Update: The U.S. funded so-called LIMA Group of mostly extreme-rightwing, undemocratic governances in South-America get a rough awakening - the people stand up. - see new videos below

Heavily armed with deadly weapons the military of the dictatorship ois deployed against unarmed civilians in Chile.

Chile and Ecuador Suffer Repression by Their Right-wing Presidents

By Orinoco Tribune - 22. October 2019

The images that can be found show total violence by the police and the local army. Unlike the dictatorships of the last century, this time the armed forces are beating civilians who only ask that the price to basic elements such as public transport or gasoline not be increased.

Presidents Lenin Moreno and Sebastián Piñera are rising as the big intolerants of the American continent. In Ecuador, there was an unexpected petrol price hike that brought students and indigenous people to the streets, who protested non-stop for days to prevent the man, who delivered Julian Assange, from raising fuel prices in a country injured by poverty.


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In Chile, the conservative Sebastián Piñera has made it clear that any civil protest, however minimal, will be approached with the use of force. The young Chileans who are on the streets protesting the rise in public transport (one of the most expensive in South America), have been met with blows, kicks, violent detentions and shots at point blank range. A video shows a student shot in the crotch.

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The right does not dialogue, it represses
This panorama reveals the breakdown of neoliberal governments in Latin America. Although other countries also face problems with the left, the repression of the former is highly violent and the UN has already issued warnings over the amount of excessive violence. In Chile a curfew was imposed and in Ecuador the government had to back down to the indigenous advance who has already removed several presidents from their posts.

But the lack of dialogue between people and government is not only experienced in these two nations. At the moment, Spain is experiencing the same scenarios after the separatists of Catalonia were sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. The response has been similar: police beatings, brutal detentions and gunfire in streets that burn every night. The right is seen, again, as the least tolerant.

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These scenarios come at a crucial moment, when the right seized the most powerful governments on the continent: the United States , Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, among others. With little time in their positions, the presidencies of the right already face the advance of their leftist opponents, who are getting ready to remove them in the following elections.

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Independent Journalist Ali Cheaib commented:

The US-backed dictator hashtag#SebastianPinera, whose net worth exceeds $2 billion, has openly declared a war against the citizens of Chile. As a right-wing ally to America®, Western media has given Chile's uprising and Pinera's brutal savagery against citizens little to no coverage. The protests in Chile ignited after its dictator imposed theft measures (austerity in hashtag#doublespeak) to punish and enslave the people of Chile. Pinera retaliated to the protests by unleashing his gang of licensed killers (soldiers) on the citizens of Chile to oppress and subjugate them. As of now, Pinera's licensed killers murdered at least 15 citizens and kidnapped and tortured THOUSANDS more. The protests continue to rage in Chile and around the world as people are finally waking up to the tyranny and fascism of central governments. From hashtag#Chile to hashtag#France to hashtag#HongKong to hashtag#Barcelona to the hashtag#Netherlands to hashtag#Ecuador to hashtag#Iraq to hashtag#Syria to hashtag#Lebanon to hashtag#Egypt to hashtag#Sudan to hashtag#Haiti, people are finally waking up in mass. It's THE great awakening. It's a wonderful shift in human consciousness from ugly authoritarianism and mindless fellowship to gorgeous leaderlessness and self-governance in which citizens are directly involved in decision-making free from politicians.

Protestors Run Over By Chilean Government Forces

"Protesters defied an emergency decree and confronted police in Chile's capital Monday, continuing violent clashes, arson and looting that have left at least 11 dead and led the president to say the country is "at war."

Police used tear gas and streams of water to break up a march by hundreds of students and union members on one of Santiago's main streets, but demonstrators who at first dispersed later regrouped elsewhere. The unrest was triggered by a relatively minor increase in subway fares of less than 4% — but analysts have said the protests are fed by frustration from a long-building sense among many Chileans that they are not sharing in the nation's economic advances. Police and soldiers guarded Chileans who formed long lines outside supermarkets before they reopened on Monday.

Many of those stores had closed during a weekend in which dozens of stores were looted or burned."

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Watch the first 15 minutes of short videos taped by Chilean people in their neighbourhoods where all the events started by the "ALLEGED" protestors and "rioters". It is in Spanish-Castellano but you can translate it, # or simply KNOW EXACTLY the REAL GUILTY who were all AGENTS of the Chilean government --FIFTH COLUMNISTS!! hashtag#Chile hashtag#Fascists hashtag#FalseFlags hashtag#FifthColumnists hashtag#Dictatorship hashtag#Piñera's Fascist Dictatorship

All the fires in Chile at the Santiago Metro system & apartment blocks, & many supermarkets, at banks, and other places military organised supermarket LOOTINGS --they were ALL DELIBERATELY STARTED as FALSE FLAGS by Chile's Piñera's FASCIST military and Cops (Carabineros) as the government agents in order to implement the State of Emergency and to give MORE POWERS to the new DICTATORSHIP.

Chilean Students Take Over Metro Stations to Protest Fare Hikes

  • Police officers from the Chilean Police hold a protester at the Los Héroes metro station in the middle of a demonstration this Friday, in Santiago (Chile).

    Police officers from the Chilean Police hold a protester at the Los Héroes metro station in the middle of a demonstration this Friday, in Santiago (Chile). | Photo: EFE

Published 18 October 2019

For the fifth consecutive day, this Friday there were incidents in a fortnight of metro stations in the Chilean capital of Santiago.

The latest price increase for the tickets of Chile's Santiago Metro this week triggered a wave of protests in several suburban stations, with hundreds of young people who sneak in without paying, cause damage and they face the police.

For the fifth consecutive day, this Friday there were incidents in a fortnight of metro stations in the Chilean capital, where the police presence has increased with the passing of days before the intensity of the protests.

The tensest situation was experienced at the Los Héroes station, in the heart of the city, where a group of young people faced riot police officers in the area where the machines are to validate the tickets and access the platforms.

The protagonists of the protests are mainly high school and university students, although other people have joined the call to evade the payment of the ticket, which is worth 830 pesos (about 1.2 dollars) in rush hour.

The majority of the mobilizations of rejection to the rise of the tickets have consisted of massive evasions and to raise the screens of payment so that the passengers enter the platforms without paying.

In some cases, however, acts of vandalism were recorded and the young people broke the access doors to the stations, glass and other elements.

The Police, meanwhile, have acted forcefully to stop protesters and has used tear gas inside stations and even in some subway cars.

The Chilean Government has strongly condemned the incidents and has promised a hard hand with those responsible.

President Sebastián Piñera said Friday that he will apply "in some cases" the state security law, legislation that regulates crimes against the country's internal security and that hardens penalties.

Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick attacked the protests and said he does not know if there is any kind of organization behind the mobilizations.

"Using violence and destroying, in this case, the Metro that with as much effort as Chileans we have built for decades, is really unacceptable. As a Government we will use our powers to maintain order," he said.

The trigger for the protests was the 30 pesos increase in the price of the subway tickets decreed two weeks ago.

The outrage of the users increased with the statements of the Minister of Economy, Juan Andrés Fontaine, who urged passengers to get up early to take advantage of the low fare between 6 and 7 in the morning.

The price of the subway tickets in the capital has increased steadily since 2007, when it cost 420 pesos (about $ 0.6), to 830 pesos today.

Metro de Santiago is a private company in whose ownership the Chilean State participates, and the price of the tickets is set by an expert panel based on several indicators, such as inflation, the cost of supplies for its operation and the exchange rate, among others


Ecuador’s Leftist Leaders Arrested In Police Raids Nationwide

By Telesurenglish.net - 16. October 2019

The police raid was broadcast on Facebook Live by the leftist leader as she put on her clothes to prepare for being taken to into custody.

Paola Pabon - Photo: Twitter / @PaolaPabonC

The prefect of the Ecuadorean province of Pichincha Paola Pabon was arrested in the early morning hours of Monday at her home. Police also raided the home of Virgilio Hernandez, a former lawmaker and member of the Citizen Revolution. Meanwhile, in the province of Guayas, Alexandra Arce, former mayor of the city of Duran, was also detained. Yofre Poma, another member and lawmaker from the Citizen Revolution movement was also arrested in police raids.

The police raid Paola Pabon’s house was broadcast on Facebook Live by the leftist leader as she put on her clothes to prepare for being taken to into custody.

“Today they entered my house at dawn and knocked down the door while I was sleeping. They take me into detention without evidence. Being an opposition in a democracy cannot be a crime. It is not a democracy when political opponents are persecuted in this way,” Pabón said. video.

The political leader of the Social Commitment Force movement has been accused by the government of the president of Lenin Moreno, of being one of the instigators for the small acts of looting and violence that took place as part of the massive, mostly peaceful,  mobilizations around the country over the past 10 days in rejection of the pro-IMF decree that eliminated the fuel subsidies.

Moreno also accused Ecuadorean ex-president Rafael Correa, former foreign minister Ricardo Patiño, lawyer and former lawmaker Virgilio Hernández, and Pabón, of being behind the protests in an alleged attempt to overthrow him, charges they all deny.

Hernandez was not found at his house when the police raided his home, however, the prosecutor’s office published pictures of phones and credit cards and other ordinary objects that were found at his house, which it said would be used to investigate him.

Arce was also arrested for “investigations” into her alleged role in the unrest that had swept the country for 10 days before the president backtracked on his pro-IMF decree eliminating fuel subsidies.

In the video she posted on her Facebook about the raid, Pabón denounced that the police entered her home without a court order and that her detention violates the rule of law.

For its part, the country’s Attorney General office said on its official Twitter account that “Paola P., Christian G, and Pablo D” were arrested after their investigations with police support.

Paola Pabon broadcasted the full raid on her house as she dencunced the police for not showing her a court order. | Photo: Twitter / @PaolaPabonC