Exarchia: Resisting Gentrification (video)

Living in self-determination, dignity and "Anti-Slavery" is not what the "Powers That Shouldn't Be" want to become a role-model for he 21st century.

By Ali Cheaib - 07. December 2019

The beautiful hashtag#Exarchia is one of the best examples of communities policing themselves WITHOUT cops.

Exarchia (Exarcheia) is hashtag#Athens' popular neighborhood known for being a rebellious stronghold of hashtag#anarchist collectives, anti-fascist movements and home to many refugees.

Self-organization and self-policing are present in all aspects of daily life in Exarchia.

Since 2008, police don't dare to step foot in Exarchia except in extreme situations while wearing riot gear because they'll face fierce clashes with the community which doesn't tolerate cops.

To enforce the authoritarian propaganda that communities cannot function without cops, hashtag#Greece's politicians have been on a mission since 2008 and in November 2019 again to take control of the community by raiding squats and pushing gentrification that is threatening the soul of this district.

Exarchia: Resisting Gentrification

redfish spoke to residents and activists in Exarchia about the threats to the neighbourhood and how they intend on resisting growing repression.

There are many other examples of successful cop-free communities around the world where residents police themselves without government officials. hashtag#SantaCruzDelIslote in hashtag#Colombia and hashtag#Cheran in hashtag#Mexico are two good examples.

The residents of the Mexican city of Cheran, which is a living testimony that politicians invite crime and incubate it, now police themselves after they kicked out all the politicians and police from town 7 years ago and they haven't seen any crime ever since.


Ali Cheaib

Ali Cheaib Independent Journalist


Exarchia, a countercultural island in Athens

DW: Exarchia is a district of Athens that is home to leftists and anarchists, poor people and intellectuals. Greece's economic crisis hit it hard. But solidarity and a culture of autonomy mean people have got together to help themselves and each other.


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