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UPDATE 22. June 2020: IMPORTANT EVENT UPDATE! We have extended The World Health Sovereignty Summit to  June 27th, 10am EST New York, USA / 10pm Bali, Indonesia. Join us for a series of Facebook Lives throughout the week  as we count down to our final day. [Unfortunately only via Facebook and  Zoom] RECLAIM YOUR LIVES!

UPDATE 21. June 2020: Introduction to the World Health Sovereignty Summit (video)

ITNJ Emergency Hearings on the Corona Pandemic

https://mk0commissionitxvim3.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/ITNJ-PIN_MetallicGreen.pngBy ITNJ - April/May 2020

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice was established in 2015 by a treaty signed by thousands of living souls across the globe.

It is a law court and jurisdiction founded on the principles of Natural Justice, committed to the restoration of the rule of law.

Its Judicial Commission of Inquiry into The Weaponisation of the Biosphere held emergency hearings on the Corona crisis during Ampril and May 2020 prior to and in preparation of the

- ITNJ SUMMATION EVENT - on 21. June 2020 - set by the 


Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Weaponisation of the Biosphere,  that will take place during the 
WORLD HEALTH SOVEREIGNTY SUMMIT on 20. - 21. June 2020 in Bali and as WEB SUMMIT FOR A FREE WORLD online.

Welcome Freedom Family! 

Please go to the World Health Sovereignty website to see the uploaded Sessions.



If your browser is also geared to censorship and you do not see the video screens, then click on the headlines to watch.

Corona Emergency Hearing #6: (full session)

Andrew Wakefield & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

  • 22. May 2020

channel image


On 22nd May, 2020 Andrew Wakefield - Director 'Vaxxed' the Movie & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - Vaccine Awareness Advocate gave testimony to the ITNJ.


Corona Emergency Hearing #5: (full session)

Dr. David Martin & Pastor Dr. Aaron Lewis

  • 07. May 2020

channel image


On 7th May, 2020, the ITNJ heard the testimonies of Dr. David E. Martin and Pastor Dr. Aaron Lewis.


Corona Emergency Hearing #4: (full session)

Dr. Rashid Buttar & Dr. Judy Mikovits

  • 28. April, 2020

channel image


On the 28th April, 2020, Dr Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM and Dr. Judy Mikovits, Molecular Biologist, gave testimony to the ITNJ Commission of Inquiry into Weaponisation of the Biosphere.


Corona Emergency Hearing #3 (Summary)

Dr. Sandra R. Michael

  • 13. April 2020

channel image


Dr. Sandra R. Michael's summary of the Covid-19 Pandemic, recorded on 13 April, 2020, as part of the ITNJ Emergency Hearing series.

Dr. Michael’s research in applied integrative biophysics has earned her global respect for creation of the scalar energy medicine modality the EESystem. She has lectured at the United Nations, MIT, the Harvard Club, and many other conferences, medical schools and ministries of health worldwide. Bio-Scalar EESystem technology has been publicised by media outlets like CNN, Fox News, The Doctors, the WSJ and many more.

https://commission.itnj.org ITNJ Hearings


Corona Emergency Hearing #2 (Highlights)

channel image


Del Bigtree, G. Edward Griffin, Sean Stone, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Thomas J. Brown, Robert David Steele, and Chief Justice Walsh.
Music credit: Yvon Mounier


Corona Emergency Tribunal Hearing #2: (full session)

Corona Pandemic and the Planetary Shutdown

  • 07. April 2020

channel image

ITNJOn the 7th April 2020, the ITNJ held its second emergency hearing to discuss the Corona Pandemic and the Planetary Shutdown.
ITNJ Founder – Sacha Stone with:
ITNJ Commissioner, Del Bigtree
ITNJ Commissioner – G. Edward Griffin
ITNJ Commissioner – Dr. Sandra Rose Michael,
Former CIA Spy – Robert David Steele
Filmmaker – Sean Stone
ITNJ Trustee – Thomas J. Brown
ITNJ Trustee - Dr. Nancy Ash
ITNJ Trustee – Mercy Wolf
ITNJ Chief Justice – Sir John Walsh of Brannagh.


Corona Emergency Hearing 1 (Highlights)

channel image


Watch all the Emergency Hearings on the Corona Pandemic and other video testimonies for the Inquiry into Weaponisation of the Biosphere: https://commission.itnj.org

World Health Sovereignty Summit website https://www.reclaimyourlives.com
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ITNJ Commission Page with Inquiry videos https://commission.itnj.org
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'Who Guards the Guardians?'

Link to Sean Stone's short film: 'Singularity'. https://m.imdb.com/video/vi2602107673




The World Health Sovereignty Summit is an international Call-to-Action!

It invites all people of the world to step out of indentureship and ignorance in matters relating to human health and wellness and begin to challenge systemic evils of rogue agencies and special interests putting profit before people Governments will do the bidding of the people but only when people of the world reclaim health sovereignty and make demands

Support the Universal Health SovereigntyTreaty
and stop over-reaching Government and Big Pharma crimes


Register now for this online Global Summit featuring Notable Key Experts speaking to critical questions surrounding the COVID Pandemic, and launching a campaign toward realization of legal remedy in assurance of Human Rights & Civil Liberties.

This planetary movement intends to galvanize concerned citizens and alliances across the globe who are universally committed to assuring human rights, human dignity, civil liberties, freedom of speech, freedom of choice and the right to life.


Living in a Free World Takes Passion... And defending our Freedom Of Speech takes courage, determination, and a Willingness To Take Action. It takes more than Standing on the sideline wishing, waiting and hoping.

You are interested in getting informed on what may be really happening during this global demolition of economies and civil liberties

You believe that the declaration of Emergency around the world may have been under false pretenses

You are alarmed by the censorship trend which is de-platforming legitimate voices

You are passionate about your freedom of speech and the right for a diverse range of voices to be heard

You are disturbed by the escalation of a Police State and the emergence of legislation seeking a significant increase in police powers

You are shocked by the ongoing erosion of civil liberties and the true rule of law

You are concerned by the rising tide of excessive surveillance and the policing of ordinary citizens

You feel threatened by the idea of forced vaccinations and "tagging" trends designed to limit freedom of movement, privacy and livelihoods, for non-compliance


You accept that your civil liberties, health sovereignty and freedom of speech belong to the government which has the right to arbitrarily take these things from you as they see fit

You accept that being forced into vaccinations and 24/7 video surveillance is justified in the name of keeping us safe

If you embrace a world where children are forced to study behind perspex barriers and people are forced to walk six feet apart along pavements painted with arrows and separation lines

If you envision a future where humanity are regulated out of walking on beaches, breathing fresh ionized air, gathering in parklands and hiking in the wilderness without a statutory permit

If you wish to have "officials" penalizing you and your family for moving freely about your God-given world and ultimately surrendering to State ownership of your bodies, your possessions, your homes and your framework of reality


Treaty of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice

The Treaty of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, can be ratified voluntarily, freely, and absent any outside influence, coercion, or duress, by any person having attained the age of majority and being in full control of my mental and physical faculties.


Having awakened to the truth that since the moment of our birth We have been contracted to corporate institutions which by their very nature serve neither people nor planet, and in hereby revoking in earnest all such contracts which have blinded, encumbered, and sought to separate us from our most noble expression, We now claim a rightful place in this world which the Supreme Creator within has provided for us all, as equals amongst all, and will take such action as to ensure the restoration of truth and justice for all people of the world.

We have met with such a truth, as We have come to know it, understand it, and embrace it, and now choose to be ruled by it for the rest of our days.

We, according to the solemn duty as aforesaid, and per the dictate of conscience, ratify the present treaty with the earnest intention that truth and reason be restored to the delivery of justice in the world.

And so, recognising that in Truth:

i. Law in its purest form requires nothing more or less than that we each do no harm.

ii. Harm in any form is only ever caused by natural persons, regardless of whether or not the natural person may claim to be operating under corporate dictate, colour of law, or otherwise.

iii. Harm in any form is only ever capable of being suffered by natural persons, regardless of whether or not the harm suffered may have been so suffered through a natural person's artificial externalities.

iv. Neither corporate immunity, nor colour of right, can indemnify a natural person for harm caused to another.

v. No natural person is bound by the unlawful ruling of a de facto court where they are not a consenting party with full knowledge of the manner in which their consent is given.

We the natural men and women of the world, pursuant to the ultimate goal of realising equal rights and dignity for each member of the human family,

HEREBY MANDATE the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

The Tribunal shall exist and function according to Constitution of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice as included by reference herein.

Let this message go forth from this time and place to all the peoples of the world that to right the wrongs done to them and in vindication of their rights and the enforcement of just causes and to hold accountable those responsible for breaches of human rights it is proclaimed that the International Tribunal for Natural Justice is hereby established pursuant to this Treaty and Constitution.


Remember 9/11 ~ The Peace Song ~ Free Download in Support of the ITNJ

Remember 9-11 - Peace Song in Support of the ITNJ


Dedicated to all those who suffer… and shouldn’t.  The 99%

The P. Song (Peace Song) has been offered freely to the world in support of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, with the goals of raising awareness, stopping global corruption on all levels, and uniting humanity.

P. Song – Click Here for Free Download

The Peace Song was released worldwide on June 15, 2015 in alignment with the official inauguration of the International Tribunal For Natural Justice and the 800th Anniversary of the official signing of the Magna Carta.  The Peace Song is FREE to stream or download worldwide.  Humanity may use the Peace Song as they see fit.  It is FREE to the world to use in any and all capacity.

The Peace Song was originally selected by the Australian Government to accompany the official Australian condolence books sent to Rudy Giuliani (former Mayor of N.Y.) following the terrifying devastation caused by 9/11.  The Peace Song was written and recorded by Australian band TWEEK and has never been released for sale.  By offering this FREE download worldwide, it is hoped that song will raise awareness and help stop global corruption on all levels.  The goal is to unite humanity and to place further focus on the International Tribunal For Natural Justice.

Peace Song (P. Song)

Lyrics and vocals by Dan Hodgson.  Music and arrangement by Tweek.  psong.net website by Dan Hodgson.

How many times to make it all ok,

How many times to wash the blood away?

How many tears does it take to dry the well,

How many lives, how many dreams’d you kill?

I know you dont see, what it means to me. I’ve got all the time in the world

and the time will come, when we’ll get things done, if we manage to keep standing.

How many toys to make you feel complete?

How many souls to sit and warm your feet?

With too many years of torture and too much pain,

and too many mouths you wont feed again.

We’re all sitting here, waiting for some retribution, or something to come.

Will the sky clear? Is it history you fear? You’re not alone.


Peace Song - Tweek - CD artwork


By offering this FREE download worldwide, it is hoped that The Peace Song will raise awareness and help stop global corruption on all levels.  The goal is to unite humanity and to place further focus on the INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL FOR NATURAL JUSTICE


Peace Song Dedicated to Victims of 9-11


Calling Out

Calling Out streams freely after P. Song on psong.net, and was intended as a “b side” to go with the P. Song.  Both of these songs were written before 9/11, yet the lyrics are synchronistically relevant to the tragedy of 9/11.


Thank You

The Committee to Support the International Tribunal for Natural Justice extends our gratitude to Dan Hodgson and the members of Tweek for this generous contribution to raising awareness and uniting humanity.