trovan, Kano State Civil Case—Statement of Defense’, in which the pharmaceutical bigwig stated among other things ‘that mortality in the patients treated by Pfizer was lower than that observed historically in African meningitis epidemics, and that no unusual side effects, unrelated to meningitis, were observed after 4 weeks’.

Pfizer eventually settled the case for $75 million on condition that it would not be held responsible for its actions. The Guardian newspaper reported in 2011 that the first four settlements in the lengthy court battle had been given to the families of four of the children who were killed during the trial. In an unabashed attempt to make the court settlement of $175,000 harder for each of the surviving families to claim, the victims’ families were forced to provide DNA samples to prove they were actually related to the deceased. This tactic turned out to be very effective from the company’s perspective, as many of the families didn’t trust Pfizer, which led some to pull out and refuse the settlement because they thought the DNA samples were a ploy by Pfizer to commit further illegal secret experiments upon them, or worse.

The Nigerians were represented by two brave lawyers, a Nigerian lawyer named Etigwe Uwo and a Connecticut-based lawyer, Richard Altschuler. According to Altschuler, it was the story of Pfizer’s Kano coverup that prompted John le Carré to write the novel The Constant Gardener that was adapted in the feature film. Like the situation depicted in the movie, Pfizer used scare tactics and smear campaigns to try and hinder any investigation into the Kano incident.

In 2006, Pfizer cut its workforce by 20 percent, reducing the number of its US employees by 2,200 people. The Financial Times reported on 29 November 2020 that this was something that was happening in all of the major pharmaceutical firms stating, ‘Big pharma is rushing to restructure across its business from manufacturing to how it markets and sells its drugs’. But Pfizer was mainly concentrating on radical change to its drugs salesforce.

Pfizer was hit by further major scandals over the following year. One included the illegal premarketing of the HIV drug Maraviroc, which initially stalled the drug’s approval by the FDA. The scandal saw Pfizer publicly fire three of its top executives, including its assistant sales manager, Kelly Fitzgerald, (who returned to work for Pfizer and is currently their assistant sales director), HIV sales director, Art Rodriguez, now working for California’s Valued Trust, and the Mid-Atlantic director, Bob Mumford.

Get Your Facts Straight and Another Way Out

Whilst a DNA vaccine will change your DNA permanently, an mRNA vaccine will not permanently change your DNA. It takes one sentence to clear up that misunderstanding of the technology, and people should not be criminalised for such a simple misunderstanding. However, the mRNA vaccine does bind with part of your DNA to alter the proteins being produced. This is the very place where companies wish to trap opponents of their experimental vaccine campaigns. Just because someone doesn’t fully understand the process involved shouldn’t mean they should be demonised and forced into taking this experimental combination of nanoparticles. In fact, individuals should reject the vaccine until companies explain how it works and if there are any long-term side effects. You shouldn’t let anybody put anything into your body until they can tell you if any long-term consequences could occur. This is a basic principle of self-preservation that trumps any risk of a virus, especially a virus that has proven to be just a little bit more deadly than the common flu.

Our bodies should be the most important concern for us all. Fundamentally speaking, all our liberties and freedoms are of little concern if we’re dead or crippled. Don’t let them shame you into giving over your precious and delicate shell to medical scientific experimentation by companies that are incapable of taking accountability for their actions. This is the core argument that you need to keep at the forefront of any debate, rather than whether your DNA is permanently changed or whether its functions are just altered. If you’re going to get into the gutter to battle out the science then you must get your facts straight. They will use any potential misunderstanding you have to wipe your voice from the debate. It is they who bear the burden of articulating clearly why we should take the vaccine; it is your right to refuse.

However, there is something no one has mentioned so far about this new mRNA technology that could give those who oppose the vaccine another way out. Normally, to be effective, a vaccine must be given to as much of the population as possible. Mass vaccination has been used historically as a synthetic herd immunity (the better term is community immunity) to stop the spread of a virus to the vulnerable people in our society. But this technology is different, and its method of working means it is no longer necessary to use mass vaccination.

The whole point of why mRNA vaccines are more effective than our current vaccine technologies, per its proponents, is that it precisely targets the protein-production part of your DNA’s normal life cycle. This improves the response that an individual’s immune system will have when fighting a virus. It can be targeted socially in a similar way. If the majority of people who catch Covid-19 are asymptomatic, then it’s ridiculous to give them a vaccine. Because this vaccine protects individuals in their response, there is no good reason why everybody in our society should be forced to take it. It is used to increase specific protein production in someone who’s at severe risk—that’s how a medicine works normally. You don’t take HIV medication if you don’t have HIV. You shouldn’t be taking cancer drugs unless you have cancer. And you shouldn’t need to change your DNA’s production of specific proteins unless it’s personally necessary to do so.

The biggest lie being told to the people of the world is that everybody needs to take this vaccine. And ironically, the experimental mRNA technology that they’re desperate to use makes mass vaccination unnecessary.


Johnny Vedmore is a completely independent investigative journalist and musician from Cardiff, Wales. His work aims to expose the powerful people who are overlooked by other journalists and bring new information to his readers. If you require help, or have a tip for Johnny, then get in touch via johnnyvedmore.com or by reaching out to


UK expects significant side effects for corona vaccine

The British government has tendered the software development for an artificial intelligence that is able to detect the expected high volume of negative vaccination reactions to the novel corona vaccination so that no detail is lost.

The extremely urgent tender has a volume of 1.5 million British pounds.

Representatives of BioNtec, whose corona vaccine is currently undergoing a greatly shortened approval process – about nine months instead of five to eight years – have stated that their vaccine is virtually free of side effects. [Update: That statement already has been proven to be wrong, since serious alergic reactions were observd and since 10. December 2020 people with allergies are advised to not take the jab.]


The story of mRNA: How a once-dismissed idea became a leading technology in the Covid vaccine race

By Damian Garde and Jonathan Saltzman — 10. November 2020

Pfizer freezer farm

Part of a "freezer farm," a football field-sized facility for storing finished Covid-19 vaccines, under construction in Kalamazoo, Mich. Pfizer’s experimental vaccine requires ultracold storage, at about -70 C, so as they are made, the vaccines are being stored in special freezers. Jeremy Davidson/Pfizer via AP


ANDOVER, Mass. — The liquid that many hope could help end the Covid-19 pandemic is stored in a nondescript metal tank in a manufacturing complex owned by Pfizer, one of the world’s biggest drug companies. There is nothing remarkable about the container, which could fit in a walk-in closet, except that its contents could end up in the world’s first authorized Covid-19 vaccine.

Pfizer, a 171-year-old Fortune 500 powerhouse, has made a billion-dollar bet on that dream. So has a brash, young rival just 23 miles away in Cambridge, Mass. Moderna, a 10-year-old biotech company with billions in market valuation but no approved products, is racing forward with a vaccine of its own. Its new sprawling drug-making facility nearby is hiring workers at a fast clip in the hopes of making history — and a lot of money.

In many ways, the companies and their leaders couldn’t be more different. Pfizer, working with a little-known German biotech called BioNTech, has taken pains for much of the year to manage expectations. Moderna has made nearly as much news for its stream of upbeat press releases, executives’ stock sales, and spectacular rounds of funding as for its science.

Each is well-aware of the other in the race to be first.

But what the companies share may be bigger than their differences: Both are banking on a genetic technology that has long held huge promise but has so far run into biological roadblocks. It is called synthetic messenger RNA, an ingenious variation on the natural substance that directs protein production in cells throughout the body. Its prospects have swung billions of dollars on the stock market, made and imperiled scientific careers, and fueled hopes that it could be a breakthrough that allows society to return to normalcy after months living in fear.

Both companies have been frequently name-checked by President Trump. Pfizer reported strong, but preliminary, data on Monday, and Moderna is expected to follow suit soon with a glimpse of its data. Both firms hope these preliminary results will allow an emergency deployment of their vaccines — millions of doses likely targeted to frontline medical workers and others most at risk of Covid-19.

There are about a dozen experimental vaccines in late-stage clinical trials globally, but the ones being tested by Pfizer and Moderna are the only two that rely on messenger RNA.

For decades, scientists have dreamed about the seemingly endless possibilities of custom-made messenger RNA, or mRNA.

Researchers understood its role as a recipe book for the body’s trillions of cells, but their efforts to expand the menu have come in fits and starts. The concept: By making precise tweaks to synthetic mRNA and injecting people with it, any cell in the body could be transformed into an on-demand drug factory.

But turning scientific promise into medical reality has been more difficult than many assumed. Although relatively easy and quick to produce compared to traditional vaccine-making, no mRNA vaccine or drug has ever won approval.

Even now, as Moderna and Pfizer test their vaccines on roughly 74,000 volunteers in pivotal vaccine studies, many experts question whether the technology is ready for prime time.

“I worry about innovation at the expense of practicality,” Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and an authority on vaccines, said recently. The U.S. government’s Operation Warp Speed program, which has underwritten the development of Moderna’s vaccine and pledged to buy Pfizer’s vaccine if it works, is “weighted toward technology platforms that have never made it to licensure before.”

Whether mRNA vaccines succeed or not, their path from a gleam in a scientist’s eye to the brink of government approval has been a tale of personal perseverance, eureka moments in the lab, soaring expectations — and an unprecedented flow of cash into the biotech industry.

It is a story that began three decades ago, with a little-known scientist who refused to quit.

Scientists can now design genetic material called mRNA to help us build immunity to certain viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. Hyacinth Empinado/STAT

Before messenger RNA was a multibillion-dollar idea, it was a scientific backwater. And for the Hungarian-born scientist behind a key mRNA discovery, it was a career dead-end.

Katalin Karikó spent the 1990s collecting rejections. Her work, attempting to harness the power of mRNA to fight disease, was too far-fetched for government grants, corporate funding, and even support from her own colleagues.

It all made sense on paper. In the natural world, the body relies on millions of tiny proteins to keep itself alive and healthy, and it uses mRNA to tell cells which proteins to make. If you could design your own mRNA, you could, in theory, hijack that process and create any protein you might desire — antibodies to vaccinate against infection, enzymes to reverse a rare disease, or growth agents to mend damaged heart tissue.

In 1990, researchers at the University of Wisconsin managed to make it work in mice. Karikó wanted to go further.

The problem, she knew, was that synthetic RNA was notoriously vulnerable to the body’s natural defenses, meaning it would likely be destroyed before reaching its target cells. And, worse, the resulting biological havoc might stir up an immune response that could make the therapy a health risk for some patients.

It was a real obstacle, and still may be, but Karikó was convinced it was one she could work around. Few shared her confidence.

“Every night I was working: grant, grant, grant,” Karikó remembered, referring to her efforts to obtain funding. “And it came back always no, no, no.”

By 1995, after six years on the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, Karikó got demoted. She had been on the path to full professorship, but with no money coming in to support her work on mRNA, her bosses saw no point in pressing on.

She was back to the lower rungs of the scientific academy.

“Usually, at that point, people just say goodbye and leave because it’s so horrible,” Karikó said.

There’s no opportune time for demotion, but 1995 had already been uncommonly difficult. Karikó had recently endured a cancer scare, and her husband was stuck in Hungary sorting out a visa issue. Now the work to which she’d devoted countless hours was slipping through her fingers.

“I thought of going somewhere else, or doing something else,” Karikó said. “I also thought maybe I’m not good enough, not smart enough. I tried to imagine: Everything is here, and I just have to do better experiments.”

Katalin Kariko
Katalin Karikó, a senior vice president at BioNTech overseeing its mRNA work, in her home office in Rydal, Penn. Jessica Kourkounis for The Boston Globe

In time, those better experiments came together. After a decade of trial and error, Karikó and her longtime collaborator at Penn — Drew Weissman, an immunologist with a medical degree and Ph.D. from Boston University — discovered a remedy for mRNA’s Achilles’ heel.

The stumbling block, as Karikó’s many grant rejections pointed out, was that injecting synthetic mRNA typically led to that vexing immune response; the body sensed a chemical intruder, and went to war. The solution, Karikó and Weissman discovered, was the biological equivalent of swapping out a tire.

Every strand of mRNA is made up of four molecular building blocks called nucleosides. But in its altered, synthetic form, one of those building blocks, like a misaligned wheel on a car, was throwing everything off by signaling the immune system. So Karikó and Weissman simply subbed it out for a slightly tweaked version, creating a hybrid mRNA that could sneak its way into cells without alerting the body’s defenses.

“That was a key discovery,” said Norbert Pardi, an assistant professor of medicine at Penn and frequent collaborator. “Karikó and Weissman figured out that if you incorporate modified nucleosides into mRNA, you can kill two birds with one stone.”

That discovery, described in a series of scientific papers starting in 2005, largely flew under the radar at first, said Weissman, but it offered absolution to the mRNA researchers who had kept the faith during the technology’s lean years. And it was the starter pistol for the vaccine sprint to come.

And even though the studies by Karikó and Weissman went unnoticed by some, they caught the attention of two key scientists — one in the United States, another abroad — who would later help found Moderna and Pfizer’s future partner, BioNTech.

Derrick Rossi, a native of Toronto who rooted for the Maple Leafs and sported a soul patch, was a 39-year-old postdoctoral fellow in stem cell biology at Stanford University in 2005 when he read the first paper. Not only did he recognize it as groundbreaking, he now says Karikó and Weissman deserve the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

“If anyone asks me whom to vote for some day down the line, I would put them front and center,” he said. “That fundamental discovery is going to go into medicines that help the world.”

Derrick Rossi one of the founders of Moderna
Derrick Rossi, one of the founders of Moderna, in his Newton, Mass., home. He ended his affiliation with the company in 2014. Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe

But Rossi didn’t have vaccines on his mind when he set out to build on their findings in 2007 as a new assistant professor at Harvard Medical School running his own lab.

He wondered whether modified messenger RNA might hold the key to obtaining something else researchers desperately wanted: a new source of embryonic stem cells.

In a feat of biological alchemy, embryonic stem cells can turn into any type of cell in the body. That gives them the potential to treat a dizzying array of conditions, from Parkinson’s disease to spinal cord injuries.

But using those cells for research had created an ethical firestorm because they are harvested from discarded embryos.

Rossi thought he might be able to sidestep the controversy. He would use modified messenger molecules to reprogram adult cells so that they acted like embryonic stem cells.

He asked a postdoctoral fellow in his lab to explore the idea. In 2009, after more than a year of work, the postdoc waved Rossi over to a microscope. Rossi peered through the lens and saw something extraordinary: a plate full of the very cells he had hoped to create.

Rossi excitedly informed his colleague Timothy Springer, another professor at Harvard Medical School and a biotech entrepreneur. Recognizing the commercial potential, Springer contacted Robert Langer, the prolific inventor and biomedical engineering professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

On a May afternoon in 2010, Rossi and Springer visited Langer at his laboratory in Cambridge. What happened at the two-hour meeting and in the days that followed has become the stuff of legend — and an ego-bruising squabble.

Langer is a towering figure in biotechnology and an expert on drug-delivery technology. At least 400 drug and medical device companies have licensed his patents. His office walls display many of his 250 major awards, including the Charles Stark Draper Prize, considered the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for engineers.

As he listened to Rossi describe his use of modified mRNA, Langer recalled, he realized the young professor had discovered something far bigger than a novel way to create stem cells. Cloaking mRNA so it could slip into cells to produce proteins had a staggering number of applications, Langer thought, and might even save millions of lives.

“I think you can do a lot better than that,” Langer recalled telling Rossi, referring to stem cells. “I think you could make new drugs, new vaccines — everything.”

Langer could barely contain his excitement when he got home to his wife.

“This could be the most successful company in history,” he remembered telling her, even though no company existed yet.

Three days later Rossi made another presentation, to the leaders of Flagship Ventures. Founded and run by Noubar Afeyan, a swaggering entrepreneur, the Cambridge venture capital firm has created dozens of biotech startups. Afeyan had the same enthusiastic reaction as Langer, saying in a 2015 article in Nature that Rossi’s innovation “was intriguing instantaneously.”

Within several months, Rossi, Langer, Afeyan, and another physician-researcher at Harvard formed the firm Moderna — a new word combining modified and RNA.

Springer was the first investor to pledge money, Rossi said. In a 2012 Moderna news release, Afeyan said the firm’s “promise rivals that of the earliest biotechnology companies over 30 years ago — adding an entirely new drug category to the pharmaceutical arsenal.”

But although Moderna has made each of the founders hundreds of millions of dollars — even before the company had produced a single product — Rossi’s account is marked by bitterness. In interviews with the Globe in October, he accused Langer and Afeyan of propagating a condescending myth that he didn’t understand his discovery’s full potential until they pointed it out to him.

“It’s total malarkey,” said Rossi, who ended his affiliation with Moderna in 2014. “I’m embarrassed for them. Everybody in the know actually just shakes their heads.”

Rossi said that the slide decks he used in his presentation to Flagship noted that his discovery could lead to new medicines. “That’s the thing Noubar has used to turn Flagship into a big company, and he says it was totally his idea,” Rossi said.

Afeyan, the chair of Moderna, recently credited Rossi with advancing the work of the Penn scientists. But, he said, that only spurred Afeyan and Langer “to ask the question, ‘Could you think of a code molecule that helps you make anything you want within the body?’”

Langer, for his part, told STAT and the Globe that Rossi “made an important finding” but had focused almost entirely “on the stem cell thing.”

Robert Langer
Robert Langer, the prolific inventor and MIT biomedical engineering professor, is a Moderna co-founder. Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe

Despite the squabbling that followed the birth of Moderna, other scientists also saw messenger RNA as potentially revolutionary.

In Mainz, Germany, situated on the left bank of the Rhine, another new company was being formed by a married team of researchers who would also see the vast potential for the technology, though vaccines for infectious diseases weren’t on top of their list then.

A native of Turkey, Ugur Sahin moved to Germany after his father got a job at a Ford factory in Cologne. His wife, Özlem Türeci had, as a child, followed her father, a surgeon, on his rounds at a Catholic hospital. She and Sahin are physicians who met in 1990 working at a hospital in Saarland.

The couple have long been interested in immunotherapy, which harnesses the immune system to fight cancer and has become one of the most exciting innovations in medicine in recent decades. In particular, they were tantalized by the possibility of creating personalized vaccines that teach the immune system to eliminate cancer cells.

Both see themselves as scientists first and foremost. But they are also formidable entrepreneurs. After they co-founded another biotech, the couple persuaded twin brothers who had invested in that firm, Thomas and Andreas Strungmann, to spin out a new company that would develop cancer vaccines that relied on mRNA.

That became BioNTech, another blended name, derived from Biopharmaceutical New Technologies. Its U.S. headquarters is in Cambridge. Sahin is the CEO, Türeci the chief medical officer.

“We are one of the leaders in messenger RNA, but we don’t consider ourselves a messenger RNA company,” said Sahin, also a professor at the Mainz University Medical Center. “We consider ourselves an immunotherapy company.”

Like Moderna, BioNTech licensed technology developed by the Pennsylvania scientist whose work was long ignored, Karikó, and her collaborator, Weissman. In fact, in 2013, the company hired Karikó as senior vice president to help oversee its mRNA work.

But in their early years, the two biotechs operated in very different ways.

In 2011, Moderna hired the CEO who would personify its brash approach to the business of biotech.

Stéphane Bancel was a rising star in the life sciences, a chemical engineer with a Harvard MBA who was known as a businessman, not a scientist. At just 34, he became CEO of the French diagnostics firm BioMérieux in 2007 but was wooed away to Moderna four years later by Afeyan.

Moderna made a splash in 2012 with the announcement that it had raised $40 million from venture capitalists despite being years away from testing its science in humans. Four months later, the British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca agreed to pay Moderna a staggering $240 million for the rights to dozens of mRNA drugs that did not yet exist.

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel at the company’s offices in Cambridge, Mass. Aram Boghosian for STAT

The biotech had no scientific publications to its name and hadn’t shared a shred of data publicly. Yet it somehow convinced investors and multinational drug makers that its scientific findings and expertise were destined to change the world. Under Bancel’s leadership, Moderna would raise more than $1 billion in investments and partnership funds over the next five years.

Moderna’s promise — and the more than $2 billion it raised before going public in 2018 — hinged on creating a fleet of mRNA medicines that could be safely dosed over and over. But behind the scenes the company’s scientists were running into a familiar problem. In animal studies, the ideal dose of their leading mRNA therapy was triggering dangerous immune reactions — the kind for which Karikó had improvised a major workaround under some conditions — but a lower dose had proved too weak to show any benefits.

Moderna had to pivot. If repeated doses of mRNA were too toxic to test in human beings, the company would have to rely on something that takes only one or two injections to show an effect. Gradually, biotech’s self-proclaimed disruptor became a vaccines company, putting its experimental drugs on the back burner and talking up the potential of a field long considered a loss-leader by the drug industry.

Meanwhile BioNTech has often acted like the anti-Moderna, garnering far less attention.

In part, that was by design, said Sahin. For the first five years, the firm operated in what Sahin called “submarine mode,” issuing no news releases, and focusing on scientific research, much of it originating in his university lab. Unlike Moderna, the firm has published its research from the start, including about 150 scientific papers in just the past eight years.

In 2013, the firm began disclosing its ambitions to transform the treatment of cancer and soon announced a series of eight partnerships with major drug makers. BioNTech has 13 compounds in clinical trials for a variety of illnesses but, like Moderna, has yet to get a product approved.

When BioNTech went public last October, it raised $150 million, and closed with a market value of $3.4 billion — less than half of Moderna’s when it went public in 2018.

Despite his role as CEO, Sahin has largely maintained the air of an academic. He still uses his university email address and rides a 20-year-old mountain bicycle from his home to the office because he doesn’t have a driver’s license.

Then, late last year, the world changed.

MODERNA - Norwood facility
Moderna’s facility in Norwood, Mass. Alex Hogan/STAT

Shortly before midnight, on Dec. 30, the International Society for Infectious Diseases, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit, posted an alarming report online. A number of people in Wuhan, a city of more than 11 million people in central China, had been diagnosed with “unexplained pneumonia.”

Chinese researchers soon identified 41 hospitalized patients with the disease. Most had visited the Wuhan South China Seafood Market. Vendors sold live wild animals, from bamboo rats to ostriches, in crowded stalls. That raised concerns that the virus might have leaped from an animal, possibly a bat, to humans.

After isolating the virus from patients, Chinese scientists on Jan. 10 posted online its genetic sequence. Because companies that work with messenger RNA don’t need the virus itself to create a vaccine, just a computer that tells scientists what chemicals to put together and in what order, researchers at Moderna, BioNTech, and other companies got to work.

A pandemic loomed. The companies’ focus on vaccines could not have been more fortuitous.

Moderna and BioNTech each designed a tiny snip of genetic code that could be deployed into cells to stimulate a coronavirus immune response. The two vaccines differ in their chemical structures, how the substances are made, and how they deliver mRNA into cells. Both vaccines require two shots a few weeks apart.

The biotechs were competing against dozens of other groups that employed varying vaccine-making approaches, including the traditional, more time-consuming method of using an inactivated virus to produce an immune response.

Moderna was especially well-positioned for this moment.

Forty-two days after the genetic code was released, Moderna’s CEO Bancel opened an email on Feb. 24 on his cellphone and smiled, as he recalled to the Globe. Up popped a photograph of a box placed inside a refrigerated truck at the Norwood plant and bound for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Md. The package held a few hundred vials, each containing the experimental vaccine.

Moderna was the first drug maker to deliver a potential vaccine for clinical trials. Soon, its vaccine became the first to undergo testing on humans, in a small early-stage trial. And on July 28, it became the first to start getting tested in a late-stage trial in a scene that reflected the firm’s receptiveness to press coverage.

The first volunteer to get a shot in Moderna’s late-stage trial was a television anchor at the CNN affiliate in Savannah, Ga., a move that raised eyebrows at rival vaccine makers.

Along with those achievements, Moderna has repeatedly stirred controversy.

On May 18, Moderna issued a press release trumpeting “positive interim clinical data.” The firm said its vaccine had generated neutralizing antibodies in the first eight volunteers in the early-phase study, a tiny sample.

But Moderna didn’t provide any backup data, making it hard to assess how encouraging the results were. Nonetheless, Moderna’s share price rose 20% that day.

Some top Moderna executives also drew criticism for selling shares worth millions, including Bancel and the firm’s chief medical officer, Tal Zaks.

In addition, some critics have said the government has given Moderna a sweetheart deal by bankrolling the costs for developing the vaccine and pledging to buy at least 100 million doses, all for $2.48 billion.

That works out to roughly $25 a dose, which Moderna acknowledges includes a profit.

In contrast, the government has pledged more than $1 billion to Johnson & Johnson to manufacture and provide at least 100 million doses of its vaccine, which uses different technology than mRNA. But J&J, which collaborated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s Center for Virology and Vaccine Research and is also in a late-stage trial, has promised not to profit off sales of the vaccine during the pandemic.

Over in Germany, Sahin, the head of BioNTech, said a Lancet article in January about the outbreak in Wuhan, an international hub, galvanized him.

“We understood that this would become a pandemic,” he said.

The next day, he met with his leadership team.

“I told them that we have to deal with a pandemic which is coming to Germany,” Sahin recalled.

He also realized he needed a strong partner to manufacture the vaccine and thought of Pfizer. The two companies had worked together before to try to develop mRNA influenza vaccines. In March, he called Pfizer’s top vaccine expert, Kathrin Jansen.

“I asked her if Pfizer was interested in teaming up with us, and she, without any discussion, said, ‘Yes, we would love to do that,’” Sahin recalled.

Philip Dormitzer, chief scientific officer for viral vaccines at Pfizer, said developing a coronavirus vaccine is “very much in Pfizer’s comfort zone as a vaccine company with multiple vaccine products.”

Pfizer has about 2,400 employees in Massachusetts, including about 1,400 at its Andover plant, one of three making the vaccine for the New York-based company in the U.S.

Pfizer, through its partnership with BioNTech, isn’t taking any money upfront from the government. Rather, the federal government will pay the partners $1.95 billion for at least 100 million doses if the vaccine gets approved.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, who rose through the ranks after more than 25 years with the company, said in a September interview with “Face the Nation” that if the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine fails, his company will absorb the financial loss. He said Pfizer opted not to take government funding up front to shield the drug giant from politics.

“I wanted to liberate our scientists from any bureaucracy,” he said. “When you get money from someone, that always comes with strings.”

Top executives at Pfizer also have sold far less stock compared to Moderna since the pandemic began.

BioNTech executives haven’t sold any shares since the company went public last year, according to Securities and Exchange Commission records. Still, the soaring share prices of BioNTech and Moderna have made both Sahin and Bancel billionaires, according to Forbes.

Some experts worry about injecting the first vaccine of this kind into hundreds of million of people so quickly.

“You have all these odd clinical and pathological changes caused by this novel bat coronavirus, and you’re about to meet it with all of these vaccines with which you have no experience,” said Paul Offit, an infectious disease expert at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and an authority on vaccines.

Blood samples from volunteers
Blood samples from volunteers participating in Moderna’s Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trial wait to be processed in a lab at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Taimy Alvarez/AP

Several other drug makers have also developed experimental mRNA vaccines for the coronavirus, but are not as far along, including CureVac, another German biotech, and Translate Bio, which has partnered with the French vaccine giant Sanofi Pasteur.

Pfizer began its late-stage trial on July 27 — the same day as Moderna — with the first volunteers receiving injections at the University of Rochester. It announced its promising early results from that trial on Monday, and hopes to have sufficient data this month to seek emergency use authorization of the vaccine for at least some high-risk people.

Moderna may not be far behind. Its spokesperson Ray Jordan said Monday that executives suspected Pfizer would release some preliminary late-stage trial data before Moderna, in part because of the dosing schedule of the rival vaccines. Recipients of Pfizer’s vaccine get two doses three weeks apart, while recipients of Moderna’s get two doses four weeks apart.

Striking a magnanimous note, he described Pfizer’s news as “an important step for mRNA medicine.”

“We’ve said that the world needs more than one Covid-19 vaccine,” Jordan said. “We remain on track.”

Mark Arsenault of the Globe staff contributed reporting.


Damian Garde

Damian Garde - National Biotech Reporter - Damian covers biotech, is a co-writer of The Readout newsletter, and a co-host of "The Readout LOUD" podcast 


Jonathan Saltzman — Boston Globe


‘Covid-19’ Vaccine “Biological Weapons Of Mass Destruction.”

By Dr. Igor Shepherd

Re-published on BITCHUTE November 18th, 2020.


Dr. Igor Shepherd’s Talk About the Horrors of COVID Vaccine 11/10/2020

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: So tonight, I’m so excited to introduce you to Dr. Igor Shepherd. He’s a medical doctor and is currently a readiness and countermeasures program manager at the Wyoming Department of Health Preparedness and Response Unit in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

He’s been a public speaker at numerous preparedness conferences throughout the United States. So conferences that prepare for disasters, pandemics, epidemics, things like that.

And with the Centers for Disease Control to help prepare and review emergency preparedness, cooperative agreement applications, strategic plans, progress reports, data, deliverables.

Like, his resume over a life is this long. So this is just a short version of it.

He also provides monthly briefings for the State of Central Function Partners, and Health and Human Services representatives.

So he’s very familiar with what’s going on with COVID around the country. And he’s going to be sharing a lot of information that you probably have not heard before.

Before working for the state of Wyoming, he worked in various other emergency preparedness jobs and also at a Nevada nuclear test site for counterterrorism operations.

And he was involved in technical research and development on national domestic preparedness and nuclear security for the Department of Justice Office for Domestic Preparedness, Department of Homeland Security, DOE and NSA, DOD, ETRA, FEMA, National Guard, tactical SWAT teams, law enforcement, first responders, medical professionals.

So we have a stupendous, amazingly qualified speaker here tonight to tell us about what’s going on with coronavirus and the vaccine that’s coming as soon as November 15th. It’s supposed to be shipping out to states beginning November 15th from Pfizer.

Please welcome Dr. Igor Shepherd.
SHEPHERD: Thank you. Thank you.
Well, thank you everybody. I hope you can hear me. My broken French accent. (Laughter)

SHEPHERD: No, I’m from Russia obviously, so.


SHEPHERD: I can repeat myself if you need it, that’s fine.

We had some disturbances today. My laptop died off. I’m not sure if NSA or something else is going on.


SHEPHERD: But that’s OK. I have my memory. I still have some left in me.


SHEPHERD: So, well, my name is Igor Shepherd. And I came from a very dark world, OK? I’ll be honest with you. Today, I will speak from my heart not from my computer.

First of all, for the last 10 months, I was an intelligence section chief for COVID Response Unified Command in the state of Wyoming. I’ve spent about seven years working at the state of Wyoming Department of Health.

But before that, I need to go a little bit back in my background as a military physician, internist and specialist on weapons of mass destruction.

As I told you, I came from a dark world of Communism, OK? I was born under Communism. I was raised under Communism. Communism was all over me, around me and inside of me, OK? It’s a very dark world, by the way. You don’t want to taste that world.

Now, the good news for me, in 1992, God shined his marvelous light upon me, a sinner like me. So, I accepted Christ in my heart. It’s changed my life completely.

SHEPHERD: Thank you. Not to me but to the Lord.

So, but I have to go back a little because I am connecting dots and links now. So, you can understand what kind of life is coming upon us and how it is connected actually to Russia and China, OK?

Some things I will say that you may have never heard before. Some things you might say that looks like illusion to me. But I want to speak from my back experience, my background.

For four years, I spent the time when I became a military officer and military physician at Strategic Rocket Force of the Soviet Union. I spent four years of my life as a chief health officer in Poland with special battalions, special operations battalions.

That is a very unique place. We took care of actually the maintenance of biological weapons, mid-range, specifically directed toward Germany, United States forces located at Germany.

That’s a time when I did a lot of stuff I’m not proud of. I did a lot of different vaccinations and immunizations on people, soldiers, civilian personnel. I did not know what I was vaccinating them with because I should not know that.

So, they brought in those suitcases of clean ampules with the material and I did the injections. Eighty-five injections an hour. Special injectors.

I could not share any side effects, localized inflammation, generalized side effects, nothing. It was not my point. Because Military Intelligence was breathing upon me.

So, I spent some time in Poland. We took care of some things in there. And now I came into the United States. What shocked me now for what is going on for the last 10 months in the United States, we call this so-called COVID pandemic, let’s put it this way, gently.

I want to speak — that I want to tell you something very interesting that happened a few days ago when CDC decided not to count flu patient cases anymore for 2021. What that means, all flu cases go toward COVID numbers because they’re not high enough in the United States.

We have a problem, we have a deception, and we have treason. I will speak about treason later. But treason at the highest level.

So –-
SHEPHERD: Can you hear me OK without microphone?
SHEPHERD: That’s what I’ll figure out. All right, that’s good. Thank you.

So anyway, the point is, what I’m trying to reach to you, when I started researching the situation with COVID pandemic and SARS-2-CoV virus, I learned that this virus actually clearly is very similar as the 2003 SARS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome virus, which happened in 2003.

Similarities up to 80% to 85%. Identical. So much identical that this virus cannot even be separated as a different strain of the virus. So that’s OK. I understand.

By the way, this virus now is no longer this virus anymore. Since July of this year, this virus changed and shifted into something else. They said it’s mutated. So, we don’t have a SARS-2 anymore. We need to call it SARS-3 or 4 or 5, because mutations happen constantly with this strange ghost-looking virus. OK, that’s fine.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Do you want this? SHEPHERD: Yes, please.
Oh, great. Thank you very much.

Anyway, so I’m trying to reach — what I’m trying to say here. What I’m trying to say is that when probably health departments, HHS and CDC need to push up the numbers for whatever reason in the United States because it’s too low — it’s not enough mortality rates; the hospitals are empty — then something is wrong here, OK? Something is not right here.

In the state of Colorado, they have about six locations that’s called alternative care sites. They spend millions and millions of dollars thanks to Governor Polis at those locations. I’m joking probably. You understand that.


SHEPHERD: But $20 million they spent at the Ranch {Budweiser Events Center, Loveland, CO}, by the way, $20 million. They’ve already dismantled the whole thing already. There’s no patients there. Nobody needs them. So, what’s going on with this country? Why are we facing this?

I’ll tell you why we’re facing this. I go back to my Communist time. I was trained to destroy the United States of America. Forgive me for that, God. And forgive, you, me. Please forgive me for that.


SHEPHERD: I trained during the Cold War to destroy the United States physically. Not spiritually, physically. When I say that, that’s how darkness works.

Some people say, oh, it cannot be so bad. I mean, come on, people are not that evil. Yes, there is a lot of evil people in the world. I met many. I worked with many.

So, speaking of vaccines, as you already understand, it’s kind of a strange and questionable situation about the COVID pandemic. It just came just on time. So, if I tell you the COVID pandemic was prepared for the last 19 years in the United States, are you OK with that?


SHEPHERD: Nineteen years, I believe, since 2001, called Operation Dark Winter exercise, biological.

Between 2000 to 2006, I worked in some projects, some classified projects at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site, city of Mercury, for NNSA, National Nuclear Security Agency.

We did some work with DTRA, Defense Threat Reduction Agency. They did some biological tests inside the test site and such things.

It’s a preparation. It’s a long, long wait. They know what they’re doing and they know how they’re doing it. It took a lot of years for them to prepare for this moment, today, in the United States. And globally. It’s a global mission to bring global Communism into every corner of this land. Not only the world, the United States.

The plan of the destruction of the United States right now is going with the full speed. And vaccines are playing a major role in this part.

Now I go back to my history, my military work in Poland and organizations and facilities in the Soviet Union and to Russia, who fully developed many biological weapons of mass destruction, viral, bacterial and such. Mostly genetic weapons.

And I want to name one institution I am familiar with. At that time was Lev Sandachiev, a general, one star, who was the director of that institution. It’s called the VEKTOR Institute in Novosibirsk, Russia.

What is special about this place? What’s special about this place, they built vaccines for people. Vaccines. Innocent vaccines. At least that’s what they told the world.

But what they were building were weaponized viral weapons, genetic, recombinant DNA type, Messenger RNA, Mature RNA type, devices, biological weapons, purified. They’re still doing this after so long, about 40 years, OK?

What strikes me the most, the six companies -– not six — five companies who are actually involved today in production of billions and billions of vaccines, and one special, Pfizer. The coolers are already ready. They’re standing and waiting for the moment to start shipping. Ultra-cold-level freezers.

Pfizer, I will talk with you about Pfizer a little bit more.

But what strikes me the most, the technologic technology, which they’re using, so evolutionary new. It’s all a lie. It’s not revolutionary technologies. The technologies were used 30 years ago in the Soviet Union — and then China and North Korea and Cuba — in laboratories, biological, to develop biological weapons of mass destruction. Same technology as they’re using today to develop vaccines for us. That’s first message.

Second, 1977, USSR/90/77 project. What’s so special about that? It was the H1N1 influenza outbreak. In China first. Swine flu. You heard the swine flu, 2009, H1N1 also. It was happening in 1977, 1978.

So, what’s special about this project? What’s special about this project, that in the city of Leningrad, St. Petersburg today—in fact it worked. They used subway systems to spray weaponized influenza A on the Soviet population, four million-sized people at that time in Leningrad, today St. Petersburg.

Two million people become inoculated, sick from that, when you have special dispersal devices with influenza weaponized virus, something happens.

Why did they choose subways in Leningrad? There are different than other subway systems in the world. They go very deep down there. So, air flow is beautifully controlled, environmental situation here we’re talking about. Around 70,000 people died from that event.

The World Health Organization today, all they know about this is was just a swine flu or simple Russian flu. It has nothing to do with Russia. It’s all about China. It is China. OK?

So, what that means? Why they did that? I’ll tell you why. They prepared vaccines before they spread all that material in the subway systems. And then they inoculated and vaccinated innocent civilians in Leningrad with that new bird flu vaccine that’s supposed to be effective. 70,000 died.

So, hmmm, so many years later, what I’m seeing here today? Is this some kind of repeated Americanized style of Communism coming toward us? What’s going on here?

What’s going on, the most technologies which are used today by Big Pharma, and I already told you, is Messenger RNA technology, which will reprogram our immune system and take control of our immune system. We will no longer control our immune system. It controls us. It releases antibodies at a time when they need to be released.

Let’s go back to Russia again. Russia has a lot of history as you can see. Project “Factor,” a classified project, Moscow, St. Petersburg, early ‘90s. Designers of biological weapons for rheumatoid arthritis, myelitis and lupus erythematosus. They over-stimulate the immune system of people to create super-fast debilitating diseases. How long does it take to develop multiple sclerosis for a person? It takes time. If it’s a biological release, it will only take about two weeks and the person cannot walk anymore.

OK, what’s similar with this? Let’s look at the story of AstraZeneca, one of the U.K. companies, in cooperation with Novavax -– is another company, United States, by the way. I think they’re from Massachusetts or Maryland. Those two develop also a vaccine, a very nice one, Sf9-BV.

The platform of this vaccine used an insect, armored -– how they’re called – Fall Armyworm moth. You know, moth flying? It’s my Russian.


SHEPHERD: Armor moth -– that’s what it is.

So, they took extracted genes from that insect and implemented into the vaccine.

OK, now this is what we will be actually seeing very soon. And I don’t even care about that much about this story.

What I do care about is the immune system. Our immune system will be over stimulated and the reactions won’t be just around the injection site, which is already proven by clinical tests, what they did already.

What else is special about this vaccine from AstraZeneca? Well, they use saponin. Saponin is actually natural soap. It’s grown in the tree, Quillaja, I believe, a name from Chile. It’s a bark from the tree. Big deal.

Well, the big deal is they are used as an adjunct material to stimulate more immune system if it’s not enough. Why do you think some people start developing strong clinical manifestations after they overdose them with this vaccine? Then they said, “oh, we have an excuse; we put too much dose; let’s decrease the dose.”

It has nothing to do with the dose. It’s all about what was inside of that vaccine. This material adjuvant is used to stimulate a strong immune system.

But the problem is its stimulation is toxic. It’s not only destroying cells but it’s also creating hemolysis in the cells. It means the coagulatory system is damaged. It means people will be bleeding to death, but not fast. OK? Not fast. And we start with spleen and then we can talk about the liver a little bit more.

So, OK, all of those guys declare everything is fine and clear. What’s the problem now? There’s no problem. The clinical trials are done superfast, as you know. You’ve heard. You heard them say a few things. Do you think they actually are showing you what actual clinical data is after all of these tests?

Why are they not talking about the Filipino physician who died from that vaccination, for example? How about two women from the U.K. who are now disabled practically? And I still have a question on the subject of that disability. Because one developed Amyloidosis. And it seems to me like all ADEM, Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis. Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis only happened in one person out of 250,000 people. It’s not normal! Vaccinations do not do this!

Then my question is: Why is the myelin affected? Why she started losing intensely her myelin? Myelin is used for what?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The nervous system.

SHEPHERD: Yes, for nerve signal. That’s what it’s for. When you have damaged myelin, the signal is disturbed. It’s cannot go from axons to dendrites anymore normally. She barely walked a few months ago and they said the recovery will be two years. I don’t believe recovery will happen at all.

But that’s not the point. The point is why this has happened with her. All clinical trials were done only on healthy medically examined and tested adults. And she was healthy at that time.

So, what’s the story here? Let’s go back to the project “Factor” again. Russian Federation, the classified project “Factor,” when they did tests on the myelin and depletion of myelin. The same technology used for the development of biological weapons in Russia in the early 90s.

What is going on? How did Big Pharma know all of that stuff?

Well, some people came; defectors came. You don’t know their names. I know only one name. Sergei Popov is his name. He was specialized in designing bioweapons for the Russian Federation. He worked in the VEKTOR Institute and other locations. Finally, the CIA found him in Texas many years ago. I don’t know where he is now. But he has enough knowledge to help somebody for good money.

I am not blaming anybody. I’m not using names. But you need to understand that there’s a lot of evil science in the world, OK? There’s a lot of evil science. And a lot of evil scientists. OK. How deeply evil of them.

OK. My question to you, biological weapons, why are they used? Because it’s developed from the body of a died doctor. OK? Nikolai Ustinov is his name. He died in 1988 when he made a mistake. He injected himself, his thumb, with the needle, with a Marburg hemorrhagic virus, weaponized already. Instead of the mouse, he cut himself. Obviously, the animal did not want to get that injection. He got it. He died very fast, in one week. He bled to death.

All right, that’s the story. You can read all this about him.

But what happened next is interesting. They preserved his body for some time and took some organs and actually created biological weapon, Marburg U, virus, after his name. And that Marburg U biological weapon is the strongest hemorrhagic fever biological weapon that’s ever existed in the world. And it’s still inside the Russian stockpile.

OK? How many can be affected by this {Marburg U bioweapon}? Well, many, one or two million in one shot in an urban area, New York or L.A. Probably a three or four-week time. No vaccine, no treatment, and never will be!

What kind of crazy person can develop something which kills everything, including themselves? It’s all about distance, my friend. An ocean separates the Soviet Union from the United States. Iron Curtain. It means it’s shut down.

Can you go over to North Korea at any time recently? Anybody visited? Good luck. Try to penetrate that country. That’s serious stuff.

They build biological weapons without resolution. What that means is kill as many as possible, as much as possible, as fast as possible.

OK, as far as the Russians, I mean, they’re all crazy. I understand that.


SHEPHERD: Yes, they’re crazy. In fact, they have a technology that built a biomass of smallpox, 200 metric tons annually. 200 metric tons of smallpox, weaponized, by the Russians can be built in one year. Why? 50 kilograms can kill the whole world in 100 days. Why do you need 200 tons?

Because they’re all crazy. Because Lucifer does not hold boundaries. And when men follow Lucifer, men become Satan himself. And we have those today who are working for Big Pharma and those like Bill Gates who actually serve him. That man put so much money into so many things. All vaccine companies are controlled by him. All of them.

Do you know how many vaccines are actually built in the world today for COVID? Almost 200 modalities–200! Every nation is trying to build something. And only six are chosen for the United States, especially. And all those six, actually five of them, are Messenger RNA technology. Messenger RNA technology is unknown for human beings. It’s never been tested before.

So, tell me, please -– I just simply ask you a simple, simple question. It’s a logical question. Following the CDC, the recovery rate from COVID-19, is 99.8 percent. I will repeat myself, 99.8 percent recovery rate with this disease. Deadliest in the world disease. We’re all afraid of it. I’m still trying to find somebody to meet who actually had it. Three or four days and gone. HCQ and you take some zinc and you’re alright, OK? It’s a less mortality rate than the seasonal flu. In fact, the mortality rate {for Covid-10} is only 0.1, 0.5 percent. So, what is the problem? Please, tell me.

Now, stop yourself and think. With this doubtful situation, we need to vaccinate seven billion people on earth and very, very fast. What’s wrong with this picture? I want to ask you just a logical question. What’s wrong with this picture?

Mask wearing? I feel free in this room today, all right? I don’t see masks on your faces. (Cheering and applause)
SHEPHERD: I don’t see distancing.
(Cheering and applause)

SHEPHERD: And I don’t see lockdowns of this church, OK?

So, what the heck is that about? H1N1, swine flu, 2009, 67 million ill people in the United States. 67 million diagnosed with the swine flu, 2009. Any masks? Any lockdowns? Any distancing?

So, what’s the problem today in 2020 with the strange ghost virus–coronavirus? It’s so scary. There’s so much inside of me, I’m shaking. So, what’s the problem here? The problem is an agenda. This is a problem.

And let me tell you something else, if you were not sure before. I believe every public department in this nation is infiltrated with Communists today. I believe every state government and federal government is infiltrated with Communists today.

This is why you have a lockdown and mask wearing and all of that other stuff. They’re just following the Chinese style of response. Because the Chinese know what to do about it.

Have we become a Communistic country? Do we have any freedom left inside of us, if not outside? So, what is wrong with us as a nation, as a republic?

It’s an agenda! Please, understand. The message is urgent. And this is why I am talking today about these companies, like Pfizer.

And now let’s talk about treason. All six companies are deeply connected to Chinese manufacturers and Chinese research companies. I’ll just give a few examples.

Pfizer. Yesterday, on the news, 90%, great results. Everybody, the savior has come, the savior has come to the world to save us, all right? Two injections, 21 days apart, no problem, OK?

So, what

s the problem then? I’ll tell you what the problem is. They forgot to tell us something very important. Pfizer is working with BioNTech, a German company. German company and Pfizer are working with Fosun Pharmaceuticals from Shanghai, China.

Oh, yeah! How do they work with them? They develop vaccines for us. Such a big deal. Chinese develop vaccines for us. So what?

Now, we’re talking about BIB a little bit more, Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, and Academy of Medical Military Science of China.

What I’m trying to tell you is that all companies who are trying to build billions of doses of vaccines in the United States are connected to the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army. It means Chinese Military Biodefense.

And to prove that statement even more, I need to talk about Chen Wei. She’s a general. She is a one-star general in biodefense. It’s not biodefense. It’s the bioweaponry complex of China. She is the head of all vaccination projects in China–all. And she has direct access to all vaccination companies in connection with United States providers.

This is treason, people. Can you see what is coming to us? Do you think China loves you? Do you think the Chinese military will not take an opportunity?

Is that all of the examples? No, it’s not all examples. Clover, another company, Chinese, also working with BIB. They are all directly working with them. CanSino is another Chinese company also.

So, they all connected to AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson –- actually, it’s through Janssen, another company, not Chinese actually, but with very deep roots in China, since the ‘80s.

So, what I’m trying to tell you? I’m trying to tell you we have a problem. I’m trying to tell you that side effects, which were covered during the clinical trials — and it’s not very clear — they don’t even know what kind of side effects happen in two to three years from now.

A normal vaccination should take five, 10, 15 years to develop a new vaccine. Up to 15 years is a normal vaccine’s time. Now it’s squished into two or three months?

Secretly–it was not two or three months. It was ready a long time ago. Maybe years ago. I hate to tell you.

When I read a paper from Moderna, I almost choked when I found that they proclaimed on January 11 and 12, 2020, when for the first time the Chinese CDC (a world-trusted organization – right) –was sponsored and fed by Bill Gates directly, by the way. That organization {Chinese CDC} said: “We sent the gene sequence {SARS 2 CoV}, the first five genomes for the whole world to see.”

Oh, thank you very much, Chinese from Wuhan. It’s wonderful news. Then Moderna said they developed a vaccine after that, when they received the {Chinese} samples in three hours!


SHEPHERD: Three hours. You understand. You know why? Because all of these vaccines were built with algorithms. It’s mechanical. It’s all built with algorithms. It’s so computerized.

They’re trying to reprogram us now. They used a vaccine computerization to reprogram our bodies actually. Then they tell me more. Messenger RNA technology cannot reach the nucleus of the cell. No way. It’s not reissued DNA. Don’t worry, people. It will not change your DNA. Are you sure? It’s not what I heard from Russia when they did tests with Mature Messenger RNA and injected that stuff right straight into the nucleus. Though they did use different materials–they did different techniques with gold foil, zinc foil and such, all this.

Now they’re using more advanced technology based on the Chinese like CRISPR. You’ve probably heard of that technology. When they start messing around with embryos. Yes? Yes, it’s all human done. Everything is done. Do you think it’s Soviets? Oh, yeah. No, no, no, we’re not doing this. We’d never do that. Are you sure? When you have an agenda? And you should be dedicated to this agenda?

OK, agenda. What agenda? The global Communism. That’s an agenda. And it’s already here inside the United States. It’s not coming. It’s already here. Please understand that. We have a very short time, people. Very short time.

So, in a few weeks or maybe November 15th, I don’t know, in five days from now, this shipment will start moving and people start vaccinating. Essential personnel, hospital providers, first responders and all of those public health nurses who need to inject all of us with these vaccines.

And they don’t even know what to do because they need to use dry ice, 160 pounds of dry ice, for the pizza box. They call it pizza boxes, 1,000 vials inside. They can burn their fingers. Nobody’s trained. They just go and do it. Hey, not a problem. I don’t have dry ice. We don’t have dry ice. You know, Albertson’s {grocery store} will maybe have dry ice. Public health departments do not have dry ice.

My expectation from all of these vaccines, ultra-cold-type vaccines, the problem is not just safety. They are unstable. For five, six, seven hours in the cold temperature — under the warm temperature, in the room temperature, they might start changing their structure.

I don’t even know if they are actually for the COVID disease at all. I’m kind of trying to push on you this idea a little bit. Are you sure this is what it’s all about, this so-called pandemic, with a 99.8% recovery rate? And the whole world needs to be vaccinated fast. Then we’re talking about digital I.D.s and we’re talking about immunization certifications and all kinds of stuff. There’s a lot of stuff developed.

A few more minutes. DARPA. DARPA is a dark organization, the United States military. It actually was opened in the ‘50s, a counterpart of the Soviet Union. I don’t know if you know this. $100 billion was dedicated after September 11th to biological projects, dark biological projects of the United States. $100 billion. That’s a lot of money, isn’t it?

So, do you think they are all buying some embryos and growing smallpox or some of the old- school stuff? Oh, no, they’ve advanced very far, in fact. All six, all six vaccination companies, who are building vaccines for the United States, all are in deep relation and financial affiliations from DARPA directly, military, the United States.

Why such a close relation? Let’s talk about Moderna.  Moderna is another mRNA-type technological vaccine. They’ve had a close relation with DARPA since 2013.

One full colonel -– oh, his German name then – Wattendorf is his name. At that time, he was a full colonel Air Force. He gets an idea. Oh, we want to do antibodies very fast for all soldiers and civilian populations. We want to prevent the effects of these biological weapons from Russians in 60 days.

Oh, good idea. We have $219 million we give you. You have a good idea. Not for his pocket. I’m talking about for your project. Moderna came and started working on that project. So Moderna now–I’m not surprised– is sponsored by DARPA deeply, very deeply.

Is that all that they do? No. It’s a project to build autonomous system, which is supposed to use the best antibodies from the soldier after the blood extraction, from him, and multiply them {antibodies} quickly.

And now we’re coming to the box. Project “Box.” What’s the project? I call this Box. It’s not the Project “Box.” Actually, it’s called “Container 666.”

Oh. You know, yes, Lucifer loves to show up sometimes. Is that right? All the time, everywhere. Patent for vaccines, 060606. OK, Bill Gates, I know you love the number. I understand.

The military in the United States also loves that number. Not the whole military, the special military, biodefense projects. They’re not working for us. They are working for globalization projects. They’re working for the U.N. and the World Health Organization. That’s who they’re working for. OK?

So, what is special about that box or container, size 666? It doesn’t make sense. It should be about eight feet by eight feet. Doesn’t need to be six {feet}. OK, fine.

The project is called “Nucleus Access On Demand Now.” That’s the name of the project. Kind of strange. OK, fine.

The point is, what they want to do, they want to build this mobile transportation complex {to develop vaccines in a superfast timeframe}. It looks like a container. Inside of that container, you will see a lot of different instrumentation. And that container can produce hundreds and hundreds of vaccines in a few days, very fast. Supposedly, only to fight biological terrorism.

My goodness, I’ve been waiting for the biological terrorism for 20 years in the United States. And I’m not talking about biological terrorism when they sent that Senator -– I don’t remember his name -– in the mail a bunch of anthrax. Oh, my gosh, we’re all going to die. All right? And the roots of the biological terrorism came from some fort, some kind of fort, all right, in the United States. And the person who was accused on it hanged himself. It’s a different story. They helped him to hang himself.

But the point is — it’s not the point here. The point is they want to send these boxes all over the world, not only in the United States. So, let’s say every state had this {mobile} complex in place, OK? Oh, my gosh, something happened. I heard a biological release occurred. Really? Hey, come on, the container is coming. We’re coming to help you.

It’s OK, we’ve been doing this on soldiers. I’ve got a lot of stuff inside of me, since I was 17 years old, all right, all kind of revolutionary vaccinations. In fact, there wasn’t any revolutionary vaccinations because Russia today has the most-advanced immune-stimulation of solders.

I was running half naked in the state of Leningrad, minus 20 degrees Celsius, and I could not get sick. I wanted to get sick. I could not get sick. That’s what those vaccines can do to you. They stimulate the immune system, even our autoimmune system is stimulated. That’s how much. Then you kind of get sleepy for a few weeks.

But the point is you are untouchable at that point. How untouchable is it? I worked with the project “Multi-Drug Resistance Tuberculosis.” They did not allow me and other teams to have masks on. They were coughing in our faces. And you breath in, friend, I want to see if our vaccines work on you. So, I was a guinea pig for many years myself. We only lost one guy. He lost a half a lung due to tuberculosis. Everybody else? Nothing. Nothing. OK? Yes, they did a lot of different projects under the subject of immune-stimulation.

And I’m concerned about these vaccines now because all of them can overstimulate the immune system because we’re losing control of our bodies over them. That is not good news.

So, go back to those boxes, containers. Now imagine how fast they can develop that vaccine for us. In two days. No clinical trials at all. Immediately, the injection.

Oh, do you like that? Do you like to be immediately injected by something not even having been tested at all? Because the military told you so? But it’s coming, people. It’s coming. Unfortunately. Because we’re losing our freedoms. We are losing our freedoms fast.

So, I decided to come out from the darkness because I was in darkness for a long time. Whatever I talk today with you is a lot more. I don’t have time enough to talk about this.

But the problem is we’re all duped by federal and state and local governments. I’m sorry to put it this way directly to you.

During the Obama administration, for eight years they infiltrated every department possible in the United States with leftist ideology. Those people not just came there. I met a lot of people who had no educational right to hold program management positions or be senior administrators at all. They’re not related.

How did you get the job? Not your business. OK. What do you like the most? I love equality in any shape. I don’t like private properties. I don’t — let’s give this all away. Let’s give nothing and love our government to death. Only one problem. Don’t forget eugenics.

And now I’ll talk about Pfizer again. I cannot cover every vaccine company but Pfizer is coming on board very soon. I researched Pfizer’s three Messenger RNA formulations {the vaccine contains 3 different mRNA formulations}. Not even one. Three Messenger RNA’s coming into your body with different purposes. Some purposes are innocent, some not, and some are questionable. But it’s patented.

Who tells you? It’s a secret so we cannot talk to you. I cannot talk to you about that, I’m sorry. It’s classified. OK, I understand. I feel already comfortable and cozy in my tummy.


SHEPHERD: OK? Now the problem about this only one single Pfizer organization is this. They’re using nanoparticles, lipides, three or four lipides used. Lipoplex and Polyplex, and something else. I don’t remember.

The point is they put the Messenger RNA between lipides like a sandwich and that goes into the cell, penetrating the neighboring cell without any problem. It goes deep inside. OK, fine. It’s not supposed to reach the nucleus of the cell at all. It’s not supposed to reach the DNA or our human genome. It’s not supposed to.

But the problem — forget about human immune system right now even, I want to say something else. All that material that I just researched yesterday and found information — all have PEG, or PEGylated artificial synthetic material.

So, what is the PEGylated material all about? This material is practically plastic. But it’s not just plastic. This plastic is not biodegradable and will not degrade {break down} inside of your body.

And there’s more into it, the story line. It will affect your offspring more than you. How? Psychological affects, mostly paranoia, psychopathy’s of all kinds, and neurological effects for sure. So, we’ve built the next generation of children in the United States with such effects that it will be disastrous.

Well, it’s not happening. You know, we’re just looking at the local effects, a little boo-boo in there in the arm. So what?

I want to look not at the boo-boo in the arm and a little inflammation, or little edema. I want to look, two, three, five, six years from now. That’s what I like to look at.

So, forgive me if I say that — and I hope I cross some kind of ideas in your mind — but I call all of these vaccinations against COVID-19 biological weapon of mass destruction!  And I call it 3-G, global genetic genocide. And this is coming not only to the United States, but the whole world.

Well, everybody estimates this and everybody estimates that but the truth is, with these kinds of vaccines untested properly, with revolutionary technology and side effects that we don’t even know, we can expect millions of people will be gone!

That is a dream of Bill Gates and eugenicists. He is sleeping and dreaming about this. The fewer human beings even better, less mouths to feed, less water to drink, less air to breathe. We’ve already put masks on ourselves so we’re not breathing too much. So good, good, good. OK.

SHEPHERD: The Baal system loves it, OK?

So, if you say to me, well, that’s all with the North Korea crazy people or Russia, you know, Putin and all that stuff, and all the bunch of killers there. Oh, no. It’s not the leftovers of Communism at all. They’re here. They’re present.

If you think the Soviet Union collapsed, ah, the Soviet Union collapsed on time to collapse. They all went to the shadows. And now, in the United States, those who were in the shadows for a long time are coming out. And they’re not nice people. They don’t work for us. They don’t work for this republic.

Who do they work for? The U.N., WHO, the World Health Organization, and, of course, the group of special, the very special people. Don’t talk about them. It’s not even 1%. They’re more special. It’s .5% of those. Do not talk about them because they’ll control all of us.

And honestly, with this current vaccination campaign, we’ll all be guinea pigs. So, let’s see what happens in five, seven, 10 years from now. Do you think they’ll give us that much time? I think we’ll see this a lot sooner and a lot more aggressive.

And then they can blame as both Plan One plus Plan B. First, they vaccinate us. And then maybe something else happens, something else. Oh, a second pandemic comes but something different. You know what? It’s not SARS anymore, SARS-2. It’s not Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It looks like viruses. It’s probably mutated.

Every time a virus mutates, they tell the public it’s become more infectious, more deadly, and bad. Every single time. We’re not dealing any more in this wintertime with the SARS-2. It’s already mutated into something else that they have no name even. The name is actually just a sinister code for COVID cases. That’s what it’s all about.

People have adenoviruses and rhinoviruses, a little cold in their noses, and they immediately, what, justify it, that its COVID. Let’s do the test. Oh, I don’t have time for tests.

I need another hour to talk with you about the RT-PCR tests and all these antibody tests and BinaxNOW tests and all of that, special tests, because they’re all adjusted to specific messages. And not by us. They came from some special manufacturing companies.

And don’t call me, pleas,e a conspiracy theorist.

You know, my wife, my beautiful wife right there, June, and it’s her why I have become actually a Christian in 1992. She brought salvation to my life.


SHEPHERD: Well, on to say, 2004, we wrote a book. You won’t find the book probably anywhere. I don’t care. I’m not selling anything to you at all. It’s 16 years ago, “Inside the Red Zone,” about my life, miserable, all right? And not miserable in Christ after that.

But the point is they call us conspiracy theorists. Sixteen years ago, we talked about the New World Order is coming. That global Communism is coming. Wake up. Open your eyes, please. Do something about it. “Does America plan to do something about it?” my question is.

But you know what? When we add Christ — and that’s a good use for us — we always have a home. We are going into a dark, dark winter. In fact, we’ve going into a dark century, if we even survive that century at all. We’re going on the gray dark clouds and it’s not a joke. That’s why my message is urgent to you.

I want to say, if we believe in the Word of God, then we need to believe completely. In Isaiah 56 — 54:17, I believe, or 56, he said no weapons formed against me shall prosper. And we’ll stick to this. Because it’s a heritage of servants of the Lord. He gave us that for free, OK? Those who are in me will not suffer.

What’s coming here is bigger, bigger than all of us. The Lord is a lot bigger than them, OK? That’s why without him, we simply perish. America needs repentance first. That’s what America needs.

You have to choose in your life. What do you want to do about it all? Because they are coming to you, to your families. They will take everything from you!

We’re finding out now about small businesses and Polis. That polis is a puppet, a little puppet with nothing. It has nothing to do with (INAUDIBLE). All small businesses will be gone with the wind, completely gone under Communism. Your whole private properties will be gone under Communism. Your livelihood and desires, your dreams will be gone under Communism.

Well, it’s come. It’s ugly. It’s very ugly and Luciferian. What can you expect from Lucifer? More than nothing for us. And if you bow down to this, and if you bow down to this before the Baal, it will not save your life anywhere. You think you’ll take the vaccine and everything will be dandy and OK?

I’ll tell you what’s happening with the United States in 2021 and 2022 for sure. That vaccine will become common and a semi-annual event. Mandatory for all.

I lived under mandatory vaccinations for half of my life in the Soviet Union. You don’t ask questions. In fact, you don’t even ask what they are injecting inside of you. You just do it. That’s what the Chinese do today. They’re not asking questions. It’s not a good world to live in. Not a good world to live in. OK?

So, with this to say, I just want to tell you that — I think I screamed too much today. It’s emotional. You know, I’m not an emotional person. I’ve never been emotional. The Lord made me emotional.

SHEPHERD: I never cried at all, you know?

But with these globalists in the war with the United States, a hundred million {citizens} gone, a hundred million here. Who cares when you are under the umbrella of the Baal system?

But when Christ pulls you out of that swamp, then you open your eyes and say, “oh, my God, what I have done”? I’m glad we all can be forgiven. And it’s a wonderful thing for us.

But I just wanted to tell you, get ready for the hardest ride of your lifetime. You might see things you’ve never seen before in this country. You will not recognize this country. In six to eight months, you will not recognize this country at all. And you say,” oh, my God, what has happened”? Where are you God? Why do you lift your hands away from this republic?

Without HIM, we all perish into the darkness of the Baal system. And that Baal system has no mercy. It never has; it never will.

So, I want to thank you. I know I’m one minute over. (Laughter)
SHEPHERD: I tried my best.

SHEPHERD: Thank you very much. And you know, if you have any questions, please ask. UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Yes, we’re going to take questions.
SHEPHERD: I’ll answer to the best of my abilities. Thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Wow. Did you fasten your seatbelts before he started speaking? (Laughter)

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: So, I was blown away when we talked to Igor and his wife. Just everything that we’ve read, everything that we’ve studied — we’re all researchers — it’s conspiratorial, right, and people write it off. And if you’re like me, you took it and you put it on a shelf. You know, we’ll see. But little by little, we’re seeing it being fulfilled now rapidly all the time.

And here’s Igor and June confirming it’s not just a conspiracy. We’re not crazy. We’re not nuts. We’re not extreme. It’s really happening.

So, please, write your questions. We’ll have some people collecting questions and bringing them forward just like we do at every meeting.

I just want to encourage everybody, part of what we’re doing with Keep Colorado Free and Open is we’re forming a community. We’re like-minded.

Doesn’t it feel good to come every couple of weeks and know that you’re not alone, that there are other people who thing the same way?


(Cheering and applause)

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Who have seen the same things that you’ve seen, who believe the same things that you do?

We don’t have to be uniform in what we believe and what we think. But we all know that what is going on around us and what we’re being told does not match the facts. We see that the data doesn’t add up. We see that the mandates don’t make sense with what’s going on. We know that the tests are corrupted. We know that the data is corrupted. We know that we’re being lied to.

But it’s so big that we don’t know how to take it on. It’s David and Goliath, right?

Igor’s right, the answer is in Christ. And we have to bond together as a group. We have to bond together as a community. And we’re going to need each other to make it through what’s coming.

It’s a complete downer. I wish sometimes for more hope. And there’s hope beyond this. But in the immediate times, we need to be prepared.

All right, I have some questions coming in. We’ll come over here. SHEPHERD: All right.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: All right. How do you have a job in public health, given your perspective, Igor?


SHEPHERD: Well, yes. Actually, I’m glad seven years ago, I got this job in the state public health department. I know a lot and maybe too much.

If you ask me how deeply I’m enjoying the job, well, I don’t anymore. And I don’t know. I guess I’m glad that I see some things that other people might not and I can analyze some things that people cannot and that’s helped. Who knows how long I’ll be around?

Yes, a lot of people say today, well, my, you’re still alive. Yes, I’m still alive, OK. You still have a job. Yes, I still have a job.

It’s not about the public health department. It’s about coming out of the shadows and crying out to people. That’s what it’s all about. Because we’re in a situation when you need to do that.


SHEPHERD: You just need to do that. Christian, un-Christian, I don’t care, you need to do that. You need to go and speak to others, please.

So, yes, I enjoyed working for the public health department for some time. I cannot say that I do now because I see what’s happening. I see that they knowingly or unknowingly are following the Baal system.

The Baal system is in place already in the United States. You just are not seeing it yet but its ugly teeth are already coming out. And like I told you, most public health departments have infiltration already for many years, and this is what it is.

So, I just want to say, well, that’s where I am for now. My lucky number is seven, usually, so. (Laughter)
UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Can I tell them what you told us about -– well —
SHEPHERD: About the — no, you can talk free.


SHEPHERD: I’m not -–


UNIDENTIFIED HOST: He told us I may not have a job in six to eight months.

SHEPHERD: Well, like I said —

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: I mean, he’s taking a risk by coming out here and talking to people.

SHEPHERD: It’s OK. I mean, I’ve been in more precarious situations in my life. And, you know, you don’t like when CIA is knocking on your door and asking you for free dinner. I did that.

SHEPHERD: All right, that’s fine. They don’t know much, by the way. (Laughter)
SHEPHERD: That’s a different story, all right?

SHEPHERD: So, they think they know. And they pretend they know. But they don’t. There’s other agencies much more qualified, but that’s a different story.


UNIDENTIFIED HOST: All right, so here’s three questions that are pretty similar. So, can you talk about chipping and surveillance in the vaccinations, technology for tracking and tracing people, and the whole technocracy and globalist desire to control every aspect of our lives?

So, all of this chipping and surveillance and tracking.

SHEPHERD: Well, we’re already tracked already; you just don’t know. Toss your cell phones and you’ll be free, maybe. All right.

Speaking of tracking and everything else, one thing I forgot, which might not be related or too related–5G. When we turn the 5G on after the vaccinations with these vaccines, some things might occur, OK? And when I say some things, I’m not talking about you’ll be brainwashed or something like this.

Though, I believe these vaccines are the first step in the transformational synchronization of your body. The more vaccines will be added to you annually, in the form of mandatory or not, because they either create links and bigger genetic shifts inside, which shifts more and more away from your human genome God gave you, OK? At some point in life, it will not be returned. I don’t know when this will happen. A lot of people (INAUDIBLE).

Surveillance? Listen, I heard some stories and I was looking for solid evidence. Because of Google and Oracle, two big operations working closely with the CIA and NSA, they have some projects actually. And I heard rumors that they actually put biochips into the vaccines for two years and, after that, they disappear so they can actually control your temperature, your feelings, whatever it is.

First of all, if they put something in you, it will not disappear in two years, all right? It will not. They don’t self-destruct. They can do self-destruction on your human body, that’s a different story. In two years, surprisingly. That’s a different story.

So, surveillance, they’re talking about bandages with all kinds of hydrogel, OK? And a lot of companies are doing all kinds of stuff like this? Yes, that is correct.

But the point is, again, what I’m seeing from my personal experience in Communism, you still have your soul, but you don’t own it. Does that make sense? You belong to the state, including your soul. Does that make sense?

I was born under Communism. I didn’t know nothing else. I thought it was normal until Christ told me, no, it’s not. There’s no truth in that. It’s a lie. Then you say, whoa, light bulb there.

Now this type of Communism is technocratic Communism. It’s a Communism with which to completely control you. But you don’t even need one million “snitches” all over the place like in the Soviet Union, sniffing around, OK? It’ll all be done by artificial intelligence. And unfortunately, yes, we’re at that level now, absolutely.

Do I want to, excuse me, tell everybody when I go to the bathroom and for how long? And why you’re flushing so much water? You should not flush so much water anymore. We need to save for the environment that water, I’m sorry.

SHEPHERD: OK? That’s global Communism. It’s a control. Yes, that’s what it is.

So, I don’t know if I answered the question. But, yes, levels of surveillance are different. NSA thinks they know all. They don’t know all.

Nobody knows all but God. Lucifer thinks he knows all but he doesn’t. And that’s his downfall, by the way.

So, I’ll be waiting when his house starts dividing, which will happen eventually. Because it’s all about the power and nothing else.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: All right, want to clap for that one? (Cheering and applause)

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: All right, so explain how Dr. Fauci is connected with Moderna. And how involved is Donald Trump with all of this? And do you plan to have a conversation with him? Because he promotes the vaccine, right?

SHEPHERD: Yes, from what I heard, yes, he seems like he promotes vaccines. And, well, $10 billion dollars dedicated for that effort.

Now, Fauci, well -– Fauci!
SHEPHERD: It’s not about insignificance. It has nothing to do with this, all right?

I’ve met in my life Faucis’ in the Soviet Union plenty. And I’m not saying he’s a brilliant or not- brilliant virologist. I’m not talking about this at all.

I know he has interest in Moderna. I know he has stocks in not only Moderna, but in other organizations. And that’s why they push a lot of specific companies and significant companies, like Moderna or Novavax, who never produced nothing good at all, except losing money.

But they put stocks in them because it was the time to put stocks in them. They know how to manipulate the market. They know how to manipulate people. It’s very easy.

So Fauci, I don’t know, he was very heavy — I should not tell you this. It’s not about him. I know he has been a longtime sitting director for the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases. Since the ‘80s.

SHEPHERD: The ‘80s, yeah. A long time, yes. HIV, hero of HIV. Right.

I have no evidence of anything. I just speak from my experience. The same years I was sitting in different military organizations, medical, in Leningrad, and listening to lectures of some colonels, professors from the Soviet military–they never mentioned him by name, of course not. But they did mention something that struck me and I remember it until this day. HIV was developed by the United States Department of Defense and tested on the African population first.

It’s a biological weapon, tested, and with prolonged effects. It’s been going on for many years. So many billions of dollars taken by some organizations, too.

Fine, HIV, let’s create vaccine now. Do you know how many years have already passed? Forty or more? And we’re still not there. We never will be there. That’s actually a capitalistic way to do things, isn’t it?


SHEPHERD: Yeah. Yeah, I’ll give you a pill —


SHEPHERD: — but it only works by 10% to 50%. I’ll give you another pill in another few years. You buy this one now. And we can keep it going.

So, I did not say that he was involved in the operations. I just know that the operations was done by the United States military in Africa. And, hey, that’s all I can say about that.

So, I don’t know personally, Fauci–I don’t want to know him. He’s wearing too many masks and I cannot see his face.

SHEPHERD: He is faceless to me. (Laughter)

SHEPHERD: Oh, well. Now we will go into a sensitive area, yes, Donald Trump. OK. He’s a businessman, is that right? He’s always been. “Apprentice,” I love that show actually. Wonderful show.

SHEPHERD: You know, all that. He made a lot of money on that show.

I’ll tell you about what I don’t like about Donald Trump. And I’ll be honest with you. He’s saying that he cares about people but I’m not sure because he is pushing vaccines. And he is pushing vaccines fast.

But the problem about vaccines, before pushing so fast and so powerfully, he invested 50% of the funds from the Pentagon. This is not something I would do.

First, I say, why do I need to give this kind of stuff to people, still untested, by the way, in the name of what? So, is it the business? Is it some proposition? Is it some direction or some, you know, plan?

I know many people love Donald Trump. He has charisma. He can speak. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Kind of.
SHEPHERD: Kind of, yes. He out-did himself sometimes.

SHEPHERD: But the problem is I believe he’s a globalist. In fact, he said that. I think he is more globalist than nationalist. That’s all I can say.

So, you can disagree with me or agree. But I think history really will reveal a lot of things about Donald Trump someday. That’s all I can tell you.

Right now, what I am concerned about is that a lot of negative things happen in this country because of politics. A lot of very bad stuff has happened here. And they are still happening. And it’s even worse now {under Trump’s presidency}.

So, I wish to see the leaders of this nation stop that mess; not talk about the mess, the stopping actually. Stop it. Stop lockdowns. Say, hey, state government, shut up, OK? You will not lockdown that many people. I don’t want to lose the jobs. Shut up. OK? Find your guts. Say it. Are you agreeing with them? So, what’s the problem? What’s the story?

So, I usually count a man by his actions. That’s all. I don’t count a man by his verbal expressions. I need to see actions behind it. So I am trying to be politically correct.


UNIDENTIFIED HOST: OK, so here’s another combination of questions. So, who do we trust in the current government? What is the end goal? And what is the reason for wanting to test people for COVID?

SHEPHERD: The reason for testing?
SHEPHERD: Well, the reason -– OK, I’ll start actually on, well, who can we trust in government. UNIDENTIFIED HOST: No one.

SHEPHERD: You know what? How to answer this better? The government is “we the people,” isn’t that right? They {politicians} have the same flesh as us,  but are more corrupt than us –- you know, they have bigger salaries, bigger connections, bigger stocks and all of this other stuff.

Who can I trust? I trust we, the people. Maybe that would be a good answer. You. I trust you. And I’m not a politician and never will be. I trust you. Because without you, we don’t have a republic.

What I believe is politicians are destroying this republic. And I believe they need to be prosecuted for that crime. The crime of treason. I mentioned about treason with China. They sold us; they sold us out for pennies. Maybe a little more than pennies actually.

When I heard vaccines are coming from the Chinese military and need to accept that in my body, I better die first because I know, if I accept it, it will be a slow death, OK? If I accept it, I’m on my knees before the Baal system. And Communistic China is not the greatest example of life for me, personally.

What’s another question? See, my mind is going somewhere else now. (Laughter)
SHEPHERD: Perhaps it was less on something —

SHEPHERD: Oh, the testing. OK. Well, creating a chain reaction. Wonderful deaths. The —


UNIDENTIFIED HOST: But why are they doing it? Yeah, why?

SHEPHERD: Well, then I ask you a question. Why did the creator of the test die a few months before COVID started?

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: It was coincidental.
SHEPHERD: Oh, yeah. A lot of things are coincidental.
SHEPHERD: It happens in Russia today.
SHEPHERD: Yeah, I understand. Somebody falls from window and all of that kind of stuff. (Laughter)
SHEPHERD: Dies from a heart attack.

Yes, I knew one. You know, it was a director of the ultra-pure bio-preparations from Russia. He built super-black bioweapons. By mistake, he came into the U.K. Do not go in the U.K. if you’re researching designer bioweapons. They take out of you everything and they kill you after that. That’s what has happened with him.

So, tests, they are all fixed by the World Health Organization. The amplification of the PCR test is very high now, 42/45 amplifications. Everybody is positive with that test. Everybody. It should be 27/30 and no more. Do you think they did this by mistake? No. There’s no mistake in there of any kind.

Now, antibody tests. What has it shown to me? Nothing. That I was exposed at some time in the past with some kind of coronavirus. There are seven types of coronaviruses in the world, seven, which can affect humans, and about a few hundred, which can affect animals.

So, which one? A little fragmentation found that we built with an amplified piece {piece of genome} and, whoa, that’s a COVID right here.

It’s doesn’t even look like COVID. You know why? A secret that I will tell you. That’s not a secret. No isolate of the virus so far has been found in the world, a purified isolate of SARS-2 COVID virus. It’s does not exist, OK? It’s a bunch of stuff, formulations, fragmentations with an environmental mess inside. And that’s what they call COVID. Not the COVID, SARS-2 virus.

So, all of this testing is something else then. Remember that I told you in the beginning this is kind of strange for them. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. And even if it’s actually done, it’s done by the Chinese laboratory, not by nature.

Another little secret, the coronavirus does not create any “waves” at all. They {virus} comes and they’re gone. Two examples, the 2003 SARS, came, gone, 10 months. MERS, Middle Eastern coronavirus, came, gone. I think this was 2012.

Now this one is special. It’s coming in waves. It’s just coming back and coming back. Do you know for how long?


SHEPHERD: We heard of the different versions {of this pandemic} from special people, yes. You know, all those special people there. (INAUDIBLE). Up to 10 years we’ll be stuck with these masks, up to 2030. You like this? You’ll like the mandatory masks on you for years? Because COVID will still be here.

Oh, my god, it’s killing somebody, I don’t know where. (Laughter)
SHEPHERD: And how and what and who. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: God, he’s good.

SHEPHARD: Anyway, that’s about tests.
So another question.
UNIDENTIFIED HOST: What do you really think?


SHEPHERD: What do I really think?


SHEPHERD: So, I’m going around like a politician, yeah, OK, fine.


UNIDENTIFIED HOST: No, no. I’m teasing you.

SHEPHERD: OK. Yeah, all right.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Because you’re fun. All right.


UNIDENTIFIED HOST: So how do we stop this? How do we stop the mandates? And how do we escape from this and avoid getting immunized?


SHEPHERD: There is no escape, I’m sorry. I mean, I’ve made my peace. My wife and I, we have made our peace with God. I made my peace.

So, what this means, is it all hopeless? No. If we have God on our side, nothing is hopeless at all.

The question is, is God lifting HIS hands over this republic. That’s the question of the day. Is he behind us?

So, what I should tell you — in fact, I mentioned the word “repentance” once already. We all need to repent in America, OK? We all need to repent. There’s been closed eyes to so many sins and problems. We have put into power bad politicians who are not serving us and not serving God. That’s the number one problem.

So, what should be done about all of this? If I say something strange to you, like rise up, resist, and fight–oh, Second Amendment–we still have the Second Amendment in this country.

SHEPHERD: I’m kind of trying to understand. I never had any amendment in the Soviet Union. The Chinese don’t have any amendments. Australians don’t have any amendments. Maybe that’s why the police officers are dragging people out of the cars by their hair if they don’t have a mask on.

Do we need that kind of life? I don’t think we deserve it. Or maybe we are deserving it.

Then fight. Then raise up. Then unite. Then unite. How can we unite? Well, you’re united right now, all of us sitting here. Nobody has left yet. I was waiting for this.


SHEPHERD: You know? Maybe because (INAUDIBLE). Find inside your heart.

(INAUDIBLE) What do you think about this? It’s coming to your door.

This is the difficult part because I lived under this type of environment, OK? When you are sitting at the dinner with your friends and families and you start talking about the politburo or the Communistic Party or somebody in there and the walls have ears and they come, not immediately; the next night — usually at night, OK?

And they like black cars. I don’t know why. Not Suburbans, but black vehicles for sure. And they take people and you never see them again. Is this the life we’re supposed to live in this republic?

So, what am I telling you? What can I tell you? I’m trying to ignite the fire inside your heart right now. All that I want is that when you leave this presentation, you will remember what I said. Because it is coming to your door and my door eventually.

We can hold on for a while because we have a bunch of police officers, highways patrols, sheriffs and all of them that won’t knock down our doors. But somebody else is coming to knock down our doors. And those don’t have any mercy.

So, what, do they put you down and stick a needle in you? Well, maybe that’s come to this. I don’t know. I don’t want to predict. But I know one thing, the agenda is moving. The Baal system is before us. And it’s much bigger than Goliath. It’s a mountain.

Without God, we’ll all be gone. So only God is my answer. And I hope it’s yours. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Amen.

SHEPHERD: That’s all that I can say.

Then what do we do? We’re disorganized. We don’t have special units and all, like special teams with the weapons and all, and going somewhere and chasing somebody. Is that what we’re supposed to do? “Is this God’s will,” first, you need to ask yourself. Is this what we’re supposed to actually do?

During the invasion of Brits, things happened a long time ago. Is that right? How much of the percentage of the population? Was it 50%, 4%? 1% will be enough to stop the world order. Even 1%, even a half percent as long as you have a desire in your heart and you make a decision about your personal life.

I’m worried about my daughter. She lives in Arizona. OK, I’m worried about her. I’m worried that she’ll take the vaccine. We’re talking about this with her every day. We’re trying. And she is not very closely walking with the Lord right now. She has no strength. So, we’re trying to be the backbone for her.

I don’t know what’s happened. But nothing good will happen if we don’t stop this madness. It’s a madness, people. These vaccinations are absolute madness, what’s coming now. It’s madness. How do we stop the madness, we, the people, where we are?

As long as the Constitution is just ink, laying somewhere, we’re always losing. You need to have the Constitution of this nation inside your heart. And I am a stranger in the land preaching this to you. I’m not born here but I like the Constitution of this nation because it’s the best document after the Bible I’ve ever seen in my life.

(Cheering and applause)

SHEPHERD: So how many guns should I have in my pocket? Do I need optics? What do I do? Should I have a RPG {Rocket Propelled Grenade}?

No. What you need is to unite together. That’s what you need. Because when we unite, we’re strong. When we separate, the Baal system wins.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Yeah. And we can’t let it happen. That’s what we’re about is resisting it. SHEPHERD: That’s right.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: So, the founding fathers shed their blood, right? They didn’t want to be under the system and they didn’t want their children under the system and they were willing to go to battle for it.

Now, I’m not inciting violence. I’m not saying go out there and get them. I’m saying it’s probably going to take blood. And we’re going to have to resist with our lives for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

So not an uplifting message but the uplifting part is you’ve got to be in Christ. That’s the only way that we’re going to get through it. And we have to bond together.

Thank you so much. Thank you so much for —
SHEPHERD: Thank you.
UNIDENTIFIED HOST: — speaking and answering our questions. (Applause)


The Best of Gary D. Barnett

Gary D. Barnett [send him mail] is a retired investment professional that has been writing about freedom and liberty matters, politics, and history for two decades. He is against all war and aggression, and against the state. He recently finished a collaboration with former U.S. Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, and was a contributor to her new book, “When China Sneezes” From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Political-Economic Crisis.” Currently, he lives in Montana with his wife and son. Visit his website.


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CDC Admits Vaccine Safety Failures

By Del Bigtree - 24. August 2020

On July 29, 2020, after months of false claims and objections, the CDC finally conceded that it could not find a single study comparing health outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated children and that it “has not conducted a study of health outcomes in vaccinated vs unvaccinated populations.”

This document is available here: https://bit.ly/3kWjHaC.

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First published on BITCHUTE August 19th, 2020.    BACKUP

— “but I am afraid, based on the lack of knowledge that we have and the developing knowledge that we have, that the recovery rate from this vaccine won’t be nearly as high as the recovery rate from the illness itself.”
— LARRY PALEVSKY, M.D. (Pediatrician, Northport Wellness Center)


Scientists: COVID-19 Immunity Seen In Even the Mildly Infected

By Katherine J Wu - 17. August 2020


Scientists see signs of lasting immunity to COVID-19, even after mild infections

To the immune system, not all germs are equally memorable. But our body’s cells seem to be seriously studying up on the coronavirus.

Scientists who have been monitoring immune responses to the virus are now starting to see encouraging signs of strong, lasting immunity, even in people who developed only mild symptoms of COVID-19, a flurry of new studies suggest.

Disease-fighting antibodies, as well as immune cells called B cells and T cells that are capable of recognizing the virus, appear to persist months after infections have resolved — an encouraging echo of the body’s enduring response to other viruses.

“Things are really working as they’re supposed to,” said Deepta Bhattacharya, an immunologist at the University of Arizona and an author on one of the new studies, which has not yet been peer-reviewed.

Although researchers cannot forecast how long these immune responses will last, many experts consider the data a welcome indication that the body’s most studious cells are doing their job — and will have a good chance of fending off the coronavirus, faster and more fervently than before, if exposed to it again.

“This is exactly what you would hope for,” said Marion Pepper, an immunologist at the University of Washington and an author on another of the new studies, which is currently under review at the journal Nature. “All the pieces are there to have a totally protective immune response.”

Protection against reinfection cannot be fully confirmed until there is proof that most people who encounter the virus a second time are actually able to keep it at bay, Pepper said. But the findings could help quell recent concerns over the virus’s ability to dupe the immune system into amnesia, leaving people vulnerable to repeat bouts of disease.

Researchers have yet to find unambiguous evidence that coronavirus reinfections are occurring, especially within the few months that the virus has been rippling through the human population. The prospect of immune memory “helps to explain that,” Pepper said.

In discussions about immune responses to the coronavirus, much of the conversation has focused on antibodies — Y-shaped proteins that can latch onto the surfaces of pathogens and block them from infecting cells. But antibodies represent just one wing of a complex and coordinated squadron of immune soldiers, each with its own unique modes of attack.

Viruses that have already invaded cells, for instance, are cloaked from antibodies, but are still vulnerable to killer T cells, which force infected cells to self-destruct. Another set of T cells, nicknamed “helpers,” can coax B cells to mature into antibody-making machines.

(Yet another sector of the immune system assails pathogens within minutes of their arrival, while sending out signals called cytokines to mobilize forces from elsewhere in the body. Some evidence suggests that severe cases of COVID-19 may stem from this early process going awry.)

Antibodies also come with an expiration date: Because they are inanimate proteins and not living cells, they can’t replenish themselves, and so disappear from the blood just weeks or months after they are produced. Hoards of antibodies appear shortly after a virus has breached the body’s barriers, then wane as the threat dissipates. Most of the B cells that produce these early antibodies die off as well.

But even when not under siege, the body retains a battalion of longer-lived B cells that can churn out virus-fighting antibodies en masse, should they prove useful again. Some patrol the bloodstream, waiting to be triggered anew; others retreat into the bone marrow, generating small amounts of antibodies that are detectable years, sometimes decades, after an infection is over. Several studies, including those led by Bhattacharya and Pepper, have found antibodies capable of incapacitating the coronavirus lingering at low levels in the blood months after people have recovered from COVID-19.

“The antibodies decline, but they settle in what looks like a stable nadir,” which is observable about three months after symptoms start, Bhattacharya said. “The response looks perfectly durable.”

Seeing antibodies this long after infection is a strong indication that B cells are still chugging away in the bone marrow, Pepper said. She and her team were also able to pluck B cells that recognize the coronavirus from the blood of people who have recovered from mild cases of COVID-19 and grow them in the lab.

Multiple studies, including one published Friday in the journal Cell, have also managed to isolate coronavirus-attacking T cells from the blood of recovered individuals — long after symptoms have disappeared. When provoked with bits of the coronavirus in the lab, these T cells pumped out virus-fighting signals, and cloned themselves into fresh armies ready to confront a familiar foe.

Some reports have noted that analyses of T cells could give researchers a glimpse into the immune response to the coronavirus, even in patients whose antibody levels have declined to a point where they are difficult to detect.

“This is very promising,” said Smita Iyer, an immunologist at the University of California, Davis, who is studying immune responses to the coronavirus in rhesus macaques but was not involved in the new studies. “This calls for some optimism about herd immunity (the better term is community immunity), and potentially a vaccine.”

Notably, several of the new studies are finding these powerful responses in people who did not develop severe cases of COVID-19, Iyer added. Some researchers have worried that infections that take a smaller toll on the body are less memorable to the immune system’s studious cells, which may prefer to invest their resources in more serious assaults.

In some cases, the body could even jettison the viruses so quickly that it fails to catalog them. “This paper suggests this is not true,” Iyer said. “You can still get durable immunity without suffering the consequences of infection.”

What has been observed in people who fought off mild cases of COVID-19 might not hold true for hospitalized patients, whose bodies struggle to marshal a balanced immune response to the virus, or those who were infected but had no symptoms at all.

Research groups around the world are continuing to study the entire range of responses. But “the vast majority of the cases are these mild infections,” said Jason Netland, an immunologist at the University of Washington and an author on the paper under review at Nature. “If those people are going to be protected, that’s still good.”

This new spate of studies could also further assuage fears about how and when the pandemic will end. On Friday, updated guidance released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was misinterpreted by several news reports that suggested immunity against the coronavirus might last only a few months. Experts quickly responded, noting the dangers of propagating such statements and pointing to the wealth of evidence that people who previously had the virus are probably at least partly protected from reinfection for at least three months, if not much longer.

Considered with other recent reports, the new data reinforce the idea that, “Yes, you do develop immunity to this virus, and good immunity to this virus,” said Dr. Eun-Hyung Lee, an immunologist at Emory University who was not involved in the studies. “That’s the message we want to get out there.”



Immune T Cells May Offer Lasting Protection Against COVID-19

By  - 28. July 2020

Healthy human T Cell
Scanning electron micrograph of a human T lymphocyte (T cell) from a healthy donor’s immune system. Credit: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/NIH

Much of the study on the immune response to SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, has focused on the production of antibodies. But, in fact, immune cells known as memory T cells also play an important role in the ability of our immune systems to protect us against many viral infections, including—it now appears—COVID-19.

An intriguing new study of these memory T cells suggests they might protect some people newly infected with SARS-CoV-2 by remembering past encounters with other human coronaviruses. This might potentially explain why some people seem to fend off the virus and may be less susceptible to becoming severely ill with COVID-19.

The findings, reported in the journal Nature, come from the lab of Antonio Bertoletti at the Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore [1]. Bertoletti is an expert in viral infections, particularly hepatitis B. But, like so many researchers around the world, his team has shifted their focus recently to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bertoletti’s team recognized that many factors could help to explain how a single virus can cause respiratory, circulatory, and other symptoms that vary widely in their nature and severity—as we’ve witnessed in this pandemic. One of those potential factors is prior immunity to other, closely related viruses.

SARS-CoV-2 belongs to a large family of coronaviruses, six of which were previously known to infect humans. Four of them are responsible for the common cold. The other two are more dangerous: SARS-CoV-1, the virus responsible for the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which ended in 2004; and MERS-CoV, the virus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), first identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012.

All six previously known coronaviruses spark production of both antibodies and memory T cells. In addition, studies of immunity to SARS-CoV-1 have shown that T cells stick around for many years longer than acquired antibodies. So, Bertoletti’s team set out to gain a better understanding of T cell immunity against the novel coronavirus.

The researchers gathered blood samples from 36 people who’d recently recovered from mild to severe COVID-19. They focused their attention on T cells (including CD4 helper and CD8 cytotoxic, both of which can function as memory T cells). They identified T cells that respond to the SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid, which is a structural protein inside the virus. They also detected T cell responses to two non-structural proteins that SARS-CoV-2 needs to make additional copies of its genome and spread. The team found that all those recently recovered from COVID-19 produced T cells that recognize multiple parts of SARS-CoV-2.

Next, they looked at blood samples from 23 people who’d survived SARS. Their studies showed that those individuals still had lasting memory T cells today, 17 years after the outbreak. Those memory T cells, acquired in response to SARS-CoV-1, also recognized parts of SARS-CoV-2.

Finally, Bertoletti’s team looked for such T cells in blood samples from 37 healthy individuals with no history of either COVID-19 or SARS. To their surprise, more than half had T cells that recognize one or more of the SARS-CoV-2 proteins under study here. It’s still not clear if this acquired immunity stems from previous infection with coronaviruses that cause the common cold or perhaps from exposure to other as-yet unknown coronaviruses.

What’s clear from this study is our past experiences with coronavirus infections may have something important to tell us about COVID-19. Bertoletti’s team and others are pursuing this intriguing lead to see where it will lead—not only in explaining our varied responses to the virus, but also in designing new treatments and optimized vaccines.


[1] SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity in cases of COVID-19 and SARS, and uninfected controls . Le Bert N, Tan AT, Kunasegaran K, et al. Nature. 2020 July 15. [published online ahead of print]


Coronavirus (COVID-19) (NIH)

Overview of the Immune System (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/NIAID)

Bertoletti Lab  (Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore)

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  • Anil K Chauhan says:

    September 3, 2020 at 3:02 pm

    The viral RNA by binding to immunoglobulins will form immune complexes (ICs). These ICs by engaging CD16a and CD32a will differentiate the naive CD4+ T cells to become effector T cells that secrete proinflammatory cytokines. During contraction phase, this will lead to the development of long lasting memory cells. Originally, it was reported that Th2 responses were involved in COVID-19 pathology, but recent reports have implicated Th1 and Th17. We have shown in several papers in JBC, the role of ICs in the development of Th1, Tj17 and Tfh cells. However, upon vaccination, the populations reported in NEZM are very low and does not look convincing due to lack of availability of gating data. Immunology community has been nicely fooled by a single group that claims that CD4 T cells do not express FcRs. Several groups in HIV-1 patients have now shown the expression of CD32a and explored this receptor as possible marker for viral latency.


Two Studies Show COVID-19 Antibodies Persist for MonthsIn "News"

Enlisting Monoclonal Antibodies in the Fight Against COVID-19In "News"

Study in Primates Finds Acquired Immunity Prevents COVID-19 ReinfectionsIn "News"


Billions are being poured into developing a shot, but the rapid timetable and President Trump’s cheerleading are creating a whole new group of vaccine-hesitant patients.

An anti-vaccination rally on the steps of California’s State Capitol in Sacramento last month. Credit...Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press

Almost daily, President Trump and leaders worldwide say they are racing to develop a coronavirus vaccine, in perhaps the most urgent mission in the history of medical science. But the repeated assurances of near-miraculous speed are exacerbating a problem that has largely been overlooked and one that public health experts say must be addressed now: persuading people to actually get the shot.

A growing number of polls find so many people saying they would not get a coronavirus vaccine that its potential to shut down the pandemic could be in jeopardy. Distrust of it is particularly pronounced in African-American communities, which have been disproportionately devastated by the virus. But even many staunch supporters of immunization say they are wary of this vaccine.

“The bottom line is I have absolutely no faith in the F.D.A. and in the Trump administration,” said Joanne Barnes, a retired fourth-grade teacher from Fairbanks, Alaska, who said she was otherwise always scrupulously up-to-date on getting her shots, including those for shingles, flu and pneumonia. “I just feel like there’s a rush to get a vaccine out, so I’m very hesitant.”

Mistrust of vaccines has been on the rise in the U.S. in recent years, a sentiment that resists categorization by political party, educational background or socio-economic demographics. It has been fanned by a handful of celebrities. But now, anti-vaccine groups are attracting a new type of clientele altogether.

Jackie Schlegel, founder of Texans for Vaccine Choice, which presses for school vaccine exemptions, said that her group’s membership had skyrocketed since April. “Our phones are ringing off the hook with people who are saying, ‘I’ve gotten every vaccine, but I’m not getting this one,” she said. “‘How do I opt out?’” She said she often has to assure callers, “‘They’re not coming to your home to force-vax you.’”

Joanne Barnes, a retired schoolteacher, is up to date on her shots, but is skeptical of a new coronavirus vaccine. Credit...Brian Fraser for The New York Times


Listen to ‘The Daily’: The Vaccine Trust Problem

Hosted by Michael Barbaro, produced by Luke Vander Ploeg and Annie Brown, and edited by Lisa Chow

Why developing a coronavirus vaccine may be easier than persuading people to get it.

Archived Recording

Thank you, very much, Mr. Chairman. Thank you to all of our witnesses for joining us here today. And, of course, thank your staff for setting up the technology so we can hold this hearing safely.

Archived Recording (Elizabeth Warren)

Dr. Fauci, based on what you’re seeing now, how many Covid-19 deaths and infections should America expect before this is all over?

Archived Recording (Dr. Anthony Fauci)

I can’t make an accurate prediction, but it is going to be very disturbing. I will guarantee you that.

Archived Recording (Dr. Anthony Fauci)

I would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 a day —

Archived Recording (Dr. Anthony Fauci)

— if this does not turn around.

Archived Recording

Dr. Fauci, I want to ask you about the concern that we have with certain parts of the country where you have public mistrust of vaccines, in general.

Archived Recording

My fear is that we may get to the place where — we will get to that place where we have that successful vaccine. But we still have the concern for many, and a mistrust. And whether it’s vaccine hesitation or vaccine confidence — I don’t know what the buzz word is — but I’m worried that we don’t have a plan for how to deal with that.

Archived Recording 1

We know this is in our future, and we are not ready for it.

Archived Recording 2

And this could cause problems down the road if we get to a vaccine, but people don’t want to get the vaccine. So —

Archived Recording

And that plan has to combat misinformation and vaccine hesitancy.

Archived Recording

Dr. Redfield, do you agree a plan like that is needed?

Archived Recording (Dr. Robert Redfield)

Senator, I think it’s very important that we have an integrated plan for this vaccine.

Archived Recording (Donald Trump)

There’s people that work for me — just the other day, two years old, two and a half years old, a child — a beautiful child went to have the vaccine. And came back, and a week later, got a tremendous fever. Got very, very sick. Now is autistic.

Archived Recording (Donald Trump)

I only say, it’s not — I’m in favor of vaccines. Do them over a longer period of time. Same amount, but just in little sections.

Archived Recording

Dr. Carson.

Archived Recording (Donald Trump)

And I think you’re going to have — I think you’re going to see a big impact on autism.

Archived Recording (Dr. Robert Redfield)

C.D.C. is working on the issues that you said that I think are so important in building vaccine confidence in this country.

Archived Recording

Can you tell me when C.D.C. will be giving us their plans, and C.D.C. would be writing the comprehensive plan?

Archived Recording (Dr. Robert Redfield)

We’re developing a plan as we speak. And again, to keep building on —

Archived Recording (Dr. Robert Redfield)

— vaccine, prioritization of this vaccine, monitoring for safety of this vaccine —

Archived Recording

But you can’t tell if it’ll a couple weeks, a couple months, the end of the year? Do you have any estimate on when we’ll see that plan?

Archived Recording (Dr. Robert Redfield)

Well, it’s currently in development within the group. And I’d anticipate that we’ll see that plan in the near weeks ahead, Senator.

Archived Recording

Since we last convened and specifically, on Friday, July 17, 2020, the Honorable John Robert Lewis, representative of the 5th Congressional District of Georgia, our hero, our colleague, our brother, our friend, received and answered his final summons from God Almighty. And at that moment, transitioned from labor to reward.

Archived Recording 1

The clerk will report the resolution.

Archived Recording 2

House Resolution 1054.

Archived Recording

Resolve that the House has heard with profound sorrow [PAUSES] at the death of the Honorable John Lewis, a representative from the state of Georgia. Resolved that a committee of such members of the House as the Speaker may designate, together with such members of the Senate as may be joined, be appointed to attend the funeral.

Michael Barbaro

From The New York Times, I’m Michael Barbaro. This is “The Daily.”

Today: Public health officials are vowing to develop a coronavirus vaccine in record time. My colleague, health reporter Jan Hoffman, on how that speed could backfire.

It’s Tuesday, July 21st.

Jan Hoffman

So late last month, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Robert Redfield at the C.D.C. sat down in front of a group of senators to answer their many questions about what was going on with the coronavirus pandemic.

Jan Hoffman

The big news that day was Dr. Anthony Fauci saying that he expected cases to rise.

Jan Hoffman

To 100,000 a day.

Michael Barbaro

Right. That was a big headline. I remember that.

Jan Hoffman

That shocked everyone. But what was also rumbling through, and was a consistent theme in the questioning by the senators, was their concern that Americans were afraid of the very speed at which this vaccine was being developed.



Jan Hoffman

And they were asking whether Americans would, in fact, be willing to get it.

Jan Hoffman

It was not one party or the other. Both Republican and Democratic senators kept firing away at Dr. Robert Redfield and Dr. Fauci.

Jan Hoffman

Saying, what are you going to do? How are you going to prepare Americans?

Jan Hoffman

We are sensing that they are afraid of this thing. They are saying they won’t take it.

Jan Hoffman

And both of the gentlemen seemed somewhat disconcerted.



Michael Barbaro

And yet, how grounded are these fears that these senators are expressing during this hearing?

Jan Hoffman

They are incredibly substantial. There was a survey done in late May by the Associated Press and a research institute out of the University of Chicago that showed that fully 50 percent of Americans were either hesitant or absolutely would not take the vaccine.

Michael Barbaro


Jan Hoffman

Which is really concerning.

Michael Barbaro

50 percent.

Jan Hoffman

50 percent.

Michael Barbaro

And in my mind, skepticism of vaccines in the United States has been around for a really long time. And it’s somewhat meaningful, but it’s not widespread. It’s not 50 percent. It’s kind of a niche. So that’s not what you’re describing here — a niche.

Jan Hoffman

No. This is a chasm. This was exponentially far greater than anything we’d ever seen before.

Michael Barbaro

So how do we get to that enormous widespread figure? Because we have talked a bit on this show about the origins of vaccine skepticism. And my recollection is that it starts with questions around autism.

Jan Hoffman

Actually, it starts with questions around the invention of the smallpox vaccine in the 18th century. Even then, there were vaccine skeptics. Benjamin Franklin was himself a vaccine skeptic. He later recanted and saw the light. So it has come in waves over the centuries.

Probably, what’s most prominent in the modern memory is a study that Dr. Andrew Wakefield published in the British Journal The Lancet in 1998, where he associated autism and the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine, which is given to children just around the time that they’re about a year and a half. And he asserted wrongly — completely wrongly — that the vaccine caused autism. That has been completely refuted. And yet, it still took hold in the hearts and minds of many, many parents. It has become the basis for political movements.

For example, it’s a very big movement in Texas with a politically powerful group called Texans for Vaccine Choice. They have, in fact, hijacked the language of the Abortion Rights Movement — this is my body. The government does not have the right to order me to put something into it. It’s my body, my choice. There are people who resent big pharma. And they believe vaccines are totally a construct of big pharma to make money. When in fact, actually, it’s probably the reason that most companies don’t make vaccines, because they don’t make a lot of money out of it.

There is the crunchy granola — to use a term of art — parenting movement, which basically says, nothing but the natural comes into my child. Therefore, not a vaccine.

Certainly, vaccines skepticism has been shown to be more pronounced in African-American and Latino communities, particularly because of the revelations in the mid-70s of the Tuskegee experiments, in which the American public health institutions knew that something like 300 Alabama sharecroppers had been infected with syphilis. And although they had the cure for it — penicillin — they refused to cure them, and instead wanted to watch the disease progress so they could learn more about the disease. When that horror broke, that reinforced nascent vaccine skepticism in the African-American community, and the perception that they were essentially being used as cannon fodder for privileged white people.


So if you think you have someone in mind who you think is the archetype of someone who opposes vaccines, you absolutely do not. It crosses racial lines. It crosses socioeconomic backgrounds, educational backgrounds. It crosses political affiliation.

Michael Barbaro

And Jan, how does Donald Trump and his arrival on the national political scene — how does that play into this?

Jan Hoffman

Since about 2012, he’s been tweeting very skeptical comments about what he thinks are the size of the doses. He frequently would say, this is enough for a horse. And then he comes on the stage while he’s a candidate —

Jan Hoffman

And he says bluntly, during a major debate, that he doesn’t believe in the schedule. And he thinks kids are getting too many vaccines.

Jan Hoffman

He has boasted before that he never himself would get a flu vaccine. He said he slowed down his son Barron’s vaccine schedule. So he became the flag bearer for this growing movement that had so many myriad voices in it from so many different perspectives.

Michael Barbaro

So all of this vaccine baggage — for lack of a better phrase — all of this skepticism, it predates the pandemic. But I guess I still don’t quite understand how we get to that really alarming 50 percent figure of Americans who are reluctant to use an eventual coronavirus vaccine. So help me bridge that.

Jan Hoffman

We have a pandemic that, as the weeks go by, people are dying. Cases are taking up. Our lives as we know it have changed completely. We don’t even have a new normal yet. We are making it up as we go along. And all along, the word vaccine is being held out as a holy grail.


A vaccine will save us. A vaccine will restore us. A vaccine will bring us life that we knew.

Michael Barbaro


Jan Hoffman

It is topic number one. You cannot turn around without hearing the V word. It is front and center wherever we go. And that is the overlay on top of this insurgent, multi-dimensional questioning of the value of a vaccine.

Michael Barbaro

We’ll be way right back.

Jan, when did you begin to realize that there was something about this pandemic that was influencing how people thought about vaccines — the V word?

Jan Hoffman

I began to speak with doctors, pediatricians. And I asked them, if we come up with a coronavirus vaccine, what will you tell your patients? And I was struck over and over and over again by the long, loud silence on the other end of the phone.



And I thought oh, my god, what are we hearing here? I began to watch social media, and I saw the amping up of vaccine conspiracy theories. Then I heard more and more from people who were beginning to say, you know, I get all my vaccines, I’m up-to-date — I will not take this one. These are pro-science, pro-vaccine people who are cringing and wanting to avoid this vaccine. And I thought, we have a problem.

Michael Barbaro

And what do you start to learn that would explain that level of skepticism?

Jan Hoffman

There are a lot of different reasons. But the first profound roadblock to it are many people’s objection to President Trump himself. People worry that he may have secret deals with certain pharma companies, and may stand to — either his friends will profit or he will profit.

And so, unfortunately, people are holding the product itself at arm’s length and looking at it through the lens of a political situation. In fact, a major figure from the Trump administration called me just two days ago to talk about what the government was going to try to do about vaccine hesitancy. And he said, it’s unfortunate that people are wrapping their feelings of President Trump around the vaccine itself.

Michael Barbaro

Is what you’re saying that some number of people, who would normally be inclined to take a vaccine but do not trust President Trump, are now thinking to themselves, well, if I don’t trust President Trump, then perhaps I shouldn’t trust a vaccine that emerges from a process he oversees. And just want to make sure I’m connecting the dots here.

Jan Hoffman

Those dots are beautifully connected. Because I’ve seen comments that go along the lines of, I’ll take a vaccine authorized by a President Biden. I’ll take a vaccine authorized by Angela Merkel. It’s Trump’s association with it that is giving a certain quadrant of these skeptics grave misgivings.

Michael Barbaro

But is that a reasonable form of skepticism? I mean, presidents have lots of powers, but they don’t have the power to mix a drug in a lab. They don’t dictate what a vaccine looks like. So is that rational?

Jan Hoffman

I’m trying to answer this politely because that presupposes that vaccine skepticism is inherently rational. And, to some extent, I think it’s understandable. Whether it’s rational and logical is another question entirely. But remember, the president nominates the head of the F.D.A., who approves the vaccines. The president assigned the head of Operation Warp Speed, which is overseeing the public-private partnership. The president doesn’t mix things in a test tube, but the president certainly has a great deal of power to authorize oversight of this vaccine.

Michael Barbaro

What else is driving this skepticism?

Jan Hoffman

I think even a greater factor than the administration itself is the speed with which it’s being produced. Most vaccines take about a decade to produce. Millions and even billions of dollars are poured into research for them to prove nothing. We don’t have an H.I.V. vaccine, which has been in research for 20, 30 years. There’s no vaccine against breast cancer, which has been under research for arguably, even longer. And so people are thinking, well, how can you have a vaccine that is safe and effective come to market in six months? It boggles the mind.

And so, for someone who is a vaccine hesitant, who is a vaccine skeptic, or even is just a pro-vaccine person, they are so apprehensive about the speed at which this is being produced that they are willing to say, “Let someone else go first in line. Not me.”

Michael Barbaro

Is there actually any evidence that Operation Warp Speed — the project underway now — will bypass traditional safety measures? The normal process of multiple clinical trials, lots of humans being tested, lots of assessments of side effects, adverse effects. Do we know that?

Jan Hoffman

It seems, so far, that nothing in the due diligence processes is being bypassed. It’s only that it’s being accelerated. But the same level of scrutiny seems to be underway. That’s what we know so far.

Michael Barbaro

So this is quite fascinating and pretty alarming. The only remedy for this pandemic is a vaccine. And so the faster you get a vaccine, the faster the pandemic comes to an end. But from what you’re saying, the faster the vaccine is produced, the more skeptical people are going to be of the vaccine and its safety. And so, speed here, instead of being a virtue, may actually be an undermining force and undermining of the original goal of the vaccine.

Jan Hoffman

And I think that’s the tragedy. Because there’s urgency. We need a vaccine. The world is crying out for it. To stop this thing. To shut it down. Scientists are responding, and saying we’re working as quickly as we can. And yet, thoughtful people are saying, wait, does speed equate with haste?

Michael Barbaro

So that’s how you get to a figure like 50 percent. You take a lot of generalized anxiety around the safety of vaccines. You overlay this administration and its approach to science. And then you add what the government is promising is the fastest vaccine in history. And you get a much more amped up version of existing skepticism.

Jan Hoffman

Let me ask you a practical question. And you don’t have to answer because I’m switching caps here. But if you polled your colleagues and friends, what do you think, roughly, would be the percentage who would answer the following question in the affirmative or negative: Would you take a coronavirus vaccine if it were offered sometime this year?

Michael Barbaro

I’d like to think that it’s 3/4 off the bat? But I don’t know. You’re asking me a question I haven’t asked those friends and acquaintances and family. I guess I now should.

Jan Hoffman

Well, I think it’s important. Because what happens when you engage somebody in a conversation about vaccines is you both begin to think more deeply about, what does confidence mean to you? What do you need to know to feel safe in sticking out your arm? What questions would you want answered? And as you begin to enumerate those questions, as you begin to express your concerns, you are essentially creating a sketchbook for the kind of answers that any manufacturer or the government needs to have in hand to make the public feel confident that they are getting a safe and effective vaccine.

Michael Barbaro

But I guess what I would have to say, now that I’ve had a minute or so to reflect on this, is that all the previous science — the vast majority of the previous science — about vaccines tells us that the process is safe. And that any kind of trade-off is worth it, given the public health value of people being protected against a highly transmissible disease.

Jan Hoffman

There’s lots of ways to answer that question. I want you to think about the cultural moment we’re in.


We are in a time when nationalism is surging around the world. America first. My family first. Myself first. The notion of a vaccine, writ large, means, I protect my community. I do what I can to protect my neighborhood, my country, people who travel across the world. It is one way to express altruism — is you say, I care about you. I will protect you so I cannot get myself sick, and I will not get you sick. But we are not at a cultural moment that looks like that.

We do not care as much about our community, about our neighbors as we used to. The uptake for flu vaccine in adults 18 and older is only about 45 percent a year. And yet, if you ask a public health specialist what is the safest way to protect an older person from flu, a baby from flu, someone going through cancer treatment from flu, you say get everyone vaccinated for flu, even if they are not. Because that stops transmission. And yet, we only have about 45 percent uptake.

Dr. Fauci has said at minimum, we need 75 percent of people to take a coronavirus vaccine, and he would prefer to see 85 percent. Right now, 50 percent of people are saying they don’t want the vaccine. That means — even in the calculus of my mediocre math background — we are not anywhere close to what we need to causing across-the-board immunity and shutting down this pandemic.

Michael Barbaro

So with all this in mind, what is the plan for making Americans feel as comfortable as possible with the safety of this eventual vaccine? It seems crucially important to ending this pandemic. And like something that people in public health, in the federal government would be taking very, very seriously and have a plan for.

Jan Hoffman

During the Senate subcommittee hearing when Dr. Redfield was asked repeatedly about this —

Jan Hoffman

He said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been working on a plan and discussing this for 10 to 12 weeks.

Jan Hoffman

When I asked them to explain what, in fact, they were working on, they refused to answer. So I wish I could tell you. I have no idea.



Michael Barbaro

Jan, what happens if we get this wrong? If the vaccine comes out and a huge number of Americans say, “Not me, you first. I’m not ready for this.”

Jan Hoffman

That’s probably, the greatest concern of all. Because if a huge number of Americans say, “not me, you first,” or if they say, “Wait a minute, it’s not working. They had the vaccine for six months, but now they’re getting sick with Covid again,” what public health experts are worried about is that this will undermine the very foundation upon which our vaccine infrastructure is built. Which is that vaccines work. That you need to get them. And you need to trust them. And really undermine faith in public health. In the belief that there is a superstructure that has the greater good in mind.

Michael Barbaro

So the stakes here are only the future, literally, of public health.

Jan Hoffman


Michael Barbaro

Thank you, Jan. We really appreciate it.

Jan Hoffman

Thanks very much for letting me talk about it.

Michael Barbaro

On Monday, scientists at Oxford University reported that their experimental vaccine for the coronavirus prompted a protective immune response in hundreds of people who received a dose during an early clinical trial. So far, the vaccine has produced only minor side effects, like fever, chills and muscle pain. The clinical trial involved about 1,000 people. Larger trials involving about 10,000 people are underway. And an even larger trial involving about 30,000 people is set to start soon in the U.S. We’ll be right back.


Here’s what else you need to know today. A major teachers’ union has sued the governor of Florida over an emergency order that would fully reopen schools there next month, amid a surge of infections. The American Federation of Teachers and its Florida affiliate accused Governor Ron DeSantis of violating a state law that requires schools to be safe and secure. The lawsuit, apparently the first of its kind, asks that local education and health officials, not the governor, have control over reopenings. And signals that teachers may take a range of actions to protest what they see as a hasty return to the classroom. And —

Michael Barbaro

On Monday, members of the House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution honoring their former colleague, John Lewis, who brought the moral authority of his time as a civil rights leader to his three-decade career in Congress.

Michael Barbaro

Lewis’ death seemed to unify a body long defined by its divisions. And when the moment came for the House clerk to read the resolution, she was briefly overcome with emotion.

Michael Barbaro

That’s it for “The Daily.” I’m Michael Barbaro. See you tomorrow.

The fastidious process to develop a safe, effective vaccine typically takes a decade; some have taken far longer. But the administration of Mr. Trump, himself once an outspoken vaccine skeptic, has been saying recently that a coronavirus vaccine could be ready this fall.While it has removed certain conventional barriers, such as funding, many experts still believe that the proposed timeline could be unduly optimistic.

But whenever a coronavirus vaccine is approved, the assumption has been that initial demand would far outstrip supply. The need to establish a bedrock of confidence in it has largely gone overlooked and unaddressed.

Earlier this month, a nationwide task force of 23 epidemiologistsand vaccine behavior specialists released a detailed report — which itself got little attention — saying that such work was urgent. Operation Warp Speed, the $10 billion public-private partnership that is driving much of the vaccine research, they wrote, “rests upon the compelling yet unfounded presupposition that ‘if we build it, they will come.’”

In fact, wrote the group, led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the Texas State University anthropology department: “If poorly designed and executed, a Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the U.S. could undermine the increasingly tenuous belief in vaccines and the public health authorities that recommend them — especially among people most at risk of Covid-19 impacts.”

The researchers noted that although billions of federal dollars were pouring into biomedical research for a vaccine, there seemed to be virtually no funding set aside for social scientists to investigate hesitancy around vaccines. Focus groups to help pinpoint the most effective messaging to counter opposition, the authors said, should get underway immediately.

Undated photo from the National Archives showing the Tuskegee syphilis experiment: From 1932 to 1972, doctors intentionally did not treat Black men for the disease, so they could study the progress of symptoms. Credit...National Archives

This is Why NO ONE should trust the government!

The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment


The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Black Male was a clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the U.S. Public Health Service. The purpose of this study was to observe the natural history of untreated syphilis; the poor Black men in the study were told they were receiving free health care from the United States government, which was a lie.

The study recruited 600 black men, of which 399 were diagnosed with syphilis. The researchers never obtained informed consent from the men and never told the men with syphilis that they were not being treated but were simply being watched until they died and their bodies examined for ravages of the disease.

Several men died, 40 wives contracted the disease, and 19 children were born with congenital syphilis.

On May 16, 1997, President Bill Clinton formally apologized on behalf of the United States to victims of the experiment.


The current political and cultural turbulence, abetted by the Trump administration’s frequent disregard for scientific expertise, is only amplifying the diverse underpinnings of vaccine-skeptic positions. They include the terrible legacy of federal medical experiments on African-Americans and other disadvantaged groups; a distrust of Big Pharma; resistance to government mandates like school immunization requirements; adherence to homeopathy and other “natural” medicines; and a clutch of apocalyptic beliefs and conspiracy theories particularly around Covid-19, sometimes perpetuated by celebrities, most recently Kanye West.

“It’s so many of our children that are being vaccinated and paralyzed,” he told Forbes this month. “So when they say the way we’re going to fix Covid is with a vaccine, I’m extremely cautious. That’s the mark of the beast.”

A poll in May by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that only about half of Americans said they would be willing to get a coronavirus vaccine. One in five said they would refuse and 31 percent were uncertain. A poll in late June by researchers at the University of Miami found that 22 percent of white and Latino respondents and 42 percent of Black respondents said they agreed with this statement: “The coronavirus is being used to force a dangerous and unnecessary vaccine on Americans.”

“The trust issues are just tremendous in the Black community,” said Edith Perry, a member of the Maryland Community Research Advisory Board, which seeks to ensure that the benefits of health research encompass Black and Latino communities.

The solution, she said, is not just to employ the conventional strategy of meeting with Black church congregations, especially if the government and vaccine producers want to reach millennials.

“The pharmaceutical industry would have to convince some of the young people in Black Lives Matter to get on board,” Mrs. Perry said. “Throw up your hands and say: ‘I apologize. I know we did it wrong and I need your help to get it right.’ Because we need a vaccine and we need Black and Hispanic participation.”

The chatter at The Shop Spa, a large barbershop with a Black and Latino clientele in Hyattsville, Md., underscores the challenges. Mike Brown, the manager, whose staff members have been trained to talk up wellness with clients, referred to the notorious Tuskegee experiments, and said, “I hope they don’t sabotage us again.”

His clients and their families are still leery of drug companies, he said. “It’s hard to trust that they’re looking out for our well-being,” he continued. “Me, I’m very skeptical about that shot. I have my popcorn and my soda and I’m just watching it very carefully.”

Mike Brown, manager of The Shop Spa in Hyattsville, Md., trains his staff to extoll the benefits of wellness, but says he’s wary of a coronavirus shot. Credit...Michael A. McCoy for The New York Times

The new report on vaccine confidence includes input from epidemiologists and experts in health inequities and communication. The overarching recommendation is that public health agencies should listen to community concerns early in the process, rather than issuing them directives from on high after the fact. They should seek out trusted community leaders to convey people’s uncertainties around research transparency, access, allocation and cost. Those representatives could, in turn, become respected purveyors of updates, to combat what the World Health Organization calls the “infodemic” of vaccine misinformation.

The strongest recommendations were about communities of color. The authors urged that vaccines be provided for free and made available at easy access neighborhood locales: churches, pharmacies, barbershops, schools. Noting that the vaccine would be emerging at a time when protests about systemic racism, not least in health care, have been erupting, the researchers cautioned that if accessibility was perceived to be unfair, the vaccine could become a flash point of continuing unrest. And that perception could heighten mistrust of the vaccine.

At a recent Senate hearing, Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was asked repeatedly about plans to address surging vaccine hesitation. He replied that discussions had been underway for “10 to 12 weeks.” A spokesman for the C.D.C. declined to elaborate after being asked repeatedly by The New York Times to do so.

Emily Brunson, a medical anthropologist at Texas State University, said that the myriad number of reasons people may be skeptical of this vaccine, combined with the vast, unsparing reach of Covid-19 itself, meant that creating a campaign for the vaccine’s acceptance would be far more difficult than one for a more narrowly defined group — shingles vaccine for older people, HPV vaccine for preteens. The researchers said that a national promotional strategy should be in the planning stages as soon as possible.

Over all, the worry that is consistently invoked by those hesitant about this vaccine is haste. When health authorities repeatedly tout the rapidity of development — an idea underscored by the name Operation Warp Speed — they inadvertently aggravate the public’s safety concerns.

Dr. Robert Redfield, the C.D.C. director, appeared before a Senate committee on July 2 to talk about manufacturing a coronavirus vaccine. Credit...Pool photo by Graeme Jennings

“If you’re smart, you’re worried we won’t have a vaccine, and if you’re smart, you’re worried that maybe we’ve moved so fast that we’ll accept a level of risk that we might not ordinarily accept,” said Sandra Crouse Quinn, a professor of public health at the University of Maryland.

Health communication experts say that those trying to persuade the vaccine-hesitant to be immunized should not dismiss them as “anti-vaxxers,” which has become an insult and shuts down conversations.

“You always have to listen to their concerns,” said Dr. Quinn, the senior associate director of the Maryland Center for Health Equity, who studies issues around health care trust in communities of color.

Last week, a nonprofit public health initiative, the Public Good Projects, introduced Stronger, a campaign to combat vaccine misinformation, with a plethora of tips, including lists of established scientists to follow on Twitter.

One path toward increasing the acceptance of the vaccine, Dr. Quinn said, is to appeal to people’s innate altruism: “that getting a vaccine, when it’s available, is not just about you. It’s about protecting your grandmother who has diabetes and Uncle Sean, who is immune-compromised,” she said.

And when people respond by listing their objections to the vaccine, ask them, she said, “If that’s what you think, then how do you protect your community?”

Jan Hoffman writes about behavioral health and health law. Her wide-ranging subjects include opioids, vaping, tribes and adolescents. @JanHoffmanNYT

A version of this article appears in print on July 19, 2020, Section A, Page 1 of the New York edition with the headline: Rising Mistrust of ‘Warp Speed’ Vaccine May Prolong Pandemic. 



First published on BITCHUTE July 23rd, 2020.

So honored to bring you rockstar Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who is an osteopathic medical doctor, board-certified in three specialties. She was the full-time Emergency Medicine physician and Director of a Level II Trauma center from 1986 to 1998. She is the founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, a medical clinic located near Cleveland, Ohio. 

Dr. Tenpenny has invested nearly 20 years and more than 40,000 hours documenting and exposing the problems associated with vaccines. As an internationally known speaker and author, her many articles have been translated into at least 15 languages. She is a frequent guest on radio and TV to share her knowledge and educate parents on why they should just say no to vaccines. 

Source: https://youtu.be/LwPnY-NR-uU (Deleted by criminal censor GooTube)


81 Percent of Clinical Trial Volunteers Suffer Reactions to CanSino Biologics’ COVID-19 Vaccine That Uses HEK293 Human Fetal Cell Lines

By Marco Cáceres and Barbara Loe Fisher - 06. July 2020

81 Percent of Clinical Trial Volunteers Suffer Reactions to CanSino Biologics’ COVID-19 Vaccine That Uses HEK293 Human Fetal Cell Lines

An experimental vaccine for COVID-19 is being developed by CanSino Biologics, Inc. of Tianjin, China, in partnership with China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences’ Institute of Biotechnology. A Phase 1 human clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine (adenovirus type-5 Ad5-nCoV) has been completed in China involving 108 volunteers, ranging in age from 45–60 years old.1 2 3 4

In that trial, 87 (81 percent) of the 108 participants suffered at least one adverse reaction within seven days after vaccination. Of these, 30 of the human subjects were in the low dose group, 30 were in the middle dose group, and 27 were in the high dose group. Overall, 10 of the participants experienced Grade 3 adverse reactions. Of the 36 participants in the high dose group, six of them had Grade 3 adverse reactions.1 2

Pain, Fever, Fatigue, Headache Most Common Reactions to CanSino’s Ad5-nCoV Vaccine for COVID-19

According to researchers conducting the study on the Phase 1 clinical trial for the Ad5-nCoV vaccine:

The most common injection site adverse reaction was pain, which was reported in 58 (54%) vaccine recipients. Pain was reported in 17 (47%) participants in the low dose group, 20 (56%) participants in the middle dose group, and 21 (58%) participants in the high dose group. The most commonly reported systematic adverse reactions overall were fever (50 [46%]), fatigue (47 [44%]), headache (42 [39%]), and muscle pain (18 [17%]). Fever was reported in 15 (42%) participants in the low dose group, 15 (42%) participants in the middle dose group, and 20 (56%) participants in the high dose group. Headache was reported in 14 (39%) participants in the low dose group, 11 (31%) participants in the middle dose group, and 17 (47%) participants in the high dose group. Muscle pain was reported in seven (19%) participants in the low dose group, three (8%) participants in the middle dose group, and eight (22%) participants in the high dose group.2

Nine of the participants, including two in the low dose group, two in the middle dose group and five in the high dose group developed Grade 3 fevers of over 101.3°F. One of the participants in the high dose group reported “severe fever along with severe symptoms of fatigue, dyspnoea, and muscle pain.” Another participant in the high dose group experienced “severe fatigue and joint pain.” The reactions happened within 24 hours after vaccination.1 2

Moderna’s Experimental mRNA-1273 COVID-19 Trials Also Noted Grade 3 Reactions

Like in the Phase 1 Ad5-nCov vaccine trial conducted by CanSino, some participants in the Phase 1 trial of the mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccine conducted by Moderna, Inc. earlier this year also experienced Grade 3 reactions. Of the 45 volunteers who participated in the Moderna clinical trial during March-May 2020, nine percent of them experienced severe adverse reactions to the mRNA-1273 vaccine, including 29-year-old Ian Haydon of Seattle, Washington.1 2

Haydon suffered Grade 3 reactions 12 hours after getting the second of two 250 µg doses of the mRNA-1273 vaccine. He developed a fever of over 103 degrees and eventually fainted.1 2

Grade 3 reactions are described by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as, “severe or medically significant but not immediately life-threatening; hospitalization or prolongation of hospitalization indicated; disabling; limiting self care” such as “bathing, dressing and undressing, feeding self, using the toilet, taking medications.” The only thing worse than Grade 3 events are those classified as Grade 4, which is “life-threatening” and “Grade 5, which is “death.”5 6 7

CanSino Now Running Phase 2 Human Clinical Trials on Ad5-nCoV Vaccine for COVID-19

CanSino Biologics has reportedly begun a Phase 2 human clinical trial of Ad5-nCoV vaccine using the HEK293 cell line that involves testing on 500 healthy volunteers. On May 12, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) announced a collaborative agreement with the Chinese company to “advance bioprocessing and clinical development in Canada” of the Ad5-nCoV vaccine.4 8 9 10

In a press release, the NRC stated, “This collaboration will allow the NRC to advance a scale-up production process for the vaccine candidate, using its proprietary HEK293 cell line.”9 10

To facilitate this work, the Canadian government announced it would provide $44 million to upgrade the NRC facilities in Montreal to “enable compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards” and to “ensure readiness for Canadian bioprocessing of potential vaccine candidates as they become available.”9

“It is perfect timing to leverage cutting-edge technology and resources from both sides that are critical to the development of Ad5-nCoV,” said Xuefeng Yu, CEO of CanSino Biologics.10

CanSino Ad5-n-CoV Vaccine Uses HEK-293 Human Fetal Cell Lines for Production

Life Site News reported on June 26, 2020 that CanSino’s Ad5-n-CoV vaccine employs a chimpanzee adenovirus vector that uses the HEK293 cell lines derived from tissue of an aborted fetus.11 The HEK293 human fetal cell line, which was designed, developed and is licensed by Canada’s National Research Council (NRC), is also being used to produce the AZD1222 COVID-19 vaccine developed by the University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute.

The May 12, 2020 joint press release issued by Canada’s NRC and CanSino Biologics, Inc. stated,“The relationship between the NRC and CanSinoBIO was first established in 2013. The NRC’s HEK293 cell line was later licensed to CanSinoBIO and used in the development of an approved vaccine against the Ebola virus.”12

According to News Medical:

The HEK293 cell line was initially produced in 1973 by a team led by Alex van der Eb in Leiden (Netherlands) from normal fetal human embryonic kidney cells. These cells were created following transfection with sheared adenovirus 5 DNA, leading to the incorporation of some of the adenoviral genome into the human chromosome 19 of the fetal cell’s genome. The name 293 comes from the fact that it was Frank Graham’s (one of van de Eb’s postdoc) 293rd experiment. These cells were initially thought to originate from an endothelial, epithelial, or fibroblastic cell from the fetal kidney. However, recent evidence into the cellular characteristics of HEK293 cells has led to the suggestion that they may actually originate from a neuronal fetal kidney cell. Following sequencing studies, it has also been identified that these cells have a very complicated karyotype, with multiple copies of chromosomes. For example, these cells have four copies of chromosome 17. It has also been established that these cells do not have a single Y chromosome—but have three X chromosomes—suggesting that the fetus from which they were obtained was a female.13

The HEK293 cell is described by Creative Biolabs this way:

The Human Embryonic Kidney 293 (HEK293) cell line is a predominant host for both stable expression and transient expression of various research grade proteins and protein therapeutics, and more recently, five therapeutic agents produced in HEK293 cells have been approved by the FDA or the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for therapeutic use. Since being generated over 40 years ago, the HEK293 cell line has been extensively used as a robust and reliable platform to produce plenty of recombinant antibodies, antibody fusion proteins and proteins important to the neuropharmacologist, such as G protein coupled receptors, ligand-gated ion channels, and voltage sensitive ion channels. The HEK293 cell line was originally generated by the transformation of normal human embryonic kidney (HEK) cells following exposure to sheared fragments of human adenovirus type 5 (Ad5) DNA. The E1A adenovirus gene is expressed in these cells and participates in transactivation of some viral promoters, allowing these cells to produce very high levels of protein.14


1 Branswell H. Early study of Covid-19 vaccine developed in China sees mixed results. STAT May 22, 2020.
2 Hou LH, et al. Safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of a recombinant adenovirus type-5 vectored COVID-19 vaccine: a dose-escalation, open-label, non-randomised, first-in-human trial. The Lancet June 13, 2020; 395 (10240): 1845-1854.
3 Liu A. China’s CanSino Bio advances COVID-19 vaccine into phase 2 on preliminary safety data. Fierce Pharma Apr. 10, 2020.
4 U.S. Food and Drug Administration. CanSino Biologics Moves COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Into Phase 2 TrialFDA News Apr. 14, 2020.
5 Cáceres M. Healthy Clinical Trial Subjects Suffer Grade 3 Side Effects to Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine. The Vaccine Reaction May 24, 2020.
6 Cáceres M. Volunteer Describes His Serious Reaction in Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine TrialThe Vaccine Reaction May 30, 2020.
7 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE). Nov. 27, 2017.
8 Rettner R. Coronavirus vaccine developed in China shows promise after early study in 100 people. Fox News May 27, 2020.
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10 Dearment A. CanSino Biologics may start clinical development of Covid-19 vaccine in Canada. MedCity News May 13, 2020.
11 Murdoch A. UK university test COVID-19 vaccine derived from aborted fetal cell line in Africa, Brazil. Life Site News June 26, 2020.
12 Bloomberg. NRC of Canada and CanSino Biologics, Inc. announce collaboration to advance vaccine against COVID-19. May 12, 2020.
13 Simmons H. HEK293 Cells: Applications and Advantages. News Medical Jan. 8, 2019.
14 Creative Biolabs. HEK293 Cell Lines. 2020.


Protest Versus Africa’s 1st Covid-19 Vaccine Test Shows Fear

By AP - 01. July 2020

People protest against coronavirus vaccine trials Wednesday outside the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. (AP Photo/Themba Hadebe)

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Protesters against Africa’s first Covid-19 vaccine trial burned their face masks Wednesday as experts note a worrying level of resistance and misinformation around testing on the continent.

Anti-vaccine sentiment in Africa is “the worst I’ve ever seen,” the CEO of the GAVI vaccine alliance, Seth Berkley, told an African Union vaccine conference last week.

“In general, people in Africa know the diseases and want to protect each other,” he said. “In this case, the rumor mill has been dramatic.”

The trial that began last week in Johannesburg is part of one already underway in Britain of the vaccine developed at the University of Oxford. Some 2,000 volunteers in South Africa are expected to take part.

It’s important that vaccines be tested in Africa to see how they perform in the local context, professor of vaccinology Shabir Madhi, leader of the new Covid-19 vaccine trial in South Africa, told reporters and others in a webinar Sunday.

But the small band of demonstrators who gathered Wednesday at the University of the Witwatersrand, where the trial is based, reflect long-running fears among some in Africa over testing drugs on people who don’t understand the risks.

“The people chosen as volunteers for the vaccination, they look as if they’re from poor backgrounds, not qualified enough to understand” protest organizer Phapano Phasha told The Associated Press ahead of the event. “We believe they are manipulating the vulnerable.”

The activist and political commentator brought up the widely circulated remarks earlier this year by a French researcher, Jean-Paul Mira, who said, “”If I can be provocative, shouldn’t we be doing this study in Africa, where there are no masks, no treatments, no resuscitation?” He compared it to some AIDS studies: “In prostitutes, we try things because we know that they are highly exposed and that they do not protect themselves.”

“The narrative we got is our continent is a dumping ground,” Phasha said. First ensure the vaccine works elsewhere before bringing it to Africa, she added.

The French researcher later apologized for his comments, but they continue to circulate on social media among those opposed to vaccine testing in Africa, Meanwhile, anger among African health officials and others was swift.

The Ethiopian director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, called the comments “racist” and a “hangover from a colonial mentality.” The head of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, John Nkengasong, called the remarks “very disgusting” and “condescending.”

“Africa CDC will continue to work very closely with the World Health Organization to ensure that only ethically and scientifically sound clinical trials for vaccines and therapies will be conducted in Africa, using exactly the same standards and principles as those employed elsewhere in the world,” Nkengasong said in a statement. “These principles will be guided by respect for the dignity of Africans, the beneficence and non-maleficence, and justice.”

Madhi, the professor in charge of the South Africa vaccine trial, has said volunteers were given an explanation about the trial and possible risks and then had to score 80% on a questionnaire to take part.

But why not target more affluent parts of South African society? Phasha asked.

“I believe in science,” she said. “And I believe that science has managed to solve most of the problems society is faced with. I’m not against vaccinations, I’m against profiteering.”

Fellow protesters sang and danced with banners saying “We not guinea pigs” and “No safe vaccine.”

“If you want to test, test in the areas which they call the epicenter of the world,” demonstrator Sean Goss said.

It’s not clear when Africa’s first vaccine trial will begin showing results, but a worried Madhi has said the local surge in confirmed cases could mean seeing them months earlier than expected.

South Africa now has more than 151,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, the most on the African continent. Africa overall has more than 400,000 cases.

As the pandemic picks up speed in Africa, health officials are urging that any vaccine be distributed equitably around the world. A quarter of all vaccines for other diseases are used in Africa and yet the continent has little production capacity, putting its 1.3 billion people at risk of being near the end of the line for any Covid-19 vaccine.

The new global attention to racial injustice creates a key time to act, the head of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control told the AU vaccine conference last week.

“If we don’t use this moment when, for better or worse, we have the political attention of people, we will regret it,” Chikwe Ihekweazu said.

Africa must play a role in the new vaccine trials, the vice chancellor of the University of Cape Town, Mamokgethi Phakeng, and the chair of South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Thokozani Majozi, wrote this month in the Sunday Times newspaper.

They, too, brought up the French researcher’s comments and they criticized the calls for an “African-only” approach to finding a vaccine, saying it would pull the continent even further from the global stage.

“It would be tragic if Africa chose not to take part, at all levels, in clinical trials of a Covid-19 vaccine — or any medical treatment that could save lives,” they said.


Bill Gates: 'Final Hurdle' for COVID-19 Vaccine is Ensuring People Take It

Billionaire issues warning over fears public may refuse to take drug

By Jay Greenberg - 28. June 2020

bill gates raises concerns that people may refuse to take a covid 19 vaccine

Bill Gates raises concerns that people may refuse to take a COVID-19 vaccine © press

Bill Gates has warned that the "final hurdle" for a new COVID-19 vaccine will be ensuring that the public takes it.

The Microsoft founder expressed his concerns that people may refuse to use the drug after Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week that a coronavirus vaccine might be ready to roll out to the public by the end of 2020.

Gates, the second richest man in the world, says this would be one hurdle that governments will need to overcome.

In an interview with CNN this week Gates reminded viewers that once a safe and effective vaccine was actually ready, people will need to be convinced to take it.

“You’ll have a choice of whether you take the vaccine or not,” Gates said.

“So there’s that final hurdle.”

bill gates made the remarks during an interview with cnn s anderson cooper

Bill Gates made the remarks during an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper © press

Speaking to Anderson Cooper at a CNN town hall on Thursday, the Microsoft billionaire insisted the US was “experiencing a rebound” in COVID-19 infections even accounting for the increase in testing.

That increase, the software tycoon reminded his interviewers, was accomplished by local governments in spite of – not because of – the White House.

Gates seemed miffed that Washington wasn’t following his instructions more closely, complaining that “it’s possible to ramp up testing for a new pathogen very, very fast” if they’d just do as they were told.

He blamed the higher infection numbers in the US, which continues to lead the world with upwards of 2.5 million confirmed cases and over 125,000 deaths, on the nation’s failure to adopt the same measures as everyone else.

Other countries” are “restraining their behavior,” imposing restrictive lockdowns and quarantines, and adopting comprehensive contact tracing, Gates hinted, sounding impatient with America's “very large case spread,” which he calledembarrassing.”

"Some people almost feel like [Covid-19 is] a political thing, which is unfortunate," he added.

Even to inconvenience themselves with masks requires maybe someone they know to not only test positive but maybe get very sick as well.

Gates, who has repeatedly expressed a desire to inoculate the world’s population with whatever vaccine emerges from the research laboratories he is funding, admitted the shot might be rolled out before it’s working perfectly.

It’s possible the vaccine will be better at protecting you individually and not stop you from transmitting…it’s not guaranteed that the vaccine will be a perfect transmission blocker.”

melinda gates says the covid 19 vaccine should be given to black people first

Melinda Gates says the COVID-19 vaccine should be given to black people first © press

Boasting that “the logistics in the US are not an issue at all,” Gates bragged that “we can get this thing out there” before acknowledging that “you’ll have a ‘choice’ whether you take the vaccine or not, so there’s that final hurdle.” 

The billionaire seemed unconcerned by the “vaccine hesitancy” factor, however, even though over a third of Americans have professed some concern over the safety of a coronavirus vaccine, citing the politicization of the issue, the rushed timetable, the less-than-stellar reputation of some of the individuals involved, and other issues.

Some 70 to 80 percent of the world’s population will have to take the vaccine before anyone can hope to live a normal life again “with people taking vacations,” travel, and sporting events, Gates explained, implying they had no choice.


Whistleblower from Glaxo Smith Kline sounds Vaccine Trial Alarm

The heinous, dystopian plan:

The GMK insider revealed that adjuvants given with the anti-COVID-19 vaccine allegedly contain not only the infamous beta-hGC leading to infertility in women, but also other components that showed in trials abusing baboons that the vaccinated males could by simply inseminating females render them also to a high percentage infertile within 7-10 years and those that still produced an offspring gave birth to sterile female daughters. People in the UK are encouraged to join via the given website the efforts to unveil the truth and to stop these Orwellian machinations.

29. May 2020

Allegations: New anti-COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Sterility in 97 % of Women

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Takeover & glaxo infertility vaccines ! Mocking Jay.a series of YouTube videos on how Bill Gates has infiltrated UK medicine, academia and how he has corrupted the UK Vaccine Network.



Trials with Oxford COVID-19 vaccine start in Brazil

Brazil's health regulator Anvisa approved human clinical trials for the potential vaccine

By Eduardo Simoes - 23 June 2020

SAO PAULO- Human clinical trials in Brazil for a potential coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University started this weekend, sponsor Lemann Foundation said in a statement late on Monday.

Trials will count on 2,000 health worker volunteers in Sao Paulo and 1,000 people in Rio de Janeiro and are being conducted by Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo and hospital chain Rede D'Or, respectivelly.

Brazil's health regulator Anvisa approved human clinical trials for the potential vaccine, developed by Oxford and supported by AstraZeneca Plc, earlier in June. 

Brazil, where the disease is still rife, is the first country outside the United Kingdom to start testing the Oxford vaccine.

Researchers expect to launch the vaccine by year-end.

(Reporting by Eduardo Simoes, writing by Carolina Mandl; Editing by Steve Orlofsky and Jonathan Oatis) ((; +55 11 5644 7703; +55 11 97116-3806;))


“Herd Immunity”? A dishonest marketing gimmick

By J.B. Handley - JUNE 21, 2018 (the better term is community immunity)

As a country and a society, we’ve never been anywhere close to “herd immunity” through vaccination, but where are all the epidemics? That doesn’t keep vaccine makers from using herd immunity as a weapon to guilt and scare parents. Why are we allowing “mythology to trump science”?

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Hiding in a nondescript office building in Washington, D.C., Every Child By Two (“ECBT”) poses as a nonprofit organization with a seemingly noble goal: getting as many children vaccinated as possible. Of course, a quick Google search or perusal of the nonprofit’s 990 forms reveals a different truth: ECBT is a front group for vaccine makers, the primary source of their funding. Don’t take my word for it, the prestigious British Medical Journal ran an expose of many groups like Every Child By Two titled, “The unofficial vaccine educators: are CDC funded non-profits sufficiently independent?” The BMJ was pretty unsparing:

IAC, ECBT, and AAP have a few things in common. They are all non-profit organizations with large online presences that promote themselves as sources of reliable information on vaccines. They also receive funding from both vaccine manufacturers and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And, in their advocacy for compulsory vaccination, they all have in common a goal that pushes beyond official governmental policy and, in the case of influenza vaccines, the evidence.

Amy Pisani, ECBT’s director, maintains a twitter account for the organization where she recently encouraged parents to do their part in maintaining “community immunity” through an infographic that was part gentle reminder, part guilt-induced obligation, and 100% founded on nonsense.

What, exactly, is “Community Immunity”?

“Community Immunity” (the better term is community immunity) is the term du jour and an apparently more palatable synonym for the oft-invoked concept of Herd Immunity, the idea that unless enough people are vaccinated against a certain disease, everyone is at risk. Find the right doctor to come on TV, and they’ll be happy to explain the magic of vaccine-derived Herd Immunity, and what a scientific process it really is, according to them. Fall below Ms. Pisani’s 95% vaccination rate number in her infographic? We return to the Dark Ages!

There’s just one problem with the Community/Herd Immunity math and the shaming and pressure that goes along with it: we’ve never come close to achieving “Herd Immunity” through vaccination, and we never will. In order for Herd Immunity to be a real thing, you need two things to be true (and neither have ever been):

1. Adult vaccination rates would also have to be very high, just like rates for children

Ms. Pisani’s infographic above mentions the 95% threshold needed to achieve herd immunity for measles, but she fails to mention one thing: the vaccination rate of all the adults. According to the CDC, adult vaccination rates have been, and remain, woefully low, as the CDC’s 2016 survey–Vaccination Coverage Among Adults in the United States, National Health Interview Survey— explained:

“Many adults in the United States have not received recommended vaccinations…”

How low are adult vaccination rates? Well, the CDC study included a chart of adult vaccination rates for at least some vaccines over time:

Do you see what I’m seeing? According to the CDC, it appears that adult vaccination rates for most vaccines ARE BELOW 50%. But, wait a minute, how do we achieve “community immunity” if less than half the adults are playing along? We don’t, as some simple 8th grade math can show you.

Let’s make some assumptions. Let’s assume the child (18 and under) vaccination rate is 100%. It’s not, so this is a conservative assumption. Also, let’s assume the overall adult vaccination rate is 60%. It’s not that high, so this is also a conservative figure. If we blend those two numbers, what do we get? Well, children 18 and under represent 24% of the US. Population, so here you go:

(24% x 100%) + (76% x 60%) = 69.6%

So, the actual “community” vaccination rate in this example is 69.6% (the children’s rate plus the adult rate equals the total rate), and this is probably a high figure, so the real number in the United States right now is probably somewhere around 65%. Nowhere near Herd Immunity thresholds.

But, it’s actually worse, you also need to believe that:

2. Vaccinations provide lifetime protection

The mid-60 percent “community” vaccination rate above is enough to mathematically disprove that we’ve ever attained herd immunity all by itself, but it’s actually way worse than that. You see, vaccinations don’t confer lifetime immunity. In fact, many vaccines “wane” (meaning you lose the protection they provided you with) in under ten years. An eighteen year-old who received their last Hepatitis B vaccine at 4 years old? They probably have no more “protection” from the Hepatitis B vaccine. The “real” rate of vaccine protection in our society? Because of vaccine waning, it’s certainly well below 50%, just look at the “Duration of Protection” provided by some routine vaccines:

The last vaccine I received was my senior year of college, in 1991. That was twenty-six years ago. And, I NEVER received many of the new vaccines on the childhood schedule that have all been introduced in the past 10-15 years. It’s safe to say that I have no vaccine-derived immunity from any disease right now, which raises an obvious question:

If it’s mathematically true that we have never achieved herd immunity through vaccination because of adult vaccination rates and the fact that vaccines wane over time, where are all the epidemics?

I’m not the first person to ask this question. It gets asked all the time by educated people who understand this topic and bristle at the ongoing discussions about herd immunity that take place in the mainstream media. One of the better articles I have read on this topic was in the The Hill, the daily newspaper of the U.S. Congress:

Written by Gretchen DuBeau, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Natural Health, Ms. DuBeau destroys the myth of herd immunity in one short editorial, here’s just an excerpt:

Vaccines may have a place in our medical arsenal, but they are not the silver bullet they’re portrayed to be. Year after year the pharmaceutical industry, looking for lucrative new profit centers, churns out new vaccines. They use pseudo-science to convince the public that these products are safe and effective, and they use public shaming to convince the citizenry that non-compliance is a public health threat. This entire racket completely falls apart with a close examination of the herd immunity myth. Until we are honest in our assessment of both the safety and efficacy of vaccines, kids will continue to be hurt, rights will continue to be trampled, and mythology will continue to trump science.

Ms. DuBeau’s article quotes a doctor, Russell Blaylock, M.D., who has also been an outspoken critic of the herd immunity mythology, he writes:

That vaccine-induced herd immunity is mostly myth can be proven quite simply. When I was in medical school, we were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over 70 years. It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness 2 to 10 years after being given. What this means is that at least half the population, that is the baby boomers, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. In essence, at least 50% or more of the population was unprotected for decades. If we listen to present-day wisdom, we are all at risk of resurgent massive epidemics should the vaccination rate fall below 95%. Yet, we have all lived for at least 30 to 40 years with 50% or less of the population having vaccine protection. That is, herd immunity has not existed in this country for many decades and no resurgent epidemics have occurred. Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a lie used to frighten doctors, public-health officials, other medical personnel, and the public into accepting vaccinations.

The school-specific vaccination rate argument is really absurd

I live in Oregon. Like many states, our state publishes vaccination rates by school. If your child attends a school with “low” vaccination rates, the message is that it’s a time bomb waiting to explode! But, wait a minute.

What’s the vaccination rates of the teachers in that school? No one knows. What’s the vaccination rate of the administrators? No one knows. What’s the vaccination rate of the parent volunteers, the janitors, the delivery people, and the parents who walk inside the school every day to pick up their children? That’s right: no one knows. And yet, we’re encouraged by the media to panic.


Perhaps you’re still confused. Yes, my math seems pretty airtight and direct. Ms. DuBeau’s article seems to support my argument, as does Dr. Blaylock. But could all these people screaming about the importance of herd immunity really be that far off base? What if I told you that banging the table about the importance of herd immunity is actually a very recent development, and one instigated by vaccine makers? What if our own history of vaccines and vaccination rates disproved the herd immunity myth all by itself? Let’s go back to the 1980s right here in the U.S. and see what the data says.

Vaccination Rates: 1985

No one can believe this chart when they first see it. They demand to see my data source. I got it from the CDC, here’s the link.

These are vaccination rates for children in the United States in 1985. Does anything stand out to you? Yes, nine of the vaccinations we routinely give to children today didn’t exist in 1985. Yes, vaccination rates for the three vaccines we did give were dramatically below the “herd immunity” threshold that experts today like Ms. Pisani (who is funded by vaccine makers) tells us we need to hit. Well…where were all the epidemics? Feel free to Google “polio epidemic, United States, 1985.” I was alive in 1985. I was a sophomore in High School. No one was having a panic attack. No one was screaming herd immunity, or community immunity. Do I need to keep going?

Final thoughts

I’ve kept the arguments here very simple. I’ve just done some simple math and showed you some data from the mid-1980s. Herd immunity is an interesting theory, but it’s a myth that we’ve ever achieved it through vaccination. I could have gone down a few more levels. I could have asked why anyone should worry about vaccination rates if they themselves have been vaccinated? In turns out, the failure rate is probably way higher for vaccines than we think, way higher than even the numbers I quoted you above. Dr. Blaylock addresses this:

In the original description of herd immunity, the protection to the population at large occurred only if people contracted the infections naturally. The reason for this is that naturally-acquired immunity lasts for a lifetime. The vaccine proponents quickly latched onto this concept and applied it to vaccine-induced immunity. But, there was one major problem – vaccine-induced immunity lasted for only a relatively short period, from 2 to 10 years at most, and then this applies only to humoral immunity. This is why they began, silently, to suggest boosters for most vaccines, even the common childhood infections such as chickenpox, measles, mumps, and rubella.

It actually gets even more confusing. As one simple example, it turns out the pertussis vaccine (whooping cough) doesn’t keep you from carrying and spreading the disease. Why do we always read about whooping cough outbreaks? Boston University researchers explain:

“This disease is back because we didn’t really understand how our immune defenses against whooping cough worked, and did not understand how the vaccines needed to work to prevent it,” said Christopher J. Gill, associate professor of global health and lead author of the article. “Instead we layered assumptions upon assumptions, and now find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of admitting that we may made some crucial errors. This is definitely not where we thought we’d be in 2017.”

Like I said, the story is quite a bit uglier than just basic math. Did you know there are employees of one vaccine maker–Merck–who filed a whistleblower lawsuit arguing that the company hid data that showed the mumps vaccine was losing efficacy:

The suit charges that Merck knew its measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine was less effective than the purported 95% level, and it alleges that senior management was aware and also oversaw testing that concealed the actual effectiveness. According to the lawsuit, Merck began a sham testing program in the late 1990’s to hide the declining efficacy of the vaccine. The objective of the fraudulent trials was to “report efficacy of 95% or higher regardless of the vaccine’s true efficacy.”

I could also share with you some other data from the CDC, some data that destroys the myth that vaccines saved us all from infectious disease. I could quote CDC scientists from a study published in Pediatrics in 2000 who said this:

“Thus vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century…nearly 90% of the decline in infectious disease mortality among US children occurred before 1940, when few antibiotics or vaccines were available.”

I could keep going, but I won’t. Herd immunity is a myth. It’s a bully club planted in the media by vaccine makers to scare parents into vaccinating in order to “protect” others. The math doesn’t add up, and never has. The next time you hear someone invoke the importance of herd immunity, send them this article and ask them to refute it! And, ask yourself a question: “If they’re lying about herd immunity, what else might they be lying about?”

Appendix: Other resources

Can’t get enough information about the myth of herd immunity (the better term is community immunity)? Here’s some other articles and links.

Do high rates of vaccination make us safe? Let’s talk about herd immunity. TruthSnitch

Community Immunity? (From Informed Choice WA)

Herd Immunity: Fact or Fiction? By Dr. Kelly Brogan


There is no Herd Immunity By The Outliers

Let’s talk about herd immunity By Levi Quakenboss

Immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych: Unvaccinated Children Pose “No Extra Danger to the Public”

Great video from Dr. Suzanne Humphries (only 6 minutes long):


J.B. Handley, Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors, Children’s Health Defense

Sign up for free news and updates from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense. CHD is implementing many strategies, including legal, in an effort to defend the health of our children and obtain justice for those already injured. Your support is essential to CHD’s successful mission.


Bill Gates' Globalist Vaccine Agenda

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr." via Klagemauer.tv - 28. April 2020

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent speaker and advocate of environmental protection, is the founder of Children's Health Defense, an organization that works for people's health worldwide. Their mission is above all to end the epidemics of childhood diseases by using special strategies. Its organization takes truly effective protective measures and holds those responsible for ill-health to account. Robert Kennedy is working tirelessly on the front line of vaccination education, as you will hear in the following summary of his contribution. Here he takes a critical look at Bill Gates' globalist vaccination agenda.

[In case there are problems with the video above: BACKUP short version on BITCHUTE]

Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vaccination ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control of global health policy.

Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems to be fueled by a conviction to save the world with technology.

Promising his share of $450 million of $1.2 billion to eradicate polio, Gates took control of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI), which mandated up to 50 doses (Table 1) of polio vaccines through overlapping immunization programs to children before the age of five. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children beyond expected rates between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and asked Gates and his vaccine policies to leave India. NPAFP rates dropped precipitously.

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) reluctantly admitted that the global explosion in polio is predominantly vaccine strain. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines, are all linked to vaccines. In fact, by 2018, 70% of global polio cases were vaccine strain.

In 2009, the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) and Merck, on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died. Indian government investigations charged that Gates-funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the country’s Supreme Court.

In 2010, when Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO, he said “We must make this the decade of vaccines.” A month later, Gates said in a TED Talk that new vaccines “could reduce population.” And, four years later, in 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a “tetanus” vaccine campaign. Independent labs found a sterility formula in every vaccine tested. After denying the charges, WHO finally admitted it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade. Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines.

A 2017 study (Morgenson et. al. 2017) showed that WHO’s popular DTP vaccine is killing more African children than the diseases it prevents. DTP-vaccinated girls suffered 10x the death rate of children who had not yet received the vaccine. WHO has refused to recall the lethal vaccine, which it forces upon tens of millions of African children annually.
Global public health advocates around the world accuse Gates of steering WHO’s agenda away from the projects that are proven to curb infectious diseases: clean water, hygiene, nutrition, and economic development. The Gates Foundation spends only about $650 million of its $5 billion dollar budget on these areas. They say he has diverted agency resources to serve his personal philosophy that good health only comes in a syringe.

In addition to using his philanthropy to control WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, and PATH, Gates funds a private pharmaceutical company that manufactures vaccines and is donating $50 million to 12 pharmaceutical companies to speed up development of a coronavirus vaccine. In his recent media appearances, Gates appears confident that the Covid-19 crisis will now give him the opportunity to force his dictatorial vaccine programs on all American children – and adults.





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Kenya 'unaware' of vaccine trial plan by UK researchers

•Apr 24, 2020

Kenya CitizenTV

The government has ruled out any immediate plans to carry out COVID-19 vaccine trials in Kenya. The statement from Health CS Rashid Aman, came amid public outrage over reports that British scientists were considering Kenya as a testing ground for a newly developed vaccine. Pamela Asigi reports on the controversy that followed the beginning of the first human trials of the vaccine at Oxford University.



Uproar over coronavirus vaccine trial in Africa


KTN News Kenya


WHO vaccine that caused AIDS

  • 15. June 2020

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Where did AIDS come from? Revealed.


A Rushed Vaccine Caused AIDS

  • 12. June 2020

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Real News Channel.com


Power Grab: The National Plan To Vaccinate Every American

VaccineWikimedia Commons

By Barbara Loe Fisher via NVIC - 21. 2020

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The proper role of science is to advise government but not to be government. As this critical and fully sourced report reveals, the vaccine industry has totally usurped and compromised the role of government in order to promote its own business of selling vaccines.

Further, this is the heartbeat of Technocracy and social engineering. In the 1930s, the Technocracy Study Course stated,

Among the Service Sequences are education (this would embrace the complete training of the younger generation), and public health (medicine, dentistry, public hygiene, and all hospitals and pharmaceutical plants as well as institutions for defectives).


Podcast Available on SoundCloud

To activate and view hyperlinked references, please click here once and then click any superscripted number below to access a hyperlinked reference, or scroll down to the bottom of the article to view all hyperlinked references.

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health are working with a biotech company to quickly start clinical trials of an experimental messenger RNA vaccine and fast track it to licensure. 1 The FDA has not yet licensed messenger RNA vaccines that use part of the RNA of a virus to manipulate the body’s immune system into stimulating a potent immune response. 2 3  It looks like the coronavirus vaccine will be the first genetically engineered messenger RNA vaccine to be fast tracked to licensure, just like Gardasil was the first genetically engineered virus-like particle vaccine to be fast tracked to licensure. 4 5

There likely will be lots of questions about whether the fast tracked coronavirus vaccine was studied long enough to adequately demonstrate safety, especially for people who have trouble resolving strong inflammatory responses in their bodies and may be at greater risk for vaccine reactions.6 7 8 9 10 However, there is no question about what will happen if the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) 11 12 recommends that all Americans get the newly licensed coronavirus vaccine.

The government has a National Vaccine Plan. It is a Plan designed to make sure you, your child and everyone in America gets every dose of every vaccine that government officials recommend now and in the future.

1986-1996: Establishing & Creating The Plan

Established under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act during the Reagan Administration, 13 the Plan didn’t really get traction until Congress funded the Vaccines for Children program in 1993 under the Clinton Administration 14 15 and gave the Department of Health and Human Services authority to fund a network of state-based electronic vaccine tracking registries 16 that can monitor the vaccination histories of children without the informed consent of their parents.

In 1995, then Secretary of Health Donna Shalala used rule-making authority to authorize the Social Security Administration to disclose the social security number of every baby born in the country to state governments without parental consent.17 Federal officials explained that – quote - “public health program uses of the social security numbers would include, but are not limited to, establishing immunization registries” and that new routine use of social security numbers would help the government operate “a national network of coordinated statewide immunization registries.” 18

By 1996, when Congress established a national Electronic Health Records (EHR) system under HIPPA, 19 the stage had been set for a government-operated electronic surveillance system to monitor the personal medical records and vaccination status of all Americans. 20 21  22 23  The justification for this big data grab by the government, which clearly violated the privacy of Americans, was to- quote - “protect the public by reducing disease.”


Nationwide Electronic Health Records & Vaccine Tracking Systems

Today, the nationwide federally funded Electronic Health Records system captures the details of every visit you make to a doctor’s office, hospital, pharmacy, laboratory or other medical facility; every medical diagnosis you get; every drug you have been prescribed and every vaccine you accept or refuse.   Your Electronic Health Record can be accessed not only by government health agencies like the Social Security Administration, Medicaid and federal and state health and law enforcement agencies, 24 25 but also can be shared with authorized third parties such as doctors, health insurance companies, HMOs and other corporations, hospitals, labs, nursing homes and medical researchers. 26 27 28

A new Health Information Exchange 29 30 31 initiative funded by the government will make it even easier for computerized health and vaccine records databases to tag, track down and sanction Americans who do not go along with the National Vaccine Plan in the future.  32 33 34 35 36 37 38

What Happened to the Plan’s Duty to Prevent Adverse Reactions to Vaccines?

Ironically, when Congress directed the Department of Health and Human Services to create a National Vaccine Program in the 1986 Act, federal health officials were told to put together a Plan to – quote - “achieve optimal prevention of human infectious diseases through immunization and to achieve optimal prevention against adverse reactions to vaccines.” 39  The Plan was not supposed to focus solely on vaccine development and promotion but to equally focus on preventing vaccine reactions.

Yet, in the very first 1994 National Vaccine Plan only four out of 25 “objectives” and only two out of 14 anticipated “outcomes” addressed preventing vaccine reactions. 40 The 2010 version of the Plan 41 also largely ignored the legal duty of HHS to conduct vaccine safety research to fill in long standing knowledge gaps and take steps to make vaccines and vaccine policies less likely to cause harm. 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52

Looking back, it appears Congress was not really committed to funding research and creating substantive initiatives to reduce vaccine risks, regardless of what was stated in the 1986 Act, or there would been congressional oversight and federal agencies would have been directed to follow the law rather than ignore it for more than 30 years. 53

Government’s Vaccine Marketing Plan for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Instead, government agencies have brazenly forged lucrative public private business partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment to:

  • develop many new vaccines; 54 55 56 57
  • increase public demand for vaccines; 58
  • raise vaccination rates among children to nearly 100 percent; 59
  • create and expand electronic vaccine tracking registries; 60 61 62 63 64 and
  • promote global vaccination programs, 65 66 even though the primary purpose of the 1986 Act was to reduce vaccine reactions and protect the U.S. childhood vaccine supply, 67 not fund and expand global vaccination programs.

In fact, federal health officials accurately characterize the U.S. vaccination system in the 21st century as a business. A decade ago they admitted that – quote -“The 2010 National Vaccine Plan provides a vision for the U.S. vaccine and immunization enterprise for the next decade.” 68 That’s because they know the National Vaccine Plan is really a Vaccine Marketing Plan for the pharmaceutical industry. 69 70 71 72

So, if you are wondering why many states are trying to pass laws eliminating all vaccine exemptions and mandate every vaccine the pharmaceutical industry produces and the CDC recommends, 73 74 75 76 you don’t have to look any further than the government’s well-financed National Vaccine Plan.

Implementation of The Plan Accelerated in 2011

Implementation of the Plan was accelerated in 2011 after the U.S. Supreme Court declared FDA licensed vaccines to be –quote - “unavoidably unsafe” for the purpose of removing almost all remaining liability from drug companies when vaccines hurt people. 77 78

Since 2011, two powerful CDC-appointed vaccine advisory committees influenced by members associated with the pharmaceutical and medical trade industries – the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) 79 80 81 82 83 and the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) 84 85 86 – have been busy coming up with new ways to meet strategic goals of the National Vaccine Plan.

When highly publicized cases of measles were reported in California’s Disneyland in 2015 87 and in New York in 2019, 88 89 with military precision pursuit of the Plan was kicked into even high gear. 90 91

During the past five years, California, Vermont, New York, Maine and Hawaii have lost vaccine exemptions, even though tens of thousands of Americans rose up in protest. 92 In 2019, the people managed to hold on to exemptions in states like Oregon, Arizona and New Jersey 93 but this year, bills to force vaccine use are already threatening parental, civil and human rights in Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida, Washington, Pennsylvania and more. 94

Five Main Types of Vaccine Laws Being Proposed in States

These are the five main types of laws being proposed in the states and your state may be one of them:

Number One:  State laws that eliminate all personal belief vaccine exemptions allowing you to follow your conscience or religious beliefs and make it illegal for physicians to grant a medical exemption unless it strictly conforms to very narrow CDC-approved contraindications to vaccination.

National vaccine coverage rates among school children are at 95 percent for core vaccines like polio, pertussis, measles and chickenpox, yet, government health officials are not satisfied. 95 They have narrowed vaccine contraindications so that almost no medical history or health condition qualifies as a reason for a medical exemption. 96

If you or your child have had previous vaccine reactions, are vaccine injured, have a brother or sister who was injured or died after vaccination, or are suffering with a brain or immune system disorder that the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) does not consider to be a contraindication to vaccination, states like California 97 98 are denying physicians the right to exercise professional judgment and give children a medical exemption to vaccination are threatening human rights. 99

No wonder less than one percent of vaccine reactions are ever reported to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System 100 and doctors feel free to discriminate against and deny medical care to anyone who is not vaccinated according to CDC schedules. 101

Laws that eliminate medical, religious and conscience exemptions to vaccination and ban citizens from getting a school education – even a college education – do violate civil and human rights and so do vaccine mandates by employers who fire or refuse to hire workers based on their vaccination status. 102 103 104   The two professions being targeted first for workplace vaccine mandates are healthcare 105 106 107 and childcare workers, 108 109 but they certainly will not be the last. 110

Number Two:  State laws that turn unelected members of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices into de facto lawmakers and automatically mandate all current and future federally recommended vaccines without any public discussion or vote by duly elected state legislators.

Under the U.S. Constitution, state legislatures hold the majority of power to pass public health laws, so vaccine laws are state laws. 111 112  If states hand that constitutional authority over to an unelected federal government committee, the people no longer can work through their elected state representatives to make sure laws do not force involuntary medical risk taking and punish citizens exercising civil and human rights. 113

It is clear that Pharma and medical trade lobbyists partnering with government officials to implement the National Vaccine Plan are unhappy they have to spend so much time and money trying to strong arm state legislators into mandating every CDC recommended vaccine. At the same time, some politicians are not happy that a growing number of Americans are showing up in state Capitols to oppose oppressive vaccine mandates.

Today, it costs a staggering $3,000 to give a child every one of the 69 doses of 16 vaccines on the federal government’s schedule. 114  In addition to coronavirus vaccine, there are more than a dozen experimental vaccines being fast tracked to market for TB, influenza, HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, herpes simplex, strep A and B, e-coli, RSV, salmonella, and malaria, 115 with several hundred more being developed in a global vaccine market estimated to balloon to nearly $100 billion by 2026. 116 117

State laws that automatically mandate all federally recommended vaccines are handing Big Pharma a big blank check and putting an unknown number of vaccine vulnerable children and adults at risk for serious health problems if they are forced to use every one of them. 118 119 120 121 122

Number Three: State laws that allow doctors to declare minor children mentally competent to consent to vaccination so children can be vaccinated without the knowledge of their parents.

There is plenty of scientific evidence that children’s brains are not developed enough before or during teenage years to support rational benefit and risk decision-making, especially if they are subjected to pressure. 123 124 Giving doctors the legal authority to, in effect, go behind parents’ backs and persuade a minor child to get liability free vaccines violates the legal right of parents to consent to medical interventions performed on their children. 125 It also puts vaccine vulnerable children at greater risk for suffering reactions. 126

Parents know their child’s personal and family medical history best and if parents are left in the dark, not only are they blocked from preventing vaccine reactions but there is no way for them to monitor a child after vaccination for signs of reactions so they can immediately take their child for treatment. 127

Number Four: State laws requiring schools to publicly post vaccine coverage rates for the purpose of shaming schools that allow students with vaccine exemptions to receive a school education.

Publicly posting school vaccination rates and numbers of students with exemptions creates a hostile community environment by targeting certain schools and families, whose children have vaccine exemptions, for discrimination and abuse. 128 129  130

It is an illusion that some schools are safer based on vaccination rates. For example, even schools with 100 percent vaccination rates and zero exemptions have had outbreaks of pertussis 131 and schools with very high vaccination rates have had outbreaks of measles and mumps. 132 133 That is because vaccinated children and adults can get infected with and transmit infectious diseases but sometimes show few or no symptoms and are never diagnosed or reported. 134 135 136 137 138 139 140

Children and teachers interact with many other vaccinated and unvaccinated people outside of the school setting. It is discriminatory to require public posting of the numbers of healthy students with vaccine exemptions, when schools are not required to publicly post the numbers of students who are infected with transmissible diseases like hepatitis B and C, HIV, streptococcal, mononucleosis, cytomegalovirus, e-coli, Fifths disease, herpes simplex and more.

Number Five: State laws that operate vaccine tracking registries and integrate them into Electronic Health Records systems without the consent of those being tracked.

The National Vaccine Information Center has a two-decade public record of opposing the creation of national or state based electronic surveillance systems that automatically enroll children and adults without their informed consent to monitor their vaccination status and health histories. 141

Not only have there been past security breaches with electronic databases dumping personally identifying information into the public domain, 142 but there is legitimate concern that the government should not be conducting electronic surveillance on citizens while pursuing a National Vaccine Plan that encourages punitive societal sanctions, such as the inability to get a school education or a job, for individuals who refuse to go along with the Plan.

Learn About Federal & State Government Police Powers to Compel Vaccine Use

For more information on the history and types of public health laws that allow the federal government and states to use police powers to compel vaccine use, go to NVIC’s website at NVIC.org. 143 144

To learn more about vaccine legislation pending in your state and talking points you can use to educate your legislators, go to NVIC Advocacy.org and become a user of NVIC’s free online Advocacy Portal. You will be put into direct contact with your own state and federal representatives and sent emails when bills that threaten or expand your freedom to make voluntary vaccine choices are moving in your state so you can make your voice heard, including showing up at scheduled public hearings.

Making Government Work for Us

In America, we are governed by laws that the representatives we elect make, so it is important to vet all candidates for positions on issues you care about before going to the polls. Good laws can be enacted and bad laws can be repealed but only if we wake up, stand up and actively participate to make our representative government work for us.

Already this year, there have been more than 50 good bills introduced in a number of states that defend voluntary vaccine choices. This is a time for positive action.

It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.

Note: This commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers.  The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.

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60 Minutes Mike Wallace Exposes The 1976 Swine Flu Pandemic Vaccine Injuries

By 60 Minutes

Publication date 2020-05-24


Vaccines Can Cause Infertility

By Christina England, BA Hons / July 20, 2013

I have been investigating whether there is a proven link between vaccines and infertility. What I have uncovered will shock many readers because I have discovered that innocent women and girls in developing countries have been deliberately experimented on, with the use of infertility vaccines, for many years.

They are not the only victims. Recently several vaccines used worldwide have also been found to cause infertility, including the HPV vaccines and many of the swine flu vaccines.

My interest in the subject began after it was reported that the Japanese government had decided to withdraw its support for the HPV vaccine schedule. This decision came after the government received approximately 2000 reports from women and girls suffering adverse reactions, including long-term pain, numbness, paralysis and infertility. [1]

This does not mean that Japan has banned or suspended the program, as the vaccines will still be available to anyone wishing to receive them. However, the medical provider will automatically inform anyone wishing to receive the HPV vaccines Gardasil or Cervarix that the Japanese government no longer supports the HPV vaccine program.

This Shot Changed One Girl’s Life Forever

Over the years, a range of adverse reactions have been reported worldwide after the HPV vaccinations. However, the discovery that the HPV vaccine has been found to cause infertility in some women has only been publicized more recently.

In 2012, the British Medical Journal published a paper by Dr. Deidrie Little titled Premature Ovarian Failure 3 Years After Menarche in a 16 Year-Old Girl Following Human Papillomavirus Vaccination, in which Dr. Little detailed the case of a sixteen year-old girl suffering from premature menopause after receiving the HPV vaccine Gardasil. The summary of the paper states:

“Premature ovarian failure in a well adolescent is a rare event. Its occurrence raises important questions about causation, which may signal other systemic concerns. This patient presented with amenorrhoea after identifying a change from her regular cycle to irregular and scant periods following vaccinations against human papillomavirus. She declined the oral contraceptives initially prescribed for amenorrhoea. The diagnostic tasks were to determine the reason for her secondary amenorrhoea and then to investigate for possible causes of the premature ovarian failure identified.

Although the cause is unknown in 90% of cases, the remaining chief identifiable causes of this condition were excluded. Premature ovarian failure was then notified as a possible adverse event following this vaccination. The young woman was counselled regarding preservation of bone density, reproductive implications and relevant follow-up. This event could hold potential implications for population health and prompts further inquiry.” [2]

As the BMJ charges a fee to read their articles, interested readers can find a report about the case on the Weekly Briefing of the Population Research Institute’s website. The report states that Dr. Little said that before the sixteen year-old received the vaccine Gardasil during the fall of 2008, her menstrual cycle was perfectly normal. However, by January 2009, her cycle had become irregular, and over the course of the next two years, her menses (bleeds) had become increasingly irregular. By 2011, she had ceased menstruating altogether.

The Weekly Briefing stated:

“In the Australian case, after testing the levels of numerous hormones, and the function of various internal organs, the girl was diagnosed by Dr. Little as having “premature ovarian failure”, which is defined as “the presence of menopausal gonadotrophin levels in association with over 3 months of amenorrhoea or oligomenorrhoea before age 40 years.”

Further testing confirmed that all of her eggs—every last one—were dead. She was and is totally and irrevocably infertile.”

The Weekly Briefing article has since been removed, but a complete copy of the article can be found on several websites, including Population Research Institute. [3]

Thousands of Women Are Now Infertile Because of Vaccines

It is extremely unusual for a girl of this age to enter early menopause. So, we must ask ourselves, was it the vaccine that caused her symptoms or was it something else?

I decided to research if there were any other reports or papers on the subject of vaccination and infertility. I was horrified by what I discovered.

I found a total of 56 research papers listed on PubMed relating to contraceptive vaccines, dating as far back as 1977. No doubt a researcher entering a range of different search terms could come up with many more. [4]

This led me to question whether or not vaccines were being manufactured deliberately to cause infertility. One paper in particular, published in 1989, written by G.P. Talwar and R. Raghupathy titled Anti-Fertility Vaccines appears to suggest that they are. The authors stated:

“Vaccines are under development for the control of fertility in males and females. This review discusses developments in anti-fertility vaccines at the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, India.

A single injection procedure for the sterilization or castration of male animals depending on the site at which the injection is given, has passed through field testing and is expected to be on the market in the near future.” [5]

It is difficult to judge from this abstract whether these vaccines were being developed for use on humans or animals. However, further research has led me to believe that these vaccines were being developed for humans, because not long after this paper was published, vaccines were administered to women and children in a number of countries, including Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines, causing many of them to become infertile.

Why Weren’t Men or Boys Given This “Tetanus” Vaccine?

In 1994, the World Health Organization gave many women in developing countries aged between 15 and 45 a tetanus vaccine containing a birth control drug.

An organization known as The Comite became suspicious of the protocols surrounding the vaccines and obtained several vials for testing. It was discovered that some of the vials contained human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a naturally occurring hormone essential for maintaining a pregnancy.

However, when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier, this vaccine essentially causes a woman’s body to produce antibodies against pregnancy, forcing her body to abort her unborn baby. The ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute, reporting on the story, stated:

“In nature the hCG hormone alerts the woman’s body that she is pregnant and causes the release of other hormones to prepare the uterine lining for the implantation of the fertilized egg. The rapid rise in hCG levels after conception makes it an excellent marker for confirmation of pregnancy: when a woman takes a pregnancy test she is not tested for the pregnancy itself, but for the elevated presence of hCG.

However, when introduced into the body coupled with a tetanus toxoid carrier, antibodies will be formed not only against tetanus but also against hCG. In this case the body fails to recognize hCG as a friend and will produce anti-hCG antibodies. The antibodies will attack subsequent pregnancies by killing the hCG which naturally sustains a pregnancy; when a woman has sufficient anti-hCG antibodies in her system, she is rendered incapable of maintaining a pregnancy.” [6]

Curiously, no men, boys or babies were vaccinated during the program. The only people vaccinated with this particular vaccine were women aged between 15 and 45. Was it a coincidence that these vaccines were only given to women of childbearing age? After all, anyone can contract tetanus, can’t they?

If The Comite had not become suspicious, then no one would have been any wiser. However, the question now remains: Was this a deliberate attempt by the WHO to reduce the population? The answer may lay in a paper written in 1997.

Girls and Women as Fertility Control Guinea Pigs

In 1997, another paper by G.P. Talwar titled Vaccines for Control of Fertility and Hormone Dependent Cancers was published by Immunology and Cell Biology. The author stated in the introduction:

“The twentieth century is marked by an unprecedented rise in the population. Four billion people will be added to the world population in 73 years of this century, whereas the global population attained the two billion mark only in 1927. In India, the population increases by 18 million per year, equivalent to the entire population of Australia.

Although a number of methods are available for contraception, they are not suited to many people in economically developing countries and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the contraceptive needs of 350 million couples are unmet.” [7]

At first glance, it appears that the scientists were trying to develop a vaccine to use as an alternative method of contraception, to be offered at fertility clinics; that is, until you read deeper into the paper.

On page 185 in the section titled Operational Strategy, the author stated:

“Both hCG and LHRH are self hormones in humans and are poor antigens. To improve their immunogenicity, they are derivatized with haptenic groups as followed by Stevens ct al. in their initial studies or they are chemically linked to carriers to enlist T helper cell activity. We used carriers, first tetanus toxoid (TT) and later diphtheria toxoid (DT) or cholera toxin chain B (CTB). Tetanus accounts a large mortality of women at the time of delivery, which in developing countries, often occurs in places other than maternity homes/clinics. TT conjugates conferred immunoprophylactic benefit against tetanus, besides overcoming immunological tolerance to the self hormone. Diversification of carriers on repeat immunization avoided hyperimmunization against a given carrier and carrier-induced immunosuppression.”

Reading on, the section titled Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, reads as follows:

“Human chorionic gonadotropin was a preferred choice as a target for a contraceptive vaccine of three groups of investigators. Although the existence of’ leaky genes making small amounts of hCG in the non-pregnant state has been observed by William Odell. the hormone thus made is not conspicuous in its bioactivity nor appreciable in amount, hCG is a definite marker of pregnancy, when trophoblastic and other tumours are excluded. Its synthesis and secretion begins at the pre-implantation stage, as observed in the vitro-fertilized human embryo. It is involved in implantation since marmoset (south or central American monkey) embryos exposed to anti-phCG antibodies do not implant.’”

The author continued by adding:

“Interception of conception by anti-hCG antibodies is also supported by phase II clinical trials where no lengthening of the luteal phase was observed in women who were protected from becoming pregnant. As pregnancy is deemed to begin only after implantation of the embryo to the endometrium. hCG vaccine by preventing it is not an abortifacient but a contraceptive vaccine. hCG is also required for corpus luteum support and production of progesterone during the first 7 weeks until the placenta takes over. It thus has a role in both establishing and supporting pregnancy. Its chemistry was known by the early 1970s and it could be purified from pregnancy urine.”

These vaccines appear to be strikingly similar to the vaccines that were given to the women in developing countries for tetanus in 1994, just three years earlier, which were also found to contain the hormone hCG.

So, were the women and children living in developing countries in 1994 deliberately experimented on? It certainly appears that they were, as the vaccine trials using the tetanus vaccine on women and girls of childbearing age took place three years before this paper was written.

Another point that should be mentioned here is the fact that these trials were unethical, and yet there is no mention of an ethics committee. Were members of an ethics committee ever consulted before any of these vaccines were administered?

Massive Increase in Fetal Deaths After Pregnant Moms Receive Flu Vaccine

The tetanus vaccines were given in the 1990s and yet vaccines are said to be causing infertility still today. Other than the HPV vaccines, which I discussed earlier, Fluarix, the vaccine manufactured by GSK against the swine flu, has also been reported to cause infertility. [8]

In fact, the information given on the prescribing information sheet states that the vaccine has not been evaluated for the impairment of fertility and that it is not known whether Fluarix can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or if it can affect reproduction capacity. [9]

In other words, it is possible that this vaccine can lead to infertility!

Despite this information being readily available on the Internet, pregnant women are still being recommended to receive various flu vaccines every year.

Documentation received from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) states that between 2009 and 2010, the mercury-laden combined flu vaccinations increased Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems (VAERS) fetal death reports by 4,250 percent in pregnant women.

Eileen Dannerman from NCOW stated that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) deliberately misled the nation’s obstetricians and gynecologists and colluded with the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AJOG) to mislead the public by advertising the flu vaccine as a safe vaccine for pregnant women when they knew fully well that it was causing a massive spike in fetal deaths. [10]


What I have discovered, I am sure that many would agree, is absolutely horrific. It appears that many of the recommended vaccinations are known by the governments and pharmaceutical industries to cause infertility. Many of these vaccines are mandatory. We need to ask ourselves why our governments are deliberately force-vaccinating us with vaccines known to cause infertility.

Another question we need to ask is why are so many studies being funded to study the subject area surrounding vaccines and infertility.

Many leading professionals believe that these vaccines are being offered as part of a global depopulation plan. We need to ask ourselves whether or not our governments have the right to play God with our lives without our knowledge or consent.

I believe it is high time that we took back the control of our own lives and researched all vaccinations thoroughly before we agree to be vaccinated. Ultimately, it is each person’s decision whether or not they should be vaccinated, and the only way that we can make an informed choice about vaccinations is to be fully informed of the facts before agreeing to be vaccinated.

I have proven, by referencing documents, articles and scientific papers, that a series of vaccines are being developed that are known to cause infertility. These vaccines have been and still are being administered to innocent people without their knowledge or consent. Surely, this practice is not only unethical, it is criminal.


To learn more, please read this article on the Natural News website.

1. http://www.naturalnews.com/041099_gardasil_side_effect_japan_infertility.html

2. http://casereports.bmj.com/content/2012/bcr-2012-006879.abstract

3. http://pop.org/content/teenage-girl-becomes-infertile-after-gardasil-vaccination

4. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?orig_db=PubMed…

5. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2665354

6. http://thinktwice.com/birthcon.htm

7. http://www.nature.com/icb/journal/v75/n2/abs/icb199726a.html

8. http://www.infowars.com/polysorbate-80-in-swine-flu-vaccines-infertility-in-humans/

9. http://preventdisease.com/news/pdf/FLUARIX_2009LatestPackageInsert_us_fluarix.pdf

10. http://vactruth.com/2012/11/23/flu-shot-spikes-fetal-death/#sthash.eg67UXq2.dpuf


Photo Credit

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India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes

OCT 05, 2014 / BY





Coronavirus: COVID-19 vaccines kill seven children in Senegal immediately after given shots

By OPERATION-NATION.com 10. April 2020

Bill Gates gives a child a rotavirus vaccine in Ghana. (PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP/Getty Images)

So it begins. We covered the two white imperial doctors fetishizing their demented desire to use African children as guinea pigs for vaccines. The director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) strongly condemned the comments, saying this would not happen. But apparently he isn’t as powerful as he believes.

Seven children died this week after being given experimental vaccines in Senegal, according to a report by the website ezone57.com. The website appears to be Ghana-based. The story has since been removed from the site and, somehow, removed from web archives as well.

The people in charge of the vaccine program were reportedly arrested by the Gendarmerie (State Police) or one of the ten regional police forces.  No other information is available. We attempted calling the phone number on the Gendamerie website, but got no answer as of publishing. There doesn’t appear to be a way to contact Senegal police via email.

UPDATE April 14, 2020: Kizzmekia Corbett: Wikipedia, Twitter fast-track black vaccine researcher to relevance (April 14, 2020)

Youtube removes independent video confirming vaccine deaths

A video originally uploaded to Youtube lends more credence to the story. A user named Aggie’s Fam posted a 13-minute video on April 6. She appears to be from Nigeria. The video confirmed the story of seven kids being killed. But she described them as “infants.” This paraphrased quote starts at about the 1:50 mark.

“I really don’t know what’s wrong with our African leaders. Today, a nurse told my husband that seven infants have died in Senegal due to this coronavirus vaccine. I just don’t get it, why you must collect this thing when you know that it’s not being tested? You want to use your people as guinea pigs. Lab rats? Because of what? Do they give you money to kill? If you kill all your people in your land, who will remain for you govern? You will end up going to the ground like you end up falling like zero level. What is your problem? Oh my god, this is stupid.”

We quickly downloaded the video knowing Youtube would likely remove it. Sure enough, the video was removed minutes after we got a copy and re-uploaded it to Vimeo.

UPDATE April 13, 2020 – Vimeo has now removed the video as well, and our entire channel. We have re-uploaded to Bitchute.

We only had 3-4 videos on there anyway. Now they keep sending us emails like we give a damn to “appeal” to their minor league platform. Here is the email we got from Vimeo:

Reason: You cannot upload videos that depict or encourage self-harm, falsely claim that mass tragedies are hoaxes, or perpetuate false or misleading claims about vaccine safety.

Aggie’s video had over 42,000 views before removal, by far the most views of any video on her channel. We also took a screenshot of her channel. It’s not out of the question for Youtube to remove her altogether.

UPDATE 1:45 p.m. Pacific – We contacted the woman who posted the video. She said she never expected it to get the attention it has. She appealed the deletion of her video to Youtube to no avail. Aggie said she has mixed feelings about the video now that it has gone viral. But she also wants the truth to be known. “I am scared. Because it’s too much for me and my husband, he don’t want that,” she said.

These incidents are likely to pick up steam across the Continent. Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo announced that the country received $100 million from the World Bank last month. The funds are for “fighting coronavirus.” One of the apparent strings attached is allowing Bill Gates and his imperial doctors to experiment on children in the country.

Other African nations are resisting imperial medicine. Protestors in the Ivory Coast destroyed a coronavirus testing center this past Sunday. They believed the facility housed coronavirus patients. They did not want the diseases spreading through the city of Abidjan. Police used tear gas to disburse the crowd. But the damage was already done to the facility. Abidjan has been locked down since March 23. Ivory Coast has only 323 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. slams Bill Gates

It’s no wonder the Euro-Zionist empire hates the Kennedy family so much. They killed President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy. Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean was found dead in Charles County, Maryland this week after an alleged canoeing accident. Her 8-year-old son Gideon McKean is still missing. Maeve McKean is the daughter of former Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. She is one of RFK’s 11 children. Now RFK, Jr. needs to be careful.

RFK, Jr. posted a lengthy story on Instagram a couple days ago. Bill Gates is obsessed with vaccines due to a “messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans,” said RFK, Jr. Gates essentially purchased India’s National Advisory Board (NAB) for $1.2 billion in 2000. His first mandate was giving all Indian children 50 polio vaccines each. The vaccines caused paralysis in 496,000 children from 2000-2017, according to RFK, Jr.

RELATED: Coronavirus: patent documents, vaccine race and countdown to war (March 20, 2020)

“The Gates Foundation funded a trial of a [GlaxoSmithKline] experimental malaria vaccine, killing 151 African infants and causing serious adverse effects including paralysis, seizure, and febrile convulsions to 1,048 of the 5,049 children,” RFK, Jr. wrote. He didn’t stop there.

In 2017, the World Health Organization reluctantly admitted that the global polio explosion is predominantly vaccine strain, meaning it is coming from Gates’ Vaccine Program. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan are all linked to Gates’ vaccines. By 2018, ¾ of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines. A 2017 study (Morgensen et.Al.2017) showed that WHO’s popular DTP is killing more African than the disease it pretends to prevent. Vaccinated girls suffered 10x the death rate of unvaccinated children. Gates and the WHO refused to recall the lethal vaccine which WHO forces upon millions of African children annually.

Gates has given at least $10 billion to the WHO since 2010. He’s the largest donor to the organization other than the U.S. government. Gates essentially owns the WHO and calls all the shots (no pun intended).

RELATED: A mass sterilization exercise’: Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine (November 6, 2014)

*UPDATE 3:45 a.m. Pacific: Agence France-Presse (AFP) writer Anne-Sophie Faivre Le Cadresays in a “fact check” story that Senegalese children “did not die.” The story was published shortly after our story went live. It talks about some video on Facebook that has nothing to do with our story.

The AFP reporter cited an unnamed spokeswoman for Senegal’s health ministry as a source. The reporter says no vaccine exists, despite patent documents being readily-available online. This declaration, and the anonymous spokeswoman, further discredit the French media response. A French-speaking Senegalese spokeswoman using the term “fake news” is also suspect.

Mainstream media are strictly on code right now, controlling the entire COVID-19 and 5G narratives. It’s up to readers to think critically. We firmly and unequivocally stand behind our story.



WHO now says your child's presence in school counts as 'informed consent' for vaccination - parental presence 'not required'

Pam Vernon - 23. November 2019

world health organization logo

The WHO has labeled it 'implied consent' 

The World Health Organization, which is the medical epicenter of the depopulation lobby, now considers your child's presence in school informed consent to vaccinate that child. Depopulation by vaccination us now fully outside the law and will sterilize, sicken and dumb down every child on earth but the children of the depop lobby members who don't vaccinate their children. 

vaccination implied consent


Read the full story in WHO's official document (PDF) 

Via Kevin Galalae at Facebook 

Comment: You can be sure the school systems will be lax in informing parents of scheduled vaccination days.


A Dangerous Idea: The History of Eugenics in America

Forced Vaccination was the Precedent to Forced Sterilization

... and "if you then are steilized you will be released from being locked up and are free!"


•May 10, 2019

National Constitution Center

Exactly 92 years after the infamous Buck v. Bell decision, the Center presents a partial screening of “A Dangerous Idea: Eugenics, Genetics and the American Dream”—an award-winning documentary exploring the legal history of the eugenics movement in the United States. Following the screening, join the film’s co-writer and executive producer Andrew Kimbrell, acclaimed author and journalist Daniel Okrent, and law and bioethics scholars Paul Lombardo and Dorothy Robertsfor a conversation exploring the dark history of eugenics and the Constitution. Jeffrey Rosen, president and CEO of the NationaConstitution Center, moderates.


Anti-Vaccine Japan Has World’s Lowest Child Death Rate

& Highest Life Expectancy

By Amanda-Mary - 08. October 2018

Fact: Japan has the lowest infant mortality rate following ban on mandatory vaccinations, they urge other countries to follow this firm stance

The citizens of Japan are statistically proven to be the healthiest and longest-living people in the world. The country also has the lowest infant mortality rate on the planet. It may come as no surprise to many that the Japanese Government banned a number of vaccines that are currently mandatory in the United States and has strict regulations in place for other Big Pharma drugs and vaccines in general. Japan’s anti-vax policies have long been criticised by vaccine pushers in the US who claim that vaccinating the public “promotes health.”

However, Japanese people live longer, healthier lives than Americans, with babies born in the US twice as likely to die in infancy than those born in Japan. It’s clear to see that Western nations have a lot to learn from the Japanese when it comes to their approach to vaccinations and issues facing public health. The Japanese are vaccine sceptics, to put it simply, and due to adverse reactions suffered by Japanese children, have banned many vaccines.

The Japanese are well educated on the dangers of over-vaccinating their children and oppose the use of multi-shot vaccinations such as the MMR vaccine. Following a record number of children developing adverse reactions, including meningitis, loss of limbs, and even sudden death, the Japanese government banned the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine from its vaccination program, despite facing serious opposition from Big Pharma.

Despite the fact that it has been blamed in vaccine courts for causing autism, vaccine supporters still deny the correlation between the MMR vaccination and skyrocketing rates of autism spectrum disorder, which now affects at least one in 45 children, with even higher rates of diagnosis among boys. However, the vaccine carries other serious risks in addition to the autism links, which has led to an outright ban of MMR jab in Japan.

The MMR Vaccine’s Tragic History in Japan

The MMR vaccine was introduced in Japan in April 1989, and parents who refused the compulsory vaccine were fined. After three months of analysis, officials realised that one in 900 children developed adverse reactions to the vaccine, a rate that was 2,000 times higher than the expected rate. Officials had hoped to resolve the problem by switching to another version of the vaccine, but the excessive amount of adverse reactions persisted, with one in 1,755 children affected.

Testing of 125 children’s spinal fluid determined that the vaccines had entered one child’s nervous system, with two additional suspected cases. Four years later, in 1993, the government removed the MMR mandate against measles and rubella.

A doctor from Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare admitted that the separate, individual doses of measles and rubella cost twice as much to administer and he defended the decision, stating, “but we believe it is worth it.” Furthermore, a member of the health ministry also stated that the ban has not caused an increase in deaths from measles. Japanese officials were also concerned about the MMR vaccine causing additional cases of mumps, citing numerous studies in The LancetMumps and Hepatitis B vaccines are not part of the National Immunisation Program in Japan.

Twice as many infants die in America than in Japan

What Many Parents don’t know about the MMR Vaccine is the list of adverse reactions to the MMR vaccine, straight from Merck’s vaccine package inserts, is long and alarming. A shortened version of the vaccine damage associated with the MMR vaccine includes: vomiting, diarrhoea, anaphylaxis, ear pain, nerve deafness, diabetes, arthritis, myalgia, encephalitis, febrile seizures, pneumonia, and death.

A search of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database shows the following statistics from the United States: Over 75,000 adverse events have been reported from any combination of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines, including, most notably:

  • 78 confirmed deaths
  • 85 confirmed cases of deafness
  • 48 confirmed cases of decreased eye contact
  • 92 confirmed cases of developmental delay
  • 855 confirmed reported cases of autism
  • 116 confirmed cases of intellectual disability
  • 401 reports of speech disorders
  • 276 reports of loss of consciousness
  • 143 confirmed cases of encephalitis
  • 74 confirmed cases of meningitis
  • 111 confirmed cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • 692 confirmed cases of gait disturbance (not being able to walk normally)
  • 748 confirmed cases of hypokinesia (partial or complete loss of muscle movement)
  • 653 reports of hypotonia (poor muscle tone)
  • 4874 reports of seizures, including febrile convulsions and tonic-clonic seizures
  • 1576 cases of cellulitis (a potentially serious skin infection) And finally, in some cases, the vaccine has caused the very diseases it is supposed to prevent, with the following data reported to VAERS:
  • 147 confirmed cases of measles
  • 384 confirmed cases of mumps
  • 29 confirmed cases of rubella

The side effects of vaccinations are vastly under-reported

s acknowledged by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)The National Vaccine Information Center estimates that less than one to ten percent of adverse reactions to vaccines are reported. Many of the numbers reported above could, therefore, be multiplied by one hundred to determine a more accurate amount of adverse reactions.

The people of Japan put children s health before big pharma profits and also take a protective stance against other Vaccines. The flu vaccine has also been the subject of controversy in Japan after 100 deaths occurred from the vaccine by the end of 2009.

Japan’s health ministry has been criticised for its cautious stance against vaccines, but so far, government officials have wisely defended their position, citing public safety as the paramount concern. Finally, the Japanese government has also taken a protective stance against vaccines on behalf of its young girls, suspending the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine in 2013 after numerous cases of serious adverse events were reported, with one report citing as many as 1,968 adverse events, 358 of which were classified as serious. Japanese officials were concerned about the well-being of their young citizens, despite having invested $187 million in the program.

Damage payments to only a fraction of the victims who have suffered adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine have reached $6 million. Additionally, since 2011, at least 38 infants have been reported to have died after they had been vaccinated against Haemophilus influenza B and Streptococcus pneumonia, according to records compiled by the health ministry in Japan.

Japanese Officials Speak Out

Japan has been criticised for being behind the times when it comes to vaccination. Vaccine advocates claim that Japan has not kept pace with other developed countries regarding the use of vaccines. Despite listing 110 infectious diseases in a government registry, Japan offers vaccines for only 22 of those. Some Japanese health experts disagree, however. Hiroko Mori, a vaccine researcher, is one of those experts. He was the former head of the infectious disease division at Japan’s National Institute of Public Health. He has noted that Japan has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world and has advocated for fewer vaccines, stating that the country’s excellent sanitation and nutrition has boosted children’s health:

“Medicine is supposed to be about healing, but babies who cannot speak are being given unnecessary shots because parents are scared. Children are losing their ability to heal naturally. “There are so many people who have suffered side effects. All we are asking is to establish the right to say ‘no.’ The right to choose should be recognized as a fundamental human right.”

Tetsuo Nakayama, Dean of Kitasato University’s Graduate School of Infection Control Sciences, is an expert who supports vaccines, but he, too, acknowledges the risks of vaccination, stating that: “There is no guarantee that your child will not be that one out of 1,000. You have to compare the risks between the side effects and what will happen if you are infected with the disease naturally… Under the existing law, the decision to vaccinate your child or not is basically left up to the parents, but there is not enough information out there for them to make an informed decision.”

Masako Koga, a former representative of the Consumers Union of Japan, has shared his concerns about the ulterior motives behind mass vaccination programs: “Vaccines should only be given to those who need them but that is not happening. The global industry is being driven by a strategy that promotes VPD [vaccine preventable diseases].

“We must put a stop to it. Vaccines have close ties to money. From development to circulation to research on side effects, there are a lot of vested interests involved.”

He also summarised what motivates many parents’ decisions not to vaccinate their children: “There is no knowing who will suffer side effects as a result of vaccination. [Proponents of vaccination] say the chance of suffering a side effect is 1 in a million. For parents, however, that one is everything.”


Japanese officials have made decisions that the value of the health and safety of their citizens comes first and so removed vaccines with dangerous side effects from their national vaccination program. Japan boasts a low infant mortality rate, despite — or perhaps because of — mandating only a fraction of the vaccines required by other developed countries, including the United States. Has your child suffered an adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine or the HPV vaccine, both of which have been removed from Japan’s national vaccination program?

More than 9 billion US dollars have been awarded for vaccine injuries alone last year in the USA and consider that  those are the ones that could afford to take the time and vast sums of money needed to take a case through the entire legal system. When you imagine how difficult and costly it is on your pocket and your health making a claim, whilst also caring for a child with vaccine damage? Imagine how many more cases could have been proven and won, where the system easier to deal with and less costly…

Reprinted from The Healing Oracle.

Copyright © 2018 Healing Oracle



First published on BITCHUTE May 17th, 2020.

Italy, Vaccines, COVID 19, Corona Virus

Vaccinegate: Priorix Tetra analysis – 2nd step update And now we know who is behind the vaccine agenda:!!! 

Reports here - https://www.corvelva.it/en/com....ponent/tags/tag/rapp


The Vaccine Agenda: DNA Codes Under Attack | Dr Graham Downing

•Apr 18, 2020




If Your Doctor Insists Vaccines Are Safe, Have Them Sign This Form

By Dr. John L. Reizer - 26. March 2020

Founder of NoFakeNews

For many years I have listened to the ongoing public debate about the pros and cons associated with vaccines. On one side of the argument, traditional medicine claims that in order for human beings to be healthy they must receive a large number of synthetically prepared medicinal concoctions and that said medicines pose absolutely no threat whatsoever to the proper expression of human physiology.

On the other side of the fence, anti-vaccine groups have been coming out of the woodwork for years claiming that not only are vaccines useless in protecting people against various diseases, they also destroy the human immune system and cause the proliferation of diseases in future generations by passing on vaccine damaged genes to our children and their children.

During my professional career as a health care provider, I have read my fair share of research about vaccines. I made up my mind long ago not to receive these drugs in my own body. Very often I come across patients in my private chiropractic office that ask me for my opinion with regards to the alleged dangers tied to vaccines. I tell my patients that I am not a medical doctor and cannot advise them, professionally speaking, about taking drugs. I point them in a direction where they can read unbiased research and let them make their own decisions after becoming more educated about the facts.

Many of my patients often decide against vaccinating themselves and their children after reading published research because they arrive at a similar conclusion that the risks associated with the prescribed shots are far more dangerous than any possible benefits that might be derived from the products being injected into their bodies.

In many situations, medical doctors will not treat patients that have not received their vaccines. This is especially true in the case of pediatricians. Many pediatric practices have a standard policy that precludes the treatment of any children that are unvaccinated. This attitude and professional mandate by many medical practitioners often leaves patients and the parents of young patients in an uncomfortable situation.

My advice to any persons being placed in this very precarious situation, where a doctor is demanding that they must be vaccinated  before being accepted into their medical practice, is to get the medical physician in question to sign, THE PHYSICIAN’S WARRANTY OF VACCINE SAFETY. If you can find a doctor that is stupid enough to sign this document, then I guess you have to decide whether or not to proceed with the prescribed vaccine schedule. But I seriously doubt if any medical physician would ever sign such a document. To date, no medical doctor has ever signed such a waiver.

Please read the document below:


I (Physician’s name, degree)_______________, _____ am a physician licensed to practice medicine in the State/Province of _________. My State/Provincial license number is ___________ , and my DEA number is ____________. My medical specialty is _______________

I have a thorough understanding of the risks and benefits of all the medications that I prescribe for or administer to my patients. In the case of (Patient’s name) ______________ , age _____ , whom I have examined, I find that certain risk factors exist that justify the recommended vaccinations. The following is a list of said risk factors and the vaccinations that will protect against them:
Risk Factor __________________________
Vaccination __________________________
Risk Factor __________________________
Vaccination __________________________
Risk Factor __________________________
Vaccination __________________________

I am aware that vaccines may contain many of the following chemicals, excipients, preservatives and fillers:

* aluminum hydroxide
* aluminum phosphate
* ammonium sulfate
* amphotericin B
* animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain,
* arginine hydrochloride
* dog kidney, monkey kidney,
* dibasic potassium phosphate
* chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
* calf (bovine) serum
* betapropiolactone
* fetal bovine serum
* formaldehyde
* formalin
* gelatin
* gentamicin sulfate
* glycerol
* human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
* hydrocortisone
* hydrolized gelatin
* mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate(r))
* monosodium glutamate (MSG)
* monobasic potassium phosphate
* neomycin
* neomycin sulfate
* nonylphenol ethoxylate
* octylphenol ethoxylate
* octoxynol 10
* phenol red indicator
* phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
* potassium chloride
* potassium diphosphate
* potassium monophosphate
* polymyxin B
* polysorbate 20
* polysorbate 80
* porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
* residual MRC5 proteins
* sodium deoxycholate
* sorbitol
* thimerosal
* tri(n)butylphosphate,
* VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, and
* washed sheep red blood

and, hereby, warrant that these ingredients are safe for injection into the body of my patient. I have researched reports to the contrary, such as reports that mercury thimerosal causes severe neurological and immunological damage, and find that they are not credible.

I am aware that some vaccines have been found to have been contaminated with Simian Virus 40 (SV 40) and that SV 40 is causally linked by some researchers to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and mesotheliomas in humans as well as in experimental animals. I hereby warrant that the vaccines I employ in my practice do not contain SV 40 or any other live viruses. (Alternately, I hereby warrant that said SV-40 virus or other viruses pose no substantive risk to my patient.)

I hereby warrant that the vaccines I am recommending for the care of (Patient’s name) _______________ do not contain any tissue from aborted human babies (also known as “fetuses”).

In order to protect my patient’s well being, I have taken the following steps to guarantee that the vaccines I will use will contain no damaging contaminants.

STEPS TAKEN: _________________________

I have personally investigated the reports made to the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and state that it is my professional opinion that the vaccines I am recommending are safe for administration to a child under the age of 5 years.

The bases for my opinion are itemized on Exhibit A, attached hereto, — “Physician’s Bases for Professional Opinion of Vaccine Safety.” (Please itemize each recommended vaccine separately along with the bases for arriving at the conclusion that the vaccine is safe for administration to a child under the age of 5 years.)

The professional journal articles I have relied upon in the issuance of this Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety are itemized on Exhibit B , attached hereto, — “Scientific Articles in Support of Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety.”

The professional journal articles that I have read which contain opinions adverse to my opinion are itemized on Exhibit C , attached hereto, — “Scientific Articles Contrary to Physician’s Opinion of Vaccine Safety”

The reasons for my determining that the articles in Exhibit C were invalid are delineated in Attachment D , attached hereto, — “Physician’s Reasons for Determining the Invalidity of Adverse Scientific Opinions.”

Hepatitis B

I understand that 60 percent of patients who are vaccinated for Hepatitis B will lose detectable antibodies to Hepatitis B within 12 years. I understand that in 1996 only 54 cases of Hepatitis B were reported to the CDC in the 0-1 year age group. I understand that in the VAERS, there were 1,080 total reports of adverse reactions from Hepatitis B vaccine in 1996 in the 0-1 year age group, with 47 deaths reported.

I understand that 50 percent of patients who contract Hepatitis B develop no symptoms after exposure. I understand that 30 percent will develop only flu-like symptoms and will have lifetime immunity. I understand that 20 percent will develop the symptoms of the disease, but that 95 percent will fully recover and have lifetime immunity.

I understand that 5 percent of the patients who are exposed to Hepatitis B will become chronic carriers of the disease. I understand that 75 percent of the chronic carriers will live with an asymptomatic infection and that only 25 percent of the chronic carriers will develop chronic liver disease or liver cancer, 10-30 years after the acute infection. The following scientific studies have been performed to demonstrate the safety of the Hepatitis B vaccine in children under the age of 5 years.
____________________________________ _____________________________________

In addition to the recommended vaccinations as protections against the above cited risk factors, I have recommended other non-vaccine measures to protect the health of my patient and have enumerated said non-vaccine measures on Exhibit D , attached hereto, “Non-vaccine Measures to Protect Against Risk Factors” I am issuing this Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety in my professional capacity as the attending physician to (Patient’s name) ________________________________. Regardless of the legal entity under which I normally practice medicine, I am issuing this statement in both my business and individual capacities and hereby waive any statutory, Common Law, Constitutional, UCC, international treaty, and any other legal immunities from liability lawsuits in the instant case. I issue this document of my own free will after consultation with competent legal counsel whose name is _____________________________, an attorney admitted to the Bar in the State of __________________ .
_________________________ (Name of Attending Physician)
______________________ L.S. (Signature of Attending Physician)
Signed on this _______ day of ______________ A.D. ________
Witness: _________________ Date: _____________________
Notary Public: _____________Date: ______________________


(Please let me know if you are successful in finding any medical doctor that is willing to sign this form.)



Dr. John L. Reizer - Founder of NoFakeNews




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