"Giants: The Global Power Elite" by Professor Peter Phillips is a powerful and insightful book on who controls this planet Earth.

The elites will not give up without a fight.

By Andrew Wong

Someone even asked: "Perhaps elites can save this planet earth & solve Hong Kong crisis?"

In brief summary, quote “the number of men with as much wealth as half the world fell from sixty-two to just eight between January 2016 and January 2017.” “there are 300 world policy makers on concentrated world capital”.

Professor Peter Phillips argues that treating capitalism as God with continuous growth can only lead to catastrophe that can destroy this planet where no one can survive. 

He cited the examples of the 1934 West Coast Waterfront Strike that lasted 83 days, together with the San Francisco General Strike which stopped all work in the major port city for four days. Military stepped in resulting in “"Bloody Thursday". The exploitation of the poor by the elites went beyond the threshold of the poor.

Another example was given. Jamie Dimon, the head of JP Morgan, his home were targeted by protesters for 6 months, until he gave up on the investment on privatization of the prisons. 

Professor Peter Phillips advocated massive non-violence civil unrest to wake up these elites that the environment and this planet earth cannot sustain unlimited massive capital growth that continue to earn trillion dollars only for these few elites.

(In my opinion, non-violence protests are difficult to come by. Look at Hong Kong, started with peaceful protests 13 weeks ago, and the violence and riots are still continuing at this moment.)

These elites hold excessive capitals, more than they can invest. And they have to find more ways to invest, e.g. privatization of prisons, water supply, roads, and more wars. Through wars, they make money from their investment in weapons companies. They need to create riots, chaos, like what is happening now in Hong Kong, to create instability so that they can take control of the host countries to continue their capital expansion.

All the above may appear shocking and scary, but there is light in the tunnel, perhaps the elites can save this planet earth and solve today Hong Kong crisis.

Why do I say so?

From this brilliant book by Professor Peter Phillips, we know that there is no faceless monster that eventually will destroy this planet earth. But there are identified human beings of a few numbers.

Because they are human beings just like us, we can better understand their psychology.

A child will clinch on to his toy of possession as if fighting for his last breath. He is defending his security blanket.

A mass shooting shooter will continue firing his guns to defend his ego as he feels his belief system is being threatened.

Hong Kong protesters will continue their riots and violence for their perceived yet elusive notion of democracy, 

Likewise these powerful elites may sincerely believe that when the whole world become democratic, they can make more money and do charity with some of the crumbs of their profit to make them feel good. People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet.

All these people are beyond rationality. 

Can you rationalize with the child, the mass shooting shooter, the Hong Kong protesters who feel insecure? No way.

The issues of the elites, are the same with the mass shooting shooters, i.e. the governing Philosophy and Psychology, as per the article “United States Mass Shooting & Liberalism, Democracy"

In this article, the mass shooting shooters are in search for security and protection of ego, ie. Ego = I, the need to protect the Ego (I), leads to guns / weapons possession and shooting and bombing.

In the case of the elites, in search for security and protection of ego is in keeping capital forever growing.

And  for the elites, they know that they are not immortal. They are human beings. 

Holding and owning trillions of dollars is stressful. The concentrated capital drives them to invest more. They are being controlled by the Capitals.

Imagine you are an owner of a small bank, and you hold trillions of dollars of deposits with no borrowers. You will have sleepless nights. You go mad and point a gun to someone’s head to force him to borrow money from you.

If these elites fall seriously sick, no amount of trillions of dollars pharmaceutical companies they own can save their lives. 

Steve Jobs was a rich man. His wealth cannot save his life and he died at the age of 56 of pancreatic cancer.

Basically these elites do not feel inner peace within.

Rationality is not the gateway for them to experience the inner peace, 

It must be through their emotions, psychology and body intelligence as per “Medicare for All” & Democracy"

Why body intelligence?

Because the body holds all the stories as per the 3000 years of wisdom, “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic”

I am not convincing any of these few known elites. I am merely inviting them to get in touch with their deeply buried inner peace, yet to be manifested.

I hope they read this message. And the readers of this message can help to share this article to the world so that there is more chance they read this message. The message is they are fundamentally good within, but the goodness is too deeply embedded.

With just one of these elites awakened, and order his powerful media company to stop the propaganda about the elusive notion of  democracy, the Hong Kong protests can stop immediately.

These few elites who can control the world wealth, manipulate unrest, chaos, instability. They can equally create goodness to this planet earth. With more careful planning and execution, the world is full of abundance with every single human being able to live a decent and peaceful life.

For more details, please read the book : “"Giants: The Global Power Elite"  and watch the following videos.

  1. Peter Phillips:是誰在主宰這世界?(English & Chinese)
  2. Giants: Who Really Rules The World?


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