Update 06. October 2019: Life on Earth is experiencing an unprecedented global crisis: Scientists agree – we face flooding, forest fires, extreme weather conditions, crop failure and the collapse of societies. The time of denial is over. It is time to act.

Politics and conventional approaches to political engagement such as voting, lobbying, petitions and demonstrations fail to address this crisis. History shows us a promising, democratic means to bring about social change: nonviolent, civil disobedience.

From the 7th of October we will block cities through an international rebellion and thus halt everyday routines that destroy our livelihoods. Besides Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris and New York are at the center of the peaceful uprising. We will be thousands embarking on non-violent civil disobedience so that the government can finally respond appropriately to the climate crisis.

We will rebel together in streets and squares and remain there – peacefully, creatively and colorfully. Be part of it!

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Update 05. October 2019:  Earlier today, London police appeared at a warehouse in Lambeth, arrested ten people, and confiscated XR equipment. It's not the plan, but this is not a surprise - following our brilliance in April, the police (or at least those haven't joined us!) have been using stern language. Pre-emptive action was very much expected.


What’s more surprising, though, is that police would use such irregular procedures for such little gain. In the words of Richard Ecclestone, a former police officer now a member of XR: “These tactics are very questionable and are arguably infringing on our rights to peaceful protest”. The Shadow Policing Minister, Louise Haigh, made similar remarks.

The police have used evidence-gathering laws to seize bins, food and toilets for disabled people. If this equipment continues to be held, such action may well be seen as a violation of both the police’s duty of care, and of the public right to protest - especially for our more vulnerable members. We’re taking legal advice to consider our next steps.

French rebels have started their rebellion early by occupying a shopping centre and making themselves at home.

Paris non-violent direct action