07. January 2018

vf - While the global mainstream had only eyes for new year's fireworks, another atrocity has been committed by the Israeli forces in the Negev Desert against indigenous people and that apart from the long standing injustice against Palestine and the Palestinians.

When it comes to human rights, Israel has become a rogue state like North Korea. Or is it the other way around? Has North Korea become as much a human rights violator as Israel, because North Korea saw that the Israelis get away with it?

The numerous bold-worded but toothless UN mechanisms are just useless to stop that, especially because the UN itself is deeply permeated by Israeli operatives, who even manage to block sender addresses and domains of human rights organizations, who did nothing but disseminate the UN security council resolution against Israel - another piece of a useless UNpaper. UNON and UNEP in Nairobi, Kenya, are the hub for Israeli cyber operations at least for Africa and Israeli cyber-warfare tools have been sold to the worlds most cruel regimes like so-called Ethiopia.

Sanctions and boycott calls against Israel - though outlawed and persecuted worldwide by weird Israeli legislation -  therefore are warranted now, like they are warranted against any other entity, which commits such level of human rights violations, aides and abets terror against human rights defenders..

To freeze the assets of Israeli national Dan Gertler, as USAmerican president D. Trump did with his latest executive order, is however a start. The1973 born crook Gertler is an operative of Israel, who steals from the people of the Democratic Republic and is one of the kingpins in Congo's blood-diamond scams and other illegal mineral trade, in which also USAmericans are involved. It is therefore hoped that the executive order was not just a business move.

So far most of the cowardly men in the global decision making bodies have left proactive actions to young Palestinian girls, like Ahed Tamimi,  who show more bravery and stamina to stand against injustice than the whole groomed bunch of the "human rights" bodies. Tamimi was arrested and imprisoned by the Israeli military. Without explanation, the Twitter account belonging to her was deleted. #FreeAhedTamimi

But while the Palestinians at least reach the attention level on the global stage, the Bedouin People of the Negev Desert suffer in desperation.

Bedouin people fight for indigenous land
as Israeli govt demolishes their village for 122nd time

Bedouin men sit in a village known by Bedouin Arabs as al-Arakib, one of many communities in the Negev whose names have never appeared on any official map. © Amir Cohen / Reuters
A Bedouin elder has been given ten months in prison and a hefty fine for trespassing on land his people claim to have lived on for 750 years. RT travelled to the disputed village, levelled by Israeli authorities 122 times.

Since its first demolition in July 2010, the village of Al Araqib in southern Israel has been demolished another 121 times in the Israeli government’s struggle to root out the Arab Bedouin people that live there. However, the Al-Turi clan insists the land in the northern Negev Desert has always belonged to them, and their ancestors inhabited it 750 years ago.


An Israeli court has sentenced a 68-year-old Bedouin man to 10 months in prison, and fined him more than 10 thousand dollars, for trespassing. Abu Madiam is a village elder in Al Araqib, located in southern Israel. Bedouin clans had settled there long before the state was established. Israeli authorities believe they occupy the land illegally - and send in riot police and bulldozers to demolish the village whenever it's built up.

“It will take years until this fight ends,”
village elder Abu Madiam,68, told RT, saying that Israel is trying to push the Bedouin people to give up their ancestral land. Last week, an Israeli court sentenced Abu Madiam to 10 months behind bars and a fine of 36,000 shekels ($10,000), finding him guilty of 19 counts of trespassing on state land, according to Haaretz.

“If I was Jewish, the soldiers wouldn’t come here at six in the morning on a rainy day,” Abu Madiam says. “They don’t think that Bedouins are human beings. They don’t care that Bedouins are citizens of this country.”

Having rebuilt four tents, the remaining 250 villagers keep up their struggle against the government for their indigenous land. “This document is from 1905, the Ottoman era,” Madiam says, showing papers he claims prove their land ownership. According to the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality (NCF), Al Araqib was established during the Ottoman period. They now fear for the fate of the clan's cemetery. “Everybody here is family,” Abu Madiam says, adding that only Al Turi can be buried there.

According to government figures, there are around 190,000 Bedouins in Israel. Most of them live in unrecognised villages in the Negev without basic infrastructure, as well as health and education services.

Apart from Abu Madiam’s village, the government has torn down 28 Bedouin structures from the start of the year until August, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said. The Bedouin population, HRW says, suffers “discriminatory home demolitions,” despite living there before Israel was created in 1948.


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